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chaddyevening all02:19
chaddyhttp://www.ubuntu.com/news/spotlight link here to sign up with Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter redirects to an O'Reilly registration page02:19
chaddywhich wasn't really what I was after02:19
chaddys/weekly news/newsletter02:20
chaddy*sigh*, /me is overtired02:20
ajehukno that doesnt look right...02:20
ajehukgive me a moment...02:21
chaddyit's not really a problem, just added an RSS feed to the fridge02:22
chaddythat'll get me all the info I need, I'm sure02:22
ajehuknah it is right, once you sign up you get to choose what you would like in the way of news letters, the ubuntu live one is listed there...02:22
chaddyahh, ok, just looked wrong02:23
chaddythanks a lot, ajehuk 02:23
ajehukchaddy - its not that obvious - I ended up searching for ubunut...02:23
ajehukchaddy - way down at the bottom.. :)02:23
ajehukright Im out of here for a while - g'night all02:25
chaddyahh, I see what the problem is, the link doesn't specify that it's the "Live" newsletter for the conference02:27
chaddypebcak at this end, mainly, though02:28
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Burgworkchaddy: that is clearly just the newsletter for Ubuntu live, not the UWN02:44
chaddyyeah, you're right, Burgwork; /me should sleep and consider more02:44
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elkbuntuomg it's a John Little05:13
=== elkbuntu pokes johnlittle
johnlittleHey ;)05:25
johnlittleSorry our new Houston LoCo ppl were chatting me up05:25
elkbuntuoh? on irc or release partay?05:26
johnlittleHow have you been?05:27
elkbuntugood, busy, yourself?05:27
johnlittleSame..still plugging away at ubuntu stuff just not on IRC much05:27
elkbuntubeen keeping up to date on us all then i suppose05:28
johnlittleI try..mostly focused on ubuntuvideo but I monitor everything and blog a lot. Writing something tonight for the Houston paper's tech blog.05:29
johnlittleStill haven't been to any events so I'm not jetting around like some people ;)05:30
johnlittleI just toil away in the basement05:30
elkbuntuhave you spoken to dinda/belinda recently?05:30
elkbuntuwhether she's going to be in spain or not05:31
elkbuntushe seemed to have a potential work conflict but i didnt hear how it ended up05:31
johnlittleNo idea05:31
johnlittleBut if you run into her record me a video :p05:32
elkbuntui have not the facilities for that :(05:33
elkbuntui have video in my camera, but no sound05:33
johnlittleI still need one from Jono05:33
johnlittleI'm hoping release party vids show up. You hitting any parties?05:34
elkbuntunope unfortunately05:35
elkbuntuif there were to be one in my area, i'd like have to organise it, and well... i havent05:35
johnlittleSame here :)05:35
johnlittleI've been cutting back on projects lately. Not all the way back but I'm not taking on new ones anytime soon.05:36
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johnlittleHows the freelancing thing going?05:38
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Burgundavianixternal: http://blog.lobby4linux.com/archives/145-Tux500-Where-are-we-now.html06:10
nixternalI can only imagine06:11
nixternaldid he sell me out?06:11
Burgundavianah, just more blather06:11
nixternalya, I have been in communication with the REAL people behind the Tux500 campaign about that guy and the threats he sent me06:12
nixternalI provided them the entire conversation and told them he is the reason I will not support the project was well as thousands of others06:13
nixternalI told them people know him as the "idiot on digg" and the "moron on slashdot"06:13
nixternalya, I was on the phone with them this week, they are cool people and are dead serious about the project06:13
Burgundaviaah, interesting06:13
nixternalI wish them luck, but as long as that idiot is apart of their team, they get no monetary support from me06:13
Burgundaviawell, they are not communicating very well06:14
Burgundavianor did they get anybody to sign on06:14
Burgundaviathey also have a history of announcing their projects as if they are the only ones that will ever market Linux well06:14
nixternalI told them they need to do something, as I have spoken to a few people who are aggregated on a few planets, and all it takes is one of us to blog about this guy and you are through06:14
nixternalbut I told them that they are safe as long as they control this guy, otherwise they are a sinking ship with him06:14
nixternalwell, they couldn't market linux if their lives depended on it06:15
nixternalyou don't market Linux to a bunch of toothless drunks at "Americas" race06:15
nixternalpeople go to Indy for 1 or 3 or 4 things06:15
nixternal1) get drunk06:15
nixternal2) watch girls get naked06:15
nixternal3) listen to the loudest crap ever for 3 hours and see these little blurs fly by you06:16
nixternal4) get drunk06:16
boredandbloggingi see nothing wrong with 1, 2, and 406:16
Madpilotnixternal, 5) hope for large messy high-speed car crashes06:16
nixternalI have only missed 2 races in the past 25 years06:16
nixternalMadpilot: yes, forgot about that one06:16
nixternaloh, and the driver they got, he will be in a messy car crash06:16
johnlittleJust think of the "Linux crashed" jokes06:19
Burgundaviajohnlittle: long time, no see06:22
johnlittleI only come out of my basement for releases..canonical orders06:22
johnlittlehow you doing?06:22
Burgundavianot bad06:23
Burgundaviagoing to be on the road for tomorrows release06:23
johnlittleAny marketing team activity going down?06:23
johnlittleare we putting nixternal in a tux suit or something?06:25
nixternaljohnlittle: I already told that joke, and pissed that Helio idiot off06:25
nixternalI am wearing a Tux suit on Sunday thank you very much06:25
johnlittleget me some video06:25
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nixternaleveryone in my lug is to broke to own a camera06:25
nixternaland I am not about to let them use mine06:26
johnlittleI hope release party footage shows up - i cant bear to watch another beryl demo06:26
nixternalYa, Ubuntu chicago is doing their thing on Saturday, but I won't be there06:27
nixternalI have a LUG event to get setup, and for some reason they don't want to listen06:27
nixternalI have space to hold 250+ people, projectors, computers, podiums, workstations, you name it06:28
nixternalall free06:28
nixternalno, they would rather go and sit in a church basement06:28
Burgundaviapeople are very wierd06:28
johnlittlenow just get someone to shoot me some video :)06:28
nixternalya, we need to do that06:28
johnlittleoh that is weird06:28
johnlittleare ya'll gonna handle snakes or something? :p06:29
nixternalwell, the video for this weekend will be LUGish and not Ubuntu'ish06:29
nixternalalthough 90% of the LUG is Ubuntu/Kubuntu06:29
johnlittleI do LUG videos...whatever06:29
nixternalone of the guys is a church leader, so he has the space to hold a few people06:29
nixternalOK, I will have some flourish video of me spaning the Red Hat teams ass in a battle of the distros06:29
johnlittleTell him you can't go...Ubuntu is a cult and it just isn't right06:30
nixternaloh, and I hugged Tom "Spot" Callaway too, so that might be on video as well06:30
johnlittlehey I put up video of jono dancing...I will run anything06:31
nixternalI have the Subversion developers giving a talk this weekend at my LUG, and then we have a couple of the original apache devs from back in the day coming out to talk06:31
nixternaland then it is hackathon 200706:31
johnlittleyou see the michael dell story making the rounds today?06:33
nixternalya, whoopy06:33
nixternalJesus uses Ubuntu as well, and he is a hell of a lot more powerful06:33
nixternalnow if we could get Gates or Ballmer to say they use Ubuntu06:34
nixternalthen we are talking06:34
johnlittlegood luck with that06:34
Madpilotwhat I found more interesting that "Mr. Dell has one Ubuntu machine" is "Mr. Dell has *no* Vista machines"...06:34
johnlittleGates will roll out a blu themed Warty and call it innovation06:34
nixternalDell used to be a big Linux and Oracle guy back in the day, it does surprise me to see him only running one machine with it06:34
nixternalit being Linux06:34
nixternalMadpilot: which I find funny because on CNBC, they interviewed him in his office and he had a Vista machine on his desk06:35
nixternalhe was showing it off and the dell xps stuff06:35
nixternalcould have just been for promotional use only though06:35
Madpilotevidently it was only there for the interview ;)06:35
johnlittleI don't think for a minute that it's his primary machine...but it is interesting that they chose to mention it like that.06:35
nixternalya exactly06:35
nixternalwell he used to talk highly of Debian back in the 90's and early 2000s06:36
johnlittleIt's going to be an interesting year. Lots of the old school types will probably end up jumping out of windows06:37
Burgundaviawell, there was much made of Mark using Kubuntu on his desktop06:38
johnlittleYeah I remember that06:38
Burgundaviawhat most people didn't realize is that Mark uses his Laptop as his primary machine06:38
Burgundaviahis desktop is rarely used06:38
Burgundaviaso he had a Kubuntu machine, he just uses Ubuntu primarily06:39
nixternalIt would be fun though...but it wouldn't be fair. Windows gets to restart after a crash.06:39
johnlittleWe all dabble here and there06:39
nixternalthat is talking about Linux vs. MS at the Indy 50006:39
nixternalthat is one of the comments from that lame dudes blog06:40
johnlittlehow about "at least when windows crashes the driver doesn't die a fiery death"06:40
nixternalermm, did you mean Linux06:41
nixternalbecause when Windows crashes the only answer you get from Microsoft is reinstall06:41
johnlittleno..talking about that silly linux car blasting into a wall at 200mph and becoming the laughing stock of the tech world06:42
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johnlittleI worked for NASA..trust me people only remember things that crash. It's wasted money.06:44
Burgundaviagiven the insane cost too06:44
nixternaljohnlittle: that is because they bought the worst driver money could buy06:51
nixternaldude finished 8th by a stroke of luck years ago06:51
nixternalother than that, he started 33rd and finished either 28th or 33rd, or hell he didn't even qualify06:51
nixternalI will pee myself if he doesn't even qualify06:51
johnlittleI haven't followed it - seemed doomed from the start06:51
nixternalya, they won't make the money because they have pissed off the leaders of every Linux community06:51
nixternalCEOs of Red Hat, Novell, Canonical, and more06:51
johnlittleIf you're going to spend a ton of money to sponsor something stick a logo on of of branson's space rockets or something06:51
johnlittleEven that would be a waste really06:51
johnlittlethose deals are for megacorps with money to burn06:51
johnlittlewe could go the goldenpalace route and fund streakers ;)06:51
johnlittleIt only costs 10,000 to get someone to paint an Ubuntu logo on their back and run through the superbowls 50 yard line06:51
Burgundavianot certain we really want to be associated with such things :)06:51
johnlittleNo it wasn't a proposal..I'm just saying06:52
Burgundaviathen again, Linux for (Naked) Human Beings06:52
johnlittleWell..that's how we started06:53
johnlittleRemember the porn distro comments?06:53
johnlittleI thought those wallpapers were a cool idea. No chance of those coming back06:54
Madpilotpity, that06:55
johnlittlethey didn't exactly scream "enterprise distribution"06:55
nixternalBurgundavia: why not associate with nakedness, I seem to remember a wallpaper that showed a nipple. what's so bad about some super fat drunk dudes ass running across the field?06:58
johnlittleubuntuvideo.com just passed the 600,000 page view mark (98% of those views being videos)06:59
nixternalya, I keep putting on the walls of bathroom stalls at truck stops "FREE PORN AT UBUNTUVIDEO.COM"07:00
nixternalguess it is working out07:00
johnlittlejust over 100,000 unique IPs - 53% windows07:00
johnlittlewhatever works ;)07:00
johnlittlethe geekier you are the truer that is07:01
johnlittleso what time does 7.04 official go live?07:01
Madpilotwhen it's ready07:02
johnlittlewhy did I know someone was going to say that07:02
Mithrandirjohnlittle: before I go to bed. :-P07:02
Madpilotor sometime after the ops in #ubuntu completely loose it and kickban everyone there07:02
johnlittlewelcome to the jungle07:02
johnlittleI hope ubuntu ops have a jar of happy pills..it's going to be a fun week or so07:04
johnlittleBurgundavia are you working on any more books?07:08
Burgundaviacurrently working on the revision to the official book07:09
Burgundaviain fact, as we speak I am reviewing a cpater07:09
johnlittlebad omen...hope you aren't looking for typos07:10
Burgundaviafor edgy they had to quiet the whole channel07:10
johnlittleI imagine it will only get worse with each release07:10
boredandbloggingisn't it a nice problem to have?07:11
johnlittleThere are worse problems to be sure.07:12
Burgundaviachannel is jsuta bout as busy and NA has not yet hit the 19th07:13
johnlittle19th +14 minutes here07:14
johnlittleyou are on the east coast right?07:14
Mithrandir#ubuntu or some other channel?07:15
Burgundaviathe former07:16
johnlittleI've been watching it for a while. It's like watching one of those video compilation shows full of explosions and car wrecks.07:17
johnlittleI think Madpilot just booted a troll07:23
Madpilota very minor troll.07:23
johnlittlestop them before they get started07:23
Madpilotsomething like that07:23
Madpilotwe haven't even broken 1200 yet on #ubuntu - I was excpecting that a while ago07:23
johnlittleIs there a known record?07:24
MadpilotI suspect we might be at a record right now - 117507:25
johnlittleI bet the www stats are interesting07:28
tonyyarussoMadpilot: I believe we hit 1200 last time07:29
Madpilotfor Edgy? can't recall07:29
Burgundaviahmm, the website seems to be doing better07:29
johnlittlenixternal did you do the template change for chi?07:30
johnlittleHow difficult was it?07:30
BurgundaviaMithrandir: did the tour end up on the website?07:30
MithrandirBurgundavia: not yet, but it will.07:31
Burgundaviaok, no worries07:31
MithrandirI'll wait for newz2k to wake up and get him to move it.07:31
BurgundaviaI will bug newz2k post-release to get the communtiy access back up and running07:32
Mithrandiryeah, it's easier if you work directly with him about how to do that.07:37
Burgundaviagiven the timeframe between the new website and the release, it is understandable access for the communtiy fell to the side07:38
Mithrandiryeah; I doubt it's intentional.  Just so much to do, so little time.07:39
johnlittlei still need to wrap that new template around ubuntuvideo ..it isn't going to be trivial07:41
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elkbuntuMithrandir, do you need sanity hugs yet?09:01
Mithrandirelkbuntu: no, I'm quite enjoying #ubuntu, #ubuntu+1 and #ubuntu-release-party.09:02
elkbuntuMithrandir, :)09:02
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elkbuntuthe party channel has really calmed the others, tonyyarusso is a clever man09:02
elkbuntucongrats on another good job though tollef :)09:04
=== tonyyarusso wonders if he would miss the fun if he went to bed for a while, nuts
Mithrandirtonyyarusso: what's a while?09:06
Mithrandirelkbuntu: cheers.  It's fun.09:06
tonyyarussoMithrandir: Depends whether the alarm works ;)  With no alarm I'd probably sleep 10 hours.  With, I can do anything 30 minutes on up (although my family might think it odd)09:07
Mithrandirthen I'd cut myself a couple of hours of sleep.09:09
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tonyyarussoSounds like a plan.09:09
juliuxgood morning09:11
elkbuntuooh.. #ubuntu's broken 1200.. nice09:13
johnlittlea new record09:15
elkbuntui think so09:17
elkbuntucant remember the tops from last release09:17
juliuxjenda_, i have here 3 mc murphy fourth edition books;)09:47
Mithrandirelkbuntu: you're doing a great job in #u-r-p, btw.09:54
elkbuntuMithrandir, thanks :)09:54
elkbuntutony's a genius for thinking of it :) much easier than dealing the same shit in 3 channels09:55
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juliuxhttp://www.dell.com/content/topics/global.aspx/corp/biographies/en/msd_computers?c=us&l=en&s=corp michael dell runs ubuntu;)10:58
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juliuxhi mindspin 11:12
MenZaAwesome, juliux11:20
MenZaI'm surprised they haven't stuffed Linux in their products earlier then11:20
jendajuliux: pong11:21
jendaawesome! :)11:21
juliuxjenda, i will wait for more;)11:21
juliux#ubuntu 1316 user;)11:22
jendaon both accounts 11:25
jendajuliux: how quick do you need to get rid of them?11:25
jendabecause if you're in no hurry, I'll keep ordering till at least 10 accumulate...11:25
juliuxjenda, do what you want;)11:25
jendathe more books, the less the trip will cost me :)11:26
jendaok, cool :)11:26
juliuxjenda, if the snow comes back i will use them to make some fire here;)11:26
jendachances are, even, that we'll both save a lot of money shipping on the next batch of stickers and shirts :D11:26
jendahahhaaha :)11:26
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jendaCnl_Delta: welcome11:53
Cnl_Deltaty jenda11:55
Cnl_Deltahow ya doing jenda? is Fesity Fawn officially releades11:55
MithrandirCnl_Delta: not yet.11:55
jendaNot just yet, but soon! :)11:56
juliuxhmpf the bittorrent tracker is not working for feist11:57
Cnl_Deltai hope all the sources are complete. wouldn't want a d/l to be currupted11:57
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johnlittleubuntu-release-party is turning into a riot03:16
tonyyarussoYou could say that03:16
nixternaljenda: do you do cloak configs for people?03:21
elkbuntujohnlittle, but at least it's a riot in only 1 channel :D03:22
jendanixternal: yep03:23
jendajohnlittle: aloha! :)03:23
johnlittleyeah we have the confined to the square. Hiya jenda03:23
nixternaljenda: ScottK has been waiting for one. It seems Seveas already set it up and what not via the LP cloak account03:23
nixternalis it #ubuntu-release-party?03:24
jendanixternal: yeah right03:25
jendanixternal: 15:23 <+Seveas> jenda, pretend you're nalioth and set the cloak03:26
jendaThat's how he sets it up ;)03:26
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BurgworkMithrandir: is there a reason the static page doesn't link to our Tour?05:44
MithrandirBurgwork: not that I know of; ask newz2000?05:46
poningruBurgwork: ping05:49
poningrudo you know where the thing is?05:49
poningruthe tour I mean05:49
Burgworkponingru: on the wiki05:50
poningruBurgwork: [11:51:05]  <newz2000> poningru: when traffic dies down, we'll get rid of the static page and the tour is featured prominantly on the homepage05:51
Mithrandirponingru: it was move to the web site at the request of Burgwork, iirc.05:53
poningruah gotcha05:53
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sidelkbuntu: Are the poll statistics up somewhere?09:21
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tonyyarussoDid Canonical come through on the non-tech-press release?10:59
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jendajuliux: sweet... I can get to dresden for... well... the price of a shirt :)11:03
jendain fact, I can almost get there and back for the price of a business shirt :-D11:03
juliuxjenda, cool11:04
juliuxjenda, by car?11:04
jendano, no - bus11:04
juliuxwith rvd?11:05
jendaStudent Agency and Eurolines have similar prices...11:05
jendawhat's rvd?11:05
juliuxa company from dresden11:05
jendanope - it's the two I named.11:05
juliuxthey are also driving by bus to prag every day11:05
juliuxbut i think they more expanisve11:06
jendaI'll Czech out their site ;)11:06
jendaBut gargh, both SA and EL only offer such lines that I'd either need to spend the night there, or arrive at some crazy time like 3 AM11:07
jendajuliux: wow, actually, their prices are comparable.11:10
jendaThere are three items there... what does "  11:11
jenda Dresden bis  Possendorf"11:12
jendamean, compared to "Dippoldiswalde und  Schmiedeberg"11:12
jendaand "Kurort Kipsdorf und  Altenberg"11:12
jenda(looks like place names to me...)11:12
juliuxthis are cities in germany11:12
jendaand 'bis' is 'or'?11:12
jendaDresden is the most expensive of the three options, then :)11:13
juliuxdresden bis possendorf == from dresden to possendorf11:13
juliuxso bis is not or11:13
jenda(26 return ticket)11:13
jendaaah, ok11:13
jendaI wonder where I'd buy a Prague-Dresden-Prague ticket with them...11:13
juliuxi have no idea11:14
juliuxi arrived at an central bus station in prag11:14
jendaI know which one... I'll try asking there.11:14
jendaNow all that remains is finding a morning route to Dresden and an evening one to Prague.... and not too late because I'll have a very, very heavy backpack :-D11:16
juliuxi was 2004 for one day in prag11:18
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Tm_Thi kids11:20
jendaI could also try hitchhiking...11:20
jendahello Tm_T 11:20
jenda...or ask for a sponsor who'd pay me a luxury hotel on one of Dresden's beaches 'just becaues'...11:21
jendayou've got beaches, don't you? ;)11:21
=== jenda topples down to bed
tsmithejenda, you really should learn german11:32
tsmitheit's a really nice language11:33
tsmithejuliux kann nicht jedesmal ubersetzten11:33
tsmithei always mess up the genders :'(11:33
juliuxjenda, we don't have beaches here11:35
juliuxjenda, i have a guest bed here;)11:35
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