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Felix765hi, I'd like some help with ltsp12:48
Felix765I think i've got it installed OK. But I cannot connect from a (thick) client using Terminal Server Client12:49
Felix765I'm using Feisty12:50
cliebow Felix765 terminal server  client??12:51
cliebowhas  naught to do with ltsp12:52
cliebowyou do meana  windows terminal server client?12:52
Felix765No, the Termianl server client in edubuntu desktop12:53
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Felix765Hi pips101:05
Felix765Do you happen to know anything about ltsp?01:05
pips1_a little :)01:06
willvdleeek! a clone!01:07
Felix765I'm new to it. Running edubuntu server and trying to connect from edubuntu desktop, but get 'connection refused'01:07
willvdlFelix765, how are you trying to connect?01:08
Felix765I'm using the Terminal Server Client in ed. desktop01:08
Felix765Should I use RDP setting or VLC etc?01:08
Felix765How can I tell if ltsp is even running on the server? Is there a process I can grep for?01:09
Felix765I don't want to use thin client, just client app running on thick client.01:09
pips1Felix765: I would like to help you, but I'm busy preparing some text for the release tomorrow.01:10
pips1can you come back at another time?01:10
pips1sorry :)01:10
cliebowFelix765, ltsp is all about  thin client..but  there are numeroous ways to get a  desktop on  a linux server01:10
bimberiFelix765: Just install a vncserver on the server and connect to that.01:11
cliebownx  is way  cool...vnc is..well.challenged01:11
cliebowan sshvnc-applet works01:11
Burgworkcliebow: nx has serious licensing issues01:11
bimberiwell, vnc is ok on a LAN ;)01:11
Felix765Doesn't vnc take over an existing running desktop, whereas terminal server method logs in to new session?01:12
Burgworkcliebow: well, freenx is nice but the nx people are not playing nice with the X people01:12
bimberiFelix765: no, that's vino01:12
Felix765bimberi: vino?01:12
bimberiFelix765: you can set up separate sessions using vnc01:12
cliebowltsp  is about thin-client..d/l a kernel..mount aan nfs chroot01:12
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about vino-server - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi01:12
cliebowBurgwork, i am sorry to hear thatr..01:13
bimberi!info vino01:13
ubotuvino: VNC server for GNOME. In component main, is optional. Version 2.16.0-0ubuntu2.4 (edgy), package size 173 kB, installed size 1956 kB01:13
ubotuVNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX01:13
ajmitchBurgwork: you mean being a GPL-only fork of an old xfree86?01:13
Burgworkbasically, yes01:14
ajmitchit blocks including any of the tens of thousands of lines of changes in x.org01:14
Felix765cliebow: I know that ltsp does the network boot stuff for setting up the clients, doesn't it also server-side stuff to allow connections?01:15
cliebownot really..01:16
Felix765What I want is for multiple clients, running on windows, to be able to connect to individual sessions on the server and run firefox01:16
cliebowyou can take a kernel and a filesystem and plunk  it on any system that provides 4 essential services01:16
Felix765but I'm testing at the moment with Edubuntu desktop01:17
cliebowcant just use windows  firefox..i dont see the point01:17
Felix765cliebow: There is a point believe me01:17
cliebowhmmm..maybe you better explain..better  yet..explain on 3ltsp01:18
Felix765cliebow: I want users to have access to a web based document management system without the ability to retain any temporary copies which may get downloaded to their pc's01:19
cliebowerr. how about running cygwin on windows?01:19
Felix765Haven't looked in to that01:19
Felix765cygwin is not free is it01:20
cliebowfar as   iknow it is..always used to was01:20
Felix765OK. but it will require installation on 50 pc's whereas RDP for example is alreadythere and lightweight01:21
cliebowjust pay the Man..01:21
cliebowwindows 200 server..oor 200301:22
Felix765SO I don't need to worry about ltsp then. I just need ...?01:22
bimberiFelix765: There is this - http://doc.gwos.org/index.php/VNC_GDM .  It uses XDMCP which doesn't have a great security reputation though.01:22
Felix765Thank, I'll have a look01:22
Felix765cliebow: VNC can set up new seesions for users can it? I didn't know that01:23
cliebowyou cant take over an ols session on a linux box running on  :0 x11vnc is the glue for that..but it will set up a new session01:24
cliebowrunning  vnc via xientd is way cool cause you get a login screen from gdm..thtat is what rmy  windows compadres do here01:25
Felix765that sounds interesting, can you provide any (more) pointers?01:26
cliebowbimberi's url is the heart of it01:27
bimberithere's also this: http://www.movingtofreedom.org/2007/02/16/howto-remote-desktop-with-vnc-in-ubuntu-edgy-gnu-linux/01:27
Felix765Ok, I'll go and read that.01:27
cliebowyou can if you get really ored look at wiki.ltsp.org under experimentala01:27
bimberi(which looks good but very long winded I must say)01:27
cliebowfor sshvnc-applet01:28
Felix765Thank guys.01:28
cliebowgood luck01:28
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willvdlwhere did my bandwidth go?01:31
willvdlpips1, all good? drop me a mail if you need anything01:35
willvdlI'll be doing the release note for the web tomorrow01:36
pips1i'm fine, matt has a lot on his hands though, me thinks01:36
willvdlnight all01:54
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knix__Hello all, does anyone know how to use the Rescue Mode in edgy?03:20
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bettspHi, is there any documentation on setting up a login server for [e,x,k] Ubuntu?03:21
Burgworklogin server?03:22
Burgworkie: centralized accounts?03:22
bettspBurgwork: Yeah, separate computers, separate installations, but they talk to one PC for /etc/passwd et al03:23
Burgworkfor that you need ldap03:23
bettspNot a full thin-client implementation03:23
Burgworkldap, not ltsp03:23
Burgworkand why not use ltsp fat clients?03:24
bettspBurgwork: Fat clients?03:24
Burgworkthen you only need to setup one computer03:24
bettspBurgwork: Well, none of the machines in the lab have any real power, the best we've got is like 1.4 GHz with maybe 30GB or so disk03:25
Burgworkhowever, for setting up ldap, you need to see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LDAPClientAuthentication and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OpenLDAPServer03:25
Burgworkthat is fine03:25
Burgworkfat clients do all the computing locally03:25
bettspOk, that sounds like exactly what I want actually03:26
bettspWhen is this spec implemented as-of?03:27
Burgwork5.10, although it takes a bit of setup todo03:27
bettspBurgwork: Ok, so it's not brand-new by any means03:28
bettspBurgwork: This is awesome, thanks very much for your help03:29
Burgworkno worries03:31
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Burgworkwe are about to launch 7.04, so the devs are pretty busy03:31
Burgworkthe ldap stuff is pretty easy, but if you need help with it, come chat with me03:31
Burgworkif you need help with the ltsp stuff, ask around in here03:31
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bettspOk, cool - we're probably gonna install 7.04, it's a college open-source software lab and everyone there is pretty computer-savvy03:35
cliebow_bettsp: id make servers of your clients in a heartbeat03:40
bettspcliebow_: come again?03:48
cliebow_heh it sounds like your clients are better machines than my servers03:49
bettspcliebow_: Our clients aren't that great, the machine I described is our "good" one03:53
bettspThe rest are like 700Mhz Athlon, 500 MHz P2, etc03:53
cliebow_ok...just teasing03:54
cliebow_mine are p2 200 meg with 64 meg ram03:54
bettspcliebow_: Ouch03:54
cliebow_But they work great...now that i have 100 meg nics03:55
cliebow_instead of isa cards03:55
ajmitchyes, isa cards would be a little limiting03:56
cliebow_they gave me a foot in the door..god bless em03:56
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Meshezabeelwhat times are meetings?06:25
LaserJockthe Edubuntu meetings?06:28
ubotuEdubuntu meetings are held weekly on Wednesdays, alternating between 12:00 UTC and 20:00 UTC06:36
bimberiJust set that one up ;)06:36
ubotuSchedule for Etc/UTC: 19 Apr 15:00: Development Team | 21 Apr 17:00: Support Team | 24 Apr 20:00: Technical Board | 25 Apr 20:00: Edubuntu | 26 Apr 20:00: MOTU | 26 Apr 21:00: Ubuntu Development Team06:39
Meshezabeelcool :) thanks :)06:41
bimberinp :)06:41
ubotuEdubuntu meetings are held weekly on Wednesdays, alternating between 12:00 UTC and 20:00 UTC.  @schedule  may show when the next one will be.06:41
Meshezabeeldumb question, is UTC same as GMT?06:44
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bimberiMeshezabeel: yes06:51
Meshezabeelok, thanks, I know I'm -600 GMT, but just wanted to make sure it was the same ;)06:51
bimberiMeshezabeel: you can do this...06:51
bimberi@schedule sydney06:51
ubotuSchedule for Australia/Sydney: 20 Apr 01:00: Development Team | 22 Apr 03:00: Support Team | 25 Apr 06:00: Technical Board | 26 Apr 06:00: Edubuntu | 27 Apr 06:00: MOTU | 27 Apr 07:00: Ubuntu Development Team06:51
bimberi(for a major city in your timezone)06:51
MeshezabeelSchedule for Canada/Regina06:51
Meshezabeel@Schedule for Canada/Regina06:51
Meshezabeel@Schedule for regina06:51
bimberi@schedule regina06:51
ubotuSchedule for America/Regina: 19 Apr 09:00: Development Team | 21 Apr 11:00: Support Team | 24 Apr 14:00: Technical Board | 25 Apr 14:00: Edubuntu | 26 Apr 14:00: MOTU | 26 Apr 15:00: Ubuntu Development Team06:51
Meshezabeellol, I'm dense today06:52
Meshezabeeler always ;)06:52
Meshezabeelcourse I've been trying to wash some gasoline off of some items I purchased on ebay, I think it's affecting my cognitive abilities06:54
bimberiyep, that would.  Especially if it's leaded.06:58
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BhaskarLTSP is builtin in a edubuntu live CD?08:12
LaserJockI think there are technical reasons08:13
LaserJocksize for one I think08:13
BhaskarLaserJock, so need to add package after installation08:13
LaserJockyou said the LiveCD08:13
BhaskarLaserJock, i mean i have install edubuntu from live CD, then LTSP installation process?08:15
LaserJockyou could do that08:15
LaserJockbut you are better off installing from the server disk08:15
BhaskarLaserJock, i want to know LTSP package is not included on that CD, then i need to download LTSP package then install ya?08:16
BhaskarLaserJock, so LTSP package for Ubuntu , ya08:17
LaserJockyes, you can do that08:18
BhaskarLaserJock, so i need to dl from Tarball image, ya08:19
LaserJockno no08:19
BhaskarLaserJock, how ?08:20
LaserJockyou need to install the ltsp packages from the Ubuntu repositry08:20
BhaskarLaserJock, sudo apt-get install ltsp-server-standalone openssh-server08:20
LaserJocksounds about right08:20
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BhaskarLaser_away,  it takes a lots time coz low bandwidth, i suggest LTSP package should be integrated on CD/DVD as K12ltsp integrated in Fedora core08:22
BhaskarLaser_away, for edubuntu, ya08:23
bimberiBhaskar: it's on the Edubuntu Server CD08:24
Bhaskarogra, hi08:24
Bhaskarbimberi, in edubuntu server CD, ltsp is built in?08:24
bimberiBhaskar: yes08:25
Bhaskarbimberi, in which ver.?08:25
ajmitchhey bimberi08:25
bimberiBhaskar: feisty.  In Edgy it's called the 'install cd'08:26
bimberihi ajmitch :)08:26
Bhaskarbimberi, so  edubuntu-6.10-live-i386.iso    contains LTSP08:31
bimberiBhaskar: no08:31
Bhaskarbimberi, so for Server CD image?08:32
bimberiBhaskar: edubuntu-6.06.1-install-i386.iso has a text mode installer that will install the ltsp server08:32
Bhaskarbimberi, feisty-dvd-i386.iso contains ltsp server or not?08:39
bimberiBhaskar: yes it dows08:41
Bhaskarbimberi, it is LIve CD as well as installation CD, having edubuntu+LTSP server, ya08:42
bimberiBhaskar: yes I'm fairly sure the DVDs are 'live'.  I've never used one though08:44
=== bimberi has to go and cycle home. bbl
Bhaskarbimberi, this is realeased today08:44
Bhaskarogra, hello08:45
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juliuxgood morning09:08
=== jinty [n=jinty@135.Red-80-37-34.staticIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #edubuntu
RichEdhi juliux09:31
juliuxRichEd, i will support the edubuntu install iso today via my rootserver09:31
=== juliux has 900gb traffic left for this month
RichEdthanks ... wow sounds like a decent chunk09:32
RichEddo you know if there is a release notes page on the wiki for feisty ?09:32
RichEdI'm wrapping up the announcement mail now09:32
juliuxa friend has a rootserver with a traffic flat;)09:32
juliuxhm i have no idea about the wiki09:34
juliuxRichEd, did you have a time for the release?09:38
RichEdapprox 2 hours from now09:38
RichEdhighvoltage: where's edubuntugirl when I need her ?09:45
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juliuxRichEd, edubuntugirl is installing feisty at the moment;)09:48
RichEdah ... RichEd likes feisty girls09:48
SiCkmorning everyone09:48
juliuxhi SiCk09:49
SiCkanyone know much about nfs file systems etc?10:10
=== juliux not
SiCkogra would be the main man. he made me do it. :P10:10
juliuxSiCk, i use nfs but i don't realy know about the options10:11
SiCkeep, gotta run .. back in 20 !10:14
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RichEdping ogra10:51
juliuxhin highvoltage10:55
juliuxmorning ogra10:57
ogramichael dell runs ubuntu .... and has automatix installed :(10:57
juliuxargs automatix10:57
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juliuxhi willvdl11:14
willvdlhi there11:14
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SiCkmorning ogra11:15
RichEdpips1: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/7.04Tour <- yes, you can include this on the getting started page ... just make a note that edubuntu will look a little different due to the theming, but the features are available in both11:19
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willvdlhey pips1 , looking at GettingStarted?11:27
=== juliux loves the silince here
pips1I'll just add a very short paragraph at the top, saying that the page is mainly only relevant to 6.06 LTS, and that in Feisty, more steps are taken care of automatically11:29
pips1juliux: that prompted me to check out #ubuntu11:30
juliuxpips1, hehe11:30
SiCkhey , juliux, about that nfs jobbie... i have /etc/exports set to rw , etc and nfs is restarted, yet on my client i'm getting ' read-only filesystem '11:30
SiCkwhen i try and run anything really11:30
SiCkllike it wont mount to the server for some reason :|11:31
juliuxdid you restarted nfs-common or nfs-kernel-server via init.d?11:31
SiCkyep, both!11:31
juliuxand you have write permissions on the path on the server?11:32
SiCkand ltsp-client-setup rw_dirs has been commented out11:32
SiCkum, should do!11:32
SiCki think :s11:32
SiCker, copy_dirs even, not rw_dirs11:32
SiCkthe other copydirs that is in the file is copy_dirs="$copy_dirs /etc/X11 /var/lib/x11"11:33
SiCkso those should be accessible by the client you're saying?11:33
ograSiCk, you only want to write to /home/kiosk ... so make sure to get that writeable ;)11:34
SiCkright, there's that sorted11:35
SiCki think...11:35
SiCki was just wondering ogra, in ltsp-client-setup, i have 3 instances of copy_dirs , should they all be commented? or should it be okay?11:36
ograonly the one that refers to /home11:37
SiCkgood good11:37
ogramake sure /home/kiosk is really owned by kiosk and that its rw for the user11:37
SiCkthere's no way of doing that from the server no? do that on the client?11:38
SiCksince kiosk is only a user on the client chroot11:38
=== highvoltage [n=highvolt@] has joined #edubuntu
ograyou can do it with the chroot command as well as directly on the client if your nfs export is readwrite...11:40
SiCk775 should be a sufficient chmod yes?11:47
SiCki've chown'd it11:47
willvdlpips1, working on the announcement11:50
willvdlwon't "publish", only "submit"11:51
pips1once it's ready to be published, we can add it to the 'news' sidebar11:52
willvdlgoing a little slower since I'm real-time checking for consistency with mail announcement11:53
SiCkogra, it's still moaning that i'm in a read only filesystem. :(11:57
SiCki dont get it. all the settings are set, all permissions have been given...11:59
SiCk /home/kiosk has the owner of kiosk and chmod 775 ...11:59
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ograpastebin your /etc/exports file12:02
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pips1nixternal: ping12:09
SiCkogra, see any problems with it? looks pretty normal to me :/12:32
ograyou could try adding insecure to the options12:34
ogra(dont leave that there indeed ;))12:34
SiCkso, *(rw,insecure,no_root_squash,async) ?12:35
SiCkwell ill give it a go, ill try anything at the mo. haha12:36
=== SiCk throws the server at the wall
SiCkthe wall isnt read only12:42
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ograwhee, have you seen #ubuntu ? 1440 people in there01:44
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faffelafhi..... cant find the mirrorlist on edubuntu.org.... where did it go? Something worng with the isos?02:33
ograit gets updated ...02:34
ograas soon as the release is out the list should be there02:34
ograpips1, right ?02:34
faffelafI already downloaded the i386 7.04, but the burning crashes in the finalizing stage......02:35
nixternalpips1: pong?02:35
pips1ogra: yes, it will be02:36
pips1nixternal: hi02:36
nixternalhi pips102:36
faffelafSo.. the final is not out yet?02:36
pips1nixternal: I was wondering about the Edubuntu Handbook on help.ubuntu.com ? do you know when it will be available?02:36
faffelafwonder what I dl then?02:37
nixternalthis week hopefully02:37
nixternalthere should be a 7.04 tab shortly I would think02:37
ografaffelaf, its out if the announcement is out ... which will happen if all issues like mirror updates are solved02:37
faffelafIts not mirrored yet?02:37
faffelafbad timing.. I need to put up a server on a school today.... Guess I will have to spend my weekend there then... :)02:38
ograits unlikely that the iso will change or something :)02:39
faffelafMy iso, on the i386 server install cd, is 692,7 MB (726327296 bytes)......... if anyone have the iso lying around, can you plz check the size for me... plz02:40
faffelafups... just saw the error, its not complete02:41
ogradid you check the md5sum ?02:41
faffelafnice.. thx.. the chucksum matches02:43
faffelafso it must be a-ok02:43
ograthen i'd guess you have bad media02:44
ograis it a 700MB one ?02:44
faffelaftried 2 burns..... both failed... could be my drive... I will try on another burner.02:44
faffelafhow much does it need for the finalizing....? isn't it something like 50 mb?02:45
ogradont burn to fast as well ... :) (even though that shouldnt influence finalization)02:45
faffelafI burn max. 20x02:45
ogratry 8x02:45
faffelafthe cd's are 40x or so02:45
faffelafi will.... I have a webcd burner in the serverroom, will try that.02:46
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faffelafIt's now burning on a 700MB CD (different brand) 8x, on the server.  70% more to go... wish me luck. :)02:52
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knix_How many hours left?02:58
faffelafWell, I was fortunate to grap the isos (i386) on a server in norway... ftp://ftp.uninett.no/linux/ubuntu-iso/edubuntu/feisty/       ... it's full now i'm affraid.03:00
faffelafYES... burn completed... at speed 8 in real TAO mode for single session. burned more than 2000 CD's on that burner (lite-on) never failed... Will try the add-on CD now.03:03
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faffelafOgra & the rest, thank you for your help, everything is good so far.. lets see how it installs on my  HP - X2 XEON server, with SAS disks, in RAID 1. Until then.. bye03:11
ografeel fre to come back any time :)03:11
faffelafI will.. thx03:12
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sbalneavMorning all03:29
ograsbalneav, hey03:29
sbalneavHeya ogra!03:30
ograand https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/ldm-improvements03:30
ograwhile you will attac the communcation side of things in ltspfs i'll catch on the desktop side this time ;)03:32
pips1hey sbalneav03:32
sbalneavhey hey03:33
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=== mode/#edubuntu [+o ogra] by ChanServ
=== ..[topic/#edubuntu:ogra] : Order: http://shipit.edubuntu.org || Edubuntu - the education version of Ubuntu || http://www.edubuntu.org | Wiki: http://wiki.edubuntu.org/EdubuntuWiki | MEETING: every Wednesday see http://wiki.edubuntu.org/EdubuntuMeetingAgenda | edgy (6.10) is released ! grab it while its hot ! http://releases.ubuntu.com/edubuntu/edgy/ | Upgraders see: https://wiki.edubuntu.org/EdubuntuLTSPUpgradeNotes | feisty is released !
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SiCkis it a bad idea to have copy_dirs as just /04:32
ograif you have the time to wait until your whole system got copied into memory ...04:32
SiCki'm going for all out war on the client after a break for a couple.04:32
ograand if you have the ram (500M>)04:33
SiCkah.. balls.04:33
SiCknot on this server no...04:33
ograbut it wont gain you anything, you know that ...04:33
SiCkthe one with 16gb of ram is upstairs :(04:33
ograadding stuff to copy dirs puts it in ram04:33
SiCkah right04:33
ograthat means changes are lost on shutdown ...04:33
ograyou want the opposite04:33
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SiCki dont want it copying /home in04:34
SiCkso that it uses the one from the server04:34
SiCkor.. lets it write to the one on the server... now im understanding04:34
SiCkit hates me as soon as i apply the comment on that line though04:35
SiCk' read only filesystem '04:35
SiCki thought it was the other way round there04:36
RichEdsbalneav: did you get the announcement ?04:37
ogrago www.edubuntu.org, go ...04:39
pips1I got the announcements on both -devel and -users04:39
ograyay, now it loads04:39
pips1whoa the site is crunching04:40
ograshouldnt we have something on the startpage ...04:40
ogralike a banner or so04:40
RichEdpips1: was looking for an independent opinion ... you're involved :)04:40
RichEdther is the news announcement in the sidebar for all pages ... we can add a short news paragraph ?04:41
ograyeah, its a bit hidden imho04:41
RichEdpips1: ?? how easy / difficult is it to add a leader paragraph for a few days ?04:41
pips1on difficult, lemme see04:41
ograwelll, its still way more beautioful than ubuntu atm ...04:41
RichEdpips1: shall I do a paragreph ?04:41
SiCkogra, if i add a line in /etc/exports, say... /opt/ltsp/i386/home *(rw,no_root_squash,async)04:43
SiCkwould that make a difference04:43
SiCkor even direct to the kiosk folder04:43
SiCkguessing im thinking in the wrong place then04:43
ograthe settings apply to all subfolders ...04:43
ograif you set /opt/ltsp to it everything underneath has the same04:44
SiCkah, right, i understand04:44
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LaserJockogra: congrats!!04:47
ograLaserJock, same to you !04:48
LaserJockwell, I didn't manage to do much :/04:48
LaserJockbut I tried anyway :-)04:48
ograyou bropught us the handbook :)04:49
LaserJockwell, it was a community effort04:50
=== LaserJock hugs #edubuntu
=== RichEd applauds ogra, cbx33, LaserJock, pips1, highvoltage, nixternal and the rest of the gang
=== ogra applauds RichEd ... where would we be without such good leadership ... thanks !
pips1the handbook is great, congrats04:52
RichEdthanks to all of you and all of us04:52
RichEdand another victory for the free world against capitalism04:52
=== RichEd watches pips1 spray some graffit
nixternalrock on! Congrats everyone! Great job on all of the hard work (LaserJock did all of my work though) :)04:53
LaserJockogra: is there a mandatory holiday now?04:53
ograwell, the archive is locked ... but there are many specs to be prepared04:54
SimonAnibalWooHoo!, grabbing from the local University's mirror (ussg.indiana.edu) is netting me upwards of 500 kb/s04:54
ogranice !04:54
RichEdSimonAnibal: w00t04:54
SimonAnibalawwwwwww, it's slowing down04:54
SimonAnibalMaybe I told too many people ;-)04:54
pips1RichEd: hehe04:54
=== nixternal goes to school, which I am late as all hell for! :)
SimonAnibalOh, no, it's going back up!04:55
SimonAnibal800, amazing!04:55
SimonAnibalAt this rate I'll have it in about 20 minutes, maybe I should go to lunch...04:55
LaserJockI'm glad I have a local feisty mirror ;-)04:55
LaserJockSimonAnibal: you from indiana?04:55
SimonAnibalLaserJock: Yeap, Bloomington this week; Fort Wayne next04:56
SimonAnibalWow, it hit 1 MB/sec there for a bit...I need these speeds at home!04:56
SimonAnibalHey, is ntfs-3g on Feisty?04:57
ograogra@edubuntu:~$ apt-cache search ntfs-3g04:57
ogralibntfs-3g-dev - ntfs-3g filesystem in userspace (FUSE) library headers04:57
ogralibntfs-3g0 - ntfs-3g filesystem in userspace (FUSE) library04:57
ograntfs-3g - read-write NTFS driver for FUSE04:57
highvoltageRichEd: please don't aplaud me for this release, I totally don't deserve it04:58
SimonAnibalneat, installed by default?04:58
=== highvoltage appluads everyone else in that list though
highvoltage(and will add willvdl and sbalneavs)04:58
ograSimonAnibal, universe04:58
SimonAnibalWell, that's better than not; definitely04:59
knix_If I had the beta installed, is there anything special to do to update it othere that apt-get upgrade?04:59
LaserJockI don't think so05:00
RichEdhighvoltage: you are always around and concistent ... that is a help in itself for keeping the community together05:01
LaserJockholy cow, my debian-tex svn checkout ended up at 22GB05:02
highvoltageRichEd: :)05:03
LaserJockRichEd: agreed05:07
LaserJockwe do need more workers, but cheerleaders are also good05:07
SiCkogra, i think that im a wee bit closer05:07
SiCkit's talking about ' user ' 's $HOME directory not having permissions05:08
=== RichEd tries not to imagine highvoltage in a cheerleader costume
SiCkand that user only exists on the server05:08
LaserJockRichEd: even worse, imagine both highvoltage and I in a cheerleader costume05:09
=== RichEd blacks out
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SimonAnibalYay! Done!05:12
SimonAnibalThat's an average of 659 kb/sec05:14
SimonAnibalBoy, those speeds would be nice at home05:14
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pips1RichEd: reload www.edubuntu.org ... how is that for the banner?05:16
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cbx33well done all!!!!05:17
=== cbx33 guesses ogra is off sleeping
=== pips1 hugs cbx33
cbx33hey RichEd05:17
RichEdpips1: waiting ... we lost the london office on #canonical ... data centre may be iffy05:17
=== cbx33 got his iso this morning
juliuxpips1, take a look at http://torrent.ubuntu.com:6969/05:22
=== pips1 looks
cbx33when was it relased?05:23
cbx33how long ago?05:23
juliuxcbx33, perhpas 30min05:23
cbx33NO way!05:23
juliuxcbx33, they reset the counter05:23
LaserJockcbx33: like 2 days ago, where were you? ;-)05:23
cbx33LaserJock, whahaa?05:23
cbx33what are you doing here05:23
juliuxcbx33, refresh the site and you can see how the traffic grows05:24
cbx33That's insane05:24
LaserJockcbx33: me? I'm partying!05:24
=== cbx33 has not much to party about
=== bddebian [n=bdefrees@] has joined #edubuntu
cbx33i missed a lot recently05:24
cbx33sorry guys05:24
juliuxpls party in #ubuntu-release-party;)05:24
LaserJockcbx33: well, I never said I was partying because I did so much ;-)05:25
RichEdpips1: header looks good ... thanks05:29
=== pips1 is watching the hits on the site
RichEdpips1: and ? going up dramatically or not /05:30
pips1steadily climbing05:30
pips1but we are getting much less referrals from ubuntu.com, because the basic front page doesn't include the link to us...05:31
juliuxout for examen05:31
RichEdpips1: the people who know us will find us05:31
pips1juliux: all the best05:31
juliuxthxs pips105:31
RichEdi've asked newz2000 for more prominence on ubuntu.com ... we'll work on it05:32
RichEdjuliux: from me too05:32
cbx33why did they change the front page?05:33
cbx33to facilitate maximum downloads?05:33
RichEdcbx33: server load and ease of download ... most people visiting today want a download05:33
LaserJockyou should have seen the forums last night05:34
cbx33torrent site seems down05:34
LaserJockthey were installing automatic refresher programs05:34
cbx33seems i missed out on all th fun05:34
RichEd#ubuntu has like 1500 people in it05:34
cbx33we ROCK05:34
LaserJockthere were seriously 50+ pages on the forums in less than3 hrs05:34
RichEd1529 and climbing05:34
LaserJockall, "I don't see it! I don't see it! Where is it?!?!?!"05:35
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pips1it's so nice and quiet here05:36
SiCkis not!05:36
=== cbx33 doesn't even wanna visit the other channels
cbx33compared to others it is05:36
=== cbx33 wonders if planet is just FEISTY IS RELEASED
LaserJocktomorrow you guys will get some visitors05:37
cbx33planet is down05:38
cbx33guess it's not a priority now ;)05:39
cbx33I'd love to visit Canonical Data Centre ;)05:39
pips1yeah, I was thinking the same05:39
cbx33seeing all those blinkin lights05:39
cbx33showing how damn popular Ubuntu is05:40
pips1arg, I'm getting all those 404 in the logs, because distrowatch has a wrong link on their site05:41
RichEdpips1: what is their link ?05:41
RichEdand can you mail a correction to them ?05:42
pips1yeah, I should05:42
pips1it's on this page http://distrowatch.com/table.php?distribution=edubuntu05:42
pips1Download Mirrors   http://www.edubuntu.org/PreviewReleaseFeedback/05:42
pips1I don't know where the heck they got that url from05:43
pips1"High volume due to today's release of Ubuntu 7.04 "Feisty Fawn" (+ Slashdot) is causing temporary service problems."05:55
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MrWizard14how do you run ssh on edubuntu?06:02
pips1MrWizard14: do you mean a ssh server?06:04
pips1from where to where do you want to connect?06:04
MrWizard14edubuntu to Mac OS X06:05
MrWizard14it's set up06:05
pips1ssh is available by default06:05
MrWizard14what command is it?06:05
MrWizard14so shh Username@ip06:05
pips1try "man ssh"06:06
pips1for a manual of ssh on the command line06:06
pips1press "q" to quit the manual06:06
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sacaterhighvoltage: hi06:26
sacaterhighvoltage: im back from school and haircut06:27
sacaterhighvoltage: *poke*06:28
highvoltagesacater: ouch! don't poke so hard!06:29
highvoltagethat's pygi's job :)06:29
sacatergo on gizmo06:29
highvoltagesacater: just joking :)06:29
sacaterive fixed my end06:29
highvoltageI'll have to try gizmo again a bit later, I'm still at work and will leave in about a minute or so06:30
highvoltagecatch you again later...06:30
sacaterok ill be back later06:30
pips1see you all!06:48
sacaterhighvoltage: im back06:52
sacaterhighvoltage: im bacl06:56
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slyfoxCan someone help me with how to limit time for linux users? Say I want a specific user to auto log of at 10pm on weekdays ?07:14
=== Dlozo [n=dlozo@rrcs-24-173-105-238.sw.biz.rr.com] has joined #edubuntu
Dlozohey all07:23
slyfoxCan someone help me with how to limit time for linux users? Say I want a specific user to auto log of at 10pm on weekdays ?07:27
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sacater!repeat slyfox07:37
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about repeat slyfox - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi07:37
sacaterslyfox: that can be done, but wait for an answer07:37
sacaterdont say 12 minutes apart07:37
sacaterpeople do read channel y'know07:37
slyfoxtimeoutd should do what I need, but it is not working, so I also need to isntall timeout in order for timeoutd to work ?07:38
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sacaterno idea08:06
sacaterhighvoltage: art thou back home yet?08:06
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sacaterhighvoltage: still not home :09:46
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sacaterhighvoltage: aw come on10:53
sacateryou must be back by now10:54
LaserJockhe's probably asleep10:54
sacaterhasnt been on all day :|10:55
LaserJockwell, he's a busy guy10:58
sacaterbit like me10:59
sacateri live off liquid caffeine though10:59
LaserJockwell, he's running a company so he doesn't always have time for IRC11:03
juliuxLaserJock, highvoltage was online this morning11:07
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