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kwwiihi andreasn09:37
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troy_shiya! frandavid10008:19
frandavid100hey troy08:19
frandavid100is there a tango-icon-theme maintainer around?08:21
troy_swe have several of the tango celebrities come in here often...08:24
troy_slet's see if i can summon one for you...08:24
frandavid100oh andreasn is in charge of tango, that's right08:26
frandavid100I wanted to point you to this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/tango-icon-theme/+bug/10363008:27
ubotuMalone bug 103630 in tango-icon-theme "Include attached new GTK actions icons in Tango for Feisty (was: 20x20 new icons not in index.theme)" [Undecided,Confirmed] 08:27
frandavid100cause it's only one week for feisty and it would be a real shame to release it without having it fixed by then... :(08:27
troy_sfrandavid100: andreasn, lapo, and others frequent here... you might want to idle and see if you can catch them.08:28
troy_sfrandavid100: Ultimately, that would also need to be coordinated with kwwii -- as he is the only one who frequents here with write access to the Ubuntu bzr repos.08:29
troy_sfrandavid100: In fact, kwwii might have something already in the works.  It is hard to say.08:29
kwwiihere I be08:29
frandavid100hi kwii08:30
kwwiiall this beeping from my chat client interupted my film :p08:30
frandavid100have you seen what we were talking about?08:30
kwwiiyeah, just read back, let me check them out08:30
frandavid100sure man08:31
kwwiifrandavid100: I think that this problem exists because it was decided to put the icons in tangerine until they go into gnome/gtk itself08:32
andreasnhi frandavid100!08:32
frandavid100hey andreasn08:32
frandavid100how you doing?08:32
andreasnfrandavid100: I'm afraid I'm on the run, but I'll look at it when I get back home again08:32
kwwiifrandavid100: basically, you want us to put the icons we put in tangerine (those from the tango sprint) also in the tango theme, right?08:32
frandavid100it's weird because tango has the 16x16 icons but not 20x2008:33
frandavid100and tangerine has the 20x20 but not 1608:33
andreasnsee you later!08:34
frandavid100bye man08:35
kwwiifrandavid100: I have spent the last couple of weeks banging my head against the icon themes included and I have to say that I have found no pattern reason yet08:35
kwwiifrandavid100: I'll find out exactly why things are as they are and what we can do about it08:36
frandavid100could you elaborate? what's the problem exactly?08:36
kwwiiwell, my guess would be that they do not want to include the same icons twice08:36
kwwiiand putting them in both tango and tangerine makes little sense08:36
frandavid100so... couldn't you just include them in either and then have the other inherit them?08:37
kwwiiideally, they will go in gnome eventually, I guess08:37
troy_sfrandavid100: As Free Software tends to be an evolutionary thing, the size differences are likely related to some historical development.  As kwwii says, no exact 'pattern' :)08:37
kwwiifrandavid100: I could easily include them in tangerine, would that be good enough for you?08:37
kwwiiI am not exactly sure why they were put in tangerine though08:38
kwwiibut as long as we keep them in one place (trying to start some kind of order) I have no problem with that, and at the moment they happen to be in tangerine08:38
frandavid100Is there a chance to put them in tangerine (both sizes) then make tango inherit icons from tangerine?08:39
frandavid100so they're not in the tango folder, but they still show if you use tango08:39
kwwiifrandavid100: yeah, I guess that might work08:39
kwwiifrandavid100: in fact, that sounds like the best way to do it atm08:39
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kwwiiI have to ask for every change now, so once I get a response I'll do it08:39
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frandavid100gimme a minute then, I'd like to check something08:40
=== kwwii runs to the store before it closes...brb
frandavid100see you now kwwii08:44
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frandavid100Hi again!09:01
frandavid100sorry, gaim crashed09:02
frandavid100not sure if you're back from the show kwwii09:03
frandavid100I'll be back in a while, see ya!09:07
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