williammandawith a symbolic link for mythtv?12:24
williammandathe lircrc file was much easier to setup...than the other programs12:25
williammandasetup for mythtv12:25
majoridioti haven't tried to set up anything else12:26
majoridioti just did mythtv and modded an existing one for mplayer, for when i use mythvideo12:26
williammandaonce i had a working example...it was just changing things to my taste12:26
majoridiotyeah... it's great to have an example to tailor for your own tastes12:27
majoridioti try to do that whenever possible12:27
williammandaok...ty for your help12:27
majoridiotyou are welcome12:27
majoridiotwilliammanda: the feisty lirc page, updated with firefly info: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Install_Lirc_Feisty12:47
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=== Xenocide [n=xeno@rrcs-70-60-97-150.midsouth.biz.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
Xenocidemajoridiot, do you know if there is a front end "player" like the one in windows04:39
Xenocidelike iw ant something i can just play from a laptop04:41
Xenocideno full frontend04:41
Xenocidejust a windowed player04:41
Xenocidethey have one in windows you just have a list and you click on what you want to play, obviously its 3rd party not an official player04:42
majoridiotnot to my knowledge.04:42
Xenocidehm thats sad04:42
majoridiotyou can play the files with media players...04:42
Xenocidewell i want a list and able to automatically skip commercials n st uff04:42
Xenocidekinda a PIA to run frontend on my laptop04:43
majoridiotbut you'll have to suss the filenames yourself as they are named by date04:43
Xenocidei guess i could do it in windowed mode04:43
majoridiotit's not that big.04:43
majoridiotruns great windowed04:43
majoridiotat least for me04:43
Xenocideill do it when i get some free ti me04:45
=== frank23 [n=frank@CPE001839c1904e-CM00080d26a042.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
Xenocidein the guide on help files it tells how to do it windowed?04:45
Xenocidei sitll haven't fixed the mythvideo crash yet04:45
majoridiotit's a simple tick box in the frontend setup04:45
majoridiot"run in windowed mode" i believe04:45
Xenocidesimple enough04:45
Xenocidemaybe ill do it right now04:46
=== superm1 [n=supermar@ubuntu/member/superm1] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
superm1keescook: I saw the bug report for the HDHomerun patch04:52
superm1keescook: its to bad this naming scheme we adapted from debian-multimedia, otherwise I'd say we might as well just update to the last 0.20-fixes checkout04:53
superm1via patch04:53
=== Xenocide [n=xeno@rrcs-70-60-97-150.midsouth.biz.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
Xenocidemajoridiot, for some reason i cannot get it to connect at all to my backend05:00
majoridiotyour laptop?05:01
majoridiotdid you setup the correct ip and db password?05:03
Xenocidei checked the mysql.txt05:03
Xenocideand i ch ecked the mysql.conf to make sure it allowed non localhost connections05:03
majoridiotis the bind-address commented out of your etc/mysql/my.cnf on your backend?05:05
majoridiotwhat error are you getting?05:06
Xenocidecannot conect to the backend ip05:06
majoridiotcat /etc/mythtv/mysql.txt on the backend and make sure it matches ~/.mythtv/mysql.txt05:08
majoridioton you laptop05:08
Xenocideit does05:10
Xenocidelet me try and logout though05:10
=== Xenocide [n=xeno@rrcs-70-60-97-150.midsouth.biz.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
majoridiotdoes the frontend launch at all?05:13
Xenocidejust gives that the backend can't be reached05:14
majoridiotis the backend running?05:14
Xenocidewell someone is watching tv so i would assume :)05:15
Xenocidehas to be05:15
majoridiotdo you have more than one tuner?05:15
majoridiotdunno then.05:15
Xenocideall i was trying to do was get to the recordings05:15
Xenocideso it don't matter05:15
majoridiotno reason it shouldn't connect05:15
majoridiotrun the frontend from a command line05:16
majoridiotand see what kind of errors it spits out05:16
Xenocideits trying to connect to the backend server on localhost05:17
Xenocidei didn't see a backend server option in mythfrontend05:17
Xenocideonly sql05:17
majoridiotyou don't have the address set correctly then.05:18
Xenocidei have it set to the IP address05:18
Xenocideand i know thats the ip05:18
Xenocidecuz i can ssh to it05:18
majoridiotcut and paste the result of:05:18
majoridiotcat ~/.mythtv/mysql.txt05:18
Xenocidexeno@xeno-laptop:/etc/mythtv$ cat mysql.txt05:19
Xenocidei know the password and login are correct05:19
Xenocidei changed it to that05:19
=== majoridiot no longer tries to fix problems on non-standard installations, sorry.
Xenocidehaha how is that nonstandard05:20
Xenocideall i did was change my password05:20
Xenocidefor simplicity sake05:20
majoridiotin a nutshell...05:24
=== superm1 [n=supermar@ubuntu/member/superm1] has left #ubuntu-mythtv []
majoridiotyou have changed your mysql db password... and now you are having problems on a simple connect from a frontend and your mythvideo is doing goofy things...05:25
majoridioti have no idea what else might have been done.05:25
Xenocideeverything worked until i installed that new imdb script05:26
Xenocidei think this is unrelated from that05:26
majoridiotcan you log into mysql from your laptop?05:28
=== superm1 [n=superm1@ubuntu/member/superm1] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
Xenocidehow would i do that05:44
=== varka [n=varkatop@p54A5F79F.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
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=== majoridiot forsakes ati forever... may they burn to the ground.
majoridiotworst... drivers... ever.07:23
superm1majoridiot, what happened?07:28
superm1still no tv out?07:28
majoridiotnot worth anything.07:28
superm1what a shame07:28
majoridiottried installing the newest ati blob... wouldn't build for xorg 7.2, even tho it was calimed to support07:29
superm1oh the latest one does build for xorg 7.207:29
superm1you have to build debs though07:29
superm1in the fashion of07:29
majoridiotfound a page that gave a nice turn-it-into-a-deb and install... very nice.07:29
superm1--buildpkg Ubuntu/feisty07:29
majoridiotbut had to patch for the kernel07:29
majoridiotdid that07:30
superm1oh you know what, the 2.6.20 patch isn't in the latest public release07:30
majoridiotand the kernel patch07:30
superm1i forgot about that07:30
majoridiothow fekkin pointless is it to release a driver that07:30
majoridiotradeon 9600 for sale... you pay the postage and it's yours.07:31
superm1thanks but no thanks :007:31
majoridiotanyway, the blobs just dumped the core on aticonfig07:31
majoridiotthought i got all the bits out and just installed the latest ubuntu package07:31
majoridiotbut something's still borked.07:31
majoridiotthere's a picture... it's kinda jumpy07:32
superm1its kinda jumpy?07:32
majoridiotand fglrxinfo just laughs07:32
superm1did you enable xv output?07:32
superm1*xv overlay07:33
=== majoridiot remembers why he put this card in the closet and bought nvidia last summer
majoridiotthere's residual nastiness messing it up07:33
superm1yea i know what you mean07:33
majoridiotbil@mythbox:~$ fglrxinfo07:33
majoridiotXlib: connection to ":0.0" refused by server07:33
majoridiotXlib: No protocol specified07:33
majoridiotError: unable to open display :007:33
superm1xhost +07:34
superm1and then try that again07:34
majoridiotnice thought, tho.07:34
superm1well situations like what you hit are the exact reason why i dont advocate ati cards when possible :)07:35
superm1even to windows people07:35
majoridiotit was fine in windows... for what i needed it for.07:35
majoridiotbut i switched to nvidia after 3 weeks of this tripe last summer07:35
majoridiotonly trying to get it to work because it has composite out and my crappy old tv is composite in07:36
=== majoridiot doesn't want to build an svideo to composite cable
majoridiotnp if i could find a freakin 470pf capacitor, but no go.  radio shack apparently has stopped carrying actual useful things.07:37
=== majoridiot will trade a radeon 9600XT for two 470pf ceramic capacitors... you pay postage for both.
superm1they do sell ready made adapters you know..07:38
superm1well that i might be able to do....07:38
majoridiotnot cheap, they don't.07:38
superm1i'll see if i have them later on07:39
superm1oh well with my emp discount the adapters are like 5 bucks tops07:39
superm1majoridiot, did keescook come back around?07:52
superm1this evening while i was at work?07:52
majoridiotnot that i saw07:52
superm1wonder if he got around to looking at the packaging changes then07:52
superm1i didnt see an upload or anything07:53
majoridiotdidn't see him.07:53
majoridioti took care of everything we discussed earlier, guide-wise...07:55
majoridiotand cleaned up the feisty lirc page a little more07:56
majoridiot(even fixed the fesity pages LOL)07:56
superm1oh very good07:56
superm1i'll take a look around tomorrow afternoon07:56
majoridioti'll try and go through them again, again07:57
majoridiotthey should probably be posted soon07:58
superm1i remember doing all this with the edgy pages :)07:58
superm1its amazing how much you catch time after time07:58
majoridiotit's amazing how much will stay the same since you have the packages sewn up so sweetly07:58
superm1i changed up the troubleshooting page earlier07:59
superm1to reflect how things should be with regard to group membership etc07:59
majoridiotyeah... i checked that.  major revisions.08:00
majoridiothopefully those days are winding to a close08:00
majoridiotit will be nice to be able to move onto helping specific configurations instead of just getting the basic one functioning08:01
superm1we gonna be ready for putting these on the front page Thur you think ?08:02
majoridioti think so08:02
majoridiotunless you find something completely out of line that i missed08:03
majoridiotafaic they are good to go when you say so08:03
superm1havent yet08:03
superm1if i will, i will for sure let you know08:03
majoridioti still want to write a blurb about overall changes/improvements for feisty...08:07
majoridiotimproved installer for password, ALSA by default, setapackages, etc.08:07
superm1ivtv, lirc,08:10
superm1and lots more stuff08:10
superm1there really has been a lot that got done over the last 6 months08:10
superm1where did you want to put this blurb?08:10
majoridiotat the top of the feisty_top menu under a "what's new"08:11
majoridiotRight above the installation... "What's new in MythTV for Feisty Fawn"08:12
superm1Like a "Whats changed" link?08:12
superm1or just list it all08:12
majoridiotlook if you like, get right to the install otherwise.08:12
majoridiota link08:12
superm1ah okay08:15
superm1sounds good08:15
majoridiotlook at that link again08:17
majoridiot(goes nowhere)08:17
superm1ah right08:18
superm1i'm thinking of re-ordering/re-wording some of that stuff08:18
majoridioti just built it from the edgy entries08:19
majoridiotagree that it could be better08:19
superm1here let me try something08:19
superm1see what you think08:19
superm1take a look08:26
superm1is that too basic08:27
majoridiotworks very well for me, dude08:27
majoridiotorganized and to the point08:27
superm1i'll let you know tomorrow of anything big i catch on the pages as i keep looking, otherwise i'll fix anything small i catch08:29
superm1ah good ssh is in the what next now08:30
superm1good good08:30
superm1the only big thing standing out right now will be the changes reflected by my packaging changes when uploaded08:32
superm1which will be easy to pull out08:32
majoridiotvery easy08:32
majoridiotcan be done all at once very easily08:32
majoridiottomorrow i'll set up mysql qith a root and then install from the new package to test it08:34
majoridiotand cap the prompt08:34
=== varka [n=varkatop@p54A5F79F.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
superm1qith a root?08:36
majoridiotwith a root password08:36
superm1its just a matter of running dpkg-reconfigure mythtv-database afterwords08:39
superm1to put that password in08:39
majoridiotthe cap says mythtv-common08:40
superm1should be mythtv-database from what i setup.  reconfiguring mythtv-common will change other things instead08:43
superm1that cap is just telling you your current password for the mythtv mysql user08:46
superm1what i'm referring to is this one that you get for updating the database08:46
superm1i'll dcc it in a sec08:47
superm1just need to reinstall the package to show ya08:47
majoridiotk.  try again.08:52
majoridiotxchat just refuses to save it.08:59
superm1okay last shot09:03
superm1and then i think i'm done09:03
superm1i'm awfully tired :)09:03
majoridiotdunno, man... the accpet is greyed out and i can't seeem to influence it.09:03
majoridiotme too.09:04
superm1well its just the same popup you'll get tomorrow09:04
superm1when you do09:04
superm1sudo dpkg-reconfigure mythtv-database09:04
superm1so no worry09:04
superm1you'll see09:04
majoridioti'm headed to bed.09:04
superm1alright off to bed then09:04
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juskiaha!  helps if I join #ubuntu-mythtv, not #mythtv-ubuntu lol10:13
superm1juski, !!!!10:14
juskijust FYI guys I've heard that the video wasn't taken in the light it was intended, so I've taken it down.  Didn't mean to offend or upset anybody - was only poking fun at folks who can't be bothered to do their research - the shouty, screamy helpless noobs who don't listen.  Wasn't meant to be a dig at ubuntu or the fine work of the packagers10:14
superm1your alive!10:14
juskirumours of my demise were greatly exaggerated :-P10:15
superm1juski, personally i wasnt sure how to interpret it, especially with you dissappearing from here for ages10:15
superm1i wasnt sure if it was a supposed to be a jab at us, but very glad it isnt :)10:15
juskinah, I wouldn't stoop so low10:16
superm1very good10:16
superm1glad to hear that10:16
juskithe internet is forever & I know better than that ;)10:16
superm1juski, well good news on our parts - i think i've got most of the complaints about passwords straightened out now10:16
juskiyeah I heard that - taken some getting there ;)10:17
superm1so hopefully noobs won't act that way and need to do much research :)10:17
juskianyway I've gotta run or I'll be late for work!10:17
superm1juski, btw, i just installed blootube to replace my current theme10:18
superm1love it10:18
superm1catch ya later!10:18
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superm1keescook, are you there?07:10
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keescooksuperm1: here, but really busy.  :(07:36
superm1keescook, oh okay07:36
superm1keescook, just wanted to touch bases with you since i didnt catch you again yesterday07:36
=== varka [n=varkatop@p54a5dc2e.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
keescooksuperm1: yeah, I meant to get to testing stuff, but I just haven't had the time yet.07:36
superm1is there any other freezes coming up before release that could prevent these from getting in if you dont get around to it (should I ping another MOTU to look it over like imbrandon)07:37
keescookThursday might be another freeze; never hurts to ping imbrandon.  :)07:40
superm1he's just impossible to get ahold of for an extended period of time sometimes :)07:41
superm1'll put the HD home run patch in07:42
superm1and make sure things still build fine07:42
superm1and then make a debdiff,07:42
superm1probably easier for any other MOTU to look over changes then07:42
keescookawsome, thanks.  Can you test that one, too?  It seems like it adds some stuff to the mpeg2 handlers, regardless of hdhomerun-ness07:42
superm1i'll have to build it for dapper then too (my backend is dapper), but sure that shouldn't be too much trouble07:43
superm1keescook, one more thing before i let you scurry back off to canonical stuff07:43
keescook:) sure07:43
superm1there is a lot of interest for 0.20-fixes packages that are more closely tracked to the 0.20-fixes branch07:44
superm1do you think its a safe idea to have a weekly cron job on imbrandon's server once things are going07:44
superm1that will do a checkout and automatically build a deb07:44
superm1for those that want it?07:44
superm1(well, deb(s))07:44
keescooksure, that's a great idea; it can give us a sense of how stable the branch is, to support requests for doing -updates uploads.  :)07:45
superm1okay, i'll look into how difficult assembling such a script for the cron job is, i don't anticipate it to be horrible07:45
superm1lots and lots to do all of a sudden :)07:45
superm1keescook, i'll catch up with you later hten07:46
keescookokay, sweet.  thanks for all the work!07:46
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superm1keescook, just tested the package with HD Home run changes10:12
superm1works fine on my dapper backend10:12
keescooksuperm1: that's good news.  :)10:12
majoridiothola superm110:12
superm1hey majoridiot10:12
superm1keescook, there is indeed a universe freeze thursday10:23
superm1keescook, i'll keep watching out for an open MOTU to upload if you dont then :)10:23
majoridiothm. dubstar_04 updated his feisty box ond now no mythtv menus10:30
superm1nothing has changed that should cause that -10:31
superm1unless he had opengl turned on10:31
superm1and nvidia drivers didnt update10:31
majoridioti'm wondering if a kernel update broke his opengl10:31
superm1hope thats all it is10:31
majoridioti'm on it.10:33
majoridiotkernel update- switch to QT sorted it :)10:40
superm1just saw10:41
=== superm1 [n=superm1@ubuntu/member/superm1] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
superm1keescook, bddebian got it uploaded :)12:02
gardengnomesuperm1: does marillat use your, uh, stuff?12:03
keescooksuperm1: rock on!12:03
superm1gardengnome, marillat and i stay in touch with regards to changes12:03
superm1i try to send him my changes after we upload to feisty12:03
superm1and i watch his changes list for when he does releases12:03
superm1so as soon as we have binaries out, i'm going to let him know about our fixes for the pw issues lately12:03
majoridiotshould the change be incorporated into the guide yet?12:04
superm1these should show up in the next day or two12:05
superm1majoridiot, i let you know the lirc prebuilt modules didnt make it in right?12:05
majoridioti will wait then... until hey are available.  it's an easy change.12:05
superm1i seem to recall telling you12:05
majoridiotyes... you did.  still refer to your repos on the feisty lirc page12:06
majoridiotalso, new media page- https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MythTV_media_Feisty12:06
superm1majoridiot, looks very nice12:07
superm1i really love those shiny highlights you put on these screenshots :)12:07
majoridiothehe ty12:07
superm1majoridiot, i added indentation if thats okay with you :)12:09
majoridiothave at, pls.12:09
=== majoridiot doesn't get defensive about that sorta thing
superm1gardengnome, why do you ask?12:10
superm1about marillat12:10
gardengnomesuperm1: i was just wondering really12:11
superm1majoridiot, i also updated the front page /MythTV to match up with how feisty front page will be looking12:11
superm1gardengnome, ah okay.  wasn't sure something came up12:11
superm1gardengnome, i saw something brought up on -users about more up to date svn packages12:11
majoridiotsuperm1: yes, looking very nice!12:11
superm1once i have the hosting with imbrandon straightened out, i'm going to have a repo hosted there that will do weekly packages12:11
superm1from 0.20-fixes for those interested12:12
gardengnomesuperm1: nice12:12
superm1who need a very recent fix or anything12:12
superm1i started the cron script today, looks like it should be pretty straightforward12:12
superm1okay i gotta run for a bit to meet with a prof.  i'll be back in the next hour or two.  catch you guys later12:12
majoridiotsuperm1: i think i will try to put together a WOL for mythtv page in the next few days as well12:13
majoridiotk. ttyl.12:13

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