=== lamont grumbles at debian's glibc_2.5-1...
lamontbuild-depends: ..., gcc-4.0 [hurd-i386] , gcc-4.1 [!hppa !hurd-i386] , gcc-4.2 [hppa] 05:25
lamontand gcc-4.2 hasn't been uploaded yet...05:25
lamontdoko: why is that?  any clues?05:25
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dokolamont: requested by jbailey, or the debian guys IIRC07:58
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lamont<jbailey> lamont: That sounds like a bug in the depends.03:38
lamont<jbailey> lamont: I don't remember seeing a conversation about it, and gcc-4.1 should have all the pieces it needs.03:38
lamont<jbailey> Last I remember reading from JDA and carlos was that gcc-4.2 had serious breakage on hppa and Was Best Avoided.03:38
lamont<jbailey> But I don't know if they cleaned that up before release.03:38
dokolamont: sure, I can revert that again03:38
lamontwell, given that gcc-4.2 isn't even uploaded yet, (and since jbailey has built glibc 2.5 on ubuntu with 4.1....)03:39
lamontit's likely taht reverting it to just gcc-4.1 would be a good thing for now03:39
dokolamont: you know my archives for feisty+1?03:43
dokolamont: slightly newer packages are on ronne:~doko/gibbon03:48
lamontdoko: re: gutsy/hppa... is that going to need a feisty underlayer to successfully bootstrap?04:50
fabbionelamont: mostlikely we can use jbailey feisty archive to bootstrap gutsy to rebootstrap gutsy05:00
lamonthis "feisty archive" is nothing more than a toolchain, iirc05:01
dokolamont: well, why not start with dapper?05:03
doko+ jbailey's changes05:04
fabbioneyeah enough to bootstrap all of feisty that is more than enough to bootstrap gutsy05:04
lamontdoko: that's what we'd do05:04
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