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Lichtedoes anyone here package gnome-java ?10:55
vilhi Lichte11:03
Lichtehi vil11:03
vilno one I know so far11:03
vilmaybe I can try ask few other people11:03
vilI did not hear about it11:03
vilwhat is it good for?11:03
vilcan you send a link?11:04
Lichteit is the bindings for programming gnome apps with java11:04
Lichtethe web site says that ubuntu has the newest version, but the only version I see is an old version of the depricated series11:04
LichteI was surprised to see this11:06
vilcan you also send the link to the website you mention abovE?11:08
Lichteto whom ?11:09
vilI mean regarding ubuntu11:09
Lichteclick on ubuntu11:09
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vilok, now I see it11:15
vildoko seems to be behind the latest version in ubuntu11:15
vildebian seems to be even few versions behind11:16
vilbest if you ask doko about this, but he tends to be busy so he is hard to get11:16
Lichtethanks much vil11:16
vilI am sure, he will have no objections, if you would like to package the new version yourself ;)11:17
LichteI'd like to help out if I can11:17
Lichtecan it be backported to feisty ?11:17
Lichteor will it have to go in the next version ?11:18
vilif the build remained the same after the version bump, it could be quite easy11:18
vilthere is a process for getting updates to stable releases (currently feisty)11:18
vilso yes, it can get there11:18
Lichtewhat is the name of the next version ?11:19
vilfeisty+1 is called gutsy11:19
vilgutsy gibbon11:19
LichteI've heard gutsy, but I was wondering gutsy what :)11:20
Lichtethanks vil, I'll try and get hold of doko11:24
vilok, he might be in better position to help you11:26
LichteI may try my hand at a package and apply it to my system11:27
vilfor general packaging questions there is #ubuntu-motu channel11:27
Lichtewhether or not it's used by ubuntu11:27
Lichteyeah, I was just in -motu11:28
Lichteis there a usable version of feisty+1 yet ?11:29
vilanyway, if you succeed at you system, you can always come here to share with all of us :)11:29
LichteOK :)11:29
vilyes, I am personally already running on gutsy11:29
Lichteoh ?11:29
vilyou need to just switch the apt sources11:30
LichteI thought that was all that was required11:30
vilhowever, the development version can break anytime and it is not supposed to be used in "production"11:30
Lichtejust change feisty to gutsy in the apt sources ?11:30
Lichteand leave everything else the same ?11:31
vilI hope I am not telling you some lies, that's just the way I am used to11:32
vilyou cannot go wrong if you check with other motus on that channel11:32
Lichtewell, there has to be a way to upgrade to gutsy since there's no cd yet available11:33
vileverything is written in wiki, so my answer to this is 11:34
vilok, nearly everything11:35
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Lichtewhat's a pbuilder ?11:40
vila tool to make sure, your new package will build on the build machine11:41
AfCLichte: http://www.netfort.gr.jp/~dancer/software/pbuilder-doc/pbuilder-doc.html#aim says Google11:41
Lichtevil: do you run gutsy in a chroot environment ?11:44
AfCI have heard a number of people bitching about it, noting that the "minimum cleanroom install" of a GNOME package amounts to an entire operating system. But that's life :)11:44
vilLichte, no I run it as my primary os11:46
LichteI see11:46
vilI went through whole feisty like that and had no bigger issue, but as I said there can be problems and there is nobody to blame for it11:47
LichteI understand that11:47
Lichtewhen I first tried Linux, there were no distributions11:48
Lichteimagine how stable that was ;)11:48
vilnot much ;)11:49
Lichtevil: do you do apt-get distupgrade or do you use the update manager thingy ?11:49
vilmost of the time11:49
vilit gives you changelogs, nice progress bar, you know...11:50
Lichtewell, I see the instructions to upgrade to feisty have changed......used to be you used apt-get, now the web site says to use update manager11:50
LichteI installed feisty from cd, no upgrade11:50
vilnot much I can say to that11:51
vilfew people told me about that already11:52
LichteI was just wondering if apt-get dist-upgrade was broken or something11:54
vilLichte, I see you already tried luck at #ubuntu-motu about that11:57
Lichteyeah :)11:57
vilmaybe a lot of people went to sleep already11:57
Lichtethat's ok11:58
LichteI'll just make that changes to my sources and let 'er rip11:58
vilthat is a good question to ask, you may also try to ask on some mailing lists or forum11:58
vilthere is a lot of communication channels, but some of them take time11:58
Lichtetrue :)11:58
vilanyway, if website tells update manger, I would say go for it11:59
vilok, I get it, you are asking because of gutsy12:00
vilupdate manager will help you when a new stable is out12:00
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vilsee you12:09
Lichtesee ya vil12:10

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