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chakshi ajmitch12:27
chaksi have got the gile ajmithc, may be you could have a look now?12:39
chaksand i think we could choose ldap instead of database12:40
chaksby writing our schemas12:40
chaksi was able to get the pdf of that copy12:41
chaksno we could change some of the things12:41
chaksajmitch, did u get it?01:20
chakssleepy ?01:20
ajmitchyes, I got it01:21
chaksis it worth ? , your suggestions to change01:22
=== ajmitch only had a brief look so far
ajmitchlooks useful, descriptions are a bit brief01:32
chaksso you want me to explain more, tomorrow i am goingto modify to hold custom ldap schemas01:39
chaksand whats the format that ubuntu expects?01:40
chaksany link on that?01:40
ajmitchsee SpecTemplate on the wiki01:40
chakshelping few in forums :)01:42
chaksby answering their queries01:42
ajmitchyeah I saw01:44
chaksu showed me the list of available wireless network in my room that day01:47
chaksi dont get that in my ubuntu ajmitch01:47
chakswat package is that?01:47
chaksits already installed01:53
chaksbut i could not see the wireless networks around...need to check01:53
ajmitchcheck that the wireless is on :)01:54
=== ajmitch has a wifi kill switch on the front of the case
ajmitchvery annoying to accidentally bump it01:54
chaksthe "Enable Wireless" in the Network Manager Applet is ticked01:55
ajmitchyeah, but the interface may not really be active01:55
ajmitchwhat does ifconfig say about it?01:56
chaksi dont have ipaddress for wireless01:57
chaksbut eth1 is there01:57
chakseth0 and eth101:57
chaksin ifconfig01:57
chaksand in network-admin, my wirelss is "Enable Roaming mode" ticked01:57
chaksif i untick that,its asking for configuration options01:57
=== ajmitch shrugs
ajmitchhard to debug that stuff remotely :)01:59
chaksno probs01:59
chakslet us debug in person sometime when we meet :)02:00
=== ajmitch should sleep
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