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RinchenRe: Matt's fridge story - he's offline for the day so he'll probably fix that in the morning09:56
Rinchenif one of you guys wants to approve that after that line is rewritten, +1.09:56
Rinchenor if you find anything else that needs to be rewritten, +2 :-)09:56
robitailleRinchen:  I'll take a look at that article tonight10:50
mdkewould be nice to get an article on the Dell story too10:51
mdkeshall we mail the marketing team and ask them to contribute? might be a good chance to get them involved10:51
RinchenAt this point, Canonical employees cannot comment on Dell.10:51
robitaillehummm...planet.u.c doesn't  seem to update.  On the day where there is probably a bunch of blog entries about Dell-Ubuntu10:51
mdkerobitaille: yeah, it was disabled. However, now that Canonical has announced the news, it should be reactivated again - I've asked the admins10:52
robitaillewhat?  it was disabled because of the Dell story????10:53
mdkeyes, unfortunately10:53
mdkethere was a leak, and it was blocked in a rather heavy handed way, at least that's the impression I got.10:54
mdkeanyway, now the news is all live so we could write something10:54
robitailleI guess the leak was that Canonical employee who blogged about it...I see that his entry is now gone from the site10:56
mdkeyes, 2 other community members linked to his story and were removed too; seems planet hasn't been updating since then10:56
mdkebut the news has been public for quite a few hours now, no sure why it hasn't been restored10:57
robitailleI find all this a bit disturbing.  it is one thing to control your direct employees...it is something else to remove entries of community members, and block the whole site for hours10:57
mdkeyes, I agree. There was a bit of an overreaction...10:59
robitailleInterestingly my blog entry survived on planet...must be because it was clearled labelled a rumour11:00
mdkeexactly, yes11:00
robitailleI have noticed in recent weeks that  I making the decision on more and more posts of mine to not appear on planet...some sort of self-censorship; even for posts somewhat related to Ubuntu.  I'm starting to think that maybe I should simply remove myself from the planet.11:05
robitaillegoing to a more complete freedom of expression :)11:05
Rinchenrobitaille, I hope you don't.  I like the fact that you are there.11:06
robitailleRinchen: 90% of my blog posts don't make it on Planet already11:06
mdkepost more to planet11:06
mdkeI like your posts and won't read them unless they end up there11:07
RinchenI've noticed but didn't think it was that high a percentage.11:07
RinchenI've had to self-censor myself so now I only use my blog to post about ubuntu in general.  The problem is, some of the stuff I really want to post on, I'm not in a position to comment on. :-)11:07
robitailleessentially anything tag "ubuntu" goes to planet, anything else stay on my blog.   Too much non-ubuntu stuff on planet could be seen as spam11:07
mdkeI think people should post everything on their blog to the planet11:08
mdkenon-Ubuntu related stuff is interesting too, because the whole people is to find out more about contributors11:08
mdkeobviously, if people don't want to, that's fine. I'm just saying that I like seeing it11:08
RinchenMe personally, I like to see Ubuntu and related but not anything else except life announcements (e.g. "It's a boy!")11:11
mdkehow come?11:12
Rincheninfo overload11:13
RinchenIf I like someone's posts in general, I'll add their feed11:14
Rinchenotherwise, I like to hear the buzz on a particular topic, in this case, Ubuntu and related11:14
robitailleI know that I write 3-4 posts a day on my blog.  if they all to planet, and 20 others members do the same, that's a very busy planet11:14
mdkerobitaille: nothing compared to planet Gnome11:14
Rinchenplanet mayhem you mean? ;-)11:15
robitaillemdke:  and that's why I don't subscribe to planet Gnome...too busy and not focused enough :)11:15
mdkeah, I quite like it11:15
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