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tepsipakkiffs, our xserver lacked a mode for 1440x900@6007:11
tepsipakkikylem: did ben test the patched xserver on his mac?07:14
tepsipakkiMithrandir: is 7.04.1 out of the question?07:32
Mithrandirnot utterly, but it's quite a bit of work.07:32
tepsipakkiyes, I realize that07:33
tepsipakkimaybe I could make an unofficial image for those who can't use the released livecd07:35
tepsipakkiI guess there would be others besides me asking for updates to the images if a point release would be made :P07:40
Mithrandiryou should work on getting the fixes for the X bits into -updates at least, since that's where a .1 would be built from.07:41
tepsipakkithere are people testin the server07:42
Mithrandirmake sure we get minimal changes which are reviewable.  We really, really don't want a repeat of the previous X fuckup. :-)07:43
tepsipakkiadditional modeline for 1440x900@60Hz, and the patch from fedora07:43
tepsipakkiI remember that one :)07:43
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