fooAccording to http://www-128.ibm.com/developerworks/aix/library/au-satslowsys.html?ca=dgr-lnxw01QuickUnix, vmstat's first r and b column are the number of processes in runtime, and the number of blocked processes waiting for I/O resources, respectively. However, man page on vmstat for r and b says: r) The number of processes waiting for run time. and b) The number of processes in uninterruptible sleep. ... I do think there is a difference. Which ...12:36
foo... description is more accurate?12:36
fooshawarma: The man page or the web page?12:40
shawarmar counts number of processes in a runnable state, not the number of processes actually running (which is severely limited by the number of processors).12:40
shawarmafoo: Ah, by bad. I pick door number two. 12:41
shawarmafoo: Also, uninterruptible sleep ~= blocked waiting for I/O resources.12:41
shawarmafoo: so the man page is slightly more accurate.12:42
fooshawarma: oh, ok, so b = blocked processes waiting for I/O, not just blocked processes.12:42
fooshawarma: What confused me was that it was blocked and just dropped and ignored, or something12:42
shawarmafoo: There's not much else you can wait for..12:43
shawarmafoo: So "blocked waiting for I/O resources" is sort of redundant.12:45
fooAh, I see12:46
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wiikkiI installed ubuntu server , how can i install a desktop i want fluxbuntu fluxbox04:17
wiikkii used apt-get install fluxbox04:17
wiikkiwhat next04:17
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wikkiiHello ?06:29
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shawarmaThese are the last ~30 lines of dmesg on a server I have to deal with: http://pastebin.ca/432477    Can someone with OCFS2 experience tell me how fscked I am? 10:16
shawarmaIs fsck.ocfs2 likely to save the day or make it even worse?10:16
shawarmaThe filesystem is stored on a drbd device shared between two servers.10:17
shawarmafabbione: You've used ocfs2 before, no? Got a sec? ^^10:21
fabbioneshawarma: looking10:21
shawarmafabbione: *G* Excellent.10:21
fabbioneshawarma: is that dapper? edgy? feisty?10:22
shawarmaIt's an Edgy server with a custom kernel.10:22
fabbionealso drbd.. brrrrrrrr10:22
fabbionecustom kernel?10:22
fabbionedefine custom kernel10:23
shawarmaVanilla 2.6.21-rc4, I think.10:23
fabbioneyou are on your own man :)10:23
shawarmaHeh. :-)10:23
shawarmaWell, the ocfs user space tools are those from Edgy. 10:23
fabbione.20 is still getting a lot of bug fixes (OCFS2) that are not in .21 yet10:23
fabbionemakes no diff10:23
fabbionethe bug fixes are in kernel10:24
fabbionetho you want a more recent userland for other reasons10:24
fabbioneyou can try to fsck but i don't guarantee you anything10:24
shawarmaI'm not quite looking for guarantees at this point, but just a little something that would help my gut feeling about running that fsck. :-)10:26
shawarmaOf course I don't have enough space available there to move all the data elsewhere as a backup... and there's no proper backup..10:27
shawarmaGah... clients.10:27
shawarmaAnd their usual admin is in the Caribbean sound asleep. Typical.10:28
fabbioneshawarma: blame it on you to use untested kernels on unsupported block devices10:28
fabbioneunmount the filesystem from all nodes10:28
fabbionemake sure that drdb is in sync across nodes10:28
fabbioneand then fsck10:29
shawarmafabbione: Oh, this time, it's not my fault, actually. :-) They managed this without my help. :-)10:29
fabbioneshawarma: also.. upgrade the tools to the latest version to make sure fsck is new10:29
fabbionei recall some bug fixing there at some point10:29
shawarmafabbione: Is the feisty versions up to date?10:29
fabbioneshawarma: yes10:29
fabbioneit's one release behind, but the new release from upstream has only minor things that you really don't care about at this point10:30
shawarmafabbione: Cool. I'll backport them from there then.10:30
fabbioneyeah it should be easy enough to rebuild10:30
shawarmafabbione: Thanks for your help so far. Gotta run for about an hour.10:30
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shawarmafabbione: Does fsck.ocfs2 at least tell you before it eats your cat^Hdata?11:28
fabbioneshawarma: dunno.. i never had to use it11:28
shawarmafabbione: lucky. :-)11:28
fabbioneshawarma: because i use sane SAN's and sane kernels11:28
Kamping_Kaiserfsck has a simulation mode doesnt it?11:28
shawarmaKamping_Kaiser: Depends on the fsck, I suppose.11:28
fabbioneas shawarma said11:29
ivoksurgh... funny stuff right in the morning; a guy disconnected two disks in raid5 field (without shutting them down) :)11:29
fabbioneshawarma: well.. man fsck.ocfs211:29
Kamping_Kaiseri thought any fscks did11:29
fabbioneKamping_Kaiser: no.. it depends from implementation to implementation11:29
fabbioneit's good sense to have ut11:29
Kamping_Kaiseri think i'll be remembering that :)11:29
shawarmafabbione: Idea: I could perhaps stop the drbd replication and try fsck on the one disk and see if all goes well. If it nukes everything, I should be able to run off the other.11:50
fabbioneshawarma: it's an option but i don't know how reliable is drbd.. last time i tried to use it, it did blow up badly11:50
fabbioneanyway lunch time11:51
ivoksall fabbione's talks end with 'lunch' :)11:51
shawarmafabbione: Yes, drbd is definitely the weakest link that experiment.11:52
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shawarmafabbione: Do you remember anything about drbd? Here's what I'm thinking about doing:12:19
shawarmaOn server A:12:19
shawarmadrbdadm disconnect all (there's only that one drbd device)12:20
shawarmafsck.ocfs2 /dev/drbd012:20
fabbioneno i checked it only once a while ago to see if it was worth for main12:21
shawarmaIf all goes well, I'm not sure what to do.. Log on to server B, and run "drbdadm outdate all", go back to server A, and reconnect.12:21
fabbioneand decided not too because it's bad12:21
shawarmaWhat would you have used? OpenAFS or something?12:22
fabbioneshawarma: a real shared block device12:23
fabbionesomething like one those cheap disk arrays12:23
shawarmaAh, right. And ocfs2?12:23
fabbioneyes or gfs12:24
fabbionenot gfs212:24
fabbioneit's not stable enough yet12:24
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shawarmaAh, that's just frickin' typical. I finally conjure up the balls to shut down the web servers, and unmount the ocfs2 fs, and it stops responding. It's probably in kernel panic.12:31
shawarmaAnd of course it's locked away in a hosting facility in Germany.12:32
shawarmaI can't say I'm looking forward to unmount the other one. This is really not my day.12:34
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shawarmaPheew.. 01:14
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j1mcwoah . . . argonne national labs is running ubuntu server:  http://mirror.anl.gov/pub/centos/  (check out the note at the bottom of the page)04:38
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dragonriotAhh... Finally got it right.... Debian - didn't like it... Slackware - didn't like my RAID setup... Ubuntu Feisty - Easy as pie, and what's not to love... =)05:09
dragonriotlively bunch this morning05:13
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theacolyteI'd mention that I just bought a car, but that that's OT :P06:55
theacolyteor we could talk about my excessive use of the word that above06:55
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dragonriotwhen a server absolutely must have X installed on it, what is the recommended X-Manager suite?  GNOME, KDE, or XFCE?07:36
theacolytexfce is lighter07:40
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KurtKrautHow can I traceroute a UDP packet, like tcptraceroute does to TCP ?09:48
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shawarmaKurtKraut: traceroute09:59
mralphabetKurtKraut: I believe traceroute uses udp packets10:01
KurtKrautmralphabet, yes, you're right. I've checked it here. Thanks both shawarma and mralphabet 10:01
shawarmaKurtKraut: any time10:01
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