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ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ltsp - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi04:02
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paolobHi guys! What proxy can I install behind a edubuntu set of clients?04:40
bimberi!info squid | paolob04:43
ubotupaolob: squid: Internet Object Cache (WWW proxy cache). In component main, is optional. Version 2.6.1-3ubuntu1.3 (edgy), package size 595 kB, installed size 1544 kB04:43
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sbalneav_!seen ogra05:24
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about seen ogra - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi05:24
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juliuxhey willvdl10:54
willvdljuliux, hey10:54
juliuxwho was your holiday?10:54
willvdlgood thanks, except for the end bit (got robbed on the last day)10:55
=== jack_wyt [n=jack@] has joined #edubuntu
highvoltagewillvdl: ohno.10:56
=== mode/#edubuntu [-o highvoltage] by highvoltage
juliuxwillvdl,  in which dangerours area you have been?10:57
highvoltagewillvdl: you should just do what I do, make funny faces and scare them away.10:57
willvdlthat was in Buenos Aires10:57
willvdlhighvoltage, I pretended that I didn't understand them10:57
willvdlbut the gun made it fairly obvious after that...10:57
highvoltageouch... that bad...10:58
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willvdlyip. well, not really. not "threatening" like back home if you know what I mean11:00
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RichEdwelcome back willvdl11:11
willvdlRichEd, have a good long weekend?11:11
RichEdwillvdl: okay thanks ... back to the grindstone today ...11:11
RichEdwillvdl: I've added a spec for UDS for you, Edubuntu documentation as a subset of Ubuntu documentation11:15
willvdlah. will look it up11:15
RichEdthe idea is that at UES we discuss any holes in our processes or facilities or procedures ... and then carry any needs forward into UDS11:16
jsgotangcohey you guys11:23
jsgotangcowillvdl: doing well now?11:23
willvdljsgotangco, all good thanks. Good to be back11:24
jsgotangcothat's good to know11:28
jsgotangcoits nice to know as well that Edubuntu will have its own docs on feisty ;-)11:28
RichEdhi jsgotangco11:59
jsgotangcoRichEd: hey how are you doing lately11:59
RichEdjsgotangco: well thanks ... and yourself ?12:00
jsgotangcohmm its alright, i might be moving to a new job soonish...12:01
=== Mez|OnAir is now known as Mez
jsgotangcohad a week-long break to think about things12:03
RichEdjsgotangco: and with productive results I hope ?12:04
jsgotangcoi guess :/12:04
jsgotangcowikipedia can be too entertaining sometimes12:04
jsgotangcolet's see what happens in a month or two12:07
=== ogra [n=ogra@ubuntu/member/ogra] has joined #edubuntu
jsgotangcodinner brb12:22
RichEdping willvdl12:53
willvdlRichEd, pong12:53
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maccam94RichEd, you around?01:31
RichEdhi maccam94 ... just creating a spec around the mass deployment / admin at the moment :)01:31
RichEdI'll send you the wiki page link and the discussion page for the Education Summit01:32
RichEdmaccam94: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UES-Sevilla/BOF/EdubuntuMassDeploymentManagement01:46
RichEdplease take a look, and email me comments / changes01:46
RichEdI've added it to the UES discussion topics, but we should be able to get an initial overview out before the meet01:47
maccam94RichEd, are there going to be any meetings/summits in the northeast US anytime soon?01:49
ograRichEd, thats nothing we should do without having cjwatson around01:49
ograso rather a UDS task01:49
=== ubotu [n=ubotu@ubuntu/bot/ubotu] has joined #edubuntu
ogra(or any other prson deeply involved with dbeconf and package management devlopment fwiw)01:50
RichEdogra: we'll do a lot of these as brainstorm pre-prep for UDS ... to get requirements from an end user perspective ... so it will transfer to a UDS spec for a formal BOF01:50
ograwell, brainstorming on tasks where someone with deep knowledge would probably immediatly say "no that wont work" makes more sense than shooting in the blue imho01:51
=== stgraber [n=stgraber@ubuntu/member/stgraber] has joined #edubuntu
ograwe should restrict the tech stuff for UES to pieces we can really discuss and keep the ones where we need knowledgeable people for UDS01:52
RichEdogra: I'm thinking more along the lines of brainstorming user needs ... as in "I have 4 schools under my management, each with 40 workstations, and a local school server. How do I configure for the easiest set-up and update process."01:54
ogramass deployment will involve a *lot* of changes to many different subsytems if we want to do it right01:54
RichEdi.e. for Matt Oquist and David Trask to describt the real world environments at UES. And then we can make suggestions on how to best aproach this at a proper UDS BOF with the right people.01:55
ograright, i just want to prevent us from going the wrong paths ...01:56
ogramass deployment/management is as long requested as network authentication01:56
RichEdI understand, and we'll make it clear that UES will not create pie in the sky wishlists for UDS to shoot down.01:56
RichEdYou and I will act as gatekeepers for allowing only specs that have a reasonable chance of passing01:57
ograthe task is involving to many other systems to even say more than "thats what we want to do" ... without involving knowledgeable people that say "thats what we *can* do"01:57
ograso keep the expectations of such stuff for UES low01:58
highvoltagehey ogra and RichEd.01:58
ogra(for the atendees it should be clear that we might completely differ in views from what UDS people will say or do)01:58
highvoltageI'm currently background-processing ways that I could contribute at UES. Worst case scenario, I'll answer as many questions possible to the attendees, and make you guys coffee :)01:59
RichEdSo the solutions emerging from UES may then be "guidance, recipes and pointers to existing web documentation"01:59
maccam94ogra, it's not necessary at this point to work out the technical details of how the packages will be modified. what's necessary is for the developers to hear what the users want, so they know what to work on01:59
ajmitchat this rate I may end up getting flights that arrive while UES is on :)01:59
=== RichEd supports maccam94's point of view
highvoltageajmitch: nice!01:59
ajmitchhighvoltage: not really02:00
ajmitchhighvoltage: got an email from the eyas people today, who looked for 4 hours & found no suitable flights yet02:00
highvoltageRichEd: a grand wishlist might be real good, will show the users that they are heard, as long as they understand that wishlist features won't necassarily make it into the gray giraffe (or whatever it's called)02:00
willvdlajmitch, from where?02:01
highvoltageajmitch: outch!02:01
ajmitchwillvdl: new zealand02:01
RichEdhighvoltage: you're going down on the list for 1) a presentation on tuXlabs and 2) any tools you've built that will make sense for us to look at or consider02:01
ograhighvoltage, learn C ;) https://code.launchpad.net/~ogra/ltsp/ldm-greeter02:01
highvoltageRichEd: ok, will do02:01
ajmitchyou might be interested to know of some ubuntu-directory work that's going ahead, with regards to hardware info, software deployment, etc02:02
highvoltageogra: I've actually ordered the K&R C book, I'm planning to start working through that as soon as it lands on my doorstep from the Amazon02:02
ogramaccam94, i'm sure that the need for mass deployment and management been expressed over several releases by ISPs and other companies already :)02:02
ograbut as pdap authentication it will tae its time ... it needs deep changes in the architecture02:03
maccam94ogra, but is there an organized spec showing what all of the specific needs are?02:03
=== ogra needs to train typing it seems
ajmitchogra: the stuff I'm talking about is being written up in a spec, and is being done by someone as a masters project02:03
ogramaccam94, not sure ... i'm sure cjwatson could answer that from the top f his head :)02:03
ajmitch*very* conveniently, this person happens to be within walking distance of my place ;)02:04
ograajmitch, yes, but the request for such a feature is there since pre-hoary02:04
ajmitchogra: I know that02:04
=== ajmitch is getting some pressure from certain people to get authtool a bit more polished & working asap :)
ograi'm sure it would have been more successfull (and earlier as well) if we had had a spec where the people involved with the facts would have helped earlier on02:05
RichEdogra: just some background ... maccam94 asked the other day in this channel on how to best deploy to many local workstations so as to simplify the updates process.02:05
ograso i'm tryig to prevent such stuff02:05
ograRichEd, yes, i was around02:06
RichEdhe did not want to go LTSP as the w/s all have decent processing power & local disk etc.02:06
highvoltageajmitch: heh ;)02:06
RichEdso this spec is to give advice on that sort of question, and documented in such a way that we can just point someone to the wiki URL02:06
ograRichEd, the problem with such big specs is that its very easy to go in the wrong direction and take more time through that02:06
RichEdokay, so then we need to make sure that the wiki discussion page is realistic before the session starts.02:07
ograwe should in any case formulate a requirement and point (and maybe test) to other distros solutions02:07
ograbut we'll need t stop very early without having input from the experts02:07
ograso preparing the ground is fine ... but lets keep off suggestions and deep tec details for such big tasks02:08
ograits not edubuntu specific at all either ..02:08
=== RichEd agrees with all of the above
ogra... even though we might have big demand in our community02:09
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RichEdmaccam94: http://www.ubuntulive.com/ porland oregon ... that's the next US event02:13
maccam94gah, that's a bit of a treck from here :-\02:13
ograwhere are you ?02:14
maccam94near boston, MA02:14
cliebow_ogra: we had a fellow with some issues yesterday using edgy and ltsp-build-client .124..How would you suggest proceeding?udpate somehow to 5.0.6?02:15
ogramaccam94, i think there is something planned for the eastcoast02:16
ograbut nothing concrete yet (only roumors i heard)02:16
ogracliebow_, 0.124 on feisty ?02:17
cliebow_no edgy02:17
=== cliebow__ [n=cliebow@smoothwallkludge.ellsworth-hs.ellsworth.k12.me.us] has joined #edubuntu
ograwell, thne 5.0.x wont work unless he upgrades the server02:18
ogra5.0 ha dependencies not available in edgy02:18
cliebow_he cited probs with network-manager...would simply manal edit of interfaces suffice there?02:18
ograin edgy ? ther shouldnt be any probs with NM and ltsp ...02:19
ograNM in edgy doesnt touch interfaces that are defined in the config file ...02:19
cliebow_he shied away from feisty cause of nm...02:19
ograi have the fixed NM package running here already ;)02:20
ogranext upload should fix it for everyone02:20
cliebow_cool..so should be available pretty quick then..ill pass that on02:21
ogranot sure when Mithrandir wil upload it though ...02:21
=== Amaranth [n=travis@ubuntu/member/Amaranth] has joined #edubuntu
ograwhile i wrote the above it did hit the archive :) https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/feisty-changes/2007-April/008321.html02:24
cliebow_heh..guess ill give it a try..02:24
ograyeah, it needs to build first :)02:24
ograthats only the upload notice02:24
ograbut that should make many edubuntu users happy again :)02:25
cliebow_whic is a Good thing 8~)02:25
=== knix_ [n=knix@c-24-127-177-208.hsd1.pa.comcast.net] has joined #edubuntu
knix_morning all02:29
knix_did ogra get a chance to look at that issue with ltsp?02:29
ogra"the *issue* with ltsp" ??02:29
=== jsgotangco [n=jsg123@ubuntu/member/jsgotangco] has joined #edubuntu
knix_ya,  I cant boot to the server.  On a fresh install of edubuntu, booting to the server says tftp agent not found02:31
knix_and when i try and build-client etc  it says chroot fail02:31
ograwhich release ?02:32
knix_ogra heres the story,  I want to get edubuntu in my job/school and so i did feisty, and I found out NM is broke.  so i installed edgy and no good02:33
cliebow__knix_:i ust talked to ogra on this..02:34
ograknix_, are you kirk ?02:34
cliebow__nm should be available soon02:34
cliebow__for feisty02:34
knix_nope, i am oringinally stormchas3r02:34
knix_o really02:34
ograhttps://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/feisty-changes/2007-April/008321.html <-- your fix :)02:35
knix_so i greatness02:35
ograuploaded five min ago02:35
knix_you are the man02:35
ograbug 100021 summarizes th eproblem btw02:35
=== ogra looks at ubotu
ubotuMalone bug 100021 in ltsp "[Feisty]  LTSP fails on multi-homed server due to network manager touching predefined static interfaces" [Undecided,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/10002102:36
knix_so when will it be working02:36
ograslow day today for the bot :)02:36
ograas soon as the package has built02:36
ogra1-2h from now should be fine ...02:36
knix_great, i will install feisty beta asap02:36
knix_thanks for the help yesterday cliebow_02:37
cliebow__sure...ogra tells me there deps that keep one from using 5.0.6 in edgy..so i was both wrong02:38
knix_i c,  thats why i had .02402:38
ograthe 5.0 series is exclusively in feisty and later ...02:39
knix_ya that too02:39
ograeverything before where 0.xxx ones02:39
ogra(i bumped the version number to make it easier to determine for users that they run ltsp5)02:40
=== ogra has a new baby looking for contributors btw :) https://code.launchpad.net/~ogra/ltsp/ldm-greeter
knix_i know i asked this b4 but is there a way to join the eduubntu server to a windows domain?02:41
maccam94knix_, yes02:41
maccam94don't ask me how, but i read it somewhere02:41
ograajmitch wrote a tool :)02:42
ograi dont know the link from the top of my head but it was on planet.ubuntu.com02:42
knix_so the problem i was having with feisty before was both nics would operate together, it was either on or the other.   This fix in NM will fix this?02:43
knix_that made my day02:44
ograNM wont touch static interfaces defined in /etc/network/interfaces ... which is what the edubuntu installer does for ltsp02:44
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knix_ogra, just checking, as of right now NM is still broke correct?04:06
ograyes, until you get the updated package04:06
knix_ok, and what is the eta for that?04:06
knix_i see that for power pc04:09
knix_ogra, is this correct?  https://launchpad.net/+builds/+build/31727404:11
ogralooks like04:12
knix_sweet, usually how long for that to hit the repos04:12
ograif all arches have built it will be copied to the archive within about 30min04:12
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ogravagrantc, meet RichEd04:50
ograRichEd, meet vagrantc04:50
vagrantcgreetings :)04:51
RichEdhi vagrantc ... good to meet you04:51
RichEdogra has many kind & interesting words about you04:51
=== RichEd waves from the bottom of Africa
vagrantcah, well, that's good to know :)04:51
=== vagrantc waves from nuevo mexico
ograoh, mexico again ?04:52
vagrantcthis is the part of mexico the US stole from mexico04:52
RichEdhow unlike the US ;P04:53
=== tidrion [n=cescalan@mail.ogdenpubs.com] has joined #edubuntu
juliuxhi all05:05
=== myriam_rs [n=myriam_r@156-233.cable.senselan.ch] has joined #edubuntu
ograhey juliux05:05
juliuxhi ogra05:06
juliuxogra, i am sorry i have no time to test feisty:(05:06
ogranot once before 19th ?05:06
knix_ogra, I could test for ya05:06
juliuxno chance05:06
juliuxi have examen on 19th morning :(05:07
ograknix_, that would be really appreciated ... we need any tester we can get :)05:07
ograjuliux, tsk ... totally overrated ... tell them you have more important stuff05:07
knix_ogra, great, count me in05:08
knix_I havent seen NM in the repo yet, I am paitently waiting05:08
ograjust monitor this room ... i'll get noisy if we have cadidates during the week05:08
knix_ogra, candidates?05:13
ograisos ....05:13
ogratest candidates ....05:13
ograindeed you can test any iso image you like :)05:14
ograbut the announced ones are motre likely to work05:14
knix_I installed beta and updated that,  couldnt i update NM thru that?05:14
knix_Is there a link other than the one you gave me to monitor and know when NM will be available?05:16
knix_so I dont have to bug you05:16
ograjust run sudo apt-get update from time to time ...05:17
ograthe update-manager should tell you about it then05:17
knix_how do I get x11vnc installed on the client to monitor their screens?05:18
ograenable universe in the chroot, then sudo chroot /opt/ltsp/i386 apt-get install x11vnc ... and write a startscript in /opt/ltsp/i386/etc/rc2.d  that attaches the vnc server to the local display05:20
knix_verynice, it's just i have no idea how to do that05:21
ograsudo chroot /opt/ltsp/i386 makes you root in the clients /05:22
ograall operations you do there then will affect all clients ...05:22
ograi.e. installing packages05:22
ograor writing scripts05:22
knix_ok, no go for the scripts05:23
knix_but I would love to learn05:23
=== RichEd-1 [n=richard@dsl-240-11-154.telkomadsl.co.za] has joined #edubuntu
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cliebow_knix_, lookslike networkmanager isready..05:45
ogranote that you have to reboot and that it will tear down your static interface during the package upgrade05:46
ograat least it did that here05:46
cliebow_no worries 8~)05:47
knix_is there a guide to conifiguring x11vnc for thin clients?05:49
ograwiki.ltsp.org might have something05:49
=== juliux [n=juliux@ubuntu/member/juliux] has joined #edubuntu
ograapart from that try to ignore the term "thin clients"05:50
ograthe thin client environment behaves like any other ubuntu05:50
knix_your right, my bad05:50
ograso if u run the chroot command you can follow any howto for setting up vnc servers on ubuntu05:50
knix_great, ty for the tip05:51
cliebow_knix_:fwiw http://wiki.ltsp.org/twiki/bin/view/Ltsp/WorkInProgress05:51
cliebow_dont know just how this will port05:52
knix_Please bare with me guys.  I chroot into /opt/ltsp/i386, then run apt-get install x11vnc, it says it couldnt find the package06:06
knix_so if I go into apt/sources.list there is nothing listed there06:08
ograadd universe to the sources.list file and run apt-get update06:08
ograyou can also copy over the one from the server06:08
ograjust make sure to run apt-get update after any change to it06:08
knix_ok, ty06:08
knix_that did it06:09
knix_i just copied the whold list over06:09
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knix_alright, i install x11vnc in the chroot, try to run it and fail everytime06:26
ogradont *run* it in the chroot :)06:30
ograyou can only run it from te client06:30
knix_ok, if I run it from the client, it says "x error of failed request: Bad06:34
knix_Access (attempt to access private resourse denied)06:35
=== cbx33 [n=pete@ubuntu/member/cbx33] has joined #edubuntu
greg_gsorry to interrupt, don't answer if you are busy with that problem (it is more important) but...  What have you found to be the best source for the thin client hardware.  I did a basic look around the internet and the majority of products only support the Windows thin client.  Are there options for do it yourself people that want low cost and low power?06:48
greg_gthanks, *looks*06:50
knix_ogra, ok, im clueless here.  I am trying everything from the client to connect to the server and nada06:50
cbx33anyone here know iranian?06:52
cbx33or know what language this is?06:52
=== mjg [n=gehlm@] has left #edubuntu []
juliuxhi cbx3306:53
cbx33hey juliux #06:53
knix_cliebow_, you there?06:55
greg_ginteresting how disklesscomputing's logo is sort of a rip of microsoft07:05
knix_ogra, I understand the concept.  When I start it on the client it fails.  I tested it on the server and it started fine.  Im not sure what im missing07:09
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knix_ogra, i got x11vnc up and running on the client but the "thin client mangaer" still says unavailable, install x11vnc on the client07:57
knix_anyone else know?08:06
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greg_gsorry knix, no idea, I'm just here lurking and learning08:37
knix_ya, me too, thanks anyway08:38
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zzazahi all10:01
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knix_so when is the full release suppose to be out for feisty?11:59

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