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swilladoehello room03:50
HedgeMagewow, quiet in here tonight03:57
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swilladoeyes it is..anybody still awake?04:14
HedgeMagekind of04:16
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=== bimberi waves
HedgeMagehi bimberi04:20
bimberihi HedgeMage, hope you're well04:22
Lameirohey! i got accepted!04:36
positro1for which project?04:37
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positro1nooo I applied for that one04:44
positro1haha, good job :)04:44
Lameirohehhe :) but i still havent good google confirmation e-mail04:45
Lameirohaven got04:45
Lameirobut the web app says accepted04:45
positro1yeah I see it04:45
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greg_gcoon?  now, I don't know, but does that follow the Ubuntu CoC??04:56
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pygihi folks07:31
ajmitchhello pygi07:34
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pygihi ajmitch08:13
pygihow is it going?08:13
ajmitchgood, just home from work08:13
ajmitchI see soc apps have been chosen, congrats08:13
pygithanks ^_^08:14
ajmitchonly 1 soc project which has some overlap with what I'm doing :)08:16
ajmitchbut doko knows about that & will probably make sure that there's no duplication08:17
pygiajmitch, what project is that?08:23
ajmitchldap out of the box08:24
ajmitchthe description reads as an FDS config util08:24
pygiand doko is mentor?08:24
ajmitchso I'll coordinate with him & the student :)08:25
pygiI need to coordinate with much more people :P08:25
ajmitchpygi: so your soc project is basically pimping your existing code as much as possible? ;)08:33
pygilol =)08:34
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pygiajmitch, ^_^08:45
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juliuxgood morning09:10
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pygihighvoltage, :)09:27
highvoltagehi mr py09:27
pygiergh, why are you calling me "mr" ? :P09:28
highvoltagewhy are you sticking your tongue out at me!09:28
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pygihighvoltage, you're evil!09:34
pygiif ($user == "highvoltage") libburn_stop_working;09:34
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rockprincesshello everyone! :)10:00
RichEdhi rockprincess10:01
rockprincesscan i somehow upgrade edubuntu edgy to kde 3.5.6 , i think it currently uses 3.5.510:01
rockprincesshello RichEd!10:01
rockprincessbecause the author of ktouch wrote a patch for me, and it seems to work only on kde 3.5.6 or above...10:03
=== ogra___ [n=ogra@p548AD98E.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #edubuntu
RichEdhi ogra ... i see you managed to connect10:05
ogra___well, not really10:05
ogra___i cnat get my real nick10:05
RichEdrockprincess just asked: rockprincess> can i somehow upgrade edubuntu edgy to kde 3.5.6 , i think it currently uses 3.5.510:05
=== RichEd gives ogra's keyboard a tap
ogra___phew, thats  a question for #kubuntu i guess10:06
=== ogra___ is now known as ogra
rockprincessogra: i managed to upgrade my kubuntu machine to kde 3.5.6 quite easily (http://kubuntu.org/announcements/kde-356.php) but will it work like that on edubuntu too?10:07
rockprincessjust putting one of the links into my sources and let it upgrade?!10:08
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ogrado we have any amd64 testers here ?12:09
ograheh, feisty+1 is gutsy gibbon12:11
juliuxogra, did you need a amd64 tester?12:11
pygijuliux, yup :)12:12
ograjuliux, yes12:12
ograjuliux, specifically an server or DVD tester12:12
juliuxogra, i will ask around if somebody has an amd6412:13
ograi need someone to test bug 105642 and bug 10582812:13
ubotuMalone bug 105642 in linux-source-2.6.20 "kernel panic starting edubuntu dvd in live mode without vesafb" [High,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/10564212:14
ubotuMalone bug 105828 in Ubuntu "wrong keyboard layout after LTSP chroot install" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/10582812:14
juliuxogra, ask pitt he has an amd6412:14
ograjuliux, nah, he's busy with ubuntu testing12:15
ograi asked doko, but he discovere43d all these weird things i cant reproduce with the CD12:15
juliuxis this only happend on amd64?12:17
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ajmitchhey jsgotangco12:48
jsgotangcog'day ajmitch12:48
ograjsgotangco, !12:48
ogra<ogra> do we have any amd64 testers here ?12:49
jsgotangcohello fellow gibbons!12:49
ogra<ogra> i need someone to test bug 105642 and bug 10582812:49
ubotuMalone bug 105642 in linux-source-2.6.20 "kernel panic starting edubuntu dvd in live mode without vesafb" [High,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/10564212:49
jsgotangcoogra: well let me grab the RC first12:49
ubotuMalone bug 105828 in Ubuntu "wrong keyboard layout after LTSP chroot install" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/10582812:49
jsgotangcodvd hahaha...12:49
jsgotangcolet's see how fast my "broadband" is now12:50
jsgotangcothe dvd is a combo of install, live and the applications disc?12:51
ograand the supported seed12:52
jsgotangcook this is what you need to be tested right?12:52
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rockprincesshello all!12:53
=== rockprincess has an amd64 at school
jsgotangcorockprincess: if you have a fast connection, you can try grabbing the DVD12:54
=== jsgotangco broadband in his country isn't exactly that speedy enough
rockprincessjsgotangco: it's an install dvd, is it?!12:55
jsgotangcorockprincess: DVDs are combinations of live, install and add-on12:55
jsgotangcoogra: where's the link?12:56
rockprincessjsgotangco: cool12:56
jsgotangcoogra: would "current" be ok12:56
jsgotangcoahh this looks like RC12:57
ograjsgotangco, not sure there were rebuilds ... if current points to 2007041112:57
jsgotangcoyeah im grabbing 1112:57
ograits better to use the timestamped one, current will change if we do a rebuild ...12:58
ograso if you are in the middle of a sync while we do that, it will break12:59
jsgotangcolol this would take 6 hours on my side12:59
jsgotangcook gotcha01:00
jsgotangcoogra: dude I don't have a german keyboard01:03
ograwhy is that ?01:04
ograbut you have a non english one, dont you ?01:04
jsgotangcoi only have en_uk and en_us01:04
ograthat wont help01:05
jsgotangcoi have a laptop with korean keyboard though but 38601:05
ograwell, you could use korean as install language and just pick a wrong keyboard01:05
ograand after install check that its still the same wrong one :)01:05
jsgotangcoahh right01:05
rockprincesshmm what needs to be tested?01:06
ogra bug 105642 and bug 10582801:06
ubotuMalone bug 105642 in linux-source-2.6.20 "kernel panic starting edubuntu dvd in live mode without vesafb" [High,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/10564201:06
ubotuMalone bug 105828 in Ubuntu "wrong keyboard layout after LTSP chroot install" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/10582801:06
SiCkdoes anyone have any ideas on why my thin-clients after a successful boot, when restarted get a dhcp address, but get a problem leaving me at a b asic shell, then another restart after that, the dhcp3-server doesnt give an address at all, even though it's told to be static through MAC address...01:07
ograSiCk, msells like you have a second dhcp server in the net somewhere01:08
SiCknope, they're connected to each other through crossover so that doesnt happen01:08
ograare you on feisty ?01:08
=== mpytasz [n=dduck@] has joined #edubuntu
SiCkgetting towards my wits end!01:09
ograi havent seen or heard of such a thing yet01:09
SiCkis it worth an upgrade to feisty? , does it have updated dhcp or anything?01:10
SiCkthe other thing after the problems with the thin clients have occured, running /etc/init.d/dhcp3-server restart takes forever01:10
rockprincessjsgotangco: ahhhh shit, i just realized i can't test the dvd, because i still haven't got a dvd-rom drive01:10
SiCkeven when it does complete, it still doesnt give an address out01:11
SiCkback in 30, suggestions welcome from anyone! haha thanks again ogra.01:12
jsgotangcointeresting sched for gutsy01:16
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jsgotangcoogra: if today's build is published, that means its ok to sync now or wait for announcement in -devel?01:45
ograas soon as you see it on the website01:46
jsgotangcoahh so its built01:46
ograno idea01:46
ograi havent looked yet01:46
jsgotangcoits there01:46
ogra(my system is hradlocking all the time here01:47
ograthats the CD01:47
jsgotangcoyeah i mean the CD01:47
jsgotangcothe DVD is not yet published01:47
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SiCkwahey, i've returned.02:09
=== pauljw [n=paul@pool141.dial1-clec.newalb.win.net] has joined #edubuntu
SiCkogra, i've just had an idea too... do you reckon it could be a dhcpd.conf misconfiguration?02:09
SiCk( re: the problem i was having earlier )02:10
ograpaste your /etc/ltsp/dhcpd.conf to a pastebot and lets have a look together02:14
ograpaste.ubuntu-nl.org ?02:19
jsgotangcotry pastebin02:19
SiCkooh, handy.02:20
SiCkthat's an old-ish one.. the most recent has the device getting a static IP02:20
SiCkhasnt changed anything though02:21
ogralooks fine to me ...02:22
=== SimonAnibal [n=chatzill@] has joined #edubuntu
SiCkthe only thing i can see that might make a difference is the absence of default-lease-time etc?02:25
=== mpytasz [n=dduck@] has joined #edubuntu
ograthat shouldnt have any effect02:30
SiCkwas hoping you wouldnt say that.. haha02:31
SiCkthe only problem i'd have mirgrating to feisty is the custom kernel you got someone to make for me a few months back02:32
SiCkits the only way my clients will boot because of the via eden processor in them :/02:33
=== cliebow_ [n=cliebow@smoothwallkludge.ellsworth-hs.ellsworth.k12.me.us] has joined #edubuntu
ograjust create a fresh feisty chroot parallel to the old one and check if the new kernel probably fixes that ;)02:33
ograltsp-build-client has the --chroot paramerter ... see  ltsp-build-client --extra-help02:35
SiCkthink it might be easier for me to install fesity on the server too... not too bright with ltsp-build-client yet! :/02:43
SiCkwell, changing images etc.02:44
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cliebow_locate java'02:46
ograjava: not found02:46
ograbad luck,we didnt install java in this channel :P02:47
ograand probably there is no apostrophe in the package anme either ;)02:48
jsgotangcoogra: can you give me something easier like "not trying to grab the latest DVD image" lol02:48
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cliebow_ogra: that is my password03:01
cliebow_wrong keyboard again03:01
ograouch, change it to ruby now or something :)03:02
ograor perl :)03:02
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SiCkogra, where would i get the feisty images to create this parallel chroot for the thin-client?03:03
ograhmm, wait, you wont be able to in edgy ...03:04
ograltsp-build-client is only able to build backwards edgy->dapper_chroot ...03:05
ograsorry that was a wrong hint03:05
ograbut you could try out the feisty tarball from ltsp.org for a test ...03:05
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cliebow_ogra: any bell or beep i can add in rc.local to know a headless server booted ok?03:06
SiCki'll see if i can manage that then03:06
SiCk( moo )03:06
ograaplay /usr/share/sounds/something.wav ?03:06
cliebow_moo works too03:06
ograthats what gdm uses to play the drum sound03:07
ogra(indeed that needs a souncard ... else just echo -n "\a" or so)03:07
cliebow_without a heh03:07
ogramoo is reserved for apt-get moo :)03:08
cliebow_i tried to rob my smoothwall of its sound without success03:08
=== sc0tt_ [n=sc0tt@cpc1-stok5-0-0-cust513.bagu.cable.ntl.com] has joined #edubuntu
SiCkapt-get install moo03:12
ogranot install03:12
ograapt-get moo03:12
SiCkapt-get install field03:12
ogramoo is the command ;)03:12
SiCkcd /field/03:12
SiCkapt-get install cow03:12
cliebow_ogra: you are scaring me03:13
SimonAnibalcliebow Why? He's just being helpful03:13
cliebow_guess i need to do a little hacking at it..03:13
cliebow_he Knows i will try those commands 8~)03:13
SimonAnibalcliebow_: don't tell me you've been using "install" this whole time?03:13
cliebow_usually insall03:14
SiCkthat's the mistake i've been making03:14
SimonAnibalcliebow_: "moo" is much better03:14
ograis there a package moo ?03:14
SiCkapt-moo install xxx03:14
SiCkno moo.03:14
SimonAnibalnono, apt-get moo *packagename*03:15
cliebow_in hawaii it is apt-get install moo-moo03:15
SiCkhas anyone noticed the extreme amount of crap we're talking?03:16
ograits pre-release time ...03:17
ograthats normal :)03:17
SimonAnibal*shrug* file a bug ;-)03:17
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=== willvdl blinks
willvdldamn these alteregos03:21
=== jsgotangco wonders why some commercial distros have fast servers
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juliuxhi willvdl03:26
willvdlhi juliux03:26
SiCkogra: im a bit confused on installing this tarball :S03:30
ograuntar it to /opt/ltsp ... run ltsp-update-kernels and point to it in your dhcpd.conf03:31
ograthen boot a client :)03:31
SiCkah, okay.. i thought that was too easy actually... so i didnt do it! :/03:32
ograoh, and ltsp-update-sshkeys if you wnt to log in :)03:32
SiCklogging in is handy :)03:32
ograwell, you look for a kernel bug :)03:33
ograso i didnt know if you want to log in at all :)03:33
SiCkgood point :P03:33
SiCkyou're too smart for your own good ogra. ;)03:33
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SiCkogra: on feisty, it still does it :( though it booted the second time, the third time, the DHCP server isnt even responding04:50
SiCkand even after it being called in the hard-set IP, FIDS001, it was called biglap ? that's something i can get around later though... the fact that the dhcp server isnt even responding is a bit worrying!04:51
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willvdlRichEd, ping04:57
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kmystHi, anybody know much about booting thin clients and dhcpd.conf?05:03
ograjust ask your question :)05:04
kmystok basically I can't use pxlinux.0 and go that route, so the filename directive in dhcpd.conf is the bzImage for the clients...however i need to append root=/dev/nfs rw ip=dhcp and I am at a loss on how to accomplis that05:06
ogranothing of that should be needed with 2.6 kernels anymore05:07
ograhow do you boot if not via PXE ? etherboot with floppy ? or etherboot with bootrom of the card05:08
kmystwith a bootrom05:08
kmyster wait i'll be back..sorry meeting05:09
=== rockprincess [n=theresa@chello084112026078.6.11.vie.surfer.at] has joined #edubuntu
SiCkogra, where would i find the cd live/install version of edubuntu feisty?05:18
ograhttp://cdimage.ubuntu.com/edubuntu/daily/ <-server CD05:19
ogralive ^^05:19
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kmystHi, anybody know how to boot thin clients without using pxelinux?  I can't figure out how to append kernel options in dhcpd.conf05:54
`mitch`hello guys, do edubuntu have support for a "computer science" classes? like having a C++, asm, java ide and anything more?05:55
jsgotangco`mitch`: this is actually on the radar for the next version05:55
=== tovella [n=ktraglin@ool-4579ba05.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #edubuntu
jsgotangcothe toolchains are there, but not installed for sure05:56
`mitch`wow, how nice.. i was expecting to have that feature.. i'd probably wait for the next release05:56
`mitch`itwas probably hard migrating students to use console apps doing programming05:57
=== greg_g [n=greg@c-75-72-154-21.hsd1.mn.comcast.net] has joined #edubuntu
kmysthi guys, anybody know dhcpd.conf and booting thin clients?06:31
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cbx33`mitch`, a GSoC project this year maybe be a testing system for python06:43
cbx33so people can learn python06:43
cbx33but it's not confirmed yet06:43
=== tsurc [n=alistair@skegnessgrammar.plus.com] has joined #edubuntu
rockprincesscbx33: pete, i heard your GCoS project was accepted?! :D07:09
cliebow_cbx33: count me interested..07:11
=== LaserJock [n=mantha@ubuntu/member/laserjock] has joined #edubuntu
`mitch`any information in this gsoc?07:14
LaserJock`mitch`: what are you looking for?07:17
`mitch`i dunno.. some *more* info about gsoc...07:18
tsurcany one know if i'm likely to need and special tweaking for edubuntu-feisty and some HP t5725 we've just picked up.07:21
=== ogra [n=ogra@ubuntu/member/ogra] has joined #edubuntu
tsurcI'd love to really get the best out of them, like graphics.. sound.. ?Local printer support?07:22
LaserJock`mitch`: you're talking about Google Summer of Code?07:23
juliuxogra, rockprincess has an amd6407:25
ograjuliux, i already got some feedback, seems its doko only who has these probs07:25
juliuxogra, ah ok07:25
ograindeed any additional proof would be fine :)07:26
rockprincessogra: shall i test the amd64 dvd version?07:28
ograif you have the spare time and ressources, indeed :)07:28
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=== ogra [n=ogra@ubuntu/member/ogra] has joined #edubuntu
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rockprincessi need to download this at night....my flat mates are complaining about the bandwidth....07:42
ograheh, yeah i can imagine07:43
cbx33rockprincess, has it been accepted?07:57
rockprincesscbx33: may i forward you an email?!08:04
cbx33i spoke spoke to my student08:04
cbx33he's rather excited08:04
rockprincesscbx33: cool, what email address shall i forward it to?08:05
juliuxogra, do you know why there are no jigdo files for the desktop/live isos?08:05
ograjuliux, nope08:05
juliuxogra, who should i ask? or should i open a bug report?08:05
rockprincesscbx33: pete, it's on its way ;)08:06
cbx33cool cool08:07
rockprincesscbx33: when will this kick off?08:08
cbx33that one is being mentored by a schooltool mentor08:09
rockprincessi see08:09
rockprincessi thought it was your project (as a mentor), though?!08:10
cbx33initially the guy who I am mentoring came up with it08:15
cbx33but there was a lot of controversy about how it would be done08:15
cbx33so he came up with another project idea08:15
cbx33and we ended up doing that instead08:15
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ereanyone using edubuntu/ubuntu for thick clients? how would you set up such a solution?08:59
Burgworkere: just install it in workstation mode09:01
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ograere, install the normal edubuntu server, install ubuntu-desktop in the ltsp chroot, set up network authentication and pam home mounting in the client and you are done ...09:18
ograoh and indeed you need to have the network auth stuff running on the server as well09:19
ograBurgwork, what would he gain by installing in workstation mode ? he would need to set up ltsp manually then ...09:19
Burgworkogra: he wasked about them09:20
ograno he asked about thick clients :)09:20
ograwhich is an ltsp term09:21
Burgworkwhich I wasn't certain if that code was production ready yet09:21
ograit isnt09:21
ograbecause we have no way t automatically set up network auth yet09:21
Burgworkbut the rest is?09:21
ograbut apart from that it was always ready :)09:21
ograyou could *do* that since breezy09:21
Burgworkwell, we can chat about network stuff in sevilla09:22
ograit just needs beefy clients ... but its a charm to only maintain an iamge ...09:22
BurgworkI and ajmitch will be there09:22
Burgworkor, we can kick ajmitch's ass to get it working :)09:23
ograimagine to have one "golden workstation" for a 1000 computer setup ... it mounts the client image in rw mode and every change you make to it will immediately be available to everyone09:23
ograbtw, this kind of setup puts nearly no load on the server09:23
ograyou *can* actually run 1000 clients with a standard $699 server09:23
ograbut your clients will be as expensive :)09:24
ograi really look forward to having network auth ready i'm eager to implement it like above09:24
ogra(since breezy already)09:25
=== pygi also think we should get iscsi libburn support =)
ograits the thing that redhat never managed to finish ... (stateless linux)09:25
ograbut in a way better implementation :)09:26
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ajmitchBurgwork: sorry? :)09:27
ograajmitch, Burgwork was saying he will pay you a spanish beer bounty if you finish network auth in sevilla09:29
ograhe just expressed it differntly09:30
ajmitchwell I'll be getting into seville at about 11pm on the saturday, so I'll be needing a drink or 4 :)09:32
ajmitchoh good, the itinerary has changed09:32
=== ajmitch was going to be leaving at 7am the following saturday
ajmitchnow it's after lunch :)09:34
ajmitchenough time to recover from the night before09:34
Burgworkogra: if I made more, I would pay you to do it09:34
Burgworkajmitch, rather09:34
ajmitchBurgwork: you'd pay him to kick my ass?09:34
ajmitchI have been hacking on authtool quite a bit this week, fwiw09:34
Burgworkeven better09:34
=== ogra has written a new ldm over easter :)
ajmitchthe nice small one?09:35
ograas fast as gdm now ...09:36
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ograand in C istead of python ...09:36
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Burgworkso, there going to be a Free Edubuntu as well, ogra?09:40
ografree edubuntu ?09:42
Burgworkala gnewsense09:43
ograno idea09:43
Burgworkyankin your chain :)09:43
ograi'm busy enough with the current one :)09:43
cliebow_any wat to rm a folder that wont go away with rm?09:44
ograrm --harder ?09:45
cliebow_you yanking my chainds agaon09:45
ajmitchso cold here today, I need some warm spanish weather..09:48
cliebow_hehe . mv the fool thing to /tmp..see what happens 8~)09:48
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cliebow_thast killed the little barstid09:52
cliebow_booking for home..get some wood in before it snows..09:52
cbx33ogra, great work09:55
ajmitchhey cbx3309:56
cbx33hi ajmitch09:56
pygicbx33, ^_^09:56
cbx33hey pygi09:57
cbx33congrats pygi09:57
pygicbx33, on what?09:57
=== pygi wonders
pygiah, thanks :)09:57
tovellai hope to use edubuntu do offer some instructional help so people at a local community center.   sound is working well on thin clients, but not from streaming sources like youtube.  any ideas?10:04
tovella/ #ltsp10:08
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ere_tovella: you may want a half thick solution where /usr/ and other filesystems are mounted on the clients from a filesystem on a server10:10
ograthat wont solve the sound output :)10:10
ogratovella, which release ?10:10
tovellaogra: feisty10:12
ograhmm ... that should work out of the box, strange ...10:13
ograwhen did you install it ? in early development pulseaudio and pulseaudio-esound-compat was installed on the server which is wrong ...10:15
ogramight be that they are hogging something10:15
tovellaogra: let me go check the CD... it might have been from herd5.10:16
ograno, just check if you have pulseaudio running :)10:16
ograit should only run on the client ...10:16
tovella...yeah, the CD i have is herd5.  it appears that pulse is only running on the client.10:19
ograi know it worked when i tested it with a flash site with sound ... but thats some weeks ago ...10:21
ograi have to test some isos anyway the next 48h ... i'll check again what might be wrong there ...10:21
ograsorry but i cant come up with an immediate solution atm ...10:22
ograi assume you use the ubuntu flashplugin package ?10:22
tovellathe flashplugin-nonfree (with ubuntu-restricted-extras).10:23
tovellaok.  i'll keep doing my updates and try again in a few days.10:24
pygiswfdec ^_^10:24
ograi'll dig there then ... thanks for the pointer, i'll try to get it fixed before release10:24
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sacaterhi, anyone know any of the answers to these https://answers.launchpad.net/edubuntu-website/+ticket/457812:06

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