asaccjwatson: i guess its firefox looks at /usr/share/ubuntu-artwork/home/index.html (yes we still have that setting) ... but xubuntu-artwork doesn't ship it.12:14
keescookMithrandir, cjwatson: can you shove libx11 through for -security on dapper/edgy please?12:15
cjwatsonasac: last I heard, xubuntu-docs shipped an alternative, I think12:15
cjwatsonmaybe they dropped that by mistake12:16
cjwatsonkeescook: where, on drescher?12:16
keescookcjwatson: I think so?  I assume it's not showing up on the archives because the archives are frozen.12:16
cjwatsonyeah, publisher's not been running12:16
cjwatsonlet me just make sure it's safe12:17
cjwatsonlooks ok ...12:17
keescookcjwatson: thanks!  :)12:17
cjwatsonmkay, publisher's running12:17
cjwatsononly seems to be publishing libx11 binaries plus a few misc sources, none to feisty12:18
cjwatsonfirestarter/edgy, python-xlib/edgy, app-install-data-commercial/dapper12:18
keescookcjwatson: no clue about the non-libx11 stuff...12:18
cjwatsonprobably SRs12:19
=== LeeJunFan [n=junfan@adsl-69-210-207-5.dsl.klmzmi.ameritech.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
asaccjwatson: it works for me: install ubuntu-docs ... set alternative for firefox-homepage to xubuntu12:19
cjwatsonit's a recommends of xubuntu-desktop, oughta work fine12:20
=== LeeJunFan [n=junfan@adsl-69-210-207-5.dsl.klmzmi.ameritech.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
cjwatsonshrug, guess I'll have to follow up tomorrow12:20
cjwatsonthanks for checking12:20
=== Arby [n=richard@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
asachmmm ... maybe they install some other none existing alternative by accident? probably ask user what alternatives are available :)12:21
asaccjwatson: makes sense for me to download xubuntu and try vm install tomorrow morning? or too late anyway?12:22
cjwatsononly if you feel *particularly* keen12:22
cjwatsonI wouldn't spend too much time on it; sounds like it isn't a firefox problem12:23
=== davmor3 [n=davmor2@82-45-48-19.cable.ubr04.wolv.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu-devel
asacsure ... so if I discover that alternative is really messed up in iso ... would we fix it before release? otherwise, I would not test it :)12:24
=== torshido [i=torshido@gateway/tor/x-826c9685f9f7e9a5] has joined #ubuntu-devel
cjwatsonasac: not now, no12:26
cjwatsonwe have completely locked down12:26
asacthought so ;)12:26
cjwatsonI can still imagine scenarios in which we would change things, but they're getting rarer and rarer12:27
ajmitchbugs that eat children?12:27
cjwatsonI rebuilt a few images today, but that was only with fixed cdimage code, not archive changes12:27
shawarmaxubuntu is releasing tomorrow, too?12:28
shawarmaI thought they were usually lagging a few days.12:28
davmor3cjwatson: my xubuntu bug #107568 the file firefox asks for is the same as in ubuntu12:29
ubotuMalone bug 107568 in xubuntu-artwork "I have done a netboot install of xubuntu and the ubuntu-artwork folder is missing" [Undecided,Needs info]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/10756812:29
shawarma"usually" takes on a special meaning for something that has released twice or so. :-)12:29
asacdavmor3: what alternatives do you have?12:29
davmor3asac: sorry?12:30
cjwatsonshawarma: I don't believe Xubuntu has ever lagged in terms of final releases. Announcements may have lagged.12:30
asacdavmor3: update-alternatives --display firefox-homepage12:30
cjwatsondavmor3: yes, that's intentional12:30
shawarmacjwatson: Ah, yes, I suppose that may have been the case.12:31
cjwatsondavmor3: it's supposed to point to /usr/share/ubuntu-artwork/blah - alternatives sort that out, and the command asac posted above should determine whether that mechanism is functioning correctly12:31
=== jml [n=jml@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
cjwatsonin any case the bug is not that firefox is pointing to /usr/share/ubuntu-artwork/home/firefox-index.html for its home page12:31
davmor3cjwatson: yes but that page is missing completely the folder is also in a different place12:31
cjwatsondavmor3: please answer asac12:32
cjwatsonwe know that the real file is in a different place, but the alternatives mechanism is *supposed* to install a symlink12:32
cjwatsonwe are trying to work out where the bug in that mechanism is12:32
cjwatsonrepeatedly telling us that the file is missing does not help12:32
davmor3sorry hang on12:33
cjwatsonthe xubuntu-docs package appears to take care of it12:33
Kmosat my feisty ubuntu:12:33
Kmoskmos@bash:~$ update-alternatives --display firefox-homepage12:33
Kmosfirefox-homepage - status is auto. link currently points to /usr/share/ubuntu-artwork/home/firefox-index.html12:33
Kmos/usr/share/ubuntu-artwork/home/firefox-index.html - priority 40 slave firefox-homepage-locales: /usr/share/ubuntu-artwork/home/locales-ubuntu12:33
cjwatsondo you have /usr/share/xubuntu-docs/about/xubuntu-index.html ?12:33
KmosCurrent `best' version is /usr/share/ubuntu-artwork/home/firefox-index.html.12:33
cjwatsonKmos: please, not from an Ubuntu installation12:33
cjwatsonKmos: this is apparently a Xubuntu-specific problem of some kind12:34
Kmoscjwatson: ok, just to test :)12:34
cjwatsonthe code in xubuntu-docs.postinst looks correct to me12:34
Kmosdavmor3: show the command output12:34
asaci just can imagine that some none existing alternative with higher priority is installed by accident12:34
davmor3ascs: no alternatives for firefox-homepage12:34
cjwatsondavmor3: dpkg -l xubuntu-docs12:35
cjwatsonkeescook: published12:35
keescookcjwatson: great!  thank you.  :)12:36
cjwatsonxubuntu-docs has Task: xubuntu-desktop so should be installed12:36
cjwatsondavmor3: did you definitely select the "Xubuntu desktop" task in the installer?12:37
cjwatson(probably best to answer those questions in order ...)12:37
cjwatsonok, I have to go to bed, sorry, hopefully somebody else can run with the answers12:38
asacwill be awake for another 15 minutes :)12:38
asacso davmor3 better answer fast :)12:38
asaccjwatson: night12:38
davmor3cjwatson: Yes I only selected xubuntu.12:38
=== Jordan_U [n=jordan@h-68-164-89-163.snvacaid.dynamic.covad.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Kmosdavmor3: dpkg -l xubuntu-docs (run this command and show us the output)12:39
davmor3Kmos: I'll tell you dpkg -l says un xubuntu-docs12:40
Jordan_USorry if this is the wrong place, but ubuntu.com is down, is this schedualed? If not it is a bad time to be down on the eve of a new release.12:40
davmor3Kmos: anything else did I miss anything?12:41
asacdavmor3: what iso did you download? daily? or daily-live?12:41
asacdavmor3: xubuntu-docs is not installed12:41
shawarmaJordan_U: I can see it right now.12:42
shawarmaJordan_U: It took a while, but it got there eventually.12:42
asacdavmor3: can you drop that info to bug?12:42
davmor3okay I'm installing them then do I run the alternative line again?12:42
asacdavmor3: no if you install it it should just work12:43
asacbug would be that its not installed by default12:43
Jordan_Ushawarma, Timed out for me, I can ping it though, which is what makes me suspect it is just schedualed so they can change the home page12:43
davmor3yeap thanks12:43
davmor3it's alive :)12:44
Kmosubuntu.com is very slowly :)12:44
davmor3nice one I'll add it to the report many thanks12:44
shawarmadavmor3: You can probably do an 'apt-get install xubuntu-desktop^' and everything will be fine. Notice the ^ 12:45
davmor3shawarma: thanks everything else seems fine but I was reporting more from iso testing point of view than anything else.12:46
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shawarmadavmor3: Sure. It's appreciated.12:48
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RiddellMithrandir: all Kubuntu DVDs good to go (as are CDs)02:04
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EnverexDoes Ubuntu have a "rolling version"?02:25
ion_Is a rocking version good enough?02:28
PriceChild!release > Enverex 02:29
EnverexI know there are fixed releases every 6 months, that wasn't my question.02:30
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tonyyarussoNight here, but hey06:29
ajmitchmorning fabbione 06:37
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nixternalis it out yet?06:51
tonyyarussolol nixternal - the release party's over there... ;)06:51
nixternalthat didn't work good as a joke because I was scrolled up to 2 days ago when dholbach joined the channel :)06:51
MithrandirRiddell: great, thanks.06:51
Mithrandirgood morning everybody06:51
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fabbionemorning Mirv 06:53
fabbionemorning Mithrandir 06:53
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Nergarplease all mighty devs, when will feisty be released???07:04
ajmitchmorning Mithrandir 07:04
ion_Most likely this year.07:04
MithrandirNergar: #ubuntu+1 is too boring yet.  It needs to boil first.07:06
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Nergar#ubuntu-release-party is getting crazy!07:06
=== Nergar dances
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dholbachgood morning07:09
dholbachhi ion_07:11
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-devel:fabbione] : Development of Ubuntu (not support, even with feisty; not application development on Ubuntu) | #ubuntu for support and general discussion for dapper/edgy, #ubuntu+1 for feisty | #ubuntu-motu for getting involved in development | http://wiki.ubuntu.com/DeveloperResources | See #ubuntu-bugs for http://wiki.ubuntu.com/HelpingWithBugs | Entire archive frozen for release | stop asking AWTY
ajmitchhey dholbach 07:12
dholbachhi ajmitch07:13
MithrandirAre We There Yet07:13
dholbachhey tollef07:13
micahcowan(not that any of 'em will actually start bothering to read the topic...)07:13
Mithrandirmorning, Daniel.07:14
fabbionemicahcowan: but we can point to it and if it becomes unbearable +m :)07:16
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tonyyarussodholbach, sabdfl, ajmitch, cjwatson, keescook, mako, mdz, BenC, whomever this is appropriate for:  We have #ubuntu-release-party if someone wants to drop by when the time comes and start the torrenting off with a bang.07:27
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RenatoSilvaBTW, is there a scheduled TIME?07:27
tonyyarussoDoubt it07:28
ajmitchRenatoSilva: when it's ready07:28
RenatoSilvaI guess in London it's 11:28 pm07:28
RenatoSilvaajmitch: still working on it? :D desperated, making the final refinements? I'm developer, I know how it is :)07:29
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Mithrandiractually, I'm just eating breakfast.  Can't release without breakfast.07:30
tonyyarussolol, true07:31
RenatoSilvaMithrandir: uhauahuauahauhahua07:31
Burgundaviawe need a quotebot07:31
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pittiGood morning08:57
fabbionehi pitti08:58
tonyyarussoHey pitti 08:58
Hobbseehiya pitti, Lathiat, fabbione and tonyyarusso :)08:59
fabbionehey Hobbsee 08:59
Lathiathowdy Hobbsee 08:59
Lathiatthis could go all day.. ;)08:59
=== Lathiat optimizes
Lathiat"howdy everyone"08:59
Mithrandirhiya pitti, Hobbsee.08:59
Hobbseehi Mithrandir :)09:00
HobbseeLathiat: heh09:00
codingmasterhey pitti :)09:00
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=== Treenaks takes imbrandon's keyboard away
ion_Record an empty macro into register q, do nothing for a while, move one character left and replace it with a m?09:09
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pittiHi Mithrandir! When you will .... have lunch today? :-P09:23
=== kwah [n=kwah@gate.wfw.wtb.tue.nl] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Mithrandirpitti: just after release, I think.09:26
FujitsuMithrandir: I presume that's going to be a very late lunch, then.09:26
MithrandirFujitsu: I hope and believe you are wrong.09:27
FujitsuOh, good.09:27
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KljaverWe are all waiting!!! =)09:35
HobbseeKljaver: it's all a conspiracy.  it'll never release09:35
KljaverHobbsee, =D09:35
=== hoora_ [i=ariel@gateway/tor/x-c6dce7c71bc665ce] has joined #ubuntu-devel
TreenaksHobbsee: We'll converge to a release, but never quite get there?09:36
=== Treenaks calls a mathematician to resolve this
HobbseeTreenaks: nah.  feisty is an illusion.  it's vaporware09:36
heno'Eternity is a very long time, esp. towards the end.'09:36
=== timfrost [n=tim@125-238-156-109.broadband-telecom.global-gateway.net.nz] has joined #ubuntu-devel
heno(Woody Allen, I believe)09:37
=== jsgotangco [i=3a47330f@ubuntu/member/jsgotangco] has joined #ubuntu-devel
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xarquidAre any of you running beta's daily build release from April 15th and going to simply update using the Update Manager or will you guys/gals do a fresh install? Just curious :)09:42
xarquidAlso, any of you actively on the Compiz bug? I see a few fixes in the packages that may resolve some of the issues in the repository database09:42
=== kwah thinks, that his system is already running feisty
kwahwill do update09:43
xarquidkwah, well I am but not technically the release ;p I'm not special like that yet!09:43
kwahdon't think it will update anything %)09:43
xarquidi hear ya ;p09:43
xarquidIs there a list of contacts anywhere for certain bugs/applications in the releases? I may just be blind.09:44
kwahxarquid, hehe https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs09:45
xarquidI know the community board has a great list of contacts but do not necessarily go into detail about project managers09:45
kwahlaunchpad is your friend09:46
xarquidAye, I use it hourly almost09:46
xarquidHowever, most of the Compiz bugs I see aren't assigned to a team?09:46
jsgotangcoreal men install and install until their hard drives die09:46
Fujitsuxarquid: That is a a problem?09:48
Fujitsus/ a//09:48
xarquidFujitsu: Well, no. It's not a problem! I mean, what if I want to propose a fix? Just put it in the thread. I just do not know how to handle proposing fixes and/or taking responsibility for a fix if I have them.09:57
=== sabdfl [n=sabdfl@ubuntu/member/pdpc.silver.sabdfl] has joined #ubuntu-devel
jsgotangcohey sabdfl happy release day :)09:58
Kljaverjsgotangco, but where release o_O ?09:59
jsgotangcoKljaver: patience, the big red button will be pushed soon09:59
tepsipakkiI thought it was orange..10:01
=== [knap] [n=luis@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
JanDMIs there really such button? :P10:01
jsgotangcoit may not be red, but there is definitely a button10:02
ivoksno, it's green :)10:02
kwahled free?10:02
kwaha, no. it is just free.10:03
=== Fujitsu looks at Mithrandir for a definitive answer on the colour of the mythical button.
=== dAndy suspects white and enter key shaped
Kljaver=D kwah burning!!!10:03
=== phire [n=phire@125-238-97-228.broadband-telecom.global-gateway.net.nz] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== kwah suspects that it might be a key on Das Keyboard
MithrandirFujitsu: depends on which machine I use.  White, blue or black.  All with a bit of brown dirt on them.10:04
JanDMFujitsu: I think it's a 'human' style button...10:04
MithrandirJanDM: that wasn't an option when I bought my thinkpad.10:04
FujitsuJanDM: You think?10:04
JanDMMinthrandir: ow is it a real button10:05
FujitsuMithrandir: A blue keyboard? Never seen one of them before.10:05
MithrandirFujitsu: no, just the enter key.  Actually, closer to indigo.10:05
FujitsuOh, that strange ThinkPad colour.10:05
FujitsuHi mdz.10:05
Kljavermdz, q!10:05
=== seb128 [n=seb128@ubuntu/member/seb128] has joined #ubuntu-devel
ivoksMithrandir: so, you already have ./release-now and just waiting to hit enter? :)10:06
JanDMivoks: he is just teasing us and laughing at the forums :)10:06
=== vciaglia [n=vciaglia@host79-37-dynamic.10-87-r.retail.telecomitalia.it] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Mithrandirivoks: the actual command is "sync-mirrors", but yes.10:06
Mithrandirand I haven't typed it into a terminal yet.10:06
pittihey mdz, good morning10:07
tepsipakkiis the knownissues-page kept open for editing after release?10:07
=== stub [n=stub@ppp-] has joined #ubuntu-devel
NafalloI woke up before release atleast :-)10:09
mdztepsipakki: I suppose, but users won't be pointed to that page. why?10:10
tepsipakkimdz: oh ok, who is it for then?10:12
mdztepsipakki: it was a scratch space for writing the release notes10:12
tepsipakkimdz: ok10:13
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pittiwow, one of those rare days where update-notifier does not jump at me in the morning ;)10:16
Kljaverhehe =)10:17
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ion_pitti: :-)10:19
=== WaterSevenUb [n=WaterSev@242-34.dial.nortenet.pt] has joined #ubuntu-devel
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jsgotangcoabsolute mayhem10:23
=== TomB_ [n=tomb@host81-154-117-163.range81-154.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Kljaverhttp://torrent.ubuntu.com:6969/   is there release?10:24
jsgotangcoi would advise waiting for the annoucement, its not like you'll run out of iso10:25
cjwatsonKljaver: no, not until the release manager says so10:27
cjwatsonnothing there right now is final10:28
Treenaks(except the isos for older releases: 6.06.*, 6.10, etc.)10:28
Treenaks(I guess)10:29
jsgotangcoits a shame that some people are downloading the wrong images now10:29
cjwatsonoh, sure, not final feisty I mean10:29
phireit always happens10:30
phireevery single time10:30
=== hunger thought there would be another kernel upgrade before final. Was that cancelled?
jsgotangcothe last updates i got were for update-manager and update-manager-core10:31
cjwatsonthere were several kernel upgrades before final10:31
cjwatsonthere were none planned after -15.2710:31
hungercjwatson: Yeap... but -15 is absolutely instable. I went back to -13 again.10:31
ivoksit would be great to work on update of dapper now10:31
ivokslatest 3ware controllers and intel gigabit cards don't work :/10:32
Fujitsufabbione: You are brave.10:32
fabbioneFujitsu: why?10:32
fabbionethere is nothing wrong in explaining to people10:32
cjwatsonhunger: bug#? (it won't be fixed pre-release now but might be fixable in an update10:32
=== cassidy [n=cassidy@host-213-189-171-21.brutele.be] has joined #ubuntu-devel
hungercjwatson: I didn't report it since it a) crashes randomly and b) I was told there will be a new version anyway.10:33
cjwatsoninformation like b) is typically unreliable and there is no reason why it should fix your problem if it's not reported10:34
cjwatsonthere isn't a crash_now() function that was inserted by accident ;-) it would need investigation10:34
hungercjwatson: Yeap. And with that I can not help, so there is not much sense with writing a bugreport:-(10:35
cjwatsonthen I'm afraid it is unlikely that your problem will be fixed except by dumb luck10:35
hungercjwatson: My box just freezes after a while:-(10:35
tepsipakkihunger: broken memory?10:35
pittihunger: nothing in kern.log after reboot?10:35
\shpitti: moins...question: is it possible (for later) to switch off apport for special packages/apps?10:36
hungertepsipakki: Kernel -13 works like a charm, never had any crash with that, so I'd guess it is unlikely.10:36
pitti\sh: such a thing is on the TODO list10:36
pitti - support /etc/apport/blacklist.d/ for check_ignored(): one exe10:36
pitti   per line10:36
hungerpitti: Nothing useful:-( Not even a Oops or anything.10:36
pitti\sh: I didn't squeeze it into feisty, because u-n won't report apport crashes by default10:37
\shpitti: cool...and will it be possible to set a different backtrace functionality for special packages/apps? (I'm thinking about wine, just because we would need there the winedbg debugger app)10:38
pitti\sh: not  sure what you mean; but you can certainly add a package hook10:38
pitti\sh: /usr/share/doc/apport/package-hooks.txt10:38
\shpitti: thx a lot ... that's all I need to know:)10:39
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jsgotangcoSeveas: +110:48
=== Jordan_U [n=jordan@h-68-165-173-129.snvacaid.dynamic.covad.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
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Mithrandirheno: fwiw, i386 dvd with server seems happy for me on real hardware.10:56
jsgotangcowow that's like a year old bug10:57
Treenaksjsgotangco: it's a bug  that i386dvd looks happy?10:58
jsgotangcono no no remember  bug 2024710:58
ubotuMalone bug 20247 in netcfg "WEP key setting doesn't work on IPW2200 without "restricted"" [Medium,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/2024710:58
henoMithrandir: cool. I tested the server CD in virtual box and that fails too, so it seems cjwatson is right that vbox doesn't like the server kernel10:59
=== Mitario [n=michiel@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== juliux [n=juliux@ubuntu/member/juliux] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Mithrandirheno: sucks to be vbox. :-P10:59
cjwatsonjsgotangco: I'm just clearing up my +assignedbugs page, that's all10:59
juliuxhi, did anybody know why there are no jigdo files for the desktop isos?11:00
cjwatsonjuliux: it would be pointless11:00
cjwatsonjuliux: jigdo has no idea how to disassemble a squashfs11:01
cjwatsonjuliux: so you'd basically get a .template roughly equivalent in size to the .iso11:01
juliuxcjwatson, ah thanks11:01
juliuxcjwatson, i was just wondering11:01
=== mr_pouit [n=mrpouit@ubuntu/member/mrpouit] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Treenaksjsgotangco: oh wow, that's my bug, even11:03
sabdflhey jsgotangco - to you too!11:10
=== pitti waves to sabdfl
seb128hi sabdfl11:10
juliuxhi sabdfl 11:10
\shmoins sabdfl11:10
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=== \sh needs some coffee and a guardian angel...
=== ajmitch just needs dinner
jsgotangcoajmitch: is it still the 19th there? hehe11:12
ajmitchjust after 9pm11:13
ajmitchit's funny how so many people are on the edge of their seats11:13
ajmitchthis is probably the calmest ubuntu channel of the lot11:14
jsgotangcoits alright, their anticipation is a good thing11:14
jsgotangcowell its a good diversion so as not to have them flood here11:14
\shajmitch: I have to update 350 servers and more still counting with some pam.d changes regarding ldap...:( 11:15
ajmitch\sh: lots of fun11:15
fabbione\sh: if the change is the same all over, just script it11:15
\shjsgotangco: more 11:15
fabbionethere is a cluster ssh something to do exactly that11:16
jsgotangcoso you do fai stuff over there?11:16
\shfabbione: yepp...I scripted it already...11:16
\shjsgotangco: nope..those machines are in production...so a live change ;()11:16
\shjsgotangco: doing normal for|ssh|sed|awk|done stuff ,->11:17
jsgotangcofun edge on your seat scenario11:17
\shfabbione: not on sles911:17
=== zyga [n=zyga@ubuntu/member/zyga] has joined #ubuntu-devel
\shwell, you can listen to some internals during froscon...I'll talk about FAI/HP OpenView ServiceDesk/Deployment etc. together with thomas lange11:18
=== morgs [n=morgs@vc-196-207-41-253.3g.vodacom.co.za] has joined #ubuntu-devel
ajmitch\sh: what's the pam change?11:20
=== highvoltage [n=highvolt@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Chipzz\sh: do you know dsh? :)11:27
\shajmitch: adding ldap to all machines which are not already connected to ldap...so doing changes to login/ssh11:28
ajmitchah fun11:28
Kljaveri feel release will come very soon (release/source/)11:38
=== highvoltage [n=highvolt@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
xarquidso most of these people in ubuntu-release-party are killing my eyes. *rubs*11:39
jsgotangcoalright im going home, happy release day everyone ciao11:40
xarquidcya js11:40
ajmitchsee you later, jsgotangco 11:40
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juliuxcan someboy check the bittorrent tracker?11:56
=== codingmaster [n=codingma@dslb-084-058-212-154.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Kljaverjuliux, for what?11:58
juliuxKljaver, i get an error if i try to seed the feisty isos: rejected by tracker - Requested download is not authorized for use with this tracker.11:59
=== pygi [n=mario@83-131-16-140.adsl.net.t-com.hr] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Kljaverjuliux, is already release? i dont understand!12:00
JanDMjuliux, just wait before it's released12:00
juliuxit is on the mirros;)12:00
cjwatsonwe have an announcement list for this12:00
cjwatsonuse it and wait for the mail to arrive12:01
xarquidwhat you see on the mirrors is either from the 15th or your simply see directories dated the 19th.12:01
mvopitti: #96244 is ready (modulo feisty-proposed of course)12:01
juliuxxarquid, i see an iso from today12:01
Kljaverxarquid, yes you are right12:02
pittimvo: thanks12:02
=== juliux [n=juliux@ubuntu/member/juliux] has left #ubuntu-devel ["Verlassend"]
xarquidi know, i was just telling jul12:04
pygihi mvo, pitti 12:04
xarquidi think some of these people are now =delirious ... maybe.12:04
mvohey pygi!12:05
=== seb128_ [n=seb128@ANancy-151-1-61-34.w83-196.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pygimvo, how is it? :)12:06
ajmitchhey pygi, mvo 12:06
=== kjalil [n=kjalil@host81-137-0-173.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mvohey ajmitch12:11
=== pochu [n=emilio@ubuntu/member/pochu] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mvopygi: good, thanks. good tea, release day, sunshine. do I have to say more ;) ?12:11
Kljaverhttp://releases.ubuntu.com/7.04/   what is it?12:11
pygimvo, no :)12:11
pygimvo, glad to hear ^_^12:12
=== Mitario [n=michiel@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
seb128doko: did you look at the python bug with setlocale I mentioned some time ago?12:15
seb128$ LC_ALL=de_DE.UTF-8 python -c "import locale; locale.setlocale(locale.LC_ALL, '')"12:15
seb128Traceback (most recent call last):12:15
seb128  File "<string>", line 1, in <module>12:15
seb128  File "/usr/lib/python2.5/locale.py", line 476, in setlocale12:15
seb128    return _setlocale(category, locale)12:15
seb128locale.Error: unsupported locale setting12:15
seb128doko: we have several bug of apps crashing this way and it would be nice to know if they all should have a try, except or if if that's a python bug12:16
=== thekorn [n=thekorn@a89-182-18-143.net-htp.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Mitariomvo: hey :)12:17
Mitariodholbach: quite a bit quiter here :)12:17
saispofirst update for feisty is thunderbird 2 ? ;)12:18
mvoMitario: hello! long time not seen :) 12:18
dholbachyeh, not quite that frantic12:18
seb128saispo: no new versions to stable12:18
Mitariomvo: indeed :) hi! how are you?12:18
ajmitchit had better be quieter here..12:18
ajmitchtime to start on specs 12:18
saispohi seb128 :)12:18
Mitarioajmitch: seconded12:18
seb128lu saispo12:18
mvoMitario: good! and you?12:19
saispogreat work to all ubuntu devellopers !12:19
xarquidthis is like paradise for my eyes compared to the other rooms :)12:19
saispothis release is very impressive and work very well12:19
Mitariomvo: quite well :) been busy in dutch politics last 3/4 - 1 year12:19
Mitariomvo: but my term ends in a month so will be going active in the ubuntu/gnome community quite soon12:19
=== Mitario misses it
mvoMitario: w00t!12:20
mvoMitario: we will be happy to have you back :-D12:20
Mitariohaha, thanks :) me too12:20
Mitariomvo: i saw your great work on update-manager btw12:20
Mitarioand others probably ;)12:20
KljaverCongratulations to all!!!12:20
Mitariomvo: but i'll cheer you up for it12:21
=== Jordan_U [n=jordan@h-68-164-87-198.snvacaid.dynamic.covad.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mvoMitario: :) thanks - glatzor was pretty active too the last couple of months on it12:21
Mitariook :) great12:21
Kljaverhttp://www.ubuntu.com/  IS DOWN!!! =P12:23
Mitariomvo: the dist upgrade functionality really works well12:23
Mitariohow it will work today as well ;)12:23
ivokscongratz everyone (i have to go)12:23
xarquidcya ivoks12:23
ivoksthis will be the best release til now12:23
Mitarioivoks: i say that with every ubuntu release ;)12:23
Mitarioivoks: cheers to you12:24
ivoksMitario: well, i didn't with edgy :)12:24
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iwjBloody hell, the `logout' option on this edubuntu install doesn't work.12:47
iwjOh, that's because I logged in twice as the same user and it broke everything.12:48
=== vciaglia [n=vciaglia@host253-159-dynamic.17-87-r.retail.telecomitalia.it] has joined #ubuntu-devel
xarquid  Something you wouldn't regularly see lately though, good to know lol12:49
=== LeeJunFan [n=junfan@s64-186-37-120.skycon.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== iwj increases the severity of bug 67366.
ubotuMalone bug 67366 in ltsp "LDM does not warn when a user is already logged in" [Medium,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/6736612:52
ograiwj, yesterday specced for UDS ;)12:54
iwjOh, good.12:56
iwjTBPB it's _hopelessly lame_ that you can't log in more than once.12:56
=== iwj files 107672 and seb128 will thank me ha ha.
iwjbug 107672 even12:56
ubotuMalone bug 107672 in gnome-session "multiple logins by same user" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/10767212:56
seb128yet another dup? ;)12:57
iwjI couldn't find any existing report.12:57
seb128hum, in fact not exactly12:57
seb128there was a bug on gdm to not let an user log in twice12:58
pygiseb128, hi ho, long time no see =)12:58
seb128which has been fixed, it uses the previous session12:58
iwjseb128: That would be sensible.12:58
iwjBut my complaint is that you ought to be allowed to dammit.12:58
seb128but you use 2 boxes which is a new corner case ;)12:58
iwjBug 67366 is about the fact that it let me do it.12:58
ubotuMalone bug 67366 in ltsp "LDM does not warn when a user is already logged in" [Medium,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/6736612:58
iwjBug 107672 is about the fact that it ought to have worked.12:58
ubotuMalone bug 107672 in gnome-session "multiple logins by same user" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/10767212:58
seb128hi pygi12:58
iwjSo please rewrite the whole of gnome.  Perhaps you can preview it for UDS for us.12:59
pygiiwj, ehm ...12:59
iwjYou're talking to the submitter of Debian #1708 here :-).  I don't expect my bugs to get fixed ...01:00
iwj12:00 <ubotu> Error: Could not parse data returned by Debian bugtracker: need more than 1 value to unpack01:01
pygiseb128, will we fix this cd-recording stuff finally this year? :-)01:01
seb128pygi: would be nice ;)01:01
thomhasn't that been said every release since hoglet? :-)01:03
RiddellSeveas: I feel so left out at not have an @ sign in -party01:03
pygithom, what? :)01:03
=== LeeJunFan_ [n=junfan@s64-186-37-120.skycon.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pygithom, you mean about the burning?01:04
thompygi: yeah01:04
pygithom, perhaps ^_^01:04
ograseb128, i'll have a thin client with me in sevilla, lets have a look at that there, since i plan some ldm sessions :)01:04
pygithom, we'll see how it goes ^_^01:04
seb128ogra: k01:05
thompygi: *g*01:05
pygiseb128, thom : you ought to be in #ubuntu-burning :P01:05
seb128too many chans already ;)01:05
pygialthough no one is ever there01:05
thompygi: i'm not that interested, just amused :-)01:05
pygithom, ok, it'll still be fixed ^_^ Just be patient pls :)01:06
pygiYou was patient for 20 years already so :P01:06
=== kwah [n=kwah@gate.wfw.wtb.tue.nl] has left #ubuntu-devel ["Leaving"]
ajmitchpygi: isn't schily's cdrecord good enough? :)01:06
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=== thom douses ajmitch in holy water
pygiajmitch, sure, I didn't mention any application or anything =)01:07
ograiwj, gnome upstream is working on consolekit, that defines a "seats" mechanism it assigns the apps to, i guess that will solve the problem once and for all at some point01:07
LutinMithrandir: are you around ?01:07
MithrandirLutin: yes, why?01:07
pygiajmitch, I'm not allowed to talk to much in this channel like I used to before :(01:07
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ajmitchpygi: not allowed?01:07
pygiexactly ^_^01:07
LutinMithrandir: I've got an issue with the cinepaint package. actually it got accepted and built for all archs, but only released for amd6401:08
MithrandirLutin: uh, the binaries might have gotten lost.01:09
cjwatsonfailed-to-move is empty01:09
MithrandirLutin: can you email ubuntu-archive@lists.ubuntu.com about it?01:09
MithrandirI'm ever-so-slightly busy.01:09
LutinMithrandir: okay01:09
iwjAssigns the apps to `seats' ?  I doubt that will really help.01:10
cjwatson08:16:02 INFO    Rejected:01:10
cjwatson08:16:02 INFO    Exception while accepting: ERROR:  duplicate key violates unique constraint "distroreleasequeuebuild__distroreleasequeue__build__unique"01:10
cjwatsonfun fun fun01:10
cjwatsonabsolutely no idea why that happened01:11
pygithom, so all I can say is ... be patient :)01:11
iwjogra: I'm not sure what that means exactly but it sounds like only one of your sessions will be able to run each app ?  Which is a bit bad.01:11
Mithrandircjwatson: I suggest we just do an -updates no-change-rebuild.01:11
pygiseb128, how would you feel about blocking n-c-b to overburn? (if it can do that)01:11
cjwatsonMithrandir: I guess01:11
seb128pygi: blocking?01:11
iwjOf course the main application you might want to do this with is .... firefox!  And that's not going to work properly any time soon.01:11
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pygiseb128, ergh, well, removing the chunk of code that allows overburn01:12
ajmitchpygi: why?01:12
ajmitchdoes overburning break things in weird ways?01:12
pygiajmitch, because overburning is not good =)01:12
seb128pygi: why?01:12
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seb128pygi: it's useful01:13
pygibut oh well, what do I know =)01:13
pygiseb128, in some situations perhaps, yes01:13
pygioh well, I'm quiet :)01:13
=== pygi goes back to his work and stops preventing people from working
seb128it's not un-usual to have an iso oversized01:13
seb128and being able to write it on a CD is nice01:14
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iwjogra: The student control panel thing (called `thin client manager' in the menu unlike the instructions in Testing/Short) is quite impressive.01:16
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ograits still not done ... we planned far more features .-... (iCafe support ... billing backend, better vnc support)01:17
=== Fujitsu agrees with iwj very much.
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FujitsuI particularly like the tiled VNC viewers.01:18
ograyeah they are cool if they update :) but you still have to set up x112vnc manually thats a big backdraw gutsy needs to fix...01:18
iwjWhy can't this thin client access www.ubuntu.com ?  It can do everything else ...01:18
ogracan your server access it ?01:19
iwjOh, no, here it is.  Maybe the server was just being slow.01:19
pygiheh :)01:19
pygiiwj, it is too slow, yes01:19
ajmitchbecause there are a lot of people checking to see if feisty is release01:19
ograyeah it was ... the whole morning :)01:19
ograshould be a lot better now01:19
jsgotangcoZOMG want feisty01:19
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pygiget it then xD01:20
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hungerWill the new ATI drivers make it into feisty soonish? They are supposed to fix bugs only and add support vor kernel
jsgotangcodamn my fingers almost got bonded by super glue01:20
pittihunger: feisty is closed01:20
rytmiskHi I have an apt bug after upgrading - a helpful guy in #ubuntu-desktop refered me here01:21
hungerpitti: There will be updates at some point I hope:-)01:21
AlinuxOShello all! :)01:21
rytmiskIt is a long list in the line of01:22
rytmiskE: dmsetup: underprosessen post-installation script returnerte feilstatus 1 01:22
ajmitchrytmisk: I saw the conversation in ubuntu-desktop, is /boot full?01:22
rytmiskin norwegian = sub process post-installation script returnedNo 4.8 gb free01:23
rytmiskaccording to nautilus01:23
iwjogra: And generally I should say that despite the beatings I keep giving you about bugs and things, I'm impressed with how smooth and functional the edubuntu ltsp setup is.01:23
ajmitchalright, it was just one of the more obvious reasons for things failing that I've had :)01:23
rytmisk4.8 gb should be sufficient01:24
rytmiskGood tip!01:24
ograiwj, i appreciate your feedback, its not "beatings" :)01:24
ograand thanks :D01:24
ograyou find many things no user ever reports to me, thats immensely important for me01:25
pygiiwj, you mean the ltsp even works? :-)01:25
=== pygi hides
=== pitti tested it yesterday for the first time and was impressed; sure, some bugs, but still this is amazing stuff
ograpygi, it manages pretty well to pretend that i'd say :)01:26
=== pitti hugs ogra
=== ogra hugs pitti
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Monk-eCongrats on feisty.01:35
ogranot yet :)01:36
Monk-eKind of.01:37
bhaleits not over until the fat troll sings (slashdot)01:38
=== Monk-e is downloading the i386 dvd image right now.
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jsgotangcodinner brb01:59
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shawarmaAre the iso's at http://releases.ubuntu.com/7.04/ the final ones? I'm just wondering if there's any point in starting to seed the via bittorrent already.02:01
jsgotangco630+ people in #ubuntu-release-party is asking the same thing02:02
=== fabbione points shawarma to /topic
shawarmafabbione: *G*02:02
fabbioneshawarma: no... no point the trackers are not available yet02:02
fabbioneand the images are not final until we announce so02:03
shawarmaSorry. My screen isn't wide enough to show the entire topic. I didn't notice.02:03
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xarquidThis is the time to prove that VIRUSES can -prevail- in Linux/Ubuntu if you download the wrong ISO/Torrent.02:19
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=== xarquid nods in agreeement with himself.
=== xarquid eyes #ubuntu-release-party with a red eye.
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dokoseb128: no, buz just checked, and it works for me. did you generate the de_DE.UTF-8 locales?02:29
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cjwatsondoko: the bug is precisely asking whether an exception is the right thing to do if the locale doesn't exist02:32
cjwatsonit's usually unnecessary to fall over and die if a locale is missing, IME, but shrug02:33
cjwatsonI suppose there ought to be some way for programs that do care to know02:33
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seb128doko: no, that's what the bug is about02:40
seb128doko: I think it should fallback to C and not break when you don't have the locale02:40
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dokocjwatson, seb128: well, if language-support-xx would generate the locales, we would have a lot less reports. anyway, what was the bug number?02:43
seb128doko: there is bugs on random apps, not on python02:44
seb128I was asking if I should open one on python and dup them02:44
cjwatsondoko: I don't think that would be any excuse02:44
seb128or if apps are to change02:44
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cjwatsonanyway, language-pack-xx generates the locales02:44
cjwatsonlanguage-pack-xx-base rather02:45
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cjwatsonas in fact does language-support-xx02:45
cjwatsonbut there is no requirement to have either installed when you're trying something random out02:45
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dokocjwatson, seb128: how could that be done?02:54
doko    if (locale) {02:54
doko        /* set locale */02:54
doko        result = setlocale(category, locale);02:54
doko        if (!result) {02:54
doko            /* operation failed, no setting was changed */02:54
doko            PyErr_SetString(Error, "unsupported locale setting");02:54
doko            return NULL;02:54
doko        }02:54
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dokocjwatson, seb128: setlocale(3) returns NULL, nothing else, or can I set the locale in another way?02:55
doko"The return value is NULL if the request cannot be honored."02:56
cjwatsonit could ... not throw an exception? :P02:56
cjwatsonthat would be an upstream decision though02:56
cjwatsonI think in the meantime applications should clearly catch setlocale exceptions and ignore them02:56
cjwatsonin almost every possible case02:56
dokocjwatson: no, that would mean to deviate from upstream.02:56
cjwatsondoko: I don't think seb is necessarily suggesting the change shouldn't be made upstream.02:56
seb128I'm asking whether that's a python bug or not02:57
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tepsipakkiwhoa, check slashdot :P02:57
dokocjwatson: ahh, ok. will take it upstream; 2.6 is still long away; and such kind of change will not happen in the 2.5 branch, so better check in the applications02:57
seb128doko: ok, that's what I wanted to know02:57
seb128doko: could you suggest them to change it for 2.6 though?02:58
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dokoseb128, cjwatson: I can do it, but I fail to see the reason. why not change setlocale(3) in glibc then to ignore it?02:59
cjwatsonsetlocale(3) doesn't throw an exception, it just returns NULL02:59
cjwatsonmost C programs ignore the result of setlocale(3), but that's because in C it doesn't take much effort to do so02:59
cjwatsonin python you need to actively work to do so03:00
cjwatsonin most cases this is a good thing but arguably less so in this case03:00
dokoit's an error condition, which is signalled else in python and C03:00
cjwatsonyes, but C->python ought not to be a mechanical translation03:00
seb128C program don't segfault on it03:00
seb128python program do stop on a exception03:00
cjwatsonturning good C APIs into good Python APIs requires actual thought, so I don't buy mechanical arguments03:00
dokoI could imagine an additionaloptional parameter to ignore errors for the C API03:01
cjwatsonit should be a warning, not an error03:01
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jsgotangcoPriceChild: err what's with the ban heh..03:02
PriceChildjsgotangco, you were hit by a DCC attack.03:02
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PriceChild!dcc > jsgotangco 03:02
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PriceChildjsgotangco, join #pricechild and ping me for a test when ready :)03:03
seb128doko: 03:03
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seb128bug #8863803:03
ubotuMalone bug 88638 in pitivi "[apport]  pitivi crashed with Error in setlocale()" [Medium,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/8863803:03
seb128bug #8155603:03
ubotuMalone bug 81556 in exaile "[apport]  exaile crashed with Error in setlocale()" [Medium,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/8155603:03
seb128bug #9052503:03
ubotuMalone bug 90525 in hwdb-client "[apport]  hwdb-gui crashed with Error in setlocale()" [Medium,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/9052503:03
seb128doko: etc03:03
=== ssam [n=ssam@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
seb128doko: pitivi upstream says that it uses to no break, maybe that's new with python2.503:04
dokoseb128: ok, thanks, but better fix these as long as we use 2.503:04
seb128doko: can't we distro patch python rather than patching a zillion of apps?03:05
cjwatsonthe obvious concern is that some things might actually have a legitimate reason to care that setlocale fails03:07
cjwatsonI can't think of any offhand, but it's imaginable03:07
cjwatsonso those programs would break if we patched python, and there would be no obvious compatible way to fix them03:07
dokoseb128: IMO it's a very bad idea to deviate from upstream. do you know why this happens with en_US.UTF-8 and en_GB.UTF-8? these locales should be present on every system03:08
cjwatsonthe only locales that a sane program is allowed to expect to exist on every system are C and POSIX03:09
Mithrandirdoko: why would they be present on every system?03:09
seb128doko: they use 'locale.setlocale(locale.LC_ALL, '')'03:09
dokoMithrandir: well, on every desktop system03:09
cjwatsonthere is a very common reason why you might set a locale that does not exist on your system03:09
cjwatsonssh forwards your LANG and LC_* environment variables03:10
cjwatsonthis is usually a good thing, because it means you get the same character encoding and such at the other end03:10
Mithrandirdoko: you didn't anwer my question; there's no real reason for me to have en_GB or en_US installed.03:10
cjwatsonbut it is incredibly annoying when silly programs decide that the appropriate response to the locale not existing is to crash, rather than just carrying on03:10
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radevillike cedega03:11
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cjwatsondoko: en_US.UTF-8 doesn't exist on chinstrap03:11
dokoMithrandir: I'm wondering why people do see this very often, even with locales which are generated on every desktop install. cjwatson: chinstrap doesn't have a desktop install afaik03:11
cjwatsonany of our developers with LANG=en_US.UTF-8 locally who sshes to chinstrap, by default, will find that python programs that use locale.setlocale will crash03:11
cjwatsondoko: oh, for goodness' sake. Since when was Python only for desktop installations?03:12
=== warp10 [n=andrea@81-208-83-217.fastres.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
cjwatsonlet's say man were implemented in Python03:12
cjwatsonit could easily be - it's not, but it could be03:12
cjwatsonit does setlocale()03:12
cjwatsonor let's take a more realistic example03:12
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FujitsuUm, all of the announcements on ubuntu.com are dated the 16th. That might want to be fixed.03:13
=== nnonix [n=brad@bkjohnson.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
cjwatsonFujitsu: they went out early for the PR company03:13
Fujitsucjwatson: Ah, I see.03:13
dokocjwatson: calm down, I'm not saying that python is only used on the desktop ;-) , the cited bug reports were for desktop applications only.03:13
cjwatsondoko: bzr definitely crashed due to this not that long ago03:13
cjwatsonI think it's been fixed now, but still03:14
cjwatsonI agree with you that it's not a good idea to deviate from upstream03:14
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seb128doko: bug #91583 is a non-desktop one ;)03:18
ubotuMalone bug 91583 in apt-listchanges "[apport]  apt-listchanges crashed with Error in setlocale()" [Medium,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/9158303:18
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cjwatsonI think we're stuck with patching all the applications for now, anyway03:19
cr3cjwatson: thanks for your message to Selbak about logging bugs as "private for unreleased hardware". do you think this is worth addressing in a generic sense to formalize a new feature for malone?03:19
=== mvo_ [n=egon@p54A672B0.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
cr3crap, that's off topic in here, sorry folks :(03:20
cjwatsoncr3: the feature used to exist in Malone and was deliberately disabled03:20
cjwatsonfor UI reasons03:20
cjwatsonso I'm not holding my breath03:20
cr3cjwatson: but as more commercial users start using malone, the lack of such a feature might become increasingly problematic03:21
=== Amaranth_ [n=travis@ubuntu/member/Amaranth] has joined #ubuntu-devel
cjwatsoncr3: I would certainly love to have something better than filing them as security vulnerabilities03:22
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dholbachhi danielk03:25
danielkhey ho dholbach03:26
Hobbseehi danielk, dholbach 03:26
dholbachhey Hobbsee03:26
danielkhey Hobbsee03:26
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dokocjwatson, seb128: http://python.org/sf/170359203:36
seb128doko: danke03:37
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mc44is the bit in FeistyUpgrades about edgy server upgrades right? update-manager-core doesnt appear to be in edgy according to someone on a server install03:42
mvo_mc44: its in edgy-updates03:43
mc44mvo_: aha thanks :)03:43
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jgPeople, Ubuntu *really* needs to fix https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/9411203:52
ubotuMalone bug 94112 in Ubuntu "old-style fstab not updated during system upgrade" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  03:52
cjwatsonerr, it really should have been - that generally *was* done03:52
jgheh.  I lost yesterday afternoon.03:53
cjwatsondon't upgrade direct from dapper to feisty though03:53
jgupgrade was from Edgy.03:53
cjwatsonperhaps you could help us debug that with reference to /var/lib/dpkg/info/volumeid.postinst, which is supposed to do that migration?03:53
=== acacs [n=acacs@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
jgcjwatson: there is no case for /dev/hda? in the case statement....03:54
cjwatsonthere doesn't need to be, it's included in /dev/*03:55
StevenK        if dpkg --compare-versions "$2" lt "093-0ubuntu5"; then03:55
jgcjwatson: my shell is too rusty to help much...  I've grown pointy hair...03:56
StevenKThat seems to strike me as backwards, and I don't know why.03:56
robertjis the release officially out now? tis on the top of /.03:56
=== afflux [i=k@gateway/gpg-tor/key-0x6E18D3C4] has joined #ubuntu-devel
cjwatson"if version we're upgrading from is older than 093-0ubuntu5, then do the migration"03:56
=== nixternal [n=nixterna@ubuntu/member/nixternal] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittihm, should really be lt-nl, but that shouldn't cause this bug03:57
jgcjwatson: here's the scenario, I think that caused me to lose....03:57
jgI think checking the version is a *bad* idea.03:57
pittior, no, maybe not03:57
jgI had a flaky motherboard, but thought it was my disk.03:57
jgI got file system damage.03:57
jgI went and got another disk.03:57
cjwatsonthe problem is that if you don't do that then the migration happens over and over and over again03:57
cjwatsonand people who have some problem and really need to go back to mount-by-something-else lose03:58
jgDid a fresh install of Edgy, and then moved my /home back.03:58
jgusing the "normal" old fashioned syntax.03:58
cjwatsoncould you drop this in the bug? The udev maintainer is on holiday today, so information on IRC is liable to get lost03:58
jgI think you need to see if /dev/hda? exists, and go from there, rather than key it on version.03:59
jgok, I'll add to the bug.03:59
cjwatsonit's not as straightforward as that, because not all devices have moved from /dev/hd*04:00
jgcjwatson: If I were you, I'd mark this as a pretty severe problem; you end up with a unusable system....04:00
jgone that is beyond most randoms to debug.04:01
cjwatsonjg: I've raised the importance to high04:01
jgMy shell may be rusty,  but I've been around the block a *very* long time.04:01
cjwatsonI do think we need some way to make sure the migration doesn't happen multiple times, but perhaps by-version isn't best04:02
jgheh.  I'd sure echo that...04:02
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psusiis there a package to assign bugs to that deal with the livecd packaging rather than with a specific package itself?04:12
=== glatzor [n=sebi@host-82-135-29-2.customer.m-online.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
seb128psusi: what do you mean by "packaging"?04:13
cjwatsonpsusi: what about the live CD packaging?04:13
=== j_ack [n=rudi@p508D8782.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
psusias in there is a problem with the way the livecd was packaged04:13
cjwatsondetail, man04:13
psusias opposed to a bug in one of the packages of software on it04:13
psusiwell, the amd64 feisty build does not have gparted on it04:14
=== abattoir [n=abattoir@cm235.epsilon48.maxonline.com.sg] has joined #ubuntu-devel
psusibut the i386 cd does04:14
cjwatsonI thought I fixed that before release04:14
psusiohh, has the release been made?  I just tested this with the beta cd 2-3 days ago04:14
=== Toxicity999 [n=bryan@unaffiliated/Toxicity999] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== adamant1988 [n=chatzill@doc-24-206-202-2.el.wv.cebridge.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== valermos [n=valermos@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
cjwatsonubuntu-7.04-desktop-amd64.manifest:gparted 0.2.5-2ubuntu204:14
cjwatsonpsusi: it's there04:14
psusiok... cool04:14
cjwatsonwas a post-beta change04:15
psusifor future reference though, is there somewhere such a bug should be assigned?  it doesnt seem like it should be assigned to the gparted package04:15
cjwatsonthe bug would have been ubuntu-meta in this particular case04:15
cjwatsonbut there are a number of different aspects of live CD "packaging"04:15
jdongcjwatson: you think we can shoot for a newer gparted in Gutsy?04:15
=== cypher1 [i=cypher1@nat/hp/x-a37de2316f449dcb] has joined #ubuntu-devel
cjwatsonjdong: I've ceased caring about gparted, since ubiquity doesn't use it any more04:16
psusidoes anyone here happen to know gparted's internals well?  I noticed it had a regression in feisty too... it no longer lists dmraid devices in the disk drop down menu04:16
=== cypher1 [i=cypher1@nat/hp/x-3e82dd6ba38e84ff] has joined #ubuntu-devel
psusiwas wondering how it chooses what devices to list in there04:17
cjwatsonI think that was an upstream change04:18
seb128psusi: I don't think anybody is actively maintaining gparted for Ubuntu atm04:18
seb128upstream would be the best bet for that04:18
cjwatsonIIRC it prods /proc/partitions04:18
cjwatsonit deliberately excludes dm-*, loop*, ram*04:18
psusioh really?  since the last release they made it do that?04:19
cjwatsonI don't recall exactly, best check upstream04:19
cjwatsonit may have changed again since the version we have04:19
cjwatsonwe had trouble upgrading easily since we had to carry a huge patch for ubiquity integration04:19
psusiodd... since there has been a bug filed for ages that upstream supposedly has been working on to get it to work _correctly_ with dm devices, since before it couldn't update the partitions then say, format the new partition since dm doesn't support the BLKPRT ioctl04:20
cjwatsonthat can probably be thrown away now - ubiquity in gutsy won't support using gparted04:20
=== Yasumoto [n=joe@trailers67.chapman.edu] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-devel:cjwatson] : Development of Ubuntu (not support, even with gutsy; not application development on Ubuntu) | #ubuntu for support and general discussion for dapper/edgy/feisty, #ubuntu+1 for gutsy | #ubuntu-motu for getting involved in development | http://wiki.ubuntu.com/DeveloperResources | See #ubuntu-bugs for http://wiki.ubuntu.com/HelpingWithBugs | Entire archive frozen for gutsy opening
=== dogmatism [n=josh@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== lbm [n=lbm@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
\shhttp://www-static.ubuntu.com/GetUbuntu/purchase is not displayed correctly on firefox ... plain source for the page 04:24
giftnudelepiphany similar04:25
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=== shiyee [n=Shiyee@0x535854b3.abnxx4.adsl-dhcp.tele.dk] has joined #ubuntu-devel
cjwatson\sh: elmo says that's fixed now04:28
jdongAre there plans for us to adopt that incremental packages.gz downloading thing Etch is doing?04:28
jdong(requires changes to the archives, right?)04:28
StevenKWorse, changes to Soyuz04:28
cjwatsonjdong: probably not in the near term, it's a bit more insane with hourly cron.daily04:28
jdongah, ok :)04:28
jdongnot a terribly big deal04:28
cjwatsonyou'd end up downloading a hell of a lot of ed diffs04:28
\shcjwatson: cool...say thx to him :)04:29
=== cypher1 [i=cypher1@nat/hp/x-8205b4b0aa055e19] has joined #ubuntu-devel
somerville32mdke, ping04:31
mdkesomerville32: (In case I'm not around at the moment, please provide a bit of information about what you want and I will respond when I get back)04:31
=== stratus [n=stratus@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== cypher1 [i=cypher1@nat/hp/x-cd7225f9c66b5f86] has joined #ubuntu-devel
robertjwhere do I get macros such as  AM_CONFIG_HEADER04:32
=== cypher1 [i=cypher1@nat/hp/x-bd842fafdea82dd4] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mvojdong: something based on zsync is more likely04:33
=== gnomefreak [n=gnomefre@ubuntu/member/gnomefreak] has joined #ubuntu-devel
jdongmvo: very cool; it'll probably only be beneficial to devel branch folks04:34
jdongbut nonetheless cool04:34
jdongmvo: lol I like update-manager --help, if you're the one responsible for it :D04:34
=== leonel [n=leonel@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
cjwatson/usr/share/aclocal-1.10/header.m4:11:# AM_CONFIG_HEADER is obsolete.  It has been replaced by AC_CONFIG_HEADERS.04:34
cjwatsonrobertj: ^--04:34
cjwatsonthat file defines it as an alias04:35
ivokswhy aren't all mirrors on ubuntu.com listed?04:35
cjwatsononly the ones that were up-to-date at the point the announcement was prepared are listed04:35
leonelafter reading the topic  ... i think it's not off topic to  say   THANKS  FOR  FEISTY  GREAT WORK  UBUNTU DEVELOPERS !04:36
jdong:) spreading good cheer is ALWAYS on topic :)04:36
=== MagnusR [n=magru@c83-252-237-96.bredband.comhem.se] has joined #ubuntu-devel
xqaye, good job guys and gals04:38
JanDMjep very nice release indeed, THANKS GUYS04:38
=== orion2012 [n=orion@hypnogogic.org] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== saispo [n=saispo@ryu.zarb.org] has joined #ubuntu-devel
ivokscjwatson: so... i've set up on mirror to update every 4 hours, should it be every 2 hours? :)04:39
cjwatsonivoks: around release time, that wouldn't hurt04:40
ivoksok, thanks04:40
sharmsanyone have encfs + sshfs working on feisty?04:41
Nergarwhere can i talk with some IRCops?04:42
sharmsNergar: ubuntu related: #ubuntu-ops04:42
=== JR [n=james@cpc3-bolt6-0-0-cust407.manc.cable.ntl.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Nergarok thanx04:42
JRwhats happened to this page? :/ http://www-static.ubuntu.com/news/ubuntu70404:42
cjwatsonhow are you getting to www-static?04:42
JR(from ubuntu.com) then home04:43
JRthen clicking the "Feisty Out tomorrow" gets me to that page04:43
sharmsyeah all the links are relative off www-static04:43
cjwatsonJR: change it to www in the meantime04:44
cjwatsonadmins are looking at it04:44
JRah ok :)04:44
=== towsonu2003 [n=towsonu2@c-69-251-20-244.hsd1.md.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== pochu wonders when the gutsy repo will be open for upload :)
=== freeflying_ [n=freeflyi@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== nnonix [n=brad@bkjohnson.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== jtt [n=jtholmes@adsl-065-006-144-253.sip.asm.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
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Lathiatmaswan: i see youve upgraded your link :)04:51
tonyyarussocjwatson: a note re: the /topic, #ubuntu+1 is currently closed; we can re-open when appropriate.04:52
gnomefreaktonyyarusso: i dont think the repos are open yet04:52
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-devel:cjwatson] : Development of Ubuntu (not support, even with gutsy; not application development on Ubuntu) | #ubuntu for support and general discussion for dapper/edgy/feisty | #ubuntu-motu for getting involved in development | http://wiki.ubuntu.com/DeveloperResources | See #ubuntu-bugs for http://wiki.ubuntu.com/HelpingWithBugs | Entire archive frozen for gutsy opening
cjwatsongutsy is indeed not open yet04:53
=== gnomefreak tried chroot for gutsy
tonyyarusso#ubuntu+1 should come back once they are04:53
gnomefreakgive or take04:53
cjwatsonit hasn't even been created in launchpad yet, and after that we'll need publisher runs and stuff04:54
hungeris www.ubuntu.com supposed to be a page about ubuntu 7.04 only?04:54
tepsipakkihunger: until the DDOS ends ;)04:55
maswanLathiat: we borrowed a couple of computers and 2Gbit/s more for this release. :)04:55
ograhunger, yes, for the moment04:55
Lathiatmaswan: i can see that ;)04:57
Lathiatmaswan: i cant help but feel its still not enough.. heh04:57
Lathiati wonder what the canonical DC pushes04:57
=== tonyyarusso [n=anthony@ubuntu/member/tonyyarusso] has joined #ubuntu-devel
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=== Monk-e [i=guido-et@c529dd229.cable.wanadoo.nl] has joined #ubuntu-devel
zygais gutsy going to be open with two week delay like last time; is this planned and described somewhere?04:59
psusioutch..... ubuntu.com is slashdotted?05:07
=== alex-weej [n=alex@halls-129-31-82-59.hor.ic.ac.uk] has joined #ubuntu-devel
cjwatsonpsusi: unsurprising ;-)05:08
zygahmm, no powerpc images?05:09
zygais ppc dead officially?05:09
kylemno. it's a port.05:09
psusihrm... the main download link on the web site still doesn't list feisty05:10
cjwatsonzyga: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ports/releases/feisty/release/05:11
zygacjwatson: got it05:12
psusiwhy are the cd images not there?05:13
zygado I guess right that there are no dvd releases for ports?05:13
=== zzz_ [n=ubuntu@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== cypher1 [i=cypher1@nat/hp/x-82a0c5261b2a3e13] has joined #ubuntu-devel
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keescookit's always nice waking up to a release.  :)05:15
=== keescook hugs everyone
=== OculusAquilae [n=oculus@pd950a00e.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
smThanks ubuntu devs! Congratulations!05:19
torshidois there any rsnc mirror I could use to update a daily image to the release iso?05:20
=== lfittl [n=lfittl@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Mithrandirtorshido: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+cdmirrors has a list of rsync mirrors.05:23
=== bddebian [n=bdefrees@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== yveslu [n=yves@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
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torshidoMithrandir: thanks!05:28
=== beuno [n=martin@ubuntu/member/beuno] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== paddycarey [n=paddy@cpc1-blfs4-0-0-cust182.belf.cable.ntl.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
deliredoesn't seem to be any reports of breakage from those that used EasyUbuntu or Automatix in 6.10. that's a relief.05:31
smUbuntuHashes needs updating, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-website/+bug/8427305:31
delire(during upgrade to 7.04 i mean)05:31
ubotuMalone bug 84273 in ubuntu-website "hash for feisty on the md5sum page" [Wishlist,Rejected]  05:31
=== Pici knocks on wood
wasabi_So... this is odd. On feisty... but subversion's apache module is uninstallable.05:32
wasabi_oh, nope, not anymore. Weird.05:33
=== vciaglia [n=vciaglia@host166-36-dynamic.10-87-r.retail.telecomitalia.it] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== ivoks [n=ivoks@backup.grad.hr] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== baha-d [n=lol@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
baha-dany devolper can help me i want to ask a question about keyboard settins in 7.04 installation05:47
Burgworkbaha-d: help is #ubuntu05:47
baha-dno this isn't a problem 05:47
baha-djust a mistake done by developers05:48
cjwatsonbaha-d: please file a bug; if it's keyboard configuration during the installer, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/console-setup/+filebug is appropriate05:48
=== mr_pouit [n=mrpouit@ubuntu/member/mrpouit] has joined #ubuntu-devel
tonyyarussoI saw on the Planet a while back a suggestion for a 6.06.2 - anyone heard of anything along those lines?05:50
baha-din keyboard setting in installation there is a choise under Turkey ; choises likte this turkis turkish q kurdish kurdish q etc.. there is no formal language like kurdish and no keybord scheme like kurdish in turkey05:50
=== pochu [n=emilio@131.Red-83-57-165.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== baha-d [n=lol@] has left #ubuntu-devel ["Konversation]
cjwatsonKurdish>> whee, geopolitics05:55
=== holycow [n=hello@host-032.ken-64-141-56.norcomcable.ca] has joined #ubuntu-devel
holycowguys i'm running ubuntu on core duo cpus and feisty is freezing all machines for 15 seconds intermittently.  because the entire system locks top really isn't usefull but i can tell that what its doing is making random apps that i'm using and throwing them into uninterruptible state while the cpu spikes to 100%05:55
poningrucjwatson: you should see some of the comments that come in through hendrix05:56
holycowany info on how i can track down what is causing this issue?05:56
poningruholycow: this isnt a support channel05:56
poningru#ubuntu please05:56
holycowno its a dev channel05:56
=== xq [n=xarquid@adsl-4-146-43.gsp.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
holycowwhat would a noob channel know about this type of isue?05:57
holycowah okay good enoughh05:58
Hobbseeholycow: #ubuntu+1 shoudl be able to answer it05:58
Hobbseeholycow: but check yoru syslog05:58
cjwatsonponingru: through what?05:58
holycowbah frozen again05:58
holycowsyslog okay05:58
holycowHobbsee, okay05:58
poningruerr right05:58
poningrucjwatson: mofo's user input thingy05:58
=== thesaltydog [n=fabio@ubuntu/member/thesaltydog] has joined #ubuntu-devel
sladenso guys, did we release yet?06:01
=== thesaltydog [n=fabio@ubuntu/member/thesaltydog] has left #ubuntu-devel ["Ex-Chat"]
=== mneptok [n=mneptok@canonical/support/mneptok] has joined #ubuntu-devel
ubotuFEISTY IS OUT! Party in #ubuntu-release-party - Torrent downloads at http://us.releases.ubuntu.com/7.04/ - Metalinks (use with Aria2 or, under Windows, GetRight) at http://download.packages.ro/metalink/ubuntu/06:02
=== WaterSevenUb [n=rui@242-34.dial.nortenet.pt] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== TomaszD [n=tom@unaffiliated/tomaszd] has joined #ubuntu-devel
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=== holycow [n=hello@host-032.ken-64-141-56.norcomcable.ca] has joined #ubuntu-devel
cjwatsonoh, and with respect to Kurdish, https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=615906:06
ubotuFreedesktop bug 6159 in General "Keyboard configuration for Kurdish (Latin)" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]  06:06
cjwatsonso having it included under symbols/tr was explicitly requested by an Ubuntu user06:07
cjwatsonthe phrase "please keep your war out of my bug tracking system" comes to mind06:07
\shMithrandir: congrats :) 06:07
\shUbuntu / Canonical: Nice work...thx for it :)06:08
=== mdz [n=mdz@yttrium.canonical.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== ssam [n=ssam@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Mithrandir\sh: cheers.06:10
=== jjstwerff [n=jurjen@jjstwerff.demon.nl] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== sabdfl [n=sabdfl@ubuntu/member/pdpc.silver.sabdfl] has joined #ubuntu-devel
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mc44https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FeistyUpgrades is forwarding to http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading but that page hasn't got some extra instructions for the server upgrade mvo added06:13
=== waa [n=waa@220112.static.ctb.virtua.com.br] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== zyga [n=zyga@ubuntu/member/zyga] has joined #ubuntu-devel
\shOk Guys, time to leave the office and get some drinks...456 servers updated for ldap integration, deployed a complete new infrastructure for our DC (around 100 new servers), and announced the release of feisty to all employees of this company. Thx for all your work and time ... have a nice evening and go and get some drinks06:19
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mc44anyone know who I should ping about that?06:22
=== jono [n=jono@ubuntu/member/jono] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Ngmc44: newz2000 in the first instance, if he's not about then #canonical-sysadmin06:23
=== micahcowan [n=micahcow@ubuntu/member/micahcowan] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mc44Ng: thanks06:23
=== kwah [n=kwah@d100246.upc-d.chello.nl] has joined #ubuntu-devel
kwahhi, everyone06:24
=== danielk [n=daniel@i59F74AEF.versanet.de] has left #ubuntu-devel ["Ex-Chat"]
kwahif i understand correctly network-manager-pptp is not available on the feisty install CDs/DVDs. Why?06:25
=== pochu [n=emilio@131.Red-83-57-165.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Ngkwah: probably because it's in universe, not main06:26
kwahbad :(06:27
Mithrandirit might make it for gutsy.06:27
kwahwith package is crucial for many people, especially in places where dial-up is the main way of connecting to Internet06:28
Mithrandirthey can still use the old way of configuring the network.06:28
Mithrandirso while it would have been nice to have it working, it's not a regression of any sort.06:29
kwahMithrandir, sure, but n-m-pptp is kinda user-friendly :)06:29
Mithrandirkwah: yes, so I think trying to get it integrated in the next release makes sense.  While we would have loved to, we don't have unlimited time or resources.06:30
kwahI know. Thanks for your effort!06:31
kwahWe'll try to come up with something :)06:31
=== jdong_ [n=jdong@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
micahcowanI'm getting into the habit of running my "dpkg -l foo"s through "| cat", so that it doesn't detect stdout as a tty, and fields (especially the "Version" field) are never truncated. Is there a better way to accomplish this?06:36
=== poningru cries
cjwatsonMithrandir: ok, gutsy seeds are open and mirrored06:37
cjwatsonMithrandir: I've updated update-germinate but it won't work until the archive opens06:37
=== micahcowan pats poningru consolingly: "there, there"
poningruI have no idea who packaged beryl06:37
poningruand no one will tell me06:37
cjwatsonMithrandir: will be back later this evening if you need anything else from me06:37
poningruand the wiki is messed up06:37
geserponingru: check the Uploaded-by field for the beryl packages06:39
geseryou should find there 2 or 3 persons which did the actuall packageing06:40
micahcowanracarr uploaded it; but it was packaged by Nicholas Thomas06:40
poningruI tried the maintained by field but couldnt find anything06:40
poningrumicahcowan: do you know his nick?06:40
=== CyberSnooP_ [n=bvleur@cp284147-b.dbsch1.nb.home.nl] has joined #ubuntu-devel
poningruof nicholas thomas I mean06:40
geserracarr and lupine did the packages, imbrandon did upload them06:41
Amaranthponingru: lupine_8506:41
=== paddycarey [n=paddy@cpc1-blfs4-0-0-cust182.belf.cable.ntl.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
poningruthank you06:41
micahcowanOh, that's right: "Uploaded By" doesn't really say who uploaded it ('coz I have a package with me as "Uploaded By", and I obviously don't have the privs).06:42
micahcowanIs "Uploaded By" really just the last (top) person listed in the debian/changelog then?06:42
geserif Changed-by (= last person in the changelog) is the same as Uploaded-by in LP then yes06:43
holycowponingru, thank you for the tips06:44
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micahcowanI take it nobody has a better alternative for ensuring that the Version field is preserved in the dpkg-query -l output?06:50
gesermicahcowan: COLUMNS=256 dpkg -l06:52
micahcowangeser, actually, that's worse, as it /forces/ the columns to 256, even if the content is much shorter. And, it's more typing than piping through cat.06:52
micahcowanMaybe I'll talk to the dpkg folks about the possibility of preserving Name and Version at any cost, stealing from Description as needed...06:53
micahcowanI don't think it should be necessary to lie to dpkg about whether it's on a terminal or how many columns we have, just to see the crucial installation info.06:54
micahcowanOr maybe I'll just shut up, and use -f to specify a format that doesn't include a description ^_^06:55
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sharmsis it for sure that we will be using new gcc in gutsy?08:33
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tepsipakkisharms: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FeistyPlusOneToolchainRoadmap08:39
tepsipakkisharms: also, check the post from doko to u-d on 2007-04-0208:41
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sharmstepsipakki: if I understand things correctly, that will drop performance by 40%?08:55
tepsipakkisharms: don't know, I only pointed you to the right direction ;)08:56
gnomefreakgcc drop performance?08:57
gnomefreaksharms: what ar eyou reading?08:57
sharmsThe performance drop on the two benchmarks seems to be well understood, GCC08:58
sharmsdevelopers tend to trade the performance regression for more correct code in08:58
sharmsfrom: http://www.whatimiss.net/ubuntu-devel/?m=20070402   -- under experimental feisty+1 toolchain packages08:58
sabdflvery well done everybody08:59
=== sabdfl ==> celebration!
gnomefreaki see08:59
sharmsthat is a big concern for me atleast08:59
Treenakssabdfl: cheers :)08:59
gnomefreak40% is a bit high08:59
sharmsI can imagine that 500000 bug reports08:59
nekohayofeisty's livecd boots in 7 minutes (edgy used to boot in 2 mins 30)... was there something changed to DMA or the likes?08:59
gnomefreakupstart was finished in feisty i believe09:00
tepsipakkisharms: AFAIK the version has not been decided yet09:00
gnomefreakfinished being implemented09:00
sharmssabdfl: I am still working on the art for feisty+13 (sexy sab) release09:01
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nekohayookay I just timed the boots on the same machine09:07
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nekohayofeisty is 7 minutes and dapper takes 2 minutes 46 on the liveCD09:07
psusiwow nekohayo09:07
nekohayoanyone know of a big structural change lately?09:07
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nekohayomade my unscientific benchmarks on a 512mb of ram computer and a 4gb of ram computer09:08
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zulnekohayo: I believe that is known09:10
nekohayozul: do you have some pointers/link I could look at?09:10
zulnekohayo: check the #ubuntu-kernel logs for the past couple of days09:11
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Paul_UKhey guys, did anyone really test vpn pptp connectivity?  it looks like it doesnt work at all10:02
cjwatsoninstalling network-manager-pptp from universe may help10:03
Paul_UKdid that10:03
Paul_UKand configured it and connected to the server10:03
Paul_UKroute shows nothing tho10:03
cjwatsonok, I have no idea then I'm afraid; it's true that pptp has not received much testing10:03
Paul_UKi even had to do : sudo /etc/dbus-1/event.d/25NetworkManager restart  to get it to show in the network manager10:04
Paul_UKits a real shame, as alot of previews have said that vpn connectivity is much easier....  and its totally broke!10:04
Paul_UKits not a big deal at the end of the day, as i can do vpn through a virtual machine, but its nice to have it native to linux10:05
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davmor2Just wanted to say Many thanks for a great ubuntu version and various bits of help I've been given a long the way.  Nice one Devs10:07
Paul_UKlooking forward to the next release tho ;)  or when vpn works and desktop effects as well, cos i get a white screen, running ati mobility chipset, but will try to resolve it on my own tho :)10:08
Mithrandirdavmor2: cheers. :-)10:08
Paul_UKoh yeah and RDP is so much faster as well, well done guys10:08
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Monk-eCan somebody please take a look at this: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/devmapper/+bug/10781311:15
ubotuMalone bug 107813 in devmapper "Incompatible libdevmapper 1.02.08 (2006-07-17)(compat) and kernel driver" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  11:15
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sharmsI looked, and lack the skills to figure it out, but that looks bad11:16
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Monk-esharms: you think it might get fixed and they'll put new release images online?11:18
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sharmsMonk-e: I wouldn't expect a new install release to come out, someone has to confirm it and get it looked at by someone in core11:19
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sharmsMonk-e: does this look related: https://launchpad.net/bugs/10781511:31
ubotuMalone bug 107815 in debian-installer "installing using LVM does not work" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  11:31
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Monk-eYes, that's NO DOUBT the same bug. vgchange -ay hangs too here11:33
ivoksit's a known issue11:33
ivoksread release notes11:33
sharmsivoks: but the incompatible library is not right?11:34
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ivoksOn the alternate or server CDs, creating LVM logical vol...11:34
Monk-e.. ivoks thanks.11:35
ivoks(i think it is the same)11:35
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Monk-eivoks: only one way to find out. ;) I'll try installing again.11:37
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jdongbug 10764812:09
ubotuMalone bug 107648 in Ubuntu "The Ubuntu community is insane" [Undecided,In progress]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/10764812:09
jdongglad to umm... see people having fun with Malone?12:09
jdongwhat's next? Schroedinger's bug report where people keep on flicking it between confirmed and unconfirmed?12:12
jdong(oh wait Xgl already does that)12:12

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