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MenZajenda, ping01:08
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jendaMenZa: pong01:37
MenZajenda: nevermind, I caught nalioth01:38
jendahehe, ok01:38
jendagood night.01:38
MenZa(freenode business)01:38
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rjianhello beuno 03:15
beunohey rjian03:16
rjianbeuno: how are you?03:16
beunogood good, you?03:16
beunoBurgwork, ping03:21
rjianbeuno: doesnt have event here in Philippines :)03:36
beunorjian: what?03:36
rjianbeuno: i mean theres no FOSS event here in Philippines03:37
beunoaaaah, right03:37
beunowe had one on saturday  :D03:37
rjianbeuno: Malayasia will also has a FOSS event this comming may 8 hehehe 03:38
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beunoelkbuntu, ping?04:20
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=== aoirthoir stretches
Vorianwhat up g?04:49
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beunojenda, long shot ping?10:55
jendabeuno: short cut pong10:55
beunoyou've got a very wierd schedule, you know that?10:56
jendabeuno: why's that, it's 11 AM? :)10:57
beunowell, ok, I have a weird schedule :p10:57
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jendayo, juliux 11:26
juliuxhey jenda 11:27
MenZa10:55 < beuno> well, ok, I have a weird schedule :p11:33
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Vorianping juliux 03:20
juliuxVorian, pong03:20
Vorianhey there :)03:20
Vorianwhats you pay pal addy?03:20
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Tm_Tnoticed something interesting, dunno which one came first but looks like there's some similarity: http://www.tm-travolta.net/pics/k-ed-ubuntu/kedubuntu-basic-03.svg vs http://fullcirclemagazine.org/Themes/Aero79_smf11RC3_TP/images/img_terra/logo.gif04:01
elkbuntuTm_T, the tm-travolta one. Modified 04/02/06 19:03:0004:03
elkbuntucheck teh page info ;)04:03
Tm_Telkbuntu: heh, actually mine is older than that ;)04:03
elkbuntuthat just means that was when it was put on the web04:03
Tm_TI was bit surprised when I saw that magazine logo :)04:04
elkbuntuaside from that, it wouldnt take a genius to 'design' that from the logos ;)04:05
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Tm_Telkbuntu: I know, that's why I was able to do that =)04:05
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Tm_Telkbuntu: my motivation to do that "compilation" was to show people it's all the same family04:06
elkbuntuof course04:07
Tm_Tsomehow people don't understand that they are the same package with different paintjob04:07
Tm_Tsort of04:07
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juliuxhey Ckenyon 05:53
elkbuntuCkenyon, grats :)05:54
elkbuntu(on the inevitable ;))05:54
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CkenyonHey juliux - Good afternoon05:54
Ckenyonelkbuntu: Well done to you and everyone else involved - this is a community effort05:56
elkbuntuCkenyon, of course :)05:56
elkbuntunow, if dreamhost would un-die, i could blog a happy dance05:57
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profoX`juliux: hi, are you there ?09:52
profoX`juliux: the wiki (http://wiki.ubuntuusers.de/LocoTeam/Shirt) says that polo's and shirts can't be ordered anymore..? (I'm talking about the navy blue ones S-XXL) You told me I was still able to order those. Can I still do that?09:54
profoX`juliux: and until which date do you think I will be able to order those, so I can take orders for the BE Loco team.09:55
juliuxprofoX`, that is the old a very old wikipage09:56
juliuxprofoX`, i can't change this wikipage because the wiki is readonly still the beginning of april09:57
juliuxprofoX`, and yes you can order the shirts 09:57
profoX`juliux: oh okay09:58
profoX`juliux: until which date do you think? I would like to place an order around 15 may, is that still possible then?09:58
juliuxprofoX`, did you want blue or black ones?09:59
profoX`juliux: well, I'd like the people at ubuntu-be to choose for themselves, but I thought you said only blue was still available?09:59
juliuxprofoX`, black ones we will only make with a reservation10:00
juliuxwe will make 50 blue t-shirts and 100 blue poloshirts to sell them on the next fairs in germany so you can get blue ones with out a reservation but if the size is out it's out10:01
profoX`juliux: okay10:01
profoX`juliux: but the reservation had to be in by today, so it has to be blue now.. right? and what will you do if the size is out? choose another size?10:01
juliuxprofoX`, i will call the producer for the shirts Thursday morning10:03
juliuxprofoX`, so thursaday 8:00 in the morning is the last time i nee the reservation10:03
profoX`juliux: reservation without money? otherwise I think the bank transfer might be too slow10:03
juliuxreservation with out money is ok10:03
profoX`juliux: okay, I will pass all the info on to ubuntu-be10:03
juliuxprofoX`, if i get your order for the blue shirts bevor 29th may you have a good chance to get all sizes you want10:04
profoX`juliux: I will let you know wednesday night/thursday morning for the reservations, through mail.10:04
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profoX`juliux: is that okay?10:04
profoX`(for the black ones I mean)10:05
juliuxprofoX`, but on the 29th may starts the linuxtag in berlin/germany and there we will sell the shirts;)10:05
profoX`juliux: okay, good to know :)10:05
juliuxmindspin, check sounder;)10:05
juliuxprofoX`, mail is ok10:08
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gnrfanhi there10:42
gnrfandidn't know the ubuntu marketing community was so big! great to see you all here :)10:42
beunohey gnrfan :D10:46
gnrfanbeuno: hey.. nice to see you again10:47
gnrfanbeuno: well, i've just watched Mark's interview at Dell's blog10:47
gnrfanbeuno: I was wondering if there was a transcript available because I wanted to translate it into spanish10:47
beunognrfan: link?10:48
gnrfanbeuno: I liked the interview and think they discuss very interesting current topics10:48
gnrfanbeuno: oh let me go get it for you10:48
beunognrfan: no transcript that I know of, but thanks for the links  :D10:49
beunojenda, maybe that would make it public enough?10:50
gnrfanbeuno: I guess it's the kind of material you include in UWN right?10:50
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beunognrfan: absolutely, add it  :D10:51
jendahello gnrfan10:51
beunojenda: links above10:51
gnrfanjenda: nice to see you again10:51
jendagnrfan: where did we meet, if you don't mind me asking? :)10:52
gnrfani'd offer to make the translation if I had more spare time available.. english is not my mother tongue but I could give it a try10:52
beunojenda: in the open week  :D10:52
gnrfanjenda: not in person, here on irc the other day during the marketing session of Ubuntu Open Week10:52
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gnrfannice.. jono has just joined us :)10:53
gnrfanbeuno, jenda: I'd like to talk a bit about this question I asked the other day during the marketing session of Ubuntu Open Week10:53
beunognrfan: I've already advertised your service around to other members wanting hackergotchis10:53
beunognrfan: sure10:54
gnrfanbeuno: oh for sure10:54
jendagnrfan: ah :)10:54
gnrfanwell.. I wanted to know if there was in existence a standard presentation on Ubuntu I could pick at any time to improvise a presentation with a group of friends or If i'm suddenly invited to talk in a Linux group meeting or something10:55
beunojono: still no news on the planet incident?10:56
gnrfanI think something like that would be great.. I'd volunteer to keep an spanish translation updated but guess I don't have the time to "mantain" such presentation nor update it with latest news and highlights10:56
jonook, I investigated the planet incident10:56
jonofabian announced the story before the press embargo was done, and he should not have done10:56
gnrfanbeuno: what happened?10:56
jonobecause of the emargo, Canonical could have been in breach of contract and hence asked him to remove the blog entry, which is fine10:57
jonoit was also asked to remove the people from the planet to prevent distribution of the blog10:57
jononow, I think it was bad to poke with the planet10:57
jonoand I am going to be investigating the issue further and working to ensure this does not happen again10:58
jonoI think to be honest it was a moment of panic10:58
jendagnrfan: there was something on the wiki...10:58
beunogreat, thanks for clearing that up, I can imagine it was a drastic measure, thanks for going into that jono, and sorry for all the frenzy10:59
jonoits cool, I think tampering with the planet sucks imho, and I am keen that this does not happen again10:59
jonorest assured, its at the top of my TODO list10:59
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beunogreat, that gives me piece of mind jono11:00
beunobut why is it still frozen?11:00
gnrfanjenda: any thread or something I can read to learn about that incident? just curious11:00
jonobeuno: no idea, I think our sysadmins just need to get to it, and many are travelling to spain11:00
gnrfanbeuno: Gal Csaba has requested a hackergotchi so far.. i'm working on it right now11:01
jendabeuno: peace, not piece ;)11:01
jendagnrfan: just a sec11:01
beunoright, np, which reminds me, I need someone to represent me with a spec in UDS, Burgwork?11:01
gnrfanjenda: guess all things planets and blogs interest me11:01
Burgworkwhich one?11:01
beunojenda: heh, you're right, totally different  :p11:01
gnrfanbtw are you aware of the Feedjack planet software? 11:02
beunoBurgwork: fetching the links11:02
gnrfanThe planet code by jdub is a fine program but this other one has many nice features.. you can check it out at www.feedjack.org, it's also written in Python but using the Django framework11:02
jendagnrfan: the problem here was that several blog posts were deleted from the planet, because they carried info about the Canonical-Dell deal, without the posters even being told.11:02
beunoBurgwork: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/rosetta/+spec/rosetta-stats-enhancement11:03
jendagnrfan: where are you from?11:04
gnrfanjenda: Oh I see... were the posters infringing some well-known policy or something?11:04
gnrfanjenda: Peru11:04
jendagnrfan: not at all11:04
gnrfanjenda: the author of Feedjack is a friend of mine, from here, Lima-Peru too11:04
jendagnrfan: but the information was under embargo, which only one of them could have known.11:04
Burgworkthere currently is no editorial policy11:04
Burgworkjono: sorry, I missed what you said11:04
Burgworkexcept one of the posts was resonding to another rumour at desktoplinux.com11:05
gnrfansure I understand there are situations that hasn't been thought of before but you have to act in some way11:05
BurgworkI understand removing the employee post11:06
Burgworkthe other two were not acceptable11:06
gnrfanWell, I found this video and post on Digg a few hours ago11:06
gnrfanjono: changing a bit the subject, what do you think about this sort of standar Ubuntu presentation anyone can take at any point and give a presentation with for his friends or LUG???11:07
jonognrfan: would be good to have one :)11:07
gnrfanjono: I'm sure you have many variants I guess11:08
jonognrfan: my slides are not good to use, my style is less conventional11:08
gnrfanjono: but I was thinking of one a bit more PR-oriented11:08
gnrfanjono: i've never seen a presention by you on Ubuntu, just a talk on Jokosher at Google Video I guess11:09
beunognrfan: http://beuno.com.ar/archives/511:10
gnrfanjono: A few weeks ago I asked a similar question to the guys at OpenDNS.com11:10
gnrfanjono: after a couple mail exchanges they mailed me one presentation11:10
jendagnrfan: have a look at: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Presentations11:10
gnrfanjono: I guess it's OK, problem is I want to have it translated into spanish and most slides were graphics taken away from their website thar are already composed not easy to translate11:11
gnrfanjenda: Ok, let me have a look11:11
gnrfanoh! btw! should accessing the wiki over https be mandatory?11:12
beunoBurgwork: please take a peak at the spec when you can, I still have to do some work on it, but Joey told me it would be best to get someone at UDS to talk to carlos abolut it11:12
gnrfanI currently have https as a whole blocked at the office i'm working for in a project and can't access the wiki :(11:12
gnrfanguess i've tried removing the "s" and I get redirected to the https url11:13
jendagnrfan: I'm afraid the wiki does that... and I have no clue if it can be changed. You might have more luck with the doc team there.11:15
gnrfanjono: I would have been great to have you at Debconf last year in Mexico, I was there and met Mark11:15
jonoyeah, I am gonna try to get to the one in the UK11:15
gnrfanjono: and I think you'll be attending Debconf this year since it's in the UK.. Any idea on attending Debconf 8 in Mar del Plata, Argentina next year?11:16
jonognrfan: will try to get there :)11:16
Burgworkbeuno: subscribed and proposed for sevilla11:16
gnrfanjono: that would be great11:16
Burgworkbeuno: who else do you need?11:16
beunoBurgwork: thanks so much, I'll work on it to get it more polished11:16
gnrfanjenda: can I find them over irc?11:17
jendagnrfan: sure - #ubuntu-doc11:17
Burgworkbeuno: subscribe the LP dev responsible11:17
gnrfanjenda: k going there then11:17
jendagnrfan: and also, you can bother nixternal right here :)11:17
beunoBurgwork: I was told Carlos would be the one doing it11:17
Burgworkbeuno: you need to subscribe him to the spec11:18
gnrfanjenda: all right :)11:19
gnrfanjenda: where are you from?11:19
jendagnrfan: Czech Republic11:19
gnrfanjenda: oh nice11:19
beunoBurgwork: right, suscribing him now11:19
gnrfanbeuno: as you can tell a bit by nick i'm a big Guns N' Roses fan.. I guess I mentioned the other day I went to Argentina to see Velvet Revolver.. man what a great pair of shows they put together there...11:20
beunognrfan: really? I was trying to interpret your nick in a "gnu" sort of way  :D11:21
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gnrfanbeuno: guess it's kind of cool it works a bit that way in a FLOSS environment yeah :)11:21
gnrfanbeuno: even my lastname has the "gn" bit hehe11:22
beunoBurgwork: thanks a lot, I know you've already got a lot on your plate  :D11:22
Burgworkwell, I am busy working on what I want to do at UDS11:22
beunothere's no way I can make it, I've already got a trip planned in July11:23
gnrfanWhere does UBZ takes place?? uhm.. googling it.. oh! montreal!11:25
gnrfanI have a peruvian friend moving to Quebec in a few weeks.. he's an Ubuntu user so I wanted to point him to that conf11:26
beunognrfan: UDS, and it's in Sevilla, Spain11:26
gnrfanbeuno: sure but I was talking about Ubuntu Below Zero11:28
beunoooooh, sorry11:28
gnrfanbeuno: the other one is the Developer Summit I guess11:28
gnrfanbeuno: I would be great to visit Spain.. I even have family over there.. but don't have the money right now..  but i'm sure i'm making it there for any FLOSS conference at any point soon I hope11:30
gnrfanbeuno: there are so many ;)11:30
beunognrfan: did you participate in Flisol on saturday?11:30
Burgworkgnrfan: UBZ was a historical UDS11:31
gnrfanbeuno: sure.. I gave a talk on the Linux command line.. I guess it worked pretty well11:31
Burgworkhappened in 200511:31
gnrfanBurgwork: nice to know11:31
gnrfanBurgwork: but no Ubuntu conference is taking place periodically in North America?11:31
gnrfanbeuno: My talk was one of the firsts.. Here in Lima we had two sites for FLISOL.. since it's a big city..  talks were scheduled four in parallel each hour from 9 to 12 and the from 2 to 6, mine was one of the talks at 10:00am11:33
Burgworkgnrfan: the UDSs rotate11:33
Burgworknext one after Sevilla is in Boston11:33
gnrfanBurgwork: I see11:33
gnrfanbeuno: I was planning to return home early and catch up with some work and community work but then the whole atmosphere was so nice that I stayed the whole day11:34
beunognrfan: I stayes the whole day, but that was my plan from the start so...  but yeah, great atmosphere here too11:35
gnrfanbeuno: and I spent the time taking bunch of pictures, chatting with the public, helping people participating in the workshops and meeting some old friends you only get to see in community events like this11:35
beunoUbuntu was installed on 98% of the PCs11:35
gnrfanbeuno: yeap I have news Ubuntu was the most installed distro too here in Lima11:36
gnrfanfor others wondering what the heck FLISOL is, it's a huge install fest taking place the same day in more than 100 cities in Latin America11:37
gnrfanbeuno: one problem at the site I attended was they had internet connectivity at one network point but  no hub to share the link 11:40
gnrfanbeuno: so for example a whole family came with their PC, they were even holding their baby with them.. they had a pentium III system with 128 megs of ram and only 2 GB of hard disk11:41
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gnrfanbeuno: my friends had the Ubuntu and Kubuntu discs but no others like Xubuntu or Flubuntu (I guess that's the name)11:42
gnrfanbeuno: so they ended up installing Damn Small Linux which I removed to install Vector Linux11:42
gnrfanbeuno: I'm not sure how easily we could have installed a minimal Ubuntu system + XFCE + selected applications from the Ubuntu alternative CD11:43
gnrfanbeuno: guess a minimal install + installing X and selected packages from the CD via apt would have worked but after the failed attempt with DSL this family wanted to go and we went for Vector11:44
gnrfani'm watching the Herding Cats video right now11:51
gnrfanjono: was H0lger present in the public when you mention the guy with green hair? Is he who says i"t was me"? ;) 11:53
jonognrfan: I think so12:04
gnrfanjono: german guy he's on the video team at Debconf12:04
jonoright I am off12:07
jonolater all! :)12:07

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