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jetsaredimanyone around?06:07
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evandjetsaredim: I am now09:57
markfeisty automated, preseeded installs fully work, except the automatic selection of the (first) disk11:21
markd-i     partman-auto/disk       string  /dev/sda11:22
markwhy doesn't that work?11:22
cjwatsonhave you preseeded partman-auto/method?11:23
cjwatsond-i partman-auto/method string regular11:23
cjwatsondo so11:23
markaha, thanks11:24
markthat won't do anything for edgy?11:24
cjwatsonpartman-auto/disk is then unnecessary if you only have one disk11:24
markwe usually have multiple disks, and it should select the first one11:24
markso /dev/sda will then work, right?11:24
cjwatsonyes, that's true, partman-auto/method doesn't exist in edgy (had to check)11:24
cjwatson/dev/sda should be fine11:24
markare there any other method values?11:25
markwhat does it do?11:25
markmaybe I should check the docs of 7.04 ;)11:26
cjwatson'lvm', 'raid', or 'crypto' (that last not supported in Ubuntu yet)11:28
cjwatsonprobably best check the upstream docs11:29
markLinux mint 2.6.20-15-server #2 SMP Sun Apr 15 06:22:36 UTC 2007 x86_6411:39
markUbuntu 7.04 auto-installed on Thu Apr 19 09:36:58 UTC 2007.11:39
markthat worked beautiful11:39
markgood work, and congratulations on the release! :)11:39
mark(has it actually been released yet? :) the site is a little unreachable)11:40
cjwatsonnot officially until the mail is visible on ubuntu-announce@lists11:40
cjwatsonwe're in final preparation11:40
cjwatson(past the point of no return, but still in flight)11:40
saispohi cjwatson :)12:25
saispomark: preseed feisty for automatic partition work very weel12:25
markit worked well for edgy and dapper too12:25
saispomark: for automatic harddrive detection i have some problem on edgy12:26
markhmm that was a bit iffy yes12:26
saispoi must set /dev/hda or /dev/sda12:26
markyeah, fortunately all our servers use /dev/sda anyway12:26
markno ide drives anymore12:26
saispomark: not for me, why it's a problem :-)12:27
markdapper used devfs syntax I believe12:27
markso you could do /dev/discs/disc0 or something like that12:27
cjwatsonsaispo: fixed in feisty12:28
saispoyep :)12:28
saispoand i'm happy :)12:29
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jetsaredimevand: eh - finally able to get back04:21
jetsaredimdidn't mean to sound impatient earlier04:21
jetsaredimanyhow I was looking for some more guidance on the template stuff - basically the "what's next" from what you gave me a couple weeks ago04:22
jetsaredimI'll be right back though04:23
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markhehe, the local mirror is doggggsssloooowwww right now07:52
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jetsaredimevand: ping11:24

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