joejaxxasac: gnomefreak should i be at the next meeting?12:40
=== gnomefreak gonna try and be there :)
=== gnomefreak dont know what is gonna be topics for the meeting. im assuming most of what is there was defered
asacjoejaxx: if you have something to discuss feel free to propose a topic :)12:57
gnomefreaki was just about to ping you12:57
=== asac runs away ;)
gnomefreakfeisty+1 are we dumping libnspr4 and libnss?12:57
asacno ... they come from different place12:58
asaci will give you infos too12:58
asacyou would have to build those as well for your archive ... then respin iceape and firefox-trunk12:58
asacusing those12:58
gnomefreakusing libnss and libnspr4?12:59
asacif we have nss + nspr in your archive and all mozilla apps using those, we are close to what we want in feisty12:59
poningruwoah nice12:59
gnomefreakdont they already use them?12:59
gnomefreakoh ok12:59
asacfirefox provides them ... but thats bad ... others duplicate them mostly12:59
gnomefreakwell ill make you a deal ill add them to depends you add them to rules?01:00
asacyou won't have to change anything01:00
gnomefreakoh sweet01:01
gnomefreakgive me a hint and ill start with iceape mt5 with those01:01
asachow big are your changes to iceape atm?01:02
asace.g. what does a bzr diff give you?01:02
gnomefreaktells me its not a branch01:03
gnomefreakno matter where im cd'ed into01:03
asacyou are on svn :)01:04
asacwhat does svn diff yield :)01:04
gnomefreakwill be up in a minute01:05
gnomefreakmostly cosmetic01:06
gnomefreakyou made biggest change01:06
asacwhat did you do with the changelog?01:06
asacyou wiped all history?01:06
gnomefreakhad to or it wouldnt build01:07
gnomefreakit kept bitching at me for version01:07
asacah thats bullshit :)01:07
gnomefreaknot here its not.01:07
asacit builds unchanged, right?01:07
=== gnomefreak can add it back and give you errors
gnomefreakif i did not change version to mt it would have built01:08
asacdo an svn revert debian/changelog01:08
asacthis will wipe out your changes01:08
gnomefreaki have to clean it first01:09
gnomefreaksvn: Your .svn/tmp directory may be missing or corrupt; run 'svn cleanup' and try again01:09
gnomefreaksvn cleanup gives me that error01:09
asacrun it from inside debian dir01:10
gnomefreak.svn is there tmp is not there01:10
asacsvn revert changelog01:10
gnomefreaki did01:10
gnomefreakthats where i had to run all of the svn commands01:11
asacsvn status ?01:11
asacsvn status -q01:11
asacnot the first :)01:11
gnomefreak  L    .01:12
gnomefreakM      control01:12
gnomefreakM      rules01:12
gnomefreakM      remove.nonfree01:12
gnomefreakM      changelog01:12
=== gnomefreak knows each of those changes
asacyour working copy is locked01:12
asacaka 'L'01:12
asacyou must have killed a running svn process or something01:13
gnomefreaknot that i know of :(01:13
gnomefreaknot since the last build01:13
asacapparently you did01:13
asacwhy would it lock otherwise?01:13
asacmaybe svn unlock helps?01:13
=== gnomefreak doesnt know but after build i changes repo stuff and that was it
asacrepo stuff?01:14
gnomefreaksvn: Not enough arguments provided; try 'svn help' for more info01:14
gnomefreakasac: yeah the uploading of packages the release file the packages.gz and sources.gz01:15
asacsvn unlock .01:15
asacas . is locked according to status01:15
asacdoes it do something?01:15
gnomefreakim in debian and running that it tells me svn: '/home/gnomefreak/iceape-feisty/iceape-1.1.1' is not a working copy01:16
gnomefreaksvn unlocik .svn?01:16
asachmmm ... maybe go to #svn ... paste the status and ask how you can remove the lock please ... i guess you will have the answer in a minute01:16
asachonestly i have no idea ... and i don't like svn :)01:16
gnomefreakthere will see what happens01:17
gnomefreaksad. i know noone in there :(01:20
asacis there a lock file somewhere?01:21
asacin .svn01:22
asacfind .svn | grep lock ;)01:22
gnomefreakremove it?01:22
asacif you are brave yes01:23
asacmaybe backup the svn diff somewhere01:23
asacso you can reapply in case it breaks things01:23
gnomefreakopk where were we01:23
gnomefreakwhy not grab my source and ill just re-add all other changelog entries i should still have them01:26
gnomefreakand i will attempt to build it again with all entries in there01:27
asacbecause this is no long term solution ... better get used to technologies now when we still have no urgent things :)01:27
gnomefreaksvn isnt working atm :(01:27
gnomefreakeverything i give it it tells me to kiss its ass01:27
asacyeah ... then backup the diff to some file01:28
asacand reapply diff01:28
gnomefreakit cant open .svn/entries and thats bull shit because i catted it no problem01:28
asacsvn diff > $HOME/backup.patch01:28
asacthen remove debian dir01:28
asaccheckout again01:28
asacand do01:28
asacpatch -p1 < $HOME/backup.patch01:28
asacthis way you have the state you have now ... but without the lock01:29
asacgnomefreak: you must not edit anything in .svn01:29
asacthats why you cannot open .svn/entries01:29
asacanyway ... follow instructions above will heal you01:29
asacthen you can do svn revert changelog01:29
gnomefreaksvn will not work at all01:30
gnomefreaktyhat was my fault01:30
asacyou edited some files?01:30
asacin .svn?01:30
asacwhy else?01:30
gnomefreaki was in wrong dir01:30
asacwhen doing what?01:31
asacso now go to right dir :)01:31
gnomefreaksaving the diff i wasnt in debian01:31
gnomefreaki did already01:31
asacah ... ok01:31
asacnow its gone ?01:31
gnomefreakremoving debian dir atm01:31
asacok ... so everything is ok? diff done et al?01:32
gnomefreakyes im going for checkout atm01:32
asacuff ;)01:32
gnomefreaki should be in debian to run the patch p1 command?01:33
gnomefreakreapplying the diff01:33
asacyes in debian01:35
gnomefreakfile to patch  i want changelog?01:36
gnomefreakThe text leading up to this was:01:36
gnomefreak|Index: control01:36
gnomefreak|--- control    (revision 39888)01:36
gnomefreak|+++ control    (working copy)01:36
gnomefreakor control?01:36
gnomefreaklast update i changed contrl rules and changelog01:38
gnomefreaki dont have an issue since it says control to patch the control file but what happens when i get down to changelog. oh maybe i can01:49
gnomefreakok changelog now starts with your latest change01:50
gnomefreakdo i add one changelog entry and make all changes to it than build?01:51
=== feistyman [n=chatzill@adsl-69-110-66-167.dsl.sktn01.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
gnomefreakor just make a trival change to test?01:53
=== feistyman_ [n=chatzill@adsl-69-110-66-167.dsl.sktn01.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
gnomefreakok new source is built. are we just testing this or am i building a mt501:58
gnomefreakand can i name it mt5 in the changelog without my other changelog entries in there or do i need to start with mt0?01:58
asacyou should get used to keep changelog histroy01:59
asacwe might reset it once before we release this time (because there are lots of trial and error uploads i guess) ... but keeping is good02:00
asacthats an example that i tried and that worked02:00
=== gnomefreak is gonna try this
Admiral_Chicagois minefield just trunk mozilla products?02:04
gnomefreakfx3 is trunk build iirc02:05
Admiral_Chicagowell someone asked the difference between Paradiso and Minefield02:05
Admiral_Chicagoi realized that I didn't know02:05
Admiral_Chicagoah i see that now. yup02:06
gnomefreaki think minefield is official branding and gran paradiso is unofficial branding but as asac for better understanding of that02:07
gnomefreakok off to eat i have it building wish i would have saved the damn error :(02:09
gnomefreakif i get it again i will have it02:09
Admiral_Chicagognomefreak: can you link me to your repo again?02:14
gnomefreakapplying patch 10_components_no_exec to ./ ... failed.02:17
gnomefreakthe errors have started asac02:17
gnomefreakAdmiral_Chicago: yeah give me a sec02:17
gnomefreakAdmiral_Chicago: deb http://gnomefreak.youmortals.com/mozilla-testing feisty main02:18
gnomefreakdeb-src http://gnomefreak.youmortals.com/mozilla-testing feisty main02:18
gnomefreakill fuck with this tomorrow night02:19
gnomefreaknight meaning good night not tomorrow night02:42
Admiral_Chicagohaha. night gnomefreak02:42
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[Cade] gnomefreak: Are there any plans to wrap up Thunderbird2 RC1?04:27
=== asac_ [n=asac@debian/developer/asac] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
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asacbug 10559311:05
ubotuMalone bug 105593 in restricted-manager "claims that nvidia is in use on live system" [Undecided,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/10559311:05
Admiral_Chicago...why are we looking at this?11:06
asacAdmiral_Chicago: -> meeting :)11:24
asacjust didn't want to clutter meeting chat with bug title ;)11:24
Admiral_Chicago@now Chicago11:25
ubotuCurrent time in America/Chicago: April 12 2007, 04:25:03 - Next meeting: MOTU in 10 hours 34 minutes11:25
asacso i came here to talk to ubotu11:25
Admiral_Chicagoah I see11:25
asacdevelopment meetingi s now11:25
asachas been moved because of release11:25
Admiral_Chicagosounds good11:25
Admiral_Chicagolet me see the general chatter11:25
asacbug 10002111:33
ubotuMalone bug 100021 in network-manager "[Feisty]  LTSP fails on multi-homed server due to network manager touching predefined static interfaces" [Undecided,Fix released]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/10002111:33
gnomefreak\@schedule new_york01:37
gnomefreak@schedule new_york01:37
ubotuSchedule for America/New_York: 12 Apr 16:00: MOTU | 12 Apr 16:00: Development Team | 12 Apr 17:00: Ubuntu Development Team | 13 Apr 16:00: Forum Council | 17 Apr 11:00: Kernel Team | 17 Apr 16:00: Community Council01:37
gnomefreakasac: sorry bout yesterday the package was scribus not iceape so i just figured that is the way it needed to be.01:49
asacgnomefreak: ? i can't remember ;)01:51
gnomefreakthe changelog01:51
=== gnomefreak might be overreading marks email but looks like anything without full source code will not be in gutsy
asacaha ;)01:52
asacwhat does it mean?01:53
gnomefreakUbuntu 7.10 will feature a new flavour - as yet unnamed - which01:54
gnomefreaktakes an ultra-orthodox view of licensing: no firmware, drivers,01:54
gnomefreakimagery, sounds, applications, or other content which do not include01:54
gnomefreakfull source materials and come with full rights of modification,01:54
gnomefreakremixing and redistribution.01:54
gnomefreakis that the same you get from that?01:55
poningruwhere are you reading that dude?01:56
gnomefreakOur aim is to open Gutsy for general01:56
gnomefreakupload on the same day that Feisty is released. Wherever you are, that01:56
gnomefreakwill be a day for celebration. Go ape!01:56
gnomefreakponingru: email01:56
poningruright to whom?01:56
gnomefreakdevel announcment mailing list01:56
asacGo ape!01:59
asaci guess that means we ship iceape in main :)01:59
gnomefreakgibbons == an ape?01:59
gnomefreakGutsy Gibbon is full name of devel release01:59
=== gnomefreak hasnt had a chance to look it up yet
asaci think gibbons are no primates ... aka stupid apes02:00
asacoh its a primate ;)02:01
asacanyway ... i still think they are less developed than (chimpanzees, gorillas, orangutans and humans)02:02
=== poningru rofls
poningruI think humans are at teh bottom of that chain ;)02:03
=== gnomefreak agrees with that but its ok :)
poningruhumans: the stupidest of all apes02:04
asacyeah ... humas are no primates but deathmates02:04
gnomefreakasac: anyway we can make upgrading iceape to official in repos from mt02:13
asactransition will be smooth02:13
gnomefreakk good02:13
asacif people have our mt archive, they will get whatever is newer02:14
asace.g. mt ... or official02:14
gnomefreakso upgrading from mt to ubuntu1 isnt gonna cause an issue like it has in past with us02:14
asacyes ... because we have a full archive with Release.gpg et al02:15
asaccurrently feisty ... maybe we want to add gutsy there as well as soon as its available02:16
gnomefreakthey will be opening for uploads (toolchain) not sure if before feisty release or the day its released02:17
asacyeah ... first they update toolchain02:17
asacas soon as feisty comes out we can upload as well02:18
gnomefreakyou would have to check with keybuk on the details. im 95% sure hes scott02:18
asache is02:18
gnomefreakwe cant really do anything with out tool chain02:18
asacyes and no02:18
asacwe can do everything in feisty02:18
asacthen hope that new toolchain is not too broken02:19
asacso respin will just succeed02:19
gnomefreakyeah thats true02:19
asacwe probably have to wait for loads of dependencies to be available02:19
=== gnomefreak will be upgrading to gutsy as i have done in past within 2 weeks of repos opening
asacyeah ... thats heroic ;)02:20
asaci go for chroots ;)02:20
gnomefreakwell iirc most of our depends are >feistys version02:20
asacyeah ... but those need to be respun02:20
asacwith new toolchain02:20
gnomefreakthats easy enough as long as its not too borked02:21
asaci don't expect problems02:27
asacwe (as in debian) always have toolchain problems02:27
asacbut those are often on rare architectures02:27
asacas debian is one of the only users on those i guess02:28
gnomefreakubuntu has had in past but feisty seemed fairly good02:28
asacyes ... but feisty did not do any major version upgrades in toolchain elements afaik02:28
gnomefreakedgy had some issues02:28
asacanyway ... with mainstream architectures new toolchain should probably work out-of-box02:28
gnomefreaki think it was dapper that was bad all around in devel02:29
gnomefreakwe can only build x86 and 64 right?02:29
asacat least if things break, there are more than one or two persons that can fix it and have the will to contribute ;)02:29
gnomefreakno need to worry about sparc?02:29
asaci think we will support sparc02:29
gnomefreakyou have a sparc?02:30
asacafaik yes02:30
=== gnomefreak never seen one let alone own one
asacat least packages are build02:30
gnomefreakok cool02:30
gnomefreakno need to worry about mac since feisty doesnt seem to promote mac anymore02:30
asaci worked quite a bit on sparc during internet hype02:31
asacwe had a brokerage/banking customer that ran the application on a Sun E10K02:31
asacwith about 64 CPUs02:31
gnomefreak64 cpus?02:31
asaciirc each ran on 400MhZ02:32
asacthat things costed 2 or 3 million EUR02:32
asaccrazy experience02:32
asacthat thing got delivered02:32
asacwe feared because not yet being ready with our milestone02:32
asacluckily it did not run with normal power02:33
asaclike you can just plug in02:33
asaclooking word up its called02:33
asac"threephase" power02:33
asacin english02:33
asacyou know?02:33
asacanyway ... they got this cupboard delivered ... and recognized that they have no power02:34
asactook 2 weeks to get that done02:34
asacafterwards they had a sun consultant for weeks at the machine02:34
asacjust to fix things like microcode in cpus et al02:34
asacas i said ... wieder experience02:34
gnomefreakand they are worth it02:34
asacthe guy called "hardware doctor"02:35
gnomefreakthat is alot of power though02:35
asacproblem is you need to code highly scalable applications to utilize that much CPUs02:35
asacwas not that easy back in those days02:35
asactechnology like EJB was just evolving02:35
asacanyway E10K was a locker full of Sun E4800 iirc02:36
asacthat where connected with huge backpane to communicate02:36
asaci guess i will never see that again ;)02:37
gnomefreakbrb smoke02:38
asacwhat a joy02:53
asacgreat comment i'd say02:53
ubotuMalone bug 65164 in firefox "Firefox 2 can't save to fat32 partition" [Medium,In progress] 02:53
=== gnomefreak still trying to open page
=== gnomefreak cant open too much load on connection
=== hjmf [n=hjmf@6.Red-88-25-28.staticIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
asacuploading is hard :)03:27
gnomefreakit is :)03:28
gnomefreakfixed the changelog so i figured now or never. once in repo make life easier03:29
asacBug 10559903:31
ubotuMalone bug 105599 in firefox "After many hours of intense use FF finally crashed on Control-T." [Medium,Needs info]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/10559903:31
asacnice title :)03:31
gnomefreaktell him not to use keybindings and it wont crash :)03:32
=== asac wonders how to interpret "intense use"
asaciceape going to be upgraded? are they good?03:33
gnomefreakjust changelog fix03:36
gnomefreakim gonna check when next release will be out for iceape but somehoe i think 1.1.1 will be the latest for a while03:37
asacthey have security issues ... so update should come at some point03:38
gnomefreakmaybe ill trample through debian iceape bugs to see what fixes they have03:38
gnomefreakah ok 1.1.203:38
gnomefreakwould be next security?03:39
asachmm is 1.1.1 really latest?03:40
asaci thought they should be at 1.1.4 now03:40
gnomefreakim still shaky on releasing this without downloadmanager we are gonna get hit hard with bugs on that03:40
asace.g. like ffox
asacah 1.1.303:40
asacwithout downloadmanager?03:40
gnomefreakah so i should grab that tar and rebuild?03:40
gnomefreakyeah without the working download manager (thinking its download manager)03:41
gnomefreakinstall mamager doesnt sound right03:41
gnomefreakok thats working now :)03:43
gnomefreakwhen i am done uploading i will look for 1.1.3 but isnt that 1.1.1-3 the same as 1.1.303:44
gnomefreak1.1.1-3 == debian version03:44
gnomefreakim thinking the -3 == security fix but might be thier updates03:50
asacits debian updates03:57
asaclike what you count with mt now03:57
asacjust that its the debian version03:57
asac1.1.1 is upstream version03:57
asacso 1.1.3 is either not yet out03:57
asacor its not yet packaged03:57
asacif you see 1.1.2 or 1.1.3 feel free to update package03:58
gnomefreakhave to figure that out03:58
asac1.1.1 is apparently latest04:05
asaci will ask seamonkey developer if he shows up here in jabber04:05
gnomefreakits uploaded and working :)04:26
gnomefreakill brb just mucked up irssie05:02
=== gnomefreak [n=gnomefre@ubuntu/member/gnomefreak] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
=== gnomefreak out for a while walking lunch trying to reach doctors so on and so forth.
hjmflaunchpad sucks today. Takes longer submitting the retraced stacktrace than the time it takes to download the crash report and retracing it :(07:27
hjmfI had today a day plenty of spare time, so I decided to fill up your email clients with bug spam.07:29
hjmfseems that launchpad is not my ally today :-P07:32
asacthank you :)07:40
asacwhat happens if you send an email with attachment?07:40
hjmfasac: the attachment gets lost for ever (I tried some time ago)07:45
hjmfbut launchpadBugs.HTMLOperations  python library is your friend07:46
hjmfthough it doesn't handle status, assignee, importance, etc07:47
hjmfwhich does malone mail07:47
hjmfbut handles tags, attachment, summary, etc07:48
AlexLatchfordGutsy Gibbon07:48
=== gnomefreak checks email with eyes closed
gnomefreakbtw rc is delayed a few days or more08:44
=== gnomefreak [n=gnomefre@ubuntu/member/gnomefreak] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
gnomefreakasac: you around?09:34
gnomefreaki added the meeting time/date to fridge (when he gets time) and its on the agenda09:35
gnomefreak@schedule new_york09:36
ubotuSchedule for America/New_York: 12 Apr 16:00: MOTU | 13 Apr 16:00: Forum Council | 17 Apr 11:00: Kernel Team | 17 Apr 16:00: Community Council | 18 Apr 08:00: Edubuntu | 19 Apr 11:00: Development Team09:36
=== atselby [n=adam@pool-71-96-70-239.dfw.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
atselbyCan anyone here help me with Beryl and Songbird?09:58
gnomefreakatselby: we dont support songbird afaik its not in repos and beryl help is in #ubuntu-effects10:07
atselbygnomefreak: I just figured I'd check since it's Mozilla based and all. Thanks I'll check with the Beryl channel that I'm on.10:08
=== atselby [n=adam@pool-71-96-70-239.dfw.dsl-w.verizon.net] has left #ubuntu-mozillateam [".leave"]
gnomefreakummmm asac please tell me your here i have weird error on LP with mozilla bug10:53
gnomefreakYou are not the bug assignee nor the maintainer of mozilla-firefox-locale-fr (Ubuntu), and therefore cannot edit this bug's status.10:53
gnomefreakbug 3300410:54
ubotuMalone bug 33004 in mozilla-firefox-locale-fr "Weird shortcut" [Medium,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/3300410:54
gnomefreakmight need to be logged in :(10:55
gnomefreakbug 105474 needs to be marked as a dupe of the MTFS copying files bug where it turns out the file is empty. i searched but couldnt find one.11:21
ubotuMalone bug 105474 in firefox "Downloading files with firefox on an ntfs partition (ntfs 3g) results in empty files" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/10547411:21
Admiral_Chicagoyay Gutsy Gibbon11:48
hjmfgood night lads :)11:54
Admiral_Chicagoi still think we should have gone with glossy gnu11:54
=== gnomefreak gone for a while.

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