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Chil1Hello, does anyone mind helping me figure out what is wrong with my amarok...exaile! doesn't work very well, but amarok won't play any songs.12:39
maxamilliondoes exaile work?12:40
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Chil1max: It was buggy on my system, I'm running all of my songs off of an external HD, and it would recognize them, but it would slow the system WAY down.12:41
maxamillionChil1: ahhh ... yeah, running songs off an external hard drive through exaile might slow a thing or two down ... not sure what all python has to go through for external storage access12:43
=== maxamillion just installed exaile! and it dominates
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Chil1Hmm, I can't figure out what codecs I need to install.12:50
maxamilliongrab em' all :P12:51
Chil1I don't know where to grab em O.o12:51
Pumpernickel!info libxine1-plugins feisty12:52
ubotulibxine1-plugins: the xine video/media player library, meta package. In component main, is extra. Version 1.1.4-2ubuntu3 (feisty), package size 38 kB, installed size 68 kB12:52
Chil1Pumpernickel: Thanks, that should work.12:54
stimzright back again, does anyone know how to place filesystem and home directory icons on the XFCE desktop in 6.10? Young'n is a little linux illiterate12:56
Chil1No idea stimz, I'm new to xubuntu as well.12:58
stimzwhat do you think of it Chil1?12:58
Chil1I like it, this is the second day I've really used it, or any ubuntu for that matter, and its pretty smooth.12:59
stimznice, how long have you used Linux?12:59
Chil1Equally as long.12:59
stimzHey! WELCOME!12:59
stimzGood job.01:00
Chil1Haha, thanks.01:00
maxamillionstimz: Applications->Settings->Settings Manager->User Interface::Icon Theme Tab01:00
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stimzSeriously Chil1 a very hearty welcome, the world of linux is an amazing adventure! congrats on taking the leap!01:01
stimz(thanks maxa)01:01
BFTDstimz open terminal > ln -s / ~/Desktop01:01
Chil1Well, I haven't made a full leap yet, I'm dual booting O.o01:01
BFTDln -s ~ ~/Desktop01:01
stimzBFTD: thanks01:02
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BFTDstimz no problem01:02
maxamillionChil1: that's one step away .... you can hold onto your safety blanket for a while, but you will find yourself eventually thinking "wow, i used to use that?"01:02
Chil1Haha, yeah, xubuntu seems so much more efficient, it looks as pretty as vista but its not near as resource intensive.01:03
kebswitch to Beryl for lots more transparency and 3D fun01:03
Chil1Heh, I don't know if I have the system.01:04
maxamillionkeb: beryl is merging back with Compiz ;)01:04
kebthat sounds like a Good Thing01:04
stimzheheh, I came across XFCE about three years ago, (no I have not been using linux that long) when I got back to England I found Ubuntu, fell in love and naturally drifted back to XFCE (my laptop is naff)01:04
maxamillionkeb: yeah ... i don't really care either way to be honest, i don't use either but i do think it would be good to get both communities working together towards the same goal intead of bickering over how things should be done01:04
Chil12 gig ram, Gforce 5200 FX 256, 2.9GHZ P4, the video card and the processor are sort of holding me back.01:05
maxamillionChil1: LOL!@#$%#^$! .... that will fly with beryl or Compiz01:05
stimzI'm currently running PII 800 128mb RAM 5mb Graphics and 11 GB HDD!!! W00T01:05
Chil1Okay....I stand corrected.01:05
kebi have 512MB ram, 1.7GHz processor and same graphics, Beryl worked ok for me01:05
maxamillionChil1: beryl+aiglx will perform really well on a machine like that ;)01:05
Chil1I might try it out sometime.01:06
maxamillionChil1: i know someone who rungs beryl on that graphics card with a 350MHz AMD K6-2 and 192MB of ram ... aiglx and the latest nvidia drivers puts all the rendering off on the graphics card and you only lose like 30mb of ram from the system01:07
stimzBFTD is it possible to symbollic-link to filesystem?01:07
Chil1So basically, windows = bloated and unefficient.01:07
maxamillionChil1: now you're getting it ;)01:07
stimzthats the understatement of the century.01:07
BFTDstimz yes01:07
maxamillionChil1: errr yes, the answer to your question would be "yes"01:08
stimzln -s / ~/Desktop should put a sybollic link to / on desktop right? Well it says the file already exists, but nothing on Desktop01:09
stimzoh and another thing, I just got RealPlayer 10 on Xubuntu and it ROCKS.01:10
kebi prefer mplayer01:10
=== maxamillion does too
maxamillionno ... actually vlc then mplayer01:11
stimzcan it stream realplayer?01:11
maxamillionbut i don't do much with media so i don't care01:11
maxamillionstimz: no ... i don't think anything but realplayer can stream realplayer ...01:11
stimzthought so...01:11
stimzBFTD: ln -s / ~/Desktop came up with "file exists" no change on desktop01:12
maxamillionagain ... i don't do much with media, just xmms for netradio while i'm at work (which is where i am right now)01:12
kebwhats the stream url, i bet mplayer can01:12
stimzGoogle for one! (man I'm lazy...)01:13
maxamillionkeb: i think there is a cool one on sun's site about looking glass from back in '02 or '04... lemme find it01:14
stimz(I can't even be bothered to open a browser for a fellow linux friend. man...) Hang on keb, I'll get one.01:14
stimz(oh well)01:14
keblol not urgent01:15
maxamillionkeb: yeah ... here you go http://www.sun.com/software/looking_glass/demo.xml01:15
Chil1Hmm, anyone play any good free games?01:15
maxamillionits a cool presentation ... just kinda blows my mind to see what Sun had already done for the 3d desktop (in java of all things) before anyone else01:16
stimzChil1: The best open software game I have played is TASpring01:16
stimzIts a complete rework of total annihilation, its just awesome01:16
stimzWesnoth is good too. But I prefer 3D RTS01:17
maxamillionChil1: nexuiz, netpanzer, solarwolf, pydance ... http://doc.gwos.org/index.php/Native_Games01:17
stimzLinux tome is an awesome resource01:17
kebstimz that plays for me if i open it and drop the rtsp: url into mplayer01:17
stimzdid it work for the sun site urls?01:18
maxamillionChil1: that site i posted to you is geared towards ubuntu users ... its a good source01:18
stimzChil1: look at http://www.happypenguin.org/01:18
Grey_LokiIs there a good website downloader available for Xubuntu? As in, something that can grab the entire content of a domain01:18
maxamillionGrey_Loki: i think there is a plugin for firefox that does that01:19
Grey_Lokimaxamillion, i'll take a look - thanks :)01:19
maxamillionGrey_Loki: np01:20
kebstimz it worked after i wget the original url and get the rtsp: url again ;)01:20
stimzkeb: Awesome, is MPlayer a dedicated video application, or does it play all media and audio? if so what are its other features like? (skins, visualizations, library search, internet radio ect)01:21
kebit plays audio as well01:21
kebthere are some skins01:21
kebit doesnt do anything but play media01:21
stimzcheers :D01:22
maxamillionstimz: also check out vlc .... http://www.videolan.org/vlc/01:22
stimzWill do Maxamilion01:22
kebyeah vlc is cool, it is more cross platform01:22
maxamillionstimz: there are versions for almost any OS and its in the repositories (universe branch if my memory serves me correctly)01:22
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stimzoh yeah, I saw Songbird on a friends computer, it is open source right01:23
kebyou can use it to convince people to switch away from windows01:23
maxamillionkeb: yeah, i actually tried it first in v.0.1.4 or something back when i still had win98se01:23
maxamillionkeb: yeah, hand them open office, firefox, pidgin, and vlc ... that's pretty much what 70% of the desktop using world needs right there01:24
stimzmaxamillion: I've never heard of pidgin. whats that?01:24
kebme neither01:24
maxamillionit's gaim01:25
keboh hehe i have that01:25
maxamilliongaim got sued by AOL, they changed their name to pidgin like 4 days ago01:25
stimzoh right01:25
stimzsued for what?01:25
maxamillionstimz: well, gaim started as "GTK+ Aol Instant Messenger" and AOL didn't like that so they changed it to "gaim" and said it didn't stand for anything but AOL still didn't like that and after a few years of debate, gaim's legal advisors thought it would be a good idea to alter the name just for the sake of peice01:27
stimzOh, thats another thing, does either Mplayer or vlc handle burning and ripping cds, because thats one thing I have really found hard with linux.01:27
stimzAOL living up to its name ;)01:27
kebthere are other apps for cds and dvds01:27
maxamillionstimz: burning can be done easily with graveman or gnomebaker and ripping  .... i think exaile will rip01:27
stimzright, will look those up01:27
kebexaile is k3b ?01:28
stimzhowever I will save that for another day, it has turned Tuesday over here, and I need to get some beauty sleep! haha01:28
maxamillionkeb: no01:28
stimzGood night all!01:28
maxamillionkeb: http://www.exaile.org/trac01:29
maxamillionstimz: night night01:29
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Grey_Lokimaxamillion, the only one I can find seems to be Windows-only :S01:29
maxamillionkeb: exaile is basically a gtk version of amarok01:29
=== Grey_Loki continues with ze research!
Grey_Loki( https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/3184 )01:29
maxamillionGrey_Loki: really? ... you can write windows only plugins for firefox? ... didn't know that01:29
Grey_Lokiwell, I don't really use firefox - i prefer Opera. I look in the 'versions' link on that page, and it says 'plugin for windows' or words to that effect.01:30
maxamillionkeb: but i think they are doing a really good job of competing especially since the project is so new ... its _really_ nice (its in the feisty repositories)01:30
maxamillionGrey_Loki: interesting ...01:30
keblooks good01:30
maxamillionyeah ... i actually mainly use xmms because all i do is listen to net radio and it uses minimal system resources, in the event i did have a music library ... exaile would be where its at01:32
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Chil1How would I go about installing that spring game?01:36
Grey_LokiChil1, TA-Spring?01:36
maxamillionLOL: http://fanboys-online.com/comic.php?cid=13801:36
Grey_LokiChil1, I believe there are installation instructions on their website, if they have a linux binary01:37
Chil1One of the lines I have to add is01:42
Chil1deb http://www.osrts.info/~tvo/deb edgy spring # Ubuntu Edgy Eft...01:42
Chil1Would I change Edgy Eft to something else since I'm running Feisty?01:42
Chil1Its the line to add it to the repository01:42
Grey_LokiI can't say, i'm afraid.01:44
Grey_LokiI can't think of a reason why it wouldn't work - I should think that Feisty is backwards-compatible with Edgy stuff.01:44
maxamillionChil1: if they don't have a feisty branch on their server yet, it would just error out when you do a "sudo aptitude update" so i say just try it01:45
maxamillionGrey_Loki: yeah, true .... it "should" be01:45
Chil1Okay, there's a step that says  Create directories for data files: mkdir -p ~/.spring/{maps,mods,base}01:53
Chil1So, that just means make a new folder right? lol01:54
maxamillioni have to run ... getting off work01:54
maxamillionChil1: yeah, that's how i would read it01:54
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Chil1Hmm, what codec do I need to watch the embedded WMP content?02:03
crimsundepends on the streamversion of the "WMP content"02:03
crimsunif it's current, you'll likely need w32codecs02:03
Chil1crimsun: I swear I have those installed02:04
Chil1Yeah, I have those installed.02:04
crimsunwhich player are you embedding?02:05
gnomefreakmplayer plays some but in general w32codecs will play it02:06
Chil1I'm trying to watch some TV on freetube.us.tc,  but it tells me I need a plugin. I've got the w32 codecs installed.02:07
Chil1does mplayer have something w32 doesn't?02:07
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gnomefreakmplayer has seperate codecs not the full w32codecs package02:09
gnomefreakgive me a sec im looking02:10
gnomefreaki dont think its you02:11
gnomefreakit automaticly pauses02:11
gnomefreakbut totem-xine seemed to want to play one of them02:11
gnomefreaki got a loading screen with totem-xine :)02:12
Chil1Oh well, no big deal.02:15
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Shaba1hello anyone actually at the keys here?02:23
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Chil1I'm here, but I don't think I'll be much help.02:31
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QewShaba1: just ask the question and if anyone can answer, they will... eventually.02:33
Shaba1I did02:33
Shaba1I asked of anyone was at the keys here?02:34
Qewand how can we help you?02:34
Qewwhat is your support question?02:34
Chil1So Beryl is just an application that makes stuff look better?02:37
Chil1Its not another distro of ubuntu?02:37
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Qewnah, just eye candy for those who like that kind of thing02:37
Qewyou'll probably get bored of it in fifteen minutes ;)02:37
Chil1Can't hurt to download though!02:37
Qewno, go ahead02:37
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Shaba1nothing right now Qew02:38
Shaba1just hanging out hoping to learn things02:39
Qewyeah, join the club ;)02:39
BFTDmesa loves samba02:47
BFTDused in the right ways, and it'll become a hacking tool02:47
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kebwhat does a 3d layer have to do with a file sharing server?02:51
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Artemis3Hello there: Today i have done this: Installed ubuntu-server (7.04 beta), then did apt-get install xubuntu-desktop. When booting, i get no splash, X loads and a graphical login appears, after login the wallpaper changes and some icons appear. Thats it. No XFCE to be seen anywhere... Did i miss something?02:56
kebwhen you right click on the blank area, do you get a menu?02:57
Artemis3a small one iirc desktop related02:57
malnilionYou sure you're in xfce?02:58
kebyou should see one that has Settings, Accessories,..., About Xfce, Quit02:58
malnilionYou chose it manually from the sessions menu before you logged in?02:58
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Artemis3maybe not? i simply installed xubuntu-desktop meta...02:58
Artemis3no i dont get those02:58
WaxyFreshi loaded the sources.list for fiesty yet sudo apt-get dist-upgrade isint working any ides?also how do i set up transparent windows?02:58
malnilionTry logging out and logging in making sure you're in xfce session02:58
Artemis3ubuntu-server default install, then xubuntu-desktop package02:59
Artemis3i did02:59
Artemis3well i cant log out02:59
Artemis3the option doesnt appear02:59
Artemis3so ctrl-alt-backspace..02:59
malnilionctrl-alt-backspace :S02:59
kebWaxyFresh did you "sudo apt-get update" before the dist-upgrade?02:59
Artemis3so nobody tried this route?03:00
QewArtemis3: tried alt+f2 then type "xfce4-panel" into the dialogue box?03:00
WaxyFreshnm a restart fixed the upgrade issue03:01
Artemis3no i havent tried but that seems a good idea03:01
WaxyFreshhow do i see how much free space i have?03:01
malniliondf is a good command :)03:01
Qewif that works, then you can right-click the panel to customise it.03:01
Artemis3how do you normally invoke xfce? whats the script or binary that loads it?03:02
malnilionArtemis3, that's a good question03:02
malnilionI used to know the answer03:02
Artemis3oh well ill try tomorrow, the machine is not here at home anyway ^^03:03
Artemis3just wondered if anyone tried the same03:03
QewArtemis3: startxfce, but you should have had gdm installed03:03
Artemis3i get the graphical login with the xubuntu logo, i suppose thats gdm...03:04
WaxyFreshxfce supports psudo-transparancy right?03:04
malnilionWaxyFresh, yeah03:04
kebthere is a transparency command called transset03:05
WaxyFreshso how much free space do i have?Filesystem     1K-blocks  Used Available Use%        3426896   2743680    509136  85% /03:05
malnilionThat would be in bytes, I think03:05
malnilionSo, like 2.5 gigs?03:05
malnilionEr, available03:06
kebno it is in kilobytes03:06
malnilionWoops, lol03:06
kebbut yeah, 2.5GB03:06
Artemis3use -h03:09
WaxyFreshive got a dist-upgrade downloading that will take up more space then i have availible is there a way to move part of it onto a usb drive?03:11
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WaxyFreshkeb:r00t@sleepless:~$ transset03:15
WaxyFreshbash: transset: command not found03:15
kebsudo apt-get install transset03:15
kebbut wait until the dist-upgrade is done03:15
kebthere should be a way to add a usb drive to your / filesystem03:16
kebbut i'm not familiar with the LVM03:16
WaxyFreshkeb any other eye candy for xfce?besides beryl/compiz?03:16
kebwell you can download all sorts of desktop images and color schemes03:17
keband themes03:17
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WaxyFreshthanks i know aboute all that stuff,just wondering if there was anything cool the window manager could do03:18
kebas a cholesterol-free window manager, it saves memory ;)03:21
kebthats cool enough for me03:21
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rubixhey just updated to fiesty, and now my graphics card drivers don't work, i think it might be something to do with the kernel-modules package03:27
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aboyousifhello .. how could i know my current ubuntu version ?03:27
rubixuname -i for kernel03:28
rubixotherwise administration-->about ubuntu03:28
rubixor help or w/e the menu is03:28
aboyousifrubix, uname -i > unknown03:28
rubixuname -p03:29
Qewis't uname -r03:29
aboyousifrubix, the same unkown03:29
rubixi can't remember the letter03:29
rubixyea, -r03:29
rubixhow do i tell my kernel version03:29
aboyousifwell .. i know the kernel .. i need the ubuntu verison03:29
rubixi mena kernel-mods package version03:30
rubixthere is an about ubuntu03:30
aboyousifnot in xfce03:30
rubixohh thats right ur on xubuntu03:30
Qewaboyousif: cat /etc/lsb-release03:31
rubixwhats the fiesty support channel03:31
aboyousifQew, thanks alot .. it helps :)03:31
rubixwhats the kernel-mods package name03:31
rubixjust updated to feisty, havign graphic card problems03:32
rubixpretty sure its due to my graphics card not having the proper kernel module03:32
WaxyFreshrubix, #ubuntu+103:32
rubixhey Pumpernickel u around bro03:37
rubixseems i have 2 sets of nvidia drivers installed03:38
rubixman i can't even sudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm03:44
rubixnv drivers don't even work03:44
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rubixstill having major problems03:55
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Catoptromancyanyone try getting internet connected with a  usb 2Wire wireless adaptor ?04:22
Catoptromancyeagleusb doesnt seem to work04:23
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morpheus74Hi all.  Is there really that much performance difference between Xubuntu and Ubuntu?04:23
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magic_ninjawhat sup Pumpernickel04:25
ChiliHmm, so I'm trying to watch a video @ nothingtoxic.com and its telling me I need a plugin. I have the win32 codecs installed, any others I might need?04:25
PumpernickelI'm trying to get a mic to work.04:25
Pumpernickel...I detest audio problems.04:25
magic_ninjasounds like fun04:25
magic_ninjalost x after upgrading to feisty04:26
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morpheus74I'm running fiesty beta and when in tty the font is extremely large.  Any ideas?04:27
magic_ninjai got several different versions of the nvidia drivers on my computer04:28
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PumpernickelI really really detest audio problems.05:08
crimsunlike what?05:09
crimsunmic issues?05:09
PumpernickelYup.  It works, so long as I don't enable 6ch output.05:09
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crimsunthat's a codec issue05:10
crimsunnothing we can do about that.05:10
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SlorAnyone awake?06:18
SlorI recently installed xubuntu 6.06.1.  I don't have the higher resolution choices my graphics card supports for X, so I assume it has used a generic X server.  How can I easily correct that so I can bump up my resolution?06:20
ubotuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type  sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart  in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: http://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixVideoResolutionHowto06:20
Slornice - thanks tony06:20
Slorand there's a section just for my ATI. :)06:21
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Slorhmmm - but I find no aticonfig on my system or the software manager.06:25
Slorguess I'll try the other approaches06:25
briancronare there laptop power settings in a default xubuntu install?06:26
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spasticteapotHow do I add thinks to my launcher?06:41
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Catoptromancyanyone ever get usb wireless working?09:56
Catoptromancyive searched google for quite awhile and cant seem to make the drivers work09:57
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OGDAis it possible to install that system upgrader/degrader thats in feisty?10:09
malnilionOGDA without getting feisty?10:09
OGDAin 6.06.1 if possible10:10
malnilionProbably, but is there a specific reason?10:11
BFTDso I can upgrade it easily10:11
malnilionOh...I thought the upgrade manager was in edgy as well...10:11
malnilionThat's weird...10:12
BFTDanyways this is dapper not edgy10:12
malnilionIs it possible to upgrade from dapper to feisty?10:12
BFTDI'm pretty sure it is10:13
malnilionIt says that you can only go from edgy to feisty :/10:14
hyper_chmalnilion: then go dapper --> edgy --> feist10:15
hyper_chbut then I would install feisty directly10:15
malnilionBFTD, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EdgyUpgrades10:15
malnilionBFTD, you should have the update manager there in dapper10:15
malnilionHonestly, I find it kind of a pain to have to upgrade to an intermediate version of Ubuntu; a lot of packages would need to be redownloaded.10:17
hyper_chmalnilion: then don't upgrade and isntall feisty directly10:18
malnilionhyper_ch, I've got Feisty, I'm trying to help BFTD here :P10:18
hyper_chah ok :)10:18
malnilionIf I were you, BFTD, and I could reinstall linux, I would10:19
Catoptromancydoes Feisty make it easier to install drivers for USB wireless adapters that have no drivers ?10:19
hyper_chif there are no drivers what do you want to install then?10:19
hyper_chbut generally Feisty has a better hardware support so you may try if feisty supports it10:19
CatoptromancyIve found a few possible drivers10:20
malnilionI've yet to have something not work10:20
malnilionUSB works pretty damn well these days10:20
malnilionAlthough, I need to try my Saitek USB controller again.10:21
malnilionHaven't tried it since the upgrade to Feisty, but it registered in Edgy as a joystick, so it should work.10:21
BFTDthis song sucks10:21
malnilionWhich song?10:21
hyper_chCatoptromancy: you can try feisty... either it works or not... you have nothing to loose in that case10:22
Catoptromancygoogle has concluded that installing 2wire amoung other USB wireless adapters to be a pain10:22
malnilionOh, wireless via USB could be interesting10:22
hyper_chnext weekend I'll have to have a look at truecrypt in feisty :)10:23
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camer0ffjust have a question relating to vi10:38
camer0ffin gnome i just hit "i" or "insert" to type text. how do i do it in xfce?10:38
camer0ffit just doesnt seem to work :S10:38
BFTDwe here use nano10:39
camer0ffah fair enough :S10:39
hyper_chnano is alright for my simple mind :)10:40
hyper_chvi is too complicated :)10:40
camer0ffjust like vi because it has been on every distro i have used10:41
camer0ffgotten used to it10:41
camer0ffjust seemed strange that it didnt work10:41
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camer0ffback :)10:51
camer0ffhaving trouble getting my monitor working correctly10:52
posingaspopularcamer0ff: howso?10:52
camer0ffi have changed /etc/X11/xconf file10:52
camer0ffscreen isn't positioned right10:53
posingaspopularcamer0ff: can you adjust it on the actual monitor10:53
camer0ffits hanging off the edge of the monitor :(10:53
camer0ffi can... but the monitor gets used for two computers at the moment10:53
posingaspopularim not the best when it comes to X issues though10:54
posingaspopularcamer0ff: is that a xubuntu issue?10:55
posingaspopularor can you ask in #ubuntu10:55
camer0ffthe file didnt initially have HorizSync and VertRefresh, so i added them with the values that are specified for the monitor10:55
camer0ffwill ask in #ubuntu10:55
camer0ffnot really sure though10:55
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silverfoxHow do i make launchers, such as the synaptic one run as root in menu editor?12:38
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graziesilverfox: use the command 'gksu synaptic'12:43
silverfoxGet the command doesnt exist12:45
graziesilverfox: gksu and synaptic are installed by default on Xubuntu12:48
silverfoxgrazie, Not running xubuntu just switched from a base install of standard ubuntu, is there a package i need for gksu?12:49
=== silverfox [n=chris@cpc2-oldh6-0-0-cust827.manc.cable.ntl.com] has joined #xubuntu
silverfoxI dont even know the command to add to menu to open a terminal -_-12:53
posingaspopularsilverfox: it's down in the menu12:55
posingaspopularit should be under system if you are using xubuntu12:55
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graziesilverfox: yes, gksu is a package. It's not really very clear to me what you've installed so far and what you are trying to do.12:59
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murr4yhi, i downloaded a theme and put it into /usr/share/themes/xfw4/THEME but its still not listed in the window manager settings01:20
=== johansalim [i=G3b0ys@ip84-223.cbn.net.id] has joined #xubuntu
graziemurr4y: put theme in /usr/share/themes (system wide) or ~/.themes (local)01:27
murr4yso without "xfmw4" ?01:28
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murr4yi put it into /usr/share/themes but it's not listed01:33
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malnilionmurr4y, I always put themes in .Themes in my home folder01:50
malnilionOr .themes, rather.01:51
murr4ywell i don't have a .themes in my home folder actually01:53
TheSheepmurr4y: just make it01:54
murr4ymh doesn't work either01:56
TheSheepmurr4y: unpack it02:01
murr4yTheSheep: it is unpacked02:02
TheSheepmurr4y: you should put it so that the themerc file is in ~/.themes/ThemeName/xfwm4/02:03
TheSheepmurr4y: and all the files that were with it, of course02:03
TheSheep(or, in the old fashion, ~/.themes/xfwm4/ThemeName/, but that's deprecated)02:04
murr4yTheSheep: i put it there just like that02:05
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h3sp4wnAnyone have an idea why - resolution:    100x100 dots per inch is hardwired somewhere into xfce4 (feisty)02:26
h3sp4wnIf I just run xinit it uses 96x96 (as specified in xorg.conf)02:27
=== null__ [n=null@pool-72-77-116-98.pitbpa.east.verizon.net] has joined #xubuntu
h3sp4wn /etc/X11/xinit/xserverrc - seems to be hardwired in there (I cannot see a sensible reason for doing so though)02:34
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Rich_li_nyGood moring everyone :)03:03
Rich_li_nyI just did an installation for the third time and still cant get video.03:04
Rich_li_nyBut can so an ALT F1 and go to a command prompt.03:04
Merchelowhat sort of video and what sort of player?03:04
Merchelooh wait03:05
Merchelomy bad03:05
Rich_li_nyViseo as in my monitor.  I have a VGA monitor.. and an Matrix AGP video card.03:05
Rich_li_nyIt seems there is soemthing worng with my xorg config file but I cant get into it to edit it.03:06
grazieRich_li_ny: the matrox video drive has a known bug. You can use vesa or upgrade to feisty where I believe it's fixed. There may be workarounds available too03:07
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Artemis3oh, interesting, this time xfce did load, but still no splashy when booting~~~03:30
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OrionistiI need some help in getting a weird device working in Xubuntu03:38
OrionistiI have a 170 MB PCMCIA Hard disk drive  "Viper 170"   that I can't access.03:38
OrionistiI can plug it in the laptop and it starts spinning but I can't access the drive03:39
OrionistiAny ideas?03:39
OrionistiHeh, maybe I'm asking for the impossible...03:41
OrionistiI got the hard drive inside a Canon Powershot 600 - a digital camera with half a megapixel from the year 199703:41
h3sp4wnI doubt it is impossible03:41
Artemis3its pccard ata drive?03:42
OrionistiYay, a speck of light =)03:42
Orionistiall it says is PCMCIA hard disk drive03:42
reaVeris anyone having problems with amsn lately?03:42
Artemis3wait, you said canon camera? you sure its not cf?03:42
reaVerlike, having it lock up?03:42
Orionistiwell the connector is PCMCIA and it says PCMCIA sooo... I'd guess it is pcmcia03:43
Orionistiand it is 10 years old - was cf around at that time?03:43
Artemis3i dont remember seeing canon cameras using pccard devices...03:43
Artemis3let me check., these conectors are very simillar03:44
OrionistiViper(tm) 170E03:44
h3sp4wnI don't remember seeing a digital camera in 199703:44
OrionistiModel 8170E03:44
OrionistiYeah, this is very antique03:44
Orionistithe HDD has a date of April 199703:44
Orionistiand it spins when I plug it in, cf cards don't spin, do they?+  ;-)03:45
h3sp4wnOrionisti: Are you certain the laptop you plug it into supports pcmcia ?03:46
Artemis3does dmesg shows your drive? apparently other pcmcia hds work03:47
Orionistithe laptop has a pcmcia network card so it supports it alright03:48
Orionistihow do I access dmesg?03:48
h3sp4wnOrionisti: pcmcia and cardbus are different though03:48
h3sp4wnanything un ancient would be cardbus03:48
OrionistiIt's HP Omnibook XE3 gc-cl if I remember correctly03:49
Orionistiok, do the old cardbus devices still state they are PCMCIA?03:49
h3sp4wnOrionisti: is the network card in lspci03:49
Artemis3Orionisti, just type that command in a console03:50
Artemis3you might want to use dmesg | less03:50
Orionistinetwork card states to be pcmcia also03:50
Orionistiok I'll check it out03:50
h3sp4wnIf its in lspci its not pcmcia (afaik)03:51
Artemis3maybe a message like "pata_pcmcia"03:52
Artemis3eg: "scsi5 : pata_pcmcia"03:52
Orionistican't see such a line03:53
h3sp4wnYou need to specify base addresses etc with pcmcia03:53
OrionistiCardBus bridge found at03:54
OrionistiPCMCIA card inserted into slot 003:55
Rich_li_nyI installed Xubuntu and can not get my Monitor to display video. When booting it says:".....ACPI Failed Unable to Locate RSDP " and contues the boot process.  I then see the Xubuntu logo show for a split second and and then the Monitor goes blank.  10-20 seconds after that the monitor turns off and green LED on it turned amber.    Pressing Ctrl+F7 turns monitor back on for a sec but still no video.   Pressing Ctrl+Alt+F1 exits me to a sy03:55
h3sp4wnRich_li_ny: laptop ?03:56
Orionistidmesg finds the manufacturer of the P-ATA drive and so on, but I can't access the data on it03:57
Rich_li_nymy system P-II 300. Intel AL440LX motherboard, 192mb RAM , Matrox Graphics 64mb AGP card.  System works fine with other distros installed.03:57
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Merchelowhat version of xubuntu 6.04 or 6.10 ?04:02
Rich_li_nyDesktop w/ VGA monitor04:03
Rich_li_nysorry I should have stated.04:03
OrionistiI have 6.1004:03
Orionistiok I'm at a standstill again04:05
Artemis3Rich_li_ny, sounds like a refresh rate issue..04:09
Rich_li_nyI went reconfigure the Oxor..04:09
Artemis3can you get your monitor refresh rates?04:09
Rich_li_nybut couldnt,, maybe I am tyopingt in the command wrong.04:10
Artemis3id rather edit a couple of lines in xorg.conf instead...04:10
Rich_li_nyI also wrote down the viseo settings that worked whenusing Puppy linux.04:10
Rich_li_nyoff a live CD.04:10
Rich_li_nyYeah.. this is what worked in Puppy (puppys auto config).  53.7214 Horizontal khz04:11
Rich_li_ny85.1369 Vertical Hz .. 24 Color04:11
Artemis3you dont have the ranges?04:11
Rich_li_nyNo.. thast all it said..04:11
Rich_li_nyI dont know how to see or get ranges.04:11
Artemis3monitor manual?04:11
Artemis3google search?04:12
Artemis3when you get those, just edit xorg.conf in /etc/X11 in the monitor section04:12
Rich_li_nyWhen I looked at display.. it told me what it was set for .  I know it would be easier if It had ranges.. but with those number I was hoping to make some up.04:12
=== Arkh [n=Arkh@] has joined #xubuntu
Artemis3its better with ranges04:12
Rich_li_nyYou know.. Ive been googeling around almost every day for 2.5 weeks now.. and its teh only thing I didnt look up was the monitor.04:13
Artemis3search google for specs of that monitor04:13
Rich_li_nyI tried THree different monitors  though and had teh same problem.04:13
Artemis3when you get the ranges, you simply add 2 lines like:         HorizSync       30-8504:13
Artemis3        VertRefresh     47-16004:13
Artemis3 in the Monitor section04:13
OrionistiRight, how do I mount the sda device again?04:13
Artemis3and thats it...04:13
Artemis3much faster than the alternative04:14
Rich_li_nyArt.. thanks..  I feel like an idoit now..  :))04:14
Rich_li_nyI will check it out :D04:14
Artemis3not your fault04:14
Rich_li_nyty] 04:14
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(YogSothoth/#xubuntu) I installed hal, dbus and thunar-volman-plugin, and when I plug in an usbdisk or insert a dvdrom, nothing happens. Why isn't it automounted?04:27
Arkhoh sorry I was reading an article :)04:28
Arkhnow as root, or with sudo04:30
Arkhfdisk /dev/sda04:30
Arkhbe very careful04:30
Arkhand just press p04:30
Arkhto print the partition table04:30
ArkhI think sda is your usb pen..04:30
Orionistino, my usb pen is in my pocket04:31
Arkhoh wait04:31
Arkhlet me understand04:31
Arkhthis hard disk is a data one?04:31
Orionistiyou understanding would help me a lot =)04:31
OrionistiAnd what would you mean by data?04:31
Arkhnot your operative system04:32
Orionistiyes, not my operative system04:32
Arkhok then04:32
Arkhsudo mkdir /media/sda04:32
OrionistiI can't fit Xubuntu on a 170 MB disk =P04:32
Arkhand then sudo mount /dev/sda1 /media/sda04:33
Arkhany error?04:34
Arkhcd /media/sda/04:34
Orionistipwrshot recycled system volume information04:34
Orionistiseems that someone has tried mounting this on xp before04:34
Arkhwell now the disk is mounted :p04:35
Orionistiwow I can see the pics there04:35
Arkhtry doing a mount to see which permissions you have04:35
Artemis3delete that xp trash04:35
Arkherr lol04:35
Orionistimounbt mount ....04:35
Orionistinot so fast =P04:35
Orionistiso I do what exactly?04:35
Artemis3its fine04:36
Orionistiok, now how do I get to browse the contents in, say, Thunar File Manager and open the pictures in Gimp or whatever?04:36
Arkhso you have officially been pimped, Orionisti04:37
Arkhjust open thunar04:37
Arkhfilesystem, media, sda04:37
Artemis3well you mounted it didn't you? you already know the path...04:37
Orionistiay, wonderful04:38
Artemis3and i thought my 128mb cf was small...04:38
OrionistiI thank you from the bottom of my heart!  =D04:38
Orionistithis is 170 MB and huge (physically04:38
OrionistiOne more question04:38
Artemis3on the other hand i do have a working 80mb pata disk stored04:38
Orionistido I have to mount this again every time I reconnect it?04:39
Artemis33 1/2" and all..04:39
Arkhunless you do edit /etc/fstab04:39
OrionistiI've used a 25 MB ISA disk04:39
Artemis3what do you mean isa?04:39
OrionistiISA as in the ISA in motherboard, before PCI04:39
Artemis3the black one with the controller?04:39
Orionistinow, how to edit the /etc/fstab04:40
Artemis3fstab will shorten your mount command, dont automount unless you plan to leave it always connected04:40
OrionistiI guess this is fine04:41
Artemis3it will save you from typing many mount options everytime04:41
Artemis3something like mount /media/sda will do if you configure fstab04:41
Artemis3now why would you use a 170mb disk for?04:42
Artemis3isnt a pendrive much easier?04:42
Orionistibecause it's the only thing the digital camera accepts =P04:42
Artemis3pcmcia camara... funny04:42
Orionistiit's not like I plan on actively using the digital camera or anything04:42
Artemis3maybe you can get a much bugger pcmcia flash hd04:43
=== gratuit [n=mcneill@pdpc/supporter/student/gratuit] has joined #xubuntu
Orionistione more thing04:43
Orionistinow that I have pictures of me in the hdd, I can't remove them04:43
Artemis3if my canon wasnt in the black list of defective models.. i would consider getting another cf04:43
OrionistiI might sell this camera - these are rare04:44
Artemis3mine is failing, because of some manufacture issue :(04:44
Artemis3but is like 3 yrs old and i found out recently04:44
Orionistiroot owns the files and I can't delete them04:44
Artemis3ah yes, thats one of the mount options you miss04:45
Artemis3mount with use permissions, or change permissions, or rooted thunar (now thats scary and dangerous, dont do that ;))04:45
gratuitI'm using feisty and have my desktop icon preference to show only icons for removable devices, since I just upgraded, it now shows two volumes on a non-removable drive. I still want them to be mounted, but not shown on the desktop. is there any way to keep them from showing up on the desktop? (i.e. something I can add in fstab?)04:46
OrionistiRemember, you need to tell everything in detail to me =)04:46
Artemis3hehe i know i know i don't remember those things from memory... hmm fat16 isnt?04:47
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Artemis3sudo mount /dev/sda1 /media/sda/ -t vfat -o iocharset=utf8,umask=00004:49
Artemis3but before you try04:49
Artemis3sudo umount /media/sda04:49
Artemis3and never remove it without umount first...04:49
Orionistisudo unmount command not found04:50
Arkhgratuit, that's something that involves the file manager ( aka Thunar ) not fstab04:50
ArkhI know how to do that with gnome, but not with xfce04:51
gratuit<Arkh>: I wasn't sure if there was something in fstab that could mark it as a removable device04:51
tors_gratuit: same thing happened to me. Choose "File/launcher icons" in the dropdown-box and then Select all the checkboxes under "Show icons for:". Then change dropdown to "None". Then change back to "File/launcher icons" and deselect all checkboxes. Then switch dropdown to "None" and back to "File/launcher icons"04:51
Artemis3not in fstab...04:51
=== zenrox [n=zenrox@pool-71-115-227-252.spknwa.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #xubuntu
Arkhit that doesn't work, try mounting the not removable devices in another directory such as /mnt/ instead of /media/04:52
gratuittors_: thanks, that seemed to work04:53
Arkhthat should do the trick aswell..04:53
OrionistiI found some pictures of the previous owner in the recycle bin =S04:53
tors_gratuit: glad to help04:53
Orionistiapparently he is in army04:53
ArkhI don't like much the "he" part04:54
Artemis3har har04:54
=== DieMyDarling [n=DieMyDar@emnpdsl.bb.netvision.net.il] has joined #xubuntu
Orionistiauuugh it got hot in there04:55
Orionistithe hdd that is04:55
Artemis3get that cheapo pcmcia adapter for cf04:56
Artemis3try in that camera04:56
Artemis3its like 7$04:57
OrionistiI could get a cheapo digital camera with the same price04:57
Artemis3but canon is much better04:57
Orionistiwith the size of the hdd and more pixels04:57
Artemis31gb cf is just 12$04:58
Artemis3you sure the new camera is cheaper than 21$?04:59
Artemis3well benq and genius don't count ;)04:59
Artemis3er.. that would be 19$ ^^!05:00
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=== stimz [n=totustuu@] has joined #xubuntu
stimzAny ideas where to find the repository for screensavers? :D05:08
=== lypsis [n=lypsis@pD9E1CAC4.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #xubuntu
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=== {slacky} [n=slacky@kde/developer/gianni] has joined #xubuntu
{slacky}can I install xubuntu on a K5 at 100MHz with 64 MByte of RAM?05:26
ArkhI don't think it can handle it05:27
=== soweto76 [n=jack@d226-43-189.home.cgocable.net] has joined #xubuntu
{slacky}what kind of Linux that I can Install?05:28
ArkhI think a damn small linux05:29
{slacky}Arkh: url?05:29
{slacky}Arkh: thank you05:30
ArkhI think that something more powerful could work with the processor05:31
Arkhbut with that RAM it is the only thing I can think of05:31
{slacky}Arkh: but some office suite? not with that computer?05:33
{slacky}Arkh: I've got installed Windows 98 on that machine now05:33
Arkhis there any way to increase the ram?05:34
{slacky}Arkh: no05:34
{slacky}Arkh: this PC has 15 or more years old05:34
{slacky}mmm maybe 1005:34
Arkhlet me think a bit..05:34
Arkhif you could add 64 megs pf ram05:36
=== delcoyote [n=delcoyot@] has joined #xubuntu
Arkhxubuntu would run pretty smoothly05:36
Arkhbut with the current  memory open office would run bleeding slowly05:37
Arkha friend of mine tried that :p05:37
delcoyotecan i run automatix with xubuntu? hi all btw05:38
{slacky}hi delcoyote05:38
{slacky}Arkh: try from LiveCD is very slower that the installed system obvoiusly, right? just to try the speed rate05:39
Arkhwhich distro are you trying?05:39
ArkhI mean the proc is very good05:40
{slacky}Arkh: no, I've got Win98 on that PC, but I'd like to use linux05:40
Arkhdouble the ram and almost everything will work out of the box :P05:40
=== Rich_li_ny [n=Rich@dsl-243-24-179.telkomadsl.co.za] has joined #xubuntu
=== stevethepirate [n=stnber00@tsl.uct.ac.za] has joined #xubuntu
stevethepiratehello. can anyone tell me howto install xfce.. i have no web browsing capabilities here i'm afraid.. only irc and a local mirror05:58
Rich_li_nyNew Installation Xubuntu 6.10 and can not get Video on monitor unless I go to a command prompt (Ctrl + Alt + F1).  Begins to load I see xubuntu logo then screen goes blank and monitor goes dead.  Please help me with this.  Its been going on for tow weeks and I really want to get this working.  Note monitor works with Puppy linus live Cd.. but not with xbuntu.05:58
stevethepirateRefresh rate or resolution on xubuntu is too high or not supported by monitor..05:59
Arkhstevethepirate, links?06:00
Rich_li_nyWell the computer I am on now has the exact same monitor and it works fine.06:01
Rich_li_nyIts just a different pc..  I tried three monitors allready06:01
Rich_li_nyAlso get message on boot :  "ACPI unable to locate RSDP"06:02
Rich_li_nyTried to reinstall 2x and it didnt help:(06:02
hyper_chRich_li_ny: try to disable the acpi06:02
=== McBeardy [n=tebow@ip72-209-73-107.ga.at.cox.net] has joined #xubuntu
McBeardyhello all06:04
grazieRich_li_ny: It is not your monitor. Like you were told earlier the ubuntu matrox video driver is broken You can use vesa or upgrade to feisty where I believe it's fixed. There may also be a driiver you can use from outside the repos06:05
grazieRich_li_ny: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-mga/+bug/5872106:05
ubotuMalone bug 58721 in edgy-backports "Edgy upgrade breaks multiple Matrox cards" [Undecided,Unconfirmed] 06:05
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about networking - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi06:05
ubotuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs06:06
McBeardy!browsing windows networks06:06
McBeardyuhh.. anyone here know anything about browsing windows netowrorks?06:06
hyper_chRich_li_ny: feisty is nice... although it's still "beta" it's more stable than windoze... you should try that if grazie think it's fixed in feisty :)06:07
hyper_chMcBeardy: hmmm, samba :)06:07
hyper_chMcBeardy: but how exactely... I've never tried it :)06:07
hyper_chI only know how to make my shares available to my roommates through the network06:07
grazie!samba | McBeardy06:08
ubotuMcBeardy: samba is is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT06:08
McBeardyit would be nice to just click on some kind of network button in thunar and see shared folders like in windows06:08
hyper_chMcBeardy: you first ahve to get samba :)06:09
McBeardywell, i have samba06:09
McBeardyand this thing called xsmbrowser06:09
McBeardywhich claims to be a gui for it, but it doesn't exactly work06:10
hyper_chkonqueror can do it :)06:10
hyper_chwell, you need somehow to setup samba up for accessing windows network shares I think06:10
=== tuna-fish [n=tuna@tunamasiina.kortex.jyu.fi] has joined #xubuntu
Arkhyou can use samba and fusesmb and Thunar06:11
Arkhto access shares like in windows ;)06:11
McBeardythats good news06:11
McBeardyany idea how?06:11
Arkhlet me find you the exct guide06:11
hyper_chMcBeardy: http://ubuntuguide.org/wiki/Ubuntu_Edgy   look at 1.13.x06:12
hyper_chMcBeardy: looks like they have some stuff06:12
Arkhthis is the same guide I did follow06:12
Arkhand it works ;)06:12
Arkhjust be careful and follow all the steps :p06:12
hyper_chgood guide *bookmark*06:13
Arkhmost of the reboots are useless06:13
Arkhbut they don't hurt aswell :D06:13
hyper_chone has to reboot linux?06:13
Arkhyeh, it seems so06:14
ArkhI made everything without rebooting06:14
Arkhbut anyways -.-06:14
hyper_chI thought a reboot is only required upon kernel change/mod and some other core stuff :)06:14
hyper_choh well, if it says reboot, then reboot :)06:14
Arkh4) Reboot, so the fuse module loads, and the proper workgroup is read for samba.06:14
hyper_chah... fuse06:15
Arkhor do a sudo modprobe fuse06:15
hyper_chlsmod fuse   shoud do it06:15
hyper_chthat's what I meant06:15
Arkh*** 6.7) Reboot the system and triple check with step 6.606:15
Arkhmostly useless :P06:15
hyper_chand make sure to add it to /etc/modules06:15
hyper_chdid fuse actually get auto-added by samba install?06:16
Arkhthe fusesmb installation does it :P06:16
hyper_chI don't recall to have it added to /etc/modules06:16
hyper_chand what is "lp" for a module?06:16
hyper_chthe other 4 I know what they are for :)06:16
Arkhlinux printer06:16
hyper_chcould deactivate that... don't ahve a printer....06:17
hyper_chno, visor06:17
Arkhlol I have a firewire module06:17
Arkhanyways it doesn't get loaded06:17
hyper_chwell, my dm-crypt/luks guide is written... maybe I'll see about truecrypt this weekend :)06:18
hyper_chI still wonder is there a way to encrypt the /etc folder or put that on a seperate partition?06:18
Arkhthe second thing yes06:19
Arkhthe first one too but I don't know how :P06:20
hyper_chArkh: how? if the partition data is stored in /etc/fstab how can that be on a different partition?06:21
=== Naughtyboy [n=Naughtyb@] has joined #xubuntu
=== deltron [i=ryan@75-132-14-76.dhcp.stls.mo.charter.com] has left #xubuntu []
Arkhoh right hyper_ch I din't think about that lol06:23
Naughtyboywhat the heck just happend with the update of Fiesty...some of the devs or someone at canonical just had a brainfart ;=)06:23
hyper_chArkh: I think it would be nice because /etc contains a lot of demon configs...06:23
hyper_chNaughtyboy: ????06:23
ArkhI was just thinking about other directories like /home, /var, /opt,/usr can be mounted on different partitions06:23
Naughtyboywell...I was doing my daly update routine...and my nvidia-glx got downgraded to 63xx something..06:24
Naughtyboyand soem other packages..06:24
hyper_chlucky you :)06:24
NaughtyboyI hade it fixed..so no worries.....but that seemes to wierd to me06:25
hyper_chI have legacy drviers :)06:25
Naughtyboyremoved to ones I had installed and installed the new ones...but they have nemed them "nvidia-glx-new"06:25
hyper_chthey are also to be updated06:26
=== bur[n] er [n=burner@c-71-56-237-100.hsd1.co.comcast.net] has joined #xubuntu
Naughtyboyohh well...all good now...just got a little confused..06:26
hyper_chThe following packages will be upgraded:06:27
hyper_ch  foomatic-db grub human-icon-theme ifupdown libnm-glib0 libpanel-applet2-0 libpango1.0-0 libpango1.0-common06:27
hyper_ch  libvolume-id0 linux-restricted-modules-2.6.20-14-generic linux-restricted-modules-common mplayer nvidia-glx-legacy06:27
hyper_ch  openprinting-ppds python-software-properties seahorse software-properties-gtk thunar thunar-doc thunar-volman-plugin06:27
hyper_ch  udev volumeid06:27
hyper_chlet's be brave and let it upgrade :)06:27
Naughtyboyyeah that was the ones that I just upgaded06:27
Naughtyboyerr upgraded06:27
hyper_chlet me try :)06:28
Naughtyboyyeah..goahead...good luck  ;=))06:28
hyper_chwhat can happen?06:29
hyper_chcomputer explodes?06:29
hyper_chnot that important :)06:29
Arkhmm yes06:29
Arkhwell no06:29
Arkhthey do burn though06:29
hyper_chburning isn't as specatcular as exploding... :(06:29
=== TheDarkKiller [n=darkkill@0x50c53bc5.esnxx2.adsl-dhcp.tele.dk] has joined #xubuntu
TheDarkKillerYay, installed Xubuntu on a new fast machine. This rocks!06:31
hyper_chTheDarkKiller: that's good :)06:32
Arkhyeah :P06:32
hyper_chI still don't know why some people are not using Xfce :)06:33
Arkhbecause you can't edit the menu06:33
Arkh:@ :@ :@06:33
TheDarkKillerWell, for me it's a good interface, as I'm a big time Linux noob. But I'm learning. I always coded my programs in Windows, but now... :D06:34
hyper_chcode programs for linux :)06:34
Naughtyboyyeah...that just about the only thing that bugs me with xfce....that damn menu....06:34
hyper_chArkh: sure you can edit the menu06:34
Naughtyboyyeah but its a PITA06:35
Arkhhow :P06:35
hyper_chArkh: edit the .xml file of it :)06:35
ArkhI mean I want it WYSIWYG06:35
hyper_chArkh: WYSIWYG is for noobs06:35
Arkhit is fast06:35
hyper_chmaybe :)06:35
Naughtyboyhyper_ch, : how's the updating going for ya ..?06:36
hyper_chNaughtyboy: went well... but haven't restarted x yet06:36
hyper_chgoing to do that now :)06:36
=== botten [n=ittaizur@] has joined #xubuntu
Naughtyboyahaaaa....c'mon u wuzzz..restarX06:37
=== botten [n=ittaizur@] has left #xubuntu []
=== hyper_ch [n=hyper@84-75-60-32.dclient.hispeed.ch] has joined #xubuntu
hyper_chruns without problems06:41
Naughtyboywell...congrats then...hehe06:42
Naughtyboymine didn't06:42
Naughtyboyguess it was due to the drivers06:42
=== psb154 [n=psb154@80-41-92-218.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com] has joined #xubuntu
hyper_chbut I got the legacy ones :)06:43
=== raigl [n=Rainer@pD9546D76.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #xubuntu
=== bur[n] er [n=burner@c-71-56-237-100.hsd1.co.comcast.net] has joined #xubuntu
hyper_chgotta go :)06:50
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Rich_li_nyHyper:  Thanks for the help and Link..  baby was crying and I ran out of the room for a few minnets.  Just saw your reply.. Thanks :)06:57
=== McBeardy [n=tebow@ip72-209-73-107.ga.at.cox.net] has joined #xubuntu
=== aussieman [n=bobo@226.Red-81-36-235.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #xubuntu
delcoyotei need some help with xubuntu 7.04 installation on cyrix 300 64 ram getting a apci=force error07:03
delcoyoteapci=force required to enable apci07:07
=== aussieman is happy as broadcom wifi now works on feisty
delcoyotedo i need to add at boot options= install apci=force?07:10
=== Rich_li_ny [n=Rich@dsl-243-24-179.telkomadsl.co.za] has left #xubuntu []
Arkhaussieman, what is your wifi card?07:22
=== mdi1 [n=grcrosby@d216-232-173-250.bchsia.telus.net] has joined #xubuntu
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aussiemanbroadcom 43XX07:26
aussiemanArkh, Ethernet controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM4401-B0 100Base-TX (rev 02)07:26
aussieman10:00.0 Network controller: Broadcom Corporation Dell Wireless 1390 WLAN Mini-PCI Card (rev 01)07:26
aussiemanive been playing with it for a week07:27
aussiemanwoot woot07:27
Arkhmine is a 02:08.0 Network controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM4306 802.11b/g Wireless LAN Controller (rev 03)07:27
ArkhI have been using it with ndiswrapper07:27
aussiemanand it goes ok?07:27
aussiemani got the bcm drivers07:28
ArkhI am using the 64 bit version of xubuntu07:28
ArkhI will definitely try feisty in a coule of weeks :P07:29
aussiemanim in a hote just now getting the new upgarde - hopefully network manage rgnome ect will stop freezing now07:29
aussiemanits ice07:29
aussiemannic e07:29
Arkhedgy works pretty good atm07:29
Arkhberyl's up and running too :P07:29
aussiemani gotta get ready im at a bike race and gotta do an interview07:30
aussiemanberyl is a freind of dame edna07:30
Arkhwhat lol?07:31
aussiemanyou know dame edna?07:33
aussiemanedna everedge07:33
=== varka [n=varkatop@p54a5dc2e.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #xubuntu
Arkhno sir07:37
aussiemangoogle dame edna australian culture07:39
ArkhOh I see now :)07:41
Arkhno way I could known of that before :P07:41
aussiemanmuy bien07:42
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raig1I have a laptop with two networks, i.e. one wired and one wireless. How do I control the assignment of the interfaces to eth0, eth1, etc? Seems to be different at each boot.08:55
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=== maxamillion [n=adam@ngl-1-14.shsu.edu] has joined #xubuntu
raig1I have a laptop with two networks, i.e. one wired and one wireless. How do I control the assignment of the interfaces to eth0, eth1, etc? Seems to be different at each boot. (repost)09:17
maxamillionraig1: it changes on each boot?09:20
=== Rich_li_ny [n=Rich@dsl-243-24-179.telkomadsl.co.za] has joined #xubuntu
maxamillionraig1: try checking /etc/network/interfaces ... that file generally caters to things of this sort09:21
maxamillionraig1: note that you will need sudo privilages if you plan to edit it09:21
=== PiTcReW [n=PiTcReW@c-76-100-32-106.hsd1.md.comcast.net] has joined #xubuntu
Rich_li_nyBug on 6.10 causes problems with PCI /AGP cards and no video on monitor.  Per forums and IRC I was told I need to change to vesa or download 7.04 .  How do I download and install vesa drivers from a command prompt?   (cant d/l the 7.04 ISO I don't have enough bandwidth).  ???09:25
TheSheepRich_li_ny: they are already included09:26
TheSheepRich_li_ny: just do 'sudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf' and change the "driver" line in it to say "vesa"09:27
raig1It is just my problem that in editing /etc/networks/interfaces, I do now know which interface is eth0/eth1/eth2. Background: I have to load a different driver for the wlan, so the wlan is also named ethx. There should be something in udev, I learned meanwhile, but how?09:28
maxamillionraig1: my wireless for my laptop is actually seen as eth1 also .... i never bothered with it because it was consistent09:30
raig1seems to be a race condition which card is earlier. But I found the solution meanwhile under http://www.debianadmin.com/rename-network-interface-using-udev-in-linux.html, so that I could associate the name with a MAC address. Thanks.09:32
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siouxoopppss english09:53
ubotuxubuntu is Ubuntu with Xfce instead of Gnome. For more info, see http://www.xubuntu.org and http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/ - To install from Ubuntu: "sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop". | For support, see #xubuntu | See also: !ubuntu and !xubuntu-channels09:55
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maxamillionsioux: ?09:59
maxamillionsioux: anything i can help you with?09:59
siouxI am new to xubuntu09:59
Maximilian1stHi maxamillion09:59
Merchelodid you use linux before sioux ?10:00
maxamillionhey Maximilian1st10:00
Maximilian1stHow is the release going on?10:00
Maximilian1stXfce 4.4.1 has been uploaded and will be announced in short.10:01
maxamillionMaximilian1st: good good, release candidate is planning to be out today i believe (if it hasn't already, i've been really busy with school work)10:01
siouxxfce is gnome based or kde?10:01
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maxamillionsioux: neitehr10:02
maxamillionsioux: neither*10:02
Maximilian1stXfce is based on GTK which is more of a gnome thing than KDE10:02
siouxgtk is ok with compizor beryl?10:02
Maximilian1stberyl is part of the new feisty packages, stop me if I'm wrong.10:03
siouxand all programs that are designed for kde or gnome can run with xfce?10:03
maxamillionsioux: yes, in xubuntu they can10:04
siouxI have a old laptop PIII... gnome wasvery slow10:04
siouxnow I am see what happen with xfce!10:05
maxamillionsioux: it will be much faster :)10:05
siouxfor now seems so10:06
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Maximilian1stYou are very enthusiast with much I think... What makes Gnome so slow?10:06
siouxbut much more personalisation must be stil10:06
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maxamillionMaximilian1st: gnome-libs ... they are resource hogs, also since gnome has so many different components rolled into one it just makes it a very heavy environment compared to xfce10:07
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Maximilian1stI understand.10:08
siouxI so gnome slow on running gui application10:08
siouxsorry I saw...10:08
siouxor sow?10:08
siouxsaw or sow?10:08
Maximilian1stso or so...10:08
Maximilian1styou saw Gnome...10:09
siouxfor example now with fce I running a upgrade distro and at the same time chat...  with gnome was more slow and difficult10:10
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siouxmaximillian1st what's crossower?10:13
Meadtrying to boot xubuntu from the cd on a old emachine etower 466i (pentium 2 grade celeron, 256mb of ram),  after I press enter at the how do you wanna boot screen, it loads two files says' ready, then turns to a black screen with a curser in the upper lefthand curser, then doesn't do anything else10:14
grazieMead: do you know what video card the machine has?10:15
Meadyes, I am using a premedia 2 pci card w/8mb ram10:15
graziegrazie: that's a new one for me10:15
grazieMead: ^^10:16
MeadI bought it years ago when I wanted to play mechwarrior 3 on another machine10:16
grazieMead: does alt+ctrl+f1 give you a terminal console?10:16
Meadas a noob to linux, I had not10:17
grazieMead: ?10:17
Meadwhen should I press that key combo?10:17
grazieany time10:17
graziesooner the better :)10:17
MeadI forgot to include that I don't have a HDD in this machine at all10:18
grazieMead: is the machine booted?10:18
siouxgrazie is a nik?10:18
Meadbrb, gonna go to the machine boot it up and see if I can get to the terminal console10:18
graziesioux: yeah. hi!10:18
siouxthat's italian word10:19
grazieyeah...people keep telling me :)10:19
siouxare you?10:19
grazieno I'm British10:20
siouxno english,,, british10:20
siouxnorth or south?10:21
Meadalright, now it is showing a error10:22
Meadbuffer i/o error on device HDD logical block10:23
Meadhas a number like 64.048131 at the begining of the error and a single digit at the end, the error repeats itself with the numbers getting higher10:23
graziesioux: getting a bit off topic here, but my ancestry is Welsh, Irish and English. People from the UK should refer to themselves are British,  but often use English or whatever instead10:24
grazieMead: did you check the disk?10:24
Meadthere is no HDD...10:25
grazieno the cd?10:25
Meadcheck it how?10:25
MeadI just burned it from a torrent download last night10:25
graziein the boot menu there's a check cd option10:25
Meadwhat 'f' number is that?10:26
MeadI saw the memory check feature...10:26
grazieMead: f number? ICheck cd comes just before that if I recall correctly10:26
Maximilian1stsioux, crossoverX is an application that lets you run some windows applications under linux.10:27
Rich_li_nyOff to bed.. g nite veryone10:28
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=== Mead goes back and checks on the system and attempts to find the icheck feature
grazieMead: that ICheck was a typo... Check CD...10:29
Merchelothere's also no iCheck on a mac :)10:30
grazieMerchelo: on a mac there's no menu with yaboot. you type in 'check' if I recall correctly10:31
grazieMerchelo: at the boot: prompt10:32
Meadeither the bios splash screen hid it, or it was some text that flashed very quickly before the boot menu apeared10:33
grazieMead: did you hit escape to get the menu?10:33
grazieMead: it's on the same screen as the memtest10:34
=== Mead grumbles about how he wishes he didn't need to keep his phone line clear and he could dial up from the pc that this emachine is sitting next to, instead of being across the house catching wifi on his laptop
MeadI just try booting the machine 3 time, when thru all the differnt help menus when it asks how you want it to boot, and I didn't find anything that said check cd10:41
Meadhow would I check the cd on a windows machine?10:42
Meadoutside the ubuntu os?10:42
grazieMead: That menu option should be there. I don't understand why you can't see it. What version of Xubuntu are you using?10:43
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grazieMead: have you got the cd booted up now?10:46
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bordyCan anyone direct me to the download for the Xubuntu alt-install CD?10:48
lrtlgood evening, is someone can help me with xubuntu, automount and scsi cdroms ?10:48
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Meadgrazie: when I get the prompt where it askes how I wanna boot that cd, what should I do to check the cd?10:50
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grazieMead: do you just get a boot: prompt? I thought you got 5 menu options?10:51
Meadhas a graphic of xubuntu at the top of the screen, at the bottom is had text talking about press  f1 for help and press enter for the live boot... and the prompt looks " boot: "10:55
grazieMead: enet10:56
grazieMead: sorry. enter 'check'10:56
Meadsame thing happens, did the crl alt f1 keycombo, nad the same errors happen10:58
grazieMead: when did you see the memtestmenu option?10:59
Meadin one of the help menus,11:00
MeadI think the f3 menu11:01
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grazieMead: do you have the desktop (live) cd?11:02
MeadI should11:02
grazieMead: what's the file name of the iso you burnt11:02
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Meadyes, the iso i burned has  desktop i386 in the name11:03
grazieMead: I'm guessing the graphical menu can't displayed on that machine because of your video card11:04
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grazieMead: there must be a check cd option somewhere on the function key menus11:05
MeadI haven't seen one and I have looked thru the menus many times11:13
grazieMead: I dunno what else to suggest....you checked the md5sum before burning?11:14
MeadI don't know how to do that11:14
MeadI thought that my bittorrent client would check the file11:15
grazie!md5sum | Mead11:15
ubotuMead: To verify the integrity of a download, use the md5sum - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM for more11:15
grazieMead: I think you've got a bad cd. It may the download or it may be the burn. Do the md5sum check to see if you got a good download.11:17
Meadwell, I my time to deal with this problem has ended, I must go and do chores like dishes and start cooking my dinner, I will lay idle here though11:18
Meadubotu: thanks I downloaded the program but I will have to mess with it in a few hours after do what I gotta do11:18
grazieMead: best of luck next time you get back to it :)11:19
grazieMead: do you have another video card you can try?11:19
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magic_ninjawhats up11:39
magic_ninjaMead: u having vid card problems11:39
maxamillionberyl and compiz in feisty don't work with xfce .... :/11:42
maxamillionjust a note11:42
h3sp4wnmaxamillion: do your fonts look correct in feisty ? (to me that is more fundimental than compiz etc)11:42
maxamillionh3sp4wn: i don't use beryl or compiz so i don't mind, i was just testing it .... and yes, fonts are great11:43
Arkh why maxamillion ?11:43
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maxamillionArkh: why what?11:43
h3sp4wnmaxamillion: I don't care for beryl / compiz either - fonts are trashed though (any tricks you used ?)11:44
maxamillionh3sp4wn: sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude dist-upgrade .... after editing my sources.list .... :.11:44
Arkhwhy beryl doesn't work I mean :)11:45
h3sp4wnIts merging back into compiz isn't it anyway11:46
maxamillionh3sp4wn: yeah, that's what the word on the digital street is11:46
Arkhit already merged11:46
h3sp4wnmaxamillion: It seemed obvious from the start compiz had the programming talent to me11:46
maxamillionArkh: i dunno why, but i had it installed and working in edgy and all i did was updated my sources.list to feisty repos and upgraded and now when i test either and open an application it seems like the window manager isn't working correctly, but the effects work on the panel menus so its "kinda working" ... i've even releaded to the wm a few times trying to look for crashes or errors and i didn't really see any11:47
maxamillionh3sp4wn: and the funding11:48
Arkhmmm very weird11:48
maxamillionArkh: yeah ... oh well, i don't _really_ mind because i don't use it but i'm sure that is going to come up when feisty releases stable11:48
maxamillionh3sp4wn: one thing i will give beryl credit for is the control panel application, but i think compiz is faster and more stable11:49
Arkhmaybe a simple reconfigure will do? :p11:49
maxamillionArkh: possible .... i'm just lazy and don't feel like it11:50
maxamillionxfwm4 is incredible ... no need for anything else :)11:50
ArkhI never tried compiz11:50
Arkhberyl now just works out of the box :p11:51
h3sp4wnI prefer e17 but I am trying to track down this font problem and I dislike both gnome and kde11:51
maxamillionArkh: yeah ... both were really easy to get working on edgy11:51
maxamillionh3sp4wn: if e17 would stop with all the re-writes and finally release a stable branch i would give it a shot11:52
Arkhwhat's wrong with your fonts h3sp4wn ?11:52
h3sp4wnIts as if the pixels on my lcd aren't lined up properly11:53
h3sp4wneverything looks sort of rainbow coloured11:53
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Arkhoh Ihave read something like that11:53
Arkhtry unticking and ticking again11:53
h3sp4wnunticking what ?11:53
Arkhthe options in settings manager11:54
h3sp4wnall of them ?11:54
Arkhuser interface11:54
Arkhsomething like that11:54
Arkhshould be aliasing options11:54
Arkhuntick them all11:54
Arkhtick them all && save11:54
Arkhthese ones -> aliasing hinting lcd11:55
Arkhthe last one is sub-pixel hinting11:55
Arkhbad memory :)11:56
h3sp4wnyep - the subpixel one doesn't actually seem to immediately affect anything11:56
h3sp4wnwhereas the others come into effect straight away11:56
Arkhstill the same problem?11:56
h3sp4wnmaxamillion: quite a few of the libraries are released now (its not all just cvs anymore)11:57
maxamillionh3sp4wn: ah ... that i didn't know11:58
maxamillionh3sp4wn: i did think it was interesting how terrasoft put e17 as default in the ps3 release11:58
h3sp4wnmaxamillion: To me imlib2 is more impressive than compiz and co - hand optimised sse or mmx assembler for the things it does nothing is faster12:01
h3sp4wnmaxamillion: I think its good for it to get a little more exposure (won't help it be released any faster I don't think)12:01
maxamillionh3sp4wn: i thought it was just emulated 3d and that it couldn't cast shadows on anything back the desktop background12:02
maxamillionh3sp4wn: i will say this though: e16 is horrible .... e17 is a massive improvement12:02
maxamillionstable or not12:03
h3sp4wnmaxamillion: Its not imlib2 that does that its evas I think it does support true transparancy but only for applications written using the e libraries12:04
h3sp4wnI would rather use the old enlightenment than metacity or sawfish12:04
maxamillionh3sp4wn: as just a window manager? yes, old e is better than metacity or sawfish but i would have to mix it with xfce or gnome12:05
maxamillionbut with xfce i really can't find a complaint with xfwm412:05
h3sp4wnmaxamillion: It is also 8 years old12:06
h3sp4wnthe last stable version12:07
h3sp4wn(major release)12:07
maxamillionh3sp4wn: wow ... i knew it was old but i didn't realize it had been that long12:07
maxamillionh3sp4wn: lets move to #xubuntu-offtopic12:07
arualaviIs here anybody using xfce in catalan?12:15
arualaviIf there is, can confirm this bug please ?12:16
ubotuMalone bug 105315 in xfdesktop4 "Translation bug that broke up the xfdesktop menu" [Undecided,Unconfirmed] 12:16
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maxamillionarualavi: i'm not personally, but i will look into the bug12:16
arualavithanks maxamillion12:16

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