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holycowhi guys06:20
holycowi'm running ubuntu on a core duo laptop and i'm getting intermittent freezes06:20
holycowi'm trying to track down the issue and so far syslog seems to have some stuff about ata2 port being slow and then doing some reinitializing06:21
holycowthat might explain it but just curious if there is anything more i can do to track down this issue before posting a bug?06:22
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holycowoh look there it is again06:22
holycowata2 too slow to respond06:23
holycowsoft resetting port06:23
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fabbioneBenC, kylem: please take a look at 19761907:29
BenCfabbione: I've been rejected07:31
BenC"Not allowed here"07:31
fabbioneBenC: ops.. 07:31
=== fabbione fixes
fabbionesorry about that.. just one sec07:31
fabbioneBenC: you should be good now07:32
BenCfabbione: looks like something for kyle, but he's sick today07:33
BenCfabbione: Can you email him a reminder?07:34
fabbioneyeps.. ok.. i did check already and the code didn't change from release07:34
fabbioneyes of course07:34
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pkl_and you'll have to add kyle to the users allowed to access it, but whatever you did, didn't allow me in.07:39
pkl_but -> because07:40
fabbionepkl_: already done with kyle07:49
=== reitblatt [n=mark@resnet-50-180.dorm.utexas.edu] has joined #ubuntu-kernel
pkl_can I have a look at it, or it too secret07:54
fabbionepkl_: sure.. what's your LP id?07:56
pkl_no, phillip-lougher07:58
fabbionemake up your mind :)07:58
zulcongrats guys08:03
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BenCdpkg-deb: building package `linux-image-2.6.22-1-generic' in `../linux-image-2.6.22-1-generic_2.6.22-1.1_i386.deb'.11:22
BenCfirst step of the new build system...done11:22
Nafallonice :-)11:22
BenCit's going to be so sweet, instead of setting flavours=, you just do things like "fakeroot debian/rules binary-arch-FLAVOUR" where FLAVOUR is like generic or whatever11:23
BenCthere's {prepare,build,install,binary}-arch-% targets for each flavour11:24
Nafallowill I get 22 when gutsy opens? :-)11:24
BenCProbably wont show up for a week or two11:28
Nafallofeels odd running something stable :-)11:29
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bdmurrayBenC: ping11:47
BenCbdmurray: yo11:47
bdmurrayMaybe this should be a kernel team discussion but I was curious about setting the importance of network adapter bugs as medium11:48
BenCdo you have an example?11:48
bdmurrayNot a specific one, but the general rule is to set network adapter ones as medium.11:49
BenCit all depends on the bug11:49
bdmurraymakes sense11:50
BenCfor ethernet adapters, the issue is that even if a specific model is broken, it's easy for users to toss another $5 10/100 adapter in there11:50
BenCif we're talking about bringing down the system (data loss, total lockups) then we can mark it high11:51
BenCIMO, things like wireless adapters on laptops not working should get high, but that's because most times they can't easily fix it (plus for wireless laptop cards, a bug in the driver affects a lot of ppl)11:51
BenCthere's only like 6 major drivers for wireless, but there's like over 100 ethernet drivers11:52
bdmurrayThe wireless makes sense11:53
jb-homebdmurray: I'm avoiding the feeling of running something stable by not doing the last apt-get upgrade. =)11:56
jb-homeI'll wait until gusty opens.11:56
Nafallojb-home: :-)11:56
jb-homeErr, Nafallo.  Wichever of you spoke.11:56
jb-homeI should *really* be asleep now.11:56
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bdmurrayBenC: do you think it is worth qualifying at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/Importance11:59
BenCbdmurray: Not sure...maybe something more specific in KernelTeam wiki?12:00
jb-homeBenC: We have a good chunk of an hppa/feisty archive, except you need to use a non-Ubuntu kernel (binutils trouble)12:03
jb-homeIt builds but won't boot.12:03
jb-homeBenC: What's your box?12:03
jb-homeIf it's an a500 I have a kernel that will work for you, if you dont mind keeping it building as part of your tests.12:04
BenCjb-home: we have a fix for hppa in ubuntu-feisty.git12:12
BenCjb-home: I do have an a500, I just need to boot it so I can start building again12:13
BenCjb-home: first post-release upload we do, hppa will get fixed up12:13
jb-homeBenC: http://people.ubuntu.com/~jbailey/hppa/a500/linux-2.6.21-rc2_2.6.21-rc2_hppa.deb12:13
jb-homeBenC: That's build with make deb-pkg from Kyle's merge tree.12:14
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BenCjb-home: ok12:14
jb-homeRight, the fix you have there allows it to build, but not to boot.12:14
jb-homeThe boot failure is a binutils bug.12:14
jb-homeBut that way at least we'll have update linux-libc-dev and such.12:15
jb-homeI'm going to work on getting it booting pretty quick.  We're getting the userspace bits sorted out so that at least that can go on with a minimum of fuss.12:15
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jb-homeAlso, you now probably need linux32 when building things, like on sparc/ppc.12:16
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