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orangeyhey all!06:10
orangeyI'm having an issue with suspend/resume on an NC640006:10
orangeythe keyboard stops working until a command is issued..06:10
orangeyI was wondering how I could propose a patch for something like this without actually fixing the kernel problem..06:10
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MithrandirBenC: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-source-2.6.20/+bug/97325 ; any idea about this?03:03
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rtgMithrandir: bug 97325 is so convoluted its hard to tell what he has. Get him to just boot from the live CD and see what his disk arrangement looks like.03:08
Mithrandirit would probably be better if some kernel person talks to him and gets the needed information from him; he's andersja@gmail.com on jabber.03:09
mjg59_rtg: I've been looking at the wireless/n-m issue again. As far as I can tell, wpa_supplicant never gets the association message from netlink, despite iwevent showing it03:10
rtgSo, since I touched it last, I'm stuck :)03:10
=== kkubasik [n=kjk38@kjk38-laptop.STUDENT.CWRU.Edu] has joined #ubuntu-kernel
zulrtg: pretty much :)03:10
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orangeyhey all!03:11
BenCrtg: Get dmesg from -14, and lspci -vvn03:12
Mithrandirwould anybody mind if I nuke any kernel modules < 2.6.20 (< 2.6.19 for xen modules) from feisty?03:12
Mithrandirwe seem to ship stuff like the vmware-player-modules for 2.6.1503:12
zulxen-source uses 2.6.1903:13
maks_xen is pretty unstable on 2.6.2003:14
zulbut I would kill linux-source-2.6.19 ;)03:14
_ionbenc: It was intentional to put nvidia_new as the last item in the nvidia_supported line in debian/rules, right?03:14
BenC_ion: Is ordering importing?03:14
BenCerr, important03:14
BenCI need another lrm upload to fix the ppc ftbfs anyway03:15
BenC_ion: should I make _new first?03:15
BenCMithrandir: for feisty, there should be only 2.6.2003:15
BenCwell, and 2.6.19 for xen I guess03:16
MithrandirBenC: yup, just wanted to make sure03:16
orangeyhmmm. I know it's a basic question, but this is the first time I use linux on a multi-core.. do I use -generic for it? or 686-smp?03:17
Mithrandirorangey: -generic03:17
zulBenC: the 2.6.20 xen patch from fedora doesnt work too well03:17
BenCMithrandir: in regards to the kernel plans for release, I was hoping the kernel-team could work on release-critical bugs this week, and we could do a non-abi changing upload this weekend post-RC03:17
BenCMithrandir: That sound ok?03:17
_ionbenc: I should have commented it more, but there was a comment in nvidia_supported itself. The first argument describes the preferred driver and the ones that follow are fallbacks. With the current state, nvidia_new is only used if neither nvidia or nvidia_legacy support a given PCI ID. To prefer nvidia_new whenever it supports the card, use nvidia_supported $(rbuilddir)/$$i/nv-new/nv-kernel.o nvidia_new $(rbuilddir)/$$i/nv/nv-kernel.o nvidia ...03:17
BenCorangey: -generic is SMP03:17
_ion... $(rbuilddir)/$$i/nv-legacy/nv-kernel.o nvidia_legacy03:17
BenC_ion: That's not so bad really03:18
MithrandirBenC: ugh, not very happy about that.03:18
MithrandirBenC: give me a bit of time to discuss it?03:18
mjg59_Mithrandir: Right now the HPA stuff is still a serious regression03:18
BenCMithrandir: well, we have some fixes to get out, and getting an upload done in time for RC is just not possible03:19
_ionbenc: Kind of true, since 97xx hasn't received as much testing as 96xx.03:19
BenCMithrandir: we will make every effort to ensure it wont change ABI though, so we can pretty much guarantee that -14 will be the released ABI...with an upload this weekend, it still gives us plenty of time to CD test the new kernel03:20
_ionbenc: But at least for feisty+1, the drivers probably should be prefered in the order of descending version number.03:21
orangeyMithrandir and BenC: Thank you.03:23
orangeynow to try to fix Bug #105155 : )03:23
BenC_ion: right...for not, I'll leave it, and just let 9755 be chosen for cards so new they need it03:23
BenCerg, "for now"03:23
_ionbenc: All right.03:23
BenC_ion: guess it was a decent mistake to make...oh, and thanks for all your help with it03:24
BenCpity it took me so long to get things out03:24
BenCit's was a horrid mess03:24
_ionThanks for your trouble. I realize you have a lot to do, especially just before a release. :-)03:24
_ionI take it the patch that actually modifies the modules' alias lists is also going to get to feisty+1?03:25
_ionJust installing the override files to /usr/share/l-r-m is okay, restricted-manager has already been modified to read them.03:26
_ionBut it would naturally be quite nice to get the accurate lists from the modules themselves.03:26
BenC_ion: I'm not sure of the side effects of putting actual module aliases in there03:29
BenCworried about autoloading and such03:30
BenCkylem: Do you have a comparison handy of the ABI changes from the HPA patch?03:30
_ionbenc: The current aliases in the modules are only *broader*. If the modules are being autoloaded with the modified patterns, they're *definitely* being autoloaded with the current patterns.03:30
cjwatsonnot massively happy about overriding abichecker warnings - nearly every time we've done that before it's bitten us, and we swore not to do it again03:31
BenCcjwatson: well, before we ignored actual ABI changes03:31
kylemiirc this one only effects libata-core symbols03:31
kylemthere should be no binary modules like that...03:31
BenCcjwatson: the problem with the checker is that it is not smart enough to tell when a function moves without change03:32
BenCcjwatson: moving without change really isn't a problem so long as all the symbols stay in the same package03:32
_ionbenc: But anyway, the current way is fine for feisty.03:33
BenCbut I worry that HPA does more than move the symbols03:33
kylemBenC, it doesn't change function prototypes or anything03:33
BenC_ion: I'm following KISS right now :)03:33
_ionbenc: Yeah. :-)03:33
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rtgmjg59_: I'm not ignoring you. I just have too many balls in the air. I'm also looking at wpasupplicant source. 03:48
mjg59_rtg: No problem03:49
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kylemBenC, kyle.mcmartin.ca/abi03:54
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mjg59_kylem: Good to go with the HPA code and the lba48 fix04:00
kylemyou're sure?04:01
kylemand it's using piix?04:01
mjg59_It's coming up with ata_piix and I'm getting good values04:01
kylemcan you try a cold boot?04:01
mjg59_That was a cold boot04:01
mjg59_Want me to try a warm one?04:01
mjg59_kylem: Still good. Ship it.04:05
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=== Topic (#ubuntu-kernel): set by BenC at Sun Apr 1 19:07:28 2007
(rtg/#ubuntu-kernel) BenC: looking...04:28
BenCmaks_: ping05:00
maks_BenC: around05:01
maks_btw i switched initramfs-tools repo to git05:01
BenCmaks_: Hey, where's the patch that makes update-initramfs pull the .bak when it fails for kernel version?05:01
maks_directly out of LP, let me dig the bug nr05:02
maks_-> http://git.debian.org/?p=kernel/initramfs-tools.git;a=commitdiff;h=5dfd85f416a10b1c41ca7005de38b58715c04472;hp=c4343742b3bf028e467ac8a58ead95c9bfefc62805:02
BenCmaks_: thanks05:03
kylemmjg59_, do we want to keep my reprogram piix as ahci patch anyway or should i turf it?05:03
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kylemok good05:32
kylemit wasn't me who broke the abi now. ;-)05:32
kylemsomething is friggity fucked, i'm getting the same abi differences with the patches reverted.05:32
kylemand i know they actually reverted since i'm getting the kvm diff too05:33
rtgBenC: I just emailed a proposed patch for bug #96480. Lemme know if it seems reasonable.05:34
maks_BenC: np, patch works for given testcase :)05:43
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BenCrtg: reviewing05:50
BenCrtg: I think the missing element is setting adapter.name...all the other i2c_add_adapter() uses I see don't need to call device_initialize(), but they do set .name05:53
rtgBenC: You might be right. device_register() calls device_initialize().05:55
pkl_The "**WARNING** I2C adapter driver []  forgot to specify physical device; fix it!" message itself is harmless05:57
rtgpkl: except for the name which is NULL.05:57
pkl_I've chery-picked a patch from 2.6.21-rc1 that remove that warning.05:58
BenCthat shows up for nvidia too05:59
BenCor maybe it was ati05:59
BenCrtg: Could you see about getting a built kernel to that person for testing?05:59
BenCrtg: Might be able to get away with just sending them the module compiled for -generic if they seem capable enough to add it in /lib/modules/...05:59
rtgBenC: Yes. I'm still trying to figure out what the name should be.06:00
BenC"ACPI EC HC smbus driver"06:00
BenCseems ok06:00
rtgIsn't there an instance number?06:00
BenCsnprintf(smbus->adapter.name, I2C_NAME_SIZE,06:01
BenC                "SMBus nForce2 adapter at %04x", smbus->base);06:01
BenCguess you can do something like that06:01
rtgBenC: I'm looking upstream to see what they have done.06:01
mjg59_kylem: Eh, depends if you think it's worth it. It's certainly not high-risk.06:05
mjg59_Sorry, certainly not high-priority06:05
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BenCok, I've had my morning burn in time, need lunch06:26
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BenCLooks like today might be a good day to start on feisty+1 kernel tree06:40
BenClooking forward to dumping kernel-package from build-deps06:40
zulBenC: I think everybody is06:41
=== kylem really thinks we should re-evaluate the effectiveness of git though...
zul*cough* mercurcial *cough*06:41
BenCkylem: I think removing the ubuntu/* stuff from our main tree will help alleviate most of our problems06:41
kylemno. but it really makes it quite difficult to see precisely what code we changed.06:42
BenCgit-diff-tree upstream-linux..HEAD06:42
zulBenC: the cp build/vanilla build/ubuntu-xen idea is still ok isnt it?06:42
kylemthat doesn't work nearly as well as you'd think06:42
kylemand provides no context06:42
BenCkylem: I think if I also started enforcing a rebase instead of just merging, it would go a long way to help that too06:43
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kylemkeeping all patches in quilt and keeping the quilt-with-all-patches tree in git would not be too bad...06:44
kylembut yea, i agree06:45
kylemubuntu/ out of the maintree would help phenomenally.06:45
cjwatsonbuilding in .diff.gz mode way earlier would help06:45
BenCcjwatson: we might be able to do that for feisty+1 with ubuntu/* in a separate package06:46
BenCit's all our third part drivers that kept that from being sane06:46
cjwatsonwell, also basing on 2.6.20 before it was out06:47
zulkeeping an ubuntu/patches list would be cool for 3rd party crack (ie: xen openvz)06:47
BenCthe other problem is the amount of actual patches we have to the main repo06:47
BenCwe have patches we've been carrying around since breezy because upstream wont take it, or the real fixes are "being worked on"06:47
kylemwell, with a bigger kernel team, it's possible we'll actually be able to do proper fixes for some of them, no?06:48
BenCyeah, I'm hoping that's what happens :)06:48
zulcommunity can help as well ;)06:48
BenConce I get feisty+1 tree open, we can identify them, and work to have them upstream for next kernel06:49
BenCbased on release times, I think feisty+1 will end up being 2.6.22, so that gives us that merge window to send things to linus et al06:50
BenCit's cool that feisty will end up releasing with the latest stable kernel version instead of a 1 or 2 out version :)06:52
cjwatsonI think that's worked out relatively well and will work well for feisty+1 too, but maybe not for feisty+206:52
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cjwatsonor whichever ends up being LTS (but current projection is feisty+2 I think)06:53
kylemso next october would be LTS?06:53
BenCyeah, we'll need more cooking time on that one06:53
cjwatsonfeisty+2 == April 200806:54
kylemah, right06:54
BenCFYI, I'll be moving ubuntu-2.6.git over to ubuntu-feisty.git sometime in the next few days06:55
BenCso if ubuntu-2.6 goes missing, or shows up as not of the same parent, you'll know why :)06:56
kylemwould it not be easier just to name them ubuntu-${mascot} from the beginning :)06:56
=== kylem ducks & runs.
BenCthat would be like intuitive or something...not really my style06:57
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BenCproblem is I don't know $mascot for feisty+1 yet :P06:57
kylemi don't think it's been announced yet, so you have a point there, :\06:58
zulhow about ubuntu-dev06:58
BenCnot really much better than ubuntu-2.606:58
kylemBenC, *shudder*07:03
BenCAnd anyone that corrects me on why that isn't a good bear, gets the award for being most pedantic :)07:04
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rtgBenC: I still think bug #96480 is because of an uninitialized device structure. I'm betting it is an uninitialized parent in device_add():464. Could this be a race with platform_bus_init()? I'm almost sure that could be the case in 2.6.20-20.12 when folks get the "forgot to specify physical device" message.08:20
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jbaileyBenC: Around?10:46
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BenCjbailey: yeah11:25
anti_popsorry, i know its not a support channel. but i cant find an answer: should i use the -generic kernel oder -386 (my cpu is amd athlon xp)11:27
jbaileyBenC: Heya, I don't think we ever finished talking about the best way for out-of-tree modules to get updated.11:27
jbaileyBenC: Is now a good time?11:27
BenCjbailey: given the recent experience with vbox, I'm leaning toward not putting them in the kernel :)11:27
Nafalloanti_pop: generic, as the description says.11:28
jbaileyBenC: Right, so I think we were last stuck at the fact that I was concerned that building them on boot meant that boot time wouldn't be deterministic after an upgrade.11:29
BenCjbailey: ah, right11:29
BenCjbailey: should we reserve some topic time at UDS?11:29
anti_popok, thats what i used to. but somehow im running -386 now, will return to generic. thanks to the team for providing nvidias 9631 driver now (!)11:30
BenCwill you be there?11:30
jbaileyI won't be.  I'm giving a talk at JavaOne this year.11:30
BenCjbailey: will anyone from support be there?11:30
jbaileyBesides, after the stories of the last trip to Spain, I think this vegan can stay home. =)11:30
jbaileyYup, Etienne and Fabian will both be there.11:30
BenCOk, from what I understand the kernel team will have a room reserved for adhoc discussions, so maybe this is a good topic for rounding those two up11:31
jbaileyEtienne will certainly want it fixed, I'm not sure if he cares much what the solution is, so long as there's something standard he can plug into.11:31
jbaileyAh, nice.11:31
jbaileyIf you're gobbied up and I'm not on the west coast at that particular moment,  I'll try to tune in.11:31
jbaileyI suspect I will be.  I'm in the bay area for a week.11:31
BenCthe feisty+1 kernel build system will be built from scratch and we plan to implement some hooks for different things11:31
jbaileyOoo.  Are we doing the no-more-make-kpkg dance?11:32
BenCyes, amen11:32
jbailey'cause making those hppa patches was really miserable. =)11:32
BenCI have an hppa here that I need to get back up, so I should be able to keep it building this time11:33
BenCI stopped messing with it after edgy stopped booting for me :)11:33
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jbaileyNice.  Hppa should generally work well for feisty+1 I think.11:33
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