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BenC-       if (!pci_test_config_bits(pdev, &piix_enable_bits[ap->port_no] )) {12:25
BenC-               ata_port_printk(ap, KERN_INFO, "port disabled. ignoring.\n");12:25
BenC-               ap->eh_context.i.action &= ~ATA_EH_RESET_MASK;12:25
BenC-               return 0;12:25
BenC-       }12:25
BenC+       if (!pci_test_config_bits(pdev, &piix_enable_bits[ap->port_no] ))12:25
BenC+               return -ENOENT;12:25
BenCI wonder if that's part of our problem12:25
BenCthe clearing of ATA_EH_RESET_MASK is interesting12:25
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defendguinmjg59: what are you expecting to happen when i do sudo acpi_fakekey 142 ?12:27
mjg59I don't kniw12:29
mjg59What does happen?12:29
defendguinit suspends12:30
mjg59In that case, something in /etc/acpi is broken12:31
defendguinthe touchpad isn't working now though12:31
mjg59Have you just been upgrading this machine from dapper?12:32
mjg59If so, at some point you've altered a conffile in /etc/acpi12:32
defendguinno this was a fresh install of feisty herd 3 and i just upgraded from there12:32
defendguini have 3 5gb partitions and i just keep installing fresh when the time comes to upgrade12:33
mjg59Well, check that sudo /etc/acpi/sleepbtn.sh also works12:33
defendguinmjg59: i thought it had to do with the system not realizing that that particular button press even was supposed to do12:34
mjg59When you press the sleep button, what appears in /var/log/acpid?12:36
BenCthe eh clearing got moved to libata-core is all :/12:38
mjg59BenC: Has it ever worked with ata_piix?12:39
BenCmjg59: I've no idea...I've done some checking and the same problem happens under vmware12:40
BenCit continues to work, but the exception is printed several times12:40
BenCit only messed up the CDROM12:40
BenCthe disk is fine12:40
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defendguinmjg59: suspending causes all sorts of problems with wireless returning properly12:41
defendguini never had the touchpad problems before with suspending but that crept in somewhere 12:44
mjg59defendguin: I'll worry about that at some later point12:44
mjg59Can we fix this bug first?12:44
defendguinabsolutely 12:44
mjg59So the acpid log stuff is what's relevant12:47
BenCI wonder if I should switch PIIX3/4 back to piix.ko12:47
BenCor maybe just move all piix pata back to piix.ko12:49
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defendguinhmm its screwing up the formatting12:53
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defendguinmjg59: http://pastebin.ca/43540112:54
mjg59defendguin: Which of those entries corresponds to you pressing the sleep button?12:55
defendguini am guessing there is no entry for when i press Fn + F412:56
mjg59What do you have in /proc/acpi/button ?12:57
defendguinlid and power12:58
mjg59So you don't have an ACPI sleep button.12:59
defendguinlid and power Fn + F4 button and no even was made in /var/log/acpid12:59
mjg59Can't go any further01:00
defendguinmjg59: whats my next step?01:01
mjg59Work out why you have no sleep button01:01
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defendguinshould there be a hibernate button there too?01:02
mjg59In /proc/acpi? No.01:02
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defendguinmjg59: is there anything i can do to help?01:09
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mjg59defendguin: Right now, it's probably limited to me getting one of those laptops01:15
defendguini could let you remote the laptop01:15
defendguinthat might be a problem when you try to suspend it though01:16
BenCdefendguin: the basic issue is that your laptop is crappy and doesn't produce proper acpi events for the lid and button01:17
mjg59Well, it doesn't seem to provide an acpi object for the button01:17
defendguinwell closing the lid works fine01:17
mjg59So the lack of events is unsurprising01:17
BenCwell, for the button I mean01:17
BenCdefendguin: check the linux acpi website for a possible DSDT to fix it, or perhaps a BIOS update, or something01:17
mjg59If you can pastebin the full dmesg, that would probably help01:18
defendguini updated the bios a few weeks back01:18
defendguinmjg59: i have several dmesg posts on the bug which show the output after me doing several things,  lid close, telling to suspend from dialog box, and button press01:19
mjg59What was the bug number, again?01:20
defendguinhmm i guess i was wrong about that i have lots of lspci output01:23
mjg59There's no dmesg there01:23
defendguinwould you like me to do some action before giving you the dmesg output?01:24
mjg59Full dmesg after a clean boot01:25
defendguincan i past 4 lines here?01:25
defendguini'm going to reboot and give you a clean dmesg output01:26
defendguinthat looked particularly interesting01:28
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defendguinmjg59: http://pastebin.ca/435520  here is a fresh dmesg right after boot01:35
mjg59Do you get that setkeycodes message whenever you press the sleep key?01:36
defendguin2 for 2 so far01:37
mjg59Can you try sudo setkeycodes e017 14201:41
mjg59And then see if it works?01:41
defendguinsuspend like magic01:43
defendguinwhoot and i still have a wireless network connection01:43
defendguinno touchpad though01:44
defendguin[  514.704000]  atkbd.c: Use 'setkeycodes e018 <keycode>' to make it known.01:45
defendguin[  514.712000]  atkbd.c: Unknown key released (translated set 2, code 0x98 on isa0060/serio0).   I get this error message when i try to hibernate my laptop if you want to knock out 2 birds with one stone01:45
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defendguinnot when i try to hibernate but when i press Fn +F12 which should hibernate the laptop01:46
kylemBenC, i pushed that stuff.01:47
kylemreviewing stable atm.01:47
BenCkylem: Ok, I'll merge and prepare a summary01:48
mjg59defendguin: Can you install http://www.codon.org.uk/~mjg59/tmp/hotkey-setup_0.1-17ubuntu8_i386.deb and see if that helps?02:02
defendguinok lets see02:06
defendguinok that worked02:06
defendguinok that worked02:06
mjg59Hibernate and suspend?02:06
defendguinboth worked02:09
defendguinyou da man02:09
mjg59Not sure it'll hit feisty02:09
mjg59Though it's fixed for you now02:10
defendguinmjg59: as long as i know that at some point that patch will find its way into ubuntu02:10
mjg59Well, it's written02:10
mjg59The issue is just whether it can be accepted02:10
defendguin[ 2598.024000]  atkbd.c: Unknown key pressed (translated set 2, code 0x96 on isa0060/serio0).02:12
defendguin[ 2598.024000]  atkbd.c: Use 'setkeycodes e016 <keycode>' to make it known.   this one is supposed to turn wireless off02:12
defendguinsorry i forgot about that one02:13
mjg59Which key is that?02:13
mjg59Any others?02:14
defendguin44616  44615 and 44614 you may want to make comments on these 3 bugs  02:20
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BenCmjg59: There's actually a chance we'll need a hotkeys-setup update for feisty, so if you plan to upload, let me know so we can coordinate02:51
mjg59BenC: Ok. What needs adding?02:55
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defendguinhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-source-2.6.20/+bug/86820/   i'm also suffering from this bug if anyone is interested03:12
mjg59defendguin: If you're able to build your own kernel, could you see if http://www.codon.org.uk/~mjg59/tmp/i8042.diff works?03:22
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defendguinmjg59: for what bug?03:23
=== jml [n=jml@] has joined #ubuntu-kernel
mjg59The missing touchpad03:24
defendguini've only done it once before a while back03:25
defendguindid you have that diff already?03:25
mjg59I've been looking for changes that could have affected this codepath03:26
mjg59That's the only one that looks relevant03:26
defendguinwould this also effect the num lock being turned on?03:26
defendguinlet me find some directions on compiling a kernel03:35
defendguinits been way too long\03:35
mjg59Ok, I may be able to do this for you03:36
mjg59You're on 2.6.20-14-generic?03:36
BenCI can pump out kernels in about 20 minutes if you need to03:36
defendguinyeah thats the kernel03:37
=== mjg59 builds a kernel
defendguinthis is the problem with a linux distro appealing to the masses03:38
defendguini've been using since RH 7.0 and i've built a kernel once03:39
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mjg59defendguin: Ok, nearly done03:48
mjg59defendguin: Do you still have -13-generic installed as well?03:48
mjg59This may break things :)03:48
defendguini've got 12 too03:49
defendguinsince that was the last one that worked with my card reader03:49
mjg59Ok. Grab http://www.codon.org.uk/~mjg59/tmp/vmlinuz-2.6.20-14-generic03:50
mjg59And put it in /boot, then reboot03:50
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orangeyhey all!03:51
orangeyI'm having an interesting problem here..03:51
orangeyI have an NC6400, which has a non-working keyboard on resume (bug filed)03:51
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defendguinlink again please03:52
orangeyNow, when I try to do the fix suggested, removing i8042 and making it a module (CONFIG_SERIO_I8042=m), when I make kpkg, it reverts it!03:52
orangeydefendguin: link to what?03:52
mjg59orangey: Unlikely to help, but could you grab http://www.codon.org.uk/~mjg59/tmp/vmlinuz-2.6.20-14-generic03:52
mjg59Put it in /boot and try with that?03:52
mjg59defendguin: ^03:52
orangeymjg59: Is this -14.12?03:53
defendguinmjg59: the file is only 1.5mb?03:54
mjg59defendguin: Yes, it's only the kernel03:54
mjg59Not the modules03:54
mjg59orangey: Yes03:55
mjg59With a patch03:55
defendguinshould i be able to rename the old kernel to *.old so i can revert?03:55
orangeymjg59: Ah. Which patch? I've already patched my i8042 to latest in the git tree.03:55
orangeyHmm. incidentally, where are the default config files kept?03:56
defendguinok rebooting03:57
mjg59orangey: A reversion of something introduced in 2.6.1903:58
orangeymjg59: I'm sorry. I don't follow. What is our goal here?04:00
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mjg59To see whether it works04:01
defendguinwell my mouse doesn't work when i booted back up04:01
mjg59defendguin: dmesg, please?04:01
orangeymjg59: OK. I'll try it out just as soon as I get this computer's suspend working : )04:02
orangeyfound the defconfig!04:03
mjg59Well, the aim is to see if it fixes your suspend04:03
mjg59So, y'know04:03
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orangeymjg59: Ah. Gotcha.04:04
BenCmjg59: Do you know where to find the linux-to-X keycode conversions?04:04
mjg59BenC: Seriously, do not go there04:04
BenCor X macros04:04
mjg59Run xev and see what it says when you hit the keys04:04
BenCah, ok04:05
mjg59defendguin: Hm, looks absolutely fine. That's with the new kernel?04:05
defendguinuh huh04:05
mjg59And your keyboard doesn't work?04:05
defendguinlooks fine?04:05
defendguinkeyboard is fine04:05
defendguinmouse doesn't even light up04:05
mjg59Oh, sorry, mouse04:06
mjg59Light up?04:06
mjg59How about the touchpad?04:06
defendguintouchpad works04:06
mjg59Over suspend/resume?04:06
defendguini have not gotten to suspend 04:06
mjg59I suspect I've broken some of the symbol versioning04:06
mjg59So your usb modules probably aren't loading properly, or something04:07
mjg59Please try suspend 04:07
defendguinok i'll do that now04:07
BenCmjg59: I don't see anything remotely useful when I hit the key04:08
defendguinok mouse no worky 04:08
BenCKeymapNotify event, serial 29, synthetic NO, window 0x0,04:08
BenC    keys:  2   0   0   0   0   0   0   0   0   0   0   0   0   0   0   0   04:08
BenC           0   0   0   0   0   0   0   0   0   0   0   0   0   0   0   0   04:08
defendguintouchpad no worky04:08
mjg59defendguin: dmesg after suspend, please04:09
defendguinlol no mouse to move windows around04:09
mjg59dmesg > ~/dmesg.stillnotworking04:09
BenCctrl+alt+f1 got to terminal and do it04:09
defendguinahh yes04:09
orangeymjg: Incidentally, what are you testing on?04:09
mjg59A range of systems04:11
orangeymjg59: Mine appears to be hanging at ipv6:04:11
mjg59None of them with these problems04:11
mjg59Yeah, ignore that04:11
mjg59It ought to get past there eventually04:12
orangeyrighto.. finally past that now.04:12
orangeyon inital boot, everything looks to work.04:12
orangeyneither keyboard nor mouse are working on resume.04:13
mjg59So unhelpful04:13
mjg59dmesg from post-resume would be good04:13
orangey: )04:14
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orangeywell, usually my USB mouse works where I might actually get that.. alright, moment.04:14
orangeyactually, a few more keys work now than before.. For example, the power button used to produce nothing, but now acts responsibly. Same with my other hotkeys. But not the keyboard.04:16
mjg59defendguin: Ok, I've got nothing immediately helpful there04:16
mjg59You may want to reinstall the standard kernel package to get your mouse back04:17
orangeymjg59: Can I recover my dmesg after a reboot?04:17
mjg59orangey: Ah. Not easily.04:17
defendguinmjg59: i booted up to -1304:17
mjg59Try this:04:17
mjg59from a shell in X, do04:17
mjg59sudo /etc/acpi/sleep.sh force; dmesg >~/dmesg.nokeyboard; sync04:17
mjg59That should suspend, resume, write the file and then make sure it's on disk04:18
mjg59Then when you reboot, it'll be there04:18
orangeywhat about turning on pm_trace?04:18
orangeyI didn't find it helpful while initially debugging, but do you want me to do that?04:19
rtg_orangey: It only helps to debug resume hangs.04:19
defendguinok one moment04:19
orangeyrtg_: Isn't that what this is?04:19
mjg59orangey: No, it's resuming but your keyboard isn't working04:20
rtg_orangey: I thought it was just the mouse not working. You must have other symptoms I'm not aware of.04:20
defendguinmjg59: is this still gonna work since i booted into a different kernel from the one you patched?04:20
mjg59defendguin: Sorry, that was directed at orangey, not you04:20
mjg59I've got all I need from you for now, thanks!04:20
defendguinohh ok04:20
orangeyI must say, I pity you guys for relying on people like me to test your work : )04:21
BenCmjg59: was xev really supposed to give me something useful? :)04:22
mjg59BenC: There ought to be a keycode there04:23
mjg59Assuming you've already mapped it with setkeycodes04:23
BenCKeymapNotify event, serial 29, synthetic NO, window 0x0,04:24
BenC    keys:  4294967174 0   0   0   0   0   0   0   0   0   0   0   0   0   0   0   04:24
BenC           0   0   0   0   0   0   0   0   0   0   0   0   0   0   0   0   04:24
BenCI did, and that's all I get from it04:24
BenCI mapped it to $KEY_PLAYPAUSE04:24
mjg59There should be a KeyPress event04:25
BenCdo I need to restart X if I change hotkeys and run /etc/init.d/hotkey-setup start?04:25
BenCI don't get a KeyPress or KeyRelease event04:25
mjg59Oh if this is another of those cases where Dell think "Oh, hey, let's make keys that send DOWN keycodes but never send UP keycodes" I'm going to be really upset04:25
mjg59Y'know, sort of implausibly upset04:25
mjg59From a console, if you run showkey do you get both a make and a break event?04:26
mjg59Or just the down?04:26
BenCI get up/down events from showkey04:26
mjg59Right, so not that04:26
BenCI get events from xev on up/down, just not KeyPress/KeyRelease ones04:27
mjg59Can you grab evtest from somewhere, run that and see what it's sending?04:27
BenCwait, no, just even on down04:27
BenCok, I think I have it lying around somewhere04:27
mjg59And you're focused in the xev window, right?04:27
mjg59I can't reproduce this behaviour at all04:28
BenCyep, it's focused on the xev window04:29
BenCregular keys produce press/release events, just not these media keys04:30
mjg59See what evtest says, I guess04:30
BenCwow, I have a broadcom keyboard04:32
defendguinmjg59: did you also get that Fn+F5 wireless bug fixed?04:32
mjg59It sends a keycode04:33
mjg59But it'll do nothing04:33
BenCEvent: time 1176345196.584872, -------------- Report Sync ------------04:33
BenCEvent: time 1176345198.487478, type 4 (Misc), code 4 (ScanCode), value a204:33
BenCEvent: time 1176345198.487488, type 1 (Key), code 164 (PlayPause), value 104:33
BenCEvent: time 1176345198.487491, -------------- Report Sync ------------04:33
BenCEvent: time 1176345198.625543, type 4 (Misc), code 4 (ScanCode), value a204:33
BenCEvent: time 1176345198.625553, type 1 (Key), code 164 (PlayPause), value 004:33
BenCevtest shows goodness04:34
kylemGOD DAMN04:34
mjg59Ok. Can you poke things into the gnome keyboard shortcuts panel?04:34
kylemfive keyboards in front of me, bound to happen sooner or later.04:35
BenCmjg59: already done...will the values in there stay constant based on the code (e.g. 164 in this case)?04:35
BenCthe value in keybindings is 0xa4...will 0xa2 linux code always produce 0xa4 for X keybindings?04:36
mjg59The mapping is in drivers/char/keyboard.c04:38
mjg59And then X munges it further04:38
mjg59You so desperately don't want to try to understand this stuff04:38
mjg59I tried, and I went odd04:38
kylemmjg59, was this pre or post acpi?04:39
mjg59Pretty contempory04:40
BenCif x key mappings lead to wanting to mess with acpi, I'll pass04:44
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defendguinif any of you guys are ever in Houston let me know so i can buy yall a beer05:19
orangeymjg59: sorry about that.. long phone call.05:36
orangeymjg59: is there a new version of that file?05:36
orangeymjg59: Also, I'm not sure where to post the dmesg file.. pastebin won't take it.05:37
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eman_hey all!06:41
eman_I'm trying to edit my .config, and make-kpkg after that..06:41
eman_but it keeps overwriting the .config with oldconfig06:42
eman_what gives?06:42
fabbioneBenC: ping?06:48
BenCfabbione: yo06:49
fabbioneBenC: hey dude,, did you happen to pull those 4 OCFS2 changes in our tree?06:49
fabbionei know you are going to upload another kernel for final06:49
BenCI did, so they will probably go in Friday06:49
fabbioneperfect.. from the 2.6.20_fixes branch06:49
eman_any hints as to how to make it so that this i8042 module isn't compiled directly into the kernel?06:52
BenCeman_: This isn't a support channel, it's for ubuntu kernel development06:56
BenCeman_: I think there might be a #kernelnewbies channel06:56
fabbioneargh.. now i know why git pull was taking this long06:57
fabbioneBenC: did you fork ubuntu-feisty-2.6 and pulled in from linus?06:57
BenCyou didn't do the ubuntu-feisty.git ? :)06:57
BenCubuntu-2.6 is basically stock linus kernel right now06:57
fabbioneok :)06:57
BenC2.6.20 moved to ubuntu-feisty.git06:57
eman_BenC: I'm trying to remove a module from the kernel. When I change it in .config, make-kpkg restores it. I do see why it may not be for here, but it's not an egregious offence to pursue it here.06:58
fabbioneeman_: blacklist the module. if something pulls it in it's because it's required06:58
eman_fabbione: the module doesn't play nicely with suspend / resume, but is necessary to power my kb and touchpad.06:58
BenCeman_: I didn't say it was a horrible offense, just that you'd have better luck getting help somewhere else...I don't have an immediate answer to your question, so my next best help was to point you to some place else06:59
eman_others have reported that when i8042 was a module, suspend/resume worked fine.06:59
eman_BenC: sorry. My misinterpretation, probably due to the lack of body language or whatnot.07:00
BenCeman_: On x86 hw, it's forced to be compiled into the kernel07:02
BenCyou can override that by editing drivers/input/serio/Kconfig07:03
eman_BenC: hmm. That's unfortunate.. 07:03
BenC        tristate "i8042 PC Keyboard controller" if EMBEDDED || !X8607:03
BenCchange that line to07:03
BenC        tristate "i8042 PC Keyboard controller"07:04
BenCif you need it, you'll have to add it to /etc/modules.conf07:04
eman_BenC: Thank you. I'll test to see if it works, then update my bug report on it.07:05
eman_BenC: I put it to: tristate "i8042 PC Keyboard controller"\        default m07:11
eman_but it still seems like make-kpkg is taking oldconfig, even though I'm doing --config=menuconfig07:11
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cjwatsonpkl_: do you know if the HPA stuff is in git?12:19
pkl_cjwatson: I'll check, Kyle did he'd checked them in...12:20
cjwatsondon't see anything relevant from Kyle12:20
pkl_hmm, git-pull hangs for some reason at the moment...12:22
Mithrandircjwatson: http://people.ubuntu.com/~kyle/feisty/12:23
Mithrandirben pulled in a couple of patches yesterday12:23
cjwatsoncrestline went in12:24
cjwatsonas did 0002-2.6.21-fix-lba48-bug-in-libata-fill_result_tf.txt (but I dunno, doesn't seem feisty-ish now)12:25
cjwatsonthe rest didn't hit git AFAIK12:25
cjwatsonthough I suppose it's possible that 0002 is a prereq for the others12:26
pkl_doesn't look like it...12:28
pkl_cjwatson:  I got the impression something was going to be checked in by Kyle, but obviously nothing did.12:32
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elementzhi guys03:54
elementzi was trying to patch my kernel with the 16k patch from linuxant - since i need it for my pcmcia wlan - seems to not work - i got a foo.patch file but can't apply it03:55
elementzshould i just recompile?03:55
mjg59elementz: This channel is for development of the Ubuntu kernel, not support for third-party patches03:56
mjg59elementz: #ubuntu may be a better bet, or alternatively talk to Linuxant (since you've presumably bought their product)03:56
elementzjg59 kk - no the patch is free03:56
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=== mjg59 shrugs
elementzjg69 do you give support on how to recompile my kernel with 16k stack though? or should i go to #ubuntu for this as well?03:57
mjg59That is, you should ask in #ubuntu03:57
elementzkk thx03:57
zul_or check the wiki03:58
\shBenC: I just exchanged the old dapper server cd installer kernel with the -proposed 2.6.15-50.61 dapper kernel to our install cd...rebuild debian installer with all necessary udebs from -proposed archive and now d-i complains about problems with usb-storage udeb...04:05
\shBenC: now I don't know if it's me and a broken debian-installer kernel or if it's something with the 50.61 -proposed dapper kernel04:06
\shBenC: oh damn...i found my mistake04:07
elementzi am really sorry to ask in here - but maybe you guys can give me a quick reply - is there an easy way to obtain a patch (maybe even in the repos) that patches the kernel to use a 16k stack? i use 2.6.20-14-generic04:10
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aurelianitohi all04:31
aurelianitoI'm using kubuntu since dapper04:31
aurelianitoand I  having a problem with the edgy-eft kernel04:32
aurelianitoI'm using the Huawei SmartAX MT882 ADSL USB modem04:32
mjg59aurelianito: Bug number?04:32
aurelianitoand this device is recogniced by kernel 2.6.15 (dapper) but no 2.6.17 (edgy-eft)04:33
aurelianitoI don't have a bug number04:33
mjg59Please file a bug04:33
aurelianitodo I need a login?04:34
aurelianitoI don't have one04:34
elementzsorry guys - i really don't mean to be annoying! asked in other channels - to no avail though! maybe you guys can tell me how to apply this to my kernel? http://www.linuxant.com/driverloader/wlan/full/archive/linux-2.6.20-16kstacks.patch04:34
zulthen you can make one04:34
mjg59elementz: No04:35
mjg59elementz: Sorry, we really don't have time to support people attempting to add third-party patches to break their kernel04:36
mjg59Feisty is due to release next week04:36
elementzyes i understand - it's just that i am desperately i need of my wireless - even if it involves a dirty solution at the moment04:38
elementzbut i understand where you're coming from04:38
zulelmentz: as we said before check the wiki04:39
zulBenC: can we kill bug #96430?04:45
aurelianitoI'm trying to file a bug, but the site is soooo slow......04:52
aurelianitoDo you know if it's having any problems?04:52
fabbioneaurelianito: known issue (lp being slow)05:00
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Keybukwhy does the kernel continually spit ata errors under vmware ?05:25
kylembecause vmware's emulation sucks?05:25
NafalloKeybuk: if user = keybuk etc... ;-)05:26
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arkorais there any file server that still holds the 2.6.20-*13* debs? In the apt repositories, these build do not exist any more.05:30
Nafalloarkora: launchpad :-)05:30
Nafalloarkora: but it slow as *beep* today05:30
aurelianitoamazingly, I've been able to file my bug report05:31
arkoraNafallo: thanks, I should have known :o)05:31
aurelianitothe number is 10588305:32
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_MMA_BenC: I have someone that wants to help us (Ubuntu Studio) with a RT.05:37
_MMA_*RT kernel.05:37
_MMA_If you not too swamped is there a place to see what patches Ubuntu applies?05:38
fabbione_MMA_: we are busy trying to get feisty out next week.. 05:38
Mithrandir_MMA_: far too late to feisty; Look at git for the patches.05:39
mjg59_MMA_: All the patches are in the ubuntu tree on git.kernel.org05:39
_MMA_fabbione: I figured. Hence the "If you not too swamped"05:39
_MMA_mjg59: Thanx05:39
_MMA_Mithrandir: I know. We might use it in our repo and get it in if its necessary for +1.05:40
rtg_arkora: See the comment at the end of bug #96480.05:40
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arkorartg: great, thanks!05:44
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fabbionekylem, BenC, rtg_, pkl_: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-source-2.6.20/+bug/10588805:58
fabbione^^ cjwatson, Mithrandir FYI..05:59
fabbionecoming from hwcert05:59
kylemcan you summarize it?05:59
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andre_plwith the latest feisty kernel my tifm card reader doesn't work at all.  the modules load, but otherwise theres nothing in dmesg.. i had read on launchpad that the latest kernel had included a newer tifm driver that was supposed to solve most of these problems but in my case it is worse.05:59
kylemlaunchpad is uselessly slow.05:59
kylemfabbione, i can't load the page.06:00
fabbionei was able to open it..06:00
andre_plkylem: same here, launchpad is totally useless right now06:00
mjg59Apr 11 20:51:40 ubuntu kernel: [    1.253614]  ACPI: Wrong _BBN value, reboot and use option 'pci=noacpi' is arguably more disturbing06:00
mjg59fabbione: Get them to boot with pci=noacpi and see if it works. If so, buggy BIOS.06:03
fabbionemjg59: older kernels didn't show the problem on that machine.. regression perhaps?06:04
mjg59Which older kernels/06:04
fabbionedown to Herd 206:05
fabbioneall milestones.. etc.06:05
fabbionemjg59: that machine is tested on each milestone release06:05
mjg59So everything pre-RC worked?06:05
mjg59Herd 6 was fine?06:06
NafalloHerd 6 was cancelled? :-)06:06
mjg59Uh, yeah.06:06
mjg59I meant 506:06
mjg59Which kernel did we ship in Herd 5?06:07
mjg59I'm pretty sure that there have been no even vaguely relevant changes since then06:08
Nafallobeta is the latest milestone I think06:08
mjg59Ah, true06:08
mjg59Very easy to lose track06:08
Nafallomaybe -12 there? from the top of my head :-)06:09
Nafalloindeed it is :-)06:09
mjg59fabbione: Anyway, I don't believe that it's possible for this to have appeared between beta and now06:09
fabbionemjg59: well ok.. i will ask to check06:09
pkl_andre_pl: are you expecting the card to automount?06:12
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andre_plpkl_: I'm expecting to see something in dmesg telling me that it at least realizes tha ti've inserted or removed a card.06:13
mjg59andre_pl: Is tifm_sd loaded?06:14
andre_plmjg59: yep06:14
andre_pland tifm_core06:14
pkl_andre_pl: yeah it should do that...  A change in -13 with mmc-core broke automounting, but you should be able to manually mount it.06:14
mjg59And tifm_7xx1?06:14
andre_pland tifm7xx106:14
andre_plis there another module i might be missing? 06:15
pkl_mmc_core mmc_block06:15
mjg59SD card or MMC?06:16
pkl_andre_pl: what kernel version did this work?06:16
andre_plpkl in -13 i got alot of garbage whenever i inserted or removed a card.  but it hasn't worked Properly" since edgy06:17
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mjg59andre_pl: Are you doing anything funny with setpci?06:18
andre_plmjg59: nothing at all.06:18
mjg59Right. Well, it works fine here.06:18
pkl_The .8 tifm drivers should have fixed things for most people.  Unfortunately, there's still people for which it doesn't work.06:18
andre_plpkl_ I dont think I get ANYTHING at all in dmesg, even if i remove all the modules and reload them.06:19
mjg59Not even PCI interrupt disabled/enabled messages?06:19
andre_pllet me try removing all the modules and see what comes up.06:20
andre_plis there an order they should be inserted in?06:20
mjg59Load tifm_7xx1 and mmc-core06:21
mjg59Everything else will be loaded on demand06:21
pkl_andre_pl: have a look at bug 53923, that's got a number of tifm issues.06:22
andre_plI get 2 lines 06:24
andre_pl[ 3835.864000]  ACPI: PCI interrupt for device 0000:08:06.2 disabled06:24
andre_pl[ 3943.088000]  ACPI: PCI Interrupt 0000:08:06.2[C]  -> GSI 22 (level, low) -> IRQ 2206:24
mjg59And if you insert an sd card, what happens?06:27
mjg59Nothing at all?06:27
mjg59Is tifm_sd now loaded?06:27
andre_plno, just core and 7xx106:27
andre_plload it?06:28
mjg59And this is an SD card?06:28
mjg59Not an MMC?06:28
andre_plSays SD on it :)06:28
mjg59I'm sorry, I've no idea what the problem is06:28
pkl_nor do I, which is why I've done nothing about it :)06:29
andre_plthis is a huge problem. lol06:29
mjg59andre_pl: For you, yes06:29
mjg59As I said, it's working on the tifm machines I have here06:32
mjg59So figuring out the problem is awkward...06:32
pkl_I can't reproduce it (not having the hardware), and AFAIK 0.8 is the latest version.06:32
andre_plneither mmc_block nor tifm_sd loaded automatically. are they supposed to?06:34
mjg59They'd only be loaded automatically if the card insertion was detected06:34
andre_plshould I see anything in dmesg just by loading the modules with no card inserted?06:35
andre_plso what are these 2 PCI Interrupt lines telling me?06:38
andre_plbesides bad news?06:38
mjg59That the device was detected and activated06:39
andre_plthats messed up06:39
andre_plmaybe the card is messed up?06:40
capiirahi,hi, I compiled my kernel with debian/rules and everything worked fine but how can i define the name/version of the kernel? Now its called "linux-image-2.6.20-14-1a1-generic_2.6.20-14.22_i386.deb" i would like to have it named like the original one "linux-image-2.6.20-14-generic" with that "2.6.29-14.22" under latest version.06:48
capiirathat was my compilation command AUTOBUILD=1 fakeroot debian/rules binary-debs flavours=generic06:49
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rtg_mjg59: I'm getting some serious heat for bug #96480. What are the side effects of reverting db2f0f088a056c4ccf9054747169802db2f9ae9a 'Declare more i2c_adapter parent devices'? I'm sure this is what broke ACER and Mac Pro. They all say 2.6.12-20 works, 2.6.20-13 doesn't.07:10
mjg59I've no clue - wasn't my patch07:11
rtg_mjg59: I thought you might know 'cause it is related to ACPI. 07:12
BenCrtg_: IIRC, that was pulled in to fix something else07:12
BenCone of the i2c drivers was crashing before that was pulled in07:12
rtg_BenC: That is why I'm asking about side effects.07:12
BenCand that fixed it07:12
mjg59Looks like an i2c issue, not an acpi one07:12
rtg_mjg59: No, I believe its the way ACPI starts up its bus driver for I2C.07:13
rtg_So it looks like catch-22.07:14
mjg59It's an i2c driver07:18
mjg59The only ACPI-related aspect is that it gets a couple of bits of information from an ACPI table07:18
BenCcjwatson: edgy's ata_piix driver was only handling 3 pata chipsets, for reference07:18
mjg59BenC: I've made no effort to determine whether any of the acpi/pata code for drivers/ide still works this cycle07:19
mjg59Since all my test hardware transitioned over to ata_piix07:20
BenCmjg59: Willing to run through some tests when I get this kernel compiled?07:20
mjg59The HPA stuff has nothing to do with the chipset07:22
mjg59If any pata chipsets are driven by libata, we need the HPA patch07:22
cjwatsonsure, but which manufacturers actually used HPA?07:22
mjg59Impossible to determine07:22
mjg59We've seen it on some desktop machines07:22
cjwatsonthe HPA patch has, as far as I can tell, had no testing on any other distribution07:22
cjwatsonit is SEVEN DAYS BEFORE RELEASE07:23
mjg59As I've said repeatedly, we either ship it or we revert all of pata back to drivers/ide07:23
BenCwe had pata in edgy, without this HPA patch07:23
cjwatsonor release-note that some people are going to have to use edgy07:23
cjwatsonthe alternative is to delay the release by upwards of a week07:23
mjg59BenC: On a tiny, tiny number of chipsets07:24
BenCit was a good chunk of chipsets, just not the popular ones, like ata_piix07:24
cjwatsonthis has a really nasty knock-on effect on all sorts of things07:24
mjg59cjwatson: It's very, very non-trivial for a user to determine whether they'd be bitten by this before upgrade07:24
BenCwouldn't their dmesg show "Host Protected Area ..." ?07:25
mjg59Yes, but asking most of our users to check dmesg before performing an upgrade is a non-starter07:25
cjwatsonupdate-manager could be made to do it ...07:25
BenC        printk(KERN_INFO "%s: Host Protected Area detected.\n"07:25
Mithrandircjwatson: ew.07:25
cjwatson(ew, yes, but)07:25
Mithrandircjwatson: yes, it can, but, ew.07:25
cjwatsonreverting all of pata is a non-starter07:26
Mithrandirhow much testing do we need to establish that the HPA patch doesn't break stuff?07:26
=== defendguin [n=jmsunser@216-136-108-250.static.twtelecom.net] has joined #ubuntu-kernel
mjg59It doesn't break anything here.07:26
mjg59Beyond that, I obviously can't say07:26
BenCMithrandir: actually, I've had 4 people report that it fixes things07:26
fabbionewe can't guarantee that dmesg has enough buffer to have that printk in queue either07:26
BenCand it hasn't broken anything on my system07:26
cjwatsonBenC: (we need to get the kernel with those drivers reverted up first regardless of this discussion; time is slipping away)07:27
BenCcjwatson: it's in progress07:27
cjwatsonyup, just being clear07:27
mjg59cjwatson: Reverting anything back to drivers/ide also needs further testing07:27
=== mdz [n=mdz@yttrium.canonical.com] has joined #ubuntu-kernel
BenCmjg59: we have to revert some piix ones anyway07:27
cjwatsonmjg59: indeed so07:27
mjg59It means more people hitting codepaths that haven't seen significant use since edgy07:27
BenCbecause they are broken with ata_piix07:27
cjwatsonright now, we need concrete evidence of HPAs existing on hardware other than the ones we're talking about reverting to drivers/ide07:28
mjg59cjwatson: The issue is the drive, not the chipset07:29
cjwatsonHPAs are only set up by system manufacturers, right?07:29
mjg59Yes, but people may then swap motherboards07:29
mjg59And we have no clue which vendors may have used HPAs at different stages07:30
mjg59Yes, this is all a bit handwavy, but it's not possible for us to say "Nobody will be affected by this decision"07:30
mdzI've heard conflicting reports about the failure mode here07:30
mdzwhat goes wrong?07:30
mjg59mdz: Part of the hard drive becomes inaccessible. This may contain filesystem.07:31
mdzthat seems backwards to me; I thought the failure was that extra bits of disk were accessible which shouldn't be07:31
mjg59HPAs are enforced by the drive07:32
BenCLinux chooses to ignore HPA by default in the ide-disk driver07:32
mjg59Old situation: Drive has HPA. Linux ignores this. User deletes rescue partition, installs into HPA. Everything works.07:32
mjg59New situation: Drive has HPA. Linux doesn't ignore this. User can no longer access data that is in HPA.07:32
mjg59User sad.07:32
mdzso this is a problem for users who installed a Feisty snapshot over an HPA07:33
BenCor, User upgrades, system that is installed in HPA, and now can't read the partition07:33
cjwatsonor <= Edgy07:33
Mithrandiror any previous version07:33
cjwatsonsince drivers/ide ignores the HPA (which means that the entire disk, including the HPA, is accessible)07:33
cjwatsonthe terminology is very confusing07:33
mdzwhich versions of Ubuntu does "Linux chooses to ignore HPA By default in the ide-disk driver" refer to?07:33
mjg59mdz: All of them07:34
mjg59Except feisty07:34
BenCno, ide-disk driver still ignores it07:34
BenCit always has07:34
mjg59Well, but we now drive much less with ide-disk07:34
mdzif HPA is enforced by the drive, how can we install into them?07:34
Mithrandirthe problem is for drivers which used to be ide-disk and are now libata.07:34
mjg59mdz: You can't07:34
BenCit's sd_mod that doesn't, and libata never took it into account07:34
mjg59It's an upgrade issue07:34
mdzhow can we *ever* have installed into an HPA?07:35
mjg59Because all versions before feisty allowed you to do so07:35
mdzyou said the disk disallowed it07:35
mjg59The disk disallowed it. The kernel then asked the disk to allow it.07:35
cjwatsonmdz: no, the disk says what the max size is, but it's the OS' choice whether to honour that07:35
mdzwhich is inconsistent with the rest of the description I've heard07:35
maswanmjg59: did you mean "driver" in "HPAs are enforced by the drive"?07:35
mjg59maswan: No07:35
maswanOk, so I don't understand it either then.07:35
mjg59There is a region of the drive.07:36
mdzI do now07:36
mjg59If you attempt to access it, the drive says "no"07:36
BenCHPA is suggested by the drive, the driver can override it to get the native size07:36
mjg59ide-disk pokes the drive to remove that restriction07:36
mjg59libata doesn't07:36
maswanAh, ok.07:36
mdzbut if I do understand correctly, the safest thing is to stick with the same behaviour we have always had07:36
mjg59mdz: Correct. Which requires either reverting to drivers/ide or adding the patch.07:36
kylemso the same behaviour is to revert *ALL* ide drivers back to drivers/ide code.07:36
mdzwhich means my understanding of the patch was reversed07:36
cjwatsonreverting *all* drivers seems insanely risky at this point07:37
mdzI thought it was "adding HPA support", not "explicitly ignore HPA"07:37
cjwatsona few PCI IDs I can handle, but ...07:37
cjwatson(particularly if they have other problems)07:37
BenCmdz: It's adding the ability to recognize and ignore the HPA :)07:37
mjg59mdz: Adding HPA support means teaching the driver what an HPA is07:37
kylemit's an ATA command, not poking a IDE controller.07:37
kylemso it doesn't matter which chipset you have, it's drive dependent...07:37
mjg59Right. I can take an HPAed drive and put it in another system with a different IDE chipset07:38
BenCI didn't understand that either...I thought it was something done by the controller at the BIOS's request07:38
mjg59BenC: No, the drive firmware will have been modified to set it up07:38
BenCI guess the code being in libata-core confused that for me07:38
BenCin IDE, it is in ide-disk specifically07:39
cjwatsondoes anyone sell bare HPAed drives?07:39
mjg59cjwatson: No, but you can set one up07:39
cjwatsonI mean not as part of some other system07:39
BenCcjwatson: it's all provisioning for hw vendors07:39
cjwatsonI'm not interested in theoretical cases at this point07:39
mjg59Oh,a ctually, yes07:39
mdzmjg59: do I understand correctly that unless the OS takes specific action related to HPA, it's transparent and the drive simply appears to be smaller?07:39
mjg59Various drives are limited to 32GB with a large HPA07:39
BenCmdz: right07:39
mjg59This is to avoid BIOS bugs07:39
mdzand so the intent of the patch is to recognize the existence of an HPA and instruct the drive to ignore it?07:39
mjg59mdz: Correct07:40
mjg59cjwatson: Many drives have a "Limit to 32GB" jumper that actually sets an HPA07:40
BenCyeah, one person in the bug report seems to have that case07:40
mjg59Award shipped BIOSes that crashed if they saw a >32GB drive07:40
cjwatsonok, first I've heard of that07:40
Mithrandirah, I always wondered how that worked.. and why Linux saw the full size of the disk.07:40
BenC32G -> 160G was the HPA message07:40
mjg59Hits machines up to ~200007:40
mjg59Ok. And we've got a real case of that in the wild.07:41
cjwatsonsigh, my prior understanding was that it was basically laptops07:41
cjwatsonsince everybody who talked about this bug seemed to do so in the same sentence as "Thinkpad"07:41
mjg59Thinkpads are the most common case where developers are going to hit it07:41
Mithrandiris that because it's more common on thinkpads or because 90% of our developers have their machines?07:42
mdzand we've switched the driver that most thinkpads use to one which doesn't know about HPA?07:42
mjg59mdz: Yes07:42
mjg59Because we moved pata over to libata07:42
BenCwe followed upstream07:42
mdzso this is a horrendous regression in 2.6.20?07:42
BenCmdz: Moving to libata has been a spec since back in dapper07:42
cjwatsonat that time, nobody knew about this HPA thing07:43
mjg59mdz: If using libata rather than drivers/ide, yes07:43
mdzor does 'upstream' mean a git repository that hasn't been pushed to linus yet?07:43
cjwatsonat least nobody who actually said anything07:43
BenCit was generally considered a rolling spec, moving to drivers as they become stable07:43
mjg59cjwatson: I've been mentioning it repeatedly throughout the entire release cycle07:43
cjwatsonthe first I heard of it was beta, and I was most certainly not aware of its extent07:43
BenCmdz: It means every kernel release, the libata pata drivers mature and change to "stable", and so I've moved support for those chipsets from ide to libata07:44
cjwatsonbut that's not particularly relevant, what I mean is that nobody said anything when the plans were being discussed07:44
BenCin the kernel, you can choose either drive07:44
mdzBenC: which drivers are we talking about in this case, which are relevant to the cases of HPA badness we've seen?07:44
BenCmdz: It's not driver specific, it just means we are exposing more and more users to libata over time, and eventually hitting ones that have HPA drives07:45
BenCit was just a matter of time before this turned into what we have now07:45
mdzBenC: I understand, but we've been doing that for a while, and only recently has it become a big problem07:45
BenCmdz: With the early march move of about 3 major drivers, I think that was the tipping point07:46
mdzBenC: which drivers were those?07:46
BenCpata_sis, quite a few more for ata_piix, one other legacy type driver that I'd have to check changelog for07:46
mjg59mdz: It's likely that it's merely hit small numbers of users with previous drivers07:47
BenCbut I know that there were three drivers changed to "stable" by jgarzik07:47
mdzPATA_SIS is marked experimental07:47
mjg59In pure 2.6.20, I believe it's stable in the libata tree07:47
BenCyeah, and I just looked, and it's because SATA_SIS depends on it07:47
BenCpata_sis exports two tables, for sata/pata combined controllers07:48
BenCs/two tables/pci tables/07:48
nictuku_i386may i ask for help finding the list of patches applyed to the ubuntu kernel in the git site?07:48
BenCwe can't support sata_sis without pata_sis driver07:48
mdz2.6.20 was released in early Feb, and we made this change in March, so it doesn't sound like it came from Linus' tree07:48
zulnictuku_i386: not now07:48
BenCmdz: I talked to jeff Garzik about his stable tree, and he agreed that it was safe to pull into our tree07:49
nictuku_i386ok thnx07:49
BenChis stable tree is for the 2.6.22 window, not experimental stuff, well tested patches07:49
cjwatsonwhat other distributions are using his stable tree?07:49
BenCit was needed to get DMA support for ata_piix driver, and get a few new chipsets supported that we didn't have drivers for at all07:49
mjg59cjwatson: Fedora07:50
mjg59But Jeff works for RH07:50
mjg59FC7 will ship with it07:50
mdzwe need to talk about when and why we pull from various trees, but now is not the time07:50
mdzso to come back to the immediate problem07:51
BenCwell, it was either that, or we release feisty that is not installable on some major hw that we sort of have to support07:51
mdzI hear from mjg59 that this is a showstopper and needs to be fixed07:51
mjg59mdz: I've been saying that for the past three months07:51
mdzBenC: do you argee or disagree?07:51
mdzor, perhaps, agree07:51
BenCmdz: yeah, it would seem so07:51
mdzthen we have consensus07:52
mdzlet's get the fix in07:52
mdzmjg59: I'm not arguing that point.  this is all news to me.07:52
mdzI am in the moment07:53
BenCok, so I'll revert the 4 oldest PIIX chipsets back to piix.ko (from ata_piix.ko) to fix 82314, and add the HPA patch in07:53
cjwatsonand skip the SIS change?07:54
BenCkernel will be uploaded soon, and I'll have images available for people to test prior to buildd07:54
BenCcjwatson: right, I can't revert pata_sis anyway because of sata_sis needing it07:54
mjg59One of the other effects of this is that we need to be very careful about what update-manager does with the cd-rom entry in fstab07:55
BenCyou mean the /dev/hdc-/dev/scd0 reference?07:56
BenCI think we already know about that one07:56
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=== smurfix [n=smurf@debian/developer/smurf] has joined #ubuntu-kernel
mjg59BenC: Right, but lots of machines will be sticking with /dev/hdc08:02
BenCI think the idea was to switch to /dev/cdrom, since udev updates that link08:03
mjg59There's potential for that still to lose, but yeah, that's probably sane08:04
=== _MMA_ [n=mma@cpe-071-070-203-016.nc.res.rr.com] has left #ubuntu-kernel []
mdzit's the best we can do; it's at least more future-proof08:08
cjwatsonBenC: that's what u-m does now08:09
cjwatson        " convert /dev/{hd?,scd0} to /dev/cdrom for the feisty upgrade "08:09
mjg59Ok, that shouldn't be a problem08:09
=== reitblatt [n=mark@w-mob201-128-62-104-228.public.utexas.edu] has joined #ubuntu-kernel
mjg59I can't think of any other issues08:09
cjwatsonand it does so only if /dev/cdrom currently points to whatever the device in fstab is08:09
cjwatson(seeing as it's doing the rewrite on the old kernel)08:09
=== bronson [n=bronson@] has joined #ubuntu-kernel
BenCI guess now is a good time to do a .orig.tar.gz08:14
BenCcjwatson, mdz: package is uploading08:20
mdzBenC: thank you08:21
=== ivoks [n=ivoks@0-159.dsl.iskon.hr] has joined #ubuntu-kernel
Mithrandirmdz: do you want to review and approve the kernel upload or should I?08:39
BenCI can provide a diff from the current kernel if need be08:40
mdzMithrandir: I'm happy to help with review; Colin is likely interested as well08:41
mdzMithrandir: and perhaps mjg5908:41
MithrandirI'll put it on rookery.08:41
MithrandirBenC: I'm generating it on drescher, but thanks.08:42
mdzbetter to generate the exact diff from the upload08:42
Mithrandiryes, I'm doing that.08:42
=== capiira [n=capiira@dslb-088-064-082-166.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu-kernel
cjwatsonMithrandir: could you make your queue publish stuff do mdebdiff? might need to cache it08:43
Mithrandircjwatson: it runs every hour, so I don't really see the point in caching, but yes, I could do that.08:43
cjwatsonjust say openoffice.org08:43
cjwatsonnew upstream08:44
cjwatson(for example :-))08:44
MithrandirI wonder how you guys survived without mdebdiff.08:44
Mithrandirwell, point.08:44
Mithrandirstill not a magnitude bigger than the kernel which takes a minute or two.08:45
mjg59BenC: Did you get a chance to check those scancodes?08:45
cjwatsonlots of .gitignore stuff08:45
BenCmjg59: Yeah, but have not uploaded it yet08:45
cjwatsonis the removal of debian/abi/2.6.20-13.21/ significant?08:46
BenCno, the ABI for 2.6.20-14.22 was added08:46
cjwatsonoh, -14.22 got added, ok08:46
BenC-13.21 isn't needed08:46
Mithrandirhttp://people.ubuntu.com/~ubuntu-archive/queue/linux-source.debdiff is the diff08:46
mjg59BenC: Ah - if that was going in, there's a couple of others that could do with it as well08:47
=== infinity [n=adconrad@cerberus.0c3.net] has joined #ubuntu-kernel
BenCI foobar'd the .orig.tar.gz...left all the .gitignore files in08:49
BenCnot a big deal, just oversized .diff.gz's08:49
mjg59Looks good to me08:50
mjg59I'll test it once binaries exist08:50
BenCbuild now08:50
mjg59BenC: This is meant to purely be the ATA stuff, rather than the other one-liners, right?08:51
BenCmjg59: pay close attention to the logic in ata_same_device, since that's what I changed from the patch that kyle had08:52
fabbioneBenC: you also left some other random stuff like scripts/kconfig/zconf.tab.c in the orig but cleaned for diff.gz08:52
BenCmjg59: this is HPA, and moving a few older PIIX chipsets back to piix.ko08:52
BenCfabbione: Yeah, my tree must be pretty crufty08:52
BenCshame git-status doesn't show that stuff08:52
BenCharmless though08:52
mjg59BenC: So this isn't the final kernel upload?08:53
fabbioneBenC: i just spoke with Sunil from Oracle. he says that's ok to skip these 4 patches, but to pull again for the first update. there are more fixes in their queue for .20_fixes that are passing QA now08:53
BenCgit-ls-files --others08:53
BenCthat's what I needed08:53
fabbioneBenC: the most important ones are the ones i applied manually anyway08:53
BenCmjg59: This is just to get us past release08:53
mdzmjg59: this is meant to be the showstopper fixes08:54
BenCmjg59: the HPA patch in here was tested and confirmed by 4 different people on that bug report (82314)08:54
mjg59I thought we were targetting the MMC fix for release08:54
mdzminor stuff can go in a stable update with less hurry08:54
mjg59(At least, I thought that was what got agreed on yesterday)08:54
BenCI'm more worried about the install stoppers08:54
BenCwe'll have an updates kernel withing days of release08:55
mjg59Ok. Which one's going to end up on the shipit CDs?08:55
mdzI'm not opposed to the MMC fixes as such, but given the weight of the other stuff, I'd prefer to keep this as simple as possible and roll an early SRU08:55
mdzmjg59: the CDs will get this kernel Ben has just prepared, barring further showstoppers08:55
mdzanything else will be a network update08:55
mjg59I think losing MMC on the Live CDs would be an error08:55
mjg59Given the trivialness of the fix08:56
mdzBenC: this diff is unreadable08:56
Mithrandirmdz: filterdiff -x '*/.gitignore' 08:56
BenCmdz: egrep -v '(gitignore|debian/abi)'08:56
mdzlots of big removals too08:57
BenCmy .orig.tar.gz had some build cruft too, but it's harmless stuff that will get deleted on build08:57
BenCmdz: debian/abi/ changes can be ignored08:57
BenCstandard update from last build08:58
Mithrandir/tmp/Y9bNBOLdlm/linux-source-2.6.20-2.6.20/drivers/cpufreq/.tmp_versions/cpufreq_conservative.mod and friends, you mean?08:58
BenCyeah, those things are cruft that git-status didn't show08:58
mdzI can't do more than eyeball the HPA stuff; it's too big and requires context08:58
cjwatsonI also thought we had agreed the MMC fix earlier08:58
mdzBenC: looks like that stray .swp is still there in the new version08:58
BenCyeah, I just removed all the cruft in my tree08:59
mjg59BenC: I'd be happier if we went with the MMC fix as well08:59
BenCdo you guys want to hold that last upload and include the mmc fix?08:59
mdzI found no fault with the diff other than the clutter, though there's a lot of new code there I can't possibly assess09:00
BenCtake me 15-30 minutes09:00
Mithrandirif the mmc fix is as trivial as you say and has been tested, I'm fine with it.09:00
mjg59It's trivial and it's been tested09:00
BenCI can ditch the cruft at the same time09:00
mdzmjg59: you do realize that you're asking other people to work even later for the sake of that change09:01
Mithrandirwhy are there five added items to the piix_pci_tbl_aliases, but only three ifdef-ed out of ata_piix.c in the pci table there?09:01
mjg59mdz: I realise that yesterday we decided to include it and have been telling users that since then09:01
zdzichuBGanyone remeber edgy kernel patches to enable more thinkpads in hdaps driver? I couldn't find any09:01
MithrandirzdzichuBG: now is a bad time; please try later.09:02
mdzmjg59: I don't recall a grand announcement about it; it's a minor bug09:02
zdzichuBGMithrandir: ok.09:02
mjg59mdz: It's an entire class of hardware that doesn't work09:02
mdzmjg59: it's an entire class of hardware that few people use, and it doesn't affect their ability to install or upgrade at all09:02
=== nictuku_i386 [n=nictuku@87-164-114-200.fibertel.com.ar] has left #ubuntu-kernel ["Leaving"]
mjg59mdz: If you'd made that argument yesterday when the decision was made, sure09:03
Mithrandirmdz: if we hold up release for this kernel build anyway, it won't make a difference; building the kernel takes enough time that .eu won't be awake when it's done.09:03
Mithrandiras in, hold up the RC for it.09:03
mdzmjg59: and if it were in the upload Ben prepared, I wouldn't have objected to it, but here we are09:04
mdzBenC: up to you09:06
cjwatsonI would like to ditch the cruft, mind you09:06
mjg59When it's a single line fix that has a significant effect on the hardware experence on the live CDs that are going to be mailed out by their thousands, I think it's relevant09:06
fabbionecjwatson: ++09:06
BenCOk, already working on it, so give me 10 minutes09:07
mdzmjg59: I agree09:07
mdzmjg59: which is why I OK'd it earlier today09:07
BenCMithrandir: can you just ditch that upload, or do I need to bump the version?09:07
MithrandirBenC: I can reject it.09:07
=== doko [n=doko@dslb-088-074-027-129.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu-kernel
mdzmjg59: what I'm asking from you is sensitivity to the fact that we're already under pressure here, and we still have a long way to go09:08
Mithrandirunless mdz tells me not to.  I think we should ditch it and get the mmc fix + the cleanups in.  If nothing else because it'll make me scream less when reading debdiffs for -proposed.09:08
mdzI am not09:09
mdzbut this is it09:09
mdzwe have already blown the release candidate09:09
MithrandirRejecting ubuntu/None (UNAPPROVED) 1/1509:10
mdzit's time for a measure of restraint09:10
MithrandirRejecting linux-source-2.6.2009:10
Mithrandirmdz: should we release the current set of images as herd-6 and skip RC, do RC on Monday or RC later (and then absolutely delay the release)?09:12
fabbioneBenC: do you also have lrm / meta / backports ready?09:12
BenCfabbione: This is non-ABI changing09:13
fabbioneah cool09:13
fabbioneso we just need a new d-i to pull in the kernel09:13
fabbioneand new images09:13
fabbionemuch faster :)09:13
mdzMithrandir: let's get this round of fixes in (kernel and n-m), then see where we stand tomorrow and decide then09:15
cjwatsonI'll upload d-i nowish and Mithrandir can accept it when it's time09:15
mdzI'm leaning toward giving RC a miss and driving on to final09:15
cjwatsonif that's ok with everyone?09:16
mdzbut if we make good time, we could potentially do a late RC09:16
Mithrandirmdz: should I start spinning images tomorrow morning?  Experience shows I'm around a bit earlier than you both because of the TZ and because I can just roll out of bed and crawl to the room next door.09:16
mdzcjwatson: no objection here09:16
Mithrandircjwatson: yes, thanks.09:16
cjwatsonthere was a sparc module addition in my tree for fabbione09:16
fabbionecjwatson: that's a blocker that needs fixing or people won't get keyboard working in d-i09:17
mdzMithrandir: we want images ASAP, doesn't matter to me who does it so long as nobody steps on any toes09:17
fabbioneyou know that09:17
fabbioneit was for mdz and Mithrandir 09:17
cjwatsonit's in my upload; mdz/Mithrandir's call09:17
Mithrandirmdz: ok, I'm doing it first thing tomorrow then.09:17
=== gnomefreak [n=gnomefre@ubuntu/member/gnomefreak] has joined #ubuntu-kernel
Mithrandircjwatson: diff?09:17
cjwatsondiff -Nru /tmp/2PkqchyCYa/debian-installer-20061102ubuntu23/build/pkg-lists/cdrom/sparc.cfg /tmp/KiE8vNu761/debian-installer-20061102ubuntu24/build/pkg-lists/cdrom/sparc.cfg09:17
mdzcjwatson: if it's demonstrably a noop on !sparc, I am happy09:17
cjwatson--- /tmp/2PkqchyCYa/debian-installer-20061102ubuntu23/build/pkg-lists/cdrom/sparc.cfg   2007-03-22 09:19:40.000000000 +000009:17
cjwatson+++ /tmp/KiE8vNu761/debian-installer-20061102ubuntu24/build/pkg-lists/cdrom/sparc.cfg   2007-04-11 13:39:42.000000000 +010009:17
cjwatson@@ -9,6 +9,7 @@ ide-modules-${kernel:Version} ? pata-modules-${kernel:Version} ? usb-modules-${kernel:Version} ?09:18
cjwatson+input-modules-${kernel:Version} ? usb-discover09:18
cjwatsongeez, IRC totally mangled that09:18
cjwatson--- /tmp/2PkqchyCYa/debian-installer-20061102ubuntu23/build/pkg-lists/cdrom/sparc.cfg   2007-03-22 09:19:40.000000000 +000009:18
cjwatson+++ /tmp/KiE8vNu761/debian-installer-20061102ubuntu24/build/pkg-lists/cdrom/sparc.cfg   2007-04-11 13:39:42.000000000 +010009:18
cjwatson@@ -9,6 +9,7 @@09:18
cjwatson pata-modules-${kernel:Version} ?09:18
cjwatson usb-modules-${kernel:Version} ?09:18
cjwatson+input-modules-${kernel:Version} ?09:18
fabbionemdz: no op on !sparc09:18
cjwatson ide-modules-${kernel:Version} ?09:18
cjwatsonand more random context09:18
Mithrandircjwatson: looks good to me.09:18
BenCupload in progress, I'll let you know when it's done09:19
cjwatsonMithrandir: I'm going to the pub shortly for some much-needed social interaction, but I'll be back later; I'm on my own in the house so couldn't really care less if I'm up late09:19
mdzMithrandir: have you been in contact with Keybuk regarding the n-m fix?  it was looking good the last time I checked in with him09:19
cjwatsonso I can drive image building and such if it happens before I fall asleep09:19
Mithrandircjwatson: ok.  I'll try to make the kernel end up on palmer at least, but we're still talking 6-ish hours for the kernel, iirc.09:20
BenCbe aware that the debdiff is still going to look crufty, because -13.21 had the cruft, this one doesn't09:21
MithrandirBenC: ok.09:22
BenCthe only change in this one is the one-liner mmx fix09:22
Mithrandirmdz: no, I'll speak with him now09:22
mdzMithrandir: that needs to go in the final build, he's been organizing some testing but I'm unsure where it stands so far09:24
Mithrandirmdz: yes, I just prodded him on IRC and am sending him an email too.09:24
BenCMithrandir: Done09:27
=== cjwatson -> gone for a while
=== BenC is getting some coffee
=== mdz -> dinner, carrying my mobile
Mithrandirok, linux-source accepted09:47
=== salty-horse [n=ori@pdpc/supporter/active/salty-horse] has joined #ubuntu-kernel
=== sacater_ [n=sacater@] has joined #ubuntu-kernel
salty-horsehi. noticing the topic, where's the best to look get support for the new nvidia-glx package?09:49
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-kernel:BenC] : Ubuntu kernel development discussion ONLY | Kernel Wiki: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam | 2.6.20-14.23 Uploaded - If you have a BUG, it's too late to get it in for release.
BenCsalty-horse: Upgrade your system to latest feisty09:54
BenCsalty-horse: what sort of support do you need?09:54
salty-horseBenC, I *am* using feisty. Until the "new legacy" nvidia-glx package was created, I manually installed NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-1.0-9631. then I --uninstalled it (and made sure no files remained) and installed nvidia-glx. When I run the nvidia driver I get the "Error: API mismatch: the NVIDIA kernel module has the version 1.0-7184, but this X module has the version 1.0-9631" error (as seen on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+sourc09:55
salty-horsee/linux-restricted-modules-2.6.20/+bug/96430 )09:55
=== sacater [n=sacater@colchester-lug/member/sacater] has joined #ubuntu-kernel
BenCsalty-horse: sounds like you have some local skew09:57
BenCsalty-horse: Make sure you remove the nvidia-glx-legacy package, and install nvidia-glx, then restart your system09:58
BenCtry "sudo apt-get --reinstall install linux-restricted-modules-2.6.20-14-generic nvidia-glx nvidia-glx-legacy-"09:58
BenCnote the "-" on the end of nvidia-glx-legacy09:58
salty-horseaccording to dpkg -l "*nvidia*" only nvidia-glx is installed. I did notice that linux-restricted-modules contain all 3 nvidia kernel modules - that's intentional, right?09:59
=== philwyett [n=philwyet@bb-87-81-146-45.ukonline.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu-kernel
BenCyes, but it should choose the right one to load10:00
BenCit's possible you have a left over file...hold a sec10:01
BenCsudo rm -f /lib/linux-restricted-modules/.nvidia_*10:01
BenCtry that, and reboot10:01
salty-horse$ modprobe -l | fgrep nvidia10:01
BenCthere's nothing wrong there, it's lrm-video that is loading the wrong driver, most likely because that file /lib/linux-restricted-modules/.nvidia_legacy_installed, is still there10:02
salty-horsei have only .nvidia_new_installed - deleted it and restarting10:02
salty-horsebtw, what does the restricted manager GUI do when I click on the checkbox to enable the driver? does it just update xorg.conf?10:03
BenCYes, basically, and lrm-video will only load modules based on xorg.conf having it enabled10:04
BenChow do you have .nvidia_new_installed in there?10:04
BenCIt would only be there if you install nvidia-glx-new10:04
salty-horseyes. and I deleted it just now.10:04
BenCjust wondering how it got there10:05
salty-horsei have before.. when I nvidia-glx didn't work - glx-new hasn't as well and I tried to remove it. I think I got some conflicts then.. there was a conflict with dpkg-divert as well.. could it be that these packages' uninstallation methods are missing something? or is it more likely that i borked things manually?10:06
salty-horseok, I'm restarting - is it enough to restart gdm?10:06
BenCkernel modules needs to be reloaded10:09
mjg59BenC: Did you have any additions to make to that dell.hk?10:10
salty-horseroger that10:10
=== salty-horse [n=ori@pdpc/supporter/active/salty-horse] has joined #ubuntu-kernel
salty-horsethanks BenC!10:15
BenCsalty-horse: working?10:16
salty-horseglxgears works well10:16
salty-horsebtw, nvidia-glx-legacy doesn't have nvidia-glx-new in "Conflicts:"10:18
BenCFor anyone wanting to test HPA and PIIX changes, http://people.ubuntu.com/~bcollins/kernels/feisty-release/10:19
BenCmmc fix is not in that build, but it's not as important10:19
BenCmjg59: ^^10:19
BenCsalty-horse: Thanks, I'll get that fixed up10:20
salty-horsenot sure if it matters, because the other two have glx-legacy :)10:20
BenCI think nvidia-glx-new has a conflicts with nvidia-glx-legacy, which should be enough10:20
salty-horseBenC, what's up with the bug report? each day there are new replies, mostly for support (out of the scope of the bug) - think they can be diverted to the new "Answers" section or to a post on the forums?10:21
BenCsalty-horse: Sure, anything not related to 9631-being-available should be redirected10:23
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defendguinmjg59, did you get a chance to look at that touchpad issue i was having?11:18
=== guitarra [n=ron@] has joined #ubuntu-kernel
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mjg59BenC: Did the i2c issue get fixed?11:42
BenCmjg59: it's in-progress, IIRC11:42
mjg59So there'll have to be another upload anyway?11:43
BenCrtg was working on it11:43
mjg59Since it renders a load of machines unbootable?11:43
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=== reitblatt [n=mark@w-mob201-128-62-106-15.public.utexas.edu] has joined #ubuntu-kernel
mjg59Given that it renders some machines unbootable, how are they supposed to install?12:01
mjg59BenC: I'm really not happy with that bug being downgraded12:02
BenCmjg59: that's incorrect...but unless I get a tested or obvious patch in my hands in the next 60 minutes, it will have to get fixed in a post-release update12:03
mjg59BenC: It can't be fixed in a post-release update. The machines don't boot.12:05
BenCI can't say for sure, but I suspect we'll have a real quick point release12:05
mjg59The shipit CDs are going to be the originals12:05
BenCwhich means CD images and installers12:05
BenCI don't know what the plans are for shipit...it's possible that they may hold off for a point release, but I can't speak for that end of things12:06
BenCI wish we had gotten blacklist=foo,bar support into initramfs for things like i2c_ec :/12:07
BenCthen again, it might not be too late12:07
kylemi think i need to yell louder, i asked for that in january...12:08
kylemwe own initramfs-tools now though, don't we?12:08
kylemmaybe i can hack something up when i get home tonight...12:08
BenCyeah, but no one ever took the time to implement it...not even the yellers :)12:08
BenCkylem: the script will have to make sure to copy it to /etc/modprobe.d/ on the root fs, even deleting the file if no blacklist is asked for12:09
maks_BenC blacklist in /etc/modprobe.d that is in the initramfs12:11
BenCmaks_: For it to make sense, it has to blacklist in the rootfs too, else the module might get loaded later12:11
maks_BenC sorry i'm lost please explain12:11
rtg_BenC, mjg59: There are really 2 issues to the I2C bug. The i2c_ec module crash, and a much earlier crash that is a separate problem. The i2c_ec module now checks for a bogus parent and bails out, avoiding the fault.12:12
BenCrtg_: what is the earlier crash...like an oops, or a caught failure?12:12
macdare people experiencing the acpi bug (96480) on 2.6.17-11-generic also? 2.6.17-11-386 boots fine.12:12
rtg_Its not clear. The bug reporters aren't all that disciplined in their reporting.12:13
maks_BenC oh you want a bootparam blacklist12:13
BenCmaks_: if someone wants to blacklist i2c_ec because it oopses on the install CD, then device probing later during install will reload it if the blacklist isn't kept in the rootfs12:13
rtg_BenC: I think its an ACPI fault early in the boot cycle on some platforms.12:13
BenCmaks_: Right, something you can put on the command line for install12:13
macdrtg_, right right, I'll get a detailed bug posted.12:15
mjg59rtg_: Which upload contains the partial fix, then?12:16
kylemheh, i should go and buy a Mac Pro to get this i2c thing fixed, i can't reproduce it on my 4 ubuntu machines...12:16
rtg_mjg59: I committed yesterday, so it should be there. Ben?12:17
mjg59Because Ben's upload changelog doesn't mention it12:17

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