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PF|WSTPIm trying to set up Squid proxy server12:39
PF|WSTPWent through, did what the documentation said12:39
PF|WSTPchanged to 3128 port to 888812:39
PF|WSTPbut still cant access the proxy server12:39
ivoksdid you start it?12:39
PF|WSTPand restarted it12:39
ivoksand is running?12:39
ivokstelnet localhost 8888 is ok?12:40
ajmitchconnection refused? acl errors? what do you mean by can't access?12:40
PF|WSTPThe requested URL could not be retrieved12:40
PF|WSTPThe following error was encountered:12:40
PF|WSTP    * Invalid Request 12:40
ajmitchright, so squid is running & giving errors back to the browser12:41
PF|WSTPi have a hunch my ISP may be blocking it12:41
PF|WSTPGenerated Mon, 30 Apr 2007 22:38:07 GMT by server.lexcominc.net (squid/2.6.STABLE5)12:42
PF|WSTPLexcom is my ISP12:42
PF|WSTPi tried 3128 and 888812:42
PF|WSTPchanged, restarted, tried12:42
PF|WSTPchanged, restarted, tried12:42
PF|WSTPno dice12:42
PF|WSTPim following that guide12:43
ivokssquid is on computer from which you are browsing?12:44
PF|WSTPit's at my house12:45
PF|WSTPive got the ports forwarded too12:45
ivoksoh, proxy over NAT...12:45
PF|WSTPit's a test server12:45
PF|WSTPold HP box sitting in my living room12:45
PF|WSTPgot it hooked into my router12:46
PF|WSTPforwarded though12:46
ivokssquid has logs12:48
ivokscheck them out12:48
ivokslog is a file12:48
ivoks /var/log/squid/cache.log12:48
PF|WSTPdo i need to bind an ip/port on squid?12:50
ivokssquid binds on port, not other way around12:50
PF|WSTPit said something similar to "starting HTTP on port 312812:51
ivoksmeaning it listens on port 3128 on all IPs12:51
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ivoksand you are proxy for whole internet :D12:51
ivoksvery soon your IP will get blacklisted :)12:52
PF|WSTPgonna take care of that soon12:52
PF|WSTPjust trying to set it up now12:52
PF|WSTPi just killed Squid12:53
PF|WSTPthanks for the help though12:53
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dj-fuHi there01:41
dj-fuanyone familiar with chrooting apache in Ubuntu?01:41
dj-fuwell, that was entirely uselss01:50
dj-futhank you for nothing01:50
h4wk0well seeing as it took me two minutes to find a article on ubuntu forums.. and with that respone from above01:53
dj-fuanyone familiar with mod_chroot / mod_security for apache in Ubuntu?01:56
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fumbalahHi, I'm having trouble getting the disc to boot, i keep getting a cant access tty error02:57
fumbalahI found a solution, but i'm not having much luck finding a way to tell grub to boot /dev/hda102:58
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fooHm, it is possible that 1 query can hit the disk 100%, right? (eg. disk utilization, as reported by iostat -dkx)03:41
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Skaaghi guys05:00
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SkaagI have a debian box I want to replace with an ubuntu server box05:00
Skaagcan I do this without erasing the data?05:00
SkaagI mean install the software on top of the drives, without formatting05:00
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PinkFloydsomeone help me with setting up VSFTPd?05:10
r00tintheb0xwhats the prob PinkFloyd ?05:11
PinkFloydTrying to set it up where I can login to it05:12
PinkFloydDisabled anon only05:12
PinkFloydis there a users file or something?05:12
r00tintheb0xoh, not IRCd FTPd.05:13
r00tintheb0xYou dont want to use ProFTPD?05:13
PinkFloydi just followed the guide :/05:13
PinkFloydis that one better?05:13
r00tintheb0xits easier to configure05:14
PinkFloydI'll get it then05:14
r00tintheb0xyou can just install it, and whenever you create a user05:14
PinkFloydis it in the Ubuntu reps?05:14
r00tintheb0xthey have a ftp login05:14
r00tintheb0xand the root of the ftp server is their /home/user directory.05:14
PinkFloydoh good05:14
r00tintheb0xyep :)05:14
PinkFloydit's like what I use on my shell05:14
r00tintheb0xsuper simple.05:14
PinkFloydgood good05:15
fooNot as super simple as this!05:15
=== foo pulls out pop guns and pops r00tintheb0x
=== r00tintheb0x stabs foo
r00tintheb0xwhats up brothern!05:15
PinkFloydis ProFTPD in the ubuntu reps?05:16
r00tintheb0xVersion: 1.3.0-9ubuntu0.105:17
r00tintheb0x"aptitude show proftpd"05:17
PinkFloydit's on the CD05:17
r00tintheb0xit may be.05:17
PinkFloydit is05:17
PinkFloydmy CD-ROM spooled up05:17
r00tintheb0xI'd use the one online though, its newer probably.05:17
PinkFloydI can upgrade it if need be05:18
r00tintheb0xhey foo, you want a login to my torrentflux?05:18
PinkFloydinetd or standalone?05:18
r00tintheb0xsure thing PinkFloyd 05:18
PinkFloydthat's the version on it i think05:19
PinkFloydok it's installed05:19
PinkFloydnow what... >_>05:20
r00tintheb0x/etc/init.d/proftpd restart05:20
r00tintheb0xthen whenever you add a user, it adds a ftp account.05:21
r00tintheb0xfor instance 05:21
r00tintheb0xmy user is mike.05:21
r00tintheb0xso mike is my ftp username, and my login password for my machine is my ftp password.05:21
PinkFloydok good05:21
r00tintheb0xand my FTP root is /home/mike05:21
PinkFloydmy shell acts the same way05:21
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PinkFloydit's a FreeBSD box05:21
r00tintheb0xsame login info as the shell05:21
PinkFloydok cool05:22
PinkFloydgot an error05:22
r00tintheb0xwhat error.05:22
PinkFloydIPv6 getaddrinfo 'server.lexcominc.net' error: Name or service not known05:22
PinkFloydlexcominc is my ISP05:22
r00tintheb0xsomething along the lines of "r00tinthebox needs a cig"?05:22
r00tintheb0xyeah ignore that pink.05:22
r00tintheb0xit'll still work.05:22
PinkFloydthanks a lot :)05:22
r00tintheb0xroot@malakai:~# netstat -l05:23
r00tintheb0xdo a netstat -l05:23
PinkFloydis there a certain port I need to use?05:23
r00tintheb0xand it'll show you what services are lisening.05:23
r00tintheb0x/etc/proftpd/proftpd.conf = the config file.05:23
Skaagr00tintheb0x: do you know if you can install ubuntu-server 7.04 on top of a drive that has data in it, without formatting?05:24
Skaagoh ok05:24
r00tintheb0xSkaag, i'll answer in a minute.05:24
PinkFloydftp, ssh, bootpc,, *:ntp, my mac addy, ip6-localhost:ntp, *:ntp05:24
PinkFloydthat's netstat resultes05:24
PinkFloydi made an ntpdate crontab to sync up the clock05:25
PinkFloydgot it from the server guide also >_>05:25
r00tintheb0xok Skaag 05:27
r00tintheb0xSkaag, you mean... like on your windows drive?05:27
Skaagno i have a box that had debian on it05:27
SkaagI want to replace debian with ubuntu-server05:27
r00tintheb0xi've done it, it depends on how good you are with hacking at linux.05:28
r00tintheb0xgettin things to work when they're broken.05:28
Skaagwell the drives went bork05:28
Skaagthat is, corrupt, not physically broken05:28
Skaagduring the last debian update to etch05:29
Skaagsomething went wrong with the e2fslibs05:29
PinkFloydr00tintheb0x, is there anything you can recommend for me05:33
PinkFloydIm playing around with Server Edition05:33
=== r00tintheb0x [n=r00tinth@cpe-24-175-105-194.houston.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu-server
r00tintheb0xok back05:35
r00tintheb0xsorry Skaag.05:35
r00tintheb0xwhat were you asking again?05:35
r00tintheb0xdebian >> ubuntu05:35
Skaaginstall over existing data05:35
r00tintheb0xyeah, ive done it... a clean install is always best.05:35
PinkFloydr00tintheb0x, is there anything you can recommend for me05:35
PinkFloydIm playing around with Server Edition05:35
r00tintheb0xYeah man, i just reinstalled my server today http://www.rootinthebox.com05:36
r00tintheb0xhold on, i'll get you the link i used.05:36
r00tintheb0xPinkFloyd, http://www.digg.com/linux_unix/The_Perfect_Setup_Ubuntu_Feisty_Fawn_Ubuntu_7_0405:36
r00tintheb0xno wait05:36
r00tintheb0xwrong link05:36
PinkFloydive got Feisty Desktop too ;)05:36
r00tintheb0xthere you go.05:36
r00tintheb0xwhat one are you running05:37
r00tintheb0xdesktop or server?05:37
PinkFloydIm working on Server now05:37
PinkFloyd2 different computers05:37
PinkFloydDesktop isnt on my router right now, Server is05:37
foor00tintheb0x: What's up = just troubleshooting some mysql stuff, finally got this figured out ... after a few weeks, it feels good. 05:37
r00tintheb0xcool man.05:37
r00tintheb0xim working on MySQL database replication.05:38
r00tintheb0xfun fun.05:38
r00tintheb0xcool pink.05:38
r00tintheb0xThe Perfect Setup is a great guide to get some basics working.05:38
r00tintheb0xPinkFloyd, http://www.howtoforge.com/perfect_setup_ubuntu70405:38
PinkFloydgot it05:38
foor00tintheb0x: Nice, what kind? 05:38
PinkFloydr00tintheb0x, do you know of CPanel is free or costs?05:40
fooPinkFloyd: It costs05:41
fooPinkFloyd: Knowing r00tintheb0x, he'd tell you to use webmin.05:41
PinkFloydthis guide recommends ISPConfig05:41
r00tintheb0xfoo, mysql05:41
PinkFloydI'll test webmin05:41
r00tintheb0xfoo, what do you mean what kind.05:41
r00tintheb0xPinkFloyd, dont use ISPconfig05:41
foor00tintheb0x: What kind of setup05:41
r00tintheb0xi use webmin + virtualmin GPL05:42
PinkFloydr00tintheb0x: Is there a way I can set up a hostname for my box to where I dont have to use the IP everytime?05:42
r00tintheb0xoh, primary and secondary oracle/sql servers with HA failover and replication.05:42
r00tintheb0xPinkFloyd, lemme log into my server real quick.05:42
r00tintheb0xhold on.05:42
PinkFloydI actually need to reset my router05:43
foor00tintheb0x: oracle? Nice05:43
PinkFloydI had more computers on it, but they're gone now05:43
foor00tintheb0x: What's HA? 05:43
PinkFloydthis computer has .2, server has .505:43
PinkFloydwith no other computers, lol05:43
r00tintheb0xhigh availability 05:44
r00tintheb0xfoo, http://www.linux-ha.org/05:44
r00tintheb0xall about redundancy!05:44
PinkFloydr00tintheb0x: If it helps, I chose LAMP on install05:45
r00tintheb0xyeah, thats what i do too PinkFloyd 05:45
r00tintheb0xPinkFloyd, you need to change /etc/hosts05:45
=== r00tintheb0x checks what else.
PinkFloydso add in05:46
PinkFloyd"     name"05:46
foor00tintheb0x: so, master/slave setup? Or, master/master ?05:46
r00tintheb0xprimary & failover.05:46
r00tintheb0xconnected w/ a serial cable.05:46
r00tintheb0xand CAT5.05:46
fooYou have some hardware inbetween there?05:47
r00tintheb0xPinkFloyd, you're just trying to change your hostname right?05:47
r00tintheb0xfoo, 05:47
r00tintheb0xno, just two servers.05:47
r00tintheb0xif one goes down, the other takes over.05:47
PinkFloydso i dont have to enter the dang IP all the time05:47
r00tintheb0xPinkFloyd, "hostname whateveryourhostnameis"05:47
r00tintheb0xdo it like that.05:47
PinkFloydDo I need to have a specific host or can I just make one up to use05:47
r00tintheb0xoh, you need to add it to your other machines /etc/hosts file.05:47
r00tintheb0xlike... 05:47
r00tintheb0xhold up05:47
r00tintheb0xi'll pastebin it for you05:48
r00tintheb0xPinkFloyd, 05:49
r00tintheb0x172.16.30.60    malakai.petris.com      malakai05:49
r00tintheb0xthats the format05:49
r00tintheb0xso you'd do like.05:49
PinkFloydso id put
r00tintheb0x192.168.0.100  yourhostname.localhost yourhostname.05:49
PinkFloydi put05:52
PinkFloyd192.168.1.5     box05:52
PinkFloydwould that work?05:52
r00tintheb0xif you ping box.05:54
r00tintheb0xit'll resolve to that IP05:54
PinkFloydok good05:54
PinkFloydsimpler now05:54
r00tintheb0x/etc/hosts = a mini-dns server kinda05:54
PinkFloydah ok05:54
r00tintheb0xpaste me the IP's and hostnames you want.05:55
r00tintheb0xand i'll make you a /etc/hosts file.05:55
PinkFloyd<r00tintheb0x> /etc/hostname05:56
PinkFloydno i mean that05:56
r00tintheb0x/etc/hostname is the hostname of each individual machine.05:56
PinkFloydediting now05:56
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PinkFloyddo i need to add the same thing?05:57
PinkFloyd192.168.1.5   box05:57
r00tintheb0x1st. how many machines do you have.05:57
r00tintheb0xB. what are their names05:57
PinkFloydin all?05:57
r00tintheb0xi.e. mine is malakai.05:57
r00tintheb0xand 3.05:57
r00tintheb0xwhat are their internal IP's05:57
PinkFloydall of my computers?05:58
r00tintheb0xthe ones your assigning hostnames to.05:58
r00tintheb0xthe 3 or whatever05:58
PinkFloydjust the server05:58
PinkFloydfor right now05:58
r00tintheb0xat the bash prompt06:00
r00tintheb0xwhat do you want to call it?06:00
PinkFloydi put in "    box"06:00
PinkFloydin the hostname file06:00
r00tintheb0x"hostname exit out of the hosts file without saving.06:00
r00tintheb0xif you make a mistake you could REALLY sc5rew things up.06:00
r00tintheb0xYou're going to call your server "box"06:01
r00tintheb0xWhy not "datawhore" or something06:01
PinkFloydI'll change it if I come up with something clever06:01
r00tintheb0xtype: hostname box06:01
r00tintheb0xw/o the .06:01
PinkFloydhostname  box06:04
r00tintheb0xit should have replied with box.06:05
r00tintheb0xPinkFloyd, http://ubuntuforums.org/search.php?searchid=1922679006:05
r00tintheb0xive gotta do some work06:05
PinkFloydit's ok06:05
r00tintheb0x_wrkfoo, whats anoter word for quote, or bid.06:19
r00tintheb0x_wrkfoo, foo foo !06:21
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fooWhere do you guys store your server passwords? I have an encrypted vim file, but I know that's not too secure. Gah. What's the best way to do this? 09:24
BurgundaviaI use LDAP and have a single password09:25
fooNice. I'm talking about root/user passwords for several servers...09:25
Burgundaviathat is what ldap is for09:26
Burgundaviaand I don't use root09:26
Burgundaviait is a dangerous thing to play with, if you ever have more than one admin09:27
=== jsgotangco [n=jsg123@ubuntu/member/jsgotangco] has joined #ubuntu-server
fooI typically don't ... and yes, "He who play at root may kill the tree."09:27
foo... but I still have to store passwords somewhere09:27
fooheh, I guess ubuntu doesn't have a root password.09:27
fooI forgot about that09:27
Burgundaviawith ldap you only have one password09:27
fooI manage some other systems that are a different flavor, gah. 09:27
Burgundaviawhich is easy to store in your head09:27
Burgundaviayou can auth any unix against an ldap server09:28
fooSo, you're saying to tie up all the servers to have one central ldap server?09:28
fooAlright, thanks09:29
Burgundaviasso is a life saver09:29
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levanderI've got a bunch of audio files that I want to share between my users.  I don't want them in my HOME directory because I do regular backups of that directory.  Where do they go on the file system?10:04
levanderI'm thinking in /var somewhere.10:05
levanderWow, people really aren't sure where something like that goes: http://ask.metafilter.com/51237/Help-me-pick-the-best-location-for-my-MP3s-on-Linux10:09
jsgotangcowell you can put them in /opt i guess10:10
jsgotangcoits actually your call10:11
levanderI typically put programs that I didn't install from Ubuntu's repositories in /opt.  So that these unmanaged files don't get all mixed up with the managed files...10:11
levanderI'm look at /var now.10:11
levanderWeb pages that are "kind of" shared between users go in /var/www, so I'm thinking /var10:12
jsgotangcoyou can just pile them up even on /mp3 if you want to, just create your own10:13
levanderjsgotangco: Yeah, but I'm trying to figure out some kind of UNIX standard way of doing it.10:14
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SkaagI can't get grub to install on my drive05:54
Skaagit's a SATA raid solution05:54
Skaagwith 4 drives05:54
SkaagHow do I go about fixing this?05:54
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arturazhello. ubuntu-server release cycle is 6 months, right?06:01
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kjaerI am looking at the employment page. http://www.ubuntu.com/employment#head-9a9627b56fd16e9c958afc0774a78ef29d3c909806:32
kjaerWhat is the goal ? A wysiwyg setup tool, like yast2 (but better) ?06:33
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kjaerHmm, I probably meant a graphical interface instead of a wysiwyg tool.06:37
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ethanHi all.  I found a suspected bug on line 47 the /etc/init.d/apache2 on Dapper.   The conditional is if [ $? = 0 ] ; then, and it should probably be if [ $? == 0 ] .  Is this the right place to report this?07:10
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RiesHey guys, what tool can I use that can monitor services... in this case apache.... when apache stops responding I want a service to detect it and restart apache...09:19
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h4wk0Ries; You can use a crontab!09:30
RiesI know I can use crontab... but I don't want to write a complete toolset09:36
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RiesI have monit installed now10:06
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sahafeezi am trying to confirm something. i setup mrtg on my server, installed via apt. it seem that under ubuntu it is setup by default to run as a cron job ever 5 mins? i am used to setting it up as a daemon10:52
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dj-fuhey uh11:42
dj-furunning feisty, apache 2.211:42
dj-fuI can't seem to see mod_security in apt-cache11:42
lioneldj-fu: there is no more mod_security in Debian and Ubuntu11:43
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dj-fuwhy not11:44
lionel(due to some licensing issues)11:44
dj-fuis it not free?11:44
lionelsome files were not allowed to be redistributed11:45
lionellet me find the bug11:45
ajmitchlicense incompatibilities11:45
dj-fucan I build it manually, I wonder11:46
ajmitchno doubt you can11:46
lionelhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libapache-mod-security/+bug/19832 for the details11:48
dj-fustupid licensing11:53
dj-fuwhat a pain11:53
dj-fuwhat about12:02
dj-fumod_unique_id ?12:02
dj-fufound it12:03
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