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knix_How do you rescue a broken system with a iso?02:52
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knix__ I upgraded my dapper server to edgy, then to feisty, and now when it boots it hangs on "running local scripts etc/rc.local  and just hangs there.   I have no idea how to fix this.  any help is greatly appreciated03:11
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sahafeezi am looking at a replacement for a w2k3 box for a windows network. i have looked at rhle5 and sles10. both have have left me a bit underwelmed. 03:15
sahafeezsles10 has very nice ldap-samba-user controller. is that something i can find in ubuntu03:20
knix__sahafeez, go with Ubuntu server - its rox03:20
knix__sahafeez, I would search the forums for that03:20
sahafeezhum, not what i hoped to hear. i have looked and it looks like a bit of jumping thru hoops. the nice thing about the sles10 is the integration is out of the box. if i have too do a lot of work, i would be inclined to just use gentoo03:20
knix__Kewl, we thats what you get when you pay for sles1003:20
ajmitchright, ubuntu server is lacking some of that integration still, but it's a definite focus for the next release03:20
sahafeezquestion, i see that the desktop is at 7.x but server is at 6.10?03:20
Burgwork7.04 is out tomorrowish, for both desktop and server03:20
Burgworkwhat do you do with that 2k3 box?03:20
ajmitchhi Burgwork 03:21
Burgworkhey ajmitch03:21
sahafeezfile, print, AD, exchange. 03:21
knix__anyone feel llike helping with a server ish?03:21
Burgworkthe full gammit, eh?03:21
sahafeezi have settled on opengroupware for the exchange replacemnet.03:21
sahafeezshould i wait for 7.04 to test?03:22
Burgworkhmm, I would use 6.06 for that, as you need longer term suppor03:23
Burgworkdon't need, but it is nice to have03:23
sahafeezso there will be no support for the 7.04 release?03:23
ajmitchthere will be the standard 18 months support03:24
Burgworkno, there is support, just not as long03:24
ajmitch5 years for 6.06 server03:24
sahafeezwhat is the kernel on 6.06/6.10 - i ask because one of the big issues i have had with sles is that my new 9650se is not supported out  of the box. it was easy enough to install the driver in the install, however the yast update to anew kernel, which says it has the support, did not and now i have an unbootable box that is not easy to fix 03:25
sahafeezbtw, i am looking for a list of the difference between desktop and server on the ubuntu site. cannot seem to find it.03:26
Burgworkin what way?03:26
Burgworkthey have similar kernels, with the same low level userspace stuff03:26
sahafeezsorry what did the in what way question apply to? the difference?03:27
Burgworkthe desktop and server for a specific Ubuntu version share the same package respositories03:28
sahafeezbtw, thanks for answering the questions. it is always a good sign when the irc group is responsive and polite. 03:28
Burgworksetting up what you have will take a bit of work03:28
sahafeezok, but what makes server = server and not desktop03:28
Burgworkthe default server install is basically the bare minimum to get the computer up03:29
Burgworkthe default desktop is GNOME plus some bits03:29
Burgworkyou can see what they contain via looking at the seeds03:29
Burgworkjust a sec for the url03:29
sahafeezi see that the support company is in the postgres biz. that is good as opengroupware is postgres only for the most part.03:33
sahafeezi see the bit about the support diff between 6.06 and 6.10. will there be support offerd for 7.0403:34
Burgworkall versions of Ubuntu are supported for 18 months03:36
Burgwork6.06 is unique in that it is supported for 3 years on the desktop and 5 on the server03:37
sahafeezcan you buy support past that?03:37
sahafeezi think i will wait for 7.04 as i have had major issues with the others on the hardware i am useing as it is very very new03:38
Burgworkfor that you need to contact Canonical03:38
Burgworkthe support I mentioned is for security and is free03:39
Burgworkactual somebody-on-the-phone support costs money03:39
sahafeezok. thanks for your help. i will try it out.03:41
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hirshe guys12:26
hirsi have a little problem with installing the vmware-server on ubuntu 6.1012:26
hirsTrying to find a suitable vmmon module for your running kernel.12:27
hirsNone of the pre-built vmmon modules for VMware Server is suitable for your12:27
hirsrunning kernel.  Do you want this program to try to build the vmmon module for12:27
hirsyour system (you need to have a C compiler installed on your system)? [yes] 12:27
hirsthen i type yes, or only enter, its equal12:27
hirsthen the install script asks me12:28
hirsWhat is the location of the directory of C header files that match your running kernel? [/usr/src/linux/include] 12:28
hirsand there is my problem12:28
hirsthere is no folder12:29
hirsor any other folder with includes12:29
hirsok fine12:31
hirsi havent installed linux-headers12:31
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eikkewill ubuntu-server feisty include Xen support? if so, which version?03:51
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gubluntuanyone here have any experiance setting up software raid on ubuntu server with SATA ?04:06
gubluntucan you point me in the right direction?04:11
ivoksput server install CD and start installation04:11
ivokson disk partitionig create linux raid partitions and then configure software raid04:11
ivoksand... that's it04:11
ivoksyou can't miss04:12
gubluntuif i have 2 500gb sata drives04:12
gubluntuand i have already installed the server onto one04:12
ivoksand you want mirror?04:12
gubluntuusing the guideed partition04:12
gubluntubut left the other unpartitioned.. can i do it now?04:13
ivokseh, then it's manual work04:13
ivoksyes, you can, but... urgh :)04:13
ivoksyou want mirror, right?04:13
gubluntuwhat would you suggest.. its a mial server04:13
gubluntustriping or mirror?04:13
gubluntuubuntu server install with raid04:14
gubluntuignore that04:14
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gubluntuwhat should i use?04:27
gubluntuis there any console gui i can use?04:29
gubluntuqt parted looks like it wants to installover100mb of kde junk04:29
gubluntulol.. console gui04:30
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[miles] oh guys04:55
[miles] check this04:55
[miles] www.milesbarry.info/bugger.png04:55
eikkewill ubuntu-server feisty include Xen support? if so, which version?04:59
ivoksit's in universe05:01
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eikkeis it the same package as the debian etch one?05:06
[miles] haha05:06
[miles] ubuntu+1 has dissaperared05:06
[miles] :D05:06
ivokseikke: Version: 3.0.3-0ubuntu10 - so, that's a no05:10
eikkeany idea which kernel version?05:12
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mgalvinhas anyone used Ubuntu Server (preferably dapper) on a Sun Fire X2100?08:00
fabbionemgalvin: let me check... i think we have one of those08:01
mgalvinit's not "officially" supported but a quick look at the specs seems to indicate it should work... just wondering if anyone knows for sure08:01
mgalvinfabbione: oh, cool thanks for looking08:01
fabbionei just need to make sure about the model08:01
fabbionei don't recall if we have that one or the bigger one08:01
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fabbionemgalvin: no sorry we had a bigger model08:09
fabbionei guess it should work with that one too08:10
mgalvinfabbione: ok, thats anyway for looking... it does seem like it will work... i guess i will find out ;)08:11
fabbionemgalvin: in case let us know :)08:11
mgalvini sure will!08:11
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[g2] is there a way to get a ubuntu-server from a debootstrapped feisty ?09:57
=== ivoks_ [n=ivoks@22-134.dsl.iskon.hr] has joined #ubuntu-server
[g2] meaning can I use apt-get to get something very close to a server install ?  I specifically would like to run in a chroot without an install09:58
lionel[g2] : yes10:01
lioneljust do a classical deboostrap and install ubuntu-minimal and ubuntu-standard meta packages10:02
=== [g2] hugs lionel
[g2] :)10:02
[g2] lol10:02
[g2] so just those 2 are all that's needed ?10:02
[g2] and do you know if the same kernel will be used as desktop ?10:03
lionelno, it is not the same kernel10:03
mralphabet[g2] : that's one of the only differences, server uses a slightly different kernel10:03
lionelserver kernel is suffixed by "-server"10:04
=== [g2] has been running the ivtv drivers
[g2] I could probably just install linux-image-.....10:04
[g2] apt-get that is10:04
[g2] mralphabet, I'm guessing the headers used are all the same, meaning I could chroot from a desktop to a server chroot and there wouldn't be any issues10:06
mralphabet[g2] : shouldn't be for an experienced user10:08
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sahafeezhum, i am installing server and i am having issues with the partition tool. is there an expert mode or something. this ncurse interface is driving me nuts10:22
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JavaGeekhello, ubuntuers10:24
lionelHi JavaGeek10:25
sahafeezso no one on a differnet partition tools10:26
sahafeezi am going nuts trying to setup this up...10:27
JavaGeekI was trying to upgrade an ubuntu server installation following the instructions from http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading10:28
JavaGeekthey mention something about installing update-manager-core, but that package is only on feisty, not on edgy10:28
NafalloJavaGeek: edgy-updates10:29
=== ratshell [n=ratshell@74-128-162-171.dhcp.insightbb.com] has joined #ubuntu-server
ratshellHello all10:31
JavaGeekNafallo: I have edgy-updates on my sources.list10:32
=== ratshell [n=ratshell@74-128-162-171.dhcp.insightbb.com] has joined #ubuntu-server
NafalloJavaGeek: hmm. try edgy-proposed then.10:34
ratshellnafallo can you help me10:34
JavaGeekNafallo: I just wish that was in the documentation :)10:34
Nafalloratshell: no idea. you haven't asked a question yet.10:35
NafalloJavaGeek: agreed :-)10:35
NafalloJavaGeek: or pushed to -updates ;-)10:35
ratshellLol during my install of Ubuntu Server I didn't have a network card10:35
ratshellAfter install of server, I installed one10:35
ratshellhow do I get ubuntu server to detect and use it10:35
ratshellwhat command?10:35
Nafalloratshell: sudo vi /etc/network/interfaces10:38
Nafalloratshell: so two commands. maybe man interfaces aswell :-)10:38
ratshellI will go try now10:39
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sacateranyone know where i can get admin on a server for free?10:50
mralphabetyou really aren't back to asking that are you?10:50
sacaterLighty was very nice10:50
sacaterlet me have a space on his server for blog10:51
sacaterand i like ALOT10:51
sacaterbut ni indexing10:51
sacaterand no admin10:51
=== mralphabet shakes his head
JavaGeeksure, you can have admin on my server for free... the IP is
theacolytetheacolyte has quit IRC10:54
sahafeezwhat packages should i install if i want to put a min gnome gui on the server10:58
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sahafeezwhy does the installer insist on formating things between changes. seems dumb. how about waiting until you say go and install11:11
sahafeezseriously. how do you stop that. i want it to let me lay everything out before it formats..11:21
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