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tepsipakkiMithrandir: about wacom-tools et al.. I've packaged upstream 0.7.7-7 which is reported to work/compile with 2.6.20 (the stable release 0.7.6-4 didn't)02:43
tepsipakkihotplug doesn't work, but it hasn't worked before either02:44
tepsipakkibug 6916302:44
tepsipakkibug #6916302:44
tepsipakkiubotu is busy02:45
tepsipakkioh, and the current version we have (0.7.2) doesn't work either (the driver does not load), but the reason is most likely that the previous (ancient) build didn't use SSP-capable gcc, so building with -fno-stack-protector should make it work too02:47
tepsipakkiI went through the diff.gz and it had only autoreconf- and po-stuff in it02:48
Mithrandircan you get it tested?02:55
tepsipakkithere are three people who have tested it02:56
tepsipakkiso far02:56
tepsipakkiactually, hotplugging a tablet on current feisty apparently freezes the machine, according to one report02:57
tepsipakkibut I'll wait for more testers02:57
Mithrandirthey've tested 0.7.7?03:00
tepsipakkithere is one bug in the wacom-kernel-source.postinst, but easy to fix03:02
tepsipakkiand harmless as it is03:02
Mithrandirplease get it uploaded then03:03
tepsipakkithank you03:03
tepsipakkiI'll also change the device path to a more working one (/dev/wacom -> /dev/input/wacom), sanctioned by mjg5903:04
tepsipakkithen usb-tablets work out-of-the-box, not forgetting the serial ones. Compatibility symlink is used in /dev/wacom03:04
tepsipakkiby a udev-rule03:05
Mithrandircan you also get the new libx11-6 sans xcb in?03:05
Mithrandirok, sweet03:05
tepsipakkisure, soon03:05
Mithrandircan you try to get it done today?03:05
tepsipakkiyes, hence "soon" :)03:06
Mithrandir"soon" can mean lots of things; thanks a lot. :-)03:06
tepsipakkiheh, should've said "ASAP" :P03:07
seb128I'll do it now03:07
seb128tepsipakki: usually location?03:07
tepsipakkiseb128: I can upload nowadays :)03:08
seb128tepsipakki: you can upload, or you need sponsor?03:08
seb128ah, alright03:08
seb128rock on ;)03:08
tepsipakkiI can upload it in a minute, having a conversation with the unichrome (VIA) maintainer03:08
tepsipakkiafter that is done it's time for some uploads03:08
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crimsuntepsipakki: how do you feel about an xserver-xorg-video-i810-modesetting sync from experimental?03:18
tepsipakkicrimsun: I've packaged -intel 1.9.93, does that suffice?-)03:19
crimsuntepsipakki: meaning it'll go into feisty? if so, sure!03:20
tepsipakkiwould you like to try?03:20
crimsunyep, I'm happy to test03:20
tepsipakkithere's i386 deb at http://users.tkk.fi/~tjaalton/dpkg03:20
tepsipakkione regression is that after a logout it blanks the screen, but a restart seems to fix that03:21
tepsipakkimaybe it changed the output port03:21
tepsipakkithat is basically the experimental version plus our changes03:22
tepsipakkilibx11 uploaded03:23
crimsuntepsipakki: right, symptom confirmed here03:27
crimsunit's still a massive step forward in terms of stability and features over the current feisty -i810-modesetting03:28
tepsipakkiok, maybe we should just upload that one, and track upstream the following few weeks.. Mithrandir?03:29
tepsipakkithe current -modesetting is crap, I know03:29
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Mithrandirtepsipakki: we are releasing in about 2.5 weeks.03:40
tepsipakkis/few weeks/next week/ :P03:41
tepsipakkithe current -modesetting is a git-checkout from october03:43
Mithrandirit's universe, ask motu-uvf. :-P03:44
Mithrandirbut probably, yes.03:44
tepsipakkioh, right.. didn't think of that03:44
seb128tepsipakki: could you have a look at http://lists.freedesktop.org/archives/xorg/2007-March/022423.html ?04:15
seb128tepsipakki: that would make some GNOME guy really happy ;)04:15
tepsipakkiseb128: what does it do in practice?-)04:22
seb128tepsipakki: not sure, desrt (a GNOME guy) is working on real composite,etc and he said that would be really nice if we can get that change04:24
seb128brb, rebooting to try something04:24
tepsipakkikylem: it seems that the wacom kernel module is included with our kernel sources04:36
tepsipakkiit seems to be v1.46.. I'll check what the new wacom-tools has04:37
tepsipakkiit's upstream :)04:38
tepsipakkiincluded in vanilla04:38
tepsipakkisame version as in wacom-tools04:39
tepsipakkimaybe I'll add a disclaimer to the package description as with ndiswrapper04:39
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tepsipakkiseb128: that patch you mentioned isn't committed upstream yet06:41
seb128avr 02 16:20:15 <desrt> keith refactored and posted a new version of the patch06:41
seb128avr 02 16:20:32 <desrt> the new one is the one that's going into xorg 1.3 and won't work with feisty's xserver06:41
seb128avr 02 16:20:44 <desrt> there are some missing constants in headerfiles or something06:41
seb128tepsipakki: I'll have a look later on it06:42
tepsipakkiok, thanks06:45
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