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jjessenixternal: ping02:58
jjesseK Menu is refered as KMenu officially correct?02:58
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CIA-12Ubuntu Documentation: bhuvan * r4093 generic/serverguide/C/mail.xml:05:03
CIA-12Ubuntu Documentation: Fix for issue 105378.05:03
CIA-12Ubuntu Documentation: * generic/serverguide/C/mail.xml05:03
CIA-12Ubuntu Documentation:  In postfix section, turn off chroot for smtp.05:04
nixternaljjesse: KMenu is correct05:33
ubotuNew bug: #73179 in ubuntu-docs (main) "Table 8-1 of system documentation incomplete. " [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/7317905:37
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chellhi everyone03:27
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CIA-12Ubuntu Documentation: nixternal feisty * r4094 /kubuntu/libs/shipped-docs: for the translation script03:45
CIA-12Ubuntu Documentation: nixternal feisty * r4095 /kubuntu/ (translate.sh unpack_translations.sh): translation scripts copied over for Kubuntu03:53
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shirishis there any documentation anywhere, I could not find one on the wiki how to chroot to hdd disks in case of failures while upgrading, installing etc.03:58
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nixternalmdke: man, I just downloaded all of the translations for kubuntu, ran the unpack script, and it didn't unpack a thing, but it did delete everyone of my downloads. today is not a good day for me04:23
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nixternalmdke: with some subtle hacking of teh translations scripts, it seems to be working now. There seem to be quite a few silly validity errors, which will all be easy fixes06:13
nixternalso hopefully I will have this somewhat complete today I hope06:13
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shirishnixternal: can I have ur attention for a moment?06:20
nixternalshirish: kind of, I am in the middle of a class right now, but shoot06:26
shirishnixternal: in that case, just ping me after the class is finished, studies are more important06:26
nixternalnot these studies though :)06:27
nixternalI can multitask06:27
shirishoh ok, in that case where should I be shooting off my mouth If I am looking for documentation which is not in the wiki06:28
nixternalshirish: the mirror ;p  if there isn't documentation on the wiki that isn't there, you are free to add it06:28
shirishnixternal: I know the topic but not the process , its also not in yelp , is there some central bin where I can find if the documentation I am looking is being submitted or has been submitted by somebody in some manual or the other?06:30
nixternalnot really. if you search for the topic on help.ubuntu.com/community/ and you don't find it, then nobody is working on it06:32
shirishnixternal: dang its also not in man pages, just a mere reference to it06:32
nixternalwhat topic are you referring to?06:34
shirishnixternal: chroot06:34
shirishnixternal: there is a short man of it but thats it I have info installed but cannot find it06:34
nixternalpackaging guide has a little bit of info on it, there is info on the developer wiki wiki.ubuntu.com in the MOTU section I believe06:34
shirishnixternal: thanx, looking it up btw can u gimme a link about the packaging guide?06:36
shirishok scratch that, found the packaging guide06:37
nixternalhehe, ok06:37
nixternalman, these scripts for translations are not working for me06:37
nixternalall they are doing is garbling up my directories06:37
shirishnixternal: found my solution https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LivecdRecovery :)06:40
shirishnixternal: btw is info being deprecated or something?06:42
nixternalit shouldn't be06:51
shirishcurious, cause whenever I am trying info <some command> all I get is the man-page . And I think I do have the info package installed06:52
shirishnixternal: I did try sudo aptitude install info which returned nothing, is there any package to be installed06:53
CIA-12Ubuntu Documentation: nixternal feisty * r4096 /kubuntu/about-kubuntu/ (130 files in 65 dirs): translations06:53
CIA-12Ubuntu Documentation: nixternal feisty * r4097 /kubuntu/add-applications/ (79 files in 40 dirs): translations06:54
nixternalhere comes the biggen! watch out06:54
CIA-12Ubuntu Documentation: nixternal feisty * r4098 /kubuntu/ (1298 files in 649 dirs): translations06:58
nixternaland here comes yet another biggy06:59
CIA-12Ubuntu Documentation: nixternal feisty * r4099 /kubuntu/ (789 files in 18 dirs): po additions07:03
CIA-12Ubuntu Documentation: nixternal feisty * r4100 /kubuntu/add-applications/sv/add-applications.xml:07:12
CIA-12Ubuntu Documentation: this little guy got through the last translations go round - if you are reading07:12
CIA-12Ubuntu Documentation: this in the commit log then I would recommend skipping the previous posts as07:12
CIA-12Ubuntu Documentation: they are quite large - that is your warning - on another note, I will fix the07:12
CIA-12Ubuntu Documentation: broken validation on the translations after class07:12
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CIA-12Ubuntu Documentation: nixternal feisty * r4101 /kubuntu/ (5 files in 5 dirs): validation fixes - silly script to help me go through and validate each shipped doc instead of doing 1 by 108:45
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ploumI writing some doc here in french for Feisty installation09:08
ploumcan somebody point me at or send me screenshots of the installation of nvidia and fglrx drivers ?09:08
ploumI don't have the hardware to do that myself09:09
ploum(my mail is ploum at ubuntu.com)09:09
ploumthanks in advance09:09
somerville32ploum: Where are you planning to use this documentation?09:10
ploumin a french printed newspaper09:10
ploumif required, I will not use those screenshot in the printed version but I want to be able to explain it so I need a screenshot to see how it is :-)09:11
ploumBecause I think in feisty, you can do that with the restricted-manager09:11
ploumI know well the command line process09:11
CIA-12Ubuntu Documentation: nixternal feisty * r4102 /kubuntu/val.sh: fix - run it as - sh val.sh dir/09:16
Burgworkploum: got a computer with an nvidia card?09:17
Burgworkploum: simply go to teh desktop effects thing and try and enable it09:18
somerville32ploum: There are tons of screenshots on the web. I'm sure a quick google search will return more then enough results.09:19
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ploumsomerville32: from the feisty install ?09:43
ploumI didn't find anything on the ubuntu wiki09:43
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somerville32ploum: Try google image search09:49
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ploumsomerville32: I can only find pictures of Beryl11:04
ploumbut, is this true that you can install nvidia and ati drivers without the command line now ?11:05
ploumonly via de restricted drivers manager ?11:05
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