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evandmcgrof: me as well.  If you're waiting to hear back, I just did.12:55
ajmitchevand: yay, hopefully I'll get a reply soon too12:56
=== ajmitch pinged them by email just before
evandajmitch: Probably.  Without copy and pasting from the email, it sounds like they're getting through the backlog.12:56
ajmitchyeah, they must have to deal with a few12:57
ajmitchtravel agent12:58
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mcgrofevand: I'm under the impression that going through them you don't have to arrange payment through your own credit card, know if that is accurate?01:00
evandmcgrof: Correct, at least for UDSMTV that was the case.01:01
mcgrofgreat, that helps01:01
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jcolei'm having apps like gaim, firefox and evolution freeze hard consistently on feisty... i'm on gaim now and it will probably lock up as i start talking more... any suggestion on what i can do to figure out what is going on?01:19
jcoledoing an strace on firefox it stops at this when it locks up:01:20
jcolefutex(0x8bf0030, FUTEX_WAIT, 1, NULL)01:20
jcolei *thought* it maybe aspell since firefox last froze up it in a text edit box and evolution froze when i was composing a message01:21
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=== bluefoxicy ponders a bug bounty; then realize it's a stupid idea, because security companies will give you somewhere between $1000-$5000 for a good remote exploit
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=== lamont tries to remember when breezy drops from supports view
bddebianNot soon enough :)03:47
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Seveaslamont, 3 days to go :)04:54
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michaelfaviajus reading the #ubuntu+1 topic and looking at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-restricted-modules-2.6.20/+bug/96430 and i was interested to know if this nvidia legacy driver issue woudl be resolved for 7.04. I'm not trying to fix my computer (that would be a simple task) but considering adopting the platform for a large number of workstations that depend on this issue...06:30
ubotuMalone bug 96430 in linux-restricted-modules-2.6.20 "MASTER: Request for new-legacy nvidia drivers (9631)" [High,In progress]  06:30
=== sonictwin [n=ryan@c-68-61-98-160.hsd1.mi.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
michaelfaviaa simple informed yes or know would be very much appreciated. thx.06:30
michaelfavia_ion, my question cannot be answered because it depends on incorrect assumptions?06:33
Hobbseemichaelfavia: see the comments from Ben Collins on it.06:33
desrthello hackers!06:34
Hobbseehi desrt 06:34
=== desrt is starting to get pumped about UDS
ajmitchhey desrt 06:35
=== desrt steals ajmitch's nametag and refuses to believe that the person sitting in front of him is, in fact, ajmitch
desrtajmitch; seville4u?06:35
desrtHobbsee; going to seville?06:35
Hobbseemichaelfavia: i think https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-restricted-modules-2.6.20/+bug/96430/comments/48 sums it up pretty well06:36
ubotuMalone bug 96430 in linux-restricted-modules-2.6.20 "MASTER: Request for new-legacy nvidia drivers (9631)" [High,In progress]  06:36
Hobbseedesrt: yep06:36
_ionWhen is UDS Tampere going to be held? ;-)06:36
ajmitchdesrt: assuming I can get plane tickets, sure06:36
michaelfaviaHobbsee, apologies.. i missed comment #48 from ben... and didnt know if the #ubuntu+1 message had any priority oer his comments in the bug.. thanks for the input. it seems safe to assume...06:36
desrtHobbsee; elite.06:36
desrtajmitch; what's wrong?06:36
ajmitchdesrt: still waiting on eyas06:36
Hobbseemichaelfavia: it doesnt.  you're looking for the comments from developers.  06:36
desrtif yr having trouble, "clickair" has super-cheap flights from schipol to seville06:36
ajmitchdesrt: the main part will be NZ->london06:37
desrt(since a lot of airlines don't fly to seville)06:37
=== desrt toronto -> london -> amsterdam -> seville
desrtlots of flying... but cheap.06:37
desrtHobbsee; you been at a UDS before?06:37
desrtwere you at lca?06:38
Hobbseedesrt: nope.  and iwas at the open day06:38
=== desrt meant to look you up but forgot
=== Hobbsee was one of those strange people with a high voice, so should be fairly easy to find
=== desrt tries to remember if we succeeded in finding your picture last time we had a conversation like this
_ionI've got a small amount of ground work done for a nice implementation of three installed nvidia drivers, of which the correct one would be automatically chosen in runtime based on connected hardware. I haven't got around to doing the whole implementation at least yet, but it should be at least of some help to Ben.06:39
mneptokajmitch: Eyas has became increasingly unresponsive as of late :/06:40
ajmitchmneptok: given that the travel agent I talked to today said that flights are getting scarce, it is annoying06:40
mneptokajmitch: are you a strong swimmer?06:40
=== desrt grins
ajmitchI can swim06:41
=== tkjacobsen [n=tkjacobs@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
desrt"have you ever swam across the equator?"06:41
ajmitchbut it may be a bit cold for a bit06:41
ajmitchit's only 20000km or so06:41
mneptokajmitch: coat yourself with lard and Nembutol06:41
desrtajmitch; that's a tough swim06:41
desrtajmitch; better start training now06:41
ajmitchdesrt: no time for that, I'd better start swimming now06:42
mneptoknot for the swim so much. but we'd dig the entertainment value06:42
desrtya.  no kidding :p06:42
=== desrt wonders if the crazy sysadmin quotient of UDS will be filled this time around
tepsipakkistill no update to the UDS wiki about sponsoring..06:42
mneptokdesrt: Canonical sysadmins or in general?06:42
desrtsysadmins named kurt, mostly06:43
ajmitchoh, scary ones?06:43
Hobbseedesrt: it's on planet, there's a dodgy version on LP06:43
desrtya.  psychos.06:43
=== mneptok isn't a sysadmin for Canonical :)
desrtHobbsee; i see how it is.06:43
mneptokGNOME yes. Canonical no.06:43
=== desrt is a planet gnomer
lifelessmneptok: we knew you already you see.06:44
ajmitchHobbsee: scary06:44
mneptoklifeless: and you still hired me? that raises new concerns about Canonical's viability. ;)06:44
Hobbseeajmitch: heh06:44
desrtyour hackergotchi isn't a hackergotchi06:45
mneptokit's as close as i'm coming.06:45
desrtrob is crazy06:46
desrtthere's something weird in the air in au/nz06:46
lifelessmneptok: you're our grain of sand.06:47
=== ajmitch wonders what it'll take to get plane tickets for UDS
lifelessajmitch: usually a phone call.06:51
Hobbseedesrt: i know.  hackergotchis of me look terrible.06:52
=== dogmatism [n=dogmatis@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
desrtHobbsee; i'll have my camera on hand.  we'll see what we can do.07:01
=== micahcowan [n=micah@adsl-76-203-174-94.dsl.pltn13.sbcglobal.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== pitti [n=pitti@ubuntu/member/pitti] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittiGood morning07:08
=== desrt tackles pitti
pittihey desrt, *hug*07:09
desrtsup dude?07:09
Hobbseedesrt: heh, good luck with that07:09
Hobbseehi pitti 07:09
pittihey Hobbsee07:09
desrtHobbsee; dunnot worry.  i am an artiste.07:09
micahcowanHey, pitti, is there any particular critereon for what packages end up in the dbgsym repo?07:09
pittidesrt: 'sup? bugz, bugz, bugz :)07:09
desrtpitti; good man.07:09
desrtmake my feisty feisty07:09
pittimicahcowan: all which have at least one ELF file in it, in theory07:10
fabbionemorning guys07:10
micahcowanBut there aren't comparatively very many in there yet, yes?07:10
micahcowanIs it pretty much whatever you personally have had to have debug syms for? :)07:11
pittimicahcowan: only those which have been rebuilt in the last 7 months or so07:11
pittino, it's not personal :)07:11
micahcowanOthers are removed, then?07:11
pittiactually it should be pretty well-covered now07:11
pittimicahcowan: no, they need a build with pkg-create-dbgsym enabled in order to produce dbgsyms07:12
pittimicahcowan: and I only wrote it about 7 months ago07:12
micahcowancoreutils was missing, was why I noticed. :)07:13
micahcowanenabled... as in a rules target?07:13
pittimicahcowan: no, as in 'put it into the buildd chroots'07:13
micahcowanOh... I see. Cool.07:14
=== Tonio_ [n=tonio@133.8.100-84.rev.gaoland.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== pitti [n=pitti@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mneptokpitti: rumor has it Tollef was poking at NetworkMangler issues earlier today?07:22
pittimneptok: I don't know for sure; but earlier today? how earlier can it get? :)07:24
fabbionemneptok: he was.. yesterday (our time)07:25
Hobbsee15 hours, at least :P07:25
desrt1 hr 25 minutes :)07:25
fabbionedesrt: go sit in a corner :)07:26
Hobbseedesrt: you're just backwards.07:26
desrtomg its that guy07:26
desrtwho goes to uds and spends all his time in smoking bofs07:26
desrtfabbione; haven't talked to you in a while.  what's up? :)07:27
jsgotangcosmoking bofs lol07:27
fabbionedesrt: you have no idea how much more work you get done outside in open air.. sun shine and standing still in a smoking bof compared to those dark rooms etc :)))07:27
mneptokUbuntu would not exist without smoking BOFs07:27
desrtfabbione; it's true...07:28
fabbionedesrt: not much really... just woke up and still very tired07:28
desrtgoogle was a fantastic venue for smoking bof07:28
fabbionemneptok: true that :)07:28
desrtwith that stone island thing outside in the middle of the lawn07:28
fabbionedesrt: it was good yes...07:28
mneptokLinux: Brought to you by caffeine, nicotine, tetrahydrocannibinol, and poor social skills.07:28
fabbionethe best smoking bof was at mataro'.. we were allowed to smoke inside07:28
desrtsmoking inside is gross.  srsly.07:29
fabbionedesrt: well Spanish law did allow that at the time.. it's changed tho.. no more smoking inside07:29
fabbionedesrt: and note.. i don't really care either way07:29
desrtthat's good.07:29
desrti don't think i could ever bring myself to smoke inside... it's just so ... wrong07:29
Treenaksfabbione: as long as it's not as cold as Montreal, right? :P07:30
mneptokdesrt: man, you're young. ;)07:30
desrtmneptok; :p07:30
Treenaksdesrt: s/inside/at all/ :)07:30
mneptokTreenaks: screw you, too :)07:30
desrtmontral was _not_ cold07:30
fabbioneTreenaks: Montreal as in UDS or Montreal as in February when i was there?07:30
Treenaksfabbione: uds07:30
=== desrt went back in january and then it was cold
fabbioneTreenaks: UDS was warm07:30
fabbionedesrt: yeah.. i was there too.. -3007:30
mneptokplease stop.07:31
mneptoki have to sit here and wait for spring.07:31
fabbionemneptok: why? i was sharing the pain with you?07:31
=== Hobbsee sends mneptok to antarcica
desrtjust move to .au07:31
mneptokHobbsee: already there.07:31
desrtit's still warm there07:31
Hobbseemneptok: heh.07:31
mneptokdesrt: can't. too old.07:31
Hobbseeindeed.  sorta :P07:31
TreenaksHobbsee: gives a whole new meaning to 'UDS' (Down South)07:31
desrtmneptok; eh?07:31
HobbseeTreenaks: yes.  the next UDS should clearly be in the snow07:31
mneptokdesrt: can't emigrate to Australia over the age of 40.07:32
desrtmneptok; you only have to do it for another month or two before the northern hemisphere comes around07:32
Hobbseemneptok: we dont want you here anyway.07:32
mneptokHobbsee: what about if i commit a crime? :P07:32
micahcowanIs there a "patch-attached" tag or something to let core devs know about bugs with suggested fixes provided?07:33
=== mneptok wonders if "transportation" is still a valid court sentence
Treenaksmneptok: yes, but to Siberia, not Australia07:33
Treenaks.. wait ..07:33
mneptokAustralia, the gulag with dingoes!07:34
desrtthe dingo stole my passport!07:34
desrts/the dingo/ian jackson/07:34
Treenaksmneptok: sounds like one of those lines on travel brochures07:35
Hobbseemneptok: nope.  they stopped that.07:35
=== desrt always assumed hobbsee was in .au after being deported from the .uk for being a freedom-loving hippie
=== Hobbsee was born in au, she's afraid...
desrtah.  so your parents were the criminals, eh?07:37
=== desrt gets tired of the cliche already
desrtit's _so_ time to go to bed :p07:37
desrtnight, hippies.07:38
micahcowanI'm not expecting to try and get something in before feisty... I just want to ensure it's not forgotten after feisty...07:38
desrtmicahcowan; you'd be best to personally bug the appropriate maintainer in 1 month time07:39
desrtmicahcowan; when they have more time to breathe...07:39
pittimicahcowan: you can search for bugs which have patches attached, yes07:40
ajmitchmicahcowan: universe or main?07:40
micahcowanajmitch, main (linux-kernel)07:40
micahcowanlinux-source, rather07:40
ajmitchright, then I'd probably leave it as-is rather than trying to subscribe someone07:41
micahcowanRight; if it were universe, I'd assign to ubuntu-universe-sponsors (as I was recently directed to do for my gawk fix).07:42
micahcowanAnyway, I know mvo will have seen it (when he's around). 'Course, I'm sure he's swamped, so by the time he has some time to think about it, I'm sure he'll have forgotten it... I'll bug him in a month or something. :)07:43
micahcowanThanks, folks. :)07:43
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pittiMithrandir: can you please approve the l-r-m in unapproved soon? I need to adapt restricted-manager to it08:05
_ionpitti: What's new in it?08:06
_ionThe modalias change perhaps?08:06
pitti   * Change nvidia back to 9631, add epoch for nvidia-glx packages.08:06
pitti   * Add nvidia-news package at version 9755. This is the path of least08:06
pitti     surprise.08:06
pitti   * Add module alias override patch from Johan Kiviniemi08:06
pitti     <johan@kiviniemi.name>.08:06
pittibut we now need to get along with three nvidia packages instead of one :/08:07
pittiapparently the merging was too complicated for feisty08:07
_ionWhen the merging happens, my small hardware_connected program might be helpful. bzr branch http://johan.kiviniemi.name/software/bzr/hardware_connected/08:07
_ionFor example: nvidia_version() { for nv_ver in 9755 9631 7foo; do if modinfo -F alias nvidia-$n08:08
_ionv_ver | hardware_connected; then echo $nv_ver; return; fi; done; return 1; }08:09
_ionOh, i pasted the example with the old syntax.08:09
_ionnvidia_version() { for nv_ver in 9755 9631 7foo; do if hardware_connected -m nvidia-$nv_ver; then echo $nv_ver; return; fi; done; return 1; }08:10
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_ionIt also allows things like hardware_connected 'usb:*' && echo USB hardware connected; hardware_connected 'pci:*bc03*' && echo PCI display adapter connected; hardware_connected -m usbhid && echo USB HID connected08:14
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Mithrandirpitti_: sure, looking.08:19
=== pitti_ is now known as pitti
jtholmescan anyone tell me how to open a private channel with another nickname08:21
Mithrandirpitti: apart from the fact that the librarian is b0rked atm08:23
lifeless /msg nickname08:23
pittiMithrandir: yay LP updates at release time :/08:23
Mithrandirpitti: (try q -Q unapproved fetch linux-restricted-modules on drescher)08:23
pittiMithrandir: I did already08:23
pittiMithrandir: just as an early warning, I have to introduce a new class for the nvidia-glx-new driver package, and remove all the modinfo detection stuff (since that's now in l-r-m); so this will become quite a large diff :(08:25
pittiMithrandir: the new class will be tiny, though08:25
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mdkehi pitti 08:42
pittihi mdke08:42
mdkepitti: any further thoughts on ubuntu-docs?08:43
pittimdke: just what I mailed you08:43
mdkepitti: on Sunday? or is there an email since then?08:44
pittimdke: the second proposal (only ship languages which we ship on the CD, and do the full version in -updates) is a bit crude, but easy to do08:44
pittimdke: I mailed you yesterday, didn't I?08:44
=== zyga [n=zyga@ubuntu/member/zyga] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittimdke: Date: Mon, 9 Apr 2007 13:21:52 +020008:45
mdkepitti: I haven't received it yet08:45
pittimdke: weird; shall I bounce it again?08:45
pittihi zyga08:45
mdkepitti: please do, thanks08:46
=== surge [n=highvolt@dsl-240-91-192.telkomadsl.co.za] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittimdke: should be there by now08:48
=== zyga is very happy today :-)
zygaa full dataset for cnf is fresh and ready :-)08:49
zygafor every arch :D08:49
=== kagou [n=kagou@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
kagougood morning08:53
pittihi kagou08:53
kagouhey pitti , whats up ?08:53
=== mjg59_ [n=mjg59@cavan.codon.org.uk] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== pitti throws a chocolate easter egg at kagou :)
highvoltagewhat other kinds of easter eggs do you get? I thought they were all chocolate?08:54
kagouthanks pitti  ! :)08:54
kagoupitti, should i assign you to Bug #99498 ?08:56
ubotuMalone bug 99498 in hal "Nautilus and hal can't umount usb hd disk" [High,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/9949808:56
Mithrandirhighvoltage: marzipan at least.08:56
pittikagou: please don't; I'll grab hal bugs when I have time for them, I am bug contact08:56
kagouok pitti :) 08:57
=== Hobbsee grabs one of the easter eggs, and munches
Hobbseeaww, there was only one :(08:57
mdkepitti: nope :( Can you send it to matthew.east@tiscali.co.uk instead as a temporary measure while I find out what is wrong with my email?08:57
pittimdke: forwarded08:59
mdkepitti: haven't got that one either... is your email working ok? test emails seem to be arriving to me09:04
pittimdke: I'll check the logs09:05
pittimdke: erk, indeed, postfix cannot resolve names on my server, sorry09:06
pittimdke: ok, flushed; and now I'll find out why the recent kernel update on my server broke iptables configuration09:09
mdkepitti: whoos, 9MB? I thought you said it was 2.5?09:10
pittimdke: the bzip2'ed .deb is 2.5 MB now, but the live system isn't bzip2, it's more like gzip09:11
mdkeoh I see09:11
mdkeeven with the symlinking it's 9MB?09:11
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mdkepitti: would it be possible to have an update ready in -updates for the release, which is called by gnome-language-selector, with all the languages? if so, then probably the second solution would be ok. The first solution sounds like it is fairer to translators though09:20
pittimdke: if it's in -updates, update-notifier will install it anyway09:20
pittimdke: fairer> I agree,  just a bit more effort to implement09:21
mdkepitti: sure, but not everyone uses that09:21
zygais it possible to know which arch I'm on (as in the arch specifiers that dpkg understands?)09:21
mdkeI've seen my girlfriend use the computer and never wonder what that little orange square is about :)09:21
zygai386, powerpc, amd64, sparc09:21
pittizyga: dpkg --print-architecture09:21
zygapitti: thank you!09:21
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zygamvo: hey!09:22
zygamvo: It's ready it's there :D09:22
mvohey zyga!09:22
zygaI have everything we need if there is still time09:22
mvozyga: if its just data, that should be fine :)09:22
zygamvo: it may be just the data09:22
zygaI made the clinet a tiny bit nicer but the data is fine 09:23
mvozyga: could you give me a download location for the data?09:23
zygasure, just a sec09:23
zygamvo: http://suxx.pl/~zyga/feisty.dump.gz09:24
zygafetch that first, it's about 80MB09:24
=== dholbach [n=daniel@i59F7467A.versanet.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
zygathe built data is much smaller09:24
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mdkepitti: maybe we should ask the translators teams or wider community which solution they think is better as well, what do you think?09:25
dholbachgood morning09:25
pittimdke: it's just really urgent now09:25
mdkepitti: so you would prefer to do the second solution, but without language-selector?09:25
pittimdke: if we have the time to implement the msgfmt --statistics one, that seems to be better to me09:26
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mvozyga: and I need to update my tree from you branch I assume?09:27
mdkepitti: ok. Do you want to have a quick look at debian/rules and see if there is something you can slip in there which changes the value of $lang?09:27
zygayeah, just a sec, I'll push the branch09:27
mdkepitti: also, as I mentioned in another email, we need to do an update from our repository, hopefully dholbach will do that for us :)09:28
dholbachmdke: i will do that in a bit09:28
mdkedholbach: :D09:28
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pittimdke: hmm, 'change the value of $lang'? it just traverses ubuntu/<langs>, right?09:29
=== freeflyi1g [i=freeflyi@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mdkepitti: yes. I was thinking if you could do something with msgfmt which excludes languages with low levels of translation09:30
pittimdke: ah, that for loop would be the place to stick the --statistics test in, and if it fails, do 'continue'?09:30
mdkesomething like that. We'd need to make the --statistics test actually have a yes/no result though09:31
zygamvo: you can pull now09:31
pittimdke: right, of course; I thought of some awk or perl bit09:31
mdkepitti: ok! Maybe see if 20% reduces the package size dramatically (I think it will), but if not, go higher, like 40%?09:32
zygamvo: to build just move the feisty.dump.gz to the root of cnf source code09:32
pittimdke: yes, I'd adjust it so that it ends up as roughly 2 MB or so, let's find out09:33
zygaI didn't want to include in the branch as it's just too large09:33
pittimdke: ok, let me play around with this a bit09:33
mdkepitti: I have to go to work now, and can't read irc, but will be checking email during the day09:33
mvozyga: downloading09:33
pittimdke: a second09:33
pittimdke: did you change anything in svn head so far?09:33
zygamvo: ping me when you're done09:33
pittimdke: i. e. how to coordinate your changes, mine, and dholbach's upload?09:34
zygamvo: the feisty.dump.gz contains info for i386,amd64,powerpc and sparc09:34
mdkepitti: best to let dholbach go first, then get his source, I think. 09:34
mdkeor you can checkout https://docteam.ubuntu.com/repos/branches/feisty for playing around purposes09:35
pittimdke: alright, I'll just send him my rules patch then; I guess that didn't change too much09:35
dholbachpitti: thanks a lot09:35
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mdkethanks both09:35
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carlosdholbach: could you confirm whether gtkhtml3.8 is going to be moved to universe now that evolution is not using it anymore?09:38
carlosor will it remain in main for Feisty ?09:38
mvozyga: info for universe as well ?09:39
dholbachcarlos: looks like a safe assumption - nothing in main is depending on it09:40
carlosdholbach: anyway to convert the assumption in a fact?09:40
carlosI would like to reuse its current .pot file for the new gtkhtml version09:41
carlosbut if it remains in main, I shouldn't09:41
Mithrandircarlos: I'd rather remove it, tbh09:42
dholbachMithrandir: why?09:42
Mithrandirat least if we can get the packages in universe depending on it fixed.09:42
Mithrandirdholbach: it's obsolete, isn't it?09:43
carlosMithrandir: well, I think is a bit late to change code just to depend on a new version, isn't it?09:43
carlosIt's only a single package, peacock09:43
dholbachMithrandir: no, unfortunately not - let me find the relevant part of the discussion09:43
carlosbut even a single package, we could break it two weeks before release...09:44
Mithrandircarlos: no, it's more: balsa, gnomesword, gnotime, gnucash, gtk-sharp, mysql-query-browser, peacock09:44
carloscarlos@aragorn:~$ apt-cache rdepends gtkhtml3.809:44
carlosReverse Depends:09:44
carlos  peacock09:44
=== raphink [n=raphink@ubuntu/member/raphink] has joined #ubuntu-devel
carlosisn't that supposed to list all dependencies?09:45
Mithrandiryou're just checking one arch, and you're not checking build-depends.09:45
=== Keybuk [n=scott@quest.netsplit.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
carlosoh, I see09:45
_ionapt-cache rdepends libgtkhtml3.8-1509:45
Mithrandirand you're checking on gtkhtml3.8, not all binaries from the source package09:45
dholbachMithrandir: maybe you're right (it was just gtkhtml2 and gtkhtml3 which are separate things)09:46
dholbachbut I'm not sure we'll be able to remove 3.8 for feisty09:46
Mithrandirdholbach: if the API is unchanged, it should be doable.09:46
=== heno [n=henrik@ubuntu/member/heno] has joined #ubuntu-devel
dholbachMithrandir: I think it's not just a matter of rebuilding09:47
carlosMithrandir: well, I guess something changed09:47
carlosgtkhtml3.8 version is 3.13.509:47
carlosso it makes no sense to change its package name unless there is an API change09:48
=== Amaranth [n=travis@ubuntu/member/Amaranth] has joined #ubuntu-devel
carlosanyway, dholbach who decides whether it will be moved to universe and when?09:49
dholbachcarlos: Mithrandir can do that09:50
cjwatsonsee the changelog, there's been some fun with gtkhtml3.8's API/ABI09:51
cjwatsoncarlos: ubuntu-archive, in general09:51
cjwatsonwe probably should try to clear anastacia before RC09:51
Mithrandircarlos: moved to universe.09:51
cjwatson o libgimme-codec: libgimme-codec-bin libgimme-codec-dev libgimme-codec009:51
Keybukcjwatson, Mithrandir: any objection to demoting grepmap to universe?09:51
cjwatsonI thought that was needed for easy-codec-installation?09:51
cjwatsonKeybuk: none09:51
carlosMithrandir: ok, thanks09:52
MithrandirKeybuk: no, sounds sane to me09:52
cjwatsongrepmap-udeb should be removed from the installer seed too now09:52
cjwatsonI'll do that09:52
Mithrandirps3-kboot should probably be seeded somewhere09:52
Mithrandircjwatson: care to fix?09:53
mneptokMithrandir: thanks for the NetworkMangler hacking!09:53
cjwatsonyes, hadn't realised pitti had approved that already09:53
Mithrandirmneptok: $ pwd09:53
Mithrandirmneptok: $ /home/tfheen/nm/mangler/manual-interface-hack-hack-hack/gnome/applet09:53
Keybukcjwatson, Mithrandir: tbh, given that we're upstream, I'm inclined to just remove grepmap from the archive -- it's served its purpose09:53
pitticjwatson: sorry, postfix on my server was stuck due to DNS failure, so you only got the mail about an hour ago09:54
mneptokMithrandir: :D09:54
cjwatsonKeybuk: up to you09:54
cjwatsonpitti: yep, seen it now, just hadn't checked mail this morning yet09:54
MithrandirKeybuk: I'm fine with it; nothing in the archive (except for hppa stuff) depends on it.09:55
mneptokMithrandir: i have some interesting logs that seem to point the finger at dbus. i can send when i get home.09:55
Mithrandirmneptok: the suspend/resume bug or something else?09:55
Keybukok, gone09:55
mneptokhppa? oh dear. jbailey is back as of today. he might actually notice.09:55
Mithrandirhe'll be stuck in email until release. :-)09:56
mneptokMithrandir: ath0 does not configure itself at boot with a known-good /e/n/interfaces and /e/wpa_supplicant.conf from Edgy. but it succeeds with an invoke-rc.d networking stop-start09:57
Mithrandirmneptok: does it work if you remove or disable NM?09:57
=== seb128 [n=seb128@ubuntu/member/seb128] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Mithrandirif you could check that, that would be useful09:58
mneptokand until i'm physicalrly in front of the machine, i don't want to test ;)09:58
Mithrandirobviously not.09:58
Hobbseemneptok: be brave :P09:58
mneptokin 3.5h when i'm home. first thing.09:58
Mithrandirpitti: shouldn't some language support package depend on myspell-da?10:03
pittiMithrandir: right, it should; I'll care for that10:03
dholbachpitti: tell me when you have the u-docs patch ready10:08
pittidholbach: working on it10:08
=== dholbach hugs pitti
mneptokpitti: i'll give you a nickel if you work the word "suave" into the official docs.10:11
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zygamvo: do you have it?10:13
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Mithrandircjwatson: any idea why lrm doesn't build nic-restricted-firmware-2.6.20-14-386-di nic-restricted-firmware-2.6.20-14-generic-di nic-restricted-firmware-2.6.20-14-powerpc-di nic-restricted-modules-2.6.20-14-386-di nic-restricted-modules-2.6.20-14-generic-di nic-restricted-modules-2.6.20-14-powerpc-di any more?10:21
dholbachheno: I just uploaded accerciser 0.1.0 - let's hope we get it through NEW for release10:22
henodholbach: ah cool! the LSR people will be very happy :)10:22
cjwatsonMithrandir: is it possible it just hasn't built yet? lrm's .dsc isn't accurate10:23
cjwatsonso you need to wait for the binaries to actually appear before it'll realise10:23
Mithrandircjwatson: ok10:23
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=== Keybuk is trying to work out why his laptop has a mutant mix of GNOME and KDE all of a sudden
=== TheMuso [n=luke@ubuntu/member/themuso] has joined #ubuntu-devel
MithrandirKeybuk: openoffice.org-style-crystal is installed10:25
KeybukMithrandir: this drags in all of kde?10:25
Mithrandirand that pulls in lots of kde-y bits10:25
Keybukwhy is that installed?10:25
KeybukMithrandir: openoffice common depends on it10:26
pittiMithrandir: how so? Depends: openoffice.org-common (= 2.2.0-1ubuntu2), that's everything10:26
Mithrandirhm, at least it looked like that was the cause last night when I poked at it10:28
Mithrandirthere, old kernels removed from the archive10:28
HobbseeMithrandir: that's what i saw when i looked, too10:29
siretartKeybuk: btw, I managed to make a qemu image with root on lvm on raid in order to test cryptoroot. while doing that, I think I experience other races regarding AsyncUdevBoot10:31
Keybuksiretart: what races did you experience?10:31
Mithrandirzul: any reason not to remove xen-restricted-modules-2.6.17 from feisty?10:31
siretartKeybuk: similar symptoms as before: raid volume (/dev/md{0,1,2}) appear, initramfs drops to busybox, issueing `lvm vgchange -ay; logout` continues booting10:32
fabbionesiretart: is that initramfs updated?10:33
Keybuksiretart: and how did you fix it?10:33
siretartKeybuk: udevtrigger seems unreliable here. sometimes it kicks lvm in, sometimes not10:33
fabbionesiretart: make sure to fire up an update-initramfs -k all -u10:33
siretartKeybuk: not yet, I put the qemu image (800mb) on tiber10:33
Keybuksiretart: ignore udevtrigger10:33
siretartfabbione: k10:33
Keybukall udevtrigger does is replay missed events10:33
siretartKeybuk: I know. funnily, sometimes it doesn manage to bring the volume up, so I suspect another race there10:34
Keybuksounds like it10:36
Keybukplease let me know what you can find out10:36
cjwatsonIs Thomas Hotz here?10:36
=== jinty [n=jinty@121.Red-83-50-217.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
dholbachcjwatson: he's not around - his nick is 'thotz' and he's in #ubuntu-bugs every now and then10:38
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Keybukso, err, who's fixing openoffice?10:40
StevenKWhat's broken?10:42
Keybukit depends on openoffice.org-style-crystal, which recommends the entirity of KDE10:43
Keybukand since we obey recommends, that installs of KDE into Ubuntu10:43
Keybukand utterly screws over the default session10:43
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StevenKOh that.10:43
=== StevenK has seen a bug report about that.
KeybukMithrandir, cjwatson: ok to upload fix for bug #74317 ?10:46
ubotuMalone bug 74317 in evms "race with devmapper" [Critical,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/7431710:46
pittidholbach, mdke: ubuntu-docs debdiff emailed10:49
dholbachogra: dunno if seb128 already told you, but there's a new gnome-power-manager and gnome-screensaver10:49
dholbachpitti: thanks10:49
seb128Mithrandir: would an upload for https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-panel/+bug/105025 be accepted?10:49
ubotuMalone bug 105025 in gnome-panel "Extra separator in System menu" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  10:49
ogradholbach, no, he didnt and i didnt notice, thanks for telling !10:49
dholbachogra: np10:49
seb128the change was made because of the apport entry and pitti dropped it now10:50
MithrandirKeybuk: please10:50
Mithrandirseb128: sure, please get it in asap10:51
pittiMithrandir: whops, myspell-da doesn't have a MIR; it seems useful, though, so I create one and promote the binaries, ok?10:51
seb128Mithrandir: ok10:51
Mithrandirpitti: we traditionally haven't bothered for dictionaries?10:52
pittiMithrandir: right, it's a fairly pathologic MIR; I'll review the .debs anyway, though10:52
=== Mithrandir beats NM with a large stick
pittiMithrandir: oh, dsdo builds a new version anyway, so we don't even need this; so I'll just demote10:53
Riddellpitti: is anything being done to stop ppc being oversized?10:53
pittiRiddell: eventually we have to, but I'm not at it ATM10:54
=== ogra steals Hobbsees pointy one and joins Mithrandir
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pittiMithrandir: instead, I'll upload a new support package for the myspell-pt one in anastacia, ok?10:55
=== jack_wyt [n=jack@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Mithrandirpitti: please.10:55
amitif it not the right room for that, i am sorry, please tell me and i'll go away :). in #ubuntu non seem to be able to help me. when i run a demanding cpu app (such as chess) my cpu temperature goes above 90C. i am not sure about that, but i think my fan used to spin faster on edgy. any suggestions?10:57
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pittiMithrandir: done10:58
Mithrandirogra: can you test a new NM package for me, please?  http://err.no/patches/network-manager-0.6.4-disabled-means-online.diff should make your LTSP stuff happy.10:58
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Mithrandirmdz: I've spent a fair amount of time trying to reproduce bug 45696, but I still can't.  Can you?11:01
ubotuMalone bug 45696 in network-manager "NetworkManager can't find interface on resume from suspend" [High,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/4569611:01
dokoKeybuk, Mithrandir: OOo dependency assigned to me now; ok to upload a package just with that fix?11:02
=== vciaglia [n=vciaglia@host34-158-dynamic.16-87-r.retail.telecomitalia.it] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Mithrandirdoko: yes, please.11:03
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Mithrandirseb128: was it so that https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-cups-manager/+bug/91218 is still broken because of an ineffective fix?  If so, any chance you could take a look at fixing it properly?11:04
ograMithrandir, building ...11:04
ubotuMalone bug 91218 in gnome-cups-manager "MASTER: [apport]  gnome-cups-manager crashed with SIGSEGV in g_signal_emit_valist()" [High,Confirmed]  11:04
seb128Mithrandir: ah right, thank you for the reminder, will do that next11:04
Keybukdoes anyone here have a USB CD-ROM drive?11:04
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=== Gman is now known as GmanAFK
Mithrandirseb128: cheers.11:05
cjwatsonMithrandir: still working on setting up a proper environment to test my fix for bug 10214811:05
ubotuMalone bug 102148 in grub "grub doesn't properly migrate from incorrectly-detected-as-evms root filesystems" [High,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/10214811:05
=== ogra waves to Keybuk
Keybukogra: could you plug it into a feisty machine for me11:05
ograKeybuk, what do you want tested ? 11:05
smurfdoko: are you (or somebody else, in fact) going to do something about bug 78282 ?11:05
ubotuMalone bug 78282 in vnc4 "vnc4server does not start Desktop environment after security update" [High,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/7828211:05
ograKeybuk, i dont have an up to date one, anything that needs to be latest version for that ? 11:06
smurfbasically, vnc4server + any Gnome program => not working11:06
=== jack_wyt [n=jack@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Keybukogra: udev11:06
dokosmurf: no, I know that keescook did look at vnc4server recently11:06
=== jsgotangco [n=jsg123@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Mithrandircjwatson: thanks, looks good at a glance.11:06
=== Mithrandir goes to take a small break.
ograKeybuk, gimme a second then to finish that NM build, i need a reboot then anyway11:07
zygamvo: any progress?11:09
mvozyga: not yet, sorry11:09
=== ivoks [n=ivoks@35-241.dsl.iskon.hr] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mdzMithrandir: will try later, at lunchtime11:12
seb128mdke: around? what happened to about-ubuntu-C.omf? you stopped using it?11:16
smurfdoko: Hmm. Assign the bug to him?11:17
dokosmurf: subscribing seems to be better11:18
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smurfdoko: OK11:21
=== iceman [n=iceman@cable-87-244-154-165.upc.chello.be] has joined #ubuntu-devel
fabbioneMithrandir: do you think we can give PPC some give-back love? looks to me like most of the gnome stuff just needs that11:27
fabbioneMithrandir: (looking at feisty_probs11:27
=== sabdfl [n=sabdfl@ubuntu/member/pdpc.silver.sabdfl] has joined #ubuntu-devel
ograMithrandir, that doesnt look good ... during upgrade the package already killed my eth011:32
=== Zdra_ [n=zdra@195.251-242-81.adsl-dyn.isp.belgacom.be] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== blackskad [n=blackska@d54C4A53D.access.telenet.be] has left #ubuntu-devel []
ograMithrandir, what do i have to set in /e/n/i ?11:32
=== Spads [n=spacehob@yttrium.canonical.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== shirish [n=shirish@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
shirishhi all, I have drafted a spec. at https://blueprints.launchpad.net/apport/+spec/shirish can somebody take a look at that?11:35
pittishirish: I saw your bug report and mail, I didn't yet have time to answer11:36
seb128the documentation team dropped about-ubuntu-C.omf, the panel has no "about Ubuntu" now :/11:36
pittishirish: that's pretty complex, and multiple things thrown into one bug/spec11:36
shirishpitti: ok so when u have time, either drop me a mail or whichever way, how I can reduce the complexity of it11:36
pittiseb128: uh, htat might be my fault (I didn't check)11:37
pittiseb128: current package has /usr/share/gnome/help/about-ubuntu/C/about-ubuntu.xml11:37
seb128pitti: the omf is the index11:37
seb128I don't get how it's working without it11:37
=== slomo [n=slomo@ubuntu/member/slomo] has joined #ubuntu-devel
seb128pitti: how do you get it registred by scrollkeeper?11:37
pittiseb128: not sure, I didn't actually remove files in the current version in Feisty11:38
shirishpitti: I will be also be here for some-time so maybe after you have finished with seb12811:38
pittiseb128: which version do you have?11:39
seb128pitti: 7.04.111:40
pittiseb128: oh, not my fault then; I only uploaded .2 and .311:40
pittiseb128: indeed, I just built .1 again, no about-ubuntu-C.omf there11:40
pittiseb128: dholbach currently prepares a new upload, can you please coordinate with him?11:41
seb128pitti: yeah, will do, thank you11:41
=== tuna [n=ron@bzq-88-154-172-192.red.bezeqint.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
dholbachseb128: the new ubuntu-docs has about-ubuntu-C.omf11:42
seb128dholbach: ok, cool11:42
pittidholbach: how's the deb size of your version now?11:43
dholbachpitti: 8.9M vs 2.6M11:44
pittidholbach: urgh, 2.6MB? with my current patch against .2 it is 1.2 MB11:45
pittidholbach: 2.6 MB bzip2'ed deb will inflate to some 5 or 6 MB on the live fs11:45
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=== ogra wonders why schoolbell still shows up in his daily CD health reports ...
ograoh, its in supported ...11:56
tepsipakkiMithrandir, pitti: what should I do with the -intel driver? The missing license document is an upstream problem, right?11:56
pittitepsipakki: if there is a license file somewhere, you can repack the orig.tar.gz11:57
tepsipakkipitti: so maybe I should poke the debian guys to do it..11:57
tepsipakkisince it's basically the same package which is in experimental11:58
tepsipakkiwonder how it got through ;)11:58
pittitepsipakki: an oversight maybe11:58
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Mithrandirogra: what does your interfaces file look like?12:05
ogra# This file describes the network interfaces available on your system12:06
ogra# and how to activate them. For more information, see interfaces(5).12:06
ogra# The loopback network interface12:06
ograauto lo eth012:06
ograiface lo inet loopback12:06
ogra#iface eth0 inet dhcp12:06
ograiface eth0 inet static12:06
Nafallono auto for eth0?12:06
ograthats how the network-admin tool has set it 12:06
ogra<ogra> auto lo eth012:07
Nafalloright. I always have them on seperate lines, sorry :-)12:07
shirishguys how do I subscribe to ubuntu-devel@lists.ubuntu.com ?12:07
Mithrandirogra: with that configuration, eth0 should not be managed by NM at all, is that consistent with what you're seeing?12:08
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ograMithrandir, well, i didnt reboot yet ... during package upgrade NM teared down the interface and i had to ifdown/up it12:09
tepsipakkipitti: the reply was "the files have license headers"12:09
pittitepsipakki: not all of them :)12:10
tepsipakkitrue, just checked :)12:10
Mithrandirtepsipakki: if all the files have full licence headers, that's fine.  The MIT/X11 licence is usually short enough that it fits comfortably at the start of the file12:10
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pittiMithrandir: right, but not all files in there is source code12:11
ograMithrandir, rebooting now ... lets see 12:13
Mithrandirogra: I care less about how it looks during upgrade than whether it behaves correctly after a reboot.12:13
Mithrandirogra: thanks.12:13
smurfMithrandir: But people who update over the network might become somewhat unhappy if it happens...12:14
pittiMithrandir: I'll process NEW to free l-r-m12:15
Mithrandirpitti: cheers.12:15
Mithrandirsmurf: people who are running feisty and have a statically configured interface in /etc/network/interfaces, yes.  If you want to fix that, please, but I'm not going to.12:15
smurfMithrandir: unfortunately, "want" != "have time to".  :-(12:17
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=== ogra hugs Mithrandir
ograon less :)12:18
ogra*one even12:18
_ionfakeroot debian/rules binary  3538.02s user 470.72s system 60% cpu 1:50:57.11 total12:19
_ionBuilding linux-restricted-modules takes patience. ;-)12:19
Mithrandirogra: coolie, it works correctly?12:20
ograas expected :)12:20
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pitti_ion: I just free'd the debs from NEW, btw12:20
shirishtepsipakki: are you not the one who made the 2.0 rc3 deb for xf86-modesetting-intel driver?12:21
tepsipakkishirish: merged from debian, yes12:21
shirishtepsipakki: ok, I have had put my comments in there, perhaps we can l8ter talk in a nice quiet corner without disturbing the other developers, when you are free. After all, I am just a user.12:22
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_ionpitti: Alright.12:23
tepsipakkishirish: "in there"?12:23
tepsipakkishirish: what do you mean by that :)12:24
_ionWell, *there*! ;-)12:24
shirishtepsipakki: I mean I am the same shirish who was trying to get your attention, bug you in the bug report.12:24
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shirishsorry was cut off12:27
tepsipakkishirish: okay, what was the bug number?12:27
shirishtepsipakki: ok just a minute.12:27
shirishbug #9021312:28
ubotuMalone bug 90213 in xserver-xorg-video-i810-modesetting "xf86-video-intel 1.9.91 (2.0 RC1) is out, and would be nice to have as the source for the xserver-xorg-video-i810-modesetting package" [Undecided,Needs info]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/9021312:29
tepsipakkioh that one12:30
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shirishyup there is also a 1.9.94 in works though, do not know whether it is better or worse off. Have a look at it when u have time, and whatever info. is required, I will be happy to provide.12:32
tepsipakkishirish: I uploaded that, but there are some issues with the upstream tarball which need to be sorted out12:32
shirishtepsipakki: yup i have noticed that (long sigh!), although much better than before. I know it is not going to be released with the Feisty Live CD but perhaps we can test it enough so most of the bugs get sorted out, maybe u have some sort of test case & can be released with the next live CD.12:34
shirishI know this is not the proper place/forum to speak about it, but you are hard to find.12:34
tepsipakkiseems that ubuntu-x-swat is not listed as a bug contact for modesetting..12:35
Mithrandircjwatson: if you could review and accept the new network-manager once it hits the unapproved queue, I'd appreciate.12:35
tepsipakkishirish: hard to find?-)12:36
tepsipakkishirish: anyway, it's in progress. the next livecd with intel on it is going to be for feisty+112:36
shirishtepsipakki: I know, perhaps its wishful thinkful to have it happen on alpha1 of feisty+112:37
shirishtepsipakki: anyway feel free to connect with me on the mail id provided. Always interested in getting this one fixed.12:37
shirishtepsipakki: also if you do know of any drivers for AMD-based machines which provide the same modesetting feature, I have looked but failed to find a  .deb for it. please lemme know12:38
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seb128doko: gnome-python FTFBS on a python crash, could you have a look?12:39
tepsipakkishirish: you mean ATI? There is none available yet.12:39
dokoseb128: that's 1.2, or the current one?12:39
shirishok cool, could u add that to the bug-report as some sort of link as & when it comes along12:40
seb128doko: python-gnome212:40
seb128doko: the archive version ftbfs and it built fine at some point so it's likely to be a python2.5 regression12:40
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seb128doko: you can try with 2.18.0-0ubuntu112:41
mvozyga: just placing the dump file into the root dir seems to do nothing. do I have to merge from the "ubuntu-feisty-release" branch?12:43
Keybukogra: ping12:45
ogratepsipakki, do you see a way to fix bug 30969 ? 12:45
ubotuMalone bug 30969 in xorg "monitor goes to standby when playing a movie in totem fullscreen" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/3096912:45
ograKeybuk, pong ... five mins ... i'm not near the CD12:45
Spadsman I hate that bug12:45
ograSpads, easy fix ...12:45
ograthe fix might be hard :)12:46
ograi wnder if KDE needs the dpms setting in xorg.conf12:46
ograor xfce ... 12:46
ograor if we could just drop it12:46
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Riddellin theory we shouldn't need it, although I'd be hesitant to make such a change a week from release12:48
tepsipakkiogra: the fix would be easy, but I don't know how it would affect other people12:50
ograit would only be easy if you can switch it off completely ... it gets very hard if you need to switch it off conditional based on which desktop is used12:50
ograRiddell, well, how do the KDE screensaver/powermanagement cope with that ? 12:51
ograi think xorg will override their settings as well or not ? 12:51
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Riddellogra: dunno, my monitor turns itself off after a while.  not sure if KDE or X is doing that.  KDE does have a tickbox to set it but I'd rather not sit idly waiting to see if it affects it or not12:54
Riddellogra: shouldn't totem just be fixed?12:54
ograRiddell, totem is fine12:54
ograas g-p-m is ...12:54
ograbut Xorg doesnt listen to either of them if DPMS is set in xorg.conf12:55
tepsipakkioh, right12:55
Riddellcan't say I've ever seen the problem in kaffeine12:55
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ograwell, if KDE can live without, i'd suggest dropping it from X12:57
ograKeybuk, ok, ready, waht do you want me to do ? 12:58
ogra(thats a DVD btw ... hope that works too)12:59
Keybukogra: plug it in01:01
Keybukcheck /dev/sd* is group cdrom01:01
Keybukare they?01:02
ograogra@edubuntu:~$ ls -l /dev/sd*01:03
ograls: /dev/sd*: No such file or directory01:03
=== ogra scratches his head
ograogra@edubuntu:~$ ls -l /dev/scd0 01:03
ograbrw-rw---- 1 root cdrom 11, 0 2007-04-10 13:01 /dev/scd001:03
ograogra@edubuntu:~$ ls -l /dev/cdrom 01:03
ogralrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 4 2007-04-10 13:01 /dev/cdrom -> scd001:03
ogralooks fine01:03
Keybukerr, yes, scd 01:04
Keybukcould you check the sg* as well01:04
ograogra@edubuntu:~$ ls -l /dev/sg0 01:04
ogracrw-rw---- 1 root root 21, 0 2007-04-10 13:01 /dev/sg001:04
ograogra@edubuntu:~$ ls -l /dev/sr0 01:04
ogralrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 4 2007-04-10 13:01 /dev/sr0 -> scd001:04
zygamvo: no01:05
zygamvo: put the dump file in a checkout of my trunk01:05
zygamvo: then simply build the package01:05
zygabtw: do not uncompress the dump01:05
zygamvo: I'm sorry I did not update the feisty release branch as I did not know if it will be okay with pushing a UVF exception01:06
zygathe feisty release branch is the one you can currently find in feisty01:07
zygathe trunk contains the new goodies01:07
zygathe trunk can build data files for feisty-release as well01:07
zygamvo: do tell me if you have more questions01:08
Keybukogra: ok01:09
Keybukogra: udevinfo --query=all --name=sg001:09
Keybukpaste that to me01:10
ograogra@edubuntu:~$ udevinfo --query=all --name=sg001:10
ograP: /class/scsi_generic/sg001:10
ograN: sg001:10
ograL: 001:10
ogranot much to paste here :)01:10
Keybukogra: udevinfo --attribute-walk --name=sg001:11
Keybukpaste that01:11
smurfpastebins are your friend ;-)01:11
ograquite a bit longer :)01:12
Keybukogra: hmm01:12
Keybukogra: udevtest /class/scsi_generic/sg001:12
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Keybukanother silly udev bug01:16
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mneptokTonio__: 'lu!01:18
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KeybukMithrandir: ok to upload udev to fix bug #75753 harder?01:20
ubotuMalone bug 75753 in udev "Wrong group for IDE cdrom/cdwriter/dvd devices" [High,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/7575301:20
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KeybukThread 1 (process 2573):01:21
Keybuk#0  0x080524b4 in ?? () from /lib/ld-linux.so.201:21
Keybuk#1  0x00000000 in ?? ()01:21
MithrandirKeybuk: looks good, go ahead01:21
Keybukthanks apport, really useful, cheers01:21
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tkamppeterpitti, ping01:22
Mithrandirtkamppeter: is it on purpose that m2300w isn't seeded?01:23
tkamppeterThis I have discovered now and wanted to ask you why it is not seeded. It should be seeded. I have asked once here on the IRC for getting it seeded. So please seed it whoever has access rights.01:24
tkamppeterAnother oddity: SpliX got approved for main:01:24
tkamppeterBut no one moved it. Pitti, can you move it?01:24
tkamppeterSame for pxljr, approved but not moved:01:26
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tkamppeterCan this also get fixed? Thanks.01:26
MithrandirI'll fix it01:28
tkamppeterThanks, Mithrandir, many users complained about missing printer drivers, especially Splix. And they are small. Moving them to Main and seeding them will not break the CDs.01:29
bhaleMithrandir: would you mind if i pop two small patches into beagle01:29
cjwatsontkamppeter: "whoever has access rights"> I trust that you have read http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeedManagement? I know you aren't in ubuntu-core-dev yourself and therefore don't have commit access to the seeds, but you ought to know who does by this point.01:29
bhaleMithrandir: one quiten's general logging, one saves the mono stacktrace in the debug log in a crash01:30
cjwatsonthe seeds are a core part of our distro infrastructure and it's important to understand them01:30
Keybukdholbach: ping01:30
Mithrandirtkamppeter: m2300w is 500kb, that's not small01:30
dholbachKeybuk: pong01:30
bhaleMithrandir: both are in svn01:31
Keybukdholbach: you last uploaded pilot-link01:31
Mithrandirsplix is 50k, that's fine for CDs01:31
ograKeybuk, do you still need the DVD or can i get out of the cellar again ? (its so dark around here)01:31
Keybukthere's a bug in the pisock udev rules file it shipped01:31
cjwatsonyou should also know the difference between "in main" and "on the CD", as in the various different seeds01:31
Mithrandirbhale: sounds sane, please upload01:31
Keybukogra: nope, that's all I needed, thanks01:31
bhaleMithrandir: danke01:31
ograthanks :)01:31
dholbachKeybuk: I think that was fixed in debian already01:31
dholbachKeybuk: I just didn'T have the time to merge it yet01:31
KeybukSUBSYSTEMS!="usb" doesn't actually dtrt01:31
Keybukthat bug?01:31
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Mithrandirwe should proabably decide what to do about uncommon hardware wrt seeds.  I don't see the point in adding printer drivers to -desktop for everybody when they'll be used by a small minority.01:33
dholbachKeybuk: i just noticed an upload in debian that changed the udev rules01:33
tkamppetercjwatson, I know what the seeds are.01:34
dholbachKeybuk: ah no, it was just debian bug 41596001:35
ubotuDebian bug 415960 in pilot-link "pilot-link: 60-libpisock.rules is contained in two packages" [Serious,Closed]  http://bugs.debian.org/41596001:35
Mithrandirtkamppeter: m2300w, splix and pxljr, those should be all?01:35
Mithrandirtkamppeter: added01:38
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the_dennisHi there!01:38
Hobbseewhen exactly is breezy EOL'd?01:39
Hobbseehi the_dennis 01:39
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tkamppeterThanks, Mithrandir.01:40
Hobbseepresumably it's this month, sometime...01:41
ograwasnt there a EOL mail notice ?01:41
ograit should have a date01:42
Hobbseeogra: for hoary, i beleive01:42
ograah, k01:42
pittino, there was one for breezy01:42
imbrandonHobbsee, afaik its when feisty is released ( or the end of the month )01:42
ograi thought that was breezy aready01:42
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MithrandirHobbsee: Friday 13th01:43
imbrandonbtw moins *01:43
pitticarlos: can you generate a list of packages without a pot?01:43
HobbseeMithrandir: great.  so i can send a mail to hte bugsquad telling them to feel free to EOL all the breezy only bugs?01:44
=== _ion misread the line as "...without pot"
carlospitti: without a .pot but with a .po ?01:44
MithrandirHobbsee: not yet.  Friday.01:44
carlosor just the ones without translations?01:44
HobbseeMithrandir: well, i can send the mail, and tell them to start on friday.  or something :P01:44
MithrandirHobbsee: yup, please. :-)01:44
HobbseeMithrandir: :)01:45
=== Hobbsee is sure we could start a couple of days aerly...
StevenKWe did with Hoary, if I recall.01:45
StevenK"Hoary is buggering off. Upgrade already" etc etc01:45
pitticarlos: yes, the former (missing .pot)01:46
carlospitti: yeah, I can do it01:46
carlospitti: I'm on the phone, once I finish I will give you the list01:47
pitticarlos: thanks01:47
KeybukMithrandir: ok to upload ifupdown to fix #102675 ?01:48
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Mithrandirindeed, feel free01:49
dholbachKeybuk: I have no idea what to fix in the udev rules - if you want to fix it, that'd be cool01:50
Keybukdholbach: basically SUBSYSTEMS!= (or indeed, any S!=) doesn't do what it might appear01:51
Keybukwhoever wrote that rule *thinks* that it means that one of the underlying objects must have SUBSYSTEM=="usb"01:51
Keybuk(which is what SUBSYSTEMS=="usb" means)01:51
Keybukerr, I mean none of the underlying objects01:51
dholbachKeybuk: I have no clue about udev rules01:52
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\shpitti: should we file "wishlist" bugs for removing some packages from the feisty archive? (e.g. php4 packages who have also php5 brothers, like phpunit (php4) and phpunit2 (php5)) ?01:57
pitti\sh: yes, please, and subscribe ubuntu-archive01:57
pitti\sh: I'm happy to clean them up01:57
\shpitti: cool...thx :)01:58
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Mithrandirseb128: you'll tell me when all the GNOME tarballs are done?02:01
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pittiMithrandir: I have a new r-m ready with adaptions to new l-r-m and four bug fixes; details at http://codebrowse.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-core-dev/restricted-manager/trunk/changes, revision 126 onwards02:13
Mithrandirpitti: go for it02:15
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carlospitti: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/14852/02:25
carlospitti: some of them is just a matter of blocking them 02:26
pitticarlos: so if I cut out the source package column and uniq it, I should have what I want, right?02:26
carloswait, I will give you it directly02:26
pitticarlos: oh, only for feisty02:27
carlospitti: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/14853/02:29
carlospitti: but I think the path information would be helpful02:29
carlosbecause some of them doesn't need to be fixed to get the .pot file02:30
=== jsgotangco [n=jsg123@ubuntu/member/jsgotangco] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pitticarlos: ah, thanks02:30
pitticarlos: well, this list is small enough for manually checking, if I throw out kde-i18n and universe02:31
carlosif you have an easy way to check whether some of them are in universe, please, give me that list02:31
pitticarlos: since I have both lists now, I can use the first one for cross-checking02:31
pitticarlos: thanks a lot!02:31
carlosso I can just delete them from the queue without having to check it too02:32
pitticarlos: alpine, for example02:32
carlosI already remove it (I forgot to remove it from the second list, sorry)02:32
carlospitti: ignore compiz too, that has the .pot file02:32
pitticarlos: rest looks main-ish02:32
carlosand compiz-extras is too in universe02:32
seb128I fixed gtkhtml3.14 yesterday02:33
pitticarlos: and the two network-manager additions02:34
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carlosseb128: indeed, I approved it this morning. I forgot to remove it from the list too..02:35
carlospitti: so -vpnc and -openvpn are universe packages?02:36
pitticarlos: yes02:36
carlosRiddell: around?02:39
Riddellcarlos: hi02:40
seb128carlos, pitti: fixing pessulus02:40
cjwatsonMithrandir: grub uploaded for bug 102148; please review02:40
cjwatson(tested now)02:40
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carlosRiddell: Would you send me the .pot files for Edgy noted on http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/14852/ so I do a manual upload?02:41
ubotuMalone bug 102148 in grub "grub doesn't properly migrate from incorrectly-detected-as-evms root filesystems" [High,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/10214802:41
=== iceman is away: shopping
carlosRiddell: I need to check whether the Feisty ones are valid ones or just for universe (like the kdevelop ones)02:41
carlosRiddell: I can provide you a specific list for kde-i18n-* packages if you prefer it02:42
Riddellcarlos: you want the edgy .pot files for the various desktop_* listed there?02:43
carlosRiddell: yes, please02:43
carlosthat way all those files will be translated in Edgy, right?02:44
Riddellcarlos: shouldn't rosetta have those?02:44
carlosRiddell: it does for Feisty02:44
carlosbut seems like Edgy was not complete...02:44
carloseither that or we added the .pot files to the wrong place...02:44
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carlosRiddell: if you think you fixed all those for Edgy02:45
carlosdon't worry, I will check whether we added them to the wrong place02:46
RiddellI've no idea, edgy was ages ago :)02:46
ograwhen we were young :)02:48
carlosI know :-P02:48
highvoltageand sometimes you close your eyes and see the ubuntu you used to use... when you... were young02:49
=== ogra found a pressed warty CD during cleaning on the weekend ... felt really nostalgic
ograMithrandir, gnome-power-manager uploaded for approval ...02:52
fabbioneudev 5 - fabbione 002:52
zulhey fabbione 02:52
fabbionehi zul02:52
cjwatsonMithrandir: were you going to do anything with bug 84591?02:53
ubotuMalone bug 84591 in casper "feisty 20070210/herd5 persistent mode doesn't work" [Undecided,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/8459102:53
=== robertj [n=rcaskey@cai17.music.uga.edu] has left #ubuntu-devel ["Leaving"]
Mithrandircjwatson: if I find the time, yes, but realistically, I don't think I'll manage.02:54
cjwatsondoes anyone else have time to take that? it's a headline feature documented in various places ...02:55
Keybukfabbione: what was up?02:56
=== eggauah [n=daniel@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Mithrandircjwatson: ugh, I didn't realise it was well-documented.. I'll need to conjure some time to fix it, then.02:57
fabbioneKeybuk: iwj did help me with the dm-* stuff but now i am hitting my head against some strange race and can't figure out exactly how to solve it02:57
Keybukdid you find the cause?02:58
fabbioneKeybuk: yes.. a kernel behaviour change in device mapper02:58
fabbionefor the race? not really02:59
Riddellpitti: can I turn off the linux calling apport thing automatically?  I'm wanting to test it in another language02:59
=== rpereira [n=rpereira@ubuntu/member/rpereira] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== gone|win [i=gone|win@gateway/tor/x-6d75122c0cf2b924] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittiRiddell: you mean killall adept-notifier?03:00
gone|windoes fawn include pidgin?03:00
pittiRiddell: because the backend does not have any i18n03:00
Hobbseegone|win: no03:00
Riddellpitti: groovy, that all works03:01
=== cassidy [n=cassidy@host-213-189-171-21.brutele.be] has joined #ubuntu-devel
cjwatson(the short name is "feisty", not "fawn")03:01
gone|winHobbsee: what about as an update? or will feisty officially be stuck to beta6?03:01
gone|wincjwatson: thanks03:01
gone|wincjwatson: i noticed something weird about my shortening but i couldn't tell what it was03:02
=== tkamppeter_ [n=till@bl7-126-137.dsl.telepac.pt] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== cjwatson [n=cjwatson@82-69-40-219.dsl.in-addr.zen.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Mithrandirdholbach,seb128: how much is left of the new GNOME?03:06
seb128Mithrandir: we are mostly uptodate on what has been rolled, they still have a bunch of tarballs to roll though03:09
seb128Mithrandir: I would say there will be something like 7-8 other uploads today03:09
ograi'm just doing the final gss build ... 03:09
Mithrandirseb128: ok.03:10
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=== mpytasz [n=dduck@staticline824.toya.net.pl] has joined #ubuntu-devel
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ograMithrandir, there is a screensaver in the queue for you :)03:20
=== WaterSevenUb [n=WaterSev@azevedo.astro.up.pt] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Mithrandirogra: thanks03:20
fabbioneKeybuk: i think i figured out the issue...03:22
fabbioneKeybuk: the race seems to be triggered by a broken partition table of somekind..03:22
fabbioneKeybuk: it's the multipath udev rule that i am hunting down03:24
fabbioneit fires up 2 commands.. one to check the passive path and one to add partititions to the multipath device03:24
fabbionethe first one i *now* know it works fine03:24
fabbionethe second one.. well it's doing some strange things03:25
fabbioneand it seems due to a broken partition table03:25
fabbioneso it's not really udev to be blamed03:25
ograMithrandir, there is one consmetical fix for ltsp i'd like to see in final, diff is under http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/14867/, would that be ok to upload ? (its not critical but small enough imho)03:25
fabbioneKeybuk: see /msg03:25
=== carlos [n=carlos@163.pool85-48-166.static.orange.es] has joined #ubuntu-devel
fabbioneKeybuk: the last entry for donotouch1 should be *empty*03:25
fabbioneKeybuk: but it's reporting a partition bigger than the disk03:25
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=== tkamppeter__ [n=till@bl7-127-33.dsl.telepac.pt] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== AndrewB [n=andy@ubuntu/member/pdpc.student.AndrewB] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== tkamppeter__ is now known as tkamppeter
Mithrandirogra: we're really past the point where we do cosmetic fixes, but ok.03:28
ograthanks 03:28
=== poningru [n=poningru@adsl-074-245-140-197.sip.gnv.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
ograi wouldnt have asked if it werent a one liner :)03:29
=== livingtm [n=livingtm@cpe-74-67-15-162.nycap.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== Tonio__ [n=tonio@79.207.103-84.rev.gaoland.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
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KeybukMithrandir: ok to upload lsb to fix LP: #10437103:34
Keybukubotu: oi, bug #10437103:34
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about oi, bug #104371 - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi03:35
ubotuMalone bug 104371 in lsb "/etc/lsb-base-logging.sh causes some initscripts to abort if console is unavailable" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/10437103:35
Keybukheh, neat, it responds to itself03:35
ograKeybuk, see the fast scrolling in #ubuntu-bugs ... its busy :) 03:35
Keybuk"and this is why jarno gave us NOTICE"03:35
Mithrandirwhich is why bots should use notice and not msg, but I digress03:35
MithrandirKeybuk: looks ok, please upload03:35
_ionIt's in the IRC spec that all automatic messages should use notice instead of privmsg. If a bot/script doesn't comply with that, it's broken.03:37
dholbachMithrandir: what do you think about bug 105112?03:38
ubotuMalone bug 105112 in gthumb "UVF gthumb: 2.10.1 -> 2.10.2" [Medium,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/10511203:38
=== stalker [n=chatzill@cable-89-216-171-97.dynamic.sbb.co.yu] has joined #ubuntu-devel
stalkerjust switched to ubuntu, i have dev question, how do i apt-get libiconv?03:41
stalkeri already asked on #ubuntu, nut nohing03:41
stalkerproblem is...i can't find iconvctl function03:41
stalkerit's not in /usr/include/iconv.h03:41
=== TomB_ [n=tomb@host86-147-89-91.range86-147.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== conn [n=conn@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== AlinuxOS [n=vsichi@host216-173-dynamic.61-82-r.retail.telecomitalia.it] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== finalbeta [n=finalbet@d54C689F7.access.telenet.be] has joined #ubuntu-devel
connHi, I realize this isn't a support channel, but I'm looking for a little guidance with squashing a bug. Using a zd1211-based USB wireless card, NetworkManager isn't connecting to WPA networks properly on the first attempt, but does on the second. I suspect that it's trying to associate and set the wireless key before the interface is brought up (which is necessary/unique for zd1211rw). What configuration file should I look at to tweak this behaviour?03:46
mjg59_conn: I'm looking into this issue. It affects all softmac drivers.03:47
=== sn0 [n=sno@unaffiliated/sn0] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Mithrandirdholbach: looks ok.03:48
connmjg59, this bug report may be helpful (the last post links to the developer's list with a discussion re: the same issue, I believe): https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/zd1211/+bug/10336603:48
ubotuMalone bug 103366 in zd1211 "NetworkManager cannot connect to WPA network at first boot" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  03:48
dholbachMithrandir: thanks03:48
=== finalbeta [n=sfghgsfs@d54C689F7.access.telenet.be] has joined #ubuntu-devel
stalkeranyone have at least slightest idea how i can compile my program which uses iconvctl()03:50
mjg59_https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lilo/+bug/88219 - is update-initramfs still generating 0-sized files, or am I misinterpreting that?03:50
ubotuMalone bug 88219 in lilo "lilo won't add the new kernel 2.6.20" [High,Fix committed]  03:50
stalkeror at least what's package name for iconv on ubuntu03:50
mjg59_conn: It's not limited to zd1211rw or wpa - it's an issue with all softmac-based drivers03:51
=== johanbr [n=j@blk-224-156-151.eastlink.ca] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== finalbeta [n=gggggggg@d54C689F7.access.telenet.be] has joined #ubuntu-devel
connmjg59_, I only have a zd1211rw based wireless card, so I assumed it was limited to that chipset, thanks.03:52
mjg59_And I can reproduce it on my unencrypted network03:52
TheMusostalker: You may have more luck asking in #ubuntu-motu. People are quite busy here with getting feisty out the door.03:52
stalkerk, ty03:53
connmjg59, the script on the bugreport I linked usually solves the connection trouble, with the exception of networkmanager's first attempt to connect, or manually entering a key for an encrypted network (perhaps a timing issue). It's not a fix, but it may help you figure out how to fix it properly03:54
fabbioneiwj: something amusing.. most of the issues were coming from some broken partition that had a partition table in it03:54
=== Ipsissimus [n=Tamryre@gluon.physics.fsu.edu] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== bddebian [n=bdefrees@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== ogra [n=ogra@ubuntu/member/ogra] has joined #ubuntu-devel
connmjg59_, I linked to my bug on your report. I happen to have two different brands of zd1211-based cards, can I help out with any logs/troubleshooting?04:03
iwjfabbione: Lovely.  Why did that cause this trouble ?04:03
fabbioneiwj: because kpartx was spinning waiting for sde1p4 to appear...04:04
fabbioneof course nothing was creating it because it was an invalid partition entry04:04
iwjOr I'm sure I would if I knew what kpartx was :-).04:05
ogratsk, all this kde stuff in the kernel nowadays04:05
=== schwuk [n=schwuk@ubuntu/member/schwuk] has joined #ubuntu-devel
schwukwill Gaim's name change be reflected in Feisty?04:05
ograkswapd0, kacpid, khubd ...04:05
Hobbseeseb128: what's teh final position on that?04:07
Hobbseeseb128: (the gaim name change)04:07
seb128Hobbsee: I don't care? ;)04:07
Hobbseeno, presumably, for all of feisty?04:07
seb128Hobbsee: do we *have to*?04:07
jdonglol I like that reaction :D04:07
mjg59_Does the name change change the name of the dbus interface and the command?04:08
=== jdong erects a monument to seb128, labeled "Do we *have to*?"
seb128did they roll any tarball with the new name yet?04:08
Hobbseeseb128: i'm trying to figure that out...04:08
jdongat this point I don't see like RHEL4 scrambling to change all their gaim references to pidgin...04:08
HobbseeNow that the settlement is signed, we hope to have the final Pidgin 2.0.0 release late this week or early next.04:08
schwukseb128: no we don't, but I'd like to know if it's likely due to obvious changes in the Ubuntu book...04:08
=== [Ag0ny] [n=kaz@n128-227-34-92.xlate.ufl.edu] has joined #ubuntu-devel
connseb128, they brought out snapshots, equivalent to 2.0.0beta7devel04:08
StevenKThat's because RHEL5 is out04:09
=== [Ag0ny] [n=kaz@n128-227-34-92.xlate.ufl.edu] has left #ubuntu-devel ["Leaving"]
jdongStevenK: and?04:09
Hobbsee(which was on the 6th)04:09
seb128schwuk: no reason to change imho04:09
jdongStevenK: they're still regularly patching RHEL3 you know ;-)04:09
fabbioneiwj: eheh sorry... it's part of multipath-tools. it's used to create partitions related to multipath devices.. for example /dev/mapper/multi is made of sda and sdb.. but then.. you can have sda1 and sdb1.. those need to be reflected into /dev/mapper/multi1 and multi2.. kpartx takes care of that04:09
seb128it's too late to use a new version04:09
seb128and they didn't roll any renamed tarball anyway04:09
jdongagreed on the new version thing04:09
schwukthat's what I figured, but I wanted to check04:09
=== elkbuntu [n=melissa@ubuntu/member/elkbuntu] has joined #ubuntu-devel
jdongthat's a nightmare for extensions packages...04:09
seb128so if there is no legal reason against keeping the new, no reason to change04:09
StevenKYeah, couldn't their lawyers fit in with our schedule? :-P04:09
fabbioneiwj: the problem is that we pass all dm-* devices to kpartx including the one used for let say multi2.. multi2 in my case had this bad partition table entry04:09
connseb128, you're right, the only problem is AOL's enforcement of their IP right (ugh). Pidgin would belong in backports, though, considering how close Feisty is to release04:10
seb128s/the new/the name04:10
Hobbseeseb128: then again, if we're using a beta already, why not use teh file.....04:10
Hobbseeconn: or updates04:10
schwukI'll mark it for review before publishing anyway. Worst case is a search and replace and some new screen grabs.04:10
seb128Hobbsee: because it's not available?04:10
Hobbseeseb128: i meant once it was04:10
jdongHobbsee: what final? ;-)04:10
jdongHobbsee: they break their ABI every snapshot04:10
jdongHobbsee: every extension package needs rebuilding at minimum...04:11
Hobbseejdong: ahh.  fun.  i love upstreams like that.04:11
jdongyeah :(04:11
seb128Hobbsee: because we are frozen and I don't trust them enough to upload a new version during hard freeze and expect it having no bug04:11
Hobbseeseb128: yeah, that's what i thought04:11
geserHobbsee: and you would need to rebuild all extensions with libpurple04:12
Hobbseegeser: yeah, i'll be right04:12
seb128and update code using the dbus interface04:12
=== mc44_ [n=mc44@unaffiliated/mc44] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== Hobbsee updates the factoid
seb128or the command line tools04:12
jdongsounds like a nightmare to me :)04:12
=== finalbeta [n=gggggggg@d54C689F7.access.telenet.be] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== mc44_ is now known as mc44
Hobbseeseb128: factoid updated, hopefully people will stop asking now04:13
seb128Hobbsee: any URL? ?04:14
Hobbseeseb128: of the factoid?04:14
=== Starting logfile irclogs/ubuntu-devel.log
=== ubuntulog [i=ubuntulo@ubuntu/bot/ubuntulog] has joined #ubuntu-devel
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=== Topic (#ubuntu-devel): set by cjwatson at Thu Apr 5 13:55:52 2007
(Mithrandir/#ubuntu-devel) seb128: I saw04:22
(cjwatson/#ubuntu-devel) otherwise e.g. security updates to that package will end up having to go through NEW and it'll all be hopeless confusion04:23
(seb128/#ubuntu-devel) is there a way to tell from a crash file what version of a lib was being used?04:23
seb128like gnome-panel crash04:23
cjwatsonif it's removing *all* binaries, then surely the source package should be removed04:23
seb128libgtk2.0-0 2.10.11-0ubuntu3 was installed04:23
seb128is there a way to know if the gnome-panel was using it04:23
=== Keybuk realises his brain has gone cross-eyed
crimsuncjwatson: ok, thanks. Will get consensus in -motu before further action.04:24
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(seb128/#ubuntu-devel) the app being gnome-panel it's possible04:25
=== mdz [n=mdz@yttrium.canonical.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
(seb128/#ubuntu-devel) as long as you don't restart your session the panel is running04:26
=== cprov [n=cprov@canonical/launchpad/cprov] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Mithrandirdoko: weren't you doing an OOo upload to fix the -style-crystal problem?04:26
=== mc44_ is now known as mc44
seb128pitti: I think all those gnome-panel crasher we get a due to some GTK corruption04:26
=== CarlFK [n=carl@c-24-13-53-221.hsd1.il.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
seb128pitti: which might be fixed with the revision uploaded on thursday04:27
seb128pitti: we still get dups though04:27
seb128pitti: not sure on how to know if those guys restarted their panel since they upgraded libgtk2.0-004:27
seb128anyway not a lot we can do even if the bug is still there04:28
seb128we need somebody getting the crash to provide a valgrind log04:28
seb128might gnome-panel is valgrind clean since the gtk update, but it might be to some theme, applet, or something else I'm not using04:29
seb128s/might gnome-panel is/my gnome-panel is04:29
=== jono [n=jono@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
dokoMithrandir: ohh, I was looking at a problem with the human icon them (our current default). will upload just the dependency fix tonight if I don't find the problem with the icon theme04:30
=== svolpe_gerrath [n=Gerrath_@unaffiliated/gerrath] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Tonio_I'm concerned by the legal status of libxine1-ffmpeg in companies....04:31
Tonio_that's in main, but I always thought mp3 support required royalties04:31
mvoMithrandir: #92875 needs a sru-verification from bdmurray first (or we make a exception for this and just let it through). #95598 should be in progress (talked with zyga about it earlier) and I just closed #102773. do you have more than those three on your list of fix-commited that is releated to me? I did a big cleanout of those before the weekend, but maybe malone is not giving me all of them04:31
Tonio_did canonical pay so that the package can be in main ?04:31
Tonio_that important regarding to the french parliament migration to ubuntu :)04:31
Mithrandirdoko: please do it now rather than later.  We're less than 48 hours from RC and OOo takes time to build.04:32
=== Arador [n=dcg@50.pool80-103-3.dynamic.orange.es] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Mithrandirmvo: so 92875 doesn't need any changes in feisty at all?04:34
seb128Tonio_: what is important? they need ffmpeg player officially supported?04:34
Tonio_seb128: they want mp3 support, but legally :)04:35
mvoMithrandir: no, its a about the update-manager-core upload to edgy-updates to allow server updates with the release-upgrader. 04:35
Mithrandirmvo: ok, cool.04:35
Tonio_I must say the legal status on that point as always been a mess to me...04:35
mvoMithrandir: its in -proposed since ~4 weeks 04:35
jdongTonio_: heh not only the mp3 part, but playback of all the mpeg* codecs is pretty grey04:35
jdongTonio_: in fact the whole thing is pretty grey.04:36
Mithrandirmvo: I'll ask bdmurray to poke at it tonight.04:36
seb128Tonio_: no, it's not legal, nobody payed the patent to ship it and it's not officially supported04:36
pittiTonio_: it's no legal difference whether the package is in main or universe; what matters is whether it is on the CDs, and it's not04:36
jdongTonio_: Novell's lawyers have stripped away every codec from their distro except WAV and the two oggs....04:36
mvoMithrandir: I did so earlier, but two pokes will not hurt I guess :)04:36
seb128Tonio_: if they need legal mp3 playing they can buy the fluendo plugin04:36
KeybukMithrandir: ok to upload sysvinit to fix LP: #83741 and LP: #96851 ?04:36
Tonio_seb128: okay, I thought so because the package is in main04:36
Tonio_seb128: yup that's what they'll try now04:37
seb128Tonio_: dunno why it's in main but it's not on the default install nor supported officially04:37
Tonio_seb128: okay, thanks for the info :)04:37
pittiseb128: just to get rid of the xine main/universe split, which was a PITA04:38
pittiseb128: (AFAIR)04:38
seb128pitti: we should just move xine to universe04:38
pittiseb128: and due to the sheer popularity of audio and video codecs we provide security updates for them anyway04:38
MithrandirKeybuk: looks ok, go ahead.04:39
Mithrandirogra: can you please respond to svu on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libxklavier/+bug/97342 ?04:40
ubotuMalone bug 97342 in libxklavier "keymap support regression between version 3.1 and 3.2" [High,Unconfirmed]  04:40
=== sn0 [n=sno@unaffiliated/sn0] has joined #ubuntu-devel
ograMithrandir, yup, will do ... i'm currently a bit busy with bug 8122704:43
ubotuMalone bug 81227 in hal "Logout screen appears twice [Feisty] " [Medium,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/8122704:43
seb128Mithrandir: would you accept a xkeyboard-config update with the po directory updated with the translations from rosetta?04:43
mjg59_Anyone have any experience with netlink?04:44
ograhah, and i think i got the fix04:44
mjg59_ogra: Can you run the diff past me?04:44
Mithrandirseb128: hmm, unsure.04:44
ografunny that hughsie wrote functions to ignore all other duplicate button events ... just not the powerbutton04:44
ogramjg59_, if i have one ...04:44
seb128Mithrandir: do you think that can cause any new bug?04:45
Mithrandirseb128: I'm wondering if it can.04:45
pittiseb128: hmm @ evince-gtk pot -- I would hope that it uses the evince translation domain?04:46
ogramjg59_, emit_button_pressed in src/gpm-button.c has a note that events are doubled (one from foo_Kbd_Port_logicaldev_input and one from acpi) for lid, and brightness buttons he has ignore functions ... for power thats missing04:46
seb128pitti: I don't know anything about evince-gtk, it's outdated and buggy anyway :/04:46
ograso i think just adding that check for the powerbutton will help here04:46
pitticarlos, seb128: the only real item on the 'missing POT' list seems to be libbtctl, rest is red herring or already fixed; I'll fix libbtctl now04:48
seb128good ;)04:48
=== seb128 hugs pitti
=== pitti hugs the great seb128
carlospitti, seb128: Cool!04:48
carlosIf you do the uploads today, I will approve everything today too04:49
=== finalbeta [n=gggggggg@d54C689F7.access.telenet.be] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== finalbeta [n=gggggggg@d54C689F7.access.telenet.be] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Mithrandirdoko: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/python-central/+bug/93795  ; will you have a chance to actually get this fixed?04:52
=== zenrox [n=zenrox@pool-71-115-227-252.spknwa.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
ubotuMalone bug 93795 in python-central "[apport]  restricted-manager crashed with ImportError in <module>()" [High,Confirmed]  04:52
crimsunMithrandir: for bug 104130, is http://adhd.irule.net/~crimsun/feisty-freeze-exception-request-alsa-lib/alsa-lib_1.0.13-1ubuntu5.debdiff acceptable for upload?04:53
ubotuMalone bug 104130 in alsa-lib "USB-Audio.conf uses the card_name function, which is not defined" [High,Needs info]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/10413004:53
dokoMithrandir: actually not fixed, but this is due to `ls -l /usr/bin/python`:04:53
doko     lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 18 2007-03-18 02:04 /usr/bin/python -> /usr/bin/python2.504:53
Mithrandirdoko: how so?04:54
dokoMithrandir: see my email "proposed updates for feisty"04:54
=== freeflying [i=root@gobstopper.dreamhost.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Mithrandircrimsun: ok04:54
crimsunMithrandir: thanks04:54
dokoMithrandir: afaiu you only get these errors if you did modify the python symlink by hand; the updates are meant to explicitely fail on such hosed systems04:56
Mithrandirdoko: ok, so I'll just unmilestone it.04:56
pittiMithrandir: I have a two-lines patch to debian/rules of libbtctl to build a .pot file; no actual changes to the .debs; ok to upload?04:56
Mithrandirpitti: yes04:56
Mithrandirdoko: if people break their systems, they get to keep both parts.04:56
dokoMithrandir: it would be nice to fix it for feisty as suggested04:56
pitticarlos: libbtctl uploaded04:56
carlospitti: thank you04:57
Mithrandirdoko: where is that email sent?04:57
pittiseb128: urgh @ evince-gtk; I'd like to kick this out of the archive if the xubuntu guys don't care for it04:58
dokoMithrandir: to you and Colin, 06.04.200704:58
pittiseb128: indeed, xubuntu-desktop does not need it any more04:59
=== pitti gets his removal knife out
seb128what are they using now?04:59
seb128maybe ask them first04:59
seb128they Recommends it04:59
Hobbseepitti: heh.  is anyone doing an archive day before release?04:59
pittiHobbsee: I wanted to do some cleanup right now, \sh also mentioned some things04:59
pittiseb128: oh, I see: Recommends: evince-gtk | evince05:00
\shpitti: do you know any problems with libgcc1-dbgsym? apport-retrace throws some errors on my laptop :(05:01
pitti\sh: yes, due to bug 9274705:02
ubotuMalone bug 92747 in pkg-create-dbgsym "strips off epochs" [Medium,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/9274705:02
dokoMithrandir: the bash update was reviewed by cjwatson on Friday (including the upstream patches up to bash32-013); the readline5 update has the same fix as in bash32-013. still ok to upload that at this time?05:02
\shpitti: ah ok 05:02
pitti\sh: this is hard to fix, though, it requires a very intrusive diverting etc.05:02
pitti\sh: workaround so far is to use -u05:02
Hobbseepitti: so will you do a full archive-run, or do you want us to give you special bug #'s?05:03
pitti\sh: or just use the retracers in the DC :)05:03
pittiHobbsee: define archive run05:03
pittiHobbsee: I was planning to look over the bugs, do last syncs, removals, etc.05:03
Hobbseepitti: archive run == doing syncs and removals05:03
=== asac_ [n=asac@debian/developer/asac] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Hobbseecool, thanks05:03
\shpitti: well, looks like that 94446 already was worked on...but I'm missing debug syms actually...05:03
Mithrandirdoko: yes, please upload them.05:04
Mithrandirdoko: in general, it's much better to upload packages and they'll end up in the queue rather than having them somewhere else where I have to chase the uploader down.05:04
pittiseb128: mailed Jani about evince-gtk05:05
seb128pitti: ok, thank you05:05
dokoMithrandir: ok, uploading eclipse (universe) as well05:06
=== pitti sulks after seeing the huge list of sync requests and spells out FREEZE again
mvodoko: if you could update the status #93795 with your proposed fix, that would be cool. I got some dup reports that gnome-app-install is not work for it and I would be interessted in what causes the problem and how to fix/work-around it05:06
Hobbseepitti: heh.  yes.05:06
mvodoko: or just bounce me that mail you send 05:06
Mithrandirpitti: just reject them all. >;-D05:06
=== tkamppeter [n=till@bl8-124-2.dsl.telepac.pt] has joined #ubuntu-devel
dokomvo: http://people.ubuntu.com/~doko/tmp/05:08
=== Nuscly [n=nuscly@29-231.206-83.static-ip.oleane.fr] has joined #ubuntu-devel
HobbseeMithrandir: but some of them have gone thru the proper process :P05:08
dokopitti: ronne is slow ...05:08
dokoapport running unniced ...05:09
pittiwhoops, it's spinning on a broken coredump.gz05:10
pittidoko: will nice again, sorry05:10
=== thekorn [n=thekorn@a89-182-26-123.net-htp.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== azeem [n=mbanck@ppp-88-217-44-88.dynamic.mnet-online.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mvodoko: if I understand the debdiff correctly then this will make the first python postinst fail with a error if the users have modified the symlink? 05:12
dokomvo: correct05:12
dokoand giving a clear error message05:13
KeybukI want a faster Internet Connection05:13
=== Keybuk looks into emigrating to a country whose local-loop bandwidth doesn't suck
mvodoko: I should probably implement that check in the release-upgrader as well then before the upgrade. otherwise it will fail pretty badly during the upgrade with bad side-effects. Mithrandir are you ok with that?05:14
=== asac_ is now known as asac
dokomvo: yeah, would be nice to have05:15
=== finalbeta [n=gggggggg@d54C689F7.access.telenet.be] has joined #ubuntu-devel
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=== conn [n=conn@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
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=== wwoods [i=wwoods@nat/redhat/x-6c62707116fcefe4] has joined #ubuntu-devel
dokoMithrandir: openoffice.org uploaded; please try to build on palmer to half the build time05:18
=== mdz [n=mdz@yttrium.canonical.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
ograKeybuk, just move to a place near the backbone in any country i guess :)05:18
wwoodspitti: ping?05:18
pittihi wwoods 05:18
ograand get a direct cable in your house from there :)05:19
wwoodspitti: howdy! I'm messing with apport - trying to get it working in Fedora (well, RPM-land in general)05:19
=== MagnusR [n=magru@c83-252-237-96.bredband.comhem.se] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittiwwoods: oh, great!05:19
pittiwwoods: let's do that in /msg05:19
=== cypher1 [i=cypher1@nat/hp/x-b0d74ecc2c67d54a] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Keybukogra: wouldn't work for the UK05:22
Keybuksince the local loop is controlled by just one company, who give pathetic speeds and extortionate prices05:23
ograi bet it would here if i moved to frankfurt05:23
ogra /me knows some people working at neuralgic points there :)05:23
=== ssam [n=ssam@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== alex-weej [n=alex@halls-129-31-82-59.hor.ic.ac.uk] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== mc44 [n=mc44@unaffiliated/mc44] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== johanbr [n=j@JBrannlund.MathStat.Dal.Ca] has joined #ubuntu-devel
fabbioneKeybuk: got time for a couple of questions?05:32
Keybukfabbione: sure05:33
fabbionei am having a strange issue with dapper udev...05:33
=== seb128 [n=seb128@ubuntu/member/seb128] has joined #ubuntu-devel
fabbionewhen i trigger a multipath command, i can see the udev events passing by (ADD), but none of the rules are executed?05:34
fabbioneif i restart udev the rules are executed..05:34
fabbioneACTION=="add", SUBSYSTEM=="block", \05:34
fabbione        RUN+="/bin/sh -c 'echo foo >> /tmp/foo.%k'"05:34
fabbioneas simple as it can be05:34
Keybukwhat's the output of "udevmonitor -e" ?05:34
=== wwoods [i=wwoods@nat/redhat/x-6c62707116fcefe4] has left #ubuntu-devel []
fabbioneKeybuk: paste in /msg05:35
fabbioneit looks pretty normal to me05:35
fabbioneand that rule should catch it easily.. but it doesn't05:35
Keybuksee /msg05:36
Keybukyou have OPTIONS+="ignore_device" for dm-*, because it's dapper05:36
KeybukI suspect they're executed on restart because of a bug in udevplug or something05:39
=== mc44 [n=mc44@unaffiliated/mc44] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Hobbseerequestsync is borken :(05:40
pittiHobbsee: ISTR seeing a fix yesterday05:40
Hobbseepitti: right05:40
=== Hobbsee wonders where that might be, and checks out motu-tools
pittiHobbsee: devscripts05:42
=== mvo_ [n=egon@p54a66a18.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Hobbseepitti: ahh, thanks.05:43
=== stdin [n=tez@unaffiliated/binary2k2] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== h4writer [n=h4writer@d51A48402.access.telenet.be] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Hobbseepitti: ah well.  time for bed.  if that doesnt go thru, i'll manually request the sync, adn poke someone about it tomorrow.05:49
=== glatzor [n=sebi@p57AEF537.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
cjwatsonMithrandir: partman-auto translation update in unapproved; I have a bug complaining about the missing translations being very noticeable in the installer05:50
Hobbseeyay, it's gone through!05:50
=== iceman is back (gone 03:09:46)
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ogramjg59, about bug 81227, i get events from computer_logicaldev_input_1 and from acpi_PWRF handed out from hal ... my plan is to make it ignore computer_logicaldev_input_* completely and only listen to acpi events here (like edgy did) , do you think thats ok or could there be HW that doesnt have acpi but logicaldev events for the powerbutton ? 06:12
ubotuMalone bug 81227 in hal "Logout screen appears twice [Feisty] " [Medium,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/8122706:12
mjg59_Yes, lots of it06:13
ograthats odd 06:13
mjg59_Oh, hm.06:13
mjg59_Maybe not.06:13
ograseems upstream does know about the problem ...06:13
ograits clearly stated in the code that there are duplicate events 06:13
cjwatsonhmm. Well, it's pretty clear why casper persistence is broken. Now, how to fix it ...06:13
mjg59_The issue isn't a change in hal or gpm, the issue is the change in the kernel that also makes the power button an input device06:13
ograbut i suspect we wont change the kernel this late to make it not do that :)06:14
mjg59_The kernel's entirely correct06:14
ogranot in providing two events for one hardware imho06:16
ograit should one ...06:16
ogra*+provide 06:16
mjg59_They're via entirely separate interfaces06:17
ograanyway, we should have a fix befre release, so do you think disabling the input device event is right ? 06:17
=== finalbeta [n=gggggggg@d54C689F7.access.telenet.be] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mjg59_If what you're ignoring is the ACPI power button input device and not all input devices, that would work06:18
ograwell i have: udi=/org/freedesktop/Hal/devices/computer_logicaldev_input_0, condition=ButtonPressed, details=power06:19
=== svolpe_gerrath [n=Gerrath_@unaffiliated/gerrath] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== finalbeta [n=gggggggg@d54C689F7.access.telenet.be] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mjg59_Yes, but that's not telling me a great deal06:19
ograwith the details value that should work06:19
mjg59_You can't just ignore all power buttons from input devices06:19
ograthere are others ? 06:19
ograi mean others that expose themselves as "power" =06:20
mjg59_details=power means that the power button was pressed06:20
mjg59_Yes, there are keyboards that will send that06:20
mjg59_Macs, for instance06:20
mjg59_(PPC ones, not Intel)06:20
ograwhile it looked so easy in the beginning it now turns into being bloated :(06:22
ograthere should be a way to differentiate between the different classes of power buttons :/06:23
Keybuk?! WTF06:24
Keybukhow can you have different "classes" of power buttons?06:24
Keybuk"this little power button went to market ...06:25
Keybuk ... this little power button stayed at home ...06:25
Keybuk ... this little power button had roast beef ...06:25
=== zerbero_ [n=jga@p85.212.79.3.tisdip.tiscali.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
ograwell, there is the system powerbutton and there are the ones mentioned above ... 06:25
=== dpm [n=dpm@p54a12907.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Keybukthey're still power buttons06:25
ogralike keyboard buttons 06:25
Keybukthey should still do the same thing06:25
ograi think mjg59 meant power buttons to switch off the keyboard, no ? 06:25
mjg59_ogra: ...06:25
mjg59_ogra: No06:25
Keybukthe key on the mac keyboard is to switch off the computer06:26
ograhrm ....06:26
=== ogra blushes
ChipzzKeybuk: but they don't do the same thing to start with06:26
Keybukit just happens to be an ordinary key, with a scancode, not an acpi event (afaiui)06:26
KeybukChipzz: they should do - switch off the power06:26
ChipzzKeybuk: for example, when you're in the BIOS/bootloader, and no OS is even involved yet, they may do different things06:27
ograwell, but then its easy again, i just need to ignore all acpi events ... at least as long as i can be sure i always get an input and acpi event06:27
KeybukChipzz: we fundamentally don't care about that :)06:27
Keybukthat's akin to "when the computer is off, they may do different things"06:27
ograwhich *seems* to be the case06:27
Keybukor "when the computer is still in its box"06:27
mjg59_ogra: For this specific instance, that should work06:27
Chipzzthe power button on the case would connect to a connector on the motherboard, while the power button on the keyboard will send a keyboard signal which needs to be interpreted06:27
ograyay, thanks, i'll prepare a patch then 06:27
ChipzzKeybuk: the point is, they *are* different things06:27
mjg59_Chipzz: You're not adding new information06:27
ograwill send it to you for reviwew tonight06:27
KeybukChipzz: frequently the connector on the motherboard needs an operating system to interpret the acpi code to decide what to do06:28
mjg59_Pressing a power button generates an input event06:28
mjg59_Under all possible circumstances06:28
ChipzzKeybuk: yes, but holding down the button on the case *will* shut down the computer even if no OS is involved06:28
mjg59_The issue is that ACPI ones also generate an ACPI event06:28
KeybukChipzz: that is irrelevant to this discussion06:28
=== hugomelo [n=hugo@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== jdong_ [n=jdong@STRATTON-FOUR-O-EIGHT.MIT.EDU] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== jikanter [n=jordan@dhcp-229-248.eastdorm.uic.edu] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== AlinuxOS [n=vsichi@host216-173-dynamic.61-82-r.retail.telecomitalia.it] has joined #ubuntu-devel
ChipzzKeybuk: IMHO it isn't, since you cannot entirely control what the power button on the case does, no matter how hard you try06:30
AlinuxOSpitti, hello06:30
Chipzzwhich makes it fundamentally different06:30
pittiHi AlinuxOS 06:30
Chipzzbut I'll just shut up now06:31
AlinuxOSpitti, how are you ?06:31
pittibusy and well06:31
AlinuxOSpitti, I was searching for this: mozilla-firefox-locale-ka ;) some news ?06:31
pittiI'm afraid not06:32
=== alex-weej [n=alex@halls-129-31-82-59.hor.ic.ac.uk] has joined #ubuntu-devel
AlinuxOSpitti, why not ?  problems ?06:32
pittiAlinuxOS: yes, days not having 48 hours, and Easter holidays :)06:33
=== jdong_ [n=jdong@STRATTON-FOUR-O-EIGHT.MIT.EDU] has joined #ubuntu-devel
AlinuxOSpitti, dont worry, I'm only hopping for 19.06:33
AlinuxOSpitti, simply I saw that 12 april is LanguagePackTranslationDeadline, so I've asked.06:36
pittiAlinuxOS: I'll talk to asac and coordinate that06:36
=== poningru [n=poningru@adsl-074-245-140-197.sip.gnv.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
AlinuxOSasac new mozilla stuff coordinator ?06:37
AlinuxOSpitti, ah great...06:37
AlinuxOSpitti, thank you.06:37
=== poningru_ [n=poningru@adsl-074-245-140-197.sip.gnv.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== hggdh [n=hggdh@pool-71-170-94-19.dllstx.fios.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
asacpitti: we want a last locale update round, right?06:39
=== PhilK [n=PhilK@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittiasac: yes06:40
asacpitti: ok ... lets see06:40
asacpitti: anything special/tricky about firefox locale packs you remember?06:42
Lutinseb128: could you have a look at the debdiff attached bug #92538 when you have 1 min. free ?06:42
pittiasac: only thing is to rename the upstream .xpis06:43
pittiasac: for new languages, there should be no renaming, of course06:43
pittiasac: and removing re-appeared languages from debian/unavailable.txt (or so)06:43
asacpitti: ok ... and run update-debian-files ?06:44
pittiasac: right06:44
=== AlinuxOS [n=vsichi@host216-173-dynamic.61-82-r.retail.telecomitalia.it] has joined #ubuntu-devel
AlinuxOSasac, in my case: mozilla-firefox-locale-ka06:45
=== borschty [n=sebastia@p54BB4F1E.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
asacAlinuxOS: does it exist in mozilla repos?06:45
AlinuxOSasac, official 2.0 version ?06:45
AlinuxOSasac, http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/all.html - Georgian -  2.0.306:46
Mirvpitti: was the software-properties mo file supposed to be moved to general language packs from KDE language packs already?06:49
Mirvor was it forgotten06:49
desrtjono; wake up06:50
jonodesrt: woken :)06:50
desrtjono; we need to talk... like, yesterday06:50
desrtjono; did you read my email?06:51
jonodesrt: which mail?06:51
asacAlinuxOS: if its on ftp.mozilla.org as .xpi it will get in automatically06:51
=== j_ack [n=rudi@p508d9de1.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
desrti sent you an email06:51
desrtabout joko06:51
jonodesrt: the ubuntu-se one?06:51
jonowhich one?06:51
desrtthe one from desrt@desrt.ca06:51
AlinuxOSasac, I don't know this.06:51
AlinuxOSasac, I'll check06:51
desrti need your reply approximately... now.06:52
jonodesrt: heh, you will have to wait, on phone :)06:52
desrtcan you give me an idea of when you're done?06:52
AlinuxOSasac, where is .xpi directory here ? http://releases.mozilla.org/pub06:52
=== doko [n=doko@dslb-088-073-088-011.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
AlinuxOSasac, I can't found any .xpi file on ftp.mozilla.org06:54
=== poningru [n=poningru@adsl-074-245-140-197.sip.gnv.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittiAlinuxOS: if you can point us to an URL, we can put it into the package, too06:55
asacsomewhere hidden :) ... its not in source, but in binary directory of the release06:55
pittiasac: btw, after updating the XPIs I usually do  for loop with -UILocale to test them all (including help); sometimes they are broken06:55
asacwhat do you mean by "including help" ?06:56
pittiasac: pressing F1 and checking that it is sane06:57
=== AlinuxOS [n=vsichi@host216-173-dynamic.61-82-r.retail.telecomitalia.it] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittiasac: i. e. translated or English, as opposed to empty or crashing06:57
=== pradeep [n=pradeep@unaffiliated/pradeep] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== poningru [n=poningru@adsl-074-245-140-197.sip.gnv.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pitti*shrug* just testing ;)06:58
AlinuxOSpitti, asac I can't realy find -ka locale :D06:58
asacAlinuxOS: but me :)06:58
asacits in win binary folder as well afaik06:58
pittithat sounds right, ISTR grabbing them from linux-i686, although they should really be platform independent06:59
asacyeah ... previously they have been released *only* from win32 directory iirc06:59
AlinuxOSasac, ops :D06:59
asacso maybe in a year, they will end up in source, where they belong imo06:59
AlinuxOSasac, yes it is Georgian locale! :)07:00
=== dcg is now known as Arador
asacAlinuxOS: so it will be in update (probably tomorrow)07:00
AlinuxOSasac, pitti :) thanks you Guys! :)07:01
=== jikanter [n=jordan@dhcp-229-248.eastdorm.uic.edu] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== superm1 [n=superm1@12-226-238-227.client.mchsi.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== pvanhoof [n=pvanhoof@d54C0EE14.access.telenet.be] has joined #ubuntu-devel
bddebianThanks pitti!07:11
pittibddebian: :)07:12
=== j_ack_ [n=rudi@p508DBD73.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== poningru [n=poningru@adsl-074-245-140-197.sip.gnv.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
KeybukI'm going to have t-shirts made07:16
Keybuk"No, your bug will not be fixed before feisty releases"07:16
Keybukwe could have a button on Launchpad07:17
AlinuxOSlol :D07:17
Keybukit could cafepress you a t-shirt with "I filed Bug #XXXXXX, it wasn't fixed for feisty, and all I got was this t-shirt"07:17
Keybuk(guess the average theme of mails in MY Inbox :p)07:18
cjwatsonMithrandir: any particular reason you didn't merge the parse_cmdline stuff along with the rest of casper from Debian?07:19
=== btse [n=BTSE@c83-253-228-44.bredband.comhem.se] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Treenakshmm... all the code/configs I see say that if( system_is_laptop && ac_power ) { cpufreq_governor = ondemand; }07:24
Treenaksbut for me it's "performance"07:24
Treenaksor am I reading the wrong config files?07:24
seb128Lutin: looks good, I'll upload it07:24
Treenaks(or am I reading the right config files the wrong way?)07:24
=== hggdh [n=hggdh@pool-71-170-94-19.dllstx.fios.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
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cjwatsonogra: where did the -t option to chvt in your ltsp patch come from? chvt(1) only documents 'chvt N', not 'chvt -t N'.07:35
dholbachtepsipakki: heya do you have any idea about crashers in XInternAtom?07:35
dholbachtepsipakki: bug 96615 gets a bunch of duplicates and they're somehow not retraceable07:35
ubotuMalone bug 96615 in at-spi "[apport]  yelp crashed with SIGSEGV in XInternAtom()" [Undecided,Needs info]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/9661507:35
ogracjwatson, that very line was copied from dappers gdm ... and was like that in edgy ... i disabled it in the beginning of feisty and just re-added it as it was ...07:36
cjwatsonI'd be more comfortable relying on documented behaviour07:37
cjwatsonplease change that to 'chvt 7'07:37
ograit works fine though ... :)07:38
=== milli [n=milli@famfrit.acmeps.com] has left #ubuntu-devel ["moving]
cjwatsonfor now07:39
ograright 07:39
=== micahcowan [n=micahcow@adsl-76-203-174-94.dsl.pltn13.sbcglobal.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== cypher1_ [n=cypher1@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
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=== phanatic [n=phanatic@ubuntu/member/phanatic] has joined #ubuntu-devel
tepsipakkidholbach: freedesktop bug 3959 is the only upstream bug which could be related07:46
ubotuFreedesktop bug 3959 in Server/general "X freezes when freeing data that shouldn't be freed" [Critical,New]  http://bugzilla.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=395907:46
tepsipakkimake that the only one that I could find :)07:46
dholbachtepsipakki: hum, it does not seem to crash the X server for the affected people07:47
tepsipakkioh, heh07:48
=== ogra [n=ogra@ubuntu/member/ogra] has joined #ubuntu-devel
ograyay, the fix for g-p-m seems to work 07:49
=== abattoir_ [n=abattoir@cm23.omega20.maxonline.com.sg] has joined #ubuntu-devel
cypher1_ is the image shown by usplash is in initramfs ?07:51
=== pitti attempts some anastacia cleanup
tepsipakkicypher1_: yes07:51
ograpitti, school* can go (if it still shows up there)07:52
=== stgraber [n=stgraber@ubuntu/member/stgraber] has joined #ubuntu-devel
cypher1_tepsipakki, but i am not able to find it when unpacked initrd.. is it inside usr/lib/usplash/usplash-artwork.so ?07:52
pittiogra: it does, thanks; demoting07:52
cjwatsoncypher1_: yeah07:52
cypher1_cjwatson, thanks07:53
cypher1_tepsipakki, thanks07:53
=== j1mc|away is now known as j1mc
cypher1_cjwatson, one more question, is there any way to extract it ?07:54
cjwatsonit's in the usplash-theme-ubuntu source package07:54
cypher1_cjwatson, ok07:55
pittitkamppeter: we need foomatic-filters-ppds as transitional package in main, right? I'll seed it07:55
j1mcso i can coordinate for xubuntu testing, anyone have an idea as to when the RC testing candidates will be available?07:55
=== TerminX [i=336859c6@adsl-68-122-6-208.dsl.pltn13.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
cjwatsonj1mc: best to ask again tomorrow; we're not sure yet07:56
tkamppeterpitti, no, do not seed foomatic-filters-ppds. It is big and conflicts with foomatic-filters and probably also openprinting-ppds (at least it produces duplicate printer listings).07:57
cjwatsonMithrandir: give me a shout when you get back?07:57
pittitkamppeter: oh, so is there anything in that package which is not provided by openprinting-ppds?07:58
cjwatsonMithrandir: (want to talk about casper, and release bits)07:58
pittitkamppeter: if not, can we remove it entirely?07:58
tkamppeterpitti, foomatic-filters-ppds is obsolete, as all PPDs in it are either auto-generated by cupsys + foomatic-db-engine + foomatic-db + foomatic-db-hpijs or ready-made in openprinting-ppds + openprinting-ppds-extra.07:58
j1mccjwatson: thanks.07:59
pittitkamppeter: ok, so I can just kick it out of the archive then?07:59
tkamppeterSo, pitti, we can remove foomatic-filters-ppds completely.07:59
pittitkamppeter: what's the situation in Debian for this package?07:59
tkamppeterYes, pitti, you can do so.07:59
pittitkamppeter: it's still in Debian, I blacklist it then07:59
tkamppeterpitti, I do not know about the Debian situation, but Debian often provides several methods to achieve the same goal.08:00
tkamppeterFor example Debian ships also spooler alternatives to CUPS.08:00
tkamppeterpitti, thanks, I already did not maintain this package due to its unnecessity and I thought that it already went away.08:01
ogramjg59, http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/14921/ ok with you ? or should i do more compilcated string fiddling there ? 08:01
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pittiheno: gnopernicus wants to go to universe, is that ok?08:04
=== abattoir_ [n=abattoir@cm23.omega20.maxonline.com.sg] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== gouki_ [n=gouki@ubuntu/member/gouki] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittiseb128: libgimme-codec wants to go to universe; shouldn't that be a dependency of something?08:09
=== pitti hugs keescook
keescookhiya pitti!08:09
seb128pitti: no, it should be nuked08:09
pittiseb128: 'nuked' as in removed from the archive, or demoted?08:09
seb128gstreamer does the job now08:09
seb128they though it was making sense this way rather than having yet another lib08:09
=== pitti loves cleaning up junk
seb128pitti: you can remove with a "deprecated by new gstreamer API"08:10
=== seb128 hugs pitti
seb128pitti: cleaning the archive today, I think I'll not lot of archive work to do tomorrow ;)08:11
=== phanatic_ [n=phanatic@ubuntu/member/phanatic] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittiseb128: yes, I already killed syncs, backports, removals, and binary NEW, doing anastacia now08:12
tkamppeterpitti, I am closing/moving all bugs on foomatic-filters-ppds.08:12
pittiseb128: however, source NEW and anastacia should give you some fodder tomorrow ;)08:12
pittitkamppeter: thanks08:12
seb128pitti: ok ;)08:12
=== sabdfl [n=sabdfl@ubuntu/member/pdpc.silver.sabdfl] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittiseb128: hmm, gtranslator wants to go to universe, too?08:13
pittiseb128: and gnome-doc-tools08:13
tkamppeterpitti, was foomatic-filters-ppds a default installation part of a former Ubuntu? Do we need certain tags or transitional packages in any other to smoothly update from all old Ubuntu versions?08:13
pittitkamppeter: that's independent from the removal; if files conflict, there needs to be a Replaces:/Conflicts: somewhere08:14
seb128pitti: I would be surprised if gtranslator was a Depends of something once, somebody has likely changed a seed08:14
pittitkamppeter: presumably in openprinting.org-ppds, since the others are autogenerated?08:14
seb128pitti: I'll look at gnome-doc-tools tomorrow, I think it's useful for GNOME08:14
pitticommitter: Daniel Holbach <daniel.holbach@ubuntu.com>08:14
pittibranch nick: ubuntu.feisty08:14
pittitimestamp: Tue 2006-11-28 11:21:30 +010008:14
pitti  drop gtranslator from supported. Jordi, Danilo and Carlos agreed on it not qualifying for main (crashy, unmaintained)08:14
=== hjmf [n=hjmf@6.Red-88-25-28.staticIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== pitti demotes then
seb128pitti: makes sense to demote it08:15
seb128pitti: keep g-d-t for today08:15
pittiseb128: right, I'll leave that to you tomorrow08:15
Adri2000pitti: when you have some time, could you update http://people.ubuntu.com/~pitti/scripts/requestsync (it is linked from the wiki) as it is in the package devscripts, because it currently doesn't work08:16
pittiAdri2000: I rather remove it, I think; the devscripts version is the authoritative one now08:16
pittiAdri2000: removed, thanks08:16
Adri2000ok, I'm updating the wiki page then08:17
pittiAdri2000: can you please update the wiki?08:17
=== pitti hugs Adri2000, thanks again
=== mlankhorst [n=mlankhor@this-guy.isa-geek.org] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mlankhorstI used my knowledge of python to figure out why guidance-power-manager stopped working and added a few cpu scaling governors, where should i submit the patch?08:17
=== HiddenWolf [n=HiddenWo@136.184.dynamic.phpg.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittiMithrandir: I uploaded a new language-support-lt to add thunderbird-locale-lt dependency (anastacia)08:19
ogramlankhorst, file a bug and attac the patch there08:21
=== abattoir_ [n=abattoir@cm23.omega20.maxonline.com.sg] has joined #ubuntu-devel
tkamppeterpitti, I was thinking about older versions perhaps not having foomatic-db, foomatic-db-engine, foomatic-filters, and foomatic-db-hpijs installed by default but foomatic-filters-ppds, and when updating these to Feisty, they would perhaps stay without printer info. There it would be nice that foomatic-db, foomatic-db-engine, foomatic-filters, foomatic-db-hpijs, and cupsys 1.2.x get automagically installed when updating such an old Ubuntu t08:22
tkamppetero Feisty.08:22
pittitkamppeter: then one of the newer source packages should build a transitional package which depends on those08:23
tkamppeterpitti, would it work if foomatic-db produces a binary package named foomatic-filters-ppds which does not contain any files but depends on foomatic-db, foomatic-db-engine, foomatic-db-hpijs, foomatic-filters, and cupsys >= 1.2.0?08:27
pittitkamppeter: that sounds appropriate08:27
pittitkamppeter: well, I'd avoid the cupsys dependency08:27
tkamppeterpitti, foomatic-filters-ppds is bug-free now.08:27
pittitkamppeter: and foomatic-db-engine is certainly already a dependency of foomatic-db or so?08:28
henopitti: yes please08:28
tkamppeterpitti, the cupsys dependency is for the PPD auto-generation.08:28
mlankhorstzary boogs found08:28
pittitkamppeter: hmmkay; it's just a transitional package after all, but cupsys dependency looks weird08:28
henomy amd64 test machine just broke down :(  That's going to be a problem08:29
tkamppeterpitti, imagine an old Ubuntu has CUPS 1.1.x and foomatic-filters-ppds and we update foomatic-filters-ppds. Without the cupsys dependency I would get all new Foomatic packages but stay with cupsys 1.1.x and due to missing auto-generation the user will only see the 10 PPDs which come with CUPS.08:31
pittitkamppeter: ok, convinced :)08:32
=== Marcus_ [n=Marcus@d213-101-248-110.cust.tele2.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittiseb128: erk, the new libnet-dbus-perl dependency of system-tools-backends requires a handful of perl modules, i. e. some MIRs08:33
tkamppeterpitti, or would a "Conflicts: cupsys < 1.2.0" also force a cupsys update when upating foomatic-filters-ppds (and do nothing if no cupsys is installed)?08:33
pitti tkamppeter: that works, too (use Breaks:, though), if the package makes sense without cupsys08:34
cjwatsonalso use << rather than <08:35
dokoMithrandir: OOo upload not yet accepted, correct?08:36
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mlankhorstsent patch :-)08:48
=== doko_ [n=doko@dslb-088-074-012-109.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== j1mc is now known as binary_blob
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tkamppeter_pitti, what is different when I use "Breaks:" (Internet connection was interrupted)?08:58
pittitkamppeter_: it causes less disruption in apt, and can be resolved easier08:59
pittimvo, iwj: ^ just to confirm, Breaks: now fully works in feisty?08:59
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crimsunpitti: apologies for the many sync requests; we're pulling them from a Debian RC bug list that Andrew's script generated for universe09:07
pitticrimsun: no apology needed, that script is great!09:07
pitticrimsun: can it also be run on main?09:07
crimsunpitti: he has spoken about extending to it main, yes.09:07
mvoMithrandir: could you please approve the recent command-not-found upload? it fixes bug #95598 (targeted for feisty) and conatins a general datafile update for current feisty09:11
ubotuMalone bug 95598 in command-not-found "recommends packages in universe in preference to packages in main" [High,Fix committed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/9559809:11
=== seb128 [n=seb128@ubuntu/member/seb128] has joined #ubuntu-devel
seb128pitti: what new system-tools-backend? did we upload any new version recently?09:12
=== asac_ [n=asac@debian/developer/asac] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittiseb128: no, they are probably lingering in anastacia for a long time already09:12
seb128what are they in anastacia09:13
pittiseb128: or, alternatively, libnet-dbus-perl itself changed to require those new dependencies09:13
seb128they are already in main and having something depending on them, no?09:13
zygamvo: yay for cnf! :D09:13
pittiseb128: http://people.ubuntu.com/~ubuntu-archive/anastacia.txt, first section09:13
pittizyga: cnf?09:13
seb128pitti: weird, we build CD with packages from universe?09:14
zygapitti: command-not-found, mvo helped me greatly today :-)09:14
zygaso that we can make much better cnf for feisty :-)09:14
pittizyga: ah, that one; indeed, that rocks09:14
pittiseb128: no, I don't think so09:14
=== JanC_ [n=janc@dD5764BF4.access.telenet.be] has joined #ubuntu-devel
seb128s-t-d didn't change since beta09:14
pittiseb128: OIC: those are just build deps09:14
seb128ah ok09:15
pittiwhich doesn't change the MIR situation, but explains why they are installable09:15
seb128I'll do MIR, is there any hurry?09:15
pittiseb128: maybe we can even change the package to build without all those additional stuff?09:16
seb128it has an copy09:16
pittiseb128: not that urgent, we just need to settle it before release09:16
seb128ok, "before release"09:16
seb128that was my question09:16
pittiseb128: I can take a look at it as well, I guess you are busy with gnome still09:17
pittiseb128: and I changed to 'do fixes here and there' mode already09:17
=== superm1 [n=superm1@ubuntu/member/superm1] has joined #ubuntu-devel
seb128pitti: I'll have a look tomorrow09:18
mvozyga: heh :) thanks! I can only give that back, you worked hard on it today 09:19
mvotoo late09:19
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bluefoxicyFeisty Fawn will be available on shipit CDs for a small fee right?09:34
=== Marcus_ [n=Marcus@d213-101-248-110.cust.tele2.de] has left #ubuntu-devel ["Verlassend"]
=== LeeJunFan [n=junfan@adsl-69-210-207-5.dsl.klmzmi.ameritech.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
bluefoxicyAnd can we start getting these on labeled CD-RWs instead, and order them during the development cycle?  It'd be neat to have Feisty Fawn CDs early in the dev cycle, and burn them up to the latest release.  Save me time on waiting for CDs to arrive ;)09:37
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tkamppeterpitti, or any dpkg expert, on using "Breaks: cupsys << 1.2.0" I get:09:47
tkamppeterdpkg-gencontrol: warning: can't parse dependency cupsys << 1.2.009:47
tkamppeterdpkg-gencontrol: error: error occurred while parsing Breaks09:47
pittimvo: ^ ?09:47
tkamppeterDoes "Breaks:" really exist?09:47
seb128did you try "cupsys (<< 1.2.0)"?09:48
Keybukbluefoxicy: afaik, we're doing ordinary shipit for feisty; so free CDs, etc.09:48
Keybukthey're pressed CDs, not burned, so labeled RWs wouldn't be possible right now09:48
pittitkamppeter: right, of course you have to enclose it in parentheses09:48
bluefoxicyKeybuk:  nods.  I suppose pressing is easier when you have the facility.  I just don't like waiting the month or two to get them09:49
mvopitti, tkamppeter: breaks should be fully supported now, yeah09:49
tkamppeterpitti, will try it. Thanks.09:49
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=== bluefoxicy laughs as someone complains about the ugly orange/brown color again
wasabi_I have thought of a really fun extension to launchpad-integration I want to make.   "Open Source". I want it to be able to pop open the source code for any app. =)09:53
bluefoxicyI have blubuntu so I no longer have to care09:53
=== finalbeta_ [n=gggggggg@d54C689F7.access.telenet.be] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mvowasabi_: that is a cool idea!09:56
tkamppeterpitti, mvo, now it works perfectly. Thanks. Will make the new foomatic-db files available for upload.09:56
pittitkamppeter: great09:56
=== sacater_ [n=sacater@host81-152-157-46.range81-152.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittiwasabi_: bringing the 'source' button of OLPC to Ubuntu!09:57
mvotkamppeter: cool!09:57
pittihave a good evening everyone!09:58
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jcolewhy does network-manager get installed in feisty?10:24
jcolewhen i remove network-manager, my whole system destabilizes10:27
jcole$ liferea10:27
jcolelibnm_glib_nm_state_cb: dbus returned an error. (org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown) The name org.freedesktop.NetworkManager was not provided by any .service files10:27
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jcoleso, my question is, since network-manager is a dependent of ubuntu-desktop, is it a bug?10:28
ScottKSo your question is if you remove standard system files and the system no longer works is that a bug?10:29
seb128jcole: looks like a bug of the app, if it needs network-manager it should use a Depends then10:30
jcoleScottK: i'm not sure i would label every package in ubuntu-desktop as a "standard system file"10:30
=== zyga [n=zyga@ubuntu/member/zyga] has joined #ubuntu-devel
ScottKjcole: True, but only so many configs can be tested and if you step outside those configs, I tend to think it's on your own nickel, but what seb128 says makes perfect sense.10:32
cjwatsonScottK: removing packages that are Recommends of ubuntu-desktop is supported.10:32
ScottKcjwatson: Thanks.10:32
cjwatsonwhich is not to say bug-free10:32
jcoleseb128: i originally removed network-manager since my networking was really slow with it, so i removed it... after removal though, apps i use consistently such as firefox, gaim, and evolution freeze up constantly10:34
seb128that's weird10:34
seb128did you restart dbus?10:34
mlankhorstI prefer knetworkmanager O_O10:34
mlankhorstwhich is same as network-manager10:35
giskardhow can be the network slow with n-m?10:35
giskardmlankhorst, knm is a front-end, as nm-applet10:35
jcoleseb128: my system has been rebooted a few times since due to kernel updates10:35
seb128mlankhorst: not the right chan10:35
=== markoa [n=markoa@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mlankhorstI'm aware10:35
jcoletry to remove network-manger for a day10:35
mlankhorstthen I wouldn't have wireless networking10:36
seb128jcole: it's only configuring your network, no reason for it to be slower if the config is done correctly10:36
=== capiira [n=capiira@dslb-088-064-072-239.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
capiirahi all anyone know where i can get the feisty kernel source for linux-image-2.6.20-14-generic? so i can compile it by myself10:41
capiirais there no ubuntu kernel source with all the defaults that ubuntu use?10:42
capiirai just need to disable USB_SUSPEND kernel option to make my scanner work10:43
mlankhorstcapiira: just copy the /boot/config-* file to /usr/src10:43
capiirayeah but ubuntu also added extra drivers etc. to the kernel10:45
jcoleseb128: after a fresh feisty install i knew network-manager was the culprit to my slow networking cause everything sped up after i removed it... i notice there has been some updates to network-manager recently so maybe all is good... i'll keep testing10:47
=== jcole should probably quit griping and acknowledge that feisty is still in a bit of a flux 8)
Mithrandircjwatson: casper> I didn't like it, but I guess I might be inclined to change that for feisty+110:50
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capiiraso there is no download location to have a 100% identical ubuntu kernel with just USB_SUSPEND off?10:52
capiiraand i will need to use the kernel.org one?10:53
=== seb128 [n=seb128@ubuntu/member/seb128] has joined #ubuntu-devel
cjwatsonMithrandir: so I found a couple of obvious-ish problems in casper that were breaking persistency10:56
cjwatsonMithrandir: one is that the Debian merge was half-done, and root_persistence et al were unset10:56
cjwatsonMithrandir: the other is that the lack of parse_cmdline means that PERSISTENT could never be set even if you put persistent on the command line10:56
cjwatsonMithrandir: however, having fixed both of those, I still can't quite get it to work10:57
cjwatsonMithrandir: even after having stuck in a udevsettle, the USB disk seems to appear somewhere between looking for $root_persistence and looking for $root_snapshot_label10:58
cjwatsonmaybe I should try adding a udevtrigger as well10:58
=== JanC [n=janc@lugwv/member/JanC] has joined #ubuntu-devel
cjwatsonMithrandir: are you dealing with the unapproved queue? in particular I'd really like console-setup and partman-auto (which I uploaded so can't review)11:01
Mithrandircjwatson: yes, I'm doing it right now11:01
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Keybukthis is damned odd ... my DNS server has randomly stopped working11:04
=== jbailey [n=jbailey@modemcable178.77-70-69.static.videotron.ca] has joined #ubuntu-devel
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RoTeRborschty is you interested in look at a disabled people having sex movie?11:05
seb128Mithrandir: would you accept http://bugzilla.gnome.org/attachment.cgi?id=85207&action=view (https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/evolution/+bug/82322)? it adds a string to the evolution encoding menu11:05
ubotuMalone bug 82322 in evolution "Arabic encoding not included" [Low,Confirmed]  11:05
RoTeRborschty is you interested in look at a disabled people having sex movie?11:05
=== mode/#ubuntu-devel [+o Keybuk] by ChanServ
=== mode/#ubuntu-devel [+b *!*roter@*.dip.t-dialin.net] by Keybuk
=== RoTeR was kicked off #ubuntu-devel by Keybuk (no, we are not interested)
=== harpreet [n=harpreet@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Mithrandirseb128: yes, please.11:06
seb128Mithrandir: ok, doing an upload soon then11:06
=== thepumpkin1979 [n=jhernand@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
cjwatsonMithrandir: I've committed my casper changes, but as I say they don't quite work for me. :-(11:11
cjwatson(they don't make things any worse, but ... still no great drive to upload them unless they work for *somebody*)11:11
Mithrandircjwatson: thanks; I'll see if I can find the time to look at them while spinning CDs.11:11
harpreetColin: Hi Colin - Harpreet here from Sun11:12
cjwatsonharpreet: hi11:12
cjwatsonharpreet: the description you sent of your changes looked reasonable to me11:12
harpreetColin: I wanted to upload the GlassFish packages. Double checking to see if revu is still the place to upload.11:13
harpreetColin: Thanks - sigh of relief :-)11:13
cjwatsonharpreet: if that's how you worked last time, it's still good11:13
shawarmaDoes the ubuntu user on the liveCD have a password?11:13
cjwatsonI was kind of hoping dholbach would reappear to upload them, but I guess he's done for the night11:13
harpreetColin: great I will upload the packages and send you an email.11:13
=== phanatic_ [n=phanatic@ubuntu/member/phanatic] has joined #ubuntu-devel
cjwatsonthanks, if all else fails I'll see if I can extract them from revu to upload them myself11:14
cjwatsonharpreet: sorry again for the speed-bumps in the process11:14
harpreetColin: So what happens next? When do you get back to me with a final green signal?11:15
harpreetColin: speed bumps - I have bitten away all my nails :-). Thanks for  the review.11:15
=== fnordus [n=dnall@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== thepumpkin1979 [n=jhernand@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
cjwatsonharpreet: it's a hectic time for us right now, but I guess it will probably be (very) late tonight11:16
harpreetColin: Thanks - I will sign off now. I will upload and send an email to you in the next 2 hours.11:16
=== acacs [n=acacs@20132141173.user.veloxzone.com.br] has joined #ubuntu-devel
cjwatsonMithrandir: give me a ring if you need anything; my mobile's switched off but my home number is available11:19
Lutinseb128: thanks for the python-gpod upload11:20
Mithrandircjwatson: thanks.  I think I'm fine, but having a backup is useful.11:20
seb128Lutin: np, thank you for the patch11:20
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jcoleok, my guess is network-manager "registers" with dbus but does not "unregister" when it's uninstalled affecting all apps that use dbus11:24
=== phanatic_ [n=phanatic@ubuntu/member/phanatic] has joined #ubuntu-devel
jcoleafter reinstalling network-manager networking does not seem slow and my apps have not froze up yet11:26
giskardjcole, did you reload dbus? (but this should be done by the postrm script)11:26
smurfgiskard: n-m does not *have* a postrm script11:27
Keybukdebug1: An invalid name was supplied11:28
KeybukCannot determine realm for numeric host address11:28
Keybuk^ never seen that from ssh before11:28
MithrandirKeybuk: kerberos enabled by default, afaik11:28
Keybukrebooting everything cured my DNS problem11:29
giskardKeybuk, http://www.debian-administration.org/articles/27611:30
jcolegiskard: ya, after a reboot and a login, dbus seems to reload via the gnome-settings-daemon11:34
=== Gman [i=gman@nat/sun/x-bde3f19a347d5e51] has joined #ubuntu-devel
giskardonly after a reboot due to the dbus init script, afaik11:38
jcolecrap, gaim froze up agian11:39
jcoleso did evolution11:39
=== infinity [n=adconrad@cerberus.0c3.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
jcolewell, i'm not sure how to debug this11:42
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Mithrandirseb128: are all the tarballs done and uploaded?11:49
seb128Mithrandir: yes, I've not uploaded gnome-python it ftbfs due to a python2.5 bug (archive version does the same) but we don't need it11:50
Mithrandirseb128: ok, thanks.11:50
cjwatsonMithrandir: ubiquity uploading in a few minutes11:51
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Mithrandircjwatson: few enough that I can review it before the publisher hits or should I hold it back?11:52
cjwatsonhmm, and need a d-i upload too11:52
cjwatsonthat will have to be one publisher run hence though11:53
cjwatson(for console-setup)11:53
Mithrandirok, so I should just let it run, then?11:53
cjwatsonMithrandir: err ... depends how fast I can build it11:53
seb128Mithrandir: I've just uploaded evolution listing arabic encoding11:54
Mithrandirseb128: thanks a lot.11:54
seb128Mithrandir: it fixes also the "opening evolution calendar from the gnome-panel applet broken"11:54
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seb128Mithrandir: np11:54
Mithrandirseb128: yay, you rock.11:54
Mithrandirseriously, you do.11:55
seb128you rock as well!11:56
=== seb128 hugs Mithrandir
Mithrandircjwatson: you don't need the new console-setup for ubiquity too?11:56
cjwatsonMithrandir: *handwave* pay no attention to the man behind the curtain11:56
=== Mithrandir nods.
cjwatson(that's done at source upload time, so I can fake it into place)11:57
MithrandirI know11:57
MithrandirI just thought you didn't want to fake it.11:57
cjwatsonnah, don't mind doing it there, I do it often enough and it's easy11:58
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cjwatsonMithrandir: in unapproved now11:59
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shawarmaDoes the ubuntu user on the live cd have a password?12:00
Mithrandirshawarma: blank one.12:00
=== shawarma slaps his forehead.
MithrandirI should really write that queue-to-rss tool at some time, so I can hook an IRC bot into it.12:00
shawarmaI didn't even think of trying that.12:00
shawarmaMithrandir: Thanks.12:00
Mithrandirit's documented in the casper script, but I don't know of any other useful places to document it.12:01
Mithrandirthe idea is the user should never see it.12:01
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Mithrandircjwatson: accepted; publisher running.12:06

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