mbieblsimilar to the system and session bus concept from d-bus?12:23
wasabi_Basically, just using upstart as a process for managing parallel starts based on event emission.12:23
wasabi_Which is all it is.12:23
wasabi_One code base which is efficient at managing child processes and stuff, instead of many.12:24
mbieblWell, imo there are more important issues than that atm though.12:24
wasabi_dbus could use it to do activation.12:24
wasabi_the system bus could do activation on the system upstart, the session bus could do activation on the session upstart.12:25
mbieblcomplex-event-config being one ;-)12:25
mbieblpid file support is another.12:25
mbieblThere are still daemons out there which can't be run in the fg.12:26
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cyberixDoes upstart automagically react to changes in inittab?08:33
cyberixHow can I tell it to react?08:38
wasabi_upstart doesn't use inittab, does it? heh08:38
wasabi_So that would be a "you can't."08:38
cyberixIt has a similar configuration file?08:39
wasabi_It's quite different, so no.08:39
mbieblwasabi_: The sysv compat layer in Debian/Ubuntu reads /etc/inittab (if existent) to determine the default runlevel.08:42
mbieblOtherwise /etc/inittab is not used.08:43
wasabi_Ahh, but that's not upstart itself as much as one of the job files08:43
mbieblRight, It's the rc-default job file.08:43
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