gnomefreakPriceChild: iirc thats not offtopic as much as it is malicous12:22
PriceChildyeah i wasn't talking about its offtopic'ness :)12:22
gnomefreakdo we ban him now or wait until someone runs that command or he does it again12:23
gnomefreak^^^ hard question12:23
PriceChildIt came out of no-where as well12:23
PriceChildits not like it was in a conversation12:23
gnomefreakhe did it hoping someone would run it12:23
gnomefreakIMHO thats a troll that doesnt need to be given a warning12:24
PriceChildThat's what I'm thinking... when i gave the warning I hadn't read above for any history...12:24
=== gnomefreak would let nalioth or someone decide because im not sure how long is too long before ban
naliothhas anyone spoken with him?12:26
PriceChildhe did it in -offtopic as well12:26
gnomefreakPriceChild: told him not to type that command in channel12:26
PriceChildjust before Lj.L's kick of mc.4412:27
=== gnomefreak looked in other channels those are only 2 i have seen
PriceChildhe's only in those two (and windows-offtopic)12:27
PriceChildI say we ban in #ubuntu at least before he tries anything else?12:27
gnomefreakthat makes me think he uses windows and is being a troll12:28
gnomefreakim tempted to agree12:28
gnomefreaki think the "dont do that in THIS channel needs to be changed to dont do that in ANY channel12:29
gnomefreakmc44 just stated "this channel" also12:30
PriceChildhehe yeah12:30
gnomefreakok well lets hope noone is stupid enough to run it. im off until this bs is built12:32
ubotuIn ubotu, jrib said: matlab is MATLAB can be installed on Linux by following https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MATLAB12:46
PriceChild* Veronica-Bot (n=zayawaka@ - Has joined and parted a few times this evening...01:19
naliothPriceChild: /version next time01:20
=== jdong [n=jdong@ubuntu/member/jdong] has joined #ubuntu-ops
=== Vorian [n=d@ubuntu/member/Vorian] has joined #ubuntu-ops
ubotucafuego_ called the ops in #ubuntu01:33
ubotubruenig called the ops in #ubuntu01:33
PriceChildShall we +r ?01:33
PriceChildah a staffer got it.01:34
=== Firefoxman_ [n=Firefoxm@wikipedia/firefoxman] has joined #ubuntu-ops
PriceChildHi Firefoxman_01:37
Firefoxman_how can i get ubotu sorce?01:37
PriceChildits a supybot01:37
Firefoxman_btw, firefoxman=firefoxmsln01:37
PriceChildand the extra plugin is here: http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/code/01:38
PriceChild!info supybot > Firefoxman_01:38
Firefoxman_!info kqemu01:38
ubotuPackage kqemu does not exist in edgy, edgy-backports, edgy-seveas01:39
Firefoxman_boo hoo...01:39
Firefoxman_are channel logs indexed in google?01:40
ubotuChannel logs can be found at http://people.ubuntu.com/~fabbione/irclogs01:40
=== Firefoxman_ knows that much.
PriceChild* crazy_monito is now known as thepumpkin197901:42
Firefoxman_but r they indexed01:42
jribFirefoxman_: some certainly are, I've come across them on google searches01:42
PriceChildFirefoxman_, they're public so yes?01:43
Firefoxman_not good 4 me...01:43
jribhow come?01:43
PriceChildcheck the robots.txt i suppose01:43
=== Firefoxman_ prefers what happens in irc stay there.
tsmithesearch google with site:<url> ?01:44
Firefoxman_shouldntthe fact that the r public be in topic?01:45
Firefoxman_people may say things they otherwize would not say.01:46
Firefoxman_had they known it was logged.01:46
tsmithewatch your words, then01:47
tsmitheit's public enough with 40 people in the channel; what would you be saying?01:47
Firefoxman_good thing for hostmasks.01:48
tsmithei acknowledge publicity by using my real name01:49
Firefoxman_what ubuntu hostmasks are there?01:49
PriceChildOnly for ubuntu members01:49
tsmithemember, and, err.01:49
PriceChild(and the bots of course)01:49
tsmithejust member01:49
tsmithePriceChild, pah :P01:49
=== Firefoxman_ likes to be private, for now.
Firefoxman_so what do you needt o APply01:50
tsmitheHello world, my name is Toby Smithe, and I'm banned from ubotu01:50
tsmithe!member > Firefoxman_01:50
tsmithepah :P01:50
Firefoxman_why are you band?01:50
tsmithePriceChild, cover me01:50
tsmitheFirefoxman_, i get picked on :P01:50
Firefoxman_umm..m /me has no webbrowser...01:51
tsmitheerr ok01:51
Firefoxman_so /me cant view page in !member01:51
Firefoxman_can you pm me the contents01:51
Firefoxman_so /me can look it over01:52
tsmitheit's very large01:52
tsmithewhy don't you have a browser?01:52
Firefoxman_on ds01:52
Firefoxman_no computer near.01:52
tsmithe.... oh ok01:53
tsmithecan i ctcp version you?01:53
Firefoxman_yes... whats that?/01:53
jribwhy do you agree before learning what it is...01:54
Firefoxman_i trust tsmithe not to kill my ds01:54
tsmitheDSOrganise IRC 2.41; eh01:54
tsmitheit tells me what your client reports as01:54
Firefoxman_it is alpha 3 of 2.401:55
Firefoxman_support at #dsorganize01:55
tsmithei really should get a supercard01:55
tsmithebut i digress from topic01:55
=== Firefoxman_ just has a crappy mmd.
Firefoxman_ooo, sorry.01:57
=== Firefoxman_ sends himse
Firefoxman_a !offtopic01:57
tsmithehehe :)01:57
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ajmitchjenda: you wouldn't happen to be around, would you?05:52
ajmitchhm, it *may* have stopped (issue in a non-ubuntu channel)05:52
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cablesI have a question about the botabuse factoid06:11
cablesI think msgthebot/fishing should be separate from botabuse, because fishing isn't exactly "abusing the bot" as it says in the factoid.06:12
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mneptoki can almost feel you bleed. you've been falling in too deep. i can almost hear you say, but the words get in my way.11:11
mneptokwhy wait? there's a world outside.11:11
Mez|OnAirmneptok, been on the special 'erb again ?>11:17
mneptokPsyFurs, dude11:17
mneptokPSY FURS!11:17
mneptoki can see clearly from my diamond eyes. i'm going to the mountain with the fire spirit.11:31
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_NeilHey guys, are there any requirements to get a #ubuntu hostname cloak? If not, is there any chance someone could please give me one? :)02:54
elkbuntu_Neil, ubuntu/member/name cloaks are for significant/long-standing contributors only, but you can get unaffiliated cloaks from your nearest freenode staffer03:01
elkbuntuthe command /stats p will show one you can ask03:01
_Neilok :) thanks03:05
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GazzaKand super special colchester-lug ones can be bought off me for a small bribe :p03:08
mc44GazzaK: I dont live in colchester, but I do want to be in your cult, so does that mean I can get a cloak :p03:10
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pleia2another delightful fellow trolling in #ubuntu-women: < Buckminster> Lay bear thy bosoms or leave post haste!04:31
=== Hobbsee avoids it, for that reason
pleia2left on his own, luckily04:31
mc44Points for shakspearian dialog though04:32
=== Pici [n=pcmacman@ool-4355be00.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #ubuntu-ops
Hobbseepleia2: and he's bragging in -offtopic about it04:38
pleia2heh, and that's why I don't go to -offtopic04:38
Hobbsee[00:35]  <Buckminster> Aye!!04:38
Hobbsee[00:36]  <Hobbsee> hrm?04:38
Hobbsee[00:37]  <Buckminster> OR, perhaps I refrain from taking things too seriously and enjoy the several advantages of the inconsequential activities available to an internet persona?04:38
Hobbsee[00:37]  <Hobbsee> if you're trying to hit on women on the internet...you're just a sad freak.  and you wont get what you want.04:38
Hobbsee[00:37]  <Hobbsee> plus people will find it offensive, hate you, and probably ban you.04:38
Hobbsee[00:38]  <Buckminster> no u04:38
Hobbseewas the query04:38
=== Hobbsee wont get banned - me has the banning power, moron!
Hobbsee[00:35]  <Hobbsee> Buckminster: you just labelled yourself as an immature idiot, and no one rose to yoru bait.  tough luck <-- was -offtoipc04:39
mc44aww he left04:39
Hobbseeright after he said no u04:40
=== Hobbsee wonders why people who are behaving like jerks keep playing the "oh, but if you werent so uptight, you could have had a good friend" line...
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naliothwtf is poohter doing in #ubuntu ?06:38
=== poohter [n=poohter@cpe-72-231-180-14.nycap.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu-ops
naliothpoohter: what was that you just did in #ubuntu ?06:41
naliothyou don't know?06:42
nalioth1176223063 11:37 < poohter> Ubuntu (IPA pronunciation: /u'buntu/) is a widely used Linux distribution predominantly targeted at DCC SEND personal computers. Based on Debian GNU/Linux, Ubuntu concentrates on usability,        AlinuxOS06:42
nalioth regular releases, ease of installation, nd freedom from legal restrictions. Ubuntu is sponsored by Canonical Ltd., a private company founded by South African entrepraeneur Mark Shuttleworth06:42
naliothring any bells, poohter ?06:42
poohteroh right06:43
poohteri failed06:43
naliothfailed at what?06:43
poohteri forgot that you need a long, continuous unbroken string06:43
poohterya dig06:43
poohterthe spaces don't work06:43
naliothnobody caught that?06:44
elkbuntui wasnt looking, sorry06:57
naliothidjit was trying to sneaky-pete an exploit06:57
elkbuntuwhat i find more amusing is his casual dismissal of incident06:58
atoponcewhat a moron. he didn't even get it right06:58
naliothhe got it right enough to grab my attention . . .07:00
mc44it was nice how he explained his mistake though07:00
atoponcethat's all that matters07:01
elkbuntuanyway, bedtime for teh elkbuntu07:01
naliothnight elkbuntu07:01
gnomefreaknow i see it :(07:04
naliothif they're gonna exploit, let em exploit like real Men07:04
naliothnot sneaky petin' it like that07:04
=== dinamizadortede [n=liri@] has joined #ubuntu-ops
dinamizadortedela nueva version de debian07:49
dinamizadortedeesta lista07:50
dinamizadortedeque os parece07:50
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atoponcei'm thinking Jocke is just there to troll in #ubuntu11:43

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