pips1feisty rocks!!12:21
pips1thin client network was autoconfigured even behind a hardware firewall with a dhcp server... niiiiiice12:22
LaserJockok, let's see if this thing works12:26
=== LaserJock crosses fingers
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pips1yay, usb automounting on the client works01:00
pips1yay, sound on the client works01:05
pips1nice, double clicking on an mp3 brings up an dialog to install codecs01:07
pips1hmm, when I actually try to go ahead and install codecs as a normal user without sysadmin rights, it will just abort with an error msg saying that the needed codecs are missing, instead of saying that I don't have permission to install them...01:09
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LaserJockpips1: file a bug :-)01:12
nixternaloi oi edubuntueros!!01:12
Burgundaviahey nixternal, LaserJock01:12
nixternalhallo Burgundavia01:12
pips1hello nix01:13
=== LaserJock is now known as Laser_away
pips1weird, when I login on the server as sysadmin user, I get an error message about gnome settings daemon not starting.. and the desktop is rather unresponsive.01:25
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=== zscally [n=zesty@74-133-169-33.dhcp.insightbb.com] has joined #edubuntu
zscallyanybody here01:54
zscallyanybody know how to boot pxe over wireless netowrk?01:54
Burgundavianeed a wireless card with a pxe rom on it01:55
zscallyso prob wireless card thats build in prob not going to work?01:56
zscallylol sorry for being a dummy01:56
zscallybut im use to rom being a game01:56
zscallywhat is a rom?01:56
pips1google define:rom01:57
pips1rom = read-only memory01:58
pips1ie you need a wireless card with a pxe chip on it01:58
pips1zscally: sorry, I'm being a bit cryptic :-)02:00
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zscallyits all good02:56
zscallyi designing a ubuntu distro that will take on the nature of ltsp02:57
zscallybut insted of having the os strem accross the network having the os files localy02:57
Burgundaviazscally: umm?02:57
zscallyand have just documents stream accross the network02:57
Burgundaviaright, that is just nfs mounted home directories02:58
zscallykinda like a VPN02:58
zscallyso basicly you could be anyware as long as you have internet access you could get your files02:59
zscallybroadband is getting alot faster02:59
zscallythis would be mostly marketed to businesses03:00
zscallyso instead of giving them a 1200$$ laptop they could give them a usb stick03:00
zscallyand use there home computer03:00
BurgundaviaI can see businesses be worried about data security03:01
zscallybasicly you would have a login prompt when the os boots03:01
zscallyand you would just sign in03:01
zscallyand the script would tell witch drive to mount03:01
zscallywell thats why you would have a passworded usb sitck03:01
zscallyonly IT / people you give the password to03:02
zscallyif you needed to download an update you would just have the IT unlock it for a bit03:02
zscallydownload the update and then lock it back up03:02
zscallyits more security then a laptop03:02
zscallyi think anyways03:02
Burgundaviaso you have a live usb stick, with the documents stored somewhere out on the web?03:02
zscallyencrypted connection03:03
zscallyand then you would a jailed user when connecting to the server03:04
zscallyno way of copying data unless your ment too03:04
zscallyplus i could see it as your profile would be loaded aswell like where you have deaktop icons clolor sceams and shit03:05
zscallyim thinking like when you login from the front screen03:06
zscallytheres where the system would know how you are03:06
zscallyand as far as the file over the net03:07
zscallymost files you open in a business envierment are no larger then 10mb03:09
zscallydoc's and images mostly03:09
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wraz79can anybody help me? how do you uninstall hardware drivers then reinstall them? having problems with my dvb-s card04:26
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NinjaI am having trouble installing edubuntu. i downloaded it and then change the boot sequnce but it said the disk was not bootable. I then tried the one that you can try out Edubuntu then install it but still having no luck...any help ??07:35
HedgeMageNinja: did you do manual or automagic partitioning?07:59
NinjaI haven't partioned the drive it already has windows on it.. is that what i need to do ?08:00
HedgeMageperhaps... try booting to a livecd and running the command "fdisk /dev/hda" where "hda" is your hard disk08:01
HedgeMagethen press "p" to print the info to the screen and tell me what you see08:02
NinjaSorry let me just clarify . when you say running the command do you mean typing "fdisk /dev" into the "run" application ?08:04
HedgeMageopen a terminal, and su to root (sudo su)08:05
HedgeMagethen do "fdisk /dev/hda" (or sda or whatever your hard disk is)08:05
NinjaHedgeMage i am so sorry but i don't undertsand maybe i need to go somewhere else to learn but i don't know what a terminal window is in the windows context. It sounds like you are using Unix words, but a si say i am still using windows. Is there any way i can complete these tasks in windows ???08:16
HedgeMageahh okay08:16
HedgeMageas far as I know, windows isn't smart enough for this :/08:16
HedgeMageyou'd have to do it from linux08:17
BurgundaviaHedgeMage: ! long time no see08:17
HedgeMagehi Burgundavia :)08:17
HedgeMageBurgundavia: yeah, things are finally starting to calm down here.08:17
=== juliux [n=juliux@ubuntu/member/juliux] has joined #edubuntu
HedgeMageBurgundavia: Hubby was finally set non-deployable... you wouldn't think it should be something we had to fight for, considering that he can't always walk.08:17
Burgundaviathat is a good thing08:18
Burgundaviahow is your child?08:18
Burgundavia(do you have more than one?) it has been a while08:18
HedgeMageHe's good -- just started preschool08:18
HedgeMagejust the one... we want to adopt another after hubby is out of the military08:18
Burgundaviawell, Feisty tomorrow!08:19
NinjaSo i have to install linux before i can use edbuntu ??08:20
HedgeMageNinja: Edubuntu /is/ a type of Linux.08:22
NinjaYeah i thought that .. but i had this computer donated to my preschool and it alreday ahd Edbuntu on it... as majority of staff were only familiar with Windows some braniac installed windows. I am now trying to go back beasue i ahve heard such good things about Edubuntu..especailly for schools08:24
NinjaI see that there are instructions on the wiki.edubuntu website on how to install Ubuntu on top of windows i thought edubuntu would be the same08:25
HedgeMageNinja: does the machine have a good internet connection?08:26
NinjaNo i don't think it does.. it is only a Pentium three but i suppose dial up...The other thing is it is only running windows 98se.08:27
HedgeMagehm, nevermind, I was just told that the suggestion I was about to make is out of date :)08:27
=== HedgeMage nods
HedgeMageare you trying to do a dual-boot, or to replace windows with edubuntu?08:28
HedgeMageahh, that's way easier than dual-booting :D08:29
HedgeMagedo you have another computer you can talk online on during the install in case you need help?08:29
NinjaYeah i have my home computer.. but at the moment i am at work.08:30
HedgeMageIIRC you said you already tried to install and are now having problems booting... was there an error during the install or just when you tried to reboot afterwards?08:31
NinjaWell i burnt the disk as an image through toaster but when i changed the boot sequnce to read the cdrom.. it just said boot disk faild or somethingt along those lines08:32
NinjaThen i tried downloading the one where you can download and try before installing but none of the files are recognised08:33
HedgeMagesounds like they may be bad burns08:33
NinjaIs it a problem that i burnt them from a Mac08:34
HedgeMageit shouldn't be08:34
HedgeMageI'm assuming it's not a problem with the computer's CDROM since the windoze install worked.08:35
NinjaYeah the CdRom is working fine... but when i go to explore the disk i can't find the application for installing or set up .. the PC can not read most of the files08:36
HedgeMageyou are supposed to boot the CD, not run it from windows08:37
=== LaserJock is now known as Laser_away
NinjaNo i did boot it but there also a version that you can download and then try before you commit i think it's called a live CD. well when i explore that one it does not recognize08:40
HedgeMageThe live CD is something you boot, too08:41
HedgeMageit just doesn't change anything on your hard drive unless you run the install script on it08:41
NinjaOhh well i did try to boot both of those ... i ahve downloaded version 6.06 and 6.10. So are you saying that it isn't a situation where i need to have linux beacsue i should be able to boot from a computer with windows or do i need a copy of linux ?08:44
HedgeMageyou should only need the CDs08:45
HedgeMageyou see the cdrom light up showing that it is getting booted (or attempted to boot)08:46
HedgeMagewow, that was a horribly constructed sentence... I'm getting sleepier than I thought08:46
Ninjalol where are you08:46
HedgeMageThe US, west coast08:47
NinjaOhh what time is it there08:47
HedgeMagequarter to midnight.08:47
NinjaAnd you sya your child is ion preschool taht is so cool ..my fav age.. i am at University studying to be a tecaher.. and i work in a preschool. three to five is my fav age. are you SF08:49
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NinjaAnyway back to business. the cdrom is reading i can hear it turning and the light does come one. I guess i will try and download the program again and see if that helps.  Thanks for your time08:51
HedgeMageNinja: I have to go to sleep, but I'll be back in about nine hours when my son is at school.  In the mean time, since you are not doing LTSP, the install is very similar to a vanilla ubuntu install so the folks in #ubuntu may be able to help until someone wakes up here08:51
Ninjawhats LTSP08:52
HedgeMageLinux Terminal Server Project -- it is when you run all of your programs on a server and just use the user's computer to connect to the server and display stuff to the user, handle the keyboard and mouse, etc08:52
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cbx33ogra, i didn't have lucked running ldm09:33
cbx33what options do I need?09:33
ajmitchhey cbx3309:33
=== Bhaskar1 [n=Bhaskar1@] has joined #edubuntu
cbx33hi ajmitch09:35
=== Bhaskar1 [n=Bhaskar1@] has joined #edubuntu
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SiCkanyone got any ideas on what browser to use for kiosk mode? i need one that i can set a custom homepage, and have no browser bar, sysbar, address bar etc.11:07
ograepiphany offers all this but has a ton of dependencies ... you would need to install half of gnome11:09
cbx33ogra: couldn't run ldm11:10
ograyes i just saw it....11:10
cbx33what options do I need11:11
cbx33I can the ldm binary and it said I neede dto install ldm11:11
=== willvdl [n=will@dumbledore.hbd.com] has joined #edubuntu
cbx33possibly becuase I didnt chroot11:11
cbx33HEY willvdl11:11
cbx33howz it going11:12
pips1hey ogra cbx33 willvdl11:12
cbx33hey pips111:13
SiCkogra: i have pretty much installed half of gnome haha11:13
pips1ogra: I encountered some probs testing the RC on amd64... I'm now browsing LP to see if those bugs have already been reported.11:13
SiCkill have a wee look at epiphany, thanks mate11:14
ograpips1, check the testreports on the reporting site11:14
ograthey should list all bugs found during testing11:14
SiCkanother little thing... just wondering about the thin-client manager in feisty, does it only work if the thin-clients arent using their own WM?11:15
pips1ogra: I did that already (the isotesting site from stgraber is really helpful)11:16
ograits for thin client masnagement, not for "half fat kisok setups" yet ;)11:16
ograit only manages ltsp sessions11:16
SiCkhaha, thought so..11:16
SiCkmy clients are just eating too much, cant help it, they arent doing enough excersise11:17
ograwe probably might add something that acesses the client directly ... but getting this done in a safe way requires some thoughts and time to implement11:17
SiCkyeah true, well i look forward to it if it'll exist :)11:17
ogracbx33, sudo /usr/share/doc/ltsp-server/examples/qemu-ltsp ?11:20
ogradoesnt work ?11:20
cbx33I will try tonight11:21
cbx33was short on time11:21
cbx33It may already be past the deadline for the image11:22
ograi just did a fresh chrtoot with the default theme ... qemu is booting already ...11:23
ograah, crap i only have the edubuntu theme indeed ... hrm11:25
ogracbx33, ^^11:31
pips1ogra: I got stung by https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ltsp/+bug/105709 should I set the bug to 'confirmed' ?11:32
ubotuMalone bug 105709 in ltsp "sound config not reset after thin client usage" [Undecided,Unconfirmed] 11:32
ograyeah right , i could have done that myself already :)11:33
cbx33Dude you rock11:33
=== Bhaskar1 [n=Bhaskar1@] has joined #edubuntu
pips1oh, I can't seem to be able to set it to confirmed, only you can?11:34
ograhmm, no ?11:34
ograyou should be able to11:34
ograare you logged in ?11:34
pips1where? menu on the left?11:34
ogragot it ?11:35
pips1i need to click the little triangle next to the bug description11:35
ograyou need to click the package name11:35
ograyeah, that works too11:35
ogratell me when you are done, i want to set it to "in progress" as well :) the patch is already there :)11:37
ograthere we go :)11:38
pips1I'm so happy that thin client network configuration works completely automagically, now even for my setup behind a hardware firewall with dhcp server running :-D11:39
pips1and also, that sound on thin client works, including sound control buttons on the client11:40
ograyeah :)11:41
ogragutsy will get microphone support ;)11:42
ograand sound HW autodetection on the fly i hope ... so your USB headset just works if you plug it in11:43
=== ogra will have to try some ugly udev hacks :)
=== pips1 needs to reboot the server, since bug 105709 just hung X completely
ubotuMalone bug 105709 in ltsp "sound config not reset after thin client usage" [Undecided,In progress]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/10570911:45
ograyou can fix it on the commandline ...11:47
ogra/usr/bin/asoundconf unset-pulseaudio11:47
ograrun that as the affected user11:47
pips1i can't even access consoles, system seems totally frozen11:47
ograthen gnome should work again11:47
ograi didnt have that here this hard ...11:48
pips1did you get that gnome popup error message about gnome settings daemon ?11:49
ogradid you manage to make it respond again ?11:49
pips1"There was an error starting the GNOME Settings Daemon"11:49
pips1no, i rebooted11:49
ogramight be that you have half a gnome desktop still running in the bg11:49
ograah, k11:50
pips1when I try to login on the server directly, the desktop is very unresponsive and I get this error message11:50
ograyou fixed the pulse issue before logging in ?11:50
ograyou need to11:50
pips1but I'm wondering about this error message11:50
SiCkdont think epiphany is the way to go ogra... :(11:50
ograg-s-d seems to access the system sound ...11:51
ograSiCk, well, it has all you mentioned above ...11:51
SiCkbut i cant figure it out. :( haha11:51
pips1so that error message is related to that bug, you think?11:51
SiCka wee bit of customising maybe.. hm11:51
ogralikely, fix the pulse issue and reboot ... if its still there its unrelated11:52
ograSiCk, epiphany does everything via gconf settings11:52
SiCkim not familiar with gconf?11:53
ograinstall gconf-editor and xterm in the chroot ... change your NFS root from ro to rw in /etc/exports and make your client Xsession start xterm .... boot the client and run gconf-editor from the xterm ....11:54
ogramake your settings ... change /etc/exports back ... done11:55
ograoh, and indeed change the xsession back :)11:55
pips1ogra: to fix the prob, do I just need to run 'unset-pulseadio' ? or is that just a temporary fix? do I need to replace /etc/X11/Xsession.d/80_ltsp-sound as descriped in your bug report?11:56
ogra/usr/bin/asoundconf unset-pulseaudio will sufgfice for the moment ...11:56
=== pips1 ran unset-pulseaudio and indeed gnome now works for that user
=== pips1 tries a reboot
ograif you want to jump between server and thin client you should have the fix from the bug though11:57
pips1jump between server and tc?11:57
ograwith this user, yes11:57
pips1what do you mean?11:57
ogralogging in on the client will set it to pulse again11:58
pips1run a session for a user on both server and tc..?11:58
pips1got you11:58
ograif you then want to log in on the server later with this user you will have the same prob11:58
ograunless you change the script11:58
ograok :)11:58
SiCkogra, when i go to install those, i get package dependency problems, apparently libgnome2-0 is not configured, and a few others... is there a way to force configuration? i thought apt-get did that for you?12:07
SiCki think those were from when i installed epiphany-browser12:07
ograsudo chroot /opt/ltsp/i386 dpkg --configure -a12:08
ograit should have configured them for you though12:08
SiCkinvoke-rc.d: initscript dbus, action "start" failed, then errors all the way down ugh12:08
pips1I'm getting a screen refresh of GDM on the server's monitor when I'm logged in on the client and I change the default system language... oh, well it actually makes sense, because the options in GDM will change12:09
=== pygi [n=mario@83-131-91-50.adsl.net.t-com.hr] has joined #edubuntu
pygiboo :P12:12
SiCk*runs off screaming*12:12
ograpips1, thats apparently normal12:13
ogra"<pitti> ogra: yes, langpacks have a gdm reload AFAIR"12:13
ogra(from -devel)12:13
pips1thanks for info :)12:14
pips1what does LDM stand for again?12:14
pips1L... display manager12:14
ograLTSP :)12:15
pips1ah ltsp12:15
pygidon't laugh at people :P12:15
=== pygi hides =)
ogra<-- grinned ...12:15
ogra<-- didnt laugh12:15
pips1don't worry I'm easily offended ;-)12:16
pips1language settings are stored for server and clients separately, right? so even when I login as user 'A', depending on whether I login on the server directly or on a client, I might have different language settings, right?12:18
ograldm will use the default language set oin the server unless you tell it differently12:19
ogra(thats what the language button is for)12:19
=== RichEd [n=richard@dsl-240-82-250.telkomadsl.co.za] has joined #edubuntu
pips1right (what I said does apply)12:20
=== ogra goes for a coffeebreak ...
ograthe client is set up in the language you used to install by defauzlt btw ...12:21
cbx33when is the meeting today?12:26
RichEdhi cbx33 ... in 1.5 hours12:27
RichEdhi pips112:27
pygiwhat's the meeting about this time?12:27
pygihm, cbx33 ....12:28
cbx33ok I'll try to make it12:28
pips1hi RichEd12:28
pips1the meeting is in 30 mins, no?12:29
=== pips1 checks
pips1ah no, it still 1.5 hours to go12:32
=== pips1 [n=test1@] has joined #edubuntu
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=== jsgotangco [n=jsg123@ubuntu/member/jsgotangco] has joined #edubuntu
jsgotangcohmm n-m can be disabled right?12:47
pygijsgotangco, sure12:49
jsgotangcoi dont think n-m likes my wireless in feisty12:50
pygisystem, prefs, sessions12:50
jsgotangcopygi: but that's just the n-m client right12:50
ograapt-get remove network-manager ;)12:52
ograbe radical :)12:52
=== jsgotangco grumbles about n-m being default
pygijsgotangco, apt-get remove network-manager --purge12:56
pygiogra, ^_^12:56
jsgotangcohehe alright i'll be radical12:56
=== jsgotangco reboots
cliebowi dojntt think feisty likes wireless..12:59
pygino one likes wireless12:59
cliebowit works when it bloody well feels like it in my ibook01:00
willvdldoubt it's a feisty thing. more like a wireless thing01:01
=== willvdl is now known as willvdl_away
pygiwillvdl_away, nod01:06
ogramy wlan works fine in feisty ...01:08
ograeven with broadcom card01:08
=== pygi doesn't like IPW drivers which can't connect to WPA secured networks, so he has to use wext
=== LP062 [i=c2df514b@gateway/web/cgi-irc/linuxpreview.org/x-bfa3f66b3bb3d486] has joined #edubuntu
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SiCkogra... any ideas about the configuration problem? it all seems to stem from dbus not being able to be configured?01:26
SiCki cant install anything on the chroot :(01:26
SiCk' subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 101:26
ogramount proc01:27
ogradbus likely needs that01:27
ograsudo chroot /opt/ltsp/i386 mount -t proc proc /proc01:28
ograand after you are done:01:28
ograsudo chroot /opt/ltsp/i386 umount /proc01:28
ogra(dont forget that last step)01:28
SiCkthats it! thankyou again!01:30
SiCksorry to bother again, see when you say ' change your NFS root from ro to rw in /etc/exports ' how's this done? just chmodding /etc/exports to read/write?01:33
bimberiSiCk: no, edit /etc/exports and change "ro" to "rw" for the appropriate entry01:37
=== pips1_ [n=philipp@] has joined #edubuntu
SiCkah, that makes sense :D01:39
pips1_ogra, printing from a local printer attached to a thin client should work, no?01:39
ograpips1, if you configured it, yes01:39
RichEd=== edubuntu meeting in #ubuntu-meeting : 20 mins ====01:40
pips1_well, autodetection of local printer on the thin client doesn't work (because avahi is disabled ?)01:40
ograits not supposed to01:40
pips1_adding local printer manually seems to work (ipp://parallel:/dev/lp0), but test page won't print01:40
ograthats wrong01:40
bimberiSiCk: yw :)01:40
ografollow th eprinitng setup pages on wiki.ltsp.org ....01:40
ograits identical in ltsp5 ...01:41
ograwe only dont support serial printers yet01:41
ograadding PRINTER_0_DEVICE=/dev/lp0 to lts.conf and configuring a jetdirect printer in the gnome-cups manager dialog should work though01:41
=== willvdl_away is now known as willvdl
pips1_ah, so "plugnplay" doesn't work01:43
ograit never did01:45
ograin neither ltsp version01:45
ograbut should be possible to implement for gutsy01:45
bimberihi ogra, my edubuntu-bugs membership on LP will expire soon.  I'd like to renew it (if it's OK). https://launchpad.net/~edubuntu-bugs/+members01:46
ograbimberi, you got another year :)01:47
bimberi... of bugmails ;)   Thanks! :)01:48
=== jsgotangco [n=jsg123@ubuntu/member/jsgotangco] has joined #edubuntu
=== wima [n=wima@226.136-78-194.adsl-fix.skynet.be] has joined #edubuntu
ogra10 min01:51
jsgotangcoahh k01:52
ograubotu is always 10min ahead to make sure the room is clean ;)01:52
pips1_does lts.conf need to be reloaded somehow or will changes take effect immediately?01:53
jsgotangcoheh ive just been out of the loop for a single release and i feel like a stranger lately01:53
ograpips1, its only read on boot of the client01:53
pips1_jsgotangco: how so?01:54
RichEd=== edubuntu meeting in #ubuntu-meeting : 5 mins ====01:55
pips1_because of ubotu? heh01:55
jsgotangcopips1_: heh no not really, 6 months is a lot of time development-wise01:56
jsgotangcoso yeah im getting back a bit, just testing 64bit snapshots01:58
ogranot in debian :P01:58
jsgotangcowhat i mean is being actually involved and stuff01:58
ograthere its just a usual release delay :)01:58
wimahas anyone seen problems with the pxe image where the bottom half of the logon screen is blue?01:59
ograthe long debian freeze really slowed down ltsp ... i didnt get half the amount of patches from them i usually get01:59
wimait doesn't happen with the etherboot images01:59
ogranot here, no01:59
wimai see it on several clients, but not always02:00
ogratry booting without splash02:00
ograand see if it still shows up02:00
wimaif I ctrl-backspace, i get a normal logon screen02:00
wimahow do I boot without splash?02:00
ograremove the word splash from /var/lib/tftpboot/ltsp/i386/pxelinux.cfg/default02:01
wimaok, thanks. will try02:01
RichEd=== edubuntu meeting in #ubuntu-meeting : now ====02:01
willvdlShould be meeting time around nowish?02:02
SiCkogra, once i've modified the gconf here, all i need to do is close it and run /usr/bin/epiphany from the xsession instead?02:02
wimaogra: without splash, it works. thanks02:04
=== cliebow_ [n=cliebow@smoothwallkludge.ellsworth-hs.ellsworth.k12.me.us] has joined #edubuntu
=== bluekuja [n=andy@ubuntu/member/bluekuja] has joined #edubuntu
pygimorning bluekuja02:23
bluekujamorning pygi :D02:23
bluekujahow are you man?02:23
pygino football European competition for you heh? :P02:23
pygibluekuja, tired, eyes hurt02:23
pygiI blame serious lack of sleep02:23
bluekujaI need to study for the whole afternoon02:24
pygiheh, I solve that easily02:24
pygiI cancel exams :P02:24
pygiand fail the year ofcourse, but :P\02:24
bluekujayeah, you can only fail and year02:25
bluekujabut thats not nice02:25
bluekujaneed to start working, I don't want to study for all my life02:25
pygiwhat are you studying anyway?02:27
bluekujaitalian litterature02:27
bluekujaand something more02:27
pygiah :)02:28
pygiorganization and informatics02:30
bluekujaooh cool02:30
pyginot really02:30
pygithere are only a few interesting topics + programming would be funny if it wasn't sad02:30
pygibluekuja, alive? :P02:33
bluekujayep, I'm writing some mails02:34
bluekujajust opened my pc02:34
bluekujaneed to run now...I'm so late02:36
bluekujabrb later!02:36
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=== willvdl_ [n=will@dumbledore.hbd.com] has joined #edubuntu
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=== ogra takes a break and then does a i386 netinstall
SiCkogra, in gconf-editor, when i run it on the client, change all the settings, close it and restart it, all the settings are lost again... any ideas?03:37
SiCkor, anyone really03:37
=== sbalneav [n=sbalneav@mail.legalaid.mb.ca] has joined #edubuntu
sbalneavMorning all04:02
=== bddebian [n=bdefrees@] has joined #edubuntu
=== bronze [n=Lester@c-24-62-225-133.hsd1.nh.comcast.net] has joined #edubuntu
sbalneavBrazil loves Ubuntu04:08
sbalneavand Edubuntu!04:08
SiCkso does northern ireland \o/04:09
=== spacey [n=herman@ubuntu/member/spacey] has joined #edubuntu
RichEdhey sbalneav ... so is edubuntu Big in Brazil ?04:13
ograSiCk, hmm, remove /home from copy_dirs in the ltsp-client-setup defaults ?04:13
ograindeed home must bewriteable and not in a tmpfs ...04:13
sbalneavRichEd: My straw poll says "yes".04:13
sbalneavI'd say probably 20% of *buntu users were Edubuntu.04:14
ogradanmed, i think i need a new spacebar04:14
sbalneav"                                                         "04:14
sbalneavThere, use some of those.04:14
RichEdsbalneav: and any guess as to what % of linux users are *buntu ?04:14
sbalneavI got lots if you need some more.04:14
sbalneavRichEd: When Jono asked "How many people use Ubuntu", there were probably 500 or so people in the auditorium, I'd say 75% shot up their hands.04:15
sbalneavUbuntu was everywhere04:15
sbalneavLots of the booths were running it04:15
RichEdmost excellent04:15
sbalneavMaddog uses it on his laptop.04:15
sbalneavAnd his speech was basically 40 minutes of "LTSP is the greatest thing since sliced bread, you should all drop what you're doing and go learn it"04:16
sbalneavAnd guess which distro has it built in?04:16
=== sbalneav thinks hard
sbalneavthink think think04:17
=== RichEd wonders as well
RichEdermmmmm does it end in a U ?04:17
ograsbalneav, hey you said 35% yesterday04:19
sbalneavI checked my figures04:19
sbalneavI actually kept track, beleive it or not. :)04:19
sbalneavWhen I added it up this morning, it was a bit lower than I thought.  Still, good tho!04:20
sbalneavTalked to alot of people about the second CD, they were REAL happy about the lang support.04:20
sbalneavThat's a huge win for them down there.04:20
=== bronze applauds
=== SiCk concurs
ograwell, we're just discussing dropping the first CD ... but i already told you that04:21
sbalneavI think having a general "Ubuntu thin client server" cd is an awesome idea, and then focusing on the Edubuntu as an addon is an awesome idea.04:22
sbalneavIt puts a CLEAR demarcation between the TECH side (LTSP, TCM, etc etc etc) and the EDU side (games, content, etc)04:23
ograconvince mdz ;)04:23
ograhe doesnt like the idea04:23
SiCki totally agree to be honest04:23
SiCkim sure there are alot of people ( like me ) that wont really ever use the educational side of it04:24
ogra(at loeast the one of having a dedicated thin client CD)04:24
sbalneavI suspect it would be way easier to attract Educators to help out if they can JUST focus on the edu side of things, and not feel intimidated by the tech side.04:24
sbalneavSure, are you discussing it in a channel somewhere now?04:24
sbalneavI'll throw my 2 cents in.04:24
ograi would like to make the move to addon really ... independently from thet thin client CD ...04:24
sbalneavI'm not above bribing people either.04:25
ograno, we discussed it in the meeting today04:25
sbalneavWant me to send him an email?04:25
ograand i personally discussed it with mdz yesterday04:25
ograwe'll have a BOF about it04:25
SiCkhaha, you'll just annoy him :P04:25
ograi'll register a spec04:25
sbalneavok, yeah schedule it.04:25
sbalneavI think it's an awesome idea.04:25
ograyup, me too04:26
sbalneavAre we planning on getting Moodle into edubuntu?  And supplying some example content?04:26
ogra1. yes, 2. no not planned yet04:26
sbalneavSee, that'd be an excellent place to get some Edu people involved.  I want to see more teachers in on this.  And the ones we do have, like Trask and cliebow, get more heaviliy involved in the edu.04:27
SiCkim going to shove this thin-client through my head04:29
bronzethey're not that thin....04:31
SiCkwits end.04:31
bronzemore specifically?04:32
=== SimonAnibal [n=chatzill@] has joined #edubuntu
SiCkgconf-editor , trying to get kiosk mode running for epiphany on a thin-client04:34
SiCkset all the settings and it doesnt save once restarted...04:34
SiCkso i try running it at sudo gconf-editor04:35
SiCkand get ' password: '04:35
bronzewhose passwrod did you enter?04:35
SiCkof course root isnt set up on the thin-client and it wont let me change the root password04:35
SiCkthe user im logged in as has --disabled-password04:35
ogrado what i told you above04:35
SiCkso i hit just enter and get command line again04:35
SiCk?? i must've missed it04:36
ograthere is no point using sudo04:36
ogra<ogra> SiCk, hmm, remove /home from copy_dirs in the ltsp-client-setup defaults ?04:36
ogra<ogra> indeed home must bewriteable and not in a tmpfs ...04:36
SiCki was thinking it was maybe a permissions problem04:36
bronzeogra: it has scrolled away, can you re-iterate?04:36
bronzeoh, you did :-)04:36
SiCkso i remove that and re-build the client?04:36
ograremove it while using gconf-editor04:38
ograadd it back after you made your settings04:38
ogralook for home in /opt/ltsp/i386/etc/default/ltsp-client-setup, comment that line and reboot the client ....04:39
ogramake your gconf stuff and set it to a tmpfs dir again04:40
bronzeogra: nice.04:40
=== greg_g [n=greg@c-75-72-154-21.hsd1.mn.comcast.net] has joined #edubuntu
SiCkis that maybe a problem? or will that only change if the client is booted?04:42
ogralook at the bottom04:46
ograyou have added two lines for the kiosk setup04:46
SiCkooh thar it is :P04:48
SiCkso what'd we just do there? edit it, then reboot it and not allow it to make changes?04:54
SiCkjust booting now to see if it's worked, just changed the xsession04:54
SiCkmuh - sign of dismay05:09
SiCkmight go back to opera... had a wee bit more luck with it... haha05:10
ograso your changes worked but you didnt like them ?05:14
ograor whats the prob ?05:14
SiCkchanges didnt work, it hates me :( , whereas the only problem with opera i'm having is a license dialogue box! .. well, that and the addressbar keeps showing.. but i got rid of that somehow once before... just not completely sure how yet!05:15
SiCki've just been trying a few options that are open to me05:16
ograthbe license diqalog will go away once you have okeyed it with a writeable homedir ...05:16
ograsame thing as the gconf thing ...05:16
SiCki think i maybe did the homedir thing wrong last time then ?05:17
SiCki dont think i'm completely understanding what you're telling me about the homedir... my fault... :/05:17
ogradunno ... comment out the line, reboot the client, make your changes ... set the line back and reboot05:17
SiCksee when i do that, i get there is no writable filesystem and cannot open gconf-editor at all...05:18
ogracopy_dirs makes the thin client move the homedir into memory ... all changes you make are lost after a reboot05:18
ograremoving the copy_dirs line with a readwruite exported nfs mount will make it possible to write changes to it05:19
SiCkthat's when you change the /etc/exports on the server to rw instead of ro yes?05:19
SiCkso i change that, comment out the line and i should be able to boot gconf-editor?05:19
SiCkmake changes then drop all that back the way it was05:19
SiCki'm the meaning of layman. haha05:20
RichEdogra: ping05:23
RichEdcan you send the text points for the announcement before you go to bed tonight ?05:23
RichEdI'll send back to you for review when you wake up05:23
RichEdand then send to willvdl by 10:00 UTC at the latest so we can get the web & wiki pages done05:24
RichEdthank you velly much05:24
sbalneavWhen't Zero Hour?05:25
RichEd<Mithrandir> RichEd: after I press the button is probably a good time. :-)05:26
RichEd<RichEd> Mithrandir: when do you think that will be ? just to get myself ready ...05:26
RichEd<Mithrandir> RichEd: some time during the day; we're roughly in the same TZ.05:26
RichEdsbalneav: so there is a zero day, but not yeat a zero hour05:26
SiCkogra i'm being inundated with ' read-only filesystem '05:28
willvdlmaybe it wants you to read it?05:28
SiCki need a bit of humor05:28
RichEdSiCk: did you hear the one about the baby seal that walked into a club ?05:29
ograbut you made the nfs changes we talked about some hours ago ?05:29
=== RichEd drags up old bad jokes
willvdlAt Stellies we had the Seal Cub Club Club...dedicated to bad seal jokes05:31
SiCknfs changes being the one in /etc/exports ?05:32
SiCkRichEd: i dont think so :P05:32
ograyes and indeed a restart of nfs to make them take effect05:32
SiCknfs-common yes?05:34
SiCk( still learning )05:34
SiCkwell, done that one too.. haha05:40
SiCkhad a wee check through /etc/init.d/05:40
SiCkargh, well its still not working05:43
SiCkill have a go at it tomorrow05:43
SiCkhome time now!05:44
SiCkseeyas all later05:44
SiCkthanks for all the help05:44
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=== HedgeMage [i=blah@ubuntu/member/hedgemage] has joined #edubuntu
=== skirk [n=skirk@ip-103-163.sn2.eutelia.it] has joined #edubuntu
=== knix_ [n=knix@c-24-127-177-208.hsd1.pa.comcast.net] has joined #edubuntu
=== Laser_away is now known as LaserJock
=== jitj [n=ubuntu@server.zeeland.k12.mi.us] has joined #edubuntu
jitjI'm going to be doing a presentation on FLOSS and edubuntu on Friday. Would there be any problem with me getting all of the participants logging in to this IRC as a part of the presentation?07:03
LaserJockhow many people?07:05
jitjShould be around 2007:05
LaserJockI wouldn't think that would be a problem as long as you can keep the class from being too noisy :-)07:06
jitjI'm not sure that most have used IRC and I'd like them to know about the community that surrounds open source software.07:07
jitjOf course, I'm highlighting mailing lists, wiki's, forums, etc...07:07
LaserJockyeah sure07:07
LaserJockwhat time?07:07
jitjThe session is 8:30-10A EST...I would guess we'll be doing the IRC thing around 8:45-9A.07:08
LaserJockyeah, I'd think there would be people around07:08
jitjI plan to distribute the Edubuntu 6.10 live cd with the participants and use gaim for IRC (I guess it is now pidgin).07:09
LaserJocktoo early for me07:09
jitjEven if there isn't anyone here, we could talk quietly among ourselves :^)07:09
jitjI'll make sure to tell everyone that Laserjock said it was okay :^)07:11
jitjNow back to finishing up the presentation.  The outline is here:07:11
LaserJockthat's pretty extensive07:14
jitjIt is going to be a hands-on session for the participants...I haven't had a chance to try the Live CD on the computers yet.  I'm crossing my fingers that it will work -- these are computers being brought in from another district.07:16
LaserJockwill you get a chance before the presentation?07:19
LaserJockwhat is the target audience?07:19
jitjI should be able to try it tomorrow afternoon07:19
jitjI'm actually presenting the edubuntu cd to our area schoo district technology directors in a lab tomorrow afternoon (I know it works on those machines...been tested already)07:20
jitjI'm presenting the longer session Friday to teachers and other staff who have an interest in the Web 2.0 type technologies...don't know for sure who will be at my session07:21
jitjhttp://connectingandcollaborating.pbwiki.com - here's the conference link07:21
jitjIf you think about it, Open Source has been web 2.0 before web 2.0 even existed07:22
jitjI'm open for suggestions if anyone has something they think I should tell this group07:23
cliebow_jitj:nx is pretty spiffy to show off 8~)07:24
LaserJockjitj: "Edubuntu ROCKS!" ? ;-)07:24
=== juliux [n=juliux@ubuntu/member/juliux] has joined #edubuntu
cliebow_Edubuntu ROCKS!!07:24
cliebow_almost all the time 8~)07:25
jitjWhat makes nx cool?07:25
SimonAnibalwhat is nx?07:25
cliebow_ohhh..getting a desktop from half way across the worlsd07:25
jitjDo you have a desktop halfway around the world I can connect to?07:26
cliebow_in Maine?07:26
cliebow_far enough away?07:26
jitjHmmm...Michigan to Maine....not bad07:26
cliebow_i think nomachines is in Italy07:26
cliebow_i can set up a login for you ans send you the client.id_dsa.key07:27
SimonAnibalthat's a little harsh, I'm sure there are a few ;-)07:27
jitjDon't worry about setting it up at this point. Thanks for the offer, though.  I appreciate it.07:29
jitjIt is a good point that these remote connections might be valuable for schools to allow students and staff to do work remotely.07:29
cliebow_i do it all the time in my satellite schools..six of them07:30
jitjHow does the maine laptop program impact your schools?07:30
cliebow_it hurts my ltsp..cause everyone is wandering around with a wireless laptop07:31
jitjI kind of figured that might happen...07:31
cliebow_we biught out like 200 extra plus our own at 40 bucks a pop..plus we have the mlti2 laptops07:32
cliebow_they make dandy ltsp clients btw07:32
jitjwhat are the mlti2 laptops?07:33
cliebow_second round maine laptop initiative07:33
cliebow_g4 with 512 memory07:34
jitjAre the mac laptops the right technology for a 1-to-1?07:34
cliebow_i guess.. i used to hate the little bas..things07:35
cliebow_but the first round was 128 meg and they were a pain in the tail07:35
cliebow_i hate the proprietary nature..but they have been ok software wise07:36
jitjWe're just finishing moving our district desktops from Macs to PC's because they were challenging to support07:36
cliebow_job security here 8~)07:36
jitjI'd have a hard time putting macs back in place...linux would be much more enjoyable07:36
cliebow_if they so much as wink we reimage07:36
jitjreimaging is our friend for desktops, too07:36
cliebow_using rapid image deploynment07:36
cliebow_with windows you could reboot..with macs just reimage..and with linux..the beat goes on 8~07:37
=== jitj [n=ubuntu@server.zeeland.k12.mi.us] has left #edubuntu []
=== knix__ [n=knix@c-24-127-177-208.hsd1.pa.comcast.net] has joined #edubuntu
=== freet15 [n=freet15@] has joined #edubuntu
=== Seveas [n=seveas@ubuntu/member/seveas] has joined #edubuntu
=== jgedeon [n=joe@oh-67-77-123-4.sta.embarqhsd.net] has joined #edubuntu
cliebow_anyone work enough with sql to know what privs to grant to debian-sys-maint when migrating a databse from a redhat?08:37
=== knix__ [n=knix@c-24-127-177-208.hsd1.pa.comcast.net] has left #edubuntu ["Leaving"]
pips1_ogra: is the following link the only place to get edubuntu DVDs? http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/edubuntu/dvd/current/09:48
LaserJockI think there might be some mirrors09:52
ograit will be here after relese http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/edubuntu/releases/7.04/09:56
ograor here .... http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/edubuntu/releases/feisty/09:56
=== LaserJock is now known as Laser_away
pips1_ogra: also, I'm now editing the explanatory text on the download page... I need to make some adjustments because of the new situation with the addon cd09:58
pips1_first, I need to be clear on the situation though09:58
pips1_so, for the "classroom server solution", you will need to get the "alternate" cd, plus, (optionally) the server-addon cd, right?09:59
pips1_is it still called "alternate"?09:59
ograserver and serveraddon10:00
pips1_oki, gotcha10:00
=== a5benwillis [n=benwilli@] has joined #edubuntu
pips1_what does the edubunte "live" cd contain?10:00
=== pips1_ reads
ograa live session with edubuntu desktop and a selection of applications you find on the addon CD10:01
pips1_do you have a similar link for the edubuntu live cd, I could use as reference text?10:02
=== ubotu [n=ubotu@ubuntu/bot/ubotu] has joined #edubuntu
pips1_^^^ as the link to the server isos you just pasted above10:02
pips1_ta, great!10:02
pips1_ah, it's now called "desktop" cd, makes sense10:03
pips1_so, from the desktop cd, you can install a workstation, right?10:04
pips1_ogra  ^^^10:05
pips1_will that already include all the edu apps?10:05
pips1_and what about the language files?10:05
pips1_one only gets the more "unusual" languages for the desktop cd / workstation install from the online repos, i take it?10:07
ograit wont include the edu apps10:08
ogra(the installde version)10:08
ograyou still have to use the addon CD for them ... they are only in the live session10:09
ogralangpacks: es xh pt de fr ca cs el are on the server CD ....10:10
ograes xh pt de fr are on the live CD10:10
ogra*all other* langpacks we have in ubuntu are on the addon CD10:11
=== arualavi [n=Iva@117.Red-83-33-7.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #edubuntu
ograoh, indeed include en for both above10:11
=== Bambi_BOFH [n=kgoetz@gnewsense/friend/kgoetz] has joined #edubuntu
pips1_thanks, now I'm pretty clear about the situation I think10:13
pips1_however, can you please explain the language abbreviations above?  es xh pt de fr ca cs el10:14
pips1_es = spanish10:14
pips1_xh = ?10:14
pips1_pt = ?10:14
pips1_de = german10:14
pips1_fr = french10:14
pips1_ca = ?10:14
pips1_cs = ?10:14
pips1_el = ?10:14
highvoltagexh = Xhosa10:14
highvoltagepips1_: they're iso codes, afaik10:15
=== pips1_ googles
pips1_ta, got it :)10:18
=== spacey [n=herman@vpn.osso.nl] has joined #edubuntu
highvoltageogra: what's the best way to check whether I'm on a livecd? to check whether casper is installed?10:22
=== willvdl [n=Will@vc-196-207-41-253.3g.vodacom.co.za] has joined #edubuntu
sacaterhighvoltage: need me yet?10:34
=== sacater stretches
highvoltagesacater: hey there!10:35
sacatertis me10:35
highvoltagesacater: I notices last night our surnames differ by just one character10:35
highvoltagemy surname is "Carter"10:36
sacatercater uis unique10:36
highvoltagemy middle name is misspelled, so in total my name is still unique :)10:36
highvoltagesacater: the Ubuntu education summit is taking place from 2 May, it will be mostly a face to face gathering, but we'll be extending it over IRC and VoIP, so it would be great if you could get involved through that10:37
sacaterever heard of gizmo project?10:38
sacaterits a voip skype, etc etc serviec10:38
sacaterall free :D10:38
sacateri use that, username is sacatermeister10:38
highvoltagehaven't used it yet, is it packaged for Ubuntu yet?10:39
sacaterhighvoltage: it may help with gathering too, as you can open up conference rooms too as well for free10:39
sacaterhighvoltage: gizmoproject.com10:39
sacateryou have to get their binary10:39
highvoltagesacater: I'm not sure what canonical currently has planned, but we can possibly try gizmo out10:40
sacatermakes no real difference to me, as it supports multiple protocols10:40
sacaterhighvoltage: try it with me now, its quick to install10:40
sacaterhighvoltage: you need a headset or mic or course :P10:42
sacaterhighvoltage: second of may.... where?10:43
highvoltagesacater: download is 28% complete10:43
highvoltagesacater: Seville, Spain10:43
sacaterill extend over irc and voip10:43
highvoltagesacater: https://launchpad.net/sprints/ues-sevilla-200710:43
sacaterive never really understood edubuntu, is it for schools? colleges? what?10:44
sacaterlibrarys ive noticed10:44
sacaterhighvoltage: download status?10:49
sacaterhighvoltage: #sacater10:49
sacater /j it10:49
=== highvoltage installs
sacaterhighvoltage: if no special irc channel has been selected for the may gathering, i would be willing to lend mine out, with ops of course, topic etc10:51
=== Kamping_Kaiser [n=kgoetz@gnewsense/friend/kgoetz] has joined #edubuntu
highvoltagesacater: ok10:52
sacatertell all to convey inside #sacater10:52
highvoltageIRC channels is at least something we've never had a lack of :)10:52
sacaterhighvoltage: add me on gizmo when you are ready10:54
sacateradded :o10:54
sacatercall me or i call you :P10:55
sacateraw hell i will call you10:55
highvoltagesacater: I get a message saying that you're not available10:55
sacaterhang on10:55
highvoltageI think I just left a message that will sound like typing :)10:55
highvoltageit sounded like an asterisk voice mail box. probably is :)10:56
sacaterokay try me now10:57
highvoltagesacater: now I get a different message that says you haven't set up your voicemail yet10:57
highvoltagetry to phone me?10:57
sacaterplan b10:57
sacateradd 'sacater'10:58
highvoltageit says it's not an existing username.10:58
sacaterim gonna make it then10:58
sacatera few secs10:59
sacateradd samcater11:00
sacatertry me now11:01
highvoltagesacater: are you irssi'ing from a gentoo box? your irssi version looks quite new11:01
sacateri am doing via a gentoo server11:01
highvoltagevoice mail.11:01
sacateri aint getting11:01
sacateroh well11:01
sacaterback to sacatermeister11:02
=== highvoltage left a voicemail
willvdlhighvoltage, what time does digital freedoms start tomorrow?11:03
highvoltagewillvdl: I heard that it's something like 2pm11:03
highvoltagewillvdl: I'm probably not going to go anymore11:03
willvdl(quick, I've got some vowels left)11:04
highvoltagewillvdl: it seems like it's a bit of a disaster. Ross was there to look at the stands today, and he said people there didn't know what was going on, and that nothing was happening. and the career expo is happening in parrallel with that, and it seems that all the attention is going there11:04
sacaterhighvoltage: hang on a mo11:05
sacaterhighvoltage: callimhg11:06
willvdlhighvoltage, http://tinyurl.com/2hwq7o  <--seems more like 9am11:06
highvoltagesacater: we're in a call, but I can't here you11:06
sacaterhighvoltage: speaker error11:06
sacatermic error11:06
highvoltagecould you hear me?11:07
sacateryou soun young11:07
highvoltageyou should probably go to the gnome mixer and put the mic volume up under capture settings11:08
sacaterthats what im thinking11:08
sacaterbut i use xfce11:08
highvoltagexfce's mixer can do it too. otherwise you could use alsamixer from a terminal.11:08
sacatertry now11:09
highvoltagecan't hear you11:09
sacaterlet me try alsa mix11:09
highvoltageheard a "clunk" sound though11:10
sacaterthat was part of gizmo11:10
sacaterdamnit this sucks11:10
highvoltagewillvdl: ah, we talked about Jimmy Wales too, so perhaps Ross was telling me about when he was coming up (I should listen more closely)11:10
willvdlcome to the community BoF?11:11
willvdlday 2 at 3pm11:11
highvoltagefriday afternoon... that sounds doable.11:11
highvoltagewillvdl: do you know sacater yet?11:12
willvdlnope, hi11:12
highvoltagewillvdl: only 14 and already an Ubuntu contributor :)11:12
sacaterhighvoltage: alsa isnt picking me im either11:12
willvdl14 what :)11:12
sacaterim teh sacatermeister11:12
sacater14 ans11:13
highvoltagewillvdl: 14 years old11:13
sacaterparle francais11:13
willvdlun poco11:13
=== highvoltage startes listening to spanish cd today
willvdlah, French keyboard11:13
sacaterhighvoltage: sound recorder isnt picking me up either11:13
willvdlah aprender Espanol...11:14
highvoltage"sound recorder"? that's in Windows, right? ;)11:14
sacaterlook in gnome11:14
willvdlhighvoltage, go to Peru, lose your plane-tickets and learn the hard way... like a man!11:14
sacaterwillvdl: a man wouldnt lose his plane tickets11:15
highvoltagesacater: alsamixer -V capture11:15
highvoltagesacater: try to set the volume up on that11:15
willvdlhighvoltage, http://tinyurl.com/18r <-- community BoF is tomorrow, Morgan's session is Friday11:15
highvoltagewillvdl: that doesn't want to load here :/11:15
willvdlanyhoo, have't forgotten to set up a quick chat on IRC11:15
sacaterhighvoltage: try now11:16
highvoltagestill can't here you :/11:17
sacaternot to me11:17
sacaterme to you11:17
highvoltagestill nothing11:17
sacaterare you saying anything11:17
highvoltagesacater: heard me there?11:18
sacaterhighvoltage: no...11:18
=== highvoltage tries the party line
sacaterwtf is in there11:18
sacaterget out11:18
sacaterill open a conference line11:19
highvoltageheh, it was just a bunch of noise11:19
sacateri got that...11:19
sacaterwait a mo11:19
sacaterhighvoltage: dial this 122299922111:19
highvoltage"Your call cannot be connected as dialed"11:20
sacaterhang on11:20
highvoltagesacater: I need to get some sleep, been a long day! :)11:21
sacatergot it11:21
highvoltageok let's try one more time11:21
sacateri can tell you are in11:21
highvoltagecan't hear you :/11:21
sacaterbut cant hear you11:21
sacateri cant hear you either11:22
sacatertry again tommorow11:22
sacaterafterschool :P11:22
highvoltageand after work :)11:22
highvoltageI hear frogs... hmmm11:22
highvoltageoh, now they say I'm the 3rd participant to the call.11:22
sacateri left11:23
highvoltagegoodnight willvdl and sacater11:23
sacateri closed it off11:23
sacaterill keep working on ir11:23
willvdlpond boy11:23
sacaterthat was the conference room11:23
sacaterfrog noises11:23
pips1_what does the edubuntu DVD contain (feisty)?11:27
pips1_ogra ^^^ ?11:27
pips1_highvoltage: ?11:27
willvdlpips1_, everything if I'm not mistaken11:27
pips1_define everything please11:28
pips1_can you start a live session, e.g.11:28
willvdlI've actually never touched one11:28
pips1_neither have i11:29
pips1_on our current download page, it says "The DVD image contains both the live, and install ISO's, as well as all the packages officially supported by Ubuntu"11:29
willvdlsounds right...11:30
pips1_oh, and what about shipit? they used to only ship 6.06 LTS, but it seems that they now changed that to ship the lastest release11:36
=== jinty [n=jinty@] has joined #edubuntu
pips1_willvdl: you still here?11:48
pips1_could you proof read the download page?11:49
willvdlsure. link?11:49
pips1_do you still know your drupal login password?11:49
pips1_(the page isn't published)11:49
willvdlpips1_, about ShipIt, dapper is still shipped (LTS) but Edgy should be replaced with Feisty11:49
willvdlyeah, lemme check...11:49
pips1_willvdl: see pm11:51

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