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jribzYe_: hi, what does happen with the side buttons?01:03
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zYe_jrib, http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/16325/01:04
jribzYe_: kill imwheel before running this01:05
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zYe_ok it gives me an output of button 6, and 701:07
zYe_btw im on feisty O_o01:07
jribk, so what kind of mouse is this?01:07
jribdo you have sidescroll?01:07
zYe_i have 1,2 buttons and a scroll01:08
jribwhat does wheel down and wheel up give?01:08
zYe_1=left button, 2=scroll pushed down, 3=right button, 4-5 scroll, 6-7 side buttons01:09
jribweird, maybe the docs are wrong or imwheel is doing something different than what the docs indicate01:09
zYe_the setup i am currently using is this.01:10
jribnot a big deal, just learn that Down is button whatever and use it that way01:10
zYe_that down is side button 6?01:11
zYe_vice versa?01:11
jribwhat do you mean by vice versa?01:12
jribbutton 6 is Down and Down is button 601:12
zYe_in imwheel01:12
jribright, that's what I would suggest01:13
zYe_except button 6 would be refereed to as thumb1 i guess01:13
jribbut you are saying it isn't right?01:13
zYe_but what i am trying to fix is the fact that thumb1 equals thumb101:13
jribaccording to your imwheelrc you should be able to go back and forward in your browser with some mouse button, does that ahppen?01:13
zYe_when i bind my thumb1 in a game is binded as alt01:14
zYe_and i want it to be binded as MOUSE6 or w/e01:14
zYe_because it isnt working correctly01:14
jribhow do you bind it?01:15
zYe_you press the tab and it tells you to press the key to bind...01:15
jribbut how does it end up in your imwheelrc01:16
zYe_it isnt in my imwheelrc01:16
zYe_im guessing that alt_r | left01:16
zYe_in firefox01:17
zYe_goes back01:17
zYe_so i need to change the 'null' section to something that the game will recognize for my side button?01:17
jribnull lets you specify a modifier key for the mouse, like making  alt-click do something01:18
jribso null means no modifier01:18
jriberm not null, "None"01:18
jribthe "(null)" for the window name just lets you bind windows that don't get a window name01:19
zYe_  There is one special header noted as "(null)" which matches windows that have a null string in the three attributes.  This makes it possible to assign actions to even Quake301:19
zYe_this is where i am getting my idea,01:19
jribok so what do you want to do?01:19
jribmake the side button press g?01:19
zYe_i guess that would work01:19
zYe_but would it affect anything else?01:20
zYe_like when im not playing the game?01:20
jribit would affect any window that's (null) I guess01:20
zYe_so any window that is 'in front' would be affected01:20
zYe_i guess?01:20
jribI don't think so, most windows have some kind of identification, like "firefox".  quake just doesn't comply with that01:21
jribso the .* will match firefox first01:21
zYe_what determines if a window is considered 'null'01:22
jribzYe_: the developers of the application that spawns the window I imagine.  You may be able to see the info using xwininfo or xprop01:23
zYe_WM_CLASS(STRING) = "gaim", "Gaim"01:25
zYe_so this is the identification tag i guess01:25
zYe_and quake would be WM_CLASS(STRING) = ""01:25
zYe_thus making it null?01:25
jribmust be01:26
jribis quake open source?01:26
zYe_im not playing quake, was just using it as an example01:26
zYe_this will be for starseige tribes01:27
jribif it's open source there is always the solution to fix the app so it does give itself a name01:28
zYe_well this doesn't look good01:29
jribzYe_: what's that?01:30
zYe_and this game isnt open source01:30
zYe_WM_NAME(STRING) = "Tribes"01:30
jribah that's very good01:30
zYe_WM_CLASS(STRING) = "Tribes.exe", "Wine"01:30
jribjust match Tribes then01:30
zYe_so i just change null, to tribes?01:30
jribzYe_: you know regex?01:30
jribk, well basically . means "any character" and * means "0 or more"01:31
jribso the ".*" thing basically matches any window01:31
jribjust put a new section at the top that starts with "Tribes"01:31
jribno ()01:32
jriband capitalization may matter01:32
zYe_None, Down, Shift_L|Left01:33
zYe_so that would make my button 6 left shift01:33
zYe_because my down scroll is my side button for some weird reason01:34
jribit should01:34
zYe_what is the |left for?01:34
zYe_i know the _L indicated left shift01:34
jribShift_L|Left  should be your left shift button AND your left arrow button01:35
jribat the same time01:35
zYe_so if i take out the arrow button then i can also take out the | correct to just make it Shift_L01:35
jribhmm you can try01:35
zYe_and if i want to make one of the buttons 'g'01:35
jribit may have problems using modifier keys like that but it's worth a shot01:36
zYe_what should i press01:36
zYe_or type01:36
jribtry just  g01:36
zYe_they should of just assigned 7 buttons into the os01:37
zYe_or did they01:37
jribnot sure what you mean01:37
zYe_well without imwheel my other buttons where not recognized at all01:38
zYe_even after messing with xorg.conf01:38
jribwell they are recognized, they just don't do anything01:38
zYe_which mean there is no support for more than 5 buttons in the os01:38
zYe_well where is the file that assigns mouse buttons01:39
jribit's more of an application thing.  For example firefox is able to detect me tilting my scroll wheel with no configuration01:39
jribzYe_: assigns mouse buttons to what though?01:39
jribyou press your side button and it generates button6 lets say.  What do you want to assign it to?01:39
zYe_well ive been here in linux for about 2 months, and in windows i would just say this button will now do something if the program supports it01:40
zYe_or did it auto assign itself?01:41
zYe_like in firefox it worked right away, did it autoassign the alt arrow configuration?01:41
jribno I don't think so01:41
zYe_well then how could it 'suddenly' work?01:41
jribfirefox just uses knows what to do with the button in windows I guess01:42
jribI mean the app knows "hey button6 was pressed!".  It's up to the app to do what it wants with it01:42
zYe_ well i have to eat, brb if your still here01:42
zYe_i know01:42
jribI'm going to do the same, cya01:42
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kiamorningslxhola a todos04:02
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NewbieBabajrib hey baba ! :)05:27
jribNewbieBaba: hi, how are you?05:27
NewbieBabaim ok thanks and you ?05:28
NewbieBabadownloading Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn05:28
NewbieBabai'll upgrade 6.10 to 7.04 also05:28
NewbieBabawhat do u think if i install it by CD or upgrade the current system?05:30
jribNewbieBaba: upgrade if you want to keep your old settings05:31
NewbieBabahow long it takes u think05:32
jriba couple of hours at most, but you can use your system while it fetches the upgrades05:32
NewbieBababtw i installed xwinwrap to use screenshots as desktop wallpaper05:32
NewbieBabaglmatrix ftw :P05:32
NewbieBababut the things in ss goes on my pages05:33
NewbieBabahmm u know what im saying05:33
NewbieBabaon pages that im using05:38
NewbieBabalike chat window05:38
jriboh, I see05:41
jribmust be buggy then05:41
NewbieBabakk bbl05:41
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NewbieBaba!alt gr06:03
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about alt gr - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi06:03
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about alt+gr - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi06:03
ubotuTo have your AltGr working run: xmodmap /usr/share/xmodmap/xmodmap.<language>06:03
NewbieBabahow can i make it permanent ?06:03
NewbieBabashould i add it on session?06:04
LjLno idea06:04
NewbieBabawell i'll add it on session06:04
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NewbieBabajrib, r u using xwinwrap?06:06
jribNewbieBaba: nope06:06
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GaiaX11I had to shutdown my pc and I was downloading feisty with bittorent. Do you think if I resume the download it will work or i will have problems with broken packages?11:41
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