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giangyhi manchicken, seele, lnxkde12:40
Riddellbdmurray: pong12:41
DaskreechRiddell: ping12:41
DaskreechRiddell: :)12:42
DaskreechHow do you invoke the update manager ?12:42
Riddellfollow https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FeistyUpgrades12:42
DaskreechSuppose that does not work?12:43
bdmurrayRiddell: sometimes the kpowermanager applet becomes undocked from the systray have you seen a bug about that?12:43
Riddellwhich part does't work?12:43
Riddellbdmurray: I have not12:43
Daskreechupdate-manager -d12:43
DaskreechNot that part12:43
Riddellthat's ubuntu12:43
Daskreechwell some people delayed upgrading12:44
bdmurrayit happens with adept too12:44
DaskreechWhen they were ready they couldn't find out how to get the upgrade prompt12:45
RiddellDaskreech: the upgrade prompt went away when the packages in feisty-proposed went away, but you can run the tool manually as now described by that help page12:55
Riddellbdmurray: does this happen spontaniously or on startup?12:56
giangyhttp://lists.ibiblio.org/pipermail/ibiblio-announce/2007-April/000174.html mh.12:58
bdmurrayRiddell: sometimes after logging in12:58
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Riddellhi Arby, thanks for doing the testing today01:14
Arbyno probs01:14
Arbysince your here I have a question01:14
yuriybdmurray: with beryl??01:14
Riddellbdmurray: I'm entirely unsure, there shouldn't be any recent changes in that systray code01:14
ArbyRiddell: doing an erase disk install I've just hit bug #9990801:14
ubotuMalone bug 99908 in ubiquity "The ext3 file system creation in partition #1 of SCSI1 (0,0,0) (sda) failed." [Undecided,Needs info]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/9990801:14
ArbyRiddell: exact same symptoms just now01:15
ArbyI've tried the fix suggested by Colin Watson but it isn't working this time01:15
ArbyRiddell: does that constitute a show stopper?01:16
RiddellArby: wibble, not sure01:17
RiddellArby: heno did say that erase disk worked for him01:17
ArbyRiddell: yes I saw that01:18
RiddellI can't go around erasing any of my hard disks alas01:18
RiddellArby: do you have scsi disks?01:18
ArbyI'm happy to try stuff if you can make any guesses01:18
ArbyRiddell: yes01:18
Riddellmaybe that's the issue01:18
Riddellprobably cjwatson can help more than I can01:19
ArbyOK I'll try and find him in #ubuntu-devel.01:19
Riddellhe'll be asleep just now01:20
Arbyah, yes.01:20
Riddellyou could install ubiquity-frontend-gtk and see if that works or not01:20
ArbyI can try, I didn't know I could install while running a liveCD.01:21
Riddellshould be able to01:21
Riddellif you have a good amount of swap01:21
ArbyI'll give it a go01:22
Arbyshould I comment on the existing bug or file a new one.01:22
Riddellexisting one01:22
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flaccidis it ok if you get rid of !baddevice / wacom ?02:19
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Riddellno, people want to use tablets02:23
flaccidthen write a detection or something02:23
Riddellpatches welcome02:25
flaccidi don't have the ability02:25
flaccidits stuff like this that for new users makes kubuntu look bad02:25
Riddellit would look worse if their graphics tablet didn't work02:26
=== Riddell beds
flaccidlike i said write a script02:26
jjessewow i was wondering why you were up so late :)02:26
flaccidi would but i dont have the ability02:26
flaccidother operating systems don't have a problem handling this transparently02:26
firephoto# Change to  # /dev/input/event   # for USB  heh, it looks like it takes some manual user interaction anyway unless you have some really old hardware.02:27
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flaccidfor example i've been helping in #kubuntu for over a year now. i've helped people that with the wacom issue at least over a 100 times02:32
flaccidit gets in the way of a lot of things. new users think they have errors or they package install failed. some have even gone to the extent of a reinstall to try to fix it.02:33
=== firephoto [n=tom@pool-71-115-234-220.spknwa.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #kubuntu-devel
flaccid"this is just so people who have wacom tablets can use them"02:34
flaccid"wtf does that have to do with me, this is not a wacom tablet"02:35
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ArtMoonikhello, I have some problems with my Feisty, konqueror and kopete don't work02:45
ArtMoonikit means that konqueror can't access at any http sites02:45
ArtMoonikwhereas I can browse my ftp02:46
ArtMoonikfirefox works for the sames sites where konqueror doesn't02:47
jjesseits been awhile since i download a kubuntu cd, but is there a reason that it is now just a dvd and not a cd?02:57
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flaccidi guess you guys are asleep. i'm sure you'll read my messages and action when you are awake :)02:59
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stdinjjesse: there are CDs and a DVD03:05
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jjessestdin: must have missed it at relases.ubuntu.com03:06
dandeljjesse, hey know which person maintains the us mirrors, because it's missing some of hte dev and debug packages completely... lol.03:07
jjessedandel: no i don't03:08
stdindandel: that info should be on launchpad somewhere03:09
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ScottKThe US mirrors are pretty notorius for being unreliable.03:12
ScottKThere are other mirrors - https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+cdmirrors03:14
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Hobbsee!staff is <reply> Hey nalioth, jenda, rob, SportChick or ompaul! I could use a bit of your time :)05:17
ubotuBut staff already means something else!05:17
Hobbsee!no staff is <reply> Hey nalioth, jenda, rob, SportChick or ompaul! I could use a bit of your time :)05:17
ubotuI know nothing about staff yet, Hobbsee05:17
Hobbseedamned bot05:17
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about staff - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi05:18
Hobbseeit's broken05:19
=== Jucato BASHes ubotu
Jucatobreak it even more!05:19
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Hobbseesebas: ping?05:47
Hobbseesebas: we appear to have borken icons for your newest upload of g-p-m05:47
Hobbseeit's showing as charging, yet the tooltip (which is correct) says the battery has about 35%05:47
HobbseeRiddell: ^05:48
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manchickenI never noticed anybody telling me not to put the sorting stuff back into adept.06:31
manchickenDoes anybody know why it was disabled?06:31
Hobbseeno idea, sorry06:32
=== Jucato didn't know it was disabled until a few weeks/days ago
Hobbseewe appear ot have icon botchups...yay06:37
nixternalhey, is there anything new for the RC tomorrow?06:38
Jucatoand with just 8 days to go :)06:38
nixternalor please tell me that the RC is being pushed back a day or 206:38
HobbseeJucato: the big freeze is tomorrow06:38
Jucatoah well... *apparently* :D06:38
Hobbseenixternal: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2007-April/023552.html is the thing i've heard06:38
nixternalhrmm, I need to go through the commits06:38
=== Jucato admires nixternal for the work he's putting into these release notes
nixternalI have been so busy I have almost forgot about them06:39
=== Jucato also hopes that we could have an almost complete release notes starting feisty
nixternalwhat do you mean by that?06:39
nixternalI am working on the PHP for the release notes now06:40
Jucatoa sort of compilation of the major changes in Feisty06:40
Jucatofeature changes, that is... like compiling the changes mentioned since Herd 106:40
nixternaloh, hmm, maybe I can add a link to a txt file displaying all the changes, or make up a wiki page to do that06:40
Hobbseeerr.....this si not good06:40
Jucatonixternal: for now... that would probably be ok :)06:41
Jucatobut maybe in the future, we could put it in the main docs as well for offline reading06:41
Jucato(who knows, maybe I'll be able to help in feisty+1 :D)06:41
nixternalhey, please tell me that when I build the next docs package with all translations it will be able to get in before release06:46
Hobbseenixternal: i would assume so...06:46
nixternalwhew, I hope so. I am hoping to have a package with some translations this week. This has been a horrible translation release for Kubuntu-docs06:47
=== Jucato somehow feels a bit inadequate knowing that he isn't able to do doc work :(
HobbseeJucato: i cant either06:48
Jucatoah but you do packaging... maybe I'll feel better when I can really do something more than just user support :D06:49
Hobbseeuser support's also very useful :P06:49
Jucatooh yes... but it's getting monotonous for me (and that's not good...)06:49
Hobbseeindeed.  why do you think i stopped doing it?06:50
Jucatohehe :P06:50
=== Jucato will probably just schedule a time for doing user support so that he can focus more on studies...
nixternalKernel (2.6.20-14), K3b (1.0), OpenOffice.org (2.2.0), and Guidance06:51
Hobbseehi giangy06:51
=== Hobbsee ugh's at -motu
nixternalthose seem like 4 good updates to talk about for this set of release notes06:51
Hobbseenixternal: i'm sure there's more :P06:51
nixternalwell, I just went from 3/23 until today06:51
Hobbseenixternal: new basket, maybe, but that's in universe06:51
nixternaland those stood out06:51
nixternalya, I kind of went for Main06:52
nixternalI will fill it with content tomorrow06:52
nixternalSo, I have the website release notes to do, wiki release notes for RC to do, and translations for Kubuntu docs to do06:53
nixternalthis should be fun, and done by Sunday!06:53
nixternalOK, for feisty+1, it is time to get into more dev work06:53
Jucatohm... I guess the 3 nvidia drivers wouldn't be put into the release notes (for Kubuntu)06:53
nixternalgetting to do some c++ triage with KTorrent just wasn't enough to satisfy my hunger06:53
nixternalI actually got to fix a security whole from Breezy to Feisty06:54
Jucatoa whole security? wow!06:54
Jucato!info kdar edgy06:54
ubotukdar: archive data to disc. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0.6-0ubuntu3 (edgy), package size 1268 kB, installed size 2212 kB06:54
nixternalyou had me reread my sentence06:54
JucatoHobbsee: any ideas about kdar on feisty?06:54
nixternalit isn't there?06:54
nixternalI just looked, what exactly is it?06:54
Jucato!info kdar feisty06:55
ubotuPackage kdar does not exist in feisty06:55
Jucatoa backup utility, more advanced than Keep I think06:55
nixternalsounds like it would be a KDE Wifi Radar06:55
nixternalnothing is more advanced than crontab and svn :)06:55
Jucatohahah :)06:55
Jucatos/svn/git or s/svn/bzr06:56
=== Jucato is still searching for a backup solutions/system/strategy... maybe this weekend
nixternalI have a script that does 'ls -al --sort=time'. That will then compare the list of dates to the last known backup and if it is different, it gets copied to /bkup and then it will cd /bkup && svn commit -m "date"06:58
nixternalit works every now and then, it still needs way more tweaking06:58
nixternalI haven't figured out how to just branch ~/06:58
nixternalso then crontab will just have to cd /home/nixternal/ && svn commit -m "date"06:59
nixternalbut then again I don't know if anyone has06:59
nixternalI know there is either a spec for the timebased backups of ~/ kind of like the MS rollback feature06:59
Jucatonixternal: seen http://kitenet.net/~joey/svnhome/ or http://toykeeper.net/tutorials/svnhome ?07:01
fdovingJucato: not recommended for ~ maybe docs/ - you need to svn add all new files etc. not very nice.07:03
Jucatoah.. hm... :)07:03
=== Jucato looks for another solution then :)
fdovingI use rdiff-backup and backupninja, it's simple and good enought for me.07:04
fdovingon my laptop/desktop systems that is.07:04
ScottKnixternal: For the release notes, I know a fair amount about mail server related stuff that's changed.  Do you need any inputs for that?07:07
=== Jucato tries to think of more KDE-related changes since RC...
fdovingwhoha.. what's making a "jungle-drum" sound?07:10
=== yuriy is worried about sound being broken this late
fdovingit's a sound effect of soem program.. almost scared me to death.07:11
Jucatohehe :)07:11
yuriydoesn't ubuntu have jungle sound effects? or was that just something during edgy dev?07:11
Jucatoubuntu's default startup sound07:11
Jucatobut definitely nothing scary :)07:11
fdovingJucato: i (belived i) had all sounds off.07:12
Jucatooooh jungle drums and unexplained phenomena... sounds like voodoo :)07:12
yuriyi finally got around to turning off the annoying error sounds07:12
yuriyp.s. those are really annoying07:13
fdovingjungledrums early in the morning can be scary.07:13
fdovingtotaly agree. might be ok if your volume is very very low. mine isn't.07:14
fdovingwell.. prepare for work. bye.07:14
ScottKnixternal: I'm going to be, but I'll read the scrollback if you want inputs.07:15
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HobbseeJucato: kdar is broken beyond repair.  doesnt exist08:17
JucatoHobbsee: aaah oh... umm... ok :)08:18
HobbseeJucato: didnt acutally build with the version of dar in the repos08:18
Jucatoheh ok... not really an important thing for me. just remembered that there was someone asking about it months ago08:19
Jucatoand that I came across the name of the app while doing my backup searching :)08:19
HobbseeJucato: yeah, Lotusleaf08:20
Jucatomy memory fails me again :)08:20
Jucatoand soon my hearing too! :D08:21
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=== Hobbsee pokes sebas a bit more
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Tonio_hehe ;)10:36
Jucatohi Tonio_ :)10:37
Tonio_Riddell: ping10:38
Tonio_hey Jucato10:38
=== marseillais [n=marseill@] has joined #kubuntu-devel
Tonio_Riddell: good news for me and kubuntu, you should read your email :)10:46
=== Jucato gets curious :)
Tonio_Jucato: I'm waiting for Riddell to read before announcing here :)10:47
Jucatoah ok ehhehe :)10:47
=== Jucato will wait for a few hours :P
RiddellTonio_: bonjour10:48
Tonio_Riddell: ca va ?10:48
Jucatoooh he's there :)10:48
=== freeflying [i=freeflyi@] has joined #kubuntu-devel
Tonio_Riddell: /me is in a very good news ;)10:49
=== Riddell hugs Tonio_ and spins him round a few times
Tonio_Riddell: ;)10:49
Jucatowonder if the Gutsy Gibbon will make Tonio_ happier :)10:49
Tonio_Jucato: no way!10:50
Jucatolol! so I guess you've read it :D10:50
Tonio_Jucato: to make it simple, I'll be in a few days the second person paid to work on kubuntu10:50
Tonio_Jucato: not by canonical, but by linagora10:50
RiddellJucato: hey, how do you know that?10:50
JucatoRiddell: motu? :)10:50
Tonio_40% of my working time will be dedicated to kubuntu, based at home :)10:50
=== Jucato shakes Tonio_'s hand :)
Tonio_thanks :)10:51
Tonio_I was so affraid not to have time to contrib once I get a new job......10:52
Tonio_that happened to raphink, imbrandon etc....10:52
Tonio_I must have a lot of chance10:52
Jucatoheh now you won't have to worry! it's the perfect job! :D10:52
Tonio_yup :)10:52
RiddellTonio_: what do you do the other 60%?10:52
Tonio_Riddell: various work for linagora10:53
Tonio_Riddell: including working on the migration to kubuntu for the french parliament10:53
Tonio_Riddell: that also might help kubuntu too10:53
kwwiiTonio_: congrats man! you deserved it10:53
Tonio_Riddell: for example I had to patch kaffeine for gstreamer 0.10 compatiblity10:54
Tonio_Riddell: that'll also be added to kubuntu for gutsy10:54
raphinkTonio_: heh! I do contrib... Not as much but still ;)10:54
raphinkall the things I patch here I contrib to Debian or upstream10:54
Tonio_raphink: but you lack time, that's what I ment10:54
Tonio_I'll have the chance to have enough time to continue the way I did before10:55
Tonio_kwwii: thanks :)10:55
raphinkTonio_: la paie en plus10:55
Tonio_raphink: euh, waip :)10:55
Jucatooooh here they go again :D10:55
=== Jucato will watch for the scrolling lines :D
raphinkwho goes what?10:56
Jucatothe french talk :)10:56
Tonio_raphink: je sais pas pourquoi, mais il semblerait que Jucato adore lire du franais :)10:57
raphinkat least I know Linagora has made the best choice for their migration10:57
raphinkI was wondering who they would hire for this great work10:57
raphinkand they couldn't choose wiser10:57
raphinkon dirait bien Tonio_10:57
Tonio_raphink: thanks :)10:58
Jucatogreat choice, great work, great employee :)10:58
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imbrandonTonio_, hehe i still contrib , just not on irc as much :)11:12
imbrandonmoins kwwii , Riddell , raphink :)11:13
Tonio_imbrandon: as I said to raphink, I ment "not as much time as they had before" ;)11:13
raphinkhi imbrandon, kwwii & Riddell too11:13
Tonio_imbrandon: sorry if I wasn't clear :)11:13
kwwiihi guys11:13
raphinkTonio_: sure, I had much more time when I didn't work11:13
imbrandonTonio_, np, i was just teasin ya a bit11:14
Tonio_imbrandon: hehe11:14
raphinkbut I couldn't pay for my own flat ;)11:14
imbrandonTonio_, actualy 3rd though, GSI pays me to work on {k}ubuntu too ( 20% of my time )11:14
Tonio_imbrandon: oh ! didn't knew that :)11:15
=== larsivi [n=larsivi@] has joined #kubuntu-devel
imbrandon( like i'm actualy at work right now working on some ubuntu stuff hehe )11:15
raphinkgreat :)11:15
imbrandonbtw kwwii did i tell you how much i absolutely love the kubuntu feisty uspalsh ?11:17
kwwiiimbrandon: good to hear that :-)11:17
imbrandonthat image alone converted 2 co-workers at home to kubuntu :)11:17
Jucatowow! the power of good artwork!11:18
raphinkyep :)11:18
kwwiigutsy should be even better11:18
imbrandonit was vista or kubuntu, that usplash + beryl did the trick :)11:18
Jucatokwwii: you'll still be on board for gutsy right? :D11:18
Jucatoooh beryl :D11:19
kwwiiJucato: looks like it11:19
raphinkdid you guys see the beryl+touchscreen video?11:19
imbrandonJucato, yea the bane of my existance right now11:19
imbrandonraphink, yea11:19
raphinkit rocks11:19
Jucatowas that beryl or compiz? anyway, yeah it rocks! :)11:19
imbrandonit is slick11:19
=== Jucato will have to try compiz one of these days too...
larsiviI'm testing out the next Xorg release (due to bad old intel driver)- how can I make kdm/kde use Xorg from some other prefix (/usr/local in mycase)11:20
imbrandonhrm, probably have to modify your path and kdmrc11:20
imbrandonnot sure 100%11:21
larsivihmm, ok, must try :P11:26
Tonio_raphink: url to the video ?11:26
raphinkaprs il y en a d'autres11:28
raphinkgenre http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=azWRN4kwUGo11:29
=== Jucato wonders how much those touchscreen monitors cost... :/
raphinkthis one is nice11:30
Jucatooooh very nice11:32
Tonio_hum, is the monitor shiped with a cleaning kit ?11:32
Tonio_I wonder how much fat on the screen at the end of the day11:34
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imbrandonTonio_, lol11:44
imbrandonTonio_, no eating dinnner at the computer :)11:44
Tonio_imbrandon: I already played with such screens......; nightmare to get them clean11:44
imbrandonthat would be cool if laptop displays were touchscreen11:44
ben^hi, does anybody know, when the 7.04 release candidate images will be available today?11:45
imbrandonben^, no specific time11:45
imbrandonjust when they are done(ish)11:45
ben^ok, thx11:45
Jucatoif they are done today :)11:47
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alleeTonio_: is digikam upload postponed to after RC?  Bug 10291211:59
ubotuMalone bug 102912 in digikam "newest caching algorithm patch broke image editor" [Medium,In progress]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/10291212:00
Tonio_allee: no will do today, I wasn't available yesterday as I was in paris12:03
Tonio_allee: but that's on my today plans12:03
alleeTonio_: k. no problem  Thx.12:03
imbrandonseems like the release schedule is all about gnome , no care for when KDE is released, thats why we always run into problems *groans*12:04
Tonio_imbrandon: there shouldn't be a kde release in that dev cycle12:04
Tonio_imbrandon: no 3.5.7 planed afaik12:04
imbrandoni know but still12:05
Jucatothe fact that KDE doesn't have a predictable dev cycle doesn't help either :(12:05
Tonio_Jucato: +112:06
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Riddellkwwii: there's no test results from you on isotesting12:28
Tonio_Riddell: I'm about to upload digikam, closing an important issue12:29
Tonio_Riddell: do you approve ?12:29
kwwiiRiddell: right, downloading an iso now12:29
Tonio_Riddell: Bug 10291212:29
RiddellTonio_: sure, although mention it to mithrandir too12:30
ubotuMalone bug 102912 in digikam "newest caching algorithm patch broke image editor" [Medium,In progress]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/10291212:30
Tonio_Riddell: okay :)12:30
RiddellTonio_: pointing out that it's not critical for a release candidate or herd 612:30
Tonio_Riddell: sad its too late to upload kaffeine with gstreamer 0.10 support12:30
Riddellway too late12:30
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Tonio__I already said that, guidance-power-manager should insult the user when the battery level goes to zero12:33
Tonio__not enought warning in my opinion :) I just ran out of battery :)12:33
Jucatoaaah... I will be experiencing the joys and pains of power manager/saving very soon :)12:39
Tonio_allee: digikam uploaded, mithrandir will approve12:43
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Tonio_hum, PalmOS switching to linux :) intereting news :)12:58
alleeTonio_: great. Thx!01:00
jsgotangcoTonio_: i don't think its Access-initiative though, but Palm's previous effort bearing fruit now01:03
Tonio_jsgotangco: sure01:03
=== Tonio_ reloads kde
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larsivido anyone know if xorg snapshots are made into ubuntu debs? I see they are in debian experimental01:09
Riddellnot by default they aren't01:14
larsivino, I guessed that, more wondered if anyone had ventured to do it - I'm running it directly from git atm - but would rather not do that for too long01:15
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Riddellimbrandon or anyone: know what compiz-kde does these days?01:26
imbrandonnot sure on the compiz side but i can find out01:26
imbrandonon the beryl side its a meta package01:27
imbrandonRiddell, it will probably be largely replaced by kdwm ( sp? ) from davidr/compiz01:28
imbrandonits all kinda in shambles right now with the merge happening01:28
imbrandonRiddell, btw , why is there only alternate kubuntu daily ?01:29
Riddellerm, why is there a new alternate is the real question01:30
MidMarkfdoving: which solution at the end you used for patching usb safely remove bug?01:44
MidMarkI'm Cimmo :)01:44
Riddellmhb: dude! http://code.google.com/soc/ubuntu/about.html01:45
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Riddellabattoir: got any summer of code tips for mhb?01:50
Hobbseehey all01:52
abattoirhi Riddell!01:52
abattoirhi Hobbsee, too :)01:52
abattoirmhb: Congrats!01:52
Hobbseehey abattoir01:53
abattoirhmm... tips...01:53
Hobbseesebas: here yet?01:53
=== abattoir doesn't know what to say :P
Tonio_fdoving: ping ?02:00
HobbseeRiddell: did you test out that powermanager fix that you uploaded?02:01
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RiddellHobbsee: yes, or at least it didn't break anything for me02:03
HobbseeRiddell: when my laptop is discharging, i get the "full battery charging" icon02:03
Hobbseecorrect tooltip, with the correct icon on the tooltip02:04
Hobbseebut the icon on kicker is botched.02:04
Riddellmy machines aren't on feisty just now so I can't confirm yet02:10
Riddellkwwii: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/feisty/  your specs are not yet marked as implemented, don't you care about karma?!02:11
kwwiiRiddell: hehe, didn't even think about it :-)02:11
kwwiiRiddell: now they are , thanks for the reminder02:16
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HobbseeRiddell: seems various forums-type people are confirming that, too02:54
nixternalOK, Gutsy Gibbon...I don't know what to say02:54
Hobbseethis si *seriously* broken02:54
Hobbseeit's not showing the time remaining either - only fully charged02:57
RiddellHobbsee: poke sebas02:58
HobbseeRiddell: have been, as soon as i found it.  he's not been here02:59
Hobbseeor when he was, i was at wrok02:59
Jucatohe hasn't been here (iirc)03:00
Hobbsee[23:00]  [Whois]  sebas has been idle for 1 hour, 38 minutes, and 27 seconds.03:00
Hobbseeso he obviously was somewhere03:00
Jucatohe also posted something on his blog..so he might have been online somewhere :)03:01
RiddellHobbsee: I confirm, it's broken03:05
HobbseeRiddell: cool03:06
Jucatocool that it's broken or cool that it's confirmed? :D03:08
Hobbseethe latter :P03:09
Jucatohehe :)03:09
Hobbseeit's unsettling that it's broken03:09
Hobbseeand flights confirmed.  yay :)03:09
RiddellHobbsee: how many hours travelling?03:10
HobbseeRiddell: too many03:10
Hobbsee[22:58]  <elkbuntu> now, let me calculate time03:10
Hobbsee[23:01]  <elkbuntu> 35 hrs for me03:10
Hobbsee[23:01]  <elkbuntu> shold still be 32 for you03:10
Hobbseeit seems03:10
Riddelltake a good book03:10
Hobbseeand talk ot elky.  yes03:10
nixternalthere is no way on earth I would be in the air that darn long03:10
Hobbseenixternal: you have to fly 8 or so hours to get anywhere useful03:11
nixternalI hate being higher than 10' anyways03:11
=== Hobbsee didnt realise it was that long
Hobbseebut it's broken up into sections....03:11
nixternalHobbsee: I didn't realize that either03:11
nixternalthat is odd, I don't remember flying that long when we went to Australia a few years back03:11
Jucato35 hours?!?!03:11
Riddellnixternal: you don't live in europe03:13
nixternalnot yet at least!03:13
nixternalbut if my x-wife has her way, we will next year03:13
HobbseeRiddell: i count 29 hours03:14
nixternalya, she said we flew for 26 hours from D.C. to Australia03:14
Hobbseegoing back might be longer03:14
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nixternalHobbsee: I hear there is a large Greek population in Sydney, if you run into um, careful they are seudo-in-laws ;p03:16
nixternalhola kwwii03:16
kwwiihowdy nixternal03:17
Hobbseenixternal: hrm?03:17
=== Hobbsee was asked if she spoke greek, today
nixternalI was asked the same when I was down there03:17
nixternalI am like nah, I am just a hillbilly for the states03:17
kwwiiRiddell: one question: if the live-cd only finds one wireless network (and that is the only network to at all) shouldn't it pick it by default?03:18
nixternalmy spelling is getting worse every day03:18
ben^does the ubuntu installer support dmraid?03:18
Hobbseenixternal: i'm jealous.   living in europe would be fun03:18
nixternalHobbsee: I want to live in either Greece or Spain03:18
nixternalmy x-wife was raised all over Euripe, so she loves it, and visiting it, I love it03:19
nixternalsee, I did it again03:19
Hobbseenixternal: nice :)03:19
nixternalI seriously thing I had a seizure or something recently. I am switching letters all of the time, but only on IRC03:19
nixternalIRC Difingerfumbling Disorder03:20
nixternalIDD, I have it!03:20
nixternals/thing/think/ ^^03:21
Hobbsee26 hours, 15 mins coming back03:21
nixternalthat sounds about the same for us to Australia03:22
nixternalA great book that I am in the process of reading, William Faulkner, As I Lay Dying03:26
nixternalI tried to read the original book, but it was tough, so I have the edited text version, which they claim is Faulkner on training wheels, still a tough read at times, but a masterpiece in literature and philosophy I think03:26
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kwwiiRiddell: if you don't answer I won't fill out the web-form ;-)03:28
Riddellkwwii: goodness knows, network manager's behavious is a bit of a mystery03:30
kwwiiRiddell: well, it was still available and it worked when selected, but for a newbie that would be impossible to find03:30
HobbseeRiddell: do you know if nixternal's langpacks got in, which he was talking about yesterday?03:30
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RiddellHobbsee: never heard of them03:31
HobbseeRiddell: sorry, documentation.  not langpacks03:33
nixternalHobbsee: I am waiting for a more complete translation first, I will do them this weekend03:34
Hobbseenixternal: ahh.   not sur ehow soon you need them done by03:34
nixternalhrmm, it seems today03:35
nixternaland the great thing is, I can't even get into LP to download them03:37
kwwiiRiddell: I added that as a note to the ISO-testing page (and now I have fulfilled my obligation)03:38
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mhbRiddell: thanks so much for the good news!!!03:40
TheInfinityhello ... has someone heard from a bug with font paths in vncserver packages?03:40
TheInfinitybecause ... i set the font paths to the right value in vnc.conf03:40
TheInfinityand vncserver just ignore them03:40
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TheInfinityhmm ...03:42
Hobbseevnc?  not kubuntu specific.  try #ubuntu+103:42
Hobbseeor maybe #ubuntu-motu03:42
Hobbseeand check the bugtracker03:42
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alleenixternal: about translations.  Would it make still sense to patch into digikam latest translations from kde svn?04:08
nixternalit makes sense to me, however I don't know about doing those translations. like I don't know if what is current in SVN may be off sync with what we currently have in the repos04:09
mhballee: translations will be closed at 23:00 UTC04:14
mhballee: upload any .po file before 18:00 and it will get in04:14
mhballee: after that use the online tool04:14
nixternalLP is garbage!04:14
nixternalmark my word on that at this point in time04:14
alleemhb: uhm, that's tights.  Nevertheless thx!04:14
alleenixternal: heh, I will not use rosetta for sure.04:14
nixternalI need 2 more files and LP keeps choking04:14
nixternalI know they aren't doing work on it during the final day before freeze04:14
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jsgotangcotranslations direct upstream always has its advantages04:17
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nixternalwe need to rethink our translation process for sure04:17
nixternalOMG DIE LAUNCHPAD04:17
nixternalI have 1 more translation download and it keeps choking04:17
jsgotangcono one's forcing you to use it for translations :)04:17
nixternaljsgotangco: umm yes they are for docs unfortunately04:18
nixternalKDE does a damn good job, as does GNOME with the way they do their04:18
mhbnixternal: well, I'd disagree04:19
Jucatohi bddebian04:19
jsgotangcowell you *are* upstream at the moment04:19
nixternalmhb: with what?04:19
bddebianHeya Jucato04:20
mhbnixternal: depends if you're talking about translation systems or not :o)04:20
mhbnixternal: if not then I'm just a confused fellow04:20
nixternalwell our system is good...but it isn't great, is slow, and now with Kubuntu docs, lets just say a good 50% or more won't be translated because nobody worked on them04:22
mhbnixternal: yes, it is slow04:23
jsgotangconixternal: NO PONY FOR YOU04:23
Hobbseejsgotangco: NO PONY OR MONKEY FOR YOU04:23
mhbnixternal: but on the other hand KDE is quite translated here because SUSE pays people to do just that04:23
mhbnixternal: Novell, more exactly04:23
Hobbseeplease tell me we arent duplicating work translating kde then04:23
jsgotangcoyeah that would be terrible terrible04:24
nixternalHobbsee: we shouldn't be04:24
Tonio_anyone here already tried peazip ?04:24
nixternalTonio_: yes04:24
nixternalit is pretty cool04:24
Hobbseenixternal: good04:24
Hobbseehi Tonio_04:24
Tonio_nixternal: yep04:24
Tonio_hey Hobbsee :)04:24
Hobbseepeazip?  *looks it up*04:24
nixternalI have to have a zip app for school on my windows box04:24
nixternalit is free and it works with everything04:24
mhbnixternal: with the little time for the doc translations, you could expect something like that04:24
Tonio_nixternal: looks like more complete ark is.......04:24
HobbseeTonio_: link?04:24
nixternalTonio_: that is exactly what it reminds me of04:25
Jucatoooh something better than ark?!?! :D04:25
mhbnixternal: but you can't blame people for not doing their work04:25
mhbnixternal: as translators04:25
nixternalsure I can04:25
mhbnixternal: ok, I take the blame04:25
Tonio_Hobbsee: on kde-apps04:25
nixternalif they don't do their work, then they are to blame :)04:25
Tonio_nixternal: is there a qt/kde frontend ?04:25
nixternalmhb: it is all your fault then!!! :p04:25
Tonio_nixternal: only gtk references here04:25
=== Hobbsee blames nixternal anyway
Tonio_nixternal: although it is on kde-apps04:26
nixternalTonio_: I haven't looked..ya gtk is all I have seen04:26
nixternalI can't remember how I found it04:26
jsgotangcoone lazy sunday afternoon i bet04:26
Tonio_hum qt version is in the work....04:27
Tonio_we'll have to wait :)04:27
nixternalalright, seeing as I am late for school, I need to get running really fast :)04:28
HobbseeTonio_: we've got a name and a schedule for feisty+1, btw04:28
mhbnixternal: see you04:28
nixternalUbuntu 7.10 - Tremendously Tonio04:28
nixternaloh mhb before I go, IT IS YOUR FAULT ;P04:29
nixternalhahaha, kthxbye04:29
=== Hobbsee still blames nixternal :P
nixternalI didn't walk 5' and heard the beep04:29
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Hobbseenixternal: you're wanted04:33
Jucatonixternal: have you seen this, might be intersting for you translator types :) http://code.google.com/soc/kde/appinfo.html?csaid=85B77CD7BD8B30B104:59
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superstonedRiddell: hey, I wonder why there is no link on the kubuntu.org page to http://www.ubuntu.com/products/WhatIsUbuntu/kubuntu as it is a pretty nice and visual overview of what kubuntu is, and such info is lacking from the kubuntu page. Linking to the 'what's new' in the latest kubuntu would be cool too. I wonder when/if kubuntu.org gets some love anyway. not that it's bad, but Ubuntu.com got several remakes since kubuntu.org was build ;-)05:06
=== Daskreech blames nixternal too!
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dinosaur-rusupdating to udev 108 is dangerous...05:37
fdovingTonio_: around?05:43
Tonio_fdoving: sure :)05:43
Tonio_fdoving: I just tested your latest solution for the unmount thing05:43
fdovingTonio_: the error you get is a d-bus timeout one.05:44
fdovinggot your mails btw.05:44
Tonio_I still get the error window, wasn't that supposed to be in the unmount dialog ?05:44
fdovingthe solution to your first problem.. mountpoints with spaces is simple.05:44
fdovingTonio_: no. i didn't go with that for feisty as it will kill all other possible errors too.05:44
Tonio_fdoving: maybe I just missunderstood you, I thought you would put the dbus error in the unmount window :)05:44
Tonio_fdoving: okay05:44
Tonio_fdoving: works here, but I had a little issue...... when I get the timeout error, the device becomes locked and I cannot access it05:45
Tonio_fdoving: but I have been able to unmount it, btw05:45
fdovingTonio_: ok. there seems to be more issues with this, not just the simple "no umount dialog".05:46
Tonio_fdoving: yep, I would suggest to stay with the latest kdebase upload05:46
Daskreechis it really called gutsy?05:46
Tonio_fdoving: and eventually work for a better solution for gutsy05:47
Tonio_fdoving: was that your plan ?05:47
fdovingTonio_: yes.05:47
JucatoDaskreech: yes05:47
fdovingis it named gutsy?05:47
JucatoGutsy Gibbon05:47
Tonio_I just didn't understood the plan concerning the kernel blobs etc....05:47
Tonio_will everything be removed from the distro or will that for example be an alternative kernel so that we will be able to easilly "clean" the distro from anything proprietary ?05:48
jsgotangcolike gnewsense perhaps05:49
jsgotangcoor gnewsense itself05:49
JucatoHobbsee thinks the latter too05:49
Hobbseethta's a good question.  maybe 2 kernels, on that basis05:49
jsgotangcoyou'll have lots of laptops running ipw not running at all heh05:50
Hobbseeubuntu surely wouldnt get rid of binary blobs by default - mark's not on that much crack.05:50
Hobbseeeveryone on wifi would look for another distro05:50
Hobbseewell, except the purists, who have already left05:50
jsgotangcoits nice to know this laptop can be purist05:50
=== Hobbsee has an intel i3945 wifi card
fdovingTonio_: can you test the new http://ubuntu.lnix.net/misc/kio_umountwrapper ? does that work with keys with spaces in mountpoint?05:51
dinosaur-ruscan purging the old kernel break something?05:52
Hobbseedinosaur-rus: shouldnt do05:52
fdovingdinosaur-rus: purging kernels not in use will only free disk space.05:52
DaskreechTonio_: You should see the Vista one. The battery just turns red05:53
dinosaur-rusplease change hooks /etc/kernel-img.conf to /usr/sbin/update-grub and get rid of /sbin/update-grub's warnings :)05:54
dinosaur-rus*hooks in05:54
Hobbseeah yes, i've noticed that05:55
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dinosaur-rusfdoving: is there any way to get list of files not referenced by any package (of course, files in /home, /usr/local, etc. should be ignored :) )?05:57
fdovingTonio_: can you, before you safely remove, check 'fuser -vm /dev/device' then safely remove and then directly after getting the error message. check 'fuser -vm /dev/device' again?05:58
fdovingdinosaur-rus: yes. there is. let me just try to find out how.05:59
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Tonio_fdoving: cannot right now, but I'll do toonight, sure06:01
Tonio_fdoving: sorry but I have things to do outside of ubuntu :)06:01
fdovingTonio_: sure, i'm not trying to get this into feisty so it's not time-critical. feedback by e-mail is very nice. :)06:01
Tonio_fdoving: perfect ;)06:02
asydhello Tonio_06:02
asydhow are you06:02
Tonio_asyd: perfect ;)06:03
Tonio_asyd: I may have a solution to your totem issue06:03
asydah !06:03
fdovingdinosaur-rus: the package and command is named 'cruft'06:03
dinosaur-rusfdoving: oh, thanks06:04
fdovingyou're welcome.06:05
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nixternalis Guidance goofed up at all?06:58
nixternalMy battery shows 50% left and at the same time says full charge and now my CPU frequency isn't showing up06:58
RiddellI believe it is06:59
nixternalI have so much work to do tonight for Kubuntu docs translations06:59
nixternalto the point I am almost scared06:59
Riddellwhat's that?07:00
nixternalI would say 75% of the translations are broken as they don't properly validate07:00
nixternalso I have about 1,000 files to go through and test and fix if necessary07:01
nixternalsomehow during translations, xml tags get translated at times as well when they shouldn't...so we have to go through and fix them all07:01
nixternalonce I have them fixed, then comes the task of the last and final kubuntu-docs package containing all translations07:02
nixternaland the way it looks, it has to be done within the next 6 hours, which I hope is wrong07:02
fdovingnixternal: anything i can do to help you with those 1000 files?07:03
nixternaloooh, I forgot you have da powah!07:03
nixternalyou can start rumbling through and fixing validation issues if you would like07:03
nixternalif not, I will do a script later that will tell me which files to fix and where to fix them07:03
nixternalthat always helps me out when it comes time for this07:04
nixternalI have done it for Breezy, Dapper, Edgy and now Feisty07:04
fdovingok. where are the files at? (i usually don't do translations).07:04
nixternalthey are uploaded in the feisty branch already07:04
nixternalI went through and converted them all07:04
nixternalso they are kubuntu/about-kubuntu/country-code07:05
nixternal/C is good, it is the other counry codes that have the broken validation07:05
nixternalI seen a lot of <guibutton><guibutton> errors it looks like07:05
nixternalthere is a translog.txt file that shold list all of the files that didn't validate07:06
nixternalhrmm, the translog.txt makes it look like there was good validation, but I know there wasn't, so I forgot some &>lovi'07:06
fdovingseems i don't have the correct power.07:08
fdovingcan't find no country-codes.07:08
fdovingso it's not http://doc.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/about-kubuntu/ ?07:09
nixternalwell, it will be like /es, /fr and such07:09
nixternalit is on the svn server07:09
fdovingin case there is a svn server, i don't have access to it.07:09
nixternalI thought you had the powah07:09
fdovingno, only kde powah.07:09
nixternalno biggy then, it will give me something to do tonight07:09
nixternalI love KDE powah07:09
nixternalbut I can't close boogs07:09
nixternalI can commit, but can't close boogs07:09
fdovingah, tell toma. he fixed it for me.07:10
nixternalrock on, I will07:10
fdovinggood thing you have something to do tonight :)07:10
nixternaltoma: you see that, I need the powah of closing the KDE boogs ;)07:10
tomanixternal: one sec, i'm eating stoofpeertjes.07:11
nixternalalrighty then :)07:12
nixternalrock on, thanks07:12
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tomanixternal: why do you need that powah?07:17
yuriyTonio_! that's great news! c'est bon chance!07:20
Tonio_yuriy: ;)07:25
nixternaltoma: so I can quit bugging others to close bugs once I do a commit that closes them07:25
nixternalespecially for KDE4 docs and 3.5.7 docs07:25
nixternalerr, 3.5.7 branch07:26
nixternalbut then again, that may not be enough reason07:26
tomanixternal: does it refuse to clse bug when you commit with BUG: nr?07:29
tomanixternal: oki, what's the email address you use for bugzilla?07:30
nixternalI will get the "you don't have the powah" email, or maybe Phil Rodgriguez gets them07:30
tomanixternal: you now have the powah07:31
toma(why is it called powah today?)07:31
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nixternaltoma: I don't know why it is powah today, tomorrow it will be "I don't have root"07:32
nixternalthanks btw07:32
nixternalVisual Basic is so awesome!07:34
=== nixternal waits for the flames
=== jpatrick puts on fire
jpatrickah! :D that's better07:35
nixternaljpatrick: what happened to the "Look at posts w/o responses" in the forums? I just see "posts w/o responses since your last visit"07:35
jpatricknixternal: I have.. no idea07:36
nixternalhrmm, don' you work for Kubuntu forums/07:36
jpatrickI did07:37
nixternalwell nevermind then :)07:37
jpatrickbut I've been off Kubuntu work for quite some time now07:37
nixternalya, thought you are MIA a little bit there07:37
alleenixternal: uhm 12500 added or modified msgstr for digikam.  diff   10 mb, compr 1.8 mb.   http://www.mpe.mpg.de/~ach/tmp/13-kdesvn-649091-msgstr-updates.diff.gz07:39
=== nixternal faints
jpatrickhallo allee07:39
nixternalmissing in action07:39
alleeI've still have to check and build digikam.   So I assume I'll miss the 18:00 UTC deadline07:39
alleenixternal: lol07:39
alleejpatrick: hi07:39
nixternalthat is a lot of translated lines07:39
nixternaland those aren't docs, that is all program07:40
alleenixternal: as I said,  I noticed a lot of stable branch commit in #digikam ;)07:40
jpatrickallee: I've been learning German :D but I better not start here..07:40
alleenixternal: yes.  but i'm nevertheless surprised by the num.  but a quick look shows no error ...07:41
tomaallee: messages or docmessages?07:41
=== allee check for now empty +msgstr ""
alleetoma: messages07:42
alleetoma: I've build a tar from current stable/branch and diffed po in 0.9.1 tar and 0.9.1+svn-stabel-today07:42
alleeah, hi toma btw07:42
alleetoma: pity that there no release to honour translator work07:43
alleejpatrick: I'll chat later about it ;)07:44
toma#: utilities/imageeditor/editor/imagewindow.cpp:60907:44
toma+#: utilities/utilities/imageeditor/editor/imagewindow.cpp:60907:44
tomaseems like an error...07:44
tomaallee: http://websvn.kde.org/branches/stable/extragear/graphics/digikam/utilities/07:46
tomasee the utilities subdir07:46
alleetoma: yeah, that's strange but the msgstr do match07:46
tomathe folder is copied inside itself07:47
tomaso there is a utilities/batch and a utlities/utilities/batch now07:47
tomacode duplication rules07:47
tomaand hi!07:47
alleetoma: heh, luckyly this does not change the total ammount of string ;)07:48
allee-m +s07:49
alleemhmm, 4500 empty msgstr.  Maybe new incomplete transaltion?  ....07:50
tomaallee: some languages copy templates to their dir without translating it07:50
=== toma shuts up again
alleetoma: please don't07:51
alleetoma: when I delete the duplicate tree now.  will script find and merge back the old file lists until tomorrow (assumed scripty runs tonight successfully)?07:52
alleetoma: okay will do,  as it puts no work on translators07:53
alleemhb, nixternal: so I miss the deadline for updated digikam string.  Cruel world :(07:55
tomaallee: remove the lines from your local copy and make a new diff?07:56
toma(you told me not to shut up ;-))07:56
alleetoma: yeah, but deadline in in 4 minutes07:57
tomaah, k07:58
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fdovingyay. knetworkmanager seems to be fixed for my bcm43xx card.08:27
fdovingworks nicely.08:27
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mhbRiddell: according to Colin Watson the testing communities should stay alert, so if anything is to test, tell me/us08:30
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nixternalI need some sed help, anyone avail08:40
mhbnixternal: I am here08:40
nixternalI have =>       f=$108:41
nixternalso whatever I put after my sh file will be $1, you knwo that though08:41
jpatricknixternal: you have to pay?08:41
nixternalwhat I want to do, is for speed reasons is when i input the directory, I want to strip the / from it08:41
nixternalsed -e 's/$.*\/ //'08:42
nixternalI suck trying to remember regex08:42
mhboh man, you chose the wrong guy08:42
mhbI suck at it too08:42
nixternalso like I would take f and do08:42
fdovingf=$1 ?08:42
nixternalg=`sed -e 's/$.*\/ //' ${f}08:42
nixternalya, this is to create a quick validation script for me to run through and pull the bad vals out so I can tweak them08:43
gnomefreakdoes feisty support ppc?08:45
gnomefreaki noticed no ISO's08:45
nixternalya, I picked up a ppc for free at a LUG event, and now I have no use for it08:46
=== gnomefreak needs a free ppc
nixternalppc 450, garbage08:46
nixternalbbiaf, class time08:46
gnomefreakhave fun08:47
fdovingnixternal: you can use something like g=${1%%/}08:51
fdovingif i understand you correctly.08:51
fdovingnixternal: g=${*%%/} will catch paths with spaces too.08:53
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Simo1I'm trying to update Kubuntu edgy to feisty but the "Full upgrade" button is disabled. All repos are enabled in sources.conf and all updates are done. I'm following instructions here:https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FeistyUpgrades "Network upgrade for Kubuntu desktops (recommended)" Any suggestions?08:58
=== elcuco__ [n=elcuco@bzq-88-155-188-219.red.bezeqint.net] has joined #kubuntu-devel
RiddellSimo1: follow the "Kubuntu Beta upgrade" section08:59
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nixternalRiddell: will it be OK if the doc package doesn't get finished up until tomorrow? will it still make it, or am I screwed?09:30
fdovingnixternal: need help with that script?09:31
nixternalfdoving: got it, thanks09:31
fdovingnixternal: ok. shout if you need more tips.09:31
gnomefreaknixternal: busy?09:31
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nixternalgnomefreak: sitting in c++ class listening to the teacher explain debugging with visual studio09:32
nixternalbut since I refuse to use Windows even at school, they leave me alone09:32
gnomefreaknixternal: your pm when you get time09:33
Riddellnixternal: should be fine09:34
nixternalRiddell: thanks, I was sweating for a second there09:36
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seeleRiddell: ping09:45
Riddellhi seele09:45
seelewe started user testing on ubiquity today09:46
seelepartitioning is a serious problem09:46
seeleits not just the interface09:46
seelebut people don't even know what a "partition" is09:46
seelei'm not sure how to address this09:47
seelebut other than that.. everything else works fine and people understand it09:47
seeleit seems like people understand the live cd (even though there may be a little confusion, they understand enough to continue and follow through with the process)09:48
Tm_Targh, I hate this09:48
Riddellinstalling an operating system is always going to be an advanced thing to do requiring some knowledge, I guess the trick is to get the knowledge they need into them without it sounding too technical09:48
Riddellseele: are you using latest feisty?09:49
Tm_Tjust can't go to aKademy even with psonsor09:49
seeleRiddell: no, i forgot to give them the latest CD.. but the issues are low level so i dont think small changes will make a difference09:50
RiddellTm_T: what what?09:50
seeleits very much a conceptual and terminology problem than an interface problem09:50
Riddellseele: yep09:51
Tm_TRiddell: yup, I had sponsor and all but just can't09:51
Riddell"hard disk slicer"09:51
RiddellTm_T: :(09:51
Tm_Toh well, next year ;)09:51
Tm_Tand hey, we have Feisty release party in Finland \o/09:51
Tm_T(I hope)09:51
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RiddellTm_T: you should tell sladen about that, he's in the area09:53
Tm_TRiddell: hmm, can't say I've seen that name/nick before but will do if I meet him :)09:53
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imbrandonRiddell, seele,: yea OSX isnt much better, its a "disk tool" with "slices" hehe10:20
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