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radevilhello, is there anyone in here working for cannonical???12:24
lionelradevil: fabionne and infinity are12:31
lionelbut they are probabily not around12:31
radevilmm ok12:35
radevili'm right now doing my CV to send it to canonical12:35
radevili wanted to speak with any of them to know a little bit more about the job12:36
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radevildo you work for canonical?03:41
dj-fuisn't a shawarma like a kebab but with different bread?03:44
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josh_anyone here that can help me with me half-life server ????06:43
josh_..its runing good just cant get to it from LAN06:43
josh_i can get to all other servers on teh box via my ddns exept the half-life server06:44
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dsdghalo i am running pureftpd-mysql on ubuntu, how can i stop users from deleteing?02:52
dsdgno one knows?02:53
dsdgok, i see this, -K  --keepallfiles, but where do i add it..?02:54
mralphabetdsdg: it generally takes more then 1 minute for you to get an answer, have patience03:14
dsdgyea i have actually given up man, sometimes ubuntu can be quite confusing...take pureftpd for instance, wtf did they try to do there? wtf is the config files...?03:15
dsdgcrazy devs...03:16
mralphabetyes, because everybody loves being ridiculed because we don't answer your question within 30 seconds03:16
mralphabet. . .03:16
dsdgits not about that really,03:16
mralphabetdsdg: there's a server dev job open with canonical, feel free to put an app in03:16
dsdgall i want is a normal config file, like gentoo, etc etc, where i can add options, instead i must sniff it out of /etc/default/pure-ftpd03:16
dsdgmralphabet, again, it;'s not about that...this seems to be the only defence a dev can come up with, "if you dont like it, do it yourself" that's getting old man,03:18
fabbionedsdg: you want it in one file.. somebody else wants it splitted in multiple files.. take your pick03:18
fabbioneit's matemathically impossible to make everybody happy03:18
dsdgfabbione, no, i said i am looking for a config file...03:18
fabbionedsdg: did you check in /usr/share/doc/pure-ftpd ?03:18
dsdgfor instance, where will i add a simple option like -K to my startup options of pureftpd?03:18
fabbionei don't have it installed03:18
fabbionei don't use it.. so i can't say.. but usually a start up option is in /etc/default/ or /etc/init.d/pure...03:19
dsdgfabbione, i am reading through there, thanks for that btw, trust me i just want things easier, not more difficult, 03:21
fabbionedsdg: if this is your first time with Ubuntu/debian based systems, you will need to get used to some differences with other distros03:21
fabbioneit's normal03:21
fabbionethere are always differences03:21
fabbionebut i am being rethoric here03:22
fabbioneanyway what i told you before is valid for let say 99% of the packages out there03:22
dsdgfabbione, i know, i have been using gentoo for years so trust me, i can work on any distro, boss-man wants this server on ubuntu...so here i am, suppose ill just give it time,03:22
fabbione /usr/share/doc/packagename 03:26
fabbionei hate boss that forces people on distro foobar03:26
dsdgyea :( 03:26
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dsdgah good news :) but not on the ftp side, apache this time,03:31
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dballesterhi to all04:02
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dballestermralphabet, what is the best way to propose a feature or enhancement for ubuntu-server ( it's about raw devices )04:04
fabbionedballester: you want to create a spec in launchpad and propose it for discussion04:05
fabbionethe spec in LP will point to the wiki.ubuntu.com/blabla page04:05
fabbionewith all details about the spec04:06
fabbionethen once the spec is in a reasonable state you propose it04:06
dballesterin fact is very simple and may be you're solving it in another way04:06
ivoksdballester: easy set up of raw devices?04:06
dballesterat least the initial mknod c 162 0 to be done at installation time, if i'm not wrong seems that is not created ( at least I needed to create it by hand to be able to use raw command )04:09
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andel7hi guys04:09
lionelhi andel704:14
=== chandu_ [i=chandu@nat/hp/x-1003c38b0bbbf902] has joined #ubuntu-server
chandu_what services will be enabled by default in Ubuntu-server04:45
shawarmaNone, really.04:46
fabbionechandu_: none. no open ports/services. you can select at install time if yuo want DNS server and/or LAMP server04:46
shawarmaUnless you choose the LAMP or DNS install.04:46
chandu_shawarma, Does it contains only these two server componets ..LAMP & DNS04:47
shawarmaWell, no.04:47
shawarmaBut those are the ones you can choose at install time.04:47
shawarmaAfter installation, you can install anything you want.04:47
chandu_shawarma, ok04:47
fabbioneas shawarma sais04:47
shawarmaweb servers, ftp servers.. Anything in the Ubuntu archive.04:47
fabbioneLAMP and DNS are just common enough to be worth asking at install time04:48
chandu_shawarma, So ..If I am not chosing thsoe during installation ..it means only desktop will get installed04:48
shawarmaNo desktop.04:48
chandu_shawarma, oh .only base system04:48
shawarmaThat's pretty much what server installation means.04:48
chandu_shawarma, without X04:48
shawarmachandu_: All the available software is the same in the "regular" ubuntu version and the server on.e04:48
chandu_shawarma, ok04:49
shawarmachandu_: It's just a matter of what is installed by default.04:49
shawarmachandu_: Oh, there's a different kernel for server installs, though.04:49
chandu_shawarma, but in the regular ubuntu version .. U get desktop by default once U installed right04:49
shawarmachandu_: Lower HZ, another io scheduler by default, iirc.. Stuff like that.04:49
chandu_shawarma, different version of kernel ..of kernel with different configuration04:49
shawarmachandu_: Yes.04:49
shawarmachandu_: Same version, slightly different configuration.04:50
chandu_shawarma, k04:50
chandu_shawarma, the how abt in server version ..no desktop by default04:50
chandu_shawarma, As of I know servers wont come with desktop04:50
shawarmachandu_: No. Only very basic installation.04:50
chandu_shawarma, ok04:50
shawarmachandu_: We have a pretty strict "no open ports by default" policy.04:50
chandu_shawarma, So over the basic isntallation ..whatver server components we need ..we need to instal using apt-get04:51
shawarmachandu_: That's the idea, yes.04:51
chandu_shawarma, 04:51
chandu_no open ports by default" policy. means what04:51
shawarmaIt means that when you're done installing any version of Ubuntu, there's no services listeing for network connections. It's a security decision made long ago.04:51
chandu_shawarma,means network service wont be there by default04:52
shawarmaThe server installation cd contains a bunch of server software, though, but it's not installed and configured by default.04:52
shawarmachandu_: Yes.04:52
chandu_shawarma, then if no network ..how do you connect to repo and install componetns thru apt-get04:53
chandu_shawarma, you need to put the server cd ..and install locally04:53
shawarmachandu_: Oh, you can connect to the network. The network cannot connect to you.04:53
chandu_shawarma, ok ok ..its one way04:53
chandu_shawarma, no packets from outside network coming inside04:53
jsgotangcoits pretty neat04:53
shawarmachandu_: It's not like there's not network support. There are just no networked services installed by default.04:53
shawarmachandu_: Precisely.04:54
chandu_shawarma, is there any doc or website where can I get the more detail abt server and what packages do I need to install to setup a fully qualified server ..with security features like PAM, selinux and all04:55
chandu_shawarma, Why server components are not installed by default during installation .. is it because of the policy as you told for some security reasons04:57
mralphabetthere are a lot of linux distributions that have many services (services meaning telnet, ssh, ftp, dns, http, https, etc etc etc) installed by default05:02
mralphabetfor those people out there in the world that simply install a system and never apply updates, that server with open services will soon become insecure because of exploits or whatever else05:03
jsgotangcothe install provides you a good base to design your own setup with very little hassle05:04
mralphabetThis is opposed to the debian approach where the only services that are open are the services you choose05:04
jsgotangcoso there is an assumption that you actually know what you are installing/using05:04
fabbionewe install less than Debian05:05
fabbionenot even openssh is installed05:05
mralphabetfabbione: right, sorry05:05
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chandu_so in debian some services will be enabled by default05:10
chandu_is there any debian server cd like ubuntu server cd .. I dint get anyone05:11
mralphabetchandu_: to install ssh on ubuntu server -- sudo apt-get install openssh05:11
=== ivoks [n=ivoks@3-87.dsl.iskon.hr] has joined #ubuntu-server
mralphabetto install apache -- sudo apt-get install apache205:12
Nafallohow hard is it to do sudo apt-get install openssh-server after it's installed? :-)05:12
chandu_mralphabet, yup I know this ..05:13
jsgotangcolike sabdfl said in his email, even a monkey can install it lol05:13
chandu_mralphabet, I want to know ..how the user comes to know that he wants to install all these components t osetup a server05:13
Nafallochandu_: if he DOESN'T KNOW what ssh is he would probably not need it :-)05:14
mralphabetchandu_: if you want to serve web pages in linux, what software do you need?05:14
chandu_mralphabet, its httpd or apache05:15
mralphabetchandu_: and how do *you* know this?05:15
chandu_mralphabet, you mean the same way the user will do 05:15
=== jsgotangco thinks its there is a clear misunderstanding with english here
Nafalloanyway. we have a serverguide! :-D05:16
mralphabetyou asked "how does the user come to know what he wants to install"05:16
chandu_mralphabet, yup05:16
Nafalloso help.ubuntu.com ;-)05:16
chandu_mralphabet, I meant the way I know abt the package ..the other users will also have to know abt pkgs needed and then install right05:16
ivoksCoC, people, CoC :)05:16
mralphabetThe answer is "you start with what you want to accomplish, then research for the best software to use for what you want to accomplish"05:17
jsgotangcochandu_: you mean "how will a user know the name of the package?"05:17
chandu_mralphabet, ok fine ...I got it 05:17
chandu_jsgotangco, No I got the answer from mralphabet 05:17
chandu_Thank you Guys 05:17
Nafallochandu_: I can really recommend help.ubuntu.com for users :-)05:17
ivoksi agree05:17
chandu_Nafallo, ok ..let me go through that 05:18
Nafalloeven for me05:18
Nafalloand I'm not exactly "user" anymore :-)05:18
chandu_But I have a question ..I have seen Redhat Enterprise and Advanced server05:18
jsgotangcochandu_: the server CD provides you a good base to customize on how you want your server to function, hence there are no default services enabled05:18
chandu_where you get all services get isntalled by default05:18
mralphabetchandu_: I don't mean to be difficult, sorry if I come across that way05:18
chandu_jsgotangco, ok ..you mean the Ubuntu policy tells that .. User comes to know what is ther e in his server only when he himself installs the server components over the base sysettm05:19
ivokschandu_: you don't05:19
jsgotangcochandu_: because RHEL caters to a different market and uses this approach while ubuntu server assumes a level of proficiency with regards to the services05:19
chandu_jsgotangco, ok .. I got it ..05:20
ivokschandu_: as a RHCE, I guarantee you that RHAS and RHES don't come with all services preinstalled05:20
jsgotangcoyeah you got nice graphical tools though if you opt to05:20
chandu_jsgotangco, ok fine05:20
chandu_Thank you Guys ..05:20
chandu_I got some information 05:21
Nafallojsgotangco: do they work over serial? ;-)05:21
chandu_I have to leave now ..05:21
chandu_Will catch you with few more questions tomorrow 05:21
Nafallochandu_: see ya05:21
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andel7i'm looking for any kind of bruteforce protection - some mechanism that will block the IP that failed to authenitcate more then 6 times? is there anything like that ?06:29
ivoksfor ssh?06:31
ivoksanyway, iptables06:32
ivoksiptables -A INPUT -p tcp --dport 22 -m state --state NEW -m recent --update --seconds 30 --hitcount 6 --rttl --name SSH -j DROP06:34
ivoksor something like that...06:34
andel7thanks ivoks06:41
andel7and yes i need it for ssh....06:41
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dballesternos vemos!07:27
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h4wk0Im looking in getting a dedicated server and having ubuntu installed - Just wondered how stable is is proven to be11:11
mralphabeth4wk0: it works for lots of people11:12
h4wk0And i take it - you would advise me to use 6.06lts11:12
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mralphabetI would advise you to use whatever you want, LTS offers package stability and security11:19
Nafalloso does 6.10 and 7.04 ;-)11:20
mralphabet7.04 offers latest greatest packages11:20
mralphabetNafallo: so LTS offers nothing over 6.10 / 7.04?11:20
Nafalloyes it does. 60 months instead of 18 :-)11:21
Nafalloif I calculated that correclty ;-)11:21
h4wk0All i need to find is a cheap us dedicated server place :)11:33
h4wk0Accpets paypal and allows irc11:33
theacolytegood luck11:37
theacolyteno network will allow IRC for cheap11:37
theacolyteif you decide to do IRC though, I'd suggest http://www.sharktech.net/11:38
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h4wk0Well at the min - ive found corenetworks.net11:47
h4wk0But dont accept paypal, but sales team say they might be able to do it11:47
h4wk0But dont like the "may be able to"11:47
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