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CrellHi all.  Can anyone recommend a good PHP 5.2 backport for Edgy?  Unofficial is OK.  I am running into various segfault issues with PHP 5.1.6 that are apparently "known issues fixed in later versions". :-/04:16
fooYup :)04:19
fooOne minute, let me grab it04:20
foodeb http://packages.dotdeb.org stable all04:20
foodeb-src http://packages.dotdeb.org stable all04:20
CrellIsn't dotdeb a Debian repository?04:21
CrellI thought packages weren't portable.04:21
foouh, hmm. One of the techs has used it on 4 of our production servers... 0 problems04:21
CrellI guess that's a good enough endorsement for me, for a development desktop. :-)04:23
KurtKrautCrell, installing debian packages in ubuntu should not be your first choice... but in your case, the only choice besides that is compiling PHP by yourself04:26
CrellYeah, I'd rather mix repos than not use one at all.04:26
CrellI figure I'll be upgrading to Feisty within 6 weeks, but I have some version-sensitive work to do before then. :-)04:26
CrellUnfortunately, it looks like various extension packages are not included.  Grrr.04:28
KurtKrautCrell, ... it seems that today is a happy day for compiling... ahahahah04:28
=== Crell grumbles and goes to trim packages he's not using.
KurtKrautCrell, do you use apache or lighttpd ?04:29
KurtKrautCrell, do you have any spare server where you can install Feisty ?04:30
CrellNot really.04:30
CrellWell, I've a closet full of stuff, some of which works, but I don't think that really counts. :-)04:30
KurtKrautCrell, you can install and run lighttpd in your production server, with no dist-upgrade04:31
CrellMy experience with lighttpd is 0.  One unknown at a time, please. :-)04:32
KurtKrautCrell, but in your servers local network, you can install a Feisty box, that comes with PHP 5.2.104:32
KurtKrautCrell, in lighttpd you can point the PHP interpreter that resides in other machine, inside your LAN04:32
KurtKrautCrell, lighttpd is easy as hell04:32
KurtKrautCrell, so you can have a newer PHP version running outside your production server04:33
CrellThat's way too complicated for what I need...04:33
KurtKrautit is quite simple. Despite installing a Feisty box, it would be done with less than 5 commands04:34
KurtKrautpretty easy if you have compilingphobia :P04:34
CrellYeah... I just aptituded what I need.  I'll just restart apache now and see if it worked. :-)04:35
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durihello I am thinking about moving some old redhat linux 9 boxes to the debian platform. could you guys explain to me what is the value add of ubuntu-server vs debian in the server environment ? thanks05:36
Burgundaviaubuntu-server offers a fixed timeframe of support05:37
Burgundaviadebians is long but uncertain05:37
Burgundaviaubuntu 6.06 will supported until June 2011 on the server05:37
durigood. that's a good point, one I was aware of ... what about packaging policies (i.e. how new versions are included in the updates and such). I would be moving to apt-get for the first-time and would like to understand what are the best strategies to avoid surprises on the server side05:39
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geniiAnyone alive in here?06:15
=== genii sips a coffee and contemplates
=== foo tells the genii, "It's going to be ok, you can install ubuntu server."
geniiHeh :) Thats not the immediate issue. I'm using apt-mirror but on the last round of updates it chinked out on me now , filled up a 40G hd whereas before it would go to 31G or so06:21
fooapt-get update and upgrade filled up 40G of space?06:22
geniiNo. apt-MIRROR06:22
geniiI'm mirroring the dapper install06:23
fooahhh, my bad. I'm not familiar with apt-mirror.06:23
geniiSo Im currently wondering; If I have a medium sized hd around how much more than 40Gb is the repo now?06:24
Kamping_Kaiserjust dapper? shouldnt be more then 40 gig06:24
Kamping_Kaiserhang on, i'll look it up06:24
geniiKamping_Kaiser: It already filled up a 40G :)06:26
geniiI guess backports or so is the main hog06:26
fooAnyone in here have ubuntu on any dell 2950s 06:26
geniifoo I have it on some poweredge 245006:27
Kamping_Kaiserfor dapper,dapper-updates,dapper-security,dapper-backports its 29.4 GB (on my setup)06:27
Kamping_Kaiserthat was made with debmirror btw06:27
foogenii: Nice. Any big issues I should be concerned about? We might be getting some 2950s06:27
Kamping_Kaiser*updates his mirror*06:27
geniiKamping_Kaiser Hmm06:27
geniifoo The SCSI floppy doesn't work but I can live without it06:28
foohehe /me nods06:28
geniiKamping_Kaiser: Maybe I need to elimate some of the directories. I'm mirroring also the security updates06:29
Kamping_Kaisergenii, look what i listed06:29
genii(from security.ubuntu.com)06:29
Kamping_Kaiser-updates,-security-,and -backports06:29
geniiKamping_Kaiser: Hangon a bit, I'll pastebin my mirror.list . I have to ssh into my box, it will be a minute06:30
geniiIt could be I have redundant entries06:31
geniiActually I see it now... bleh06:34
Kamping_Kaiseri dont carry -proposed06:34
Kamping_Kaiserso i'm not sure how big it is06:34
geniimaybe I'll eliminate the last 2 entries06:35
geniiThe first 2 commented-out entries are to get the netboot installer06:36
Kamping_Kaiserdebmirror needs a way to handle d-i gracefully, its a shocker at it :/06:37
geniiKamping_Kaiser: I have the mirror because I'm mass-installing here. I thought I'd update just before the next round of installs but then it chunked out06:38
Kamping_Kaisergenii, net installing?06:38
Kamping_Kaiseri had to do a pretty big dose recently, but used mondo. rather netinst. myself06:39
geniiKamping_Kaiser: Yes. My preseed file does auto partition and packages then I leave the username part for manual right now06:39
Kamping_Kaiserwhat are you using for it? i looked heavily at a few options, but they were just to clunky06:40
geniiI just installed one time to a system, put the packages on it I wanted. Then used debconf-get-selections to make a prototype preseed. Then I setup an old dual cpu Dell server to be the tftpboot box06:41
geniiI have 24 headless machines which do an early-command of load and run sshd so then I ssh into them, set a user/passwd and it chugs along. It ejects the cdrom tray at the end so I know when it's done06:42
Kamping_Kaiseroh for crying out loud. LP is offline?06:43
ajmitchKamping_Kaiser: yep!06:48
ajmitchfor 15min or so06:48
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Kamping_Kaiserajmitch, ah, well i suppose i can handle that :) (but what timing ;||)06:51
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geniiBah still chunks out. Guess I'll remove all the deb-src entries too07:12
=== genii grumbles
Kamping_Kaiserreally? my mirror is 30 gig with source.07:13
geniiMaybe I need to comment out all the lines except "clean" do that then uncomment just the absolute neccesary ones07:15
geniiIt's driving me nust cuz now I have a bunch of mixed packages07:15
Kamping_Kaiseri havent used apt-mirror, does it store x number of revisisons deep?07:17
Kamping_Kaiseri think debmirror only does 1, so that might be a problem07:17
geniiI'm not exactly certain07:19
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geniiInteresting.From Bambi-something to something-Kaiser11:15
=== genii thinks about vicious fawns
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ivokswhat do you think about changing debconf priority for ubuntu-server?02:19
ivoksand... changing default configs for some services (for example, vsftpd by default enables anonymous login, which i don't considera a good idea)02:19
lionelivoks: looks like a good idea02:54
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[miles] guys05:22
[miles] anyone alive?05:22
[miles] ping ...05:22
[miles] mralphabet: 05:24
[miles] muy buenas05:24
[miles] mralphabet: any idea wtf my crondaily insists on emailing me to inform me that the ntp has adjusted the time by 3 seconds?05:25
ivoks[miles] : because it has output05:25
[miles] mmm but05:25
[miles] I'm dumping it to /dev/burninhell05:26
[miles] see /usr/sbin/ntpdate ntp.ubuntulinux.org 2>/dev/null || exit 005:26
ivoksyeah, but that's for stderr, not stdout05:26
ivoksthis is 'unwise' ting to do05:26
[miles] what?05:27
ivoksyou will not know when there is a problem, and you will know when it works :)05:27
ivoks 2> is redirection for stderr05:27
ivoksnot stdout05:27
[miles] it's both no?05:27
ivoks1> is for stdout05:27
[miles] &>05:27
[miles] shite05:27
[miles] it's that iirc now05:27
ivoks&> is all05:27
[miles] nod05:27
[miles] balls05:27
=== [miles] feels a proper twat and gets his coat
ivoksand it's ntp.ubuntu.com05:28
mralphabet >> /dev/null 2>&105:28
ivoks>> is something else05:29
[miles] nod05:29
ivoksbut 2>&1 is redirect 2 in 105:29
[miles] &> is both tho no?05:29
[miles] in one syntax05:30
mralphabetI believe so05:30
[miles] thanks guys05:30
[miles] ivoks: I've changed to ntp.ubuntu.com also05:30
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[miles] ciao todos05:45
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