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BobSongsGood evening (well, it's night time here in Canada).05:11
BobSongsI was cleaning up my computer station when I noticed a pile of Microsoft Quick Start guides. I was ready to toss them in the trash (seeing I have little need for MSFT Quick Start guides) when a thought hit me.05:13
BobSongsWhat if I took the time to create an Ubuntu Quick Start guide? I know there's documentation out there for Ubuntu. But what about a guide that followed roughly what MSFT has designed for new users?05:13
BobSongsWould such a thing be considered one too many among a set of already established tomes? Or does this sound like it might fill a need?05:14
BobSongsThese Quick Start guides are the type you'd find in an OEM box, one that contains a setup CD and a thicker manual on how to run Windows, for example.05:15
Madpilotwould this be designed for print, or as an onscreen doc?05:15
BobSongsI am truly torn between the two. I guess I could put a rough draft together and submit it as a PDF file.05:16
BobSongsThe format is not 8 1/2 x 11. It's about half that size. It makes an ideal booklet.05:17
Madpilotget a basic proposal/outline together, and fire it off to the docteam mailing list05:17
BobSongsI was looking at it and thought it might be a good idea.05:17
BobSongsI kinda got a bit excited (as I am the excitable type) and did a cover for it in Inkscape. I wanted it to faintly resemble the Windows XP Pro Quick Start guide ... without being a complete rip off.05:18
Madpilotgot the image up on the web somewhere?05:19
BobSongsOoo. I should, eh? Lemme get that done. It'll take about 5 minutes. Cool?05:20
BobSongsI'll stay connected here and get that done immediately.05:20
BobSongsIt's not an amazing resolution. But you get the drift.05:26
BobSongsWhile I have become less and less a fan of Microsoft I must admit their manuals are nicely laid out. And while I do not wish to tread on copyright issues I still think a booklet that covers the same essentials they cover would not be a bad idea. A printed copy would be uber cool. But a supplied PDF file would be just as good.05:28
BobSongsThe text on the PNG file is not final. It's just a mock up for the black background.05:29
BobSongsI was going for a kind of "Ubuntu Ultimate" look. ;-)05:29
Madpilotblack isn't really an Ubuntu colour05:30
MadpilotI like the basic layout, but go with tan/brown/etc, or just white05:30
BobSongsIs there a link where I can get the Hex colours?05:31
BobSongsI don't want to approximate the necessary colours.05:31
Madpilotjust a sec, there are palettes available on the official artwork page05:31
BobSongsOkay. Cool. I prefer to work with hex when it comes to colors.05:32
BobSongsThanks for the reference. I'll begin the outline and rough draft and submit it to the docteam mailing list.05:33
MadpilotI did the covers for the printed Lulu-published versions of the Dapper docs. I'll package up the SVG files if you want something to work from.05:35
BobSongsExcellent. Any references you've got I'll gladly take and work with.05:36
Madpilotgive me a few minutes to tar.gz everything.05:36
BobSongsNo problem.05:36
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nixternalanyone up for proofing?05:52
nixternalhiya mpt05:52
MadpilotBobSongs, http://dev.wirelizard.ca/Lulu_Covers_SVG.tar.gz05:54
BobSongsMerci beaucoup as they say here in Montreal.05:55
nixternalgracias as they say here in Chicago05:55
BobSongsMadpilot, I'll give the brown a try. Hope it looks good. I've got the palette in SVG format (yay!) so I'll continue to tweak the cover page.05:56
MadpilotBobSongs, did you do that first draft in Inkscape?05:56
BobSongsnixternal, Gracias in Chicago, eh? lol I guess Spanish is becoming very influential in the US.05:57
nixternalat least here in Chicago it is05:57
BobSongsMadpilot, Yep. I really like it since the 0.45 release.05:57
BobSongsA big "thanks" to Google for the "Summer of Code" support. That resulted in blur added to the software. A very useful addition. In my opinion it bumps Inkscape up into 'professional' levels.05:58
BobSongsSorry: slightly off topic.06:00
BobSongsHowever, I can always submit any graphics in SVG format.06:00
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Madpilotevening Burgundavia06:01
Burgundaviahey Madpilot06:02
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Burgundavianeed anything from Imperial Hobbies?\06:02
Madpilotneed, maybe. can afford, no. You doing NWLinuxFest via Vancouver, then?06:02
Burgundaviano, going tomorrow for BCLA06:04
Madpilotcool. have fun.06:05
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nixternalmdke: h.u.c needs the 7.04 tab, and the Edubuntu handbook :)02:37
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shirishcan somebody help me in understanding https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HelpOnPageCreation04:49
nixternalCONGRATULATIONS DocTeam! Great job this release, now it is time to start thinking how to one up Feisty with Gutsy!04:50
nixternalshirish: I would love to, but I am late to the uni from all of my Feisty release partying!04:50
shirishnixternal: I just need 2 minutes, thats all04:50
shirishI just need to know how to add the wikiname04:50
nixternalok make it quick :)04:50
nixternalOK, say I want to make a wiki page called ShirishRocks04:51
shirishI don't want to over-write anybody's page04:51
nixternalI would do it like so04:51
shirishok go on04:51
nixternalif the page is not yet created, it will offer you with a link to create the page04:51
shirishah ok that's how u do it04:51
nixternalso you really don't have to worry about writing over someone elses page04:51
nixternalif you click that link I posted with ShirishRocks you will see the page and the link to create a new page04:52
shirishthat makes it easy, that should be actually added to the wiki mentioned, is it ok if I add that bit to it04:52
nixternalsure, if it helps out feel free04:52
shirishthnx for your time :)04:52
nixternalno problem04:53
nixternaltime to go be bored in school ;)04:53
shirishdang thats an immutable page, the help on creation04:54
nixternalah, ya I guess the help pages would be04:55
shirishanyway, would drop that on the mailing list somebody might be able to do something about it04:55
shirishthanx again :)04:55
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nixternalhow important is using the '--xinclude' flag when building HTML now if we aren't using xi:includes at all in our docs now?07:00
nixternalreason being, pbuilder seriously hates the '--xinclude' flag causing the build time for translated kubuntu-docs to go for 8 hours07:01
somerville32When is the 7.04 desktop guide going to be published?07:35
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nixternalthere is no desktop guide :)07:46
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