HieronymusMaybe I should just contact Canonical12:09
adamant1988Hrmmm hold on.12:10
adamant1988Link me to the site.12:10
=== zerbero_ [n=jga@p213.54.168.253.tisdip.tiscali.de] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
HieronymusIt's a long story, it's run by a 19 year old kid who's actively scamming people12:11
adamant1988Hieronymus: I've read about that.12:11
HieronymusI'm one of the 'internet sleuths' that's been investigating him on the gideontech.com forums12:12
adamant1988Uh huh12:12
HieronymusAll this Ubuntu stuff he's posted went up today, or at least the bulk of it, the content is directly copied and the images hotlinked12:13
adamant1988Well, I think the best course of action would be to post a well thought out article on the UbuntuForums warning people not to buy.12:13
adamant1988include links to the gideontech thread.   Also, you may want to alert Canonical, but I kind of doubt they'll do much.12:14
HieronymusI'd considered that but one has to be careful, he's shown a proficiency at threatening legal action12:14
adamant1988Hieronymus: the operative word there being "threatening" 12:16
adamant1988a threat is just that, a threat.12:16
HieronymusYes, I don't take it seriously, he's defrauding customers, it's not like he has much ground to stand on12:16
adamant1988I get the feeling that a cash-strapped, mentally unstable 19 year old isn't going to make good on that threat.12:17
tsmithescamming? defrauding? how?12:17
tsmithesite doesn't look tooo bad12:17
HieronymusHe's 'sold' at least a couple systems and then failed to deliver12:17
tsmithehow can he threaten legal action then?!12:18
HieronymusWe're also investigating several other potential frauds, one or more in excess of ten grand12:18
tsmithestupid ruddy capitalism again12:18
adamant1988tsmithe: That's part of the issue, his site is well designed... I kind of wish he were a legit vendor. 12:18
HieronymusHe's a piece of work, the thread on gideontech.com is soon to be internet history12:18
adamant1988Hieronymus: "My marketing efforts will dominate your face".12:18
HieronymusDig a little deeper and you'll start finding the problems, he's put a good face on it but there's a good bit of problem beneath12:19
=== vorian [n=steve@ubuntu/member/Vorian] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
HieronymusYes, "My marketing efforts will dominate your face" is soon to be the new "all your base..."12:19
adamant1988Hieronymus: I think it's worth the time to post a well laid out warning post on the Ubuntu forums12:19
=== vorian [n=steve@ubuntu/member/Vorian] has left #ubuntu-marketing [".:porc::inca::dito::love:."]
HieronymusAgreed, I've not registered for the forums yet but will do and get something posted12:20
adamant1988Although most Ubuntu users are also Digg users and will have already seen this, it's best not to assume anything when dealing with fraud. 12:20
HieronymusI got into it from the Digg originally, it's become more addictive than Lost at this point12:20
beunoHieronymus: why not try contacting canonical about it?12:25
HieronymusBeuno, that's what I'm hoping to do, still looking for a way to do so12:26
beunoHieronymus: webmaster@canonical.com12:26
HieronymusYes, that looks like the only point of contact right now12:27
beunoHieronymus: give it a try, if you don't get any response ping me again and we'll get it through somehow12:28
HieronymusOkay, will do, it's obviously late evening in the UK so probably no answer until tomorrow at the earliest12:29
MadpilotWow, there's something badly wrong with that ziosys website - everytime I hover over the dropdown menus, the whole site reformats itself... wtf?12:29
beunoHieronymus: don't be surprised if it takes a few days12:30
HieronymusTold you, it's a trainwreck12:30
=== BHSPitLappy [n=steve-o@adsl-70-239-47-60.dsl.rcsntx.sbcglobal.net] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
HieronymusNotice as well that he's not got his SSL configured correctly, he's taking orders over the phone instead12:30
beunoMadpilot: must be your resolution, I can hover fine12:31
Madpilotbeuno, might also be some screwy piece of code that Opera doesn't like12:31
beunoaaah, opera12:31
beunocould be12:31
HieronymusAh, that's right, it's not set for Opera12:31
HieronymusIt's a commercially available Joomla template that he's boosted without crediting the author12:32
HieronymusMuch like most of what he's put on the site12:32
MadpilotHieronymus, this keeps getting better and better... :|12:32
HieronymusOh, you want entertainment, head over to gideontech.com and read all about it in the thread12:32
HieronymusYou'll need at least four to six hours to read it all, we up to page 360 right now12:33
HieronymusThe kid is batsh*t insane12:33
HieronymusThe shame of it is that he's still at it, and likely defrauding more and more people as he goes along12:34
Madpilotlink us directly to the forum thread? gid is a big site, w/ big forums...12:34
HieronymusOkay, hold on a sec12:34
HieronymusYou'll want to read page 4, that alone will get you hooked12:35
Hieronymus"My marketing efforts will dominate your face"12:35
tsmitheoh god this thread is hilarious12:35
tsmithei've just got to My marketing efforts12:36
tsmithewe need this in the topic!12:36
adamant1988tsmithe: Yeah, it's pretty funny. 12:36
tsmithejenda, now!12:36
tsmithepah he's asleep12:36
tsmitheMadpilot, ?12:36
Madpilottsmithe, hmm?12:37
tsmithewe need "My marketing efforts will dominate your face" in the topic12:37
HieronymusIt's the new 'all your base are belong to us', you can even get it on t-shirts at cafe press12:37
HieronymusNow if only we can get Canonical to replace some of the images he's hotlinking from ubuntu.com with goatse and tubgirl, it will be just like the old days...12:38
HieronymusI need to find someone who's a longtime member of the Ubuntu forums to put up a post for me, warning about Zio Systems12:40
beunojenda is a good candidate for that12:40
HieronymusI worry that registering and having it as my first post is going to look a little fishy12:40
Madpilot"Loonier than a bag of Canadian dollars."... hehe12:40
HieronymusNot that I shouldn't register, I've been using Ubuntu for a year now12:41
HieronymusYou'll start to hate me for linking you to it be around page 20012:42
Madpilot"Of course Zio refuses to be constrained by the republofascist conspiracy of the Earth hour, and uses Venus hours instead. So, July 2008."... oh boy.12:43
HieronymusIt's internet history in the making I tell you12:44
adamant1988Hieronymus: Don't worry about it.  Just post the thread, you've done the research so you can make a detailed thread12:46
HieronymusOkay, I'll work something up tonight and try to get it posted, if not it will be tomorrow12:46
HieronymusAnd can someone tell me why this nutter insisted on using 'uBuntu' instead of 'Ubuntu'?12:47
HieronymusWas the 'B' capitalized at some point?12:48
HieronymusI didn't think so12:50
HieronymusI just asked Brad why he spelled it that way12:56
tsmitheyou can talk to him?12:57
HieronymusVia AIM12:59
HieronymusZioHelp on AIM12:59
HieronymusHe likes to pretend it's not him but it is12:59
MadpilotHieronymus, you are a bastard, I need to go run shopping errands but that GTF thread has sucked me in... ;)01:01
HieronymusHe won't come on the gideontech forum anymore, he gets hammered when he does01:01
HieronymusTold you you'd hate me01:01
HieronymusIt's more addictive than Lost01:01
=== mode/#ubuntu-marketing [+o Madpilot] by ChanServ
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-marketing:Madpilot] : Welcome to the Ubuntu Marketing Team's IRC channel | We're here to fix Bug #1 | Keep in mind that whatever your LoCo does, any other LoCo can benefit from your work or experience! | Please sign up to the mailing list, ubuntu-marketing at lists.ubuntu.com | Beuno is doing UWN | UWN #35 is out, UWN #36 is in progress to be released Sunday April 15th | "My marketing efforts will dominate your face" :P
=== mode/#ubuntu-marketing [-o Madpilot] by ChanServ
HieronymusI'm just waiting to talk to Gideon about posting a warning on the Ubuntu forums, could lead to a good deal of traffic and I want to make sure he's aware of it beforehand01:02
HieronymusThat said, he did weather the Digg well enough01:03
adamant1988Hieronymus: It wouldn't be anymore than Digg got him01:04
adamant1988UbuntuForums are a much smaller place than Digg01:04
HieronymusWell I'll still give him advance warning that's only fair01:05
tsmitheseriously, i'm addicted as well01:05
tsmitheand woot topic!01:05
=== tsmithe sleep
HieronymusAnd it will give him time to get his adsense in order01:05
tsmithechrist i'm tired01:05
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HieronymusOkay, email sent to webmaster@ ubuntu.com and canonical.com01:39
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Madpilotright, there's two hours wasted on the Zio-saga. Enough. Need food and a shopping trip.02:41
adamant1988Madpilot: LOL02:50
adamant1988I went through that thread when it was still -50 pages. 02:50
adamant1988I'm too scared to go back now02:50
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jendaWhat did I miss?08:25
jendaEveryone check the front page of the forums _NOW_08:25
pwnguinwhat should i be looking at?08:36
jendaponingru, pwnguin, look for the word "Weekly"08:38
poningruoh cool08:39
poningruis that dynamic?08:39
jendathe link to the wiki is temporary08:39
poningruor will it always be there?08:39
jendathere will be a subforum where each UWN will have it's own thread with comments underneath08:39
jendabut yes, that spot is permanent08:40
jenda(as permanent as can be, in the shifting sands of the internet :))08:40
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tsmitheCDs damnit10:38
tsmithei will kill the guy the invented "CD's"10:38
tsmithe*that invented10:38
=== Mike_F [n=mike@user-0c6s66t.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
jendatsmithe: *who10:54
jendaHey, Mike_F 10:54
jendaDidya get me mail?10:54
tsmithejenda, what?10:54
jendatsmithe: not 'the', not 'that', but 'who' :)10:56
jendaif you want it to be english, that is ;)10:56
=== jenda runs
=== jenda really does have to run, so does.
tsmithenuthin' wrong with "that"10:56
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Mike_Fjenda: yes, i want ten posters11:03
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jendaMike_F: coolio11:19
jendaMike_F: you should find all the source files on diy.devubuntu.com/repo/spreadubuntu11:20
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jendaMike_F: pong12:06
jendajuliux: ping12:06
juliuxjenda, pong12:06
jenda|       .    |12:06
jenda| .          |12:07
juliux|     .|12:07
Mike_Fjust woke up again, i thought it was later before12:07
jendajuliux: it seems most of the books were cancelled, because they miscalculated the shipping12:07
juliuxjenda, hehe and now?12:08
jenda...so it is quite probably that none will come at all12:08
jendaand if they do, I have no idea how many :-D12:08
jendaso we'll just have to see, and if they come, I'll go fetch them.12:09
=== juliux hopes they come;)
=== juliux wants to meet jenda
jendaWe'll find a way sooner or later - we're just some 50 away from each other ;)12:09
=== jenda has started measuring distances in
Mike_Fjenda: may i reproduce any of the things in that folder ?12:10
jendaMike_F: of course, you're very welcome to :)12:10
jendaall GPL, GFDL or CC12:10
jendaUse common sense when attributing - the artwork is the work of Hannes Pasqualini.12:11
Mike_Fokay: just want people to know about ubuntu12:11
jendaYep :)12:12
jendaThat's the entire purpose of the marketing team ;)12:12
jendaBTW, I have about 70 of the posters left12:12
Mike_FOkay, i sent you a mail message12:12
Mike_Fi need to get some money into my paypal account12:13
Mike_Fi think it's zeroed out12:13
Mike_Falso i like the poster the road image is like my OnA1A logo12:14
juliuxjenda, are you going to uds?12:14
jendajuliux: depends on the 12:14
jendaMike_F: Ubuntu Developer Summit12:14
Mike_Foh, wrong conversation 12:15
juliuxjenda, i will not go to uds, i didn't get a sponsorship12:15
tsmithei would have done :'912:15
Mike_Fit's still early here in Florida12:15
=== tsmithe is melancholy
jendajuliux: you were told it was refused?12:17
jendajuliux: or just didn't get it _yet_?12:17
juliuxjenda, richard weidmann talked with mark this week and mark said no :812:17
juliuxmark said he has to make a line and so no more sponsorships12:18
jendaI didn't get a chance to apply for it yet... do you have any tips where to start/ask?12:18
juliuxno idea12:18
juliuxi get it via the edubuntu way12:18
Mike_Fare any plans for anything like UDS on the east coast of the US12:20
Mike_FLike in Orlando Fla ?12:20
jendaMike_F: the next one is in Boston12:20
Mike_Fwhen 2008?12:20
jendashould be late 200712:20
jendathere are two a year12:20
Mike_Fthe weather is horriable there in the winter12:20
juliuxMike_F, 28th ocotober starts uds in boston12:21
Mike_Ffalls noy bad, i hate the red sox12:22
juliuxcu later12:23
Mike_Fjenda: i can setup a mirror folder it thats okay12:26
jendaMike_F: you're free to do so12:27
jendaNot sure if it's needed... but you can, if you want to12:27
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charl_iei don't know if anyone remembers the ideas pitched in the mailing list on march 20th about a sort of "Ubuntu Upgrade Adviser", but i wondered if anyone was interested in taking it further 03:32
jendatsmithe++ @ LiveCDs ;)03:38
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MenZajenda: :D03:56
jendahmm? :)03:56
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poningrucan someone write on the w.u.c/FeistyFawn/RC about OEM and get all the screenshots?04:51
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tsmithejenda, you around?07:47
tsmithei need someone who knows about the old "Spread Ubuntu"...07:48
tsmithewell; anyway: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-uk/2007-April/004063.html07:49
tsmithedo people know about this?07:49
tonyyarussotsmithe: First I've heard of the uk one07:51
tsmithewell, it's a bit odd...07:51
tsmithei kinda think it wants collaboration with this team07:51
adamant1988tsmithe: I was around while they were working on it08:01
tsmitheon what?08:01
tsmithespreadubuntu.co.uk ?08:01
adamant1988just spreadUbuntu in general08:02
tsmitheyes... but that's not what that is08:03
tsmitheor is it?08:03
tsmithethat's what i wanna know08:03
tsmitheas i said,  it wants collaboration with the original purveyors of the idea08:04
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tsmithehiya somerville32 - you out of hospital yet?08:56
somerville32I'm getting discharged tomorrow though.08:58
tonyyarussowhat happened?08:58
somerville32I got admitted to the hospital Febuary 8th08:59
tonyyarusso(If you care to share)09:00
=== tonyyarusso is clearly out of the loop
tsmithefeb 8th ... that's my birthday.  how sad... :'(09:00
juliuxsomerville32, all the best from me09:00
somerville32Thanks! :)09:00
somerville32I'm getting out tomorrow09:01
=== somerville32 is excited.
tonyyarussoI feel bad about not doing anything on UWN lately - but the 'rents got me into a 45-hour per week job :(09:03
tonyyarussoOn the plus side though, I get a 50% discount on a new bicycle, so I'm gonna buy a really expensive one and make the most of it09:05
tonyyarusso(Well, really I'm just going to spend the same amount of money I was thinking about before I got the job, and just get twice the bike)09:07
MitchMwhat type of bike tonyyarusso ?09:07
tonyyarussoMitchM: Specialized Roubaix - http://www.specialized.com/, Select a country (USA actually gives prices) > Road bikes > Roubaix to see 'em09:08
tonyyarussoOr at least that seems best so far09:08
=== tonyyarusso is still thinking
MitchMWhy not one of these? http://powersports.honda.com/motorcycles/sport/model.asp?ModelName=CBR600F4i&ModelYear=2006&ModelId=CBR600F4609:11
tonyyarussoMitchM: Uh, b/c it has a motor, and is therefore not the idea here09:13
MitchMah. but of course...09:13
MitchMlooks like a nice set of bikes though tonyyarusso -- I've been looking around myself09:13
MitchMthanks for the link :)09:14
tonyyarussonp :)09:14
tonyyarussoIf you live in the Twin Cities, Minnesota or Madison, WI, eriksbikeshop.com for a dealer09:14
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tonyyarussonixternal: Say, do you have any of those polos in a medium?10:42
jendatsmithe: I am not, no.11:08
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