Amaranthapparently micheal dell uses automatix12:28
ompaulsilly micheal dell then12:30
mc44Amaranth: I already larted him, dont worry :)12:30
Madpilotis it possible to alias timezones? The bot should know 'gmt' and 'zulu' as aliases for 'utc'...12:37
=== gnomefreak thinks ubotu gets it from the timezone site that is used for meetings
=== mode/#ubuntu-ops [+o LjL] by ChanServ
=== mode/#ubuntu-ops [-o LjL] by LjL
MadpilotI'm wondering when we'll break 1200 in #ubuntu12:52
Madpilothave we ever gotten over 1200?12:52
LjLnever seen it myself12:52
mc44Madpilot: Im thinking of setting up a sweepstake for tomorrow. Peak no. users/number of bans/sexiest op12:52
LjLexcept on bot attacks perhaps12:52
thoreauputicMadpilot: a few hours ago it was slightly over 1200 I think12:52
LjLmc44: the last one's easy12:52
mc44LjL: well of course, my vote is for you :)12:52
=== mc44 [n=mc44@unaffiliated/mc44] has left #ubuntu-ops ["Exit,]
=== ShaLaptop [n=sha@AToulon-151-1-53-132.w86-193.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu-ops
ShaLaptopI'm here for know more about the Ratshell problem01:29
ShaLaptopI created an unfliated channel called #ubuntuhelp, with the rule to say on the thread we aren't affliated, and we don't advertise of this channel into the official ones01:30
ShaLaptopbut, aparently, this channel will be droped because of someoen called Ratshell01:30
ShaLaptopon my knowledge, banned of the official chans01:31
ShaLaptopSo i stay neutral on this story, i just want know what going on as owner of the unfliated channel01:31
naliothShaLaptop: you might have to idle here for an answer01:32
naliothi DO know ratshell was banned from many of the #*buntu* channels for spamming your channel in them01:33
naliothi also know he evaded those bans01:33
ShaLaptop:/ blackhat i guess ?01:33
ShaLaptopanyway, i have all my time and will wait here for a reply01:33
ShaLaptopanyway, if this person spam my channel name on the official forum, i want him ejected deffinitly01:34
ShaLaptopi can't accept that01:34
=== zenwhen_ [n=zenwhen@74-131-129-50.dhcp.insightbb.com] has joined #ubuntu-ops
PriceChildAmaranth, so cruel :)01:59
AmaranthPriceChild: :D01:59
ubotujacobmp92 called the ops in #ubuntu-ohio02:01
=== Vorian [n=h@ubuntu/member/Vorian] has joined #ubuntu-ops
=== Vorian [n=h@ubuntu/member/Vorian] has joined #ubuntu-ops
=== nalioth [i=nalioth@freenode/staff/ubuntu.member.nalioth] has joined #ubuntu-ops
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ubotuIn #ubuntu+1, concept10 said: ubotu, topic is Please read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains essential information, including release status.  To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic02:21
gnomefreakShaLaptop: may i help you?02:21
=== gnomefreak will be in and out
PriceChildArwen/anon32 just requested an unban in +1. I told him to come back again later as it'd only been 5 or 6 hours02:28
gnomefreakhes still getting himself banned?02:33
naliothgnomefreak: you know it's addictive . . . .02:33
=== gnomefreak shouldnt be suprised at some of the people getting themselves banned
=== Mez is now known as Mez|OnAir
=== Linuturk [n=Linuturk@fluxbuntu/developer/Linuturk] has joined #ubuntu-ops
Linuturkcan I get that DCC test real quick? I'd like to test my home router for the vulnerability02:44
naliothLinuturk: join #linuturk please02:44
Linuturkthanks nalioth02:44
Linuturkmust be isolated to the network at work02:44
=== Linuturk [n=Linuturk@fluxbuntu/developer/Linuturk] has left #ubuntu-ops ["Leaving"]
AmaranthAlright, someone else take over03:02
=== gnomefreak trying to go to bed
=== Vorian [n=h@ubuntu/member/Vorian] has joined #ubuntu-ops
gnomefreakim off to bed these uploads can wait till morning i guess03:20
=== Jucato [n=jucato@ubuntu/member/Jucato] has joined #ubuntu-ops
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=== Jucato [n=jucato@ubuntu/member/Jucato] has joined #ubuntu-ops
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=== phos-phoros [n=donovan@unaffiliated/phos-phoros] has joined #ubuntu-ops
effie_jayxgod reading #ubuntu is tought.... lot's of letters flying round all the time04:27
=== xdark [i=user@] has joined #ubuntu-ops
tonyyarussoMadpilot: Yeah, I'm reading my /away log and it's far from ideal, and in anticipation of tomorrow I'm hoping to clear up some of the more common little issues.04:33
=== xdark is now known as xblackfire
=== Jordan_U [n=jordan@h-68-164-86-15.snvacaid.dynamic.covad.net] has joined #ubuntu-ops
Jordan_UYou might want to perma-ban ufuktu ( #ubuntu )05:12
Madpilothas it been trolling elsewhere?05:12
Madpilot... stupid season is really opening up in #ubuntu... I'd had six months to block out the terrible memory of #ubuntu on release day...05:14
elkbuntushall we take bets on what the usercount will hit?05:14
MadpilotI'm thinking it'll top 1200 in the next two hours05:15
effie_jayxyou guys are mean... hehehe05:16
effie_jayxkeeping us in great expectation :D05:16
elkbuntuMadpilot, i think we could even hit 1350-1400 at some point05:17
elkbuntubut probably post-release05:18
elkbuntu50 of which will probably be trolls or sleepers05:18
=== QMario [n=QMario@cpe-24-27-104-162.houston.res.rr.com] has joined #Ubuntu-ops
=== ajmitch [n=ajmitch@ubuntu/member/ajmitch] has joined #ubuntu-ops
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ajmitchwho magically added me to an ops list? :)05:28
Madpilot #ubuntu-release-party?05:28
ajmitchI see tonyyarusso registered it a few minutes ago05:28
tonyyarussoYeah, that'd be me.05:29
tonyyarussoI mentioned the idea last night to Hobbsee, thought it might be a good way to keep the main channels support-oriented while everyone goes all "OMG, is it out yet?"05:29
ajmitchyou haven't seen the forums05:30
ajmitch"does anyone have mark shuttleworth's phone number?"05:30
tonyyarussoTrue - haven't spent as much time on the forums as most05:30
tonyyarussoActually, I _do_ have Mark's phone number......05:30
ajmitchyeah I probably have it somewhere as well05:30
ajmitchlots of people thought feisty *must* be released at exactly midnight GMT05:31
ajmitchsince that's what the fridge said05:31
tonyyarussoHe wrote it on a whiteboard while giving a talk once, which I then found in .ogg format later.05:31
=== ajmitch has that somewhere
ajmitchI remember being with someone as we called him, too...05:32
ajmitchone night in montreal, at the end of UDS :)05:32
MadpilotUbuntu Drinking Session?05:33
ajmitchvery close to it...05:33
ajmitchyou should have seen how hungover some of them were on the *first* day05:34
xblackfirewith who I must speak to have logs in my channel #ubuntu-ni ?05:34
ubotuIn ubotu, tonyyarusso said: releaseparty is <reply> Please remember that #ubuntu, #kubuntu, #xubuntu, and #edubuntu are support channels.  To countdown to Feisty release and then party once it happens, join #ubuntu-release-party - for in-person parties, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FeistyReleaseParties05:34
xblackfiresomebody knows ?05:35
Madpilotxblackfire, you need one of the locobots to join your channel05:35
stdinxblackfire: from /whois ubuntulog: [04:35]  [Whois]  ubuntulog is i=ubuntulo@ubuntu/bot/ubuntulog (Ubuntu log bot:: contact fabbione@ubuntu.com)05:35
xblackfirelocobot or ubuntulog ?05:36
Madpilotafaik locobot is the logging bot for local channels; ubuntulog is for the main channels (but I might be wrong...)05:37
xblackfirelocobot then05:38
stdinxblackfire: best to ask in #ubuntu-bots05:38
xblackfirethanks for the help05:39
=== xblackfire [i=user@] has left #ubuntu-ops []
=== Mez|OnAir is now known as Mez
=== Burgundavia [n=corey@ubuntu/member/burgundavia] has joined #ubuntu-ops
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Madpilottonyyarusso, nice preemptive bans in #ubuntu06:03
tonyyarussoMadpilot: I had pre-emptive hilights from yesterday, he confirmed the suspicion06:03
=== ajmitch hasn't been in #ubuntu for months
ajmitchtoday wouldn't be a good day for me to return06:05
tonyyarussoIt'd be a lovely day!  With sunshine and birdies!06:07
effie_jayxI want My feisty Fawn (a la 80's mtv commercial )06:10
effie_jayxsome comic relief ;)06:10
nixternalI love feeding the trolls06:19
ajmitchnixternal: you're bad06:20
nixternalreverse trollology06:20
ajmitchwhat were you doing now?06:20
nixternalgotta love it06:20
Amaranthajmitch: you can go in there and tell them you have 7.04 final06:20
nixternalthere was a troll in #kubuntu and he announced it, so I let him stay06:20
Amaranththey'll fall all over themselves asking you to give it to them06:20
nixternalhe didn't troll to bad, and he was quite pleasant06:20
nixternalI have 7.04 final06:21
nixternalI am willing to bed ajmitch does as well06:21
ajmitchAmaranth: sounds fair06:21
ajmitchuh no06:21
ajmitchplease don't06:21
ajmitch(read what you wrote)06:21
nixternalhaha, holy shit!@!#@06:21
=== nixternal dies
nixternals/bed/bet/BET damnit!!06:22
=== Pumpernickel buries nixternal
nixternalass up, so the whole world can enjoy it :)06:22
nixternalok that sounded worse06:22
nixternalbut it was so the whole world could kiss it06:22
=== nixternal shuts up
AmaranthCan you breathe alright? Do we need a doctor to remove the foot from your mouth?06:23
nixternalI am really nixternal's brother, he walked away and didn't lock his screen, that shold teach him06:23
AmaranthNice try. :)06:23
nixternallemme guess, this chan is logged06:24
effie_jayxnixternal,  you betcha06:24
=== nixternal watches the CoC go down the drain for this one
ajmitcha shame, really06:24
=== Amaranth waves to ubuntulog
Amaranthand if someone gets kicked ubotu will keep a log too ;)06:25
=== Mez [n=Mez@ubuntu/member/mez] has joined #ubuntu-ops
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=== elkbuntu_ [n=melissa@ppp24-108.lns1.syd6.internode.on.net] has joined #ubuntu-ops
=== nobody_ [n=suncure@cpe-065-184-187-052.ec.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu-ops
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mneptokhey! nixternal has joined me at the edge of decency!06:56
=== ajmitch thinks that we should just ban anyone who says that it's out
=== Madpilot thinks that we should just skip right to the endgame and ban *everyone*
ajmitchtonyyarusso: ping (#u-r-p ops list)07:13
ajmitchcan you add mithrandir to the list please?07:14
tonyyarussoajmitch: done07:14
=== Jordan_U [n=jordan@h-68-165-173-129.snvacaid.dynamic.covad.net] has joined #ubuntu-ops
=== maxamillion [n=adam@r74-192-178-37.htvlcmta01.hnvitx.tl.dh.suddenlink.net] has joined #ubuntu-ops
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=== johnlittle [n=johnlitt@ubuntu/member/johnlittle] has joined #ubuntu-ops
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=== Jordan_U_ [n=jordan@h-68-165-173-129.snvacaid.dynamic.covad.net] has joined #ubuntu-ops
atoponcejenda_: ping08:39
elkbuntuwe need ubotu in there08:41
tonyyarussoThat'd be good.08:42
elkbuntuSeveas, you're supposed to be awake now. give us ubotu in #ubuntu-release-party kthxbai08:43
Madpilot@now Amsterdam08:45
ubotuCurrent time in Europe/Amsterdam: April 19 2007, 08:45:06 - Next meeting: Development Team in 8 hours 14 minutes08:45
elkbuntusee.. he should be awake08:45
=== atoponce needs to go to bed
=== Hobbsee [n=Hobbsee@ubuntu/member/hobbsee] has joined #ubuntu-ops
=== mode/#ubuntu-ops [+v Hobbsee] by ChanServ
tonyyarussoWelcome to insanity Hobbsee08:48
MadpilotAh, the Hobbsee arriveth.08:49
elkbuntutonyyarusso, are most of the trolls there rather than #ubuntu or are they trolling both?08:49
tonyyarussoelkbuntu: #ubuntu's actually doing well :)08:50
elkbuntuyeah, i notice08:51
elkbuntutonyyarusso, ask payan to redirect that channel to #ubuntu-release-party08:51
Hobbseetroll heaven, today?08:51
Madpilot1184 in #ubuntu - we're edging closer to 1200...08:51
ubotuHey nalioth, jenda, rob, SportChick or ompaul! I could use a bit of your time :)08:53
elkbuntutime for some forced redirection >:] 08:53
tonyyarusso#ubuntu-release-party2 as well08:53
Hobbseehi mneptok08:53
mneptok'allo sweetness.08:54
Madpilottonyyarusso, someone grabbing random channel names?08:54
tonyyarussoMadpilot: yeah08:55
tonyyarussoThat staff factoid should be smart enough to tell them who called it for the /away log08:55
=== tonyyarusso thinks he may have to go sleep, but knows that if he does he'll miss the fun
elkbuntuas usual, nobody in /stats p08:59
Hobbseeof coruse, yes08:59
Hobbseeit's australian day08:59
Hobbseeelkbuntu: you *must* remember that the staff are never around when absolutely needed, if it's australian day09:03
Hobbseeeven christel is away09:03
elkbuntuHobbsee, i know. we need australian staff, but i have no desire to be one of those09:03
elkbuntui quite enjoy the shred of sanity i still have09:03
mneptokit keeps her from amryying me.09:04
Hobbseeelky, sane?09:08
elkbuntuHobbsee, i didnt say completely. i do still have one thread left09:09
elkbuntuman i love local mirrors09:10
tonyyarussoI'm going to grab a quick nap/short sleep - keep an eye on things all.09:10
Hobbseetonyyarusso: heh.  stay up, and keep telling them that it's all a conspiracy09:11
Hobbseethat there is no release09:11
=== elkbuntu continues to spam -party about locos :
Hobbseehahah :D09:12
elkbuntuand Hobbsee continues to try make n00bs cry09:12
=== Jordan_U [n=jordan@h-68-165-173-129.snvacaid.dynamic.covad.net] has joined #ubuntu-ops
elkbuntuooh, btw, #ubuntu broke 120009:13
Hobbseeelkbuntu: :D09:13
Seveaselkbuntu, I was indeed awake, but you don't want to know what I was doing :)09:50
Seveas@join #ubuntu-release-party09:50
Seveas@join #ubuntu-release-party09:50
elkbuntui think i do now09:50
Seveaselkbuntu, are you sure?09:50
elkbuntui dont want to know if i am or not09:50
Seveasheh, then I won't say :)09:51
elkbuntuSeveas, we've been being lax in terms of banning in there purely so they stay there rather than go to one of the other main channels10:11
Seveastrue, but some small actions let people know we're there and keeping an eye on them10:11
Seveasnot planning to make those bans last10:12
elkbuntuyep righto10:12
elkbuntuwe'd just been /cs k ing them10:13
Madpilotneed sleep10:14
Madpilotwhen #ubuntu hits 1337 users, someone take a screenshot for me. :)10:14
=== gouki [n=gouki@ubuntu/member/gouki] has joined #ubuntu-ops
elkbuntuwill do10:15
elkbuntuwill try to10:15
=== Madpilot [n=brian@ubuntu/member/madpilot] has left #ubuntu-ops [""No,]
=== mc44 [n=mc44@unaffiliated/mc44] has joined #ubuntu-ops
=== Seeker` [n=cjo20@ip-62-105-182-26.dsl.twang.net] has joined #ubuntu-ops
mc44#ubuntu-release-party is a stroke a genius :)10:20
elkbuntuno kidding10:22
elkbuntuthank tony10:22
elkbuntuSeveas, dont forget to clear the bans10:35
elkbuntumneptok, objections to clearing the ban list?10:40
mneptokelkbuntu: none10:41
mneptokelkbuntu: and i trust your judgement implicitly. feel free whenever, AFAIC. :)10:41
elkbuntuafk, i've been watching that channel for hours now. i need a smoke10:43
mc44elkbuntu: and some sedatives :)10:44
goukiI have to admit I got a little scare right now on #ubuntu-release-party10:49
=== Jordan_U [n=jordan@h-68-165-173-129.snvacaid.dynamic.covad.net] has joined #ubuntu-ops
mc44"if digg had an irc channel"10:49
=== gouki [n=gouki@ubuntu/member/gouki] has joined #ubuntu-ops
=== gouki [n=gouki@ubuntu/member/gouki] has joined #ubuntu-ops
elkbuntuand now some dinner10:53
elkbuntutell them they're not allowed to release yet 'cos i'll miss out otherwise :-P10:54
mc44be quick!10:54
ubotuorbin called the ops in #ubuntu11:11
elkbuntuwheee i didnt miss it11:17
Jucatohehe :)11:21
jendaatoponce: pong11:22
jendaSeveas, mneptok, why the @ in #ubuntu-release-party?11:22
SeveasI'm kicking a lot11:22
mc44jenda: because its insane in there? :)11:22
jendaokeydoke :)11:24
elkbuntujenda, keep an eye on clones in #ubuntu please11:29
mneptokjenda: ping11:33
jendawill try11:33
jendathough can't promise - catching up11:34
mneptokjenda: could you remove MShuttleworth?11:35
mneptoksomeone is impersonating Mark11:35
jendaI'll try11:35
elkbuntui missed 1337 :(11:39
elkbuntuSeveas, send me your screeny? kthxbai11:39
Seveaswill do11:39
elkbuntuthanks dear11:39
mc44elkbuntu: http://img172.imageshack.us/my.php?image=screenshotqa6.png :)11:40
goukiSeveas, I don't think they understood it (-release-party). They still believe it's out.11:44
mc44theyve been thinking that for the past 12 hours11:45
=== Gartra1 [n=gareth@adsl-75-33-91-219.dsl.bcvloh.sbcglobal.net] has joined #ubuntu-ops
Gartra1ok, im here11:45
JucatoSeveas: customer for you ^^^^11:46
Gartra1i wish i could be as cheery as you, Jucato11:47
Gartra1Seveas, my comp sucks, im running like 119 megs off of 2x256 modules, and a 1.7 ghrt celeron, i dont exeactly have enough resources to run firefox11:48
SeveasGartra1, you're going to have to wait until aftr release11:48
Seveastoo busy now to deal with flooders in an appropriate manner11:49
Gartra1all i was trying to do was fix my system so i could update too!11:49
Gartra1i wasnt trying to flood either, someone didnt see what i had posted, its all in the logs11:50
ajmitchelkbuntu: so do we take the closest time from the release mail? :)11:51
elkbuntuajmitch, i guess so11:51
Gartra1and btw, the command you gave me before didnt work, it returned the SAME error11:51
mc44elkbuntu: aww there was a sweepstake :(11:51
elkbuntumc44, hmm?11:52
elkbuntui already predicted between 1350 and 140011:52
mc44UTC? :)11:52
=== ajmitch predicted approx 10:30 UTC
elkbuntuno, users in #ubuntu11:53
mc44elkbuntu: ah :)11:53
elkbuntui forgot about the time one11:53
mc44ajmitch: I think you will be about right11:53
ajmitchseems like it could be that way11:53
ajmitchthe forum thread on the release has almost 1200 posts11:54
Gartra1aww come n, all i want to do is update, and my comp is busted11:54
ajmitchI was reading it earlier when it was only a few pages11:54
apokryphosnever underestimate the power of hype 8)11:55
mc44and hyperactive users :)11:56
gouki"4 min to release ?" Where do they get this!? :|11:57
Gartra1espesially hyperactive angry users (hint hint)11:57
elkbuntuSeveas, didnt you ask for MShuttleworth in -r-p to be removed?11:58
elkbuntunm he renamed again11:58
Gartra1i dont understand, i got banned for using the room for what its for!11:58
goukiGartra1, Sevea_s already asked you to wait. From what I understood, you got banned because you pasted text.11:59
elkbuntuGartra1, nothing in 'await news' involves insulting an op either11:59
Gartra1yea, because my comp is crap and wont run a web browser12:00
Gartra1i pasted the error because some one had asked12:00
jendaSeveas: the pastebin still doesn't support unicode :(12:01
jendaWhich means I can't use it right now :/12:01
jenda(making corrections to the new ubuntu.cz12:01
Gartra1i dont understand, why am i being punished for this? its not even my fault12:02
goukiGartra1, you should have used http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/ to paste your text12:03
Gartra1MY COMP WONT RUN A WEB BROWSER WITHOUT CRASHING! there, i spelled it out, nyone can understand now that my comp SUCKS12:04
Gartra1its truely easyer just to paste from terminal in gaim, then it is to load mozilla and go to that site12:05
Gartra1and easyer to read too12:05
=== thoreauputic [n=prospero@ubuntu/member/thoreauputic] has joined #ubuntu-ops
=== mode/#ubuntu-ops [+v thoreauputic] by ChanServ
Gartra1may i get a response so i know every human being in this room knows that im too poor too afford a ram module?12:07
Gartra1great, now im being ignored, what a great day im having... ill probably get fired or killed... killed if im lucky12:09
goukiDude, relax! Sevea_s will get back to you once this madness is over!12:10
Gartra1im just sick of injustice, ever since i was born ive been accused of shit i did not do... and i just cant escape it12:11
=== Vorian [n=h@ubuntu/member/Vorian] has joined #ubuntu-ops
Gartra1at least let me back into the party channel12:18
=== Jordan_U [n=jordan@h-68-164-87-198.snvacaid.dynamic.covad.net] has joined #ubuntu-ops
=== effie_jayx [n=l3ap@] has joined #ubuntu-ops
Gartra1ok, im going to eat breakfast, looks like no one is going to unban me soon anyway12:23
mneptokGartra1: no more pasting to channels?12:42
Gartra1i have one more two line past, its an error12:43
Gartra1lost it12:44
mneptokso that's a "no?"12:44
mneptokwe can expect you not to paste?12:44
mneptokyou are unbanned12:45
Gartra1THANK YOU!12:45
=== mneptok bows
Gartra1man, i want to kiss you right now...12:45
mneptokno you don't12:45
mc44@lart 37 Gartra112:46
=== ubotu shows mc44 a photo of mneptok: http://tinyurl.com/yv5q8h
mneptokmy breath smells like something died in my mouth12:46
mc44but he looks hot!12:46
mneptokGartra1: open a terminal12:46
mneptokw3m http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org12:46
mneptokthere ya go.12:46
Gartra1i cant open a web browser12:46
Gartra1pm me12:46
mneptokGartra1: open a terminal12:47
mneptokw3m http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org12:47
mneptoktype that. hit <return>12:47
Gartra1i see12:47
mneptoknow you can use pastebin12:47
Gartra1can i set a hot key for that?12:47
mneptokno GUI browser required12:47
Gartra1is there a way i can quickly recall that command?12:48
mneptokecho alias\ pastebin\=\'w3m\ http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org\' >> .profile12:48
mneptokthen just type "pastebin" (no quotes) in any terminal12:49
=== Gartra1 blinks, not understanding enough linux to understand that
mneptokjust type it in a terminal12:49
Gartra1linux rules :))12:51
mneptokyes. yes it does.12:52
Gartra1it didnt work12:52
mneptokyou'll need to start a new X session12:52
Gartra1ohh, ok12:52
mneptoklogout/login or somesuch12:52
mc44mneptok: just the terminal surely?12:52
Gartra1wait, as in relog?12:52
mneptok.profile gets sourced when X starts12:52
mc44ah not bash_12:53
Gartra1ohh, ok, brb12:53
=== Gartra1 [n=gareth@adsl-75-33-91-219.dsl.bcvloh.sbcglobal.net] has left #ubuntu-ops []
mneptokmc44: bash env files get tricky now that dash is the default12:53
mneptok(e.g. .bash_profile is never sourced)12:53
=== Gartra1 [n=gareth@adsl-75-33-91-219.dsl.bcvloh.sbcglobal.net] has joined #ubuntu-ops
Gartra1uhh, im still not unbanned, and the pastebin command didnt work >.>12:55
mneptok06:55 -!- Irssi: No bans in channel #ubuntu-release-party12:56
Gartra1what about #ubuntu main?12:57
mneptokstand by12:57
Gartra1HE DID IT AGAIN!01:00
goukiBecause you keep messing with him!01:01
Gartra1all i said was i was mad at him!01:01
goukiLike I said, you keep messing around...01:01
Gartra1i dont have the right to be mad?01:01
mc44you can be mad all you like. Just not in that channel01:02
naliothGartra1: if you would not paste in the channel . . .01:02
Gartra1(uhg) my comp sucks01:02
Gartra1im sorry01:02
goukiGartra1, half the people on Freenode already know your computer sucks01:03
Gartra1and im not unbanned from ubuntu01:03
Gartra1point taken?01:04
goukiPoint taken 2 hours ago01:05
Gartra1i swear, im going to jump off a bridge or something01:05
Gartra1ohh, isnt stateing anger at someone/thing considered free speech?01:06
Gartra1seveas, wouls it help if i said i was sorry?01:08
Gartra1xus i will... if you want01:10
Gartra1all i want is to come join the party, and fix my comp01:10
Gartra1(or should that be "paperwaight"?)01:10
Gartra1mneptok, pastebin still isnt working01:11
=== Fujitsu [n=william@ubuntu/member/fujitsu] has joined #ubuntu-ops
naliothGartra1: please stop.  there are DOZENS upon DOZENS of pastebin site.  pick one.01:13
Gartra1mozilla crashes if its idol for 1 min on google01:14
Gartra1all i have is terminal right now01:14
Gartra1you know, i started useing ubuntu because i heard it had a great community, and was a easy to use linux, and in my case so far, youve all failed miserably at both jobs01:16
=== Gartra1 [n=gareth@adsl-75-33-91-219.dsl.bcvloh.sbcglobal.net] has left #ubuntu-ops []
mc44jrib: you mean you didnt get your salary?01:17
=== Gartra1 [n=gareth@adsl-75-33-91-219.dsl.bcvloh.sbcglobal.net] has joined #ubuntu-ops
ubotuIn #ubuntu+1, kbrooks said: !shipit is inaccurate01:18
ubotuIn #ubuntu+1, kbrooks said: !shipit is um needs update for 7.04 please :-)01:18
jribGartra1: /join #flood    Then you can paste in there01:19
jribGartra1: how come?01:20
ubotushipit is a service that sends free Ubuntu, Kubuntu and Edubuntu CDs. See http://shipit.ubuntu.com/ and http://shipit.kubuntu.org and http://shipit.edubuntu.org - Shipit will not send Edgy (6.10) CDs, but only Dapper (6.06) CDs, as Dapper is a !LTS release.01:20
Gartra1i had pasted an error in the ubuntu main, and someone asked me to repeat it, wich i did, then i get banned01:23
mc44\o/ 140001:26
MyrttiGartra1: do - not - paste - stuff - to - #ubuntu01:30
Gartra1i didnt know01:30
=== AmyRose [n=amyrose@user-12l2tg3.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu-ops
mneptokMyrtti: terve.01:31
AmyRoseWhy was I banned from #ubuntu-release-party?01:31
=== mneptok tootles off for home
Myrttiyou must've noticed there's a lot of traffic at #ubuntu, so you don't need to add to it by pasting stuff there01:31
Gartra1mneptok: wait, the pastebin thing isnt working01:31
Myrttiyou can use either pastebin services and paste the url, or use #flood01:31
MyrttiTHE pastebin?01:31
MyrttiI know atleast 4 different pastebin services01:32
Myrttisurely not all of them aren't working01:32
Gartra1he showed me how to get pastebin by using w3m in terminal01:32
Myrttiif it doesn't work, then use the irc channel #flood01:32
AmyRoseWhy was I banned from #ubuntu-release-party?01:32
=== PriceChild [n=pricechi@ubuntu/member/pricechild] has joined #ubuntu-ops
=== mode/#ubuntu-ops [+v PriceChild] by ChanServ
mneptokGartra1: what happens when you type "pastebin" (no quotes) in a terminal?01:33
Gartra1error: command not found01:33
mneptokwhat is the exact error message?01:33
mneptokis X running?01:33
Gartra1yes, i restarted it too01:33
mneptokcat ~/.profile01:33
mneptokdo you see the alias line in there?01:34
Gartra1theres two01:34
=== AmyRose [n=amyrose@user-12l2tg3.cable.mindspring.com] has left #ubuntu-ops ["Leaving."]
mneptokwhat shell do you use?01:34
Gartra1Bourne Again01:35
mneptokecho alias\ pastebin\=\'w3m\ http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org\' >> ~/.bashrc01:35
mneptokthen start a new bash instance.01:35
mneptokmust go. have to be home before release finalizes.01:35
mneptoknp. enjoy.01:36
Gartra1'fore you go, how do i get the url?01:36
PriceChildSeveas, that is quite cool...01:38
Seveasit is01:39
PriceChilduuu i have ops in -release-01:39
Gartra1how do i get the url in w3m?01:39
mc44Seveas: who are the first three?01:39
Gartra1seveas, can you unban me now so i can get out of your hair?01:40
SeveasGartra1, no chance, not with the way you behave01:41
Gartra1but i have the pastebin prob mostly resolved, and once i answer the qwestion of how to save stuff to the sit through paste bin, and getting the url, i can start fixing my comp, and upgradeing it.01:42
Gartra1ohh, found paste01:43
Gartra1uhh.. pastebin is complaining that im spamming it >->01:46
Gartra1it also say enable java script01:48
jendaSeveas: why are the 7.04 images already available at releases.?01:49
Gartra1w3m is slow on my system01:49
Seveasjenda, so mirrors can download them01:49
=== jenda restrains himself :)
mc44jenda: ITS NOT OUT YET!!!!!!111!! :p01:51
jendamc44: ssshhhh!01:51
Gartra1seveas, im sorry01:52
Gartra1if i cant be unbanned, cant i at least have some help?01:54
MyrttiGartra1: ask for the people you want to see your paste to go to #flood (/join #flood), do so yourself, and paste the stuff to that channel01:55
Gartra1no, i know that01:56
Gartra1i need help with my comp01:56
Gartra1are you in flood?01:56
Myrttino, because I'm not particularly intrested at the moment to help random people when I've got my own stuff to work out to01:57
effie_jayxGartra1,  have you tried #ubuntu02:01
Gartra1i am banned from ubuntu02:02
apokryphosGartra1: /topic02:03
apokryphosGartra1: this doesn't become the right place for support once you're banned from #ubuntu02:03
Gartra1im not a total idiot02:03
Gartra1i just dont want to fall behind everyone else02:04
apokryphosOk, then stop asking for support/help here02:04
Gartra1sorry, sheesh02:05
Gartra1excuse me for being a noob02:05
Gartra1ok, jrib, thank you. i have fixed my comp! at least the software probs, now... can i please be unbanned so i can join the party?02:10
jribGartra1: you aren't banned from the party02:11
Gartra1yes i am...02:11
Gartra1or, i was02:11
Gartra1what was that party channel name again?02:12
effie_jayxmc44,  I thought it was #ubuntu-630-trolls-and-the-rest-are-just-brave-ops02:13
mc44probably :)02:13
tonyyarussoI'm back, btw02:15
=== mc44 hugs tonyyarusso for -party
tonyyarusso1463?!?  (in #ubuntu )02:16
jribirssi is annoying... does anyone else always get Irssi: Channel not fully synchronized yet, try again after a while  when using /unban ?02:17
apokryphosjrib: it's a bug, there's info about it on their page somewhere02:18
jribyeah, it's on the faq but there's no real solution02:18
=== phos-phoros [n=donovan@unaffiliated/phos-phoros] has joined #ubuntu-ops
apokryphosyeah, they basically say 'this is apparently a bug and we're not sure'02:19
jribmaybe it's just the size of #ubuntu02:19
elkbuntutonyyarusso, look at your channel :D02:19
apokryphosnah, I've seen others have it who are only in smaller channels02:19
tonyyarussoelkbuntu: I've noticed, it's a tad larger than when I went to bed.02:19
elkbuntutonyyarusso, just a wee bit02:19
elkbuntuit's been crazy02:19
gnomefreakomg that channel is hell on earth02:19
tonyyarussognomefreak: But #ubuntu's not, eh?02:20
=== gnomefreak goes to have smoke and wake up a bit
goukiWhat are those guys on? They look like monkeys on crack.02:20
mc44tonyyarusso: #ubuntu is incredibly sane by comparison02:20
gnomefreak#ubuntu-release-party == everyone in htere talking at once02:20
apokryphosjust /cs clear users #ubuntu-release-party ;)02:22
=== mneptok [n=mneptok@canonical/support/mneptok] has joined #ubuntu-ops
=== mode/#ubuntu-ops [+v mneptok] by ChanServ
ubotuHey nalioth, jenda, rob, SportChick or ompaul! I could use a bit of your time :)02:26
=== Amaranth cries
apokryphosI'm actually hoping that some of these people do not stick around ;)02:27
Gartra1im still not unbanned in ubuntu main02:27
SeveasAmaranth, 3rd largest channel on the planet :)02:27
SeveasGartra1, and you won't be anytime soon02:27
apokryphosGartra1: so please stop repeating02:27
AmaranthSeveas: where are 1st and 2nd?02:27
SeveasAmaranth, dalnet and zurna02:27
Amaranthmeh, they don't count ;)02:28
Seveasah no, zurna and webchat :)02:28
mc44Number two looks fake to me02:28
Seveaswe bat all dalnt channels already02:28
elkbuntuSeveas, what are the other two larger?02:28
Seveasmc44, just different charset02:28
mc44Seveas: there are no other charsets :p02:28
elkbuntuhmmm.. i dont see ubuntu in that list.. does freenode not get checked by them?02:32
elkbuntuwell thats silly02:35
apokryphosthat's it, I'm going into Rehab02:39
=== Hobbsee [n=Hobbsee@ubuntu/member/hobbsee] has joined #ubuntu-ops
=== mode/#ubuntu-ops [+v Hobbsee] by ChanServ
AmaranthSeveas: so when gusty is released we'll have the largest IRC channel on the planet?02:40
Seveasand yeah :)02:40
Amaranthno, i like my way02:40
Seveas4th biggest now02:41
Amaranthjust like 'fisty' ;)02:41
elkbuntuSeveas, am i right in thinking that this is the strongest anticipation to a release evah?02:41
Seveas#evil caught up02:41
Seveaselkbuntu, yeah02:41
Seveasgets worse very release02:41
apokryphoswithout a doubt02:41
elkbuntuSeveas, #ubuntu seriously has like 300 more than edgy02:41
Hobbseewe released yet?02:41
elkbuntuHobbsee, nope02:42
apokryphos#ubuntu also goes +200 up or so every release02:42
apokryphosbut that increases too02:42
tonyyarussoare we up to Apple levels of release insanity yet?  ;)02:42
elkbuntuyou didnt miss it dear :)02:42
apokryphos(as in, after the hype is down)02:42
Hobbseewow, wonder why not...02:42
gnomefreakalmost at 1500 in #ubuntu02:43
Amaranth#ubuntu-release-party is nuts02:43
AmaranthI'm just going to start autokicking anyone being stupid02:43
elkbuntuAmaranth, yes.. and its only in 1 channel :D02:43
HobbseeAmaranth: earlier we had the developers opd, so people could see who was official, and who wasnt02:43
HobbseeAmaranth: i've been doing that already02:44
gnomefreakare we closing #ubuntu+1 (from what i heard gutsy repos will open (not so much of alpha useage but open) in a today tomorrowish02:44
elkbuntudont ban unless they're recidivist02:44
apokryphosgnomefreak: once feisty is announced, yeah02:44
elkbuntugnomefreak, closing + 1 already?02:44
elkbuntuah right02:45
=== ^^CatTuX^^ [n=Shoaibi@mbl-65-129-173.dsl.net.pk] has joined #UBUNTU-OPS
elkbuntuwait for the announce02:45
gnomefreakapokryphos: ok02:45
apokryphosotherwise they'll just get the wrong idea...again02:45
gnomefreakthey did that 5 months into feisty02:45
gnomefreakthat will never change :)02:45
=== _P_i_R_A_N_i_A_ [n=karlo1@195-241-92-20.dsl.ip.tiscali.nl] has joined #ubuntu-ops
AmaranthI'm going to kick everyone posting 'proof' that feisty is out02:46
_P_i_R_A_N_i_A_i thought i had it02:46
tonyyarussoAmaranth: Muting will let them see the annc when it really is, while keeping them out of our hair.  ?02:47
_P_i_R_A_N_i_A_plz unban me from #ubuntu-release-party ;)02:48
jendaSeveas: still need something?02:48
apokryphos_P_i_R_A_N_i_A_: please choose a less spammy name02:48
apokryphostonyyarusso: but then we'll have loads of people muted, sometimes for honest mistakes02:48
gnomefreakand dont spam the channel with links02:48
tonyyarussoapokryphos: Yeah, but that's not deadly02:49
PiRANiAunban plz? :)02:49
gnomefreakPiRANiA: that is from what i saw why you were banned and i doubt Seveas will lift it this fast (just my thoughts)02:49
apokryphosPiRANiA: please stop repeating02:49
PiRANiAactually, i dont give a ****, bye all ;)02:50
=== PiRANiA [n=karlo1@195-241-92-20.dsl.ip.tiscali.nl] has left #ubuntu-ops []
Amaranthholy shit we're going to break 150002:50
tonyyarussoAmaranth: done already02:50
elkbuntuAmaranth, by the time america wakes up fully, maybe even 1600 or 170002:51
elkbuntuya nevah know02:51
Amaranthtonyyarusso: consistently02:51
Amaranthelkbuntu: they're waking up now02:51
Hobbseeeek, scary thought02:51
elkbuntuAmaranth, i know02:51
tonyyarussoAmaranth: righto02:51
elkbuntuHobbsee, i'm scaaared.. hold meee :-/02:51
=== Hobbsee huggles elkbuntu and doesnt let go
Hobbseeelkbuntu: 2 weeks :)02:51
=== elkbuntu huggles back
elkbuntuyay :D02:51
mc44just wait till people from release party actually start installing :)02:52
Seveas@lart mc4402:53
=== ubotu drops mc44 from a helicopter 5 miles in the sky. Without parachute
Amaranthapokryphos: is that a hint?02:53
apokryphosAmaranth: sure :P02:53
Amaranthoh, we're on permanent babysitting mode today02:53
gnomefreakall day im sure02:53
PriceChildAmaranth, there you go ;)02:54
gnomefreakits only 2pm UTC atm give or take02:54
mc44gnomefreak: its 1 utc02:54
gnomefreakoh ok 1 utc than ;)02:54
mc44damn summer time02:55
AmaranthUbuntu 7.04 is not yet out. Please don't ask when it'll be released, we don't know either.02:55
Amarantheveryone make an alias for that or something :P02:55
=== gnomefreak thinking it wont be released for another 8 or so hours
elkbuntugnomefreak, it'd be done before 5pm utc02:55
gnomefreakthought it said somehting like that in topic02:55
gnomefreakelkbuntu: it will?02:56
Hobbseegnomefreak: shouldnt be that long02:56
PriceChildAmaranth, chop the "we don't know either." off ;)02:56
HobbseeAmaranth: what if we do know?02:56
Hobbseeor know why it's being delayed, anyway...02:56
mc44cjwatson said they were having probs with some mirrors02:56
elkbuntugnomefreak, no idea, but it's pretty safe to assume02:56
gnomefreakwe all know that02:56
elkbuntumc44, because they have an extra few thousand people raping the pipes02:57
jendais it ok to start torrenting already? It might help the uploads later...02:57
mc44elkbuntu: that could be something to do with it02:57
Hobbseejenda: go for it02:57
mc44jenda: the trackers are deliberatly off02:57
mc44until the announce02:57
Hobbseethe hold up, at the moment, is due to the website not being able to cope with the load02:57
elkbuntui might as well download for torrenting sake too02:57
jendamc44: it says they're off, but it DL's anyway02:58
elkbuntuisp bandwidth-free zones == awesome02:58
gnomefreakget yesterdays daily ISO and call it released02:58
jendamc44: it even stopped saying that now... seems it's on02:58
mc44jenda: hmm maybe release is imminent :p02:59
Seveasdc.c attack and only a few people were killed02:59
jendamc44: it also jumped from 3 seeds to over 20003:01
jendawhich probably does mean the trackers have been switched on.03:01
HobbseeSeveas: why are we banning people from ubotu?  it means they cant access the help system03:04
SeveasHobbsee, bot abuse03:04
HobbseeSeveas: do you ever plan to remove the bans?03:05
Hobbseei'm not convinced that that's a good idea, to ban people from accessing the help system03:05
Hobbseeto ban them for bot abuse from the channel or something, yes...but from ubotu?03:06
Hobbseethat seems backwards03:06
apokryphospeople can't /msg the bot if they're not in one of the channels, right?03:06
Hobbseethey cant msg the bot if they're being ignored03:07
Hobbseei think they can, if they're not in the channel though03:07
Seveasflooding the bot will cause the bot to be killed03:07
Hobbseewell, obviously03:08
Hobbseewhere flooding the bot == keeping asking it for info, presumably?03:08
HobbseeSeveas: ^03:10
Seveasor abusing @chuck03:10
tonyyarussoWow, 1501...03:10
mc44Hobbsee: note, abusing @t is allowed :)03:10
Hobbseeor 4203:11
=== AmyRose [n=amyrose@user-12l2tg3.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu-ops
ubotuBender: "There! That oughtta convert a few tailgaters."03:11
HobbseeSeveas: w.r.t to the bot, you can do what you like, i cant stop you.  But i *dont* think it's reasonable to cut them off for long periods of time from the help system.  warn them, sure.  give them a ban from the channel, or whatever...but the help system's different.03:12
gnomefreaki miss +m :(03:14
Hobbseehaha, so do i03:15
=== pirothezero [n=piro@cpe-67-9-155-180.austin.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu-ops
pirothezeroI need a test done on me03:15
PriceChildpirothezero, /join #pricechild03:15
=== CheshireViking [n=CV2@unaffiliated/cheshireviking] has joined #ubuntu-ops
Hobbsee!exploit | AmyRose03:17
ubotuAmyRose: There are people around who think it is funny to abuse a bug in certain routers by sending invalid DCC commands. When bitten by this bug ops in #ubuntu remove users so they are no longer targets. To fix it have a look here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixDCCExploit03:17
PriceChildpirothezero, you may rejoin #ubuntu Thanks :)03:17
jribSeveas: the kubuntu page does list 7.04 doesn't it?03:17
Seveasit does03:17
pirothezeronp thank you ;_03:17
Seveasand those images are final03:17
Seveasbut other things need to be done before word spreads03:18
jriboh ok03:18
mc44website and such03:18
elkbuntu@now utc03:18
ubotuCurrent time in Etc/UTC: April 19 2007, 13:18:41 - Next meeting: Development Team in 1 hour 41 minutes03:18
mc44Im sure Mith is just waiting for 13:37 UTC03:18
elkbuntumc44, ROFL03:19
ubotuIn #ubuntu-release-party, Edward said: !ubotu when is feisty being released?03:19
=== Amaranth_ [n=travis@ubuntu/member/Amaranth] has joined #ubuntu-ops
=== mode/#ubuntu-ops [+v Amaranth_] by ChanServ
Hobbseenalioth: can you cloak scottk please?03:22
jendais nalioth around?03:23
jendaHobbsee: ubuntu/member?03:23
Seveasjenda, pretend you're nalioth and set the cloak :)03:23
Hobbseejenda: yeah.  think so03:23
jendaI'll have to ask him first... I recently cloaked a bunch of Canonical devs and got in trouble :)03:24
Seveasjenda, scottk asked for the cloak :)03:25
mc44jenda: because you didnt use the right mneptok cloak :)03:25
Hobbseejenda: he just asked03:26
Hobbsee[23:20]  <ScottK> If there's anyone that has a moment and remembers the details on setting up with a new cloak, I'd appreciate a pointer in the right direction.  I've gone through the freenode FAQ and made sure I'm an identified user.  Seveas has added me to the cloaked users group.  What next?03:26
jendakk :)03:26
jendait aches my heart but I have to pause the DL and move off to school03:27
Hobbseehi mneptok03:29
gnomefreakHobbsee: that depedns if you use my repo or not ;)03:32
=== Gartra1 [n=gareth@adsl-75-33-91-219.dsl.bcvloh.sbcglobal.net] has left #ubuntu-ops []
gnomefreaki have rc1 built i will be upgrading it to final but not sure when yet03:33
=== foutrelis [n=foutreli@ppp218-137.adsl.forthnet.gr] has joined #ubuntu-ops
foutrelisI got banned from #ubuntu-release-party by Seveas for posting this link: http://kubuntu.org/download.php . It's not a mirror, it's kubuntu's download page and it has links to mirrors for Feisty Fawn. I consider this to be official (as far as Kubuntu is concerned). It's been over 10 minutes and I still can't post to #ubuntu-release-party. Can someone explain me what I did wrong and got banned?03:37
=== ^^CatTuX^^ [n=Shoaibi@mbl-65-129-173.dsl.net.pk] has joined #UBUNTU-OPS
AmaranthI think we're going to break 1700 today03:45
=== foutrelis [n=foutreli@ppp218-137.adsl.forthnet.gr] has left #ubuntu-ops []
apokryphosSeveas: why the topic change?03:46
apokryphosKubuntu guys are hanging around in there too03:47
=== elkbuntu invokes murphy's law by going for a smoke
elkbuntuAmaranth, if not break, come damn close03:47
gnomefreakbtw guys huxflux may try the other channels03:48
tonyyarussoAaaaaaah, the world ended - where was elkbuntu ?03:49
gnomefreakhe pmed me after i banned him and he didnt seem to happy ;)03:49
gnomefreakhaving a smoke tonyyarusso ;)03:49
atoponcejenda: nevermind. i took care of it03:51
=== nixternal [n=nixterna@ubuntu/member/nixternal] has joined #ubuntu-ops
=== mode/#ubuntu-ops [+v nixternal] by ChanServ
=== tonyyarusso 's op script is going haywire
=== poningru [n=poningru@adsl-074-245-140-197.sip.gnv.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu-ops
=== phos-phoros [n=donovan@unaffiliated/phos-phoros] has joined #ubuntu-ops
=== phos-phoros [n=donovan@unaffiliated/phos-phoros] has joined #ubuntu-ops
atoponceAmaranth: not today, eh?03:56
=== phos-phoros [n=donovan@unaffiliated/phos-phoros] has joined #ubuntu-ops
=== nixternal [n=nixterna@ubuntu/member/nixternal] has joined #ubuntu-ops
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apokryphoshm, looks like Freenode load is getting too high04:02
tonyyarussoa bit04:02
Hobbseehah, yes04:02
Myrttino messages from Christel yet :-)04:02
apokryphos07:02:04 -!- WHOIS Server load is temporarily too heavy. Please wait a while and try again.04:03
alindemanOh, heh04:03
elkbuntu<christel> it's not very noticeable as of yet04:05
apokryphosthere's so many channels on Freenode, really I wouldn't think the extra talk would change things _that_ much04:06
apokryphos##bugzilla-world probably still has more traffic :o04:06
elkbuntui only checked with her because of the whois load, but she said that might have been because she was /whois'ing a bit04:08
=== PriceChild [n=pricechi@ubuntu/member/pricechild] has joined #ubuntu-ops
=== mode/#ubuntu-ops [+v PriceChild] by ChanServ
PriceChild Hi?04:10
Amaranthchanserv.py kills /whois :)04:10
Amaranthand a lack of /whois kills chanserv.py04:10
=== Hobbsee [n=Hobbsee@ubuntu/member/hobbsee] has left #ubuntu-ops ["Bye!]
poningruPriceChild: sorry04:11
elkbuntui just realised...  #ubuntu-release-party is currently at like the pre-dapper #ubuntu number range :-/04:11
elkbuntuheck, maybe even pre-edgy04:11
poningruI heard somewhere that you were the one that packaged beryl for feisty04:12
tonyyarussoponingru: Candidate: 0.2.1.dfsg+git20070318-0ubuntu204:12
poningruPriceChild: I needed help for the wiki feisty beryl help04:12
poningrutonyyarusso: oh blargh?04:13
tonyyarussoponingru: That's what apt-cache policy beryl gives me atm04:13
tonyyarussoOh, wait04:13
=== tonyyarusso can't read
tonyyarussoIgnore me04:13
poningruPriceChild ^^04:13
PriceChildponingru, I didn't package it for feisty04:13
PriceChild-effects for help04:14
poningruthe question I had is does beryl packaging take care of the ati+intel xorg...04:14
=== poningru thwaps elkbuntu with his large linux fish
elkbuntuit's called a herring, dear04:14
poningruwhat about a hisring?04:15
tonyyarussoubotu forgot envy?04:16
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about forgot envy? - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi04:16
Seveasubuntu.com now says released04:18
apokryphosSeveas: shall we +m to get a note from sabdfl?04:19
poningruSeveas: also topic04:19
Seveaswallops from richih04:20
Seveasexpect incomings in #Ubuntu04:20
Seveaslet -party go rampant for a while04:20
PriceChildhaha wow look at that04:20
=== LjL [n=ljl@ubuntu/member/ljl] has joined #ubuntu-ops
=== mode/#ubuntu-ops [+v LjL] by ChanServ
ubotubur[n] er_ called the ops in #ubuntu-release-party04:23
LjLno #ubuntu+1 shutdown this time?04:24
apokryphosbeh, /clear is evil04:24
LjLok, nevermind04:24
mc44Seveas: you should have forwarded to #ubuntu :)04:24
Seveasit is04:24
apokryphosmc44: /clear stops rejoins04:24
mc44ah :)04:24
Seveas--- Channel #ubuntu+1 modes: +tincf #ubuntu04:24
LjLone thousand six hundred. nice.04:24
atoponcewas i kicked from #ubuntu+1?04:25
LjLatoponce: we all were04:25
atoponceoh. ok.04:26
jribatoponce: #ubuntu+1 is no more04:26
mc44long live ubuntu+104:26
atoponcemessed my window numbering up, so i was just curious04:26
jribatoponce: heh I was just saying the same thing04:26
atoponceis it just down until feisty goes final, or is this permament?04:27
Seveasatoponce, feisty is final :)04:27
mc44hah sabdfl is helping in #ubuntu :)04:27
LjLomg, save us04:28
atoponceSeveas: sweet!04:28
elkbuntuSeveas, we're #3 again04:28
Amaranththird largest IRC channel in the _world_04:28
Seveasand closing in on #2 fast :)04:28
LjLwhat if i fire up a local ircd and join 1700 clones?04:28
LjLwhat are #1 and #2 anyway?04:28
PriceChildhaha 904 seeds of the standard desktop cd torrent already?04:28
Amaranthhow many did #1 have?04:28
Seeker`when does #ubuntu+1 open again?04:30
apokryphossoon after gutsy opens04:30
atoponceAmaranth: http://irc.netsplit.de/networks/04:30
AmaranthSeeker`: after UDS04:30
elkbuntuooh.. it took this long for a party channel netsplit? nice04:31
Amaranthi bet we can beat #104:31
Amaranthif not today then when 7.10 comes out04:31
=== Hobbsee [n=Hobbsee@ubuntu/member/hobbsee] has joined #ubuntu-ops
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=== gnomefreak [n=gnomefre@ubuntu/member/gnomefreak] has joined #ubuntu-ops
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Hobbseehi gnomefreak04:35
gnomefreakhi Hobbsee04:37
tonyyarussoAmaranth: how many for #1?04:38
=== cables [n=cables@bas7-montreal02-1177713967.dsl.bell.ca] has joined #ubuntu-ops
=== virdiq [n=virdiq@c211-28-127-202.eburwd3.vic.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu-ops
cablesops: is there any way I can help with testing people's clients, or is it already done?04:39
=== zenbrother [n=arias@pool-71-247-119-48.nycmny.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu-ops
FujitsuGood luck keeping everybody under control, and good night!04:41
gnomefreaknight Fujitsu04:41
FujitsuNight gnomefreak.04:42
=== Nergar [n=Nergar@] has joined #ubuntu-ops
Nergari was banned from #Ubuntu and #ubuntu-release-party without a valid reason. And I am positive i wasn't breaking any rules. So I want an explanation04:44
LjLNergar: i think i recall your nickname, hold on04:44
zenbrotherhi all.  I was referred to the DOC exploit page.  May I be tested?04:45
=== virdiq [n=virdiq@c211-28-127-202.eburwd3.vic.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu-ops
virdiqhi, now that i've connected via port 800104:45
virdiqis that ok?04:45
virdiqmy router is fully updated and vulnerable (eek)04:46
LjLvirdiq, zenbrother: i'll test you04:46
ubotuIn #ubuntu-release-party, rohan said: !ops prakash007 is abusing, in hindi04:46
zenbrotherthank you04:46
ubotuIn #ubuntu-release-party, prakash007 said: !ops rohan is blaming me wrongly04:46
LjLyou can join #ubuntu-release-party04:47
virdiqthank you kindly!04:47
zenbrotherthanks LjL04:47
virdiqTHAT is what I call service :)04:47
=== zenbrother [n=arias@pool-71-247-119-48.nycmny.east.verizon.net] has left #ubuntu-ops []
=== virdiq [n=virdiq@c211-28-127-202.eburwd3.vic.optusnet.com.au] has left #ubuntu-ops []
LjLNergar: unsure, i wasn't there and i don't seem to be able to obtain logs, try asking the person who banned you04:53
Nergari tried, and i have waited more than 3 hours for an answer04:54
atoponceNergar: i don't see that you were banned. you're still in the channel04:55
Nergarnot in #ubuntu04:55
Nergarand i was banned from #ubuntu-release-party also04:55
Nergarby Seveas04:55
SeveasI think I cought th wrong person there04:56
poningru! pwnt04:56
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about pwnt - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi04:56
Nergari think u did, cus i banned me after being idle for 4 hours04:56
Nergari think u did, cus you banned me after being idle for 4 hours*04:57
LjLi think you're unbanned now04:57
Nergaryes i am04:57
Nergarthanks for the help04:57
=== tonyyarusso [n=anthony@ubuntu/member/tonyyarusso] has joined #ubuntu-ops
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LjLsorry for the mistake, you see the channels are "slightly" busy04:58
NergarSeveas, i don't usually PM without permission but try answering them :)04:58
SeveasLjL, understatement :)04:58
Nergarnp LjL04:58
elkbuntuNergar, im pretty sure he has a pm list as long as you are tall at the moment04:59
SeveasNergar, my pm window list is insanely long (around 80)04:59
Nergarok, thanks again04:59
=== Nergar [n=Nergar@] has left #ubuntu-ops ["Don't]
=== KalleDK [n=I@0x535f7c22.rdnxx3.adsl-dhcp.tele.dk] has joined #ubuntu-ops
KalleDKWould like to be tested05:00
=== SportChick hugs Seveas
=== Hobbsee hugs SportChick
=== SportChick tackles hobbsee
SeveasKalleDK, please join #kalletest05:01
=== effie_jayx hugs elkbuntu :D
=== elkbuntu hugs effie_jayx
effie_jayxviva la ubuntu :D05:12
=== CheshireViking [n=Interdic@unaffiliated/cheshireviking] has joined #ubuntu-ops
=== Seveas [n=seveas@ubuntu/member/seveas] has joined #ubuntu-ops
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SeveasKalleDK, where were you banned?05:20
=== ^^CatTuX^^ [n=Shoaibi@mbl-65-129-173.dsl.net.pk] has joined #UBUNTU-OPS
Seveasban removed05:21
=== AmyRose [n=amyrose@user-12l2tg3.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu-ops
KalleDKThx Seveas05:21
=== KalleDK [n=I@0x535f7c22.rdnxx3.adsl-dhcp.tele.dk] has left #ubuntu-ops []
AmyRoseAm I safe now?05:21
apokryphosno-one is ever safe05:21
AmyRoseI mean from the DCC exploit05:22
AmyRoseI think Hobbsee tested me earlier05:22
HobbseeAmyRose: was fine earlier, yes05:23
=== AmyRose hugs Hobbsee
=== AmyRose [n=amyrose@user-12l2tg3.cable.mindspring.com] has left #ubuntu-ops ["Leaving."]
LjL[17:24:54]  <rambo3> How do i downgrade to edgy?? one!! <-- is this the first? :)05:25
Picimy logs say... yes05:27
Amaranthdamn we're down to #605:27
Amaranthlargest IRC channel05:28
Amaranthanother open week05:28
Amaranththose are a pain to run05:29
=== beuno [n=martin@ubuntu/member/beuno] has joined #ubuntu-ops
elkbuntuAmaranth, but oh so fun!05:32
mneptokgunh. lagged.05:55
=== mneptok [n=mneptok@canonical/support/mneptok] has joined #ubuntu-ops
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ubotuIf you are running a Herd/Beta versions of Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty Fawn), and haven't neglected to accept the automatic updates, you are already running the final release version of Feisty. To make sure, type  sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get dist-upgrade  in a console.06:02
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=== GazzaK [n=Dogbert@colchester-lug/GazzaK] has joined #ubuntu-ops
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ubotuIdleOne called the ops in #ubuntu06:13
elkbuntu!staff | sumimasen needs a kline06:13
ubotusumimasen needs a kline: Hey nalioth, jenda, rob, SportChick or ompaul! I could use a bit of your time :)06:13
=== tonyyarusso let's Pricey do it
PriceChildthe exploit works with dcc ch.at as well?06:16
apokryphoson some, yes06:16
tonyyarussoIt works lots of ways with different people06:16
atoponceit's nice to see that it's not affecting as many as it used to06:16
PiciThats because you all keep banning them ;)06:17
PriceChildIs it me or did that not get anyone :)06:20
PriceChildsilly nasty people06:20
tonyyarussoNot just you :)06:20
atoponcelooks like it got 1 or 206:21
tonyyarussoNope, that was a regular quit06:21
atoponcethe connection timed out?06:21
tonyyarussoit came later06:21
atoponce10:19 <   faux!n=christia@1-1-4-21a.gkp.gbg.bostream.se [Connection timed out] 06:21
atoponcethat one?06:22
tonyyarussoI think so06:22
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ubotuIn ubotu, ssam said: ppc is PowerPC.  Formerly used by Apple for the Macintosh line of computers. Variants are now used in popular gaming consoles. PPC was a fully supported Ubuntu architecture up until edgy, and is now a community port. see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PowerPCFAQ06:36
ubotuppc is PowerPC.  Formerly used by Apple for the Macintosh line of computers. Variants are now used in popular gaming consoles. PPC was a fully supported Ubuntu architecture up until edgy, and is now a community port.06:37
=== Codename_PBLP [n=Shoaibi@mbl-65-129-173.dsl.net.pk] has joined #UBUNTU-OPS
nixternalshouldn't that say "up until feisty"?06:40
PriceChild"up to and including edgy" to make sure? :)06:42
=== Codename_PBLP [n=Shoaibi@mbl-65-129-173.dsl.net.pk] has joined #UBUNTU-OPS
nixternalI have Edgy PPC disks as home06:42
=== ssam [n=ssam@] has joined #ubuntu-ops
PriceChildyeah it only got dropped at feisty... i'll change it06:43
tonyyarusso"through edgy"06:43
=== Codename_PBLP [n=Shoaibi@mbl-65-129-173.dsl.net.pk] has joined #UBUNTU-OPS
nixternaloh, I didn't catch your "up and including"06:44
nixternalerr, up to and including06:44
nixternalPriceChild: you would be correct then with your version06:44
=== ssam [n=ssam@] has left #ubuntu-ops ["Tips]
mc44meh lots of the help pages are out of date for feisty07:12
=== Shoaibi [n=Shoaibi@mbl-65-129-173.dsl.net.pk] has joined #UBUNTU-OPS
PriceChildmc44, get to work07:23
mc44PriceChild: pff svn stuff :p07:23
PriceChildmmm ice cream07:24
=== maddler [n=maddler@217-133-171-24.b2b.tiscali.it] has joined #ubuntu-ops
maddlerknock knock...07:37
maddlerI'd need some infos about that dcc stuf... :)07:38
maddleroh... hello PriceChild07:38
PriceChildHave you fixed it?07:38
maddlerI'm connecting using port 8001...07:38
PriceChildif so please join #pricechild for a test07:38
PriceChildyup please join #pricechild :)07:38
maddlerbut I'd like to know more about the bug...07:38
PriceChildOk basically the router thinks its getting a command... but doesn't know how to interpret it and just keels over in frustration07:39
PriceChildhe was fixed.... then decided he'd changed the wrong line and left07:41
=== maddler [n=maddler@217-133-171-24.b2b.tiscali.it] has joined #ubuntu-ops
maddlerok... I was saying... I'd like to know more... on #ubuntu-read-topic you talk about a router problem...07:43
maddleris there anything more specific?07:43
PriceChildmaddler, you can rejoin #ubuntu07:44
PriceChildI've got to run though sorry, I'll pm you a repeat of what i said earlier07:44
maddleroh... sorry...07:45
maddlerok... no problem...07:45
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ubotucrdlb called the ops in #ubuntu-release-party08:05
stdinshouldn't !upgrade (in #kubuntu) be updated now?08:10
ubotuSee http://wiki.kubuntu.org/KubuntuUpgrade for upgrading from Kubuntu 6.06 LTS (Dapper Drake) to Kubuntu 6.10 (Edgy Eft)08:23
gnomefreak!no upgrade-#kubuntu is <reply> See http://wiki.kubuntu.org/KubuntuUpgrade for upgrading from Kubuntu 6.10 (Edgy Eft) to Kubuntu 7.04 (Feisty Fawn)08:24
ubotuI'll remember that gnomefreak08:24
mc44gnomefreak: the feistyupgrades page includes kubuntu instructions that are different08:26
gnomefreakwhat is it?08:26
gnomefreaki dont see another upgrade page08:28
ubotuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes08:29
gnomefreakthats not kubuntu08:30
gnomefreakkubuntu has a new upgrade tool and is not mentioned on that page08:30
mc44its mentioned on the page which that links to for feisty08:30
mc44although its set up stupid at the moment as https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FeistyUpgrades08:30
gnomefreaki got it08:30
mc44yeah, the page is forwarding there for some stupid reason08:31
mc44and the links on it are busted08:31
gnomefreak!no upgrade-#kubuntu is <reply> See http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading for upgrading from Kubuntu 6.10 (Edgy Eft) to Kubuntu 7.04 (Feisty Fawn)08:32
ubotuI'll remember that gnomefreak08:32
=== ompaul [n=ompaul@freenode/staff/gnewsense.ompaul] has joined #ubuntu-ops
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gnomefreakah i see now08:33
gnomefreakwhy is it redirecting :(08:33
mc44so it looks nice on the new ubuntu.com layout I expect08:33
mc44which is rather silly. but hey ho08:34
gnomefreak!no upgrade-#kubuntu is <reply> See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes for upgrading from Kubuntu 6.10 (Edgy Eft) to Kubuntu 7.04 (Feisty Fawn)08:34
ubotuI'll remember that gnomefreak08:34
gnomefreakit is i agree08:34
gnomefreakits inly the feisty one redirecting08:34
mc44there were also some additional instructions for server upgrades on that page which were not on the forwarded page08:35
ubotuIn #kubuntu-devel, lucas_ said: ubotu: yes but it is installed anyway08:48
=== Amaranth [n=travis@ubuntu/member/Amaranth] has joined #ubuntu-ops
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Seveas!bot > lucas_09:15
=== Bain [n=Mark@] has joined #ubuntu-ops
Bainhey I fixed  the disconnect thing, can I get back into #ubuntu now? :)09:32
ompaulBain, join me in #ompaul09:33
ompaulfor a little test09:33
ompaulBain, sorted09:36
=== Bain [n=Mark@] has left #ubuntu-ops ["Leaving"]
=== tsmithe [n=toby@ubuntu/member/tsmithe] has joined #ubuntu-ops
atoponcedown to ~1500 nicks in the channel and ~450 in the release party. things slowing down i assume?10:06
tonyyarussoYep, 1500 is "slowing down"10:06
atoponcewell, compared to the almost 1700 just a few hours ago, was it?10:06
atoponceand 800 in release party, iirc10:07
tonyyarussoI saw 1600 and 750, don't know about the last four hours though10:08
Seveasatoponce, never been higher than almost 160010:37
mc44it got to 1600 at one point10:37
tonyyarussoIt did top 160010:39
mc44when +1 was forwarded10:41
gnomefreakits < 1500 :(10:51
tonyyarussoEurope is going to bed10:55
=== maxamillion [n=adam@ngl-1-14.shsu.edu] has joined #ubuntu-ops
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atoponceSeveas: cool10:57
=== Tm_T [i=tm_travo@xob.kapsi.fi] has joined #ubuntu-ops
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Tm_Twhy ubuntu+1 directs to #ubuntu?11:07
ompaulcos there is no development version11:07
ompaulit is released11:07
ompaulit will open again in 14-20 days11:07
ompaulthere is no devel version so there is no need for it11:07
ompaulfiesty is in #ubuntu11:07
Tm_Tnow there's hole in my irssi channel list11:07
=== Tm_T is collecting channels up after service downtime
=== tonyyarusso put -release-party where +1 was so he doesn't lose his mind
Tm_T500+ uptime *pow* gone11:08
=== madmaster [n=madmaste@mad4milk.ddns.HomeLan.BG] has joined #ubuntu-ops
ompaulmadmaster, now11:09
Tm_Ttonyyarusso: thanks for idea ;)11:09
ompaulA) have you any work to show who is doing -bg at this time?11:09
madmasterwell got info from a local linux site... wait a sec to translate it ...11:10
gnomefreaktoolchain should be done repos open around the 23 from my understanding11:10
ompaulmadmaster, your missing my point, are you active promoting ubuntu11:10
gnomefreaktonyyarusso: good idea11:11
ompaulmadmaster, do you know who else is doing so in your part of the world?11:11
madmasterin a verry base phase...11:11
madmasteryep contacted a guy recently...11:11
madmasterheld a small presentation in a local meeting...11:11
ompaulmadmaster, okay stick up some wiki pages telling of this work, get a launchpad account, sign the CoC11:11
madmasterpardon me CoC?11:12
ompaulcode of conduct11:12
ompaulits kind of obvious on lauchpad whenyou sign up11:12
ompaulmadmaster, when you have all that done go talk with jono bacon11:13
ompauljono@ ubuntu dot com11:13
=== gnomefreak [n=gnomefre@ubuntu/member/gnomefreak] has joined #ubuntu-ops
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gnomefreakguys akanecita is a bot and sends messages in spanish when joining channels11:18
gnomefreakhas been banned from #ubuntu so far11:18
=== Vorian [n=steve@ubuntu/member/Vorian] has joined #ubuntu-ops
gnomefreaki couldnt ban it?11:19
gnomefreaki use irssi script and /abr should remove and ban it only removed11:22
LjLgnomefreak: maybe chanserv was slow to op you and the script didn't notice?11:22
gnomefreakcould be since i have 2 packages building11:23
=== gnomefreak didnt think of that
gnomefreakits banned now anyway11:23
PriceChildI think whois is being dodgy due to load11:28
Seveas@config list plugins.ncyclopedia11:29
Seveas@config list plugins.ncyclopedia11:29
Seveas@config list plugins.encyclopedia11:29
ubotu#database, #prefixchar, #searchorder, alert, aptdir, datadir, notfoundmsg, packagelookup, public, and relaychannel11:29
Seveas@config plugins.encyclopedia.searchorder11:29
ubotuedgy edgy-backports edgy-seveas11:29
Seveas@config plugins.encyclopedia.searchorder feisty11:29
Tm_Tubotu: OK11:30
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ok - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi11:30
=== Madpilot [n=brian@ubuntu/member/madpilot] has joined #ubuntu-ops
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=== ompaul [n=ompaul@freenode/staff/gnewsense.ompaul] has joined #ubuntu-ops
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ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about thunderbird2 - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi12:01
gnomefreaktonyyarusso: it will be in gutsy12:02
gnomefreaki have rc in my repo getting it ready for final12:02
ajmitchgnomefreak: quick question, does it ship the mozldap sdk? if so, which version does it use?12:03
tonyyarussognomefreak: I know, but we should have a factoid for it - Is there anything on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ThunderbirdNewVersion that needs to be changed for v2?12:03
gnomefreaktonyyarusso: i will look at it12:03
=== madmaster [n=madmaste@mad4milk.ddns.HomeLan.BG] has joined #ubuntu-ops
tonyyarussognomefreak: Ok.  When you're done, feel free to make a <reply> Thunderbird 2 will be in Gutsy.  To get it now, just follow the same basic steps as <thatURL>12:04
gnomefreakajmitch: not sure off hand ask asac if he knows but im not sure atm ill look when firefox and iceape are done building12:04
tonyyarussoIf you're feeling really ambitious, update the wiki page12:04
gnomefreakajmitch: i think it does but version not sure12:04
gnomefreaktonyyarusso: someone will12:04
ajmitchgnomefreak: nevermind, I'll check it12:05
=== gnomefreak busy for gutsy and fixing a hunspell screw up but admiral_chucagi adn alex wortk on wikis most of time they are normaly on top of it
=== tonyyarusso sends gnomefreak a spellchecker through dee cee cee
gnomefreakalot of lag so i dont know if spelled wrong at time of typing ;)12:07
gnomefreaktonyyarusso: alex will take care of it sometime in next 4-5 days12:16
tonyyarussognomefreak: Thanks12:16
gnomefreaki will make factoid when i am sure we are good with tb2 in my repo12:16
LjL!is a bot is <reply> Yes, I can confirm that I am a bot. http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots for all information.12:19
ubotuI'll remember that, LjL12:19
LjLat least it's more elegant than "i don't know anything about is a bot"12:20
Tm_TLjL is a bot!12:20
mc44why does ubotu respond to sentences with ubotu at the start anyweay12:20
=== Tm_T is still waiting elegant reply
LjLubotu why do you do that?12:20
LjLTm_T: i'm trying to control the temptation12:21
mc44LjL: file a bug :)12:21
Tm_TLjL: do it, you'll see how helpful it will be12:21
LjLmc44: anyway some people do use "ubotu" as trigger12:21
LjLon purpose i mean12:21
mc44yeah, but most of the time its accidental12:23
mc44I dont see the point in having ubotu as a trigger12:23
LjLubotu, please lart mc4412:23
LjLubotu, be kind and tell mc44 about ban12:25
gnomefreakis it broke?12:25
=== mc44 sighs
mc44holycow is telling people to upgrade with apt-get12:27

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