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skwashdhia ll05:51
skwashdi have my box up and running happily now05:52
skwashdexcept for mounting the home directories05:52
skwashdhow do i tell the terminal server clients to use a home dir outside of the chroot?05:52
skwashdi tried using bind in the server fstab .. but it doesnt mount05:53
skwashdshould i just export it via NFS and tell it to use that?05:55
skwashdby putting an entry in the chroot /etc/fstab ?05:56
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skwashdworked it out07:38
skwashdi just needed to hack /opt/ltsp/i386/etc/init.d/ltsp-client-setup07:38
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tyndyllHi - hoping someone can help. Am trying to set up Edubuntu for a demonstartion for a charity I work with but have run into some problems. Everything has installed grand, the thin client has booted up and given me my login screen (GDM?). After logging in though the screen flashes and X resets itself.01:51
tyndyllThe error in /var/log/messages is "gconf server is not in use"01:51
tyndyllCan someone point me in the right direction?01:51
kgoetztyndyll: what version of edubuntu?01:52
tyndyll7.04 Feisty Fawn01:53
kgoetzi havent used edubuntu 7.0401:54
ogratyndyll, check the .xsession-errores of the user you try with ...01:54
tyndyllHave to run off - will be back in 45mins. Sorry about this01:54
tyndyllWill try that next01:54
ograand make sure the ssh server is running01:55
ogra(ltsp uses ssh to transfer the desktop)01:55
kgoetzogra: does fesity ship with sabayon by default?01:58
ograwe have pessulus since edgy sabayon should stay optional until its mature enough01:59
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=== kgoetz goes to investigate pessulus
ograit only sets gconf values02:01
kgoetzit sounds familiar. i'll have to look02:02
kgoetz*look though02:02
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highvoltageMez|OnAir: pong02:19
highvoltagewhos here_02:19
highvoltagesigh at spanish keyboarg02:19
Mez|OnAirhighvoltage, see the link in /msg ;p02:20
highvoltageMez|OnAir: yep. just saw it on planet too =02:24
highvoltageMez|OnAirwhere are you on air too? Sevilla_02:24
highvoltagespanish keyboard gets the better of highvoltage  :)02:25
ograhighvoltage, so how's the weather ... i havent packed yet02:25
highvoltageogra: colder than I expected. but I can still wear short sleeve shirt without feeling uncomfortable02:25
highvoltageI havent slept in... a lot of hours though02:26
highvoltagelast when I slept was 5am yesterday, and that was only from 1am the same morning! I think its going to catch up with me tonight02:26
=== juliux waves to highvoltage in spain;)
highvoltageogra: seen riched around? I want to ask him some things in preperation02:27
highvoltage-me waves back to juliux02:27
=== juliux is in the cold east germany:(
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highvoltageman. I want to move to europe and always have fast access like this02:29
jsgotangcohey highvoltage02:29
highvoltagehey jsgotangco02:29
juliuxhighvoltage, hehe02:29
jsgotangcowow you in spain?02:29
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highvoltagejsgotangco: si02:29
juliuxhighvoltage, but i have only 700kb down stream here, so it is not in whole europe so fast02:29
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highvoltagejuliux: only!?02:30
juliuxhighvoltage, yes only;)02:30
highvoltagethat would be blazing fast for us in .aq02:30
highvoltageI mean, .za02:30
juliuxhighvoltage, the slowest broadband connection you can get in germany is 1mbits02:31
ograhighvoltage, he might still be travelling ...02:31
jsgotangcolet's all move to europe then!02:31
highvoltagejuliux: in .za, they call anything thats 64kbit/s or faster broadband!02:31
kgoetzsame in -au02:32
juliuxhighvoltage, ohhh, that is slow02:32
jsgotangcoi can always be mistaken as european anways02:32
highvoltagejsgotangco: I thought you were!02:32
jsgotangcowell at least here broadband starts at 256kbit/s02:32
juliuxi know some people who have a gigabit connection02:33
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=== highvoltage has a gigabit connection, but only between 3 cs in bedroom
juliuxhighvoltage, hehe02:34
juliuxhighvoltage, he uploaded the ubuntu 7.04 isos via bittorent02:34
jsgotangcohighvoltage: hahaha02:35
jsgotangcohighvoltage: yeah and you're asian i know02:35
=== meduxa is away: Away at the moment
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tyndyllogra: sshd is running, however there is no .xsession-errors file in the users directory02:58
ogradid you change any IP data after installing the server ?02:58
tyndyllogra: no02:59
ograif so, run: sudo ltsp-update-sshkeys02:59
ograand try to log in again02:59
ograif there is no .xsession-errors it indicates that the problem lies in the ssh layer02:59
ogracan the users log in directly on the server without probs ?03:00
tyndyllogra: yes03:01
tyndyllHome directory is created03:01
tyndyllI've created their main group, it isn't the default one03:02
tyndylli.e. created a group "management" and made that their main group03:02
ogradid you tweak any pam settings ?03:02
ograhmm, weird ...03:02
tyndyllHave entered the ltsp-update-sshkeys and that seems to have done the trick03:02
ografine :)03:03
tyndyllIs X over SSH the standard?03:03
tyndyllIn theory then I could run clients from other sites (bandwidth not withstanding)03:04
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tyndyllcheers for the help03:05
tyndyll8meg here in Belfast in contribution to the conversation I missed earlier03:06
ograhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/LDMLoadbalancingSupport ... that might go into gutsy ... you will be able to define a serverlist the user can select from03:06
ograbut 8M might be a bit small03:11
tyndyllHad tried using K12LTSP before. This is much nicer03:11
ograthanks :)03:11
tyndyllTypically - the install has been the easy part. The hard part comes later in the week in the selling of it03:12
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mattfletcheranyone here got any experience with the Thin Client Manager?03:14
ograif yu wait for cbx33 you can even talk to its author :)03:15
ogramattfletcher, what do you need to know ?03:16
mattfletcherWell I think my question is fairly simple. It sounds like a fantastic app (I say sounds, coz I'm still to see a screenshot), but I think a TC setup might be overkill for me. What I really want is LDAP auth + NFS file storage but I wondered if TCM would be of use to me with this? Or would it just work with a true TC setup?03:16
ograit only manages ltsp sessions03:17
ograwhch means it searches for ldm (LTSP Display Manager) based ssh logins03:17
ograand bases all actions on this03:18
mattfletchersee, i'm hoping to set up a network of about 15 machines at my local church. the problem is while they are all reasonable machines, none is powerful enough (i think) to run as a LTS03:18
ograso it wont help in your case i suspect03:18
mattfletcherwhat sort of spec would a server need to run say 10 thin clients for now?03:19
ograwell, for 15 coients you need something with ~2.4G ram ...03:19
ogratake 256M for the server to run and add up 128M per connected client03:19
mattfletchermainly for web surfing, gaim, email and oo i should think. plus the built in games perhaps03:19
mattfletcherright i see03:19
ograso 1.5G should suffice vor 10 clients03:20
mattfletcherwhat about processor?03:20
ograCPU power depends on apps used ... i.e. openoffice will require a lot more than just browsing a bit03:20
cliebow_mostly it is about memory..03:20
tyndyllDoes the RAM requirement go down if you're not using Gnome/KDE?03:20
mattfletcherhmm, i did consider xfce. shocker i know, but it can be made to look xp-like more easily03:21
ograi think you can run with 60-90M with an xfce setup03:21
mattfletcher(don't hate me)03:21
ogra(per client)03:21
ograwhy should we :) xfce is a great desktop ... we even ship it on the server addon CD03:21
mattfletcheri assume that TCM runs on the server - suggesting that the server runs X?03:21
ograno X needed on the server at all03:22
tyndyllmattfletcher: don't worry about it. thats one of the biggest whines I;m going to hear about on Friday... "but but but,.... its not windows"03:22
ograonly the libs since usually the desktop apps are compiled against them03:22
mattfletcherso you run TCM on any client? That's cool03:22
mattfletchersod it, i know i really want thin client, i'll just have to buy a bit more ram03:23
ograand get a raid controller so you can make use of all these spare disks you have left ;)03:24
mattfletcheroh yeah, never thought of that03:24
mattfletcheractually, i can't. the youth club leader has made me promise to triple boot winxp + scientific linux + edubuntu coz he doesn't trust me not for it all to go tits up03:25
mattfletcherhow much ram do the clients need?03:25
ografrom 64M on03:25
ogra128M is perfect, 64M will work as well ... 48M is *absolute* minimum03:25
mattfletcherso i leave 128 in each machine, then i can be sure that fool will try and run the XP or SL :)03:27
mattfletcher*no fool03:27
mattfletcherwhat a plan03:27
ograSL should work with 128, no ?03:27
mattfletchersurely not?03:27
mattfletcherit's red hat basically03:27
ograwell ... but rather older ...03:28
mattfletcherbut the youth club leader also happens to be a particle physicist that works at CERN, so he wants the system to run his baby03:28
mattfletcherbut i said no coz i will end up managing it03:28
ograsure, i didnt complain :)03:28
ograi just said it should be able to run with 128M unless it has a huge desktop (which i wouldnt expect with that name)03:29
mattfletcherhe wants to use the "install everything" option on the dvd - yes, dvd. now you can see why an ubuntu thin client system looks promising to me as a spare time sysadmin!03:29
mattfletcherare there any screenshots of thin client manager in action on this sort of sized network (10-15)?03:33
ograthe shots that are there only have some testusers in them03:34
mattfletcherwhere is "there"? i've struggled to find any screenshots at all - just launchpad descriptions etc03:37
ograi think thats it03:39
mattfletcherooh very nice!03:39
ograapart from that there are some shots in the edubuntu handbook (installed in your system if you use edubuntu)03:39
mattfletchervery gnome-ish03:39
ograindeed, its written in pygtk03:40
mattfletcherthat'll be why then, i like the look that pygtk gives to progs03:40
mattfletcherwell i think i need to go and poach some machines and set up a sandbox03:41
ografor an outlook into the future: http://people.ubuntu.com/~ogra/LTSPManager/03:42
mattfletcherthanks ogra (and others), i'm be back to pester you soon.03:42
ogragood :)03:42
mattfletcheraww, is that not the present :(03:42
mattfletcherhow future are we talking?03:43
ograLTSP manager ? nope03:43
ograprobably gutsy03:43
ograyou usually dont need to tweak anything in ltsp ... the autodetection will work fine for 99% of the cases03:43
ograltsp manager is for the areas where it fails or you have very tricky HW to use03:43
ogra(currently you can adjust stuff in a config file)03:44
mattfletcherrighto. well i promised i'd do it once feisty launched, so i'd best not wait for gutsy03:44
mattfletcherooh, one of those screenshots revealed something just then. does the server need two nics?03:45
cliebow_matt.you should be able to set ti up single nic if your dhcp doesnt conflict with something else..03:48
=== cliebow_ cliebow ducks..
mattfletcherwell we will likely have 10 clients into a server into a smoothwall into an adsl router. where should the dhcp happen in your opinion?03:54
ograon the edubuntu server03:54
mattfletcherright. might i even be able to merge the smoothwall functions into the ltsp server?03:55
ograeven though i'D keep it separate ...03:55
ograsimply because you shouldnt run user apps on a firewall03:55
mattfletcherby "functions" i really only care about content filtering, caching etc is of lesser importance03:56
mattfletcheri see03:56
mattfletcheri'll leave it as is then03:56
mattfletcherbut move the dhcp onto the edubuntu03:56
ograor set the existing one up to do netbooting for thin clients ...03:56
ograup to you :)03:56
ograjust dont run two dhcp servers in one network segment03:57
mattfletcherthe current firewall can barely handle its own jobs03:57
mattfletcheris there a list anywhere of what is on the addons cd?03:58
ograthats the seedlist used to build the addonCD04:01
mattfletcherpresumably i could just apt-get this software though?04:03
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crazy_busdoes the classroom Classroom Server Add-on CD work with the on a Desktop cd install.  Or does it only work on a server install04:29
ograit works for both ...04:30
ograwe'll rename it to be plainly "addon CD" in the next release, that name choice was bad04:30
crazy_buswhere can I find a list of the programs on the cd.04:30
ograhttp://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/18581/ thats the seedlist it gets built from04:31
ogra(i should put that on a wikipage proper or so)04:31
crazy_busalot of the packages are already of the Desktop cd.  Why is this?04:32
ograto have tham available in the live session ...04:34
crazy_buswhat is a live session?04:34
ograwhat you run if you put in a desktop CD04:35
crazy_busI'm confused.  gconpris, tuxpaint and alot of the kdeedu programs already run when you put in the desktop cd?04:36
=== bddebian [n=bdefrees@] has joined #edubuntu
ograthey are in the live session, yes, but the installer cant install everything from the live session .. the installed desktop you get is identical to the one from the server CD and doesnt have these apps04:37
crazy_busI still dont understand :(04:39
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crazy_busdo you mean the the ltsp serverdoesn't have these apps installed by default.04:41
ograthe installed desktop (no matter which CD you used to install) doesnt have them04:42
mattfletcherI'm still not sure why there is an addon CD. If it's all available via apt-get, why bother going to the trouble preselecting a particular range (which is never gonna have exactly what anyone wants on it).04:42
ograthe live session running directly off the desktop CD has them ...04:43
ogramattfletcher, 80% of our current users sit in countries with dialup connctions04:43
ograand bad bandwith04:43
ograand many dont have the ability to get a DVD reader/writer either, so we decided for a two CD set04:44
mattfletcherI see04:44
ograsince not all the apps fit on a single CD ...04:44
ograand we plan to add a lot more for university use etc04:44
mattfletcherMaybe that point needs elaborating then. I'm in the UK sat on the end of an 8 meg broadband connection, and I wasted an hour downloading it. I'm not sure what you could do to make it more obvious though. Could a new name help?04:46
mattfletcheroffline extras disc?04:46
mattfletcher(I'm no marketer)04:47
ograwe'll discuss it on the conference next week ...04:47
ograserver-addon wasnt the best name :)04:48
crazy_busI'm still confused :)  I installed edubuntu and it had all the programs from the live session installed including alot of kdeedu, tuxpaint, gcompri etc04:48
ogracrazy_bus, oh, then you used an old release04:48
ograsince feisty that changed04:49
crazy_busI've only tested the livecd of feisty.  So are those programs missing from an install now?04:49
ograyes, you need the addon CD04:49
ograwe'll change that wiht gutsy ... feisty was the first release to have two CDs we'll have to see how it goes04:50
ogra.. and make adjust ments04:50
crazy_bushow do those programs fit on the livecd and not in an install?  Whats taken the space on the cd compared to older releases04:50
ograthe liveCd doesnt have the server bits04:51
ograand the server CD doesnt have the edu apps04:51
ograits all balanced out04:51
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paolob-parroquiahi ogra!04:52
mattfletcherdumb question then - where's the "edu" in the edubuntu server cd then? what makes it different from the ubuntu server cd?04:53
crazy_busI think because its setup with automatic ltsp which is good for schools04:54
paolob-parroquiaI just dist-upgraded a ltsp server to feisty, and it says that the package ltsp-server is retained. If I try to "apt-get install" it, it says that there is a big crunch of package that aren't necessary any more, and that are being removed. Is it ok?04:54
ograthere are still a bunch of edu apps ... and the installer integration of server stuff ... like ltsp, scooltool, moodle is in the works and a proper network auth mecahnism as well04:54
crazy_busSo if I install the livecd of edubuntu 7.04.  Alot of the programs that were on the live cd like gcompris will be missing?04:54
ograyou need to install them from the addon CD04:54
mattfletcherwhat is improper about network auth right now?04:54
ograthere is none ?04:55
mattfletcheryou mean ldap sort of auth, not ltsp then, yeah?04:55
ograat least no integrated solution that works out of the box04:55
ograi mean any kind of network authentication server ... for ltsp as well as for any other stuff04:55
mattfletcherbut this won't affect me with my 10 pcs, 1 server setup that i'm hoping to build, no?04:56
ograspecifically for ltsp though, since things like fat client implementation as well as local app support needs any network auth in place04:56
ograits something future features will be based on04:56
mattfletcherah i get it, you mean to let the ltsp outsource its own authentication04:56
ograwell, we want to have an ldap server or something that gets set up by default but is totally transaprent to the admin and user04:57
ograin any case the server CD will grow several heads and legs in the near future04:58
ograso space thats free atm after we had to take care to everything split up over the different isos will be used for further development ...04:59
mattfletcherEdubuntu sounds like a really interesting arm of the ubuntu project. I want to contribute back, but I'm not really sure how. I have few technical skills and to be honest little spare time. Is there anything meaningful I can do?04:59
ograand free space on the addon CD will be used for further edu apps04:59
ograi think we hav a "contribute to edubuntu" page on www.edubuntu-org somewhere ...05:00
ograapart from that you can attend the meetings we usually hold every wednesday or hang around here and pick up tasks ...05:00
ograone area where we always need help is documentation :)05:01
crazy_busis there anyway to use a desktop cd as an upgrade disk.  As I spent a long time setting up a dialup modem on someones computer and I don't want to lose the installed modem05:02
paolob-parroquiaogra, https://wiki.edubuntu.org/EdubuntuLTSPUpgradeNotes is up to date? is it right for edgy -> feisty?05:02
ogranope, use the server CD for that05:03
ograpaolob-parroquia, well, thats rather generic and can be used for all upgrades ...05:03
ograit could need a hint to mount /proc in the client chroot though05:04
paolob-parroquiaogra, I see that the chroot upgrade still uses the 386 kernel, while ubuntu uses only the generic one...05:09
ogra-enerig isnt usable on many thin clients05:09
paolob-parroquiaogra, but if I find that it work... can I use it or is it "dangerous"?05:10
ograwell your system will boot slower adn use more memory ... and you might run into probs in later upgrades05:12
mattfletcherogra, if i have a ltsp system working, could anyone bring along a laptop and boot into the system?05:13
ogramattfletcher, indeed05:13
mattfletcherand it should just work?05:13
ograas long as it supports PXE05:13
ograor you have an etherboot floppie05:13
mattfletcherand then you could reboot and be urself again?05:13
ograyes, it will just work05:14
mattfletcheris there an etherboot cd?05:14
ograno, you can make one on rom-o-matic05:14
mattfletcheri see05:14
ogramodern laptops ususally have PXE though05:14
ograi havnet had one without since two years ... and i usually buy the cheapest crap since i change quite often05:15
mattfletcherhow can i find if a sony vaio vgn-fs315e does pxe?05:15
ogralook in the bios05:15
mattfletcherthere is no table online?05:15
ograthere should be an entry in the bootorder menu05:15
ograselect boot from netwrok there05:15
mattfletcherwhat is desktop support for that like? and can it be set in the boot order to fallback to disk if no server is available?05:16
ogran idea ask sony :)05:18
ograi didnt write their bios :)05:18
mattfletchersorry i meant general desktop support, how confident can i be that things will have it?05:19
ograi dont understand05:19
mattfletcherif i walked into pc world today and picked up a cheap and nasty pc, how likely would it be to have pxe support? or does it really depend on what you buy?05:20
ograyou will get a normal desktop as on every other ubuntu/edubuntu with ltsp and it will behave the same as elsewhere05:20
Kamping_Kaisermattfletcher, usually come with pxe (intels)05:20
mattfletcherbut not amds?05:22
Kamping_Kaiseramds will /probably/.05:23
ogralikeliness of new HW having PXE ... 90% i'd say05:23
ograat least for laptops05:24
Kamping_Kaiseri'd say the same for desktops, especialy if its hardware thats targeted to school/busines05:24
ograi havent bought any desktop since years so i can hardly judge there :)05:25
Kamping_Kaiserniether, but pxe is (afaik) the only way to book pc's thats ever been bulit into the bios, i have 3-5 year old computers, all have pxe05:25
Kamping_Kaisercant imagine it going away just yet05:26
paolob-parroquiaogra, at the end of the chroot dist-upgrade, it tells me that package console-setup is not configured, and it seems that it's because I have LANGUAGE=es_DO:es, i.e. it's not UTF-8. And I can't issue a  sudo chroot /opt/ltsp/i386 export LANGUAGE=es_DO.UTF-8, it says "chroot: cannot run command `export': No such file or directory". Why?05:27
Kamping_Kaiserexport is a function of the shell iirc05:28
ograpaolob-parroquia, did you mount /proc in the chroot ?05:31
paolob-parroquiasudo chroot /opt/ltsp/i386 mount /proc ?05:32
paolob-parroquiait doesn't work...05:33
paolob-parroquia$ sudo chroot /opt/ltsp/i386 mount /proc05:33
paolob-parroquiawarning: can't open /etc/mtab: No such file or directory05:33
ogralook at the upgrade notes05:33
ograi added that when i said so05:33
Kamping_Kaiserif its temporary, just bind it in from your host os05:33
paolob-parroquiaogra, I'm using https://wiki.edubuntu.org/EdubuntuLTSPUpgradeNotes, but it doesn't speak of mounting /proc05:34
=== ogra wonders if the wiki didnt save the edit from 2h ago
=== ogra checks
ograwell, for me it says a) that wiping and rebuilding the chroot is the recommended method ... and that you need to mount /proc05:36
ograin case you want to do an upgrade05:36
ograMake sure we have a /proc filesystem available (some packages need that)05:36
ogra sudo chroot /opt/ltsp/i386 mount -t proc proc /proc05:36
ograClean up after us, we dont need the /proc filesystem anymore05:37
ogra sudo chroot /opt/ltsp/i386 umount /proc05:37
paolob-parroquiaogra, I see it05:37
ograi'D still really recommend the rebuild ... its way faster and you will actually see the new features05:38
ograi.e. in an upgrade you will for example still use the esound crap ...05:40
paolob-parroquiaogra, ok, I'm going to do it05:41
juliuxogra, hi,  can you ask around on ues if somebody has some nice edubuntu pictures we can print for linuxtag?05:42
paolob-parroquiaogra, with the rebuild do I have to set the keyboard layout again ?05:43
ograjuliux, sure ...05:45
ograpaolob-parroquia, nope thats done automatically now05:45
juliuxogra, thanks we have an extra demopoint for edubuntu on linuxtag05:45
ogra(another reason to rather rebuild ;) )05:45
ograjuliux, i'll be there for the Q&A session ... if you want me earlier or later for the stand to promote edubuntu, just say so :)05:46
juliuxogra, it is up to you, if you have time come if not not;)05:47
paolob-parroquiaogra, I rebuilt, but "ln: creating symbolic link `/dev/fd' to `/proc/self/fd': File exists", and exits with error.05:48
ograyou dint clean up properly05:49
paolob-parroquiaI had rm-ed the tree  with "sudo rm -rf /opt/ltsp/i386"05:49
ogradoesnt look like05:49
ograwhat does: dpkg -l ltsp-server05:50
ogragive you ?05:50
ogra(should be 5.0.7)05:50
ogradid you unmount /proc properly before removing the thing ?05:51
juliuxnow he umountet /dev/eth0 ;)05:56
=== paolob-parroquia [n=paolob-p@pri-214-b7.codetel.net.do] has joined #edubuntu
paolob-parroquia(sorry, the battery of the inverter...)06:02
paolob-parroquiawhat did you tell me ogra?06:02
ogradid you unmount /proc properly before removing the thing ?06:03
ogrammm, nice :) http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/default.stm06:04
ografree advert space on bbc :)06:04
Kamping_Kaiserwish the bbc site wasnt so heavy :|06:05
paolob-parroquiaogra, no06:06
ograpaolob-parroquia, thats your prob then06:06
ograunmount it06:06
paolob-parroquiain the removing procedure it doesn't specify it06:06
ograin the removing procedure i dont assume that you wipe a manually half updated chroot ;)06:07
Kamping_Kaisersadly, i'm more interested in the 'users want xp back' link *heh*06:07
ograheh, i'm reading that as well atm :)06:07
ogra"In response Microsoft said that Dell was responding to a "small minority" of customers who had a very "specific" request."06:08
=== Kamping_Kaiser is still waiting for both to load :|
=== Kamping_Kaiser thought minorities were inherantly small
ogra*giggle* indeed thats why they switch back *6* models06:08
Kamping_Kaiserwow. cool. *still waiting*06:09
=== cbx33 [n=pete@ubuntu/member/cbx33] has joined #edubuntu
paolob-parroquiaogra, I can't understand: I think I umounted the /proc before removing the ltsp tree, but now if it were mounted I cannot remove it. And ltsp-build-client keeps ending with error. How should I do?06:18
paolob-parroquiaI'm rebooting the server...06:18
ograsudo umount /opt/ltsp/i386/proc06:19
cbx33ogra, vcs is looking good06:21
paolob-parroquiaogra, it's not mounted. I rebooted the server, but all is the same: after installing successfully the base system it gives some perl warnings and then "Adding `diversion of /etc/mtab to /etc/mtab.real by ltsp-client'"06:23
paolob-parroquia`/opt/ltsp/i386/etc/apt/sources.list' -> `/opt/ltsp/i386/etc/apt/sources.list.old'06:23
paolob-parroquialn: creating symbolic link `/dev/fd' to `/proc/self/fd': File exists06:23
ograwhat version of the ltsp-server package do you have there ?06:23
ograand did you make really clear that /opt/ltsp was empty after your reboot and before you ran ltsp-build-client ?06:24
ogradpkg -l ltsp-server06:24
ogra(shows the version)06:24
paolob-parroquiaahhh, it's the old one, apt-get dist-upgrade didn't upgrade it because of many packages autoremovables06:24
paolob-parroquiado I install it06:24
ograyou are on feisty?06:25
ograwhee, that should be 5.0.7 then06:26
paolob-parroquiaI dist-upgraded to feisty06:26
ogramanually ...06:26
paolob-parroquiaok, let me install06:26
ograi mean without using update-manager ?06:26
ograthats brave06:27
ograare you sure there isnt other stuff that isnt upgraded as well ?06:27
ogradist-upgrade might have left a lot of stuff out ... thats why its not recommended06:28
paolob-parroquiaogra, but why doesn't the developers integrate in apt-get the stuff that update-manager works? A gui application isn't as friendly as a command line one...06:32
paolob-parroquiaogra, we have still the bug that the --mirror option of ltsp-build-client doesn't resolv the names defined in the server's /etc/hosts06:37
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LaserJockogra: are you here? I didn't make my flight so I won't be meeting you07:59
ograah, k07:59
ograany info on a new flight ?08:00
LaserJockpretty much same flights just 24hrs later08:00
LaserJockthe stupid plane broke08:00
LaserJockit was the first flight though08:00
LaserJockso I'm back at home actually08:00
LaserJockapparently the system that controls the cabin pressure wouldn't work08:01
LaserJockaccording to my new tickets I'll be in Seville at 12:55 on the 3rd08:03
LaserJockso I guess I'll miss the first morning :(08:04
cliebow_LaserJock, that certainly gives one a feeling of confidence..08:08
LaserJockcliebow_: they first started saying they were getting the mechanics to troubleshoot08:08
LaserJockthere was a lady a few row behind calling her husband to make some last minute changes to her will :-)08:09
LaserJockso overall I think it was better to get a different flight than to all of a sudden loose cabin pressure mid-flight ;-)08:10
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=== meduxa is back.
LaserJockogra: should email Claire to tell her I'll be late?08:21
=== cbx33 [n=pete@ubuntu/member/cbx33] has joined #edubuntu
ograLaserJock, probably makes sense08:28
cbx33hey all08:29
=== georgy [n=georgy@217-117-42-7.teledisnet.be] has joined #edubuntu
LaserJockcbx33: hi!08:58
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sacaterhighvoltage: is all going to plan for tommorow and irc10:16
Burgworkhow do I make dhcpd bind only to the eth1 interface?10:31
ajmitchBurgwork: just tell it which subnet to listen on10:40
ajmitchit should pick up the interface from that10:40
Burgworkso if the other interface is dhcp on a completely different subnet, it won't bind to it?10:42
Burgworkand how do I tell which interfaces a running dhcpd server is bound to?10:42
Burgworkyes, this means I have actually installed LTSP10:42
ajmitchnetstat will still tell you it's listening to all10:42
ajmitchbut I believe it will ignore packets on the 'wrong' interfaces10:43
ajmitchat least it 'works for me' :)10:43
ajmitchgood to see the dell stuff sorted out, are people back on planet? I've seen no posts for a few hours10:43
Burgworkplanet is currently dead10:44
BurgworkI am not happy10:44
Burgworknor is jono10:44
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Amir2does anyone know if its possible to run edubuntu from a USB stick?10:45
Amir2would this be OK      dd if=/dev/cdrom of=/dev/sdb1  bs=1024   ?10:46
Amir2how about difference in volume size? (usb stick is 1GB and CDROM is 700MB)10:47
Amir2aha found what i need  http://www.pendrivelinux.com/2006/09/19/all-in-one-usb-pclinuxos-minimezip/10:49
Amir2thanks anywayz! :-)10:49
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