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k001hi. all12:20
k001i try explain my problem, sorry but my english is very bad12:21
k001i'm create my first packages .deb for Ubuntu12:21
k001i use $dh_make -e my-email -f ../path/to/file12:22
k001modify my control, changelog, copyright and rules12:23
k001after do $debuild -S12:23
k001and the shell tell me this  dpkg-source -b image2html-1.212:24
k001dpkg-source: error: archivo de control debe tener al menos una parte binario del paquete12:24
k001debuild: fatal error at line 1224:12:24
k001dpkg-source -b image2html-1.2 failed12:24
FujitsuCan you please translate that error message?12:25
k001this is a translate of google --->  control file must have at least one binary part of the package 12:26
bddebiandebian/control is missing a binary package section?12:28
k001what seccion?12:29
bddebianPackage: <foo>12:29
k001what section?12:29
bddebianOr you aren't building one in debian/rules12:30
k001this is my control http://pastebin.ca/43533612:30
bddebianYeah, that's the source package.  You need Package: image2html section12:30
ajmitchput in a blank line before Package: image2html12:31
k001de image2html section is in line 712:32
bddebianOh shit, I missed that entirely12:32
bddebianHmm, I thought we had image2html? But I don't see it12:32
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k0017.  Package: image2html12:33
k001ok is done 12:36
k001but i have other error12:36
k001the key gpg not found12:36
bddebianDo you have a gpg key?12:37
bddebianMake sure your changelog entry matches12:37
k001let me a second12:37
k001this is my changelog image2html (1.2-1) unstable; urgency=low12:38
k001  * Initial release12:38
k001 -- Ivan Alfredo Zenteno Aguilar <k001.operator@gmail.com>  Wed, 11 Apr 2007 16:55:08 -050012:38
bddebianIs k001.operator@gmail.com valid for your gpg key?12:38
k001check in keyserv12:38
FujitsuDoes your key have a comment set?12:38
k001this is y key12:39
FujitsuThat's the problem.12:39
FujitsuThe comment has to match exactly too.12:39
k001the log say 'gpg: [stdin] : clearsign failed: key secret not avalible 12:40
k001debsign: gpg error occurred!  Aborting....12:40
k001debuild: fatal error at line 1151:12:40
k001running debsign failed12:40
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FujitsuThe line in the changelog needs to match one of the IDs on the key, including the comment.12:42
k001how to do?12:42
k001sorry 12:42
k001is my first packages12:42
Fujitsu`Ivan A. Zenteno Aguilar (Mi gmail) <k001.operator@gmail.com>' is what you should be using in the changelog.12:44
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bddebianLater folks12:47
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k001no, i only got  one error12:57
k001the private key not found12:58
k001let me a second for to paste the debian/control debian/changelog  12:58
k001debian/control http://pastebin.ca/43541812:59
k001sorry is changelog01:00
k001this is the control :d http://pastebin.ca/43542501:00
k001this is the log http://pastebin.ca/43544201:03
xtknightbug 10570601:05
ubotuMalone bug 105706 in Ubuntu "`GCC_4.2.0' not found (required by /usr/lib/libstdc+) libgcc_s.so.1: version `GCC_4.2.0' not found (required by /usr/lib/libstdc++.so.6)" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/10570601:05
xtknighthmm darwinia isnt in repos01:06
TheMusobug bug 10002101:06
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TheMusohmm ok. Ubotu suddenly died.01:06
xtknightbug 10002101:06
ubotuMalone bug 100021 in network-manager "[Feisty]  LTSP fails on multi-homed server due to network manager touching predefined static interfaces" [Undecided,Fix released]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/10002101:06
TheMusogah I typed it wrong. :)01:07
k001ok mrs. bye bye readyou tomorrow bye01:07
xtknightbug 10568301:16
ubotuMalone bug 105683 in Ubuntu "Certain  eybord  eys do not wor ." [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/10568301:16
xtknighthe was able to type K in the body but not the summary..01:17
xtknightbug 10566401:20
ubotuMalone bug 105664 in Ubuntu "ctrl+alt+backspace logs out, even when the logout shortcut is disabled via prefences->keyboard shortcuts" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/10566401:20
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xtknightok this one is a bit silly01:21
xtknightwhat should be done with this?  close the bug since the behavior is by design?01:22
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bimberixtknight: I've rejected it - with instructions on how to disable c-a-b.01:36
xtknightbimberi, and what about bug 105706 where he uses a third party game?01:39
ubotuMalone bug 105706 in Ubuntu "`GCC_4.2.0' not found (required by /usr/lib/libstdc+) libgcc_s.so.1: version `GCC_4.2.0' not found (required by /usr/lib/libstdc++.so.6)" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/10570601:39
Fujitsuxtknight: That should be rejected, as the game ships a strange libgcc_s.so.101:42
xtknightFujitsu, doh, how do you close a bug?01:44
bimberiyes it's not an _Ubuntu_ bug01:44
bimberixtknight: click on "Ubuntu" under "Affects"01:44
Fujitsuxtknight: Click on the package name under Affects, and set it to Rejected.01:44
xtknightbimberi, Fujitsu: "confirmed" means that it is definitely reproducible, nothing more, nothing less, is that correct? 01:47
Fujitsuxtknight: Generally, but not always.01:48
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Joe_CoThow much can i trust dpkg-depcheck as far as figuring out dependencies?02:01
jmgit could introduce superfluous dependencies02:02
jmgor miss dependencies required by some options02:03
jmgthe man page itself says it provides a good first approximation02:03
Joe_CoTok. how do i check what it's dependent on. For build dependencies, pbuilder makes it easy. do i need to debootstrap and run it in a chroot? is there anything that automates it like pbuilder does?02:05
Joe_CoTfor build-deps, all i had to do is set them in the control file, pbuilder went off and ran, and if i was missing something, it errored out. I'm hoping there's a similarly easy way to do it for dependencies02:10
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rmjbHey guys02:47
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kgoetzdoko: ping?02:49
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kgoetzbrb - 30 min03:00
xtknighti think i fixed the networkmanager thing03:04
xtknighti'm not 100% sure it's not a messy hack, but it seems to fix the problem.  should i upload the hack and have someone else review it?03:05
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ScottKxtknight: Network manager is a Main package, not Universe, IIRC.03:09
ScottKI'd attach a patch to the bug and then mention it in #ubuntu-devel.03:10
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xtknightScottK, okay03:12
ScottKDunno for sure how they'll react, but you'll be more famous/infamous.03:13
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ajmitchScottK: oh is that how you become famous?03:30
ScottKMaybe.  Either you show up with a good fix at crunch time or you distract people at crunch time with idiocy.  Either way you are famous in that circle anyway.03:30
xtknighthmm main is frozen right?03:31
=== ajmitch wants to be famous
ajmitchxtknight: quite03:31
ScottKIt's also the middle of the night in Europe were a large fraction of the core-devs live.03:32
=== ajmitch isn't exactly sure what xtknight is fixing
ScottKMy bit of news is that I got my first package into Debian today!03:33
xtknightbug 10523403:33
ubotuMalone bug 105234 in network-manager "Netowrk manager says disconnected but is connected and working" [Undecided,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/10523403:33
xtknightposted it at the last comment.  03:33
ajmitchright, so you need to wait for someone who has a knowledge of NM code to look at it :)03:35
ajmitchit's not like anyone can just look at it & see that it'll work03:35
xtknighti assume people who know about NM would lurk in -devel?  still quite new to this03:36
ajmitchand the relevant people are in europe, as ScottK said03:37
ajmitchScottK: good work on getting stuff into debian - what was it?03:37
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ScottKA Python package I did here on REVU first, pyyaml.03:38
ScottKThe Debian version is a little more mature, so I'll synch over what I did here for Feisty+1.  I could have never done it in Debian though if I hadn't learned a huge amount here first.03:39
ScottKIt helps that the Debian Python Modules Team is very open to new people.03:39
ajmitchnot like that nasty python team here03:40
ScottKThere was a hazing and everything here before I was one of the gang...03:40
jmgpython is more important to ubuntu than it is to debian03:40
welshbytewhat a coincidence, my first debian package is sitting in the debian NEW queue since yesterday03:40
jmgScottK: baptism by fire03:40
ScottKwelshbyte: Which package?03:41
ScottKwelshbyte: Cool.  Did you consider maintaining it through the Python Modules Team?03:42
welshbyteum, not really, didn't think that applied to desktop apps03:43
ScottKI'm not sure.03:44
welshbytei'm also the upstream for it anyway so it shouldn't be difficult for me to maintain it ;)03:44
ScottKI think they are called Python Modules because Python packages was taken.03:44
ScottKI was more thinking of ease of getting uploads if you are not a DD.03:44
ScottKIt took me about 2 minutes to get a sponsor today.03:45
=== ajmitch has some python stuff in debian as well
ajmitchbut I'm not in their team03:45
welshbyteoh i see, well i found a sponsor within a few hours and he said i just need to email him to get future uploads in so that's not a problem03:45
ScottKOnly a small fraction of the Python stuff in Debian is maintained by that team.  I think it's fairly new.03:45
ScottKOK.  Then I guess don't sweat it.03:46
=== ajmitch used to have a sponsor
ajmitchactually I ended up with 2 or 3 regular sponsors03:46
ScottKWith the Python Modules team you maintain your debian dirs in their SVN so anyone who needs to can easily fix stuff, upload to mentors, and then ask for a sponsor on the team IRC channel.03:47
welshbyteyay for team maintainership :)03:48
ScottKIt seems to work well enough here.03:48
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FujitsuYou do have the occasional package which nobody knows anything about, unfortunately.03:50
ScottKYes, but in Debian you have packages that the maintainer no longer touches, but won't orphan.03:50
ScottKNo way is perfect.03:50
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kgoetzdoko: i'll trying pinging again in about 6 hours, i wont be able to get online again before that. hope to catch you then04:55
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superm1any MOTUs here that could sponsor a very small debdiff?04:58
=== Hobbsee may be
superm1bug 9343504:59
ubotuMalone bug 93435 in mythplugins "mythvideo can't pull data from imdb" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/9343504:59
ajmitchhello Hobbsee 05:02
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Hobbseehi ajmitch!05:08
Hobbseesuperm1: doen05:15
ScottKI've written up a how-to for getting Python packages upstream into Debian through the Debian Python Modules Team.  I'd appreciate review/comments from those of you who know more about packaging than me (i.e. virtually everyone here) - particularly from Toadstool or doko since they are on that team too: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ContributingToDebian/PythonModulesTeam05:21
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pwuertzhi, I found a bug in python-scipy. I already reported it to the project and I think we found the solution... but is anyone here who could update the ubuntu package?05:28
ToadstoolScottK: wow! looks really good, awesome05:28
ScottKpwuertz: Yes if you are quick05:29
ToadstoolScottK: you may want to add a few lines about svn-buildpackage/svn-inject05:29
pwuertzScottK: ok... give me a second05:29
ScottKToadstool: I'd have to figure it out myself first.  Feel free.05:29
superm1thanks Hobbsee  :)05:29
welshbyteScottK: s/Debain/Debian/ in the title :)05:29
ToadstoolScottK: it's been a long time since I didn't use this but I'll do it tomorrow, too tired to think tonight :(05:30
ScottKwelshbyte: Fixed.05:30
ScottKToadstool: Thanks.  No rush.05:30
pwuertzScottK: this is the bug report.... in the last post there is the diff, removing a double free causing the trouble05:31
=== Fujitsu has dealt with scipy a bit before.
=== Fujitsu looks.
pwuertzits the python wrapper around minpack05:33
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ScottKFujitsu: It's out of my league to figure that one out quickly.  What do you think?05:40
pwuertzhm? just apply the patch, build, and see if my example still segfaults?05:41
FujitsuScottK: It looks OK, I think.05:41
FujitsuI don't see where the first free is, but if it fixes the crash...05:41
pwuertzthr first free is above the if condition05:41
ScottKpwuertz: I don't see we have a bug with that issue in launchpad.  Perhaps you could file one.05:42
=== Fujitsu downloads the source, applies the patch, etc.
FujitsuYeah, filing a bug is a good idea, just to keep track of it.05:42
pwuertzshall I ?05:42
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ScottKFujitsu: If you are up for more at the same time, Bug #66904 claims to have a simple fix.05:43
ubotuMalone bug 66904 in python-scipy "cannot use plmesh from scipy.xplt in AMD64" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/6690405:43
FujitsuI'm currently trying to work out why my Internet connection just slowed down enormously, but I'll take a look in a minute.05:44
welshbyteScottK: "In Ubuntu, small changes are often allowed to the source files direct" - is that true?05:44
ScottKIn MOTU it is.05:44
Fujitsuwelshbyte: In cases where there is no existing patch system, yes.05:44
welshbyteoh, ok, i thought we'd just add a patch system in debian/rules and keep the code clean05:45
Fujitsuwelshbyte: Our top priority is generally minimising delta from Debian.05:46
FujitsuIf it's using CDBS, a patch system is generally added.05:46
jmgFujitsu: stop all those porn torrents already05:46
FujitsuBut if you're using debhelper, the changes needed for a patch system are large.05:46
Fujitsu@lart jmg05:46
jmgi see your @lart and raise you05:47
jmg!lart Fujitsu 05:47
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about lart fujitsu - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi05:47
FujitsuIt's @lart, and only works in -offtopic.05:47
ScottKThe bot is broken just now I think.05:47
FujitsuPlus it's broken, yes05:48
ScottKToadstool: I also sent the link for that wiki page to stratus to look at (he asked me to write it).05:49
MetaBookfoziSdid they know about some md5sums broken?05:52
MetaBookfoziSSikertelen letlts: http://de.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/feisty/universe/binary-i386/Packages.bz2  Az MD5Sum nem megfelel05:52
MetaBookfoziSSikertelen letlts: http://de.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/feisty/universe/source/Sources.bz2  Az MD5Sum nem megfelel05:52
ubotuMalone bug 105757 in python-scipy "segfault in python minpack binding" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  05:53
FujitsuThey're not broken.05:53
FujitsuMore likely your mirror is stuffed.05:53
FujitsuThanks pwuertz.05:53
MetaBookfoziSit's possible, sorry:)05:53
FujitsuLooks like the fix is good, I'll probably upload it in a minute.05:53
pwuertzI thank you05:53
FujitsuThank you for reporting it.05:53
FujitsuMetaBookfoziS: Probably hasn't finished syncing with the main mirror yet.05:55
MetaBookfoziSoh, okay05:55
=== Fujitsu waits for scipy to build.
=== luxsteele [n=luxsteel@66-189-220-18.dhcp.knwk.wa.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
ScottKFujitsu: I confirmed Bug #105757.  Should I assign it to you/just leave it be?05:56
ubotuMalone bug 105757 in python-scipy "segfault in python minpack binding" [Medium,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/10575705:56
FujitsuScottK: I just did the assigning and stuff, but it hasn't finished submitting yet...05:56
ToadstoolScottK: oh, good to have a DD review it as well05:59
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=== xtknight [n=xtknight@c-68-43-122-102.hsd1.mi.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
ScottKWell good night everyone.  I think I've had about as much fun as I can stand for the day.06:19
Toadstoolg'night ScottK 06:19
gpocentekgood morning!06:20
Toadstoolhey gpocentek!06:20
gpocentekhello Toadstool :)06:20
=== delmorep [n=chris@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
delmorepso whats keeping Aptana out of the repos?06:49
Hobbseedelmorep: someone's time and motivation to put it in, most likely06:49
delmorepits a most impressive app... puts bluefish et al to shame ;)06:50
Hobbseefeel free to package it up, put it on REVU, then keep fixing it until it reaches the high quality of ubuntu/debian packages06:50
delmorepone day06:52
Joe_CoThobbsee: thanks! never heard of REVU before. Just found the wiki page06:53
DarkMageZSeveas, you around?06:54
=== Ademan [n=dan@h-69-3-238-154.snfccasy.dynamic.covad.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
tonyyarussoAnyone familiar with flash in firefox, please look at bug 10561406:55
ubotuMalone bug 105614 in firefox "[feisty]  Flash site only partially loads" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/10561406:55
Jucatohm.. worksforme... :/06:58
=== welshbyte [n=welshbyt@ubuntu/member/welshbyte] has joined #ubuntu-motu
tonyyarussoJucato: ya, I haven't found anyone else with the issue yet06:59
tonyyarussoI've had some say it may be due to my video drivers (ati free)06:59
Jucatohm... is that possible? O.o07:01
FujitsuJucato: Flash does some strange things.07:02
Jucatooh yeah... I forgot :)07:02
tonyyarussoFor the record, the problem is actually larger than Firefox.07:04
tonyyarussoI have now confirmed it in Firefox, Galeon, Epiphany, and Opera.07:04
ajmitchyay, proprietary code that we can't do anything about07:04
ajmitchit probably merits an instant rejection07:05
=== welshbyte [n=welshbyt@ubuntu/member/welshbyte] has joined #ubuntu-motu
ajmitchI'd *guess* it could be related to a libx11-6 update07:05
Jucatoexcept that it kinda works here for me, konqueror and firefox...07:05
ajmitchbut without the source we can't really tell :)07:05
tonyyarussoSay, as a workaround, can I disable the flash plugin in FF without removing the package?07:06
Joe_CoTyou could install flashgot, which won't load the flash file unless you click on it07:07
=== ajmitch shrugs
Flanneltonyyarusso: I'm sure there's something you can do in about:something that'll disable flash.  Might ask irc.mozilla.com#firefox07:08
ScottKtonyyarusso: You could install gnash. It still wouldn't work, but we wouldn't reject the bug for proprietary software.07:08
ScottKToadstool: Thanks for the svn-inject stuff.07:09
bimberitonyyarusso: Or you could buy a bike from Giant instead :P07:09
tonyyarussobimberi: I don't get a 50% discount on Giant.07:09
ScottKtonyyarusso: What version of Flash do you have?07:10
bimberimaybe they don't _need_ to discount :)07:10
tonyyarussoScottK: Current feisty flashplugin-nonfree07:10
ScottKThe site you were after earlier worked on my Dapper box with Flash 7 and FF 1.5. 07:11
tonyyarussoActually, it happens with the Gnash plugin too07:11
tonyyarussoScottK: It worked on Feisty on my box until about Sunday/Monday.  An update broke it.07:11
tonyyarussoIt was Flash 9 though07:11
bimberiI wonder if it would happen for a windows browser in wine/VM07:12
jmgah that site07:14
jmgworks on dapper07:14
RAOFWorks on my feisty, which is entirely without flash :)07:14
tonyyarussoWorks on Feisty for everyone but me07:14
tonyyarussoOh reallY?07:14
=== tonyyarusso was perhaps mistaken about the source then...
tonyyarussoRAOF: screenshot?07:14
=== ScottK is really going to be this time. Good night again.
=== RAOF has no net access on his Ubuntu laptop right now.
FujitsuNight ScottK.07:15
RAOFSorry, no screenshot for now :)07:15
tonyyarussonow I'm confused07:15
Joe_CoTabout the REVU repo: the rules say it needs to be able to go into the universe repository. I'm packaging a game engine and a game data package; the engine can go into universe, the data can go into multiverse. is it eligible for REVU?07:16
DarkMageZJoe_CoT, which game, just out of curiousity07:17
Joe_CoTDarkMageZ: World of Padman. I have both packages working, I'm just probably missing out on some of the needed policy elements07:18
FujitsuJoe_CoT: That's fine.07:21
Joe_CoTok, cool. I'll polish them up and upload them sometime over the weekend. thanks!07:21
DarkMageZJoe_CoT, once you've loaded that to revu, could you send me links? i'd like to see how that game plays.07:21
Joe_CoTDarkMageZ: sure07:22
Joe_CoT"Your GPG key needs to have an Elgamal secondary key in order to allow encrypting data as well as signing it." How do I tell if I have that?07:30
=== pwuertz [n=pwuertz@dslb-084-058-041-224.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
DarkMageZJoe_CoT, have you uploaded your key to a keyserver? what is the number of it?07:35
=== delmorep [n=chris@] has left #ubuntu-motu []
DarkMageZJoe_CoT, you should be getting an encrypted email soon.07:44
DarkMageZJoe_CoT, if you have configured your mail client correctly. you'll beable to decrypt it07:45
DarkMageZwhich also means the encryption works with your key07:45
=== ivoks [n=ivoks@2-169.dsl.iskon.hr] has joined #ubuntu-motu
Joe_CoTyep, it works well07:48
Joe_CoTthanks for encouraging me to install FireGPG. I had forgotten about it07:48
Joe_CoTokay, so that means the key is fine for revu. awesome07:48
DarkMageZJoe_CoT, if you want to play around with gpg signing emails. feel free to send stuff to my address.07:49
Joe_CoTi've signed mails before. I sign my mail when I announce stuff to the LoCo Team. I just didn't know if my key was right for REVU, since they specified "ElGamal" (which i know how to implement, but not how to look for in gpg :) )07:50
FujitsuAs long as you didn't explicitly create it as DSA-only, it's fine.07:51
Joe_CoTok, cool07:52
Joe_CoTso now i just need to get approved and get the keyring refreshed.07:52
=== mayday_jay [n=mayday_j@maydayjay.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
imbrandonello all07:56
=== vil [n=lada@ubuntu/member/vil] has joined #ubuntu-motu
RAOFEy imbrandon 07:57
=== Zic [n=Zic@Final-Fantasy.FF-IRC.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
ajmitchhi imbrandon 07:57
imbrandonheya RAOF and ajmitch 07:58
=== Hobbsee [n=Hobbsee@ubuntu/member/hobbsee] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== ajmitch pokes Hobbsee
=== Fujitsu wakes up.
=== Hobbsee pokes ajmitch
=== Hobbsee DOOMs Fujitsu
=== Fujitsu pokes Joe_CoT to poke ajmitch.
ajmitchtoo late08:18
Jucato@lart 37 Hobbsee08:18
Jucatooops :)08:18
=== Hobbsee shrugs
=== Hobbsee shows Jucato a picture of mneptok
FujitsuHobbsee: Can you convince Sev^eas to allow larting in here?08:18
HobbseeFujitsu: maybe whiel in spain.08:19
Jucatomy eyes!08:19
Fujitsu#37 is truly the worst.08:19
HobbseeFujitsu: no...having to visit my myspace page (to show that all myspace is evil) is worse08:19
Hobbseeor maybe that background, with a picture of mneptok...08:20
FujitsuIs that the evil rainbow flashy seizure-inducing one?08:20
Hobbseeooh, the evil possibilities...08:20
ajmitchHobbsee: mneptok isn't so bad :)08:20
Hobbseeit's a *lovely* background!08:20
=== AnAnt [n=anant@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
ajmitchFujitsu: I think I was twitching for a day or two after seeing that 08:20
=== pwuertz [n=pwuertz@ares.inter2.wohnheim.uni-mainz.de] has joined #ubuntu-motu
FujitsuHobbsee: I forget the URL of your MySpace page... I want to be out of it for the next couple of days.08:21
TheMusoFujitsu: lol08:21
AnAntScottK: ping08:21
=== ajmitch found it
HobbseeFujitsu: http://myspace.com/creamier_oak08:21
=== TheMuso pokes his head in.
FujitsuThat's the one.08:21
ajmitchHobbsee: I've seen worse backgrounds08:21
FujitsuHey TheMuso.08:21
Hobbseehi TheMuso 08:21
TheMusoAnAnt: Probably asleep.08:21
=== Fujitsu fixes some bugs.
=== TheMuso returns to packing.
Fujitsu@lart ServerPronto08:25
FujitsuTheMuso: When are you leaving?08:25
TheMusoFujitsu: Moving Tuesday.08:26
TheMusoSo will be offline from Monday probably.08:26
FujitsuAnd then for a few weeks afterwards, I presume.08:26
TheMusoHopefullynot. We only want to be offline for three/four days at most if possible.08:26
TheMusoSo lucky for me, I'll be off the for week of the Feisty release.08:27
FujitsuA guy at work was without 'net access for 3.5 weeks due to a series of Telstra stuff-ups with connecting new lines.08:29
FujitsuSo don't count on it happening quickly.08:29
ajmitchFujitsu: why does that sound so familiar?08:29
ajmitchlike new subdivisions being built here that *can't* run DSL to homes08:29
FujitsuPlanning for the future, I see.08:30
ajmitchof course08:30
TheMusoFujitsu: One plus is that we will be less than a K from the exchange.08:30
ajmitchof course there was some uproar about it & suddenly telecom found that they could provision DSL to a certain person who complained08:31
FujitsuTheMuso: Sounds nice and fast.08:31
=== RAOF lives opposite his exchange
TheMusoFujitsu: If DSL2+ was available, yep.08:31
RAOFWhere are you going, that DSL2+ isn't available?08:31
TheMusoRAOF: Wentworth Falls on the mountains.08:31
=== ajmitch could probably write out each packet in binary & deliver them on paper by hand faster than DSL is here at times
TheMusoI hope to only be up there for a year at most.08:32
ajmitchTheMuso: why are you moving?08:32
RAOFWhy?  Wentworth Falls is nice :)08:32
TheMusoRAOF: Yeah, but I personally prefer Sydney.08:33
TheMusoajmitch: Moving because we currently rent, and parents have found place in the mountains.08:33
TheMusoWhich is where they have wanted to live for ages.08:33
TheMusoBut we eventaully are going to get a unit in Sydney.08:33
TheMusoWHich is where I will live.08:33
ajmitchah right08:33
TheMusoAm I reading incorrectly in -devel, or is nm being pulled?08:34
FujitsuTheMuso: Incorrect.08:35
TheMusooh ok08:35
FujitsuIt's being hidden if it isn't managing anything, I believe.08:35
TheMusoJust one comment from Mithrandir made me wonder.08:35
AnAntregarding this bug #10554808:35
ubotuMalone bug 105548 in acon "Some key combinations don't work under Feisty" [Medium,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/10554808:35
AnAntregarding this bug #105548, is there a problem that it is solved using a work around ?08:36
AnAntanyone has suggestions for better solution ?08:36
ajmitchgutsy gibbon? what sort of name is *that*?08:37
Fujitsuajmitch: WHAT!?08:37
TheMusoajmitch: ??08:37
FujitsuThat's just... bad.08:38
FujitsuI should have got that, but one of the mail servers that goes through decided to die at 12:30.08:38
RAOFajmitch: Its a monkey name.  Surely you know that all good things start with a monkey?08:39
=== viviersf [n=cain@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== Hobbsee WTF???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????//
ajmitchRAOF: it's a sign that everything's being rewritten in mono08:39
FujitsuHobbsee: Er, yeah.08:39
=== jussi01 [n=jussi@dyn3-82-128-186-246.psoas.suomi.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== Fujitsu forks Ubuntu, with a less deranged named for the 7th release.
TheMusoFujitsu: heh08:40
HobbseeFujitsu: hah08:40
FujitsuWhat kind of adjective is Gutsy!?08:42
joejaxxhaha @ Hobbsee 's second to last line08:42
=== AnAnt [n=anant@] has left #ubuntu-motu []
joejaxxwhat about the Gazelle :(08:42
Hobbseehah.  monkey business at UDS...that'd be right08:43
joejaxxHobbsee: i hope people do not make fun08:44
welshbyteFujitsu: i was hoping it would be Gallant08:44
joejaxxwelshbyte: me too 08:44
=== welshbyte sighs
joejaxxGallant Gazelle for me lol08:44
welshbyteoh well, i'll love it just the same :)08:44
=== Hobbsee wishes for gazelle, too. oh well
=== Fujitsu thinks we should just use the number.
joejaxxwell atleast it was not gutsy gibblets08:45
HobbseeThe Glossy Gnu will nonetheless play a role in this next release,08:45
Jucatogutsy gorilla?08:45
Hobbseebecause Ubuntu 7.10 will feature a new flavour - as yet unnamed - which08:45
Hobbseetakes an ultra-orthodox view of licensing: no firmware, drivers,08:45
Hobbseeimagery, sounds, applications, or other content which do not include08:45
Hobbseefull source materials and come with full rights of modification,08:45
TheMusooooo sweet08:45
Hobbseeremixing and redistribution. There should be no more conservative home,08:45
Hobbseefor those who demand a super-strict interpretation of the "free" in free08:46
lifelessgaseous gorilla08:46
Hobbseesoftware. This work will be done in collaboration with the folks behind08:46
TheMusoupload for general stuff on feisty's release. Nice.08:46
Jucatohm... lots of pasting :)08:46
Hobbseethis'll be interesting08:46
JucatoGnubuntu? :D08:46
FujitsuTheMuso: That's why the toolchain is almost prepared.08:46
TheMusoFujitsu: ah.08:46
Hobbseeoh, that presumably means they're putting gnewsense into ubuntu08:46
joejaxxJucato: gNewSense08:46
TheMusoAs for non-free firmware etc not being present, I'd doubt this will be possible.08:46
Jucatojoejaxx: yeah, I was just playing around :)08:47
joejaxxTheMuso: gNewSense :)08:47
FujitsuTheMuso: Gnewsense does it... It's not hard.08:47
TheMusoFujitsu: But what is missed out?08:47
TheMusoI don't mean technically, I mean for users.08:47
FujitsuIt'll be wireless stuff, mostly.08:47
TheMusoipw2{1,2} have non-free firmware, yet they are as common as anything.08:47
Jucatodrivers mos probably?08:47
Hobbseeimbrandon: heh, yes08:47
imbrandonnasty 08:47
Fujitsuimbrandon: Yeah... sabdfl's word is law, though.08:48
Hobbseeso, anyone wanting to work on debian, opensuse, or another distro now?08:48
FujitsuTheMuso: Debian does it.08:48
Jucatoimbrandon: we're still on G, not on N? :P08:48
TheMusoFujitsu: DOes what? 08:48
imbrandonFujitsu, yea i was just explainign that to the co-worjker here08:48
TheMusoHow will my ipw2100 just work?08:48
=== Jucato goes for Hobbuntu
FujitsuTheMuso: Excludes ipw2[12] 00 firmware.08:48
imbrandonactualy we should have skiped g08:48
FujitsuTheMuso: It's the free variant, it's not meant to.08:48
Fujitsuimbrandon: For Grump?08:48
Jucatoimbrandon: I thought so too08:48
HobbseeJucato: heh08:48
joejaxximbrandon: Gazekke :D08:48
imbrandonFujitsu, yea08:49
ajmitchHobbsee: I'll work on debian08:49
TheMusoFujitsu: Ah you mean there is a free firmware version? Ok thats different.08:49
TheMusoSO what happens to LRM?08:49
TheMusoGoes puff and disappears?08:49
joejaxxGrumpy Groundhog is already taken :(08:49
TheMusoWHat about madwifi?08:49
ajmitchTheMuso: no, the mail seemed to say that the really-free version is a variant08:49
TheMusoI'm trying to think from a user's point of view.08:49
ajmitchnot that it'll *all* disappear08:49
HobbseeTheMuso: i'm presuming that the free-only one is just a variant08:49
Fujitsu`Ubuntu 7.10 will feature a new flavour...'08:49
imbrandonTheMuso, it appeasrs it will be a deritive not the main08:49
=== ajmitch will be back in 2 hours or so
FujitsuBye ajmitch.08:50
FujitsuI hope you recover from the name in that time.08:50
imbrandonlater ajmitch 08:50
imbrandonit will take 6+ months to recover from this name08:50
imbrandoni thought feisty was bad08:50
TheMusoFeisty is alright.08:51
Fujitsuimbrandon: We have to live with it for 24 months... :(08:51
TheMusoProbably because we are used to it.08:51
imbrandonFujitsu, yea08:51
FujitsuI thought Feisty was rather odd to start with, but it's sort of grown on me.08:51
Lathiathrm, gutsy hey08:53
Hobbsee[16:54]  <Toma-> gibbons fling poo at each other08:55
Hobbseeoh *dear*08:55
joejaxxunattended-installation infrastructure in Ubiquity  </quote>09:00
=== dholbach [n=daniel@i59F72060.versanet.de] has joined #ubuntu-motu
joejaxxwould this not be easier with the debian-install cd?09:00
joejaxxwhere you just preseed everything09:00
dholbachgood morning09:00
joejaxxGood morning dholbach :)09:00
TheMusojoejaxx: Perhaps people don't have that CD, particularly in terms of ship it.09:00
TheMusoI'm guessing ubiquity will just support the same preceeding system.09:01
joejaxxoh ok09:01
TheMusoNo need to re-invent the wheel.09:01
joejaxxi was justing wondering about it09:01
TheMusoSo was I, but it makes sense.09:01
dholbachhey joejaxx09:01
joejaxxbecause you could have the d-i installation half way started before the livecd boots up to full desktop09:01
joejaxxTheMuso: yeah09:02
joejaxxdholbach: it is 7 over there?09:02
dholbachjoejaxx: nope, 9:0209:02
TheMusojoejaxx: No I don't think so.09:02
joejaxxdholbach: oh09:02
=== joejaxx was thinking about the wrong country then
welshbytehaving googled a bit i've decided gibbon's are actually kind of cute09:05
Hobbseewelshbyte: pic?09:05
welshbytehttp://images.google.com/images?q=gibbon take your pick :)09:06
=== Jucato is thankful they didn't go for gorilla then :D
Jucatoyeah cute little ones :D09:07
Hobbseehehe, okay, they are kinda cute :P09:07
=== jussio1 [n=jussi@dyn3-82-128-186-246.psoas.suomi.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== Jucato wonders if Ubuntu will/could start making mascots for each release, starting with a cute gibbon :)
=== RAOF 'd buy one of those :)
FujitsuI saw a thread on the fora about a mascot idea earlier, I think...09:10
Jucatonot the OS-tan idea? :/09:11
FujitsuJucato: That's the one. Isn't it GREAT?09:12
Jucatobeing a fan of anime, I find it great... I don't know about others :)09:12
=== Jucato looks at the "Hobbsee controversy" :D
Jucato"sexy lady from .au" :D09:13
=== Jucato runs and hides
=== surge [n=highvolt@dsl-240-91-192.telkomadsl.co.za] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== Hobbsee beats Jucato into a pulp
Jucatowhat kind of pulp? :D09:14
=== Jucato thinks orange juice type pulp
jussi01Hobbsee, where did te long pointy stick of doom go?09:14
=== vil [n=lada@ubuntu/member/vil] has joined #ubuntu-motu
HobbseeJucato: a jucato-flavoured pulp09:15
Jucatoooh :)09:15
FujitsuMmm... Orange juice.09:15
=== Hobbsee pokes jussi01 with the Long Pointy Stick of DOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a few times
jussi01NOT ME!!!09:15
Jucatodo not put "poke" and "jussi" side by side please...09:15
=== Fujitsu is used to it.
joejaxxwhat about Cranberry Juice :D09:15
Jucatoor don't read it too fast :/09:15
jussi01nice work in trademarking it Hobbsee... :P09:16
JucatoFujitsu: seen the replies to Carthik's blog post on the Ubuntu-tan? :/09:16
FujitsuAh, that's where I saw it.09:17
=== TheMuso shows everybody the few bruises on his back.
FujitsuNo, I haven't.09:17
=== Fujitsu looks.
=== jussi01 pats TheMuso on the head, awwww
=== TheMuso then points his cane at Hobbsee.
=== Hobbsee grabs the cane, and runs off with it
TheMusoShe did it!!09:17
welshbyteis it a pointy cane?09:17
=== Hobbsee so didnt
Jucatois that cane trademarked too? :D09:17
TheMusobah! SHe always does that.09:18
Hobbseewelshbyte: no it isnt09:18
HobbseeTheMuso: poor you.09:18
TheMusoAh well, I guess I'd better go again.09:18
welshbytecandy cane possibly09:18
=== TheMuso is going out for his sister's birthday.
dholbachTheMuso: enjoy it09:18
TheMusowelshbyte: Um, no I don't think so.09:18
FujitsuHmit seems ShipIt gives contributors (not sure how that's defined) options for more CDs.09:18
TheMusodholbach: Thanks.09:18
=== No1Viking [n=micke@h-83-140-105-15.auto.rp80.se] has joined #ubuntu-motu
welshbytemaybe they're hooking shipit up to launchpad so you can spend your karma on extra CDs ;)09:22
Jucatowell, you do use your launchpad account to login to shipit...09:23
=== raphink [n=raphink@ubuntu/member/raphink] has joined #ubuntu-motu
FujitsuI'm thinking it might use karma.09:23
HobbseeRAOF: did you get democracyplayer finished?09:25
RAOFHobbsee: Yeah, the updates even hit the repos,.09:25
=== RAOF subscribes to feisty-changes RSS.
HobbseeRAOF: neat :009:26
RAOFOh, yeah.09:26
RAOFWell, it means we don't have to remove the brick that was democracyplayer from the repos.09:27
RAOFI should really learn to say "archives" :)09:27
RAOFHey, in return could you port the restricted manager to Kubuntu?  I'd like to be able to say "just run the restricted manager" :)09:28
=== Hobbsee cant port things
joejaxxajmitch: do you have time for a conversation about ubuntu-server later?09:30
=== ivoks [n=ivoks@4-123.dsl.iskon.hr] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== pwuertz_ [n=pwuertz@ott1.Physik.Uni-Mainz.DE] has joined #ubuntu-motu
pwuertz_hi, I'm using feisty, and I cant find "checkinstall" in the repository anymore... am I supposed to use a different tool for building packages?09:46
Fujitsupwuertz_: checkinstall is one of the Great Pillars of Evil.09:47
ubotuThe packaging guide is at http://doc.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/packagingguide/C/index.html - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Packages/New for information on getting a package integrated into Ubuntu - Other developer resources are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DeveloperResources - See also !backports09:47
jussi01true though09:47
RAOFpwuertz_: Also, last time I tried to use it (admittedly a *long* time ago) checkinstall was just plain broken.09:48
Fujitsupwuertz_: You're on amd64?09:48
FujitsuOh, good. Must be missing on more architectures than I thought :D09:49
pwuertz_the last time I used checkinstall... I had some 3rd party software... I was supposed to install it with "make install"... and I had it packed with checkinstall within a minute09:49
pwuertz_clean install / uninstall, thanks to checkinstall09:50
ubotucheckinstall is a wrapper to "make install", useful for installing programs you compiled. It will create a .deb package, which will be listed in the APT database and can be uninstalled like other packages. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CheckInstall - Read the warnings at the top and bottom of that web page, and DO NOT interrupt CheckInstall while it's running!09:50
FujitsuIt doesn't create proper packages.09:50
=== blackskad [n=blackska@d54C4A53D.access.telenet.be] has joined #ubuntu-motu
pwuertz_I'm not saying checkinstall shall be used to create proper packages so they could be included in some repositories....09:51
FujitsuOh, good. Saying that is almost unforgivable.09:51
pwuertz_but I dont get the point in going though the whole package building process in order to install some random software thats not in the repository and never will be09:52
pwuertz_I think doing a "make install" as root is more evil than building a package with checkinstall for yourself09:53
FujitsuBut some people then distribute the packages that checkinstall creates.09:54
RAOFpwuertz_: Why not do a "make install" as your user, and install the software for your user only?09:54
pwuertz_its a compiler and a library09:54
pwuertz_and it needs a directory in /etc09:54
pwuertz_its expected to be installed in opt09:55
=== rj_ [n=rj@static.shadowbots.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
pwuertz_and if someone wants to reinstall it / setup it on another machine... I dont want him to go through the whole patching / building process09:55
RAOFWhy not package it up, though.  With CDBS, it's a matter of minutes to create a really crappy pacakge.09:56
=== thekorn [n=thekorn@a81-14-164-141.net-htp.de] has joined #ubuntu-motu
pwuertz_sure... I could just take an hour for building 3 proper packages... but checkinstall would have done a better job09:57
siretartso it's gusty, eh?09:57
siretartgutsy, even09:57
SeveasDarkMageZ, ?10:00
pwuertz_you said, when doing "make install"... you can install into another directory?10:01
=== Fujitsu convinces Seveas to allow larting in here.
pwuertz_not in "/" ?10:01
Fujitsupwuertz_: --prefix passed to configure is your friend.10:02
SeveasFujitsu, hmm, I'd need some more acks for that10:02
pwuertz_Fujitsu: but this could affect the source as well10:02
pwuertz_Fujitsu: if I want to install it to some tmp directory for packaging? how is this done?10:03
pwuertz_maybe there is no configure at all10:03
Fujitsupwuertz_: Oh, like that.. What kind of build system does it use?10:03
=== statik [n=emurphy@canonical/launchpad/statik] has joined #ubuntu-motu
pwuertz_I'm supposed to do a make install10:03
pwuertz_as root10:03
=== ogra___ [n=ogra@p548AD98E.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== cassidy [n=cassidy@host-213-189-171-21.brutele.be] has joined #ubuntu-motu
DarkMageZSeveas, oh. i was having a problem with falcon under fesisty. something about not being able to load module falcon.conf10:04
pwuertz_Fujitsu: I found DESTDIR, but this parameter seems to be ignored by the install target10:06
=== Admiral_Chicago [n=freddy@ubuntu/member/admiral-chicago] has joined #ubuntu-motu
dholbachcheckinstall is no option10:08
pwuertz_then tell me another option ^^10:08
dholbachwe can't make use of checkinstall for packaging10:09
pwuertz_I never told you to use checkinstall10:09
dholbachright... I never interpreted it that way10:09
pwuertz_I want to use checkinstall, but It seems some guys are telling me what to do or not to do10:10
=== ogra [n=ogra@ubuntu/member/ogra] has joined #ubuntu-motu
pwuertz_fine... so could anyone please tell me how to "make install" into a temp directory so I can do manually what checkinstall already did for me nicely?10:11
dholbachpwuertz_: what are you trying to do?10:11
ubotuCompiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first: not all !repositories are enabled by default!)10:11
pwuertz_I already compiled the software... please stop rtfm me and tell me how to tell "make install" to install into another directory10:12
highvoltagepwuertz_: I think you need to provide more information on what you're doing. people will help you if you allow them to.10:13
pwuertz_ok... I'll try again10:13
Fujitsupwuertz_: It depends on the application/10:14
pwuertz_make install will install software to the root directory10:14
pwuertz_i dont want that10:14
FujitsuYou'll have to read the documentation or the Makefile.10:14
pwuertz_i want make install install software to a temp directory so I can take the files and pack ist10:15
FujitsuOr does it use auto{make,conf}?10:15
JucatoAnd I quote: "For example, by default the configure script installs to /usr/local. If you want to change the path, you would execute the configure script as shown below: /configure --PREFIX=/opt"10:15
pwuertz_Jucato: maybe I dont have a configure10:16
=== Jucato thinks that /usr/local should be /usr though
pwuertz_there must be a generic way to catch the files "make install" tries to install to / so you can pack it10:16
Jucatothen you'll have to be more specific then. how was the Makefile made?10:16
Fujitsupwuertz_: There's no standard for Makefile behaviour!10:16
Jucatomake install will only follow the directions in the Makefile which is usually generated by the configure script (afaik)10:17
pwuertz_i know10:17
pwuertz_but I also know that there is a software to overcome this problem10:17
Jucatomaybe imbrandon will have better luck :)10:18
pwuertz_its called checkinstall... no matter what "make install" does... it collects the files and puts it into a package10:18
=== No1Viking [n=micke@h-83-140-105-15.auto.rp80.se] has joined #ubuntu-motu
imbrandonpwuertz_, sure but it dosent check deps or anything else10:18
pwuertz_because you(?) took checkinstall away from me... I'll have to do that manually10:18
SeveasDarkMageZ, the falcon packages are meant for dapper/edgy, not feisty. They're known not to work10:18
Jucatodoesn't checkinstall just install in the directories indicated by the makefile as well?10:19
imbrandonSeveas, falcon 2.0 kthxbye :)10:19
Seveasimbrandon, working on it10:19
DarkMageZSeveas, i rebuilt the package under feisty.10:19
imbrandonhehe i know10:19
Seveasimplemented part of your 'i want my own metacomponents' request the other day10:19
SeveasDarkMageZ, that still won't work :)10:19
imbrandonSeveas, rockin10:20
pwuertz_yes... and I dont need that... I dont need no deps checks... I dont need no proper package specifications.... I just want to install software by apt instead of letting some random software mess with my system!10:20
DarkMageZSeveas, what changed?10:20
imbrandonpwuertz_, sure thats all and well UNTILL you try to use that deb on another machine10:20
SeveasDarkMageZ, python10:21
pwuertz_imbrandon: I'm not dumb... I know what I'm doing10:21
imbrandonpwuertz_, we're not here to argue, if you want to use it fine, but just know it WILL break if you use the deb on a diffrent machine than what made it and 2 we wont support it in here, even if its for your machine10:21
imbrandonpwuertz_, rockin, go to it then10:22
Seveasno sane person will support it :)10:22
pwuertz_I never said I want to build a supported package! all I want is a clean system10:22
FujitsuAnyway... checkinstall is in the repos except for amd64 and ia64.10:22
imbrandonpwuertz_, i realize that, but what i dont realize is why we;re still talking about this10:23
=== davromaniak [n=cyril@AFontenayssB-152-1-88-142.w86-218.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu-motu
pwuertz_checkinstall is not in my repos anymore10:23
FujitsuDo you have universe enabled?10:24
FujitsuIt's definitely there.10:24
Seveas!info checkinstall10:24
ubotucheckinstall: installation tracker. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.6.0-2ubuntu1 (edgy), package size 88 kB, installed size 392 kB10:24
Seveas!info checkinstall feisty10:24
ubotucheckinstall: installation tracker. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.6.1-1ubuntu1 (feisty), package size 111 kB, installed size 540 kB10:24
imbrandonimbrandon@aurora:~$ apt-cache madison checkinstall10:24
imbrandoncheckinstall | 1.6.1-1ubuntu1 | http://mirror.imbrandon.com feisty/universe Packages10:24
imbrandoncheckinstall | 1.6.1-1ubuntu1 | http://mirror.imbrandon.com feisty/universe Sources10:24
Fujitsucheckinstall | 1.6.1-1ubuntu1 | http://mirror.pacific.net.au feisty/universe Packages10:24
imbrandonsure it is10:24
pwuertz_deb http://de.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ feisty main restricted universe multiverse10:25
=== siretart points to the madison-lite install on tiber
pwuertz_ sudo apt-get install checkinstall10:25
pwuertz_E: Couldn't find package checkinstall10:25
siretartcheckinstall | 1.6.0-2ubuntu1 | feisty-universe | amd6410:25
siretartcheckinstall | 1.6.1-1ubuntu1 | feisty-universe | source, i386, powerpc10:25
siretartso it FTBFS on amd64 for some reason10:25
Fujitsusiretart: It FTBFS on 64-bit archs10:25
siretartFujitsu: version 1.6.0-2ubuntu1 did got built, however10:26
pwuertz_ah ok sorry... now its there.... a few hours ago the repository was broken10:26
siretart!info xine-lib10:26
ubotuPackage xine-lib does not exist in edgy, edgy-backports, edgy-seveas10:26
siretart!info libxine110:27
ubotulibxine1: the xine video/media player library, binary files. In component main, is optional. Version 1.1.2+repacked1-0ubuntu3.4 (edgy), package size 3146 kB, installed size 6820 kB10:27
pwuertz_someone messed with the mf5 hashes10:27
siretartso the bug only reacts to binary files. interesting10:27
imbrandonsiretart, ?10:27
siretartbinary packages10:28
imbrandonahh ubotu ? not sure10:28
Seveasit does10:28
imbrandon!info xine-lib feisty source10:28
Seveaswon't work :)10:29
ubotuPackage xine-lib does not exist in feisty10:29
siretartubotu: it does exist! I know for sure ;)10:29
imbrandonSeveas, maybe !srcinfo [..]  ? ( after falcon 1.99999999999beta1 ofcourse )10:30
siretartdoesn anyone have news about removing binary packages with unmet deps from the feisty archive?10:31
DarkMageZSeveas, what i find odd tho. is if i install the edgy package onto feisty (oh noes). is that even tho apt has a cry about broken packages. falcon works.10:31
imbrandoni'm not a fan of removing the source to said packages , just the binarys, but no , no news here10:31
imbrandonDarkMageZ, there are diffrences between the python versions, it wont work as expected10:32
imbrandonDarkMageZ, trust me i was the first feisty guiny pig about a week after feisty repos opened10:32
siretartimbrandon: removing the source has never been discussed. only about broken binary packages10:33
imbrandonsiretart, coool10:33
imbrandonbrb phone10:33
imbrandonjmg, a repo tool made by seveas10:34
minghuaok, another word learned from codename10:34
imbrandonjmg, http://seveas.imbrandon.com/dists/edgy-seveas/all/   <-- second package listed on that page, click "more"10:34
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jmgnice app10:51
=== joejaxx [i=joejaxx@fluxbuntu/founder/joejaxx] has joined #ubuntu-motu
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sacaterAdri2000: hello11:38
geserHi Adri200011:41
imbrandonSeveas, you should have an "about falcon" page somewhere , so like i dont have to tell people like above :)11:47
imbrandoni can point them to a real url / about blurb :)11:47
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about falcon - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi11:48
=== ajmitch returns
ubotuGutsy Gibbon will be the next release name of Ubuntu (7.10). See https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel-announce/2007-April/000276.html11:53
Fujitsuimbrandon: You cruel, cruel person.11:53
=== minghua [n=minghua@ubuntu/member/minghua] has joined #ubuntu-motu
Fujitsus/the next release name/the code name of the next release/11:54
=== thoreauputic [n=prospero@ubuntu/member/thoreauputic] has joined #ubuntu-motu
ajmitchhey thoreauputic 11:55
ajmitchjoejaxx: did you have something to talk about with me?11:55
thoreauputichi ajmitch  :)11:55
imbrandon!no gusty is <reply> Gusty Gibbon is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (7.10). See https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel-announce/2007-April/000276.html11:55
FujitsuThanks imbrandon.11:56
=== damko [n=damko@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
ubotuI'll remember that imbrandon11:56
ajmitchthe farting monkey release11:56
highvoltageimbrandon: should be Gutsy, not Gusty?11:56
Fujitsuimbrandon: Please fix that!11:56
ajmitchs/gusty/gutsy/ please :)11:56
FujitsuWhat highvoltage said.11:56
FujitsuA little wrong :P11:56
ajmitchotherwise I'll think of farting monkeys all the time ;)11:56
imbrandon!forget gusty11:57
ubotuI'll forget that, imbrandon11:57
=== Fujitsu watches ajmitch get blown away.
damkohi all11:57
Fujitsuimbrandon: You made the mistake twice! Nice.11:57
FujitsuHi damko.11:57
imbrandon!no gutsy is <reply> Gutsy Gibbon is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (7.10). See https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel-announce/2007-April/000276.html11:57
ubotuI'll remember that imbrandon11:57
FujitsuThat's better :)11:58
=== bersace [n=bersace@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
ajmitchhm I see the universe freeze dates are set for gutsy already11:58
ajmitchI presume we can change those if we desire11:58
imbrandonhuh ?11:58
Fujitsuajmitch: Where?11:58
imbrandoni would assume so11:58
ajmitchkeybuk's mail to -devel11:58
FujitsuI should have guessed.11:59
FujitsuWhat an annoying time for mekong to go down... I have none of my normal mail.11:59
damkoi'm trying to create a deb package. i have some bash scripts and I would like a deb package to install them on more than one machine. i read part of the debian guide for mantainers but it seems that it fixes on C sources ... and I can't understand how to go on. is there someone who wants to join this kind of "project" with me and someone ready to help?12:00
ajmitchinstead of the normal 'make install' calls, you copy the scripts into place12:00
damkoa tgz file is not enough to reach the target cause i need to make some configurations during the setup process12:01
damkoi would like something interactive12:01
ajmitchat package install time, or at build time?12:01
damkoat package install time12:01
ajmitchif at install time, use maintainer scripts such as postinst12:01
damkoajmitch: pls consider i am a big newbie in packaging12:02
=== blackskad [n=blackska@d54C4A53D.access.telenet.be] has left #ubuntu-motu []
ubotuThe packaging guide is at http://doc.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/packagingguide/C/index.html - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Packages/New for information on getting a package integrated into Ubuntu - Other developer resources are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DeveloperResources - See also !backports12:03
ajmitchiirc the packaging guide does cover some of this stuff as well12:03
damkoubotu: thanks a lot12:03
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about thanks a lot - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi12:03
Fujitsuubotu, thanks.12:03
ubotuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)12:03
damko:-) it's a bot12:03
damkoajmitch: thanks 4 the support12:05
damkoi keep on reading12:05
ajmitchno problem, there are docs on the maintainer scripts on the debian wiki as well12:05
damkois there none who want to join this small project ?12:05
=== TLE [n=kenneth@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
imbrandoni think most of already have enough on our plates12:18
=== Monk-e [n=guido@c529dd229.cable.wanadoo.nl] has joined #ubuntu-motu
jussi01damko, whats the project?12:20
damkojussi01: wait a sec telephone12:23
=== MatthewV [n=MatthewV@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
damkojussi01: i want to create a deb package (my first :-) )12:25
damkojussi01: are u interested ?12:25
jussi01damko, yeah, but whats the deb for?12:29
damkojussi01: i have some bash scripts12:30
damkoand some files with settings12:30
=== johandc [n=johan@dupont.control.auc.dk] has joined #ubuntu-motu
damkothat i want to install on more than one machine12:30
damkothe target are:12:30
damko- install the scripts in some fixed directories (and this could be done using a tgz)12:31
damko- checking dependencies12:31
damko(i need some sw to be installed to run the scripts)12:31
jussi01ok, so what program is all this playing with?12:32
damko- running a wizard to set up the config files12:32
damkojussi01: the target is not the program but the .deb12:32
=== Tonio__ [n=tonio@79.207.103-84.rev.gaoland.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
johandcDo i have to be a MOTU to create an SRU? - The main openafs kernel module is broken in edgy, and the current maintainer has left. There is a strong urge for an SRU, but nobody to do it. So i thought i would like to give it a shot. - But the SRU procedure seems hard to to, when i don't know how to upload stuff.12:34
=== finalbeta [n=gggggggg@d54C6865D.access.telenet.be] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== ivoks [n=ivoks@5-123.dsl.iskon.hr] has joined #ubuntu-motu
Fujitsujohandc: You just need to get a MOTU to do the uploads.12:36
=== danohuiginn [n=ant@p54bee94a.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
johandcFujitsu: Okay, that sounds reasonable. So i should just create the debdiff and upload it to the bug-report... Are there a guide how to create the debdiff then?12:37
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about debdiff - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi12:37
FujitsuYou create the new source package, then run `debdiff old.dsc new.dsc'12:37
johandcAllright then, i would like to upgrade from 1.4.1 to 1.4.4, so basically i can just download the official tarball and move the .debian folder from the old source package to the new one, and apply appropriate changes to the new one?12:39
johandcWhat if there are ubuntu-specific patches on the old source pacakge?12:40
FujitsuThat's not going to happen.12:40
FujitsuYou need to isolate the patch that fixes it.12:40
johandcWell, that is pretty impossible, since it's a problem with the kernel headers and that version of openafs that cannot compile12:42
FujitsuYou need to find the patch that fixes that problem.12:42
johandcIt has never worked with 2.6.17 and 1.4.1, so i would say that it's a pretty big regression. It's fixed in 1.4.2. But the openafs maintainer has already commented on it and says that it would be very hard to write a patch to make 1.4.1 work on edgy.12:43
=== PriceChild [n=pricechi@ubuntu/member/pricechild] has joined #ubuntu-motu
johandcSay, then, that this issue cannot be fixed because 1.4.1 was the version accepted for edgy, and the MOTU's don't want to change version numbers. Could it perhaps be accepted in proposed or backports?12:45
johandc1.4.1 has a security flaw as well, so i suppose there should be a patch for -security as well?12:45
DarkMageZbackports should not be used to fix issues. they should be used to add features.12:45
johandcI understand. But 1.4.1 probably will never work with 2.6.17 kernel headers, so i would say, making openafs actually wokring again, is a pretty neat feature :) - But yes, this is also why we discussed adding it as a SRU. Basically because 1.4.1 will not work.12:47
johandcThe problem now is: 1) SRU won't accept because of version bump from 1.4.1 to 1.4.4, 2) backports will not accept 1.4.4 because it's fixing the issue that 1.4.1 is not working.12:48
johandcIs the _only_ solution, to create a patch that makes 1.4.1 work on the 2.6.17 kernel headers? The openafs maintainer himself has stated that this will be a hard task, so i really don't want to try that. - The general suggestion is to update to 1.4.2 or 1.4.4 (because of security flaw in 1.4.2)12:49
imbrandonit could be backported to make it work, but rember backports isnt on by default sooo if 12:54
imbrandonthere is a security flaw there needs to be a patch for 1.4.1 also in -security12:54
johandcOkay, it seems like somebody with a little more experience than me, needs to suggest where to place this.12:55
johandcOne thing is for sure though, nobody is going to patch the security stuff and the kernel headers stuff back to version 1.4.1 - So i guess it will never be accepted for SRU, and openafs will be broken in edgy forever :(12:56
imbrandonwell being on backports and seeing that no one is willing to fix a securioty issue in an existing version, i'm reluctant to approve a new backport12:57
damkosomeone knows someone involved in mantaing some deb packages like phpmyadmin or phpgroupware?12:58
imbrandondamko, its a group effort by the MOTU12:58
damkoyes I read in apt-cache show phpmyadmin12:58
johandcimbrandon, i know that bumping version numbers is discouraged when fixing issues, especially security issues; but when 1.4.1 is 100% broken anyways, it cannot break anything that isn't already broken... So maybe it could be an argument for a SRU version bump?01:00
=== DarkMageZ_ [n=richard@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
imbrandonjohandc, not discouraged, just plain not done, and sru is a totaly diffrent story, you have 3 diffrent issues you are bringing up here with 3 diffrent solutions01:01
DarkMageZFujitsu, oh. i rebuilt the patch... it oddly enough still fails :s01:02
imbrandonyou can backport yes, and get 1.4.4 in, but rember backports is NOT on by default so it cannot be used for security soo you also need a patch for -security , and security will ONLY accept patches for the current version01:02
imbrandonso in other words you must do both, not one or the other like you seem to think01:02
damkoimbrandon: i would like to speak someone involved in packaging for that kind of projects01:02
johandcimbrandon, okay, what about the issue that the current version 1.4.1 cannot compile against the kernel headers, how is that fixed? - Creating a patch to make 1.4.1 work, is not an option.01:03
imbrandondamko, you are in the right place then, this is the home of the MOTU :)01:03
FujitsuIf it were up to me, I'd say backporting 1.4.4 would be the best course of action.01:03
imbrandonFujitsu, right, thats part of the equasion01:03
damkoimbrandon: i have to go afk for 45 min. after i'll bother u if u will be available :-D01:04
FujitsuThere's no point issuing a security fix for 1.4.1, as it doesn't build anyway.01:04
DarkMageZsince openafs doesn't work at all in edgy. it's worth replacing the entire thing with a new version.01:04
imbrandonif there is no binarys no01:04
FujitsuIf fixing 1.4.1 is pretty much getting 1.4.4, we may as well backport it.01:04
DarkMageZyou're not going to kill off any users who can't use something that doesn't work01:04
ajmitchdamko: yes, what about phpgroupware?01:08
johandcFujitsu: I see your points.01:08
alleejohandc: ah, great you look into openafs!01:08
ajmitchhm too late, I guess damko is gone01:09
=== ajmitch is phpgroupware maintainer anyway
johandcAllee, yes, i read Bjorn's reply on #52298 and it thought, if nobody was going to do it, i might as well. Since this is very annoying, having to hand-build the modules for each kernel update.01:10
alleejohandc, imbrandon: go for an SRU with 1.4.4.   Everyone seriously using afs will use the backported ones.  01:10
FujitsuNew upstream versions in SRUs are simply not done.01:11
alleejohandc: building the kernel modeles has still to be done by everyone.01:11
imbrandoni'll be happy to review it and help with questions but i cannot prepare a SRU for it01:11
imbrandonFujitsu, sure they are in some cases01:11
imbrandonrare, but can be01:11
johandcOkay, so are we trying to get it into backports then?01:11
=== DktrKranz [n=Luca@ubuntu/member/dktrkranz] has joined #ubuntu-motu
imbrandonjohandc, if you want to prepare a backport, i'll +1 it after a review01:12
alleejohandc: we need to talk to the kernel guys an see if they can agree to build openafs-modules-*-<flavour> too01:12
=== acacs [n=acacs@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
johandcOkay, i'll have to read up on it, since i have never done it before :)01:12
=== minghua [n=minghua@ubuntu/member/minghua] has joined #ubuntu-motu
alleejohandc: great, then I can have a time for fai-kernels01:13
johandcallee, why? Isn't the modules build manually with module assistant? Or are you suggesting that the kernel guys could supply pre-compiled modules?01:13
alleejohandc: you can use the recipe I posted in the bug report.  Just adapting dch args to match the SRU requirements01:13
imbrandonallee, it will need to be a -backpoprt not SRU01:14
alleejohandc: yes, everyone installing afs need to run module-assistant01:14
alleeimbrandon: oh, right.  sorry.01:14
johandcOkay, i think i'm clear what to do now.01:15
imbrandonjohandc, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports   <--- has a section about requesting and preparing a backport01:15
johandcJust one final question, are SRU always this tight? We are talking about replacing a package that is broken anyways. In fact, removing 1.4.1 from the repos will save alot of people some time realising it cannot build.01:16
imbrandonjohandc, basicly you make sure the version in feisty will compile with no changes in edgy and file a request01:16
johandcimbrandon: Thanks a lot for the link :D01:16
=== IanC [n=IanC@gipp-p-144-139-165-162.prem.tmns.net.au] has joined #ubuntu-motu
imbrandonjohandc, yes, actualty tighter, you have to rember this will be an update for potentialy 8 million users for a STABLE release, every change it scrutinised01:17
imbrandonno matter how "sane" it seems01:17
alleeimbrandon: honestly.  I'm pretty sure, either openafs 1.4.1* has a security bug in edgy forever, or 1.4.4 is eventually approved for SRU too.   1.4.* is used in production environment world wide.  A break in 1.4.1 -> 1.4.4 is 'almost impossible'.01:18
ajmitchnight all01:18
FujitsuNight ajmitch01:18
imbrandonallee, i know, i'm just going by the book here for the moment01:18
imbrandongnight ajmitch 01:18
alleeimbrandon: :)01:18
Fujitsuallee: 1.4.1 doesn't really exist in Edgy, does it?01:18
alleenight ajmitch 01:18
johandcFujitsu: openafs-modules-source 1.4.1-4 in universe01:20
alleeFujitsu:   User space part of 1.4.1-4 in in edgy.  Kernel space part FTBFS. 01:20
Fujitsuallee: There's no security risk if it FTBFS, surely?01:20
johandcwhat is FTBFS?01:21
FujitsuFails to build from source.01:21
johandcAhh :)01:21
alleeFujitsu: I've not checked if the sec bug is in user or kernel space01:21
alleeFujitsu: nevertheless it's a regression.  It worked in dapper01:23
johandcallee, i'm just realising that we have to backport openafs-(client|dbserver|doc|fileserver|kpassw|krb5|modules-source), libopenafs-dev and libpam-openafs-kaserver for them all to be consistent. :-/01:24
=== ogra [n=ogra@ubuntu/member/ogra] has joined #ubuntu-motu
FujitsuOr you could wait a week.01:24
FujitsuThat's probably the better idea.01:24
alleejohandc: yes, but that's not more week01:24
=== EtienneG [n=etienne@ubuntu/member/EtienneG] has joined #ubuntu-motu
johandcOkay, i'll look further and see what i'll come up with.01:25
alleejohandc: when you build openafs-module-sources .deb you get the others debs for free\01:25
=== DarkSun88 [n=Ma@unaffiliated/darksun88] has joined #ubuntu-motu
alleejohandc: feel free to ping me01:25
johandcArhh, since it's the same source package.01:25
johandcThank you.01:25
johandcby ping, do you mean IRC?01:26
DarkSun88Hi all01:26
imbrandonjohandc, yes "ping" is a term used on irc often to get someones attention01:26
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johandcWhat is an UVF exception?01:51
FujitsuAn upstream version freeze exception.01:52
siretartjohandc: see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UpstreamVersionFreeze01:52
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about uvfe - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi01:52
ubotuuvf is Upstream Version Freeze.  For an exception, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FreezeExceptionProcess#head-9523bc4076ff011324d67cddc97969ec609618d601:52
johandcThank you :D01:52
ivoksheh... i tough Fujitsu is bot :)01:52
siretarthey ivoks!01:53
johandcCool reply speed :D01:53
siretartivoks: long time no see, how are you doing?01:53
ivokssiretart: yeah... i'm idling as a MOTU for some time, and will continue that for next couple of months (finishing my faculty)01:54
ivokssiretart: other than that, great... you?01:54
=== esaym [n=user@cpe-72-183-202-162.satx.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== fernando [n=fernando@unaffiliated/musb] has joined #ubuntu-motu
siretartivoks: oh, I've more or less finished with faculty, now I'm working there02:02
ivoksnice ;)02:03
ivoksi've started my own company... :)02:03
=== johandc [n=johan@port203.ds1-aboes.adsl.cybercity.dk] has joined #ubuntu-motu
saispo(i found why...)02:05
=== phanatic [n=phanatic@ubuntu/member/phanatic] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== arejay [n=rj@unaffiliated/rj-] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== Hobbsee pings laserjock manually
StevenKHobbsee: Via postal address?02:10
HobbseeStevenK: unfortunately not02:10
=== thekorn [n=thekorn@a81-14-155-63.net-htp.de] has joined #ubuntu-motu
damkoimbrandon: are u busy?02:23
damkolet's say i'm trying to package a folder with php files ... something like phpmyadmin02:24
damkodo I need .configure and make files to build a package?02:24
=== Tonio_ [n=tonio@79.207.103-84.rev.gaoland.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
damkoStevenK: i'm following the debian mantainer guide ... but it seems it was wrote for common projects with source files and so on ...02:27
damkoi can't find the solution ... have u any suggestions?02:27
=== Zic [n=Zic@Final-Fantasy.FF-IRC.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
StevenKdamko: Follow it through for a small project that does need compiling, like hello, because that will allow you to understand the process so you can tackle the PHP package02:31
=== tommy1987 [n=tom@82-46-12-56.cable.ubr07.azte.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu-motu
damkoStevenK: do u suggest to package a small project for which already exist a package downloding it from the source?02:33
StevenKdamko: Yeah, download something small, delete the debian directory, and follow the debian maintainer guide.02:34
=== coNP [n=conp@unaffiliated/conp] has joined #ubuntu-motu
StevenKdamko: Then you can compare what you did with the existing package.02:34
damkoStevenK: thanks for the suggestion02:34
damkoStevenK: at the same time i'm writing a simple txt file "how to package a php project for debian" . is there a suggested place in which I should upload it to share it?02:36
StevenKNo idea about that, sorry.02:36
damkoStevenK: thanks again02:36
Hobbseeubuntu wiki, id' suggets02:36
damkoHobbsee: thanks02:36
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nixternalMOTU meeting today correct?02:47
gesernixternal: yes, 20:00 UTC02:47
nixternalsomeone has scheduled the meeting the same time as the DevTeam Meeting02:48
=== Hobbsee grumbles. 6am
StevenKWhich has been moved to 900UTC02:48
StevenK(Devel, not us)02:49
StevenKAnd yes, 2000UTC == 0600EST02:49
HobbseeStevenK: call it AEST, else you'll do my head in...02:50
FujitsuHow unfortunate.02:50
HobbseeEST seems to refer to the US timezone02:50
Fujitsu+1 Hobbsee02:50
StevenKExcept in /usr/share/timezones02:50
zulyou aussies are wacky02:50
nixternalyup, 0900 UTC for the Dev team meeting, a little scroll up in #-meeting told me that one ;p02:50
Hobbseewhich is, incidently, why they changed the LP tiems to be x minutes ago02:50
StevenKNeat. date takes any $TZ it doesn't know about as UTC.02:51
=== IanC [n=IanC@WNPP-p-203-54-28-62.prem.tmns.net.au] has joined #ubuntu-motu
ScottKBut I find the X minutes ago thing really annoying as I have to then refresh the page (and wait for LP - again) to find out when something happened...02:53
FujitsuScottK: Or hover your cursor over the time.02:53
ScottKOh.  Never tried that.02:53
=== ScottK looks
ScottKHow about that? Another odd, but useful LP UI but that I'd have never guessed was there.02:55
ScottKFujitsu: Thans.02:56
FujitsuI only discovered that when I complained about the new display format in #launchpad soon after it appeared.02:57
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torkelimbrandon: the (security)fix in bug #94787 should work in both dapper and edgy. I have no way to try them though and as the version in edgy is broken anyway I don't know if it is worth the work to upload a broken version03:13
ubotuMalone bug 94787 in openafs "Openafs has a security hole with enabled suid" [Undecided,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/9478703:13
torkelsorry for missing the discussion about SRU of Openafs03:13
torkels/SRU or backporting/03:14
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imbrandon torkel not a problem03:26
imbrandoni'll look after work03:26
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ScottKBased on the discussion we had here last night (for me) on changing source versus patching, I added a bit to the MOTU FAQ on it.  I'd appreciate it if someone who actually knows what they are doing would review: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/FAQ03:39
StevenKScottK: Looks fine to me.03:41
ScottKStevenK: Thanks.03:41
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damkoi'm looking at yada (Yet Another Debianisation Aid) 03:46
damkoit's used to build phpmyadmin package03:46
damkoit seems simple and useful03:46
ScottKdamko: Has it been debianized?03:46
damkodo u know some other tool like it to suggest to me?03:46
damkoScottK: yes it is03:46
Hobbseedamko: it's not.  it sucks.03:47
Hobbseedamko: it deserves to die, do not, under any circumstances, use it.03:47
=== ScottK stays far away from php, so that's all I have to say on the matter.
Hobbseedamko: use debhelper, cdbs, but not yada.03:47
=== Fujitsu agrees with ScottK.
damkoHobbsee: thanks03:48
=== Fujitsu has heard little about yada, and all of that has been bad.
=== StevenK has used yada once.
HobbseeFujitsu: yada's a bloody terrible, illogical, piece of software03:48
damkoHobbsee:  which one do u suggest for php projects to be packaged?03:48
StevenKI swore about it slightly less than scons.03:48
HobbseeStevenK: yeah, well.  i havent dealt in scons (much)03:49
Fujitsuscons is really annoying.03:49
Hobbseedamko: debhelper.  or cdbs.  either works03:49
FujitsuCDBS == good03:49
StevenKFujitsu: http://changelogs.ubuntu.com/changelogs/pool/universe/w/wengophone/wengophone_0.99+svn4511-4ubuntu4/changelog03:49
StevenKFujitsu: Note the first item. That only took six hours.03:50
Fujitsu<3 scons03:50
damkoHobbsee: thanks again03:50
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TheMusoAfaik we have hard freeze from today do we not?03:59
Hobbseesomething like that03:59
Hobbseeyou can probably get little fixes in03:59
sacaterthe hard freeze04:01
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sacaterhas anyone been making any progress with peoples wifi troubles04:15
sacateror wireless, both are a bit problematic04:15
Hobbseesacater: a whole lot seems to be pebkac, or undistributable04:15
sacatertheres just a lot of talk about it04:16
sacaterthought i might ask04:16
=== ScottK found that the drivers for my wifi card had been moved to linux-restricted-modules for Feisty - that may be getting other people too.
=== fernando [n=fernando@unaffiliated/musb] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== bddebian [n=bdefrees@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
sacaterScottK: thanks, ill remmeber that04:17
danirusHi siretart, I've a question about REVU04:17
bddebianHeya gang04:19
Jucatohi bddebian04:19
sacaterbddebian: hello there04:19
=== kjcole [n=kjcole@pchb1f.gallaudet.edu] has joined #ubuntu-motu
bddebianHi Jucato, sacater04:20
Hobbseesacater: yes.  all the i3945's are pebkac, i know that much04:20
sacaterHobbsee: okies04:20
HobbseeScottK: whcih card?04:20
Hobbseesacater: seeing as i've got that, it works *fine*04:20
Hobbseesacater: seems that NM is playing havoc a bit, and a lot of people are running static IP's too - which NM doesnt handle04:21
ScottKHobbsee: D-Link AirPlus DWL-G650 Wireless (rev.C) - Atheros AR5212 (rev 01) - See Bug #86742 for all the card details.04:22
=== arejay [n=rj@unaffiliated/rj-] has joined #ubuntu-motu
HobbseeScottK: ahhh, so that's moved to l-r-m now...04:23
Hobbseewait, wasnt that in l-r-m for edgy too?04:23
=== Hobbsee points to her other laptop, which has tthat card
ScottKLovely: [10:22]  <ubotu> Error: Could not parse data returned by Malone: timed out04:23
=== xerxas [n=r67894@AGrenoble-257-1-64-187.w86-206.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu-motu
Hobbseenice card, that04:23
=== ScottK still has a hard drive with an Edgy install for the laptop in question.
ScottKI can check for sure, but I have no recollection of installing l-r-m when I installed Edgy.04:24
ScottKI don't think I even knew what that was at the time I did it.04:24
Hobbseeshould have installed by default, i would think04:25
ScottKWell maybe that's it, but then it didn't install by default for Feisty.04:26
ScottK(back when I installed Feisty)04:26
Hobbseethis installed l-r-m for feisty, and upgraded correctly04:27
Hobbseebut i've not tried a clean feisty install04:27
sacaterwhy dont people make a fallback system so people can go back systems04:27
sacaterfrom feisty to edgy for example04:27
Hobbseesacater: because the effort is better spent in other things04:27
StevenKBecause downgrades are *HARD*04:28
Hobbseesacater: and there's a limited supply of resources04:28
StevenKUpgrade package a from version 1 -> 2 ; run a binary provided by a which upgrades its config in an incompatible way ; downgrade back to 1 ; run binary and boom.04:28
ScottKsacater: I test on my laptop that has (relatively) easily swapped hard drives with a spare drive.04:29
=== rernst_work [n=rernst@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
sacateris it me or is launchoad super-laggy04:37
jussi01sacater, it always is04:37
sacaterwell seems more than normal04:37
Hobbseeit is04:37
rrittenhouseim experiencing that too04:38
sacateroh ive shot up 4000 karma in a few days04:39
=== cbx33 [n=pete@ubuntu/member/cbx33] has joined #ubuntu-motu
rrittenhouseim still at 0 :( haha. Ive only added some comments to some bugs...afraid of messing the bug reports up or something. Not doing it right..who knows ;)04:40
sacaterrrittenhouse: little tip, answer questions, that gets karma right up04:41
xtknighthow does your karma rise ?04:41
rrittenhouseit was more of a confirmation of a bug04:41
xtknightratemykarma ? :P04:41
sacaterxtknight: how do you mean, do you mean how the calculate it04:41
rrittenhouseLike after the updates yesterday the Network Manager icon shows the interface as being down but in all reality its all working just fine.04:41
xtknightsacater, yeah04:42
sacaterxtknight: i dont know! all i know is that questions get a lot04:42
rrittenhouseDoes someone have to actually assign the karma or does the system see that you answered a question...04:43
Hobbseerrittenhouse: i doubt you will04:43
=== schultmc [i=schultmc@nat/progeny/x-982fce5afad408b5] has joined #ubuntu-motu
zulkarma is overrated04:43
rrittenhousehaha. Its interesting though..04:44
crimsunhear hear04:44
ScottKrrittenhouse: See https://launchpad.net/~bugsquad if you want to get more involved in triaging/updating bugs.04:44
imbrandonand #ubuntu-bugs04:45
dholbachand http://wiki.ubuntu.com/HelpingWithBugs04:45
rrittenhouseI'm a member of the group on LP.. have been since OpenWeek.04:45
rrittenhouseI just need to try a little harder and not be so afraid of screwing things up ;)04:45
bddebianWTH is OpenWeek?04:45
=== freacky22527 [n=arthur@gov91-1-82-234-91-6.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
rrittenhousewasnt it Ubuntu OpenWeek04:45
=== bddebian is soo out of touch lately :'-(
sacaterrrittenhouse: its automatic04:46
rrittenhousesacater, ah neat.04:46
sacaterScottK: im on that team  :P04:46
ScottKI've updated https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ContributingToDebian/PythonModulesTeam based on the comments and contributions (thanks Toadstool) I got here and from stratus.  I'd appreciate another review if anyone has a moment.04:47
Hobbseebddebian: clearly you were sleeping.  was ages ago04:47
bddebianHobbsee: I'm just clueless :'-(04:47
Hobbseebddebian: or have just forgotten about it04:47
=== Hobbsee gives bddebian a new brain
stratusScottK: oh, thanks. I'll read and reply your other message after my lunch. :-)04:48
ScottKbddebian: Maybe, but some of us (me) are even more clueless.  Please go fix up my wiki page - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ContributingToDebian/PythonModulesTeam04:48
rrittenhouseYeah it was last year...thats when I triaged a bug or two and really I stopped. Im not sure if it was the complexity of Launchpad that I didnt understand or if it was the procedures that were not clear to me. Either way I needed to mess with it some more04:48
zulisnt there another one coming up?04:49
sacaterHobbsee: ill take a brain too pleas04:49
xtknightbrains are overrated04:49
=== Hobbsee mmm....brains...
=== xtknight sips coffee while anxiously awaiting a response on the network manager issues
rrittenhousextknight, The issue where the icon isnt correct on startup?04:50
rrittenhousextknight, Got a bug # for that?04:50
xtknightwell it looks like n-m is totally bugged04:50
xtknightit's fighting with ifconfig,dhclient and lots of stuff04:50
rrittenhousenice, nice.04:51
xtknightLP is ~down but bug# 10523404:51
xtknight13 dupes so far04:51
rrittenhouseyeah i realized that it was down hmm04:51
rrittenhousethanks for the bug# ill check it out in a bit..04:51
xtknighti had a prelim patch for it that fixed it for me but it looks like there are more underlying issues04:51
rrittenhouseah i see04:52
rrittenhouseDid you create the patch?04:52
xtknightmy second patch attempt yeah.  i have only one actualyl in ubuntu currently04:52
rrittenhouseback up here.. for now04:52
rrittenhousethats awesome though04:53
=== reggaemanu [n=manu@ARennes-257-1-41-113.w81-53.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu-motu
rrittenhousehey at least you made attempts haha04:53
xtknightcan't guarantee it won't shut down the universe... ;P04:53
=== sacater goes for caffeine fluid
=== sacater returns with caffeine fluid
rrittenhousei need some of that04:55
xtknightblack coffee?04:55
sacatersome cheap thing from LIDL04:55
=== Hobbsee hands sacater a caffeine drip
sacateri get lots for lets04:56
=== sacater accepts the caffeine drip thankingly
sacaterwhen is there an motu meeting, a place where all motu meet up04:56
Nafallosacater: which of them? :-)04:56
rrittenhousehmm wonder what they are doing to LP...04:56
sacaterrrittenhouse: trashing it04:56
xtknightjust making it slow for fun04:56
rrittenhouseso wrong04:56
xtknightso we can all suffer04:57
sacaterTHE PAIN!!04:57
rrittenhouseMaybe if I leave for a bit..and go make something to eat itll be back up when I return haha.04:57
sacateris it possible to make irssi have 2 windows split down teh screen04:57
crimsunScottK: edited.04:57
sacaterso i can see 2 rooms at once04:57
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=== jekil2 [n=alessand@host106-157-dynamic.60-82-r.retail.telecomitalia.it] has joined #ubuntu-motu
ScottKcrimsun: Thanks.04:58
=== ScottK carefully looks...
StevenKsacater: Yes04:59
sacaterStevenK: do tell..04:59
StevenK /window new ; /window goto 505:00
johandcallee: Are you there?05:00
=== jdong [n=jdong@ubuntu/member/jdong] has joined #ubuntu-motu
sacaterit works05:00
sacaterhow do i change whats in the top one?05:01
ScottKcrimsun: Thanks again.  Those changes definitely made the page better.05:01
StevenKSwitch it to and /window goto05:01
StevenKs/\(it\) \(to\)/\2 \1/05:01
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sacaterScottK: erm nope05:03
sacaterScottK: i cant control it05:03
=== jekil2 is now known as jekil
ScottKsacater: Can't control what?05:04
sacateri have 2 windows, plus a highlight at the top05:04
sacaterim talking with thje bottom window05:04
sacaterhow do i use the top one05:04
=== proppy [n=proppy@free.mekensleep.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== proppy hugs dholbach
sacaterScottK: here is a screenie http://omploader.org/file/Screenshot-143.png05:05
=== dholbach hugs proppy back
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sacaterall fixed05:08
sacaterjust restarted irssi05:08
sacaterremove the changes05:08
=== sacater [n=sacater@colchester-lug/member/sacater] has joined #ubuntu-motu
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ubotuIf new updated Ubuntu packages are built for an application, then they go into Ubuntu Backports. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports - See also !packaging05:12
ubotuThe packaging guide is at http://doc.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/packagingguide/C/index.html - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Packages/New for information on getting a package integrated into Ubuntu - Other developer resources are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DeveloperResources - See also !backports05:12
sacaterubuntu rules..05:14
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superm1Seveas, ping06:28
=== jussi01 [n=jussi@dyn3-82-128-186-246.psoas.suomi.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
alleejohandc: hi back06:40
johandcCritical moment, i'm on my way out the door.06:41
johandcI successfully built all the 1.4.4-1 packages from feisty06:41
alleejohandc: great!06:41
johandcDid it in a clean qemu edgy environment06:41
johandcBut i'm experiencing some problems though06:41
johandcsudo /etc/init.d/openafs-client restart does not work06:42
johandcThe module fails to unload correctly06:42
johandcPlease try if you can do the same.06:42
alleejohandc: mhh, does depmod -a    help?06:42
alleejohandc: oh you wrote unload, not load06:43
johandcBut dmesg spouts alot of memory errors06:43
johandcThere are no problems loading the module in the first case.06:43
alleejohandc: which old openafs version.  I've see these unload errors too06:43
johandcI can also connect to our afs server, but some issues persist.06:43
alleejohandc: I'll try here with my debs ...06:44
johandcIt seems that the connection disappears some times06:44
johandcPlease also try kinit, aklog and browse afs.06:44
johandcWhen i return i can create a new bugreport about the unload errors.06:44
alleejohandc: I always use klog06:44
johandcwhat's the difference?06:44
alleejohandc: good question ;)06:45
johandcWell, i got to go.06:46
johandcI'll look into the troubles a bit later this evening.06:46
=== pochu [n=emilio@ubuntu/member/pochu] has joined #ubuntu-motu
alleejohandc: I'll be here for some more hours06:46
johandcMaybe the problems is our server, and not the client.06:46
johandcSee you then06:46
alleejohandc: see you06:47
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slytherindholbach: ping07:33
=== ogra [n=ogra@ubuntu/member/ogra] has joined #ubuntu-motu
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slytherinmehulved: Once a UVF has been granted, who is responsible for uploading new version of package?07:39
=== ogra [n=ogra@ubuntu/member/ogra] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== ogra [n=ogra@ubuntu/member/ogra] has joined #ubuntu-motu
lionelslytherin: a MOTU07:45
=== arejay [n=rj@unaffiliated/rj-] has joined #ubuntu-motu
slytherinlionel: Actually, I had filed a UVF long ago. It was approved within a week. But no one touched it after that. I was hoping that package maintainer will upload new version.07:48
=== jussi01 [n=jussi@dyn3-82-128-186-246.psoas.suomi.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
lioneldo you have the bug number?07:49
lionel(I am not a MOTU, I can not upload)07:49
slytherinlionel: 2 minutes07:49
=== superm1 [n=superm1@ubuntu/member/superm1] has joined #ubuntu-motu
slytherinlionel: launchpad not accessible :-( The bug is in package devede07:53
=== damko [n=damko@host177-31-static.106-82-b.business.telecomitalia.it] has joined #ubuntu-motu
damkommm i give up .... debhelper and cdbs are really a nightmare ... too complex to me07:54
damkoreally the use of yada is deprecated ?07:54
damkoor isn't there any other tool suggested for a simple approach to deb packages?07:55
ScottKcdbs is usually pretty simple.07:57
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=== Monk-e [n=guido@c529dd229.cable.wanadoo.nl] has joined #ubuntu-motu
damkoScottK: https://perso.duckcorp.org/duck/cdbs-doc/cdbs-doc.xhtml may be i'm stupid .. but ... what to say .. to difficult 4 me07:58
ScottKCan you find an existing php package you can copy off of?  That's how I did my first one.07:59
damkoScottK: yes done php-doc and phpmyadmin are quite clean07:59
damkoanyway I really can't understand how to write, in a serious way, the rules file and the others08:00
=== JanC [n=janc@lugwv/member/JanC] has joined #ubuntu-motu
slytherinlionel: bug 9515308:04
ubotuMalone bug 95153 in devede "Please sync to latest version 2.12 from debian-multimedia" [Medium,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/9515308:04
=== kofler [n=kofler@fw.bcp.org] has joined #ubuntu-motu
koflerCan you add custom made Debian packages to an apt-mirror run on a LAN without setting up a separate repository?08:04
dholbachslytherin: pong08:06
damkokofler: ... u should find a way to add your package to the list file08:06
koflerdamko: Well, in this particular case, it's a patch that's trivial and wouldn't be sufficient for the community at large.08:07
koflerdamko: But there is another package I will seriously consider doing that for.08:08
koflerdamko: Although, REVU doesn't seem to be reviewed very often any more.08:08
slytherindholbach: if you are not too busy can you please take care of bug 95153? The UVF was granted long time back but looks like package maintainer is too busy to upload new version.08:08
ubotuMalone bug 95153 in devede "Please sync to latest version 2.12 from debian-multimedia" [Medium,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/9515308:09
dholbachslytherin: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SponsorshipProcess08:09
dholbachslytherin: I'm quite busy... sorry08:09
damkokofler: I don't think I'm the right to discuss this topic08:09
slytherindholbach: No issues. I will check the link.08:09
damkokofler: sorry08:10
damkohave to go08:10
damkobye and thanks08:10
=== damko [n=damko@host177-31-static.106-82-b.business.telecomitalia.it] has left #ubuntu-motu []
dholbachkofler: do you want to get a patch included in Ubuntu or what are you trying to do?08:10
koflerdholbach: Two separate things.08:10
=== slytherin hugs dholbach for all the nice work he does.
=== dholbach hugs slytherin back
dholbachslytherin: thanks for all your work too08:10
koflerdholbach: One package is something I will never consider submitting to Ubuntu. Put it this way, I made something use case insensitivity (by modifying the upstream source) when it currently resides using case sensitiveness.08:11
=== bronson [n=bronson@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
koflerdholbach: The other package is something that a lot of people seem to want but no one seems to want to put the effort in. I know the process for this, so I will do that later on.08:11
koflerdholbach: My question for the first package was how to add that package into the apt-mirror hosted locally without setting up a separate 'localhost' repository.08:11
dholbachkofler: Ok, I see. Feel free to ping in here or on ubuntu-motu@lists.ubuntu.com if there's not enough attention on your new package08:12
dholbachkofler: thought it will be rather gutsy and not feisty (we're too late in the game for NEW packages)08:12
koflerdholbach: I also have a couple of packages on REVU, but I don't see a large number of them not being reviewed. I just wanted to categorically put that out there.08:12
koflergutsy is the name for feisty+1 now eh? Interesting...08:12
dholbachkofler: we are working on improving the process08:12
dholbachkofler: "gutsy gibbon" - Mark announced it today08:13
koflerdholbach: That's always good to hear :)08:13
dholbachkofler: for now, please ping either in here or on the motu mailing list for a review08:13
dholbachkofler: if that doesn't help - drop me a mail and I'll take some time to review those packages08:13
dholbachkofler: are you using apt-ftparchive?08:14
dholbachok, I need to leave for now - see you later in the motu meeting08:15
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bddebianDamnit, I was SOO hoping for Grumpy Gnu08:21
=== bddebian hides
koflerDoes that mean that all the new packages put into REVU should be using gutsy wherever they were currently using feisty?08:22
=== esaym [n=user@cpe-72-183-202-162.satx.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
bddebianOnce it opens they will need changed yes08:23
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nixternalOK, I need a sed monkey08:45
=== fowlduck [n=nate@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
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=== somerville32 wishes he had a sed monkey.
=== Monk-e [n=guido@c529dd229.cable.wanadoo.nl] has joined #ubuntu-motu
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=== welshbyte wonders what a sed monkey is
=== doko [n=doko@dslb-088-074-027-129.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
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sistpotyhi folks09:08
=== alleeHol [n=ach@lapex-mcallee.mpe.mpg.de] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== gnomefreak [n=gnomefre@ubuntu/member/gnomefreak] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== Lin [n=igor@unaffiliated/LinCity] has joined #ubuntu-motu
Linhow can I change a keymap on feisty? I couldn't find any keymap on /usr/share/keymaps/. What is setupcon? it hasn't a man page?  What happned with old linux wizardy? Im scared! 09:23
Linhi all ;-) before ;-)09:23
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sacaterhey, i removed wacom tools from my xorg.conf, and now xserver dosnt work09:42
sacaterwhats going on?09:42
=== xtknight [n=xtknight@c-68-43-122-102.hsd1.mi.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
_MMA_sacater: Put it back. Same thing happened to me but I didnt look into it yet.09:45
sacaterupload /var/log/Xorg.0.log please09:45
sacaterrafb.net/paste will do09:45
sacaterokay wtf09:46
sacateri didnt say that...09:46
sacateryes you did09:46
sacaternot me!09:46
sacateroh yes you did!09:47
sacaterokay wtf is that09:47
=== superm1 [n=superm1@ubuntu/member/superm1] has joined #ubuntu-motu
sacateris it spaceinvadr?09:47
sacateri dt09:47
=== sacater_ [n=sacater@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== jekil [n=alessand@host246-233-dynamic.14-87-r.retail.telecomitalia.it] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== tsmithe [n=tsmithe@ubuntu/member/tsmithe] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== gnomefreak wants the drugs hes on
sacatermagical pixie dust09:52
sacater_its not me09:52
=== _czessi [n=Czessi@dslb-088-073-063-087.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
sacater_someone is using my irssi09:52
sacater_i sweat09:52
sacater_i swear*09:52
sacater_and i know who it is too09:52
gnomefreakeasy way to fix that09:53
sacaterthat would be telling09:53
gnomefreaklog off  ;)09:53
sacater_i tried that09:53
sacater_he is abusing screen on a mates servewr09:53
sacater_he cant do sacater_ as thats local09:54
=== umarmung [n=holger@p54AA4005.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== spaceinvader [n=server@unaffiliated/spaceinvader] has joined #ubuntu-motu
spaceinvaderhaha pixie dust09:56
=== sacater [n=sacater@colchester-lug/member/sacater] has joined #ubuntu-motu
sacaterok i think i am me again09:57
sacatersorry about that09:57
sacatersomeone abused my mates server admin abilities09:57
sacaterand took over screen09:57
spaceinvaderi abused you ;p09:58
spaceinvaderand su sacater, screen -x isnt exactly "taking over"09:58
sacateranother screenie...09:58
sacaterits a PITA09:59
spaceinvaderanyway, both of you pastebin /var/log/Xorg.*.log09:59
=== philwyett [n=philwyet@bb-87-81-146-45.ukonline.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu-motu
sacatervery wekk09:59
sacatermine is working now10:00
sacateri did startx10:00
sacaterand it came back, but sometimes it fails sometimes not10:00
sacaterill paste though...10:00
spaceinvaderi did that since i found you hacking10:00
sacaterwhat was i hacking?10:00
spaceinvaderrm -rf bin/10:00
spaceinvaderrm -rf spaceinvader/10:00
spaceinvaderthat isnt nice10:00
sacaterhee hee10:01
sacaterwell yeah..10:01
spaceinvadereven if you dont have the permissions, thats still intent10:01
sacatercan we shake up and declare 'even'10:01
=== sacater shakes spaceinvader's hand
=== spaceinvader uses electric buzzy thing
spaceinvaderi dont think we can access that10:01
sacaterwhich one?10:02
spaceinvaderall of them10:02
sacaterim asking10:02
sacaterwhich one do you want10:02
spaceinvaderfile:// points to your machine...10:02
sacaterill use paste.py for that10:02
sacateri know thqat10:02
spaceinvaderdo ls -l and gimme the most recent one10:02
_MMA_This is really unnecessary in the channel. 10:02
=== giskard [n=giskard@213-140-22-74.fastres.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== rmjb [n=richard@cuscon17840.tstt.net.tt] has joined #ubuntu-motu
sacaterspaceinvader: http://rafb.net/p/N7HwS976.html10:04
=== mrpouit [n=mrpouit@ubuntu/member/mrpouit] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== cxd [n=karlrhs@c-76-23-14-66.hsd1.ut.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
cxdHello all.10:06
sacaterspaceinvader: that one obviously dosnt have the errors10:06
sacaterspaceinvader: must be an earlier one10:06
cxdI want to know how to have a program included in k/ubuntu.10:07
_MMA_cxd: On install or in the repos?10:08
cxdthe repos10:08
_MMA_cxd: Can you package?10:08
=== Q-FUNK [n=q-funk@a88-114-229-220.elisa-laajakaista.fi] has joined #ubuntu-motu
cxdI have never attempted to package myself, I am a newbee.10:08
rmjbcxd: look here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Packages/Candidates10:09
_MMA_Would you like to learn?10:09
_MMA_There ya go.10:09
rmjbintro completely10:09
cxdLearning is good.10:09
rmjbsorry, read the intro completely10:09
sacaterspaceinvader: i just tried to make an xsession, and got you a lovely error report10:10
spaceinvaderpaste away10:10
DktrKranzwhat if a package only has a version number but no revision at all? should a modified package ship -0ubuntu1 revision?10:10
sacaterspaceinvader: http://rafb.net/p/ZD606426.html10:11
=== phanatic [n=phanatic@ubuntu/member/phanatic] has joined #ubuntu-motu
sacaterspaceinvader: i did sudo startx -- :1 and the the nvidia driver logo flashed up fine, then the screen becomes greyish with black dots10:12
spaceinvaderthats normal10:12
spaceinvaderthats just x when there is nothing running on it10:12
rmjbDktrKranz: that sounds about right, you mean if there's no debian version?10:12
cxdok I have looked at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Packages/Candidates and the package I would like included in not there?10:13
DktrKranzrmjb, yes10:14
DktrKranzi was referring to gallimimus10:14
rmjbcxd: file a bug named [needs-packaging]  <package name> and make sure it has the needs-packaging tag10:14
DktrKranzversion 0.1.010:14
rmjbcxd: but you should also check the debian-wnpp link on that page to see if it's in progress in debian10:15
rmjbDktrKranz: in that case yes, it would be versioned <version>-0ubuntu110:15
cxdI will check the debian link first.10:15
DktrKranzok, thanks :)10:15
sacaterspaceinvader: so what do you think the troubles are about then?10:16
spaceinvaderthere are none it seems10:16
spaceinvadertry egrep '(EE)|(WW)' /var/log/Xorg.*10:16
rmjbhow do I set a needs-packaging bug to wishlist? that option is not available to me on launchpad.10:17
sacatererm its big10:17
sacateri will paste...10:17
spaceinvaderpipe it into pypaste10:17
Adri2000rmjb: ask someone who is in the qa team10:17
spaceinvaderegrep '(EE)|(WW)' /var/log/Xorg.* | pypaste.py -n sacater -d 'x errors'10:18
spaceinvadersacater: ^10:18
rmjbAdri2000: is membership to that team open so I can do it myself?10:18
cxdok I have checked the debian links and nothing is mentioned about the package I wan't.10:18
Adri2000rmjb: it's a restricted team10:18
gnomefreakrmjb: bug number?10:18
rmjbcxd: then file the bug :)10:18
ScottKrmjb: What bug?10:19
gnomefreakrmjb: you have to apply for qa10:19
cxdhow long does this process take be realistic so I know what to expect.10:19
rmjbjust a general question... because we tell people to set the bug as wishlist, but they can't10:19
Adri2000rmjb: s/restricted/moderated/ actually, it's how launchpad calls it10:19
gnomefreakrmjb: if you talk to bdmurry (atleast im fairly sure he is the one now) in #ubuntu-bugs about joining10:20
sacaterspaceinvader: http://rafb.net/p/i8TuRo24.html10:20
spaceinvadersacater: another tip, /set awl_automode screen for a cooler looking chan list10:20
sacaterspaceinvader: it had better be cooler10:21
ScottKrmjb: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuQA10:21
spaceinvaderit goes down the side10:21
spaceinvadersomewhat like xcha10:21
sacaterbad for me10:21
rmjbScottK, gnomefreak: didn't want to join qa... still working through MOTU :) just a question, the wording of the Candidates page will have to change, that's all10:21
sacaterspaceinvader: use screen -x again, i dont mind this time10:22
gnomefreakoh ok sorry10:22
sacaterspaceinvader: youll see...10:22
ScottKJoining QA is a lot easier than becoming a MOTU.10:22
gnomefreakyes it is10:22
sacateryes i allow it this time10:22
sacaterjust to see what you have done10:22
=== gnomefreak cant join motu :(
spaceinvadersacater: i know what it looks like anyway10:22
rmjbIn that case i'll look at QA... something to get Ubuntu membership :)10:22
sacaterspaceinvader: no no, mine looks bad things are everywher10:22
=== rmjb still wants to be a MOTU some day though
spaceinvaderhit ctrl-l10:23
spaceinvaderctrl-alt l10:23
spaceinvaderctrl-alt a l10:23
spaceinvaderor /redraw10:23
sacaterthats better10:23
spaceinvaderany better?10:23
spaceinvaderre do screen -DRR10:23
rmjbcxd: got through with the needs-packaging request?10:23
ScottKrmjb: It took me about a day to get accepted into bugsquad, put the requested info together (pastebin is good), and then get bdmurray to look at it and accept me into QA.10:23
gnomefreakScottK: how would i go about proving my packaging if mine go through a core devel10:23
spaceinvaderthen it should come back normal10:24
sacaterit is better10:24
ScottKgnomefreak: Not sure what you mean?10:24
sacaterbut i cant see last channels10:24
spaceinvaderwhat do you mean10:24
spaceinvaderis your window too small?10:24
sacateri have more channels than 3610:24
sacaterand 36 is all that fit down the side10:25
cxdno I am still reading on the packaging request.10:25
spaceinvadermake the window taller?10:25
sacaterits at full10:25
sacaterim gonna keep it as it was10:25
sacaterhow do i revert back?10:25
gnomefreakScottK: the packages i package are either in my repo testing for gutsy or in main. asac takes my package and respins it if i patched it or what not10:25
rmjbcxd: it helps if you look at an existing needs-packaging bug to see what is needed, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/103828 for example10:25
ubotuMalone bug 103828 in Ubuntu "[needs packaging]  Simple Invoices" [Wishlist,In progress]  10:25
gnomefreakScottK: i have never put package through revu10:25
spaceinvadersacater: /set awl_automode bar10:25
ScottKgnomefreak: Then start with Gutsy.10:26
sacaterthats more like it10:26
gnomefreakill try.10:26
sacaterspaceinvader: did you review that egrep output?10:26
ScottKgnomefreak: Does asac leave your name in the changelog?10:26
spaceinvadersacater: yeah10:26
sacaterspaceinvader: good?10:26
=== sacater thinks bad
spaceinvadersacater: it looks like you have defined too many input devices10:27
ScottKIf so, it should be clear it's your work regardless of the path.10:27
spaceinvadersacater: upload /etc/X11/xorg.conf10:27
gnomefreakScottK: iceape is packaged and ready for gutsy almost but i think he will be uploading it since its one less step10:27
=== dholbach_ [n=daniel@i59F72060.versanet.de] has joined #ubuntu-motu
gnomefreakScottK: not sure never looked. i know he added me as a contributor to one patch10:27
sacaterspaceinvader: http://rafb.net/p/k7ksfV21.html10:27
=== jdong [n=jdong@ubuntu/member/jdong] has joined #ubuntu-motu
cxdthank you for that.10:28
sacaterspaceinvader: seems fine to me10:28
ScottKgnomefreak: Check and see if the packages show up in your name on your LP page?10:28
rmjbcxd: if you'd like to help you can convert some requests from the Candidates page to needs-packaging bugs :)10:29
cxdi would love to help, but let me figure out how to file my request correctly first.10:30
rmjbyeah no probs... just sayin10:30
spaceinvadersacater: looking10:30
cxdI want to do this correctly.10:30
gnomefreakScottK: under Package maintenance report is nothing. so i guess he has changed them. 10:30
rmjbgnomefreak: what package?10:31
ScottKIf you continue to go through him, you might want to ask him not to.10:31
spaceinvadersacater: yeah its fine10:31
gnomefreakScottK: ok10:31
sacaterspaceinvader: so whats going on then10:31
gnomefreakwell lets see what happens with iceape10:31
spaceinvaderperhaps you had mixed up xorg.confs10:31
spaceinvaderbut the one you have now is fine10:31
gnomefreakonce i get it ready after toolchain10:31
sacaterspaceinvader: btw, sort out descarte's keyboard locale, i cant do pound signs10:31
spaceinvaderthats not that, thats utf-810:31
spaceinvaderi can fix it though10:32
spaceinvaderjust this once ;p10:32
sacaterspaceinvader: any other ideas what could be messing up with my xserver10:32
ScottKgnomefreak: I've done everything I've done through REVU and debdiffs on bug reports in LP - https://launchpad.net/~kitterman/+packages10:32
=== reggaemanu [n=manu@ARennes-257-1-41-113.w81-53.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu-motu
sacaterspaceinvader: how do i switch xservers. something = F710:34
=== salty-horse [n=ori@pdpc/supporter/active/salty-horse] has joined #ubuntu-motu
spaceinvaderctrl-alt f7?10:35
spaceinvadersacater: right, run /set term_charset UTF-8 in irssi10:35
spaceinvadersacater: then detach screen10:35
spaceinvadersacater: logout completley from descartes10:35
spaceinvadersacater: then log back in and reattach10:35
salty-horsehi. are there any plans to package the 32-bit libraries required by wine for amd64? It will really help the usability of ubuntu (even though it conflicts with the debian approach(?))10:36
=== guibis [n=guibis@byq231.neoplus.adsl.tpnet.pl] has joined #ubuntu-motu
sacaterspaceinvader: oh lookee10:36
spaceinvaderthat was quick of you10:36
sacateri get that for a pound sign10:36
sacaterspaceinvader: thank you10:36
spaceinvaderas a result, all theses german people's names will work too10:36
sacaterspaceinvader: meh, go to #welp10:36
=== superm1 [n=superm1@ubuntu/member/superm1] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== arejay [n=rj@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
cxdok I have filed my bug according to the template you gave.10:40
cxdbug 10597510:40
ubotuMalone bug 105975 in Ubuntu "[needs-packaging]  manslide" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/10597510:40
=== muzzol_ [n=muzzol@62-43-95-243.user.ono.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== sistpoty is off again... cya
rmjbcxd: looks good, better than my packaging request :P10:43
cxdI think it is actually a kde program I do not know if that makes any difference.10:43
=== dholbach [n=daniel@i59F72060.versanet.de] has joined #ubuntu-motu
cxdI do not want to have to use a windows program if there is a linux GPL alternative out there.10:45
=== jekil [n=alessand@host36-229-dynamic.5-87-r.retail.telecomitalia.it] has joined #ubuntu-motu
ScottKcxd: You should consider packaging it yourself.10:46
ScottKPeople here will help you (after the Feisty release).10:46
cxdOk but I am a newbe and I have little experience.10:47
rmjbcxd: does that app have a site of it's own?10:47
cxdyes I listed the url on the URL https://launchpad.net/bugs/10597510:48
ubotuMalone bug 105975 in Ubuntu "[needs-packaging]  manslide" [Wishlist,Unconfirmed]  10:48
ScottKcxd: That's how everyone starts.  This is a good place to do it (start).  I started working on packaging here in December and had my first package accepted into Debian yesterday.10:48
rmjbcxd: I meant not on kde-apps... but I guess it doesn't... the freshmeat page links to kde-apps also10:48
rmjbScottK surpassed me... because I got distracted by cedega over christmas :(10:49
rmjbbut I still have my mark on ubuntu... I've packaged iriverter which is in feisty :)10:50
=== ScottK is way to old to get distracted by stuff like that.
=== blackskad [n=blackska@d54C4A53D.access.telenet.be] has left #ubuntu-motu []
bddebianScottK: Don't talk to me about old :)10:50
ScottKcxd: I good way to get started learning the packaging stuff is to find bugs in LP that are tagged both bitesize and packaging.10:51
ScottKbddebian: You are WAY younger than me.10:51
bddebianI just wanted to hear that.  Usually I'm the old man ;-P10:51
rmjbcxd: since that's *the* side for manslide it looks good10:52
ScottKI have a daughter tsmithe's age. (I think it was tsmithe).10:52
tsmithei am 15, yes10:52
rmjbcxd: if you want to help you can do something easy by just converting some packaging requests from the Candidates page to needs-packaging bugs10:53
ScottKYeah.  tsmithe was the one.10:54
cxdI would love to help do you have some instructions for me.10:54
rmjbcxd: great! it's easy to do, just there's a lot so every contribution helps, just go through the list on the Candidates page I linked you and file an equivalent bug for it... that page was the old way of doing things10:55
=== luisbg [n=d33p@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== Ademan [n=dan@h-69-3-235-237.snfccasy.dynamic.covad.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
rmjbcxd: when you've created the bug, delete the line on the Candidates page by using the Edit link at the top10:56
gnomefreakbreezy support is gone right?10:57
Nafallotomorrow :-)10:57
NafalloThu, 12 Apr 2007 22:57:53 +020010:57
ajmitchnot soon enough10:58
ajmitchof course dapper will be around for a long long time10:59
Nafallodon't remind me ;-)10:59
ajmitch5 years is a lifetime in this business :)10:59
Nafallobut I actually have a server on dapper :-P10:59
=== ajmitch also
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cxdOK where do I find the Candidates page?11:01
=== finalbeta [n=gggggggg@d54C6865D.access.telenet.be] has joined #ubuntu-motu
cxdrmjb where is the Candidates page so I can look at it?11:08
TheMusoSo do we have a meeting/11:10
TheMusoLooks like there has been no change to the ajenda.11:10
ScottKcxd: I think he means https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Packages/Candidates11:11
cxdthank you ScottK.11:12
freacky22527cxd: also have a look to needs-packaging tagged bugs ;)11:16
TheMusogah I missed it. Stupid me.11:17
TheMusonever mind11:17
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cxdok will someone look at this one that I have fixed is there anything else I need to to do? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/7864211:25
ubotuMalone bug 78642 in Ubuntu "[needs-packaging]  kuvio for Multiverse" [Wishlist,Unconfirmed]  11:25
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cxdI just go down to list and change the title to [needs-packaging] 11:27
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ScottKcxd: If you want an easy bug fix to learn on (after the release), see this one: Bug #10556711:29
ubotuMalone bug 105567 in mantis "Apparently missing mysql-client dependency" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/10556711:29
ScottKcxd: Bug #78642 looks good to me.11:31
ubotuMalone bug 78642 in Ubuntu "[needs-packaging]  kuvio for Multiverse" [Wishlist,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/7864211:31
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cxdI can see that everyone is busy getting ready for the new release.  Would it be better if I come back after the new release so you all can teach me how to help.11:35
ScottKThe real experts are busy with the release.  Us peons are pretty free, so I don't think there's a need to go away.11:36
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salty-horsehi. I noticed that the scummvm entry in gnome-app-install doesn't has the default golden square icon. After I installed it, I see the icon. How come I can see icons for other games that are not installed?11:39
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Fujitsusalty-horse: The script that generates the app-install data doesn't seem to be grabbing the icon properly.11:44
salty-horseFujitsu, which script exactly?11:45
Fujitsusalty-horse: Not sure where it is.11:46
salty-horseis it documented anywhere?11:46
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fgcwattnewbie question: is it ok to test and fix bugs on vmware guest?11:54
sacaterhey guys, was there an update that removed the bug reporter from the menu, guy here complains that there was https://answers.launchpad.net/malone/+ticket/470011:56
danohuiginnsacater: I believe so. check archives of ubuntu-devel11:58
danohuiginn(email list)11:58
DktrKranzsacater, it was decided to remove them11:58
sacaterthats another answer for sacater :P11:58
welshbytethere's no I in team ;)11:59
jmgtheres no U in team either, moron12:00
jmg(not calling welshbyte a moron there, just completing the quote)12:00
jmg(we're all friends here)12:00
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welshbyteno offence taken :)12:00
jmg(<3 welshbyte)12:00
sacaterDktrKranz: quick check... will it be added after feisty has been officially released (i hope so, as there will be a ton of bugs :P)12:01
DktrKranzI don't think so12:01
fgcwattI'm running ubuntu in vmware guest. Is it ok to test and fix bugs in it?12:01
sacaterDktrKranz: why not?12:02
sacaterDktrKranz: surely we need people to report bugs..12:02
DktrKranzof course12:02
sacaterso it will be added back...12:02
DktrKranzbut we do *not* want to have dupes12:02
DktrKranzsince almost every bug has been reported during development12:03
DktrKranzit was decited to pull it off12:03
jmgDktrKranz: so we want triagers12:03
jmgto find the dupes12:03
DktrKranzjmg, using apport is easier12:04
jmg"almost every bug"12:04
DktrKranzyou have a full backtrace12:04
jmgdont you know what bug triage is?12:04
jmgonly on crashes?12:04
sacaterwow this guy dosnt want much https://answers.launchpad.net/edubuntu-website/+ticket/457812:04
DktrKranzwell, apport just reports crashes, if I mind well12:05
sacateranyone know the answer to any of the 5 things he wants/12:05
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fgcwattAny Motu's here?12:05
sacaterfgcwatt: of course12:05
ajmitchsacater: maybe ask in #edubuntu?12:06
sacatermany of us are12:06
DktrKranzsacater, perhaps using sabayon?12:06
sacaterill ask about12:06
fgcwattwell...can I use a vmware image to test and fix bugs with it?12:06
TheMusoMorning ajmitch.12:07
DktrKranzfgcwatt, of course, it's a great way to do so12:07
fgcwattgreat thanks.... some folks would say otherwise12:07
ajmitchmorning TheMuso 12:08
sacaterits 11:10 pm here12:09
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