asacyou can also package final as rc212:44
asace.g. by choosig proper name in changelog and rename downloaded tarball properly e.g. 1.99....12:44
asacbut no need to hurry12:45
asacits probably the same12:45
gnomefreakill worry about that tomorrow or later.12:45
=== gnomefreak gone for night
asacme asleep how too12:50
gnomefreak@ france02:37
gnomefreak@now france02:37
gnomefreak@now france02:39
gnomefreakremind me how much i hate these long ass nights02:55
gnomefreak@now paris03:05
ubotuCurrent time in Europe/Paris: April 19 2007, 03:05:23 - Next meeting: Development Team in 13 hours 54 minutes03:05
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=== asac_ [n=asac@debian/developer/asac] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
=== hjmf [n=hjmf@6.Red-88-25-28.staticIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
asacok i am going through major upgrade of my gateway server here ... if i never come up you know that sarge->etch upgrade did kill me :)11:18
=== AlexLatchford [n=alex@82-44-193-109.cable.ubr07.haye.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
AlexLatchfordHow do I retrace a crash report on my own system?01:25
AlexLatchfordgetting a segfault when running a java applet01:25
hjmfAlexLatchford: use either apport-retrace or gdb with debugging packages installed01:46
hjmffor the later: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MozillaTeam/Bugs#head-523978f1f3009b1b57ef020d5e3ff8674e737f4101:46
hjmfasac: I did that migration (was sid->etch) last weekend and it worked like a charm! :)01:54
hjmfofcourse from sid to etch was a full reinstall of system related files01:55
hjmfI'll never go again to unstable on the server :)01:55
gnomefreaksorry for the down time repos should be back up now02:11
gnomefreakwith hofully fixed firefox02:12
gnomefreaksomeone ping me when he gets back if he does02:15
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=== ActiveOne [n=idleone@c-69-249-136-37.hsd1.pa.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
hjmfgnomefreak: have you packaged thunderbird 2.0? If so you might want to answer Bug #107691 ;)03:16
ubotuMalone bug 107691 in mozilla-thunderbird "thunderbird 2.0 is out of the oven" [Wishlist,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/10769103:16
hjmfk )03:16
gnomefreaki didnt give repo yet because i might be upgrading it soon and dont want them to try and get it before hand03:19
hjmfwhen I have some time I have to test your builds, promised :)03:22
gnomefreak:) take your time there is a problem with firefox2.0.0.3 in my repos atm03:24
IdleOnegnomefreak, I did dist-upgrade and got an upgrade for firefox and firefox-gnome-support or something like that but now my IceApe wont startup :/04:01
gnomefreakideinstall libnspr4-0d04:01
gnomefreakIdleOne: install ^^^04:01
gnomefreakiceape hasnt changed here04:02
IdleOnebtw when we going to stop getting the untrusted package warnings?04:03
gnomefreakthe problem with firefox atm is its not grabbing that package as a depend and it should. but since the new packaging of firefox its a bit different than adding a depend04:03
gnomefreakIdleOne: nothing atm04:03
gnomefreakthat will hopfully be fixed shortly04:03
gnomefreakshortly == 2 weeks or so04:03
IdleOneok cool. I know you are working hard on this and it isnt easy. thanks for the hard work you guys do 04:04
IdleOnebtw thanks for the hint on libnspr4-0d fixed my iceape issue04:05
gnomefreakyw. i would like to get firefox fixed thunderbid updated and gutsy chroot and repo open than ill worry about key ;)04:05
=== gnomefreak [n=gnomefre@ubuntu/member/gnomefreak] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
=== asac [n=asac@debian/developer/asac] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
gnomefreakasac: firefox still doesnt grab libnspr-0d and we need to make mozilla-thunderbird upgrade to thunderbird as it doesnt do it now.05:28
asacdamn this upgrade costed my about half the day05:29
gnomefreakim not saying today (since i have alot of work to do on someones pc05:29
gnomefreakasac: it fudged system?05:29
asacwhat version has mozilla-thunderbird05:29
asacis there an epoch ?05:29
asacno ... network cards switched05:29
=== gnomefreak doesnt know what an epoch is
asace.g. what was eth0 because eth105:29
asacand other way around05:29
gnomefreakthat can burn up hours05:30
asacthen there was some wierd thing about setting broadcast address in interfaces05:30
asacdestroying the routing05:30
asacproblem was the system has no monitor05:30
gnomefreakmozilla-thunderbird in feisty i think to the 1.99-rc105:30
gnomefreakit depends on thunderbird but thunderbirdd wont be installed05:30
asacis there a typo somewhere?05:31
gnomefreaknot that i saw05:31
asacbut you can install by hand (e.g. mozilla-thunderbird + thunderbird)05:31
gnomefreaki installed thunderbird by hand05:31
gnomefreaki can install mozilla-thunderbird05:32
gnomefreakby hand05:32
asacgnomefreak: there is no thunderbird05:32
asacin your archive05:32
asacah sorry05:32
gnomefreaksure there is05:32
=== gnomefreak just installed it ;)
asaci have to do lots of clean ups ... will try to figure out05:33
gnomefreakwhen installing thunderbird The following packages will be REMOVED: language-support-en mozilla-thunderbird mozilla-thunderbird-enigmail mozilla-thunderbird-inspector mozilla-thunderbird-typeaheadfind thunderbird-locale-en-gb05:33
asacif i have a fix ... i will push to bzr05:33
gnomefreaktake your time ill be out most of the day05:33
asacthat is because of locales05:33
asacyou won't upgrade automatically because of that05:33
gnomefreakah might be05:33
asacso no problem05:33
asacas long as it upgrades in chroot when no locales are installed05:33
asacthen good05:33
gnomefreakcool and i dont know the problem with firefox other than its not grabbing the needed package05:34
=== gnomefreak didnt try in chroot
asacdoes it grab libnss3 ?05:34
asacor doesn't depend on any?05:34
gnomefreaknot sure05:34
gnomefreakit depends on libnss3 so should grab it05:34
gnomefreak^^ in control05:34
gnomefreakbut no mention of libnspr4-0d in control05:35
gnomefreaklet me downgrade and try firefox without libnss05:35
asacit has libnss3-0d05:36
gnomefreakthats why i was thinking of adding libnspr4-0d to depedns list05:36
gnomefreakits the quick fix if shlibs should grab it and its not (i couldnt find where that is defined on what shlib looks)05:37
asaci see the problem05:37
asacnspr needs an epoch05:37
asacadd a 1: before the version of nspr in changelog05:37
asaci will create a branch for that05:37
asacdebian hasn't this problem so they don't need the epoch05:38
gnomefreakfor nss and nspr?05:38
asacgnomefreak: there should be a transitional package libnspr-dev05:39
asacwhen building nspr05:39
asacwhere is it?05:39
asacits not in your archive05:39
gnomefreakwhats the name of it05:39
gnomefreakthats not in repo?05:39
asacthere are libnspr4-dev libnspr-dev05:40
asaclatter is not in your repo05:40
asacat least apt-cache show doesn't show it05:40
gnomefreakit didnt build on05:40
gnomefreaklooking in the folder05:40
gnomefreaklibnspr4-dev is only -dev file in there05:40
gnomefreaknss didnt build one either (if that is a problem)05:41
gnomefreakcontrol file doesnt list one (should it?)05:42
asacok got yes05:43
asaci am looking05:43
asacwill take some time i guess05:43
asachave to do house cleaning now ... and then talk to customer05:43
gnomefreakthats file i have to go anyway05:44
gnomefreakill cu later05:44
=== IdleOne [n=idleone@unaffiliated/idleone] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
asacgnomefreak: what depends does firefox have on libnss3-0d ... which version is shown for you?06:49
asacthere might be some confusion as there exist libnspr4-dev and libnss3-dev in universe06:50
asacthose are from xulrunner and are version 1.8.xx06:50
asacyou have to be sure that you build with your latest libs06:50
asacits version 4.4.6 or something06:50
asaci will add a >= 4.0 to build-depends so it gets more safe ... but it should work if you build with 4.406:51
asacsomehow libnss3-0d has not the libnspr4-0d dependency it should have07:45
gnomefreakbuild-deps are libnss3-dev, libnspr4-dev i will look at reg deps08:21
gnomefreaklibnss3-0d (>= is it08:22
asaci found the bug08:36
gnomefreakoh adn thunderbird needs an icon08:45
gnomefreakguess i could see if they were included08:45
gnomefreakeasy enough :)08:48
gnomefreaki have some pretty cool mozilla icons that i like (thinks thunderbirds can be a bit different though)08:49
gnomefreaklooks like its gonna be a week or so before i can build gutsy chroot08:52
=== AlexLatchford [n=alex@82-44-193-109.cable.ubr07.haye.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
asacyou need to respin everything :)09:09
asacfirst libnspr409:09
asacthen libnss09:09
asacgnomefreak: ^^09:10
asacyou just need to update nspr from bzr09:10
gnomefreakthose the only 2 for respin firefox and freinds too?09:11
asacyou are lucky09:12
asacjust need to respin nspr and nss09:12
gnomefreakoh ok09:12
asacfirefox already has libnss as dependency09:12
asacwhich will now pull in libnspr4-0d09:12
gnomefreakok cool :)09:12
asacanyway ... eventually firefox should be respun ... but that can probably wait till next update09:12
asacgnomefreak: just do a bzr pull09:13
gnomefreakbzr merge?09:13
asacif you do merge you always would need to commit afterwards09:13
asacpull is better if you don't do checkins on your own09:13
asacit automatically commits stuff09:14
asacto your local branch09:14
gnomefreakok cool09:15
=== IdleOne [n=idleone@c-69-249-136-37.hsd1.pa.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
gnomefreakno changes to nss?09:16
asacproblem is due to nspr only09:20
gnomefreakno need to update-orig?09:21
gnomefreakits building09:23
gnomefreakill have them uploaded my morning09:23
AlexLatchfordgrr.. fucking openoffice09:24
AlexLatchford/usr/lib/openoffice/program/soffice.bin: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/openoffice/program/libspell680li.so: undefined symbol: _ZN8Hunspell5spellEPKc09:25
AlexLatchfordneed to roll back libhunspell..09:25
gnomefreakroll back i doubt but honestly OO.o is a bitch to build from what i hear09:30
asachmmm our hunspell causing this?09:30
asacprobably just a respin09:30
asacwith new hunspell09:30
asacgive it a try :-D09:30
asactakes a few hours i guess though09:30
gnomefreakof course ;)09:30
gnomefreakgive me more than a few hours please09:30
gnomefreaknvm its all good09:31
asacgnomefreak: please push nspr and nss :)09:31
asacthen i can finally spin09:31
gnomefreakasac: working on it09:31
asacnspr version is already good09:32
asacno need to change changelog09:32
asaci already did that09:32
asacfor mozillateam09:32
gnomefreaki saw that should i push nss to mt2?09:32
AlexLatchfordhmm, you guys screwed my OOo.. *evils*09:32
gnomefreakhint testing repo09:32
AlexLatchfordyeah suppose09:32
AlexLatchfordI wasn;t aware that hunspell was used across, the lot.. but meh oh well09:33
asacwhy do you ask gnomefreak ... i just told "no need to change" ... :)09:33
gnomefreaki know :(09:33
gnomefreakim doing like 15 things at once09:33
asacyeah ... multitasking09:33
asacAlexLatchford: previously all linked statically09:34
AlexLatchfordThere an easy to rollback linhunspell?09:34
AlexLatchfordeasy way*09:34
gnomefreakhmmmm nspr doesnt need libnspr4-dev to build09:34
asacAlexLatchford: is ther libhunspell somewhere in /usr/lib/openoffice/09:35
asacgnomefreak: hey ... makes sense, right?09:35
asacit produces it09:35
gnomefreakagain nvm wrong chroot09:35
AlexLatchfordDont think so09:37
AlexLatchfordSame error message I am receiving though09:37
asacdid we include inofficial hunspell?09:39
asacAlexLatchford: you see what version is currently in archive?09:39
asacin feisty?09:39
gnomefreak1.1.5-6 in my repo09:39
gnomefreakin feisty repo09:40
AlexLatchfordah okay09:40
asacthats bad09:40
AlexLatchfordSo it is a Mozilla Specific bug09:40
asacwe included an inoffical version and now debian maintainer did not bump library version09:40
asacthus it goes unseen09:40
gnomefreakit could be yes since they all need to be built on new hunspell09:40
asacAlexLatchford: nothing mozilla specific09:41
AlexLatchfordHmm okay..09:41
asaconce libhunspell is synched to gutsy openoffice need a respin09:41
AlexLatchfordSo needs 1.1.5-6?09:41
AlexLatchfordor 3.x?09:41
asacgnomefreak: did it fail to build with feisty hunspell?09:42
asaci guess it should build against 1.1.4 as well09:42
gnomefreakdid what fail to build with fesitys?09:42
asaci wasn't aware that we shipped the inofficial build as official in feisty09:42
gnomefreak1.1.4-7 == unofficial?09:43
asacgnomefreak: why did we build latest hunspell on our own? because there was a versioned build-depends right?09:43
gnomefreakyes i think so09:43
asachmmm ... i guess we could build for latest feisty version as well09:43
asacwhich is not true for debian09:43
asacas it never had 1.1.409:43
gnomefreakrepo is going down for a few09:43
AlexLatchfordSo is there a way tonight I can get my OOo back?09:46
gnomefreakinstall feistys version by using apt-get isntall hunspell=1.4... whatever it is09:47
gnomefreakas soon as asac tells me what it is ill respin it if that will fix anything09:47
gnomefreakim uploading nss stuff atm09:47
AlexLatchford(I really am like a Guinea pig)09:47
AlexLatchfordGood Job bud :)09:48
=== gnomefreak hasnt tried OO.o:(
AlexLatchfordtry it09:48
AlexLatchfordafter typing anything it should crash09:48
gnomefreakty sorry for so many issues but we will get them worked out asap09:48
AlexLatchfordno problems bud, I currently am not doing much else09:48
AlexLatchfordmay as well help test09:48
gnomefreakthis huspell issue will be fixed in gutsy as everyone will be using same version09:49
AlexLatchfordyeah sure09:49
AlexLatchfordWas that version needed for the 2.x or 3.x line of firefox?09:49
=== gnomefreak not thrilled at the toolchain in gutsy (what is talked about)
gnomefreak2.0 i think09:50
asacgnomefreak: either we should respin openoffice09:50
gnomefreak3.0 should be on something else but would have to look in changelog09:50
asacor we should respin firefox with current feisty hunspell09:50
asacyou choose :)09:50
asaci guess better respin with current feisty09:50
asacat least for feisty repo09:50
gnomefreakwell that is screwed either way09:50
gnomefreakfirefox in testing repo == built on hunspell (was whole point of adding it?)09:51
gnomefreakOO.o is a bitch09:51
=== gnomefreak never tried it personally
gnomefreakwell no you added other stuff to ff in testing repo like patch system09:52
gnomefreaklibhunspell-1.1-0 (>= 1.1.5-1)  not good09:53
gnomefreakthats iceape09:53
gnomefreaki would have to rebuild everything with feistys version09:53
asacyes ... thats the reason why09:53
asacyou can use feisty version in there09:53
asace.g. 1.1.4-someting09:53
asacthen remove hunspell from your archive09:54
gnomefreakjust change control file i hope09:54
asacand respin ffox + iceape + tbird :)09:54
asacyes change control for iceape09:54
asacffox should have unversioned dependency i guess09:54
gnomefreakcan i unversion iceape adn tb?09:54
gnomefreakalthough it doesnt matter09:55
asacno please use version that is currently in feisty as lower bound09:55
gnomefreakno depends09:55
asacdon't do anything in depends09:55
asacthere should be no reference in debian/control to hunspell ... except for build-depends, right?09:56
gnomefreaknot looking right now but give me a minute ill let you know09:56
gnomefreakyour right09:57
asache is in mozillateam09:57
gnomefreaknow people that use repo need to remove hunspell/install feistys version09:57
asachaven't seen anything from him09:57
asacbut he has high karma09:57
asacbut thats not a problem09:58
=== gnomefreak doesnt know him
gnomefreakok ill rebuild everything and pull hunspell from repos?10:00
gnomefreakdoes that sound like best way?10:01
gnomefreakwell i think its best this way as long as you agree10:02
AlexLatchfordwoops OOo fixed10:04
AlexLatchford(rolled back libhunspell)10:04
AlexLatchfordwoop even10:04
gnomefreakAlexLatchford: it will be fixed everything will depend on the version you now have installed10:07
AlexLatchfordat least I still have the data10:09
AlexLatchfordthought the file I was working on was corrupt10:09
AlexLatchfordis a bit of coursework, 82 pages long thus far lol10:09
gnomefreakremoved doing all the release shit now10:09
AlexLatchfordcool cool10:09
gnomefreakwill rebuild ff first10:09
gnomefreakhopfully will have atleast ff done tonight10:10
AlexLatchfordman you are a work horse10:10
AlexLatchfordif there is anything I can do, gimme a shout..10:11
AlexLatchford(I can usually follow instructions :))10:11
gnomefreakasac: repo should be up and ready for you. you had wanted nss and nspr for something10:13
asaci will spin all now10:15
gnomefreakim downgrading huspell to respin10:16
gnomefreakim bumping mt versions on the packages up one10:16
=== gnomefreak needs to keep track of all these buildfs
gnomefreakubuntu repos are slow as shit still10:17
gnomefreaklibhunspell-dev (>= 1.1.4-7) is now depends on iceape10:20
gnomefreakthan again there is a good change it wont be done tonight10:24
=== gnomefreak wonders what kind of lag i will have running to builds at once
gnomefreakim gonna try 2 builds at once so to cut down on lag im gonna walk away from pc10:36
gnomefreakthere iceape and ff started to build10:37
gnomefreakAlexLatchford: btw no thunderbird doesnt touch your profile so everything stays. you may want to find icon in /usr/share/thunderbird/icons you should beable to copy one to /usr/share/pixmaps with sudo and use it :)10:40
gnomefreakyou will need icon for launcher on panel if you use one. change command to launch to thunderbird10:40
gnomefreakand i have enigmail for it just not sure how to build from xpi (dont htink i can)10:41
AlexLatchfordI will give it a spin sometime tomorrow then10:42
gnomefreakyeah wait for me to rebuild it10:42
gnomefreakill let you know when10:42
gnomefreaki would like to get the transition smoother if possible and maybe upgrade it to final release if asac thinks we can10:47
gnomefreakthat would entail adding locales :(10:48
gnomefreakanyway im off for now i got both building10:50
asacgnomefreak: looks like you have messed up iceape build again11:11
asacyou did not build orig.tar.gz11:11
gnomefreaksure i did11:11
asacok i wait till it finishes11:12
gnomefreakim building mt6 atm but it paused at dpkg-source: building iceape using existing iceape_1.1.1.orig.tar.gz11:12
gnomefreakdpkg-source: building iceape in iceape_1.1.1-3.mt6.diff.gz11:12
gnomefreakfor a while11:12
asacits all fine11:13
asacits mt5 though11:13
gnomefreakyeah im running mt6 for the huspell change11:13
asachmm ... but firefox is fine, right?11:14
asacthen i will go ffox11:14
asacand -trunk11:14
gnomefreakbrb gonna restart irssi so i can get channels in order. i havent rebuilt trunk im re running firefox with old hunspall installed11:14
gnomefreakshould i rebuild trunk?11:14
gnomefreakonly things that have been done so fare have been rebuilt uploaded nss nspr and pulled hunspell out of repos11:16
=== gnomefreak [n=gnomefre@ubuntu/member/gnomefreak] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
asacno -trunk has not yet changed11:22
=== IdleOne [n=idleone@unaffiliated/idleone] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
ajmitchgnomefreak: are all these in revision control, eg bzr branches?12:05
gnomefreakajmitch: ther eis a branch for rc112:06
=== gnomefreak doesnt have any cpu left to do much with atm
gnomefreakAlexLatchford: Admiral_Chicago are either of you here?12:06
gnomefreakAlexLatchford: if you get time can you update https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ThunderbirdNewVersion for 2.012:07
ajmitchif tb2 will use mozldap 6.x, it'd be better to use it in a separate package (which I've done)12:07
AlexLatchfordgnomefreak: will add to the todo list12:07
ajmitchas well as svrcore, but I can't recall what else uses that12:08
gnomefreaki will talk to asac about it in morning, he makes final call on it.12:09
gnomefreakhe should be sleeping if not should be soon (hint stop working late if you can)12:10
gnomefreakthis will be my last late night for a while they are burning me out12:10
gnomefreakAlexLatchford: ty12:11
AlexLatchfordgnomefreak: I will try to get to it over the weekend12:11
asacajmitch: so you have mozldap source package ready?12:13
asacsomewhere in bzr?12:14
gnomefreakAlexLatchford: when ever its not important i was asked about it though and it doesnt look like i will get to it this week12:14
ajmitchexcluding minor things like debian/copyright & some useful descriptions, sure12:14
ajmitchnot in bzr yet though it should be12:14
ajmitchnot ITP'd yet, I really should get onto that as well12:15
ajmitchasac: would svrcore be useful as well?12:16
asacajmitch: you/we need to fix thunderbird code as welll ... looks not like you can configure it to use system mozldap that easily12:16
ajmitchat least mozldap uses pkg-config (borrowed from fedora)12:16
asacwonderful? thought its bad news :)12:16
ajmitchI'm sure it won't be hard ;)12:17
asacthats good news :)12:17
asacin mozilla configure in there is if test "$MOZ_LDAP_XPCOM"; then12:17
asacthere is currently12:17
asacLDAP_LIBS='-L${DIST}/bin -L${DIST}/lib -lldap50 -llber50 -lprldap50'12:17
asacso if --with-system-ldap is given it should probably by12:17
ajmitchright, what version of thunderbird is that for?12:18
ajmitchso it's still using the old version12:18
asacis 6 from trunk?12:18
ajmitchI'd presume so12:18
asacapparently yes ... can you build ldap 5 same way?12:18
ajmitchit's a separate tarball now12:18
ajmitchit should be possible, if I can make them not conflict12:18
asacyou can make libmozldap5-0 and libmozldap6-0 i guess12:19
ajmitchyes, there are some additional tools12:20
asacwhat packages do you squeze out of current source?12:20
ajmitchcurrently libmozldap6, libmozldap-bin & libmozldap-dev12:21
asacok ... did you fix soname ?12:21
ajmitchfollowed SONAME pattern of libnss3, etc12:21
asacmozilla usually has no good soname12:21
asacyes ... libnss3 is bad12:21
asacwe now use libnss3-0d12:21
ajmitchah right12:21
asacsince we do it proper :)12:21
ajmitchprobably good to use libmozldap6-0d then12:21
gnomefreakmore -0d packages :(12:22
ajmitchgnomefreak: more broken upstreams12:22
asacyou think it might be worth naming the tools libmozldap6-bin ?12:22
asace.g. so we can have libmozldap5-bin installed at same time?12:22
asac-dev is good imo12:22
ajmitchcurrently I don't have the tools even included12:22
asacso what is in -bin ?12:22
asacstill "the future" :)12:22
ajmitchseems to be, I shoudl have checked it further12:23
asacwhat tools are in there?12:23
asac.e.g what will be in there ;) ?12:23
ajmitchlittle things like ldapdelete, ldappasswd, ldapsearch12:24
asacITP ... debian?12:25
asacif you package mozilla stuff for debian please set maintainer to pkg-mozilla-maintainers@... and you as uploader12:26
asacwe do so for everything that is new :)12:26
asacand at best commit to svn.debian.org/pkg-mozilla ...12:26
asacyour debian directory12:27
ajmitchwhich means I'd have to join the team12:27
asaclook of what is in there atm12:27
asacif you need access just let me know12:27
ajmitchsigh, another team12:27
=== ajmitch seems to collect them
ajmitchheh, jordi is an admin12:27
ajmitchhe was my AM12:28
asacyeah ... jordi is not active though12:28
asacif you have something you want to commit, I will set you up12:28
ajmitchok, I'll get this changed & ready12:28
gnomefreakajmitch: going for DD?12:28

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