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AlexExtremehmm, in ubuntu, does usplash get started by the initramfs or is it started by the init scripts?09:58
_ionIt's started ASAP from initramfs.09:59
AlexExtremethought so09:59
AlexExtremebtw _ion, did you get anywhere with your event based mounting ideas?10:03
_ionI haven't yet got around to implementing any of that.10:04
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mbieblKeybuk: hi09:04
mbieblI noticed when I symlink an upstart job file into /etc/event.d, upstart does not recognize when the file is changed.09:55
mbieblIs that a limitation of inotify?09:55
Keybukor a feature09:55
Keybukmore a filesystem limitation09:56
Keybuksince when changing a file, one would have to search the entire disk for symlinks to it, in order to update their directory entries09:56
mbieblwhy that?09:57
Keybukbecause the alternative would be every time you make a symlink, storing a back link somewhere in the linked-to file's inode09:57
Keybukand that simply doesn't work with relative symlinks ;)09:58
Keybuksince they can be on filesystems that can be mounted anywhere09:58
Keybukthus refer to different paths09:58
Keybuk(not to mention that it wouldn't work with cross-filesystem symlinks)09:58
mbieblHm, maybe I don't get it. If /etc/event.d/foo is a symlink to /lib/upstart/foo, why would you have to store a back link?09:59
Mdthe solution would be to use inotify on each symlink in the directory. may or may not be worth the effort (see the debian-devel thread about udev and the same problem)09:59
Keybukbecause upstart watches /etc/event.d for changes10:01
Keybukand changing /lib/upstart/foo doesn't change that directory10:01
Keybukit changes the /lib/upstart directory10:01
Keybukand there's nothing there telling the filesystem that there's a symlink in the /etc/event.d directory and you might want to touch that too10:01
Keybukpersonally I think it's a feature, since it means you can have a set of files that are explicitly *not* watched10:01
mbieblI guess, you're right10:02
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