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knix_alright, i upgraded my dapper server to edgy then to feisty.  On reboot after upgrade my server hangs on running local boot scripts etc/rc.local    any thougts?12:39
notapsychicknix_: what did you do to upgrade to feisty?12:54
knix_ya i went to edgy then to feisty12:54
knix_and now my vmware image is corrupt and I cant revert back.  Not my day, heehee12:56
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mralphabetmy question was "what did you do to upgrade to feisty", as in did you just update the sources list or did you follow the recommended upgrade procedure from edgy to feisty12:59
knix_I did the same thing from dapper to edgy to feisty, I followed this - Now you need to update the source list using the following command01:01
knix_sudo apt-get update01:01
knix_Upgrade using the following command01:01
knix_sudo apt-get dist-upgrade01:01
knix_Double check your process was finished properly using the following commd01:01
knix_sudo apt-get -f install01:01
knix_sudo dpkg --configure -a01:01
knix_Now you need to Reboot your machine to take your new ubuntu 7.04 installation to effect all changes.01:01
knix_so from dap to edge, i replace edgy in sources, and to feisty, I replaced to feisty in sources01:02
knix_yes, i didt that01:05
knix_i am on the reboot part, but it hangs after that reboot01:05
mralphabetfor edgy to feisty that's not actually the recommended way01:08
mralphabetthere's an updated tool for feisty01:08
mralphabetI'm finding it01:08
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knix_mralphabet, i am using the headless server so update manager -d wont work in this situation.  I was upgrading my headless dapper server to edgy, then to feisty01:16
mstrzelehi all, what is the preffered way in Ubuntu to run iptables on startup? making bash script or iptables-save/restore in /etc/network/interfaces?01:17
Nafalloknix_: what? you do want do-release-upgrade, no?01:17
mralphabetknix_: I am using a headless server as well, and update-manager -d is a command line app01:17
knix_Nafallo, it's not that.  I upgraded to feisty, and now hangs and wont go any further.  My revert image for vmware is corrupt or something like that.  so I am at a "very big and thorny brick wall"01:18
Nafalloknix_: wonderful01:19
knix_mralphabet, funny thing is that before I did the upgrade I took a snapshot of it01:19
Nafalloknix_: why does it hang? and where? :-)01:19
knix_Nafallo, it hangs at the local boot scripts01:19
Nafallomralphabet: is it?01:19
Nafalloknix_: S99 then... odd01:19
knix_yup, there goes all my data.   :(01:20
Nafallomralphabet: in my feisty update-manager-core contains do-release-upgrade anyway. and no update-manager bin.01:20
knix_am I screwed ?01:21
=== knix_ hears nothing,
mralphabetknix_: it's not something I have troubleshot personally, I have no insight for you01:26
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knix_mralphabet, no prob.  this is how I learn, by messing up.. Ty anyway01:27
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Chi_0Hello all02:32
Chi_0can point me in the right direction?02:36
Chi_0I want to setup a small lamp server should i use the new release on the 19th or just use dapper02:37
Burgundaviawell, it depends on how long you need to support it for02:41
Burgundaviaif you are comfortable updating it every 6 months, go with Feisty02:42
Burgundaviaif not, go with dapper02:42
Chi_0i was thinking of going that way b\c it's been out for a while and lots of peeps use it now and if i do need support their are places to find it02:43
Chi_0but will the new release have any features that i can't get in dapper02:44
Chi_0anything big?02:45
Chi_0or would be good for a home server?02:45
Burgundaviadepends entirely on your needs02:46
Burgundaviawhat are you trying to do02:46
Chi_0well test a site locally and share media 02:46
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Chi_0is dapper setup like a lamp by default?02:50
Burgundaviadapper does have that option, yes02:51
mralphabetthere's straight server which is barebones, there is LAMP and there is DNS02:52
mralphabetLAMP and DNS have appropriate packages / services installed02:52
mralphabetbarebones has no services enabled, you can however install whatever you want02:52
Chi_0ok b\c i have a option to install to hard disk and lamp.02:52
Chi_0so i should start w/ lamp to make it easy right?02:53
Chi_0then add services form their02:54
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malderIs there any good reason my server would all of the sudden reject my admin account's password or is this something I should be worried about?04:57
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dballestergood morning/afternoon/evening or night to all ;)10:35
dballesterops... ext2online is not on ubuntu-server ?10:41
ivoksresize online? :)10:42
ivoksthat's redhat's tool10:42
dballesterext2online is used by redhat, but not liomited only to this ditribution10:43
shawarmadballester: The description for package ext2resize says it does online resizeing as well.10:43
=== dballester /panic_mode off :)
shawarmaIt also says "Online resizing support was added to the linux kernel in version 2.6.10"10:44
ivoksthere you go :)10:44
shawarmaSo it appears there's kernel support as well.10:44
dballesterseems to be the samed tool with different names10:44
ivoksprobably redhat repacked it...10:44
shawarmaI use xfs. It's been doing it since forever.10:45
ivoksi know they had big "we can now do this" in their release notes for 4 series10:45
dballesterivoks, surelly, in fact RedHat supports a very limited number of filesystems10:46
ivoksi know10:46
dballesterwell, I hope that ext2resize handles ext3 journaling, I've expanded a lv from 100MB to 100GB :) time to test how ext2resize do his job ;)10:48
dballestermmmhhh... supoorts shrinking... well done :)10:50
dballesterin fact, installing ext2resize package install ext2online too10:54
dballesterit's a link :)10:55
dballesternope, are different apps but I think that are the same one10:56
dballester:/ not working very well...10:58
dballesterext2resize is not able  to work with ext3 11:02
dballesterand ext2online detects new size correctly, but is unable to expand filesystem accordingly :/11:03
Nafalloresize2fs isn't good enough? :-)11:05
ajmitchresize2fs is the suggested tool to use11:05
ajmitchsupports online expansion11:06
Nafalloajmitch: kewl! didn't know it did :-)11:06
ajmitchjust read its manpage11:06
dballesterseems that resize2fs is doing the job well11:06
ivoksnewsflash: ODF just became standard office document in croatia11:06
ajmitchivoks: excellent11:07
Nafalloawesome! :-)11:07
ivoksyeah :)11:07
ivoksPDF and ODF are standards, everything else is bonus :)11:07
dballesterimmo, ext2online and ext2resize should be deprecated, confuses the user ( me :) )11:07
ajmitchwell it is in universe11:08
dballesterajmitch, yes, and i had it installed, but if you search in the net for info about online resizing ext3 a lot of info points to ext2online app11:09
dballesterthen, your first intention is use ext2online11:10
ivokscause redhat is most used OS on systems that need something like this11:13
ivoksext2online was their big announcement...11:13
ivoksi guess it's their work, since they had it in 2.6.9 kernel11:14
dballestertime to make a new entry with a testcase in the blog, now that i've time and the resources ;)11:15
dballesterouch : resize2fs: Argumento invlido While trying to add group #822411:21
dballester:/ time to dive into resize2fs source code :( google not helped this time11:30
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dballestermmmhh... i was using generic kernel, before creating a bug in launchpad i will try first to use server kernel package11:58
fabbionedballester: you can use a very simple trick for that12:19
fabbionejust temporary disable journals and resize.. then re-enable12:19
dballesterfabbione, tried it with the filesystem umounted with same result12:20
dballestermay be is a ext3 limitation ? curiously stopped when filesystem was 65318330 and i get EXT3-fs warning (device dm-10): verify_reserved_gdb: reserved GDT 259 missing grp 1 (8451)12:21
dballesteri'm trying to know exactly what is saying ;)12:22
dballesterbut a lot of info to read about ext3 :/12:22
dballesterdisabling journaling was something like tune2fs ^O journal ? don't remember well12:25
dballestertune2fs ^Ohas_journal12:26
dballestertune2fs -O ^has_journal <- correct12:28
dballesterfabbione, i've disabled journaling and now executing e2fsck -f  prior resize2fs12:32
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dballesterhi again01:37
dballesterseems that today is "problems vs. dballester" and by now the counter is 2 -0 :/01:38
dballesterattached a 800 firewire disk ( Western Digital MyBook Pro Edition II ) and after few seconds I get   a lot of 2:0:1:0: rejecting I/O to dead device01:40
dballesterand disk 'shutdowns'01:40
dballesterI will try this disk in my ubuntu desktop with firewire 400 ( under usb 2 the disk goes well )01:41
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dballesterif doing lsmod | grep spb2 I get01:50
dballestersbp2                   36616  6 01:50
dballesteriirc sbp2 is not being used by any other module, isn't it?01:51
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newtokubuntuI have a question. I changed my MOTD. BUt when i reboot its not there anymore03:38
newtokubuntuany reason why?03:38
mralphabeton an ubuntu server?03:40
newtokubuntuwtf i change it and it doesnt work03:43
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mralphabetnewtokubuntu: http://www.google.com/search?q=ubuntu+motd04:01
AlexC_before installing Webmin, do I have to install Apache etc first? or will Webmin also install that?04:01
mralphabetwebmin really isn't recommended04:01
AlexC_mralphabet: do you have any reccomendation on a control panel I can use?04:03
dballestermralphabet, why do you say that webmin is not recommended ?04:04
AlexC_well it has been removed from the repos, and it's pretty damm confusing I'd say04:05
Nafallodballester: because it's not :-)04:05
dballestermmmhhh.. this answers reminds me aswers typo redmon guys :P04:06
AlexC_shall I got for ISPconfig then?04:06
mralphabetbecause it requires root access04:08
mralphabetthe default install is not very secure and has a fair amount of options that are not "ubuntu friendly"04:09
AlexC_or human friendly04:09
mralphabetit's a topic of discussion, but those further up the food chain then I don't like it04:10
AlexC_mralphabet: which would you suggest then?04:10
AlexC_it doesn't have to be open-source, though ... would be good if it was, how about ServerCP?04:11
dballesterthanks for the info mralphabet 04:12
mralphabetAlexC_: I don't have a recommendation ;( I don't use control panels04:12
AlexC_ah I see, if I was hosting one site I wouldn't use one, however .... my users will want a panel,04:13
AlexC_ServerCP seems quite nice, I may go with that04:13
mralphabetdballester: if you google for ubuntu + webmin you will come across many of the discussions for and against04:13
dballesterok ;)04:13
dballesterneed to reboot dns server :/ see you in few minutes04:14
mralphabetdballester: for me, the arguements against hold more weight as the arguements for are usually "it's so easy to use!"04:14
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newtokubuntuI found out that MOTD issue04:42
newtokubuntuubuntu does it diffrent04:43
newtokubuntutails off 2 files04:43
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newtokubuntuanyone know how hard it is to get mail server up and running. And if so , it always asked me for the server cd... anyway to have those files installed localy?06:10
newtokubuntucan i get those cd files installed local so it doesnt ask for the cd?06:12
ivoksyes sudo find /media/cdrom -name *.deb -exec cp {} /var/cache/apt/archives \;06:13
ivoksmy bad06:13
ivokssudo find /media/cdrom -name \*.deb -exec cp {} /var/cache/apt/archives \;06:14
newtokubuntuwhat sucks... 06:28
newtokubuntunot in my cd drive and im remote :)06:28
mralphabetnewtokubuntu: take the cd drive out of the sources list06:28
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n00t2anyone have experience with installing from the 6.06 (dapper) cd to a software RAID 5 setup?09:57
n00t2using the disk to create the software RAID 5?09:57
n00t2feel free to msg me when you get back from AFK >_<09:59
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ratshellHi all10:16
n00t2welcome... I'm the only one here10:30
n00t2for the past 30 minutes anyways10:30
ratshellI am here now :)10:32
ratshellso nootz what you up to?10:36
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n00tzyou're back10:50
n00tzand so am I10:50
ratshellWhat you up to man?10:51
n00tzI'm trying to install Ubuntu Server (Edgy) on a server I just bought off ebay10:51
n00tzSoftware RAID is new to me and it's giving me a hassle10:51
ratshellHows that going?10:51
ratshelllol answered my question10:51
n00tzyou wouldn't happen to have any experience with it woudl ya?10:52
ratshellI am going to install the server on a old laptop I have tommorrow10:52
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ratshellnope sorry not with raid10:52
theacolytesoftware raid?10:52
theacolytelike lvd?10:52
n00tzlike MDADM10:52
theacolyteah, yeah10:52
theacolytewhat do you need to know?10:52
n00tzwhich is what I'm assuming is built into the installer disk10:52
theacolyteI can't honestly remember if ubuntu does or not... you mean... set up the raid partitions in the installer itself10:53
n00tzI'm using the installer to create a RAID5 Array out of 6 drives (18.2 GB SCSI's)10:53
theacolyteI know you can do it after the fact :)10:53
n00tzyeah..  that's the problem10:53
n00tzI'm gonna be using this as  a production web/sql server10:53
n00tzand it creates all the directories on the install that I want to put on the RAID10:54
theacolyteyou could set up 1 drive as the OS drive10:54
n00tzotherwise I wouldn't have a problem with mirroring two of them for the sys drive and 5'ing the rest after the install10:54
n00tzI'm open to suggestions10:54
theacolytehonestly, I'd suggest hardware raid :)10:54
theacolyteyou can buy Dell PERC's for real cheap on ebay now10:54
n00tzI was actually gonna get the RAID card that this server would have come with originally - IBM ServeRAID-410:55
n00tzwhich are cheap too10:55
theacolyteno exp with that card, I have plenty of PERC's ranging from 2 to 4... and I love em10:55
theacolyteand it's supported natively10:55
theacolyteno extra stuff involved10:55
n00tzthe problem is... I'm on a limited budget and I've already spent as much as I paid for the server in shipping costs >_<10:55
theacolytewhat server?10:56
theacolyteis that cheap enough :)10:56
n00tzyeah.. that's the point10:56
theacolyte4x 700mgz xeons10:57
n00tzI'm gonna be using it as a DNS/SQL/Apache mirror for an already existing server10:57
theacolyteyou know you could have gotten a p4 desktop for cheaper and it'd be faster right? hehe10:57
theacolyteof course it isn't rackable10:57
n00tzthat was the key10:57
theacolyteyou should have talked to me, I'm selling a dual opteron 2gb 1tb disk server right now for 90010:58
n00tzI work at a web hosting/colocation/web streaming company10:58
n00tzso rack was kinda the key10:58
n00tzI've built a nice server in the past.. but being just a mirror server I wasn't really in it for the big costs10:58
theacolytei hear ya10:58
n00tztoo bad cfdisk isn't on the installer disk.. it's so much nicer than fdisk11:00
n00tzanyways, I appreciate at least getting a response and some input on my troubles11:05
n00tzI've been in #ubuntu all day with nobody knowing jack crap about it11:05
theacolytethis is the better channel for it11:06
n00tzand I've google'd just about everything I can think of.. apparently nobody uses software RAID 5 setups11:06
theacolytebecause it's slow 11:06
theacolytevery slow11:06
n00tzwell.. i've bit the bullet and bid on http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=28010626199811:09
n00tzhardware it is11:09
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n00tzany idea where the hardware compatibility list is?11:11
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theacolytenot offhand11:21
theacolytei know it's out there though11:21
n00tzit's not a complete one...11:22
n00tzI'm making a post on the forums.. 11:23
theacolyteI suggested a PERC just because I know they are supported natively... not sure about that card though it's Adaptec so I'd be suprised if it wasn't11:23
n00tzyeah.. that's my thoughts too11:30

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