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[Cade] Are these FF3 builds fairly usable?01:10
gnomefreak[Cade] : yes fairly01:11
gnomefreakasac: you around?01:11
[Cade] Awesome. :)01:11
gnomefreakasac: i need a bug number/testcase for the ff build01:12
gnomefreak[Cade] : just keep in mind they are unofficial builds01:14
[Cade] of course01:14
[Cade] I was using the Mozco tarball before01:14
[Cade] for Gran Paradiso01:15
[Cade] do these packages have the usual ubuntu patches applied?01:15
gnomefreak[Cade] : no01:15
[Cade] ok01:16
gnomefreakthey have a few patches that we implemented but not all01:16
[Cade] any patches regarding fonts?01:16
[Cade] ok01:16
[Cade] thanks =)01:16
gnomefreak[Cade] : https://code.beta.launchpad.net/~asac/firefox/trunk  is the list of changes01:19
gnomefreakasac: let me know a testcase whne your around im gonna go eat dinner and maybe take pain killer01:22
[Cade] bah - I wish the Beta Testers team would finally approve my launchpad account: I was supposed to be approved a week ago =/01:24
ajmitch[Cade] : being in the LP beta testers team doesn't really matter at the moment, since I doubt there's anything different about it01:27
[Cade] Fair enough - but I had to copy/paste the link and remove the beta -_-01:28
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gnomefreakopps forgot about that :(02:04
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asacgnomefreak: you have to test if you can see remote file systems now02:30
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gnomefreakhmmmmm like ssh?02:30
asacif you don't see remote mounts in gnome nautilus02:31
asacyou don't have one02:31
asacyou need something like samba share02:31
asaci guess02:31
gnomefreakwell that sucks02:31
asacjust upload packages and as drop jwendell a mail02:32
asache should test02:32
gnomefreakok i will upload tonight/and tomorrow02:32
asacbtw, debian etch is out :)02:32
asacnow things go ahead again in debian02:33
gnomefreakso where are we merging from now?02:33
asactill feisty we don't merge :)02:36
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Admiral_Chicagoasac: working on bughelper. trying to get you that seach term to get you master reports out08:40
Admiral_Chicagounfortunetly, it takes a while to figure out if i'm correct08:43
Admiral_Chicagoasac: Bug #105066 will address our issue09:36
ubotuMalone bug 105066 in bughelper "Wishlist, please add summary searches only" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/10506609:36
asacAdmiral_Chicago: yes :) ... i did some bughelper work as well. its faster if you give bughelper a prepared query url instead of just the package10:03
Admiral_Chicagoare we looking to just list the Master reports?10:04
asacyes ... but in order to test your clues you can just try to process a subset of open bugs :)(10:13
asace.g. by giving url10:13
Admiral_Chicagooh yea. I see what you mean. I'll have to get to that later.10:14
Admiral_Chicago@now Chicago10:14
ubotuCurrent time in America/Chicago: April 10 2007, 03:14:48 - Next meeting: Technical Board in 11 hours 45 minutes10:14
Admiral_Chicagoyea....that-s the problem.10:14
gnomefreakasac: i sent him email and everything is uploaded (not in repo)10:34
asacgnomefreak: ty10:39
=== gnomefreak injoins that :)
gnomefreakok im afraid to do this but i think im gonna make tb2 today10:42
asachave fun ;)10:43
asacprobably use the firefox-trunk package as blueprint to start with10:43
gnomefreaki cant use its patches and that i think is whats causing all my errors. wish compiling would tell me why it wont take a patch10:44
gnomefreaki guess i should build see why it fails than go from there. since i lost log10:47
gnomefreakasac: 20_visability patch is needed correct?10:50
asacfor it is ... yes10:52
gnomefreakthan it needs to be changed10:52
asacgnomefreak: use it from iceape-1.1.110:52
gnomefreakgood one10:52
asacmaybe the tbird 1.5 one won't apply :)10:53
asacgnomefreak: are you using firefox-trunk package to start with?10:53
gnomefreakno that would be too hard. im just doing it by replacing 2.0 in the archive dir. and trying to get patches to apply10:54
gnomefreaki didnt think firefox trunk would help since its firefox10:55
gnomefreak10_pangoxft_linkage.dpatch shouldnt be needed correct?10:56
gnomefreaklooking at patches for trunk firefoc they are not the same ones used in tb. If you mean use it as a templete to build it (like instead of using archive dir. and reworking a bit of everything i think thats gonna be a bit tough. but if i get it to build i will be glad to try it i guess by keeping debian/patches/ from tb and replacing rules with trunck rules and so on11:00
asacfirefox-trunk package is the way to start with11:02
asacyou have to rename in control11:02
asacand in rules11:02
asacchange changelog and move firefox.install to thunderbird.install files11:02
asaci can't tell for the pango patch11:02
asacif you cannot find it in firefox patchset (for 2.0), we don't need it11:03
asacbut i think we will need some11:03
gnomefreakthose are the 3.0 patches?11:04
gnomefreakill play with this after i wake up a bit its still early11:05
asacno 2.011:06
asacpatches they are11:06
gnomefreaklooking at the debian dir in trunk looks like alot of changes from the way tb is set up. changing rules file scares me because its (im thinking bash) and im not good with bash except simple scripts like command <enter> command <enter> i havent gotten far enough in to use vars. and the fun need to know stuff11:13
AlexLatchfordIs the name of mozilla-thunderbird going to be changed to just thunderbird to coincide with firefoxs' rename in Feisty+1?11:14
gnomefreakim hoping so11:15
AlexLatchfordhmm okay, want me to add it to the next meeting agenda to discuss?11:15
gnomefreakbut that is asacs call11:15
gnomefreakit already was discussed iirc11:15
AlexLatchfordhmm, but no final decision?11:16
AlexLatchfordhow much work would it take to change the name?11:16
AlexLatchfordit is just setting a config variable and rebuilding?11:16
AlexLatchfordor a lot more than that?11:16
asacAlexLatchford: its more11:17
asacwhich is why we did not do it for feisty11:18
AlexLatchfordaha okay11:18
asacyou have to provide transitional packages for instance11:18
AlexLatchfordhmm okay11:18
asacso people automatically upgrade to latest ... though package name has changed11:18
gnomefreakthat means even longer to build11:18
asacgnomefreak: no it doesn't11:18
asactransitional packages are empty packages11:18
asacthat just have a Depends: on the new package11:18
asacand Conflicts: Replaces on the old ones11:19
asaclike firefox has for mozilla-firefox in debian/control (take alook)11:19
AlexLatchfordhas the decision been made by -devel as to whether it is going to take place?11:19
gnomefreakyes i know :) iceape same way11:19
AlexLatchford(I'm just curious)11:19
asaci think i can do the decision.11:20
gnomefreaki think thats an asac decision11:20
AlexLatchfordah okay11:20
=== gnomefreak would say bring it up at first devel meeting for feisty+1
asacout of my guts i would say that we want thunderbird as name11:20
asacbut i will think a bit more about this11:21
AlexLatchfordyeah, because you then have to make the launchpad changes also11:21
asacok ... good point11:21
asacwill remember that11:21
gnomefreakthats a long day :) but wouldnt adding thunderbird be enough for LP since its a new release of ubuntu?11:21
gnomefreakcant change whats already been done in past releases11:22
gnomefreakthe more i look at these files im tempted to let you do initial build atleast until i can wrap head around this.11:25
asaci don't know much about launchpad :)11:26
=== gnomefreak basic LP users
gnomefreakwas there a date set for release of tb 2 or are they still not sure?11:30
asacno news on that front :(11:31
gnomefreak05:44 <          MatBoy > workbean, in Debian, not matter what desktop  enviroment, FF and some other apps are crashing from  time to time11:47
poningruhold on finding that out11:48
gnomefreaki havent had a problem11:48
=== gnomefreak running sid and havent found that it crashes anymore than anything else. its few and far between i get any crash
poningruyeah same here11:50
poningruerr but this is with minefield11:50
gnomefreakok this is bad12:13
gnomefreakanyone using iceape from my repo?12:16
asacnot me :)12:17
asacamd64 member i am12:17
gnomefreaki cant install enigmail12:18
asacyes thats true :)12:18
asacand its not a problem12:18
gnomefreakyou knew this?12:18
asacit just doesn't exist12:18
asaci know it12:18
gnomefreakyes it does :(12:18
asacwe discussed this on ml didn't we?12:18
asacah ... i think it was on mozilla-maintainers on debian list12:19
asacmaybe you want to lurk on that list as well12:19
asacits really low traffic12:19
asacfrom time to time of interest for us as well12:19
gnomefreakwhere is the list so i can sign up12:19
asacMaintainers of Mozilla-related packages <pkg-mozilla-maintainers@lists.alioth.debian.org>12:19
asacthats the page you want :)12:20
gnomefreakoh no your playing with nss?12:20
asacwill end up in your repo soon12:20
gnomefreaksorry to hear that12:20
asace.g. use ssytem nss and system nspr12:20
poningruok so tb2.0 tentative release date is may 1512:20
asacinstead of providing theses libs out of firefox code, make firefox use system libs as well12:21
asacso lets assume 4 Jul12:21
asacnote: tb2.0 will be out 15 days after official support for 1.5 branch has ended12:21
gnomefreakits still failing to build so i will let asac handle initial build of tb 212:21
asacwhat a rush12:22
asacgnomefreak: yeah ... i am currently doing lots of packaging12:22
asactoday is packaging day12:22
asaclets see how far i get12:22
gnomefreakok cool :)12:22
asaconce i have something, things will go to bzr12:22
poningruhmm I should take a crack at it12:22
poningruprobably not though12:22
poningrudue to laziness and other stuffs ;)12:22
asacgnomefreak: you have latest nightlies in your archive?12:23
gnomefreakof what?12:23
asacof the only package we have nightlies of of course :)12:23
gnomefreakno im still getting the error from firefox trying to merge12:23
asacplease go to #bzr and ask them how to resolve that :)12:24
=== gnomefreak was thinking of starting over with clean clone
asacgnomefreak: you can do that too12:24
gnomefreakwhen was latest update to branch?12:24
asacbut for future you got to learn how you can merge12:24
asacthere hasn't been any since you initially cloned12:24
asac@now UTC12:25
ubotuCurrent time in Etc/UTC: April 10 2007, 10:25:13 - Next meeting: Technical Board in 9 hours 34 minutes12:25
asachowever, better learn how to resolve merge conflicts12:25
gnomefreakthan im uptodate. i havent attempted to build from nightly12:25
asacotherwise we get in trouble in case we need some fast action12:25
asacyes you are up to date ... but apparently you get merge conflicts which should not happen12:26
asacas i said before12:26
asacyou have to commit stuff12:26
asachow to do that you can find on the net12:26
gnomefreakcorrect i will check with them this afternoon12:26
asace.g. commit your changes12:26
asacthen merge12:26
asacshould do12:26
asacbut first look if you modified something accidentially (which you did afaik)12:26
asacand reset that to origin state12:26
gnomefreakyes but i though we fixed that12:27
asacwhat is modified according to bzr status ?12:27
gnomefreakit was changelog and something else maybe a patch12:27
asaclook please12:27
gnomefreakcommand was bzr what?12:28
asacyou can commit changelog ... the other thing needs to be reverted12:28
asac< asac> what is modified according to bzr status ?12:28
gnomefreakmodified: debian/changelog debian/patches/series12:29
gnomefreakunknown: browser-snapshot-20070404.tar.bz2 browser-snapshot-20070404.tar.bz2.cdbs-config_list debian/bzr.diff debian/stamp-browser-snapshot-20070328.tar.bz212:29
asacyou can inspect what changed by12:31
asacbzr diff <filename>12:31
asacif you don't want the change you can wipe out local changes by:12:31
asacbzr revert <filename>12:31
asaci guess you should revert debian/patches/series12:31
asacif you did that you can commit debian/changelog12:32
asacafter reverting debian/patches/series you should only see debian/changelog modified12:32
gnomefreakalready reverted it12:32
gnomefreakiirc all it was was the date in version that was changed12:32
gnomefreakah it works12:33
asacgood :)12:34
asacagain you learned something12:34
gnomefreakyep ty :)12:35
gnomefreakim updating my sid chroot because its showing iceape 1.0.8-4 :(12:41
gnomefreakyou would think they would update sid to 1.1.1 since its unstable12:43
gnomefreakmaybe you can enlighten me on why experimental uses iceape 1.1.1-1 now when it was 1.1.1-3 when i built it12:46
gnomefreakwell doesnt look like any changes since i got it the last time. just need to fidure out what to change to make it ubuntu instead of debian12:56
=== gnomefreak heads out for a bit.
ubotuCurrent time in Etc/UTC: April 10 2007, 11:12:45 - Next meeting: Technical Board in 8 hours 47 minutes01:12
asacgnomefreak: simple: you have build from svn01:13
asacwhile experimental doesn't have the latest yet01:13
asacyou mean you have to switch ubuntu branding?01:13
asaclook in debian/patches directories01:13
asacall strings you need to replace should be there01:14
asacgood trunk works well with system nspr and nss01:15
asacnow lets try xul :)01:15
asachmmm ... apparently debian has old xulrunner only :/01:16
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asachi jwendell :)01:20
asacyou succeeded to test?01:21
jwendellasac, hi asac01:21
jwendellasac, it did not work01:21
jwendellasac, i'll try a patch by myself01:21
asacwhat will you try?01:21
jwendellasac, i don't know yet, i'll look at the source01:22
asacmaybe verify that "local-only" property does really not work01:23
asacwho knows what the package you tested was build from :-P01:23
asacthe idea was to extend file chooser constructor:01:24
asac  GtkWidget *file_chooser =01:24
asac      _gtk_file_chooser_dialog_new(title, parent_widget, action,01:24
asac                                   GTK_STOCK_CANCEL, GTK_RESPONSE_CANCEL,01:24
asac                                   accept_button, GTK_RESPONSE_ACCEPT,01:24
asac                                   NULL);01:24
asacby "local-only", FALSE01:24
asacbut i guess you know that :)01:24
jwendellasac, hang on, i'll compile it now01:26
asacjwendell: look at gtk api doc ... not that local-only is not the right name :) ... who knows01:27
jwendellasac, hang on guy01:28
jwendellasac, is there a LP bug about that?01:29
=== jwendell is waiting debuild finish...
asacjwendell: yes there is :)01:30
asacsearch for remote share01:30
asacor something01:30
asacbug 3147101:31
ubotuMalone bug 31471 in firefox "Firefox file selector should show remote shares" [Medium,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/3147101:32
asacit is01:32
jwendellasac, thanks01:32
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=== asac lunch
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asacok back from lunch :)03:14
asacif you need anything, I am here to serve again :)03:15
jwendellasac, still compiling :(03:17
asacjwendell: if i only had a remote filesystem :)(03:18
asacjwendell: are you trying the constructur property way or something else?03:18
jwendellasac, something else03:18
asacoh ... i see that the constructure doesn't take properties ... hehe03:20
asacanyway, if set right, "local-only" should work03:22
jwendellbuild finished, generating debs...03:22
asacjwendell: so what did you try?03:23
jwendellasac, basically: gtk_dialog_set_default_response(GTK_DIALOG(file_chooser), GTK_RESPONSE_ACCEPT);03:24
jwendellgtk_file_chooser_set_local_only(GTK_FILE_CHOOSER(file_chooser), FALSE);03:24
asacthats the way03:24
asacwonder how the hell i found that there is a local-only property??03:24
asaci must have dreamed it :)03:25
jwendellbad dream :)03:25
asacbut somehow close to reality03:25
asacthough not close enough03:25
asacdo i guess it works03:26
jwendellasac, wow, it worked!!!!!!!03:28
jwendellasac, must i attach a debdiff on that bug?03:29
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asacif you want to make a diff, make a diff of that file only03:29
asacotherwise, i would redo it here.03:30
asacthanks for confirming03:30
jwendellasac, but i have changed other stuff also in order to compile03:31
asacshow me debdiff i guess then :)03:31
asacjwendell: can you please try to use that feature here and there ... can you please try if that feature still works if you uninstall gnome-support package?03:35
asacotherwise we are not finished  :(03:35
jwendellasac, it works on file open/save03:36
jwendellasac, anything else???03:37
asacextension install?03:37
asacif there is a file dialog for that in firefox at all03:37
asacjwendell: does it work without gnome-support package as well?03:37
hjmfasac: is there a safemode (aka --safe-mode) for thunderbird?03:41
asac-safe-mode is the option03:41
asaci don't know since when --safe-mode works03:41
asacguess its for 2.x +03:41
jwendellasac, well.... it doesn't work.. it shows the places at dialog, i can browse, but can't open or save any file on a remote share03:41
asacso we have to do something about it03:41
jwendellasac, i guess we must change other functions03:42
asacjwendell: can we move development to trunk so patches become suitable for upstream submission?03:42
asaci have a firefox-trunk package you can use03:42
asacit uses quilt for patch management03:42
asacits pretty simple03:42
asacif you need anything let me know ... if you don't want to develop on trunk we can do it on branch ... but trunk would be much more preferred :-D03:43
hjmfin firefox certainly it is, but I cannot find in mozilla-thunderbird03:43
hjmfI ask because of bug 5463703:43
asactbird is still 1.5 -> use -safe-mode03:43
ubotuMalone bug 54637 in mozilla-thunderbird "Searching in messages freezes Thunderbird" [Medium,Needs info]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/5463703:43
asacnot --safe-mode03:43
jwendellasac, are you a firefox developer?03:44
hjmfwill test, though mozilla-thunderbird --help 2>&1 | grep safe yields noting03:44
asacjwendell: depends on who can claim himself a firefox developer :)03:44
asacjwendell: i would say no ;)03:44
jwendellasac, where is trunk?03:45
asacwait a sec03:45
asacclone bzr branch:03:45
asacbzr branch http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~asac/firefox/trunk firefox-trunk03:45
asacthen you can produce new tarball from cvs by03:46
asacfakeroot ./debian/rules neworig03:46
asacit will pull cvs trunk by date03:46
asacthe date that is choosen is encoded in changelog version03:46
hjmfty asac -safe-mode              Disables extensions and themes for this session. :)03:46
asacyou can keep the one currently committed or move date to today03:47
asachjmf: yes03:47
asacis there --safe-mode in the wiki?03:47
asaci remember that i changed one occurrence to -safe-mode03:47
hjmfwill look03:47
asacjwendell: if you don't know quilt and are finished with neworig ... ask me ... i will give you three lines how to produce patches while you code03:48
jwendellasac, this trunk is based on or is it taken from mozilla cvs?03:50
asacits from mozilla cvs03:52
asacand produces you a simple firefox-trunk package03:52
asacfor ubuntu :)03:52
asacimo its even good to develop regular as you can use quilt to manage patches and don't have to deal with cvs pain03:53
asacso you can do everything that you can do in normal mozilla checkout + ubuntu packaging + patch management :)03:54
jwendellasac, by 'from mozilla cvs' you mean firefox 3.0?04:05
asacyes ... i mean whatever is currently on mozilla cvs trunk :)04:08
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jwendellasac, that command: 'fakeroot ./debian/rules neworig' will get whole mozilla or just firefox?04:29
asacwill get firefox profile04:29
asacyou can easily adapt for others though04:29
jwendelli just want firefox ;)04:30
asacjust give it a try ... its a joy :-P04:32
gnomefreakasac: when you said for ubuntu branding to look in patches you didnt mean look in each patch for debiana nd change to ubuntu?05:00
=== asac_ [n=asac@debian/developer/asac] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
gnomefreak65_branding_bug_401824.dpatch looked promising :(05:03
asac_gnomefreak: look further :)05:04
asac_have i been offline?05:05
asac_did you say any more?05:05
gnomefreaknoth that i saw05:05
gnomefreakyour nick never left05:05
gnomefreaki asked something before that but its null now05:05
asac_homepage patch05:06
asac_is one05:06
gnomefreaklooked there05:06
gnomefreakit seems they  point to seamonkey and that is fine atm05:06
asac_what do you want to change then?05:06
gnomefreakasac_: the name debian to ubuntu05:06
asac_where do you find that name?05:07
gnomefreaktheres one in help>about05:07
gnomefreakthere are a few others iirc05:07
asac_ah ok05:07
asac_i see05:07
asac_its in remove.nonfree05:08
asac_you have to change ORG05:08
asac_ORG_NAME in it05:08
asac_then you have to redo tarball05:08
asac_and ORG_DOMAIN05:08
asac_you will see05:08
asac_debian/remove.nonfree is your friend05:08
asac_then produce new source05:08
asac_and done05:08
asac_actually its my hack ;)05:08
gnomefreaki dont see remove.nonfree patch05:09
asac_s above for path05:09
asac_read with care helps a lot :)05:09
jwendellasac_, i lost my internet conection and have to download entire mozilla cvs again...05:09
asac_oh :(05:09
asac_you have lame connection?05:09
asac_otherwise you could start with gnome freak archive05:10
asac_it has ready sources05:10
asac_you can start with05:10
asac_btw, i have been offline as well :)05:10
gnomefreaki can use fakeroot ./debian/rules neworig to gen the new tar,05:14
asacgnomefreak: yes we know :) ... it was about getting sources from your archive instead of pulling from cvs, but i guess jwendell is going cvs now05:15
gnomefreaki cant use it :(05:19
asacgnomefreak: ?05:19
gnomefreaki get make: *** No rule to make target `neworig'.  Stop. when i run fakeroot ./debian/rules neworig05:19
asacmaybe you are in wrong dir?05:20
gnomefreaki tried in ~/iceape_feisty and ~/iceape_feisty/iceape-1.1.105:21
asacyeah ... neworig is only for firefox trunk05:21
asacfor iceape you have instructions i pasted once05:21
gnomefreaki still have them ah05:21
asacprobably you should make a clean05:22
gnomefreakfakeroot debian/rules source05:22
gnomefreakok clean first05:22
asacthen remove everything bug the debian/ directory05:22
asacdrop seamonkey.tar.gz05:22
asacand run it like you said05:22
asacs/everything bug/everything but/05:22
gnomefreakeverything? like the make files and stuff?05:22
gnomefreakls in source dir shows alot of files05:23
asacgnomefreak: after clean05:27
gnomefreakoh yeah i noticed05:27
asacbest redo things05:28
asaci think it would work05:28
asacif you just do 'source' without removing other things first, but better safe than sorry05:28
gnomefreakits not working05:29
gnomefreakits not building new tar05:29
asacremove the orig.tar.gz before05:32
asacthen it might work05:32
gnomefreakyeah i did and than just now screwed up and cleaned out trash bin and ofcourse thats where i put it so it was out of way :(05:32
gnomefreakbut i can always pull it in again05:32
gnomefreakmight start over with apt-get source iceape and run it again clean05:33
asacgnomefreak: i don't think you understand. You should remove orig.tar.gz before running rules source05:33
gnomefreaki did05:33
gnomefreaki put it in trash to hold it out of way05:33
asacgnomefreak: then start from svn again05:34
asacapt-get source won't help05:34
gnomefreakoh ok i figured apt-get source from my repo would giv eme latest changes05:34
asacyes, but it would give you already patches orig.tar.gz05:35
asacwhich is not what you want05:35
asacyou want new name05:35
asacin orig.tar.gz05:35
asacthats why we are doing this05:35
asacso start from svn ... use seamonkey.tar.gz05:35
asacand run source if you adapted debian/remove.nonfree05:35
gnomefreakok ill work on this anyother things off hand i should be changing?05:38
asaci will setup a bzr branch for iceape asap ... so you don't have to change anything ;)05:40
gnomefreakeven starting over it wont make new tar.should i add a . infront of debian?06:15
gnomefreakthe command im running fakeroot debian/rules source06:15
asacyou forgot something from instructions then06:17
gnomefreakhmmmm seems its a hidden file and its not named right06:17
gnomefreakits just names orig.tar.gz nothing infront of orig06:17
gnomefreaknamed .orig.tar.gz06:18
gnomefreaksorry forgot the .06:18
gnomefreakyeah it keeps making that tar06:19
jwendellno luck06:21
gnomefreakwhat could i have forgotten? seamonkey.tar > tar xzf sea... mv mozilla iceape1.1.1  cd iceape scn checkout for debian dir. chmod and fakeroot06:22
jwendelldebuild generated alot of errors like this:06:23
jwendelldpkg-source: aviso: file .bzr/repository/knits/78/firefoxrc-20070321172126-hx4btlytc64jyo4n-20.kndx has no final newline (either original or modified version)06:23
jwendelldpkg-source: cannot represent change to .bzr/repository/knits/03/firefoxnsstrunk.pc-20070321172126-hx4btlytc64jyo4n-9.knit: binary file contents changed06:23
jwendelldpkg-source: aviso: file .bzr/repository/knits/03/firefoxnsstrunk.pc-20070321172126-hx4btlytc64jyo4n-9.kndx has no final newline (either original or modified version)06:23
jwendelldpkg-source: cannot represent change to .bzr/repository/knits/05/compat-20070321172126-hx4btlytc64jyo4n-3.knit: binary file contents changed06:23
gnomefreakgonna try with fakeroot ./debian/rules06:23
jwendelldpkg-source: aviso: file .bzr/repository/knits/05/compat-20070321172126-hx4btlytc64jyo4n-3.kndx has no final newline (either original or modified version)06:23
jwendelldpkg-source: cannot represent change to .bzr/repository/knits/99/patches-20070321172126-hx4btlytc64jyo4n-21.knit: binary file contents changed06:23
jwendelldpkg-source: aviso: file .bzr/repository/knits/99/patches-20070321172126-hx4btlytc64jyo4n-21.kndx has no final newline (either original or modified version)06:23
jwendelldpkg-source: cannot represent change to .bzr/repository/knits/83/control-20070321172126-hx4btlytc64jyo4n-4.knit: binary file contents changed06:23
asaci told you you should ask after neworig :)06:23
jwendelldpkg-source: aviso: file .bzr/repository/knits/83/control-20070321172126-hx4btlytc64jyo4n-4.kndx has no final newline (either original or modified version)06:23
jwendelldpkg-source: cannot represent change to .bzr/repository/knits/e2/wikipedia.src-20070321172126-hx4btlytc64jyo4n-25.knit: binary file contents changed06:23
asacstop !!!06:23
jwendelldpkg-source: aviso: file .bzr/repository/knits/e2/wikipedia.src-20070321172126-hx4btlytc64jyo4n-25.kndx has no final newline (either original or modified version)06:23
jwendelldebuild: fatal error at line 1228:06:23
jwendelldpkg-source -b firefox-trunk failed06:23
asaci told you you should ask after neworig :)06:23
gnomefreaksame thing something in rules file isnt building full tar06:24
jwendellasac, sorry, i didn't see06:24
asacno problem06:24
asacyou have to exclude .bzr directory during build06:25
asacby passing -i.bzr to build06:25
asacbetter just build binary package by running06:25
asacdpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -b06:25
asacyou don't need to wait until it finishes06:25
asacjust wait till configure is done06:25
asacif that is the case you can go and do you changes06:25
asacfor that06:26
asacstart a new patch06:26
asacquilt new SOMENAME06:26
asac(you have to be in build-tree/mozilla/** somewhere in order to this to work06:26
asacand before you edit a file you have to add it to the watched files for this patch06:26
asacby quilt add path/to/some/file06:26
asacthen edit it06:27
asacand if you are done you can update patches by06:27
asacquilt refresh --diffstat -U806:27
asacthis will generate diffstat and 8 lines context06:27
asacin addition to patch in debian/patches directory06:27
jwendellasac, isn't cdbs easier?06:27
asacyou can just use make to build06:27
gnomefreakhang out for a minute asac im gonna go for a smoke and i want you to look at a part of rules file and tell me if its right (or if making the changes i did messed it up. brb though06:27
asacjwendell: its cdbs06:27
asacits just that cdbs-edit-patch takes hours :)06:28
jwendellquit == cdbs ?????06:28
asacquilt is patch management more powerful than dpatch06:28
asacits a plugin for cdbs06:29
asacyou can use cdbs-edit-patch06:29
asacbut that takes ages as i said and is disruptive06:29
asaci just use quilt and run make afterwards06:29
jwendellok, i'll try quilt06:29
asacjust three lines above06:29
jwendellright now it's compiling/building firefox06:29
asacyeah ... you can either wait or patch first06:30
jwendellafter deb packages generated, and i make one patch, it's enough to call dpkg-buildpackage with -nc option, in order to not compile everything again?06:30
asacyou can just run make06:32
asacin build-tree/mozilla06:32
asacthen go to build-tree/mozilla/dist/bin06:32
asacand run ./firefox-trunk06:32
asacotherwise its enough to run fakeroot ./debian/rules binary06:32
asacno idea if nc is better or the same06:32
asaclooks like -nc is what you want06:36
asaci do things manually :) if i want things speedy06:36
gnomefreakasac: this is odd06:36
gnomefreakeven without the changes it wont build source06:36
=== poningru_ [n=poningru@adsl-074-245-140-197.sip.gnv.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
jwendellmozilla is a monster06:46
gnomefreakgrabbing new seamonkey source (new as in feb 22 2007) :(06:46
=== gnomefreak goes for smoke (there has to be something im missing)
gnomefreakif im right this is a stupid over look on my part in change log :(07:01
asacgnomefreak: can't telll what you do07:01
gnomefreakthe one thing i did last times and not this time is drop the non mt releases from changelog this time i left them there07:02
asacjwendell: could you do the patching?07:02
gnomefreakthe only thing i did differnet07:02
asacjwendell: if you could first step would be to add a setting which disables/enables this feature in nsFilePicker:Show07:03
jwendellasac, i'm still compiling. I want to see it built/running. So, i'll try to patch it07:03
asacthen we have to do some hack that detects whether gnome-vfs support is supported and enable that setting07:03
asacjwendell: sure07:03
jwendellasac, btw, what do you mean by 'to add a setting which disables/enables this feature'? Shouldn't it be enabled always?07:05
asacno ... as it does not work for everyone07:05
asacit only works if you have gnome-support extension installed07:05
asacdefault is disabled and enabled in case gnome-support is installed07:06
asacjwendell: makes sense?07:06
jwendellasac, sure07:07
asacits not that hard ... only tricky thing is to switch setting at runtime if gnome-support is installed07:07
asacmaybe in the ends not a setting ... but for now it should be good enough07:08
gnomefreakasac: adding ka support?07:13
gnomefreakok this is pissing me off nice and good07:21
gnomefreakasac: when you get time please look at this and tell me if you see something im missing http://gnomefreak.pastebin.ca/43319407:25
=== asac looking
gnomefreakits building a .orig.tar.gz but that is the exact name of it07:32
asacgnomefreak: dunno07:33
asacmaybe you checked out wrong svn branch?07:33
asacyou need experimental?07:33
gnomefreakthe last 3 lines look good to me07:33
gnomefreaksvn checkout svn://svn.debian.org/pkg-mozilla/iceape/branches/experimental/debian debian07:33
asacmaybe bad seamonkey thing?07:34
gnomefreaki tried 3 sources07:34
gnomefreakthe one ive been using and 2 new ones07:34
asacgnomefreak: there were no changes since yesterday on that branch ... so you must be doing something wrong07:34
asacthis does not look like something that the environment could mess up07:35
asacits definitly something with source tree state you are working on07:35
gnomefreakonly things im touching are changelog and remove.nonfree07:35
gnomefreakim gonna try without changing anything07:35
gnomefreakhmmmmm no changes it worked07:36
gnomefreakmaybe the remove.nonfree (changes just those 2 values could be causing this?07:37
asacwhat kind of editor are you using?07:37
asacmaybe its a messy one?07:37
gnomefreakgedit as i always do07:38
asachmmm ... that scares  me ;)07:38
asacis gedit an exact editor?07:38
gnomefreaki think so07:38
asacor does it grant whitespaces when you click?07:38
gnomefreakits exact than07:38
asaci can't tell07:39
asacremove.nonfree should be easy to change07:39
gnomefreakits just the top 2 lines07:39
gnomefreak#! /bin/sh07:39
gnomefreakchange those07:39
asacyou should inspect the bzr diff07:40
asacyou will easily discover where you edited wrong07:40
asacyes those can be changed07:40
gnomefreakthe changelog is doing it07:42
asacreverting changelog helped?07:42
asacthen you have syntax error maybe in changelog07:42
gnomefreaki started over and all i cahged was changelog and ran command and it didnt build it07:42
asacthen take better care that you don't mess semantics :)07:43
asacof changelog07:43
gnomefreakits not done yet but i am doubting it will build tar07:43
gnomefreakthat would be issue07:43
gnomefreakiceape (1.1.1-3.mt2) feisty; urgency=low07:43
gnomefreak  * Changed debian/remove.nonfree to adapt to Ubuntu07:43
gnomefreak -- John Vivirito <gnomefreak@gmail.com>  Tue, 10 Apr 2007 13:40:36 -040007:43
=== gnomefreak has idea
asacyou lack whitespaces07:47
asacnew lines et al07:48
gnomefreakin changelog i have it spaced in this irc window it doesnt like whitespace i guess07:49
gnomefreakstarting over only thing i will touch beofre building new tar is the remove.nonfree and lets see what happens07:50
asaci think you will figure it out somehow ... everyone has to go through this ... its learn by pain :)07:51
gnomefreakits pain :)07:51
=== gnomefreak was trying shortcut and building source with everything changed
gnomefreakhow far did he get with patch?07:52
gnomefreaki got it to build source07:56
asacguess he will come back07:56
asacgnomefreak: congrats ;)07:56
gnomefreakty :)07:56
asac@now PST08:04
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asac@now Pacific08:05
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jwendell@now Maceio08:14
ubotuCurrent time in America/Maceio: April 10 2007, 15:14:10 - Next meeting: Technical Board in 1 hour 45 minutes08:14
jwendellasac, i've made my patch. Now, i go to buid-tree/mozilla and run 'make'?08:14
=== hjmf [n=hjmf@6.Red-88-25-28.staticIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
jwendellasac, will my patch be applied? i guess no, right?08:15
gnomefreak@schedule new_york08:23
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=== gnomefreak will be back later
jwendellasac, i'm running firefox-trunk (in dist/bin) and i'm getting: ./firefox-trunk-bin: error while loading shared libraries: libxul.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory08:30
jwendellasac, this .so is in /usr/lib/firefox-trunk08:30
asacisn't it in dist/bin/ somewhere as well?08:35
asacyou can see what patches are applied by running08:35
asacquilt applied08:35
asacyou can see all that exist under quilt management08:35
asacby quilt series08:36
asacyou can push (apply) currently not applied by08:36
asacquilt push08:36
asacjwendell: ^^^08:36
jwendellpatch is not the problem anymore08:36
jwendelli've run make and it ran normally08:36
jwendelli want to test the binary like you said08:37
asachmmm ... let me see if have build trunk build around08:37
jwendellasac, btw, i'm generating another .deb (just to test the binary)08:38
asacjwendell: it works08:38
asacyou have to rename the file name firefox to firefox-trunk in dist/bin08:38
asacthen run08:38
asacmaybe create a link there08:39
asac instead of rename08:39
asacyour decision :)08:39
jwendellasac, great :)08:39
asacso it works?08:42
asacand new patch is there as well .... even better ;)08:42
jwendellasac, well... same thing as before ( It shows the network shares in dialogs, i can browse, create directories, but can't save or open any file in that places08:47
asacsure now patch goes to second part :)08:53
jwendellasac, how do i edit a patch?08:53
jwendellquilt edit?08:54
asacyou have to start a new patch08:54
asacwith quilt new NAMEOFPATCH08:55
asacthe add files you touch08:55
jwendellasac, but i've created a patch and want to update it08:55
asaca ... ok08:55
asacthought you want to split in two bisect parts08:55
asacyou just edit that file08:55
asacthen run08:55
asacquilt refresh --diffstat -U8 again08:56
asachere comes a good solution08:56
asacyou try to lookup service @mozilla.org/gnome-vfs-service;108:56
asacif that exists you can go ahead and enable remote read ... otherwise not08:56
jwendellasac, before this, we need to make firefox actually read remote files08:57
asacafaik it works if you have gnome-support package installed, right?08:58
asacat least thats what i understood from your analysis so far08:58
jwendellasac, it's not working for me08:58
jwendell<jwendell> asac, well... same thing as before ( It shows the network shares in dialogs, i can browse, create directories, but can't save or open any file in that places08:59
jwendellasac, when opening a file, when i click 'open' button, firefox does nothing08:59
asaceven with firefox-gnome-support ?09:00
jwendelli suspect why09:00
asac15:28 < jwendell> asac, wow, it worked!!!!!!!09:01
asac15:29 < jwendell> asac, must i attach a debdiff on that bug?09:01
asac15:31 < jwendell> asac, but i have changed other stuff also in order to compile09:01
asac15:35 < asac> jwendell: can you please try to use that feature here and there ... can you please try if that09:01
asac          feature still works if you uninstall gnome-support package?09:01
asac15:36 < jwendell> asac, it works on file open/save09:01
asac15:37 < jwendell> asac, anything else???09:01
asac15:37 < asac> jwendell: does it work without gnome-support package as well?09:01
asac15:41 < jwendell> asac, well.... it doesn't work.. it shows the places at dialog, i can browse, but can't open or09:01
asac          save any file on a remote share09:01
asachere is what i misunderstood .... so it never worked?09:02
jwendellasac, the first time, when i saw remote shares in dialogs, i thoutgh it was working09:02
asacjwendell: you know what file chooser returns as selected file url when you choose a remote file?09:02
asacjwendell: yes i got it now09:02
jwendellasac, right now it's calling gtk_file_chooser_get_filename(); i updated the patch so that it calls gtk_file_chooser_get_uri()09:03
asacdoes it work with that?09:03
asacyou just need to rebuild gtk folder i guess09:04
asacas its a .so file that is created09:04
jwendellasac, no, it did not work :(09:05
asacplease look what uri is returned then09:05
asaci guess its a protocol handler thing09:05
asacor can you see the uri in location bar?09:06
jwendellasac, how to know if service @mozilla.org/gnome-vfs-service is 1?09:11
=== asac_ [n=asac@debian/developer/asac] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
asac_hmm offline again09:14
asac_jwendell: you wrote any?09:14
asac_since 21:05 < asac> please look what uri is returned then09:14
asac_21:05 < asac> i guess its a protocol handler thing09:14
asac_21:06 < asac> or can you see the uri in location bar?09:14
jwendellasac_, no, just:09:14
jwendellasac_, how to know if service @mozilla.org/gnome-vfs-service is 1?09:14
asac_its registered that way09:16
asac_jwendell: you see browser.js ?09:18
asac_there is a method BrowserOpenFileWindow09:18
jwendellasac_, anyway, i can't work on it for today anymore09:19
jwendelli've got jobs to do09:19
asac_yeah :)09:19
asac_thanks for testing though09:19
asac_if i come to it I will let you know09:20
asac_jwendell: one more thing09:20
asac_do you see anything in javascript console if open fails?09:21
jwendellasac_, see:09:22
jwendellURI: file:///home/wendell/sed.txt09:22
jwendellNAME: /home/wendell/sed.txt09:22
jwendellURI: smb://mac_cpd_silvio/Seriados/Consulta.txt09:22
jwendellNAME: (null)09:22
jwendellURI: ssh://wendell@intranet/var/www/intranet/banco.html09:22
jwendellNAME: (null)09:22
jwendellwendell@wendell-laptop:~/sistemas/ubuntu/firefox-trunk/build-tree/mozilla/dist/bin$ ./firefox-trunk09:22
jwendellURI: smb://mac_cpd_silvio/Seriados/Consulta.txt09:22
jwendellNAME: (null)09:22
jwendellasac_, this is my hack, when a try to open a remote file, the variable receives NULL09:23
gnomefreakasac: tech board meeting in a few minutes if you are going09:56
gnomefreakrepo might be down for a bit. uploading new packages10:56
gnomefreakasac: you still here?11:12

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