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Sleepy_CoderI think I might have too much free time:  http://i17.photobucket.com/albums/b100/photoricon/too_much_free_time.jpg04:29
Sleepy_CoderIt took a while, but I got it all in there. :p04:31
Sleepy_CoderI thought one of the Peanuts Bunch would be a good "splash screen"04:31
Kamping_Kaiserthats on an ltsp setup isnt it?04:32
=== Kamping_Kaiser has to get that 'dual boot using ltsp' thing happening
Sleepy_CoderActually, it just installed it that way...:<  I made the partitions, installed Windows on one, then installed Ubuntu and it set up my menu.lst.04:33
Sleepy_CoderI just modified it to look pretty. :p04:33
Kamping_Kaiserthast a menu.lts?04:34
Sleepy_CoderIt's in /boot/grub/menu.lst04:34
Kamping_Kaiseri thought it was pxelinux.conf/*04:34
Sleepy_CoderI remember one time I lost the option on the grub boot menu to boot Windows--which I hate doing, but must do every now and then--and I had to edit menu.lst to put it back in. :)04:34
Sleepy_CoderI was just playing around and now I got Snoopy. :p04:35
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Sleepy_CoderI dunno.  I just wanted it to look funny. :p  I might post my menu.lst later so you guys can take a look. :)  *not trying to show off, but I find that a UI that you like makes you enjoy things more*04:36
Sleepy_CoderI'll pastebin it in a second.04:40
Sleepy_CoderWhat happened to ze bot?04:40
=== Sleepy_Coder stabs ubotu
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)04:41
Sleepy_CoderOh, zeyr we go. :D04:41
Sleepy_CoderHere we go:  http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/18752/04:42
Sleepy_CoderI only pasted the lines that were relevant.04:42
Sleepy_CoderYou can sort of see how the syntax works.  I think every "title" must have a "root" underneath or else grub will just ignore what's in the "title" and it won't show.04:43
Sleepy_CoderUmm...don't copy and paste that into your menu.lst if anyone cares....it'd be kind of bad since you guys don't have my configuration on the MBR. :p04:44
=== Sleepy_Coder goes afk
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crazy_buscan edubuntu ltsp server dual boot with windows server11:47
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mattfletcheri read that i can edit files within /etc/skel to redefine things like desktop backgrounds for any new users i create, is this correct?12:06
cliebow yes12:34
cliebowcrazy_bus, sure..i have found one laptop cranaky enough it wouldnt12:35
mattfletcherclie, was that yes to me?12:44
mattfletcheri've looked in /etc/skel/ on an ubuntu 7.04 server (the only machine i have handy) and it's empty. where can i predefine things like desktop backgrounds and themes for new users?12:51
cliebow no dot files?01:12
cliebowif you want special settings for openoffice for instance..use an account to create the perfect .openoffice2.org file and drop it un /etc/skel01:13
cliebowgot a good nautilus setup for an account? drop it in /etc/skel01:14
cliebowas .nautilus01:14
cliebowthe .gnome2_private stuff is confusing to me what controls what...but same principle applies01:15
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SiCk--anyone any ideas why when my thin-client starts up it wont boot into gdm, it just always throws up a little xterm in the corner?01:28
SiCk--i can start opera from it01:28
SiCk--and opera is selected in the .xsession01:28
cliebowSiCk--, most of the wizaeds are enroute to spain..01:37
mattfletcherit's specifically the theme and background i will want to set, where are they stored? there are only a couple of files like .bashrc in /etc/skel/, no big directories of stuff01:38
mattfletcherah, is that why the meeting is silent?01:38
cliebowi dont know exactly where they are..01:38
mattfletcheri'll try #ubuntu01:40
cliebowbut you can experiment with all thos e.g* files...take two users..get just what you want with one user..then drop the .files into second users folder..chown to the new user..see what happens..(and let me know what you find 8`)01:40
cliebowbut you can experiment with all thos e.g* files...take two users..get just what you want with one user..then drop the .files into second users folder..chown to the new user..see what happens..(and let me know what you find 8`)01:41
Kamping_Kaiseryou could also use sabayon and that other tool for doing the account setups01:42
cliebowKamping_Kaiser, i need to try this01:42
Kamping_Kaiserogra told me about the second yesterday - its shipped in feisty apparently01:43
cliebowi missed that...google to the rescue01:44
cliebowohhh..you mean pessulus?01:47
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Kamping_Kaiserum yeh i think so01:49
cliebowyeah.ive used that to minimize choices in system-->quit01:49
cliebowso an ltsp user cant kill the server01:49
=== Kamping_Kaiser suddenly becomes interested in pessulus
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juliuxhey pipedream01:55
juliuxhey pirast01:55
pirasthey juliux01:57
pirastjuliux, okay now i understand why you say hello to me today: "Mitgliedsbeitrag 2007 ubuntu Deutschland e.V." :P02:00
juliuxpirast, hehe02:01
juliuxpirast, i say everytime hello if is see you if you join the channel;902:01
pirastnice :)02:02
=== juliux should write a hello bot;)
SiCk--is there any way to setup my clients so that when they boot up, they autologin... without installing gdm on the chroot?02:03
SiCk--i'm looking for ways around this kiosk setup now ... :(02:03
=== meduxa [n=agustin@84.Red-217-127-164.staticIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #edubuntu
SiCk--what i basically need is multiple clients to boot in, auto login, and start a browser in fullscreen (no address bar etc. ) displaying a webpage from their harddrive02:04
SiCk--so if anyone has any ideas on any part of it, i'm open. haha02:05
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georgy_Hi ! I have edubuntu 7.04 server with thin client installed. Everything works fine, but when I try to connect to machine with thin client manager in viewer mode, connection failed, even aI have the x11vnc client installed.02:37
georgy_! thin client manager02:44
encompassjuliux: you would have the fastest hello on the net...03:01
juliuxencompass, hehe03:01
georgy_Hi ! I have edubuntu 7.04 server with thin client installed. Everything works fine, but when I try to connect to machine with thin client manager in viewer mode, connection failed, even aI have the x11vnc client installed.03:02
encompassgeorgy_: didn't you just say that?03:03
encompassgeorgy_: you may like to try ubuntu forums... they help me lots03:03
georgy_Yes, but maybe somebody is connecting after the first time I ask. It will be the last time now03:04
georgy_Okay, but i have asked, and their send me in this channel ;)03:05
encompassgeorgy_: I see... have you tried the forums yet?  They are very helpful03:05
georgy_no, I will try now, hanx03:05
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AdministratorI can not see anything04:06
Kamping_KaiserAdministrator, take your sunglasses off04:07
Administratorwhat is sunglasses?04:07
AdministratorI am new comer04:07
Administratorfrom China04:08
Kamping_Kaiserlol. nm04:08
AdministratorHow to take my sunglasses off?04:08
Kamping_KaiserAdministrator, its a joke, dont worry about it04:08
Administratorwhere are you04:08
AdministratorIt is the first time for me to talk a person on ICR04:09
Kamping_Kaiserah, welcome on then :)04:09
Kamping_Kaiser* i'm in australia04:09
Kamping_Kaiserthe channel is international though04:09
AdministratorI like Edubuntu ,I am in China.04:09
AdministratorBut I am just a biggner of Edubuntu ,I used WindowsXP before04:10
Kamping_Kaiserwhich version are you trying out?04:10
AdministratorI really like to make good friends with the person who are good at Edubuntu .04:11
Administratorand you04:11
Administratorit is a liitle late04:12
Administratorjust you are on line now?04:12
AdministratorI just can see you only04:12
Kamping_Kaiserits late here yes04:12
AdministratorI am a student now04:12
Kamping_Kaiserlots of the people here are on tehri way to a conference about ubuntu starting in a few days04:12
Kamping_Kaiserthey will start appearing agian in a few days. the few thats left are scattered arround the world04:12
Administratorare you a student or a tech supporter of Conanical04:12
Kamping_Kaiseri'm a full time student, and part time sysadmin. i'm not employed by canonical.04:13
AdministratorMay I have your Gtalk or other IM?04:13
Kamping_Kaiseri do, why?04:14
Administratorit is easy to keep in touch when i have some question to ask you04:15
Kamping_Kaiserif you have questions you should ask here, then anyone around can help you04:15
Kamping_Kaiserand if no one is around, yolu may have to wait a while for help04:15
AdministratorThanks a lot04:16
Kamping_Kaiserno worries04:17
Administratorbut the topic should be related to Ubuntu  product , right?04:17
Kamping_Kaiserubuntu/edubuntu yes04:17
AdministratorI want to help some people living in West of China ,especially poor student in small village, so I have to learn more things about Ubuntu04:20
Administratorand come here04:20
AdministratorIs there any good place for me to get help?04:21
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Kamping_Kaiserhelp.ubuntu.com and wiki.ubuntu.com if your english is good enough04:22
Kamping_Kaisercheck lists.ubuntu.com to see if theres an ubuntu-china list04:22
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mattfletcheryou could hear a pin drop in here. trust me to decide to do my first ltsp install the day everyone buggers off to spain06:14
Kamping_Kaiserpretty much. i'm just buggering off to bed ;)06:15
encompasscliebow_: ping06:34
encompassping ping06:34
encompassmattfletcher: try ubuntu-laptop  even deader :P06:35
cliebow_pong pong06:51
cliebow_  Hey Homies!!06:57
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mattfletcherhello from my new edubuntu installation!09:43
HedgeMagehi mattfletcher09:44
mattfletcheri'm wondering now how to use ltsp - i tell my laptop to boot from "network" but it just shows me my normal grub09:44
HedgeMagemattfletcher: sorry, I've not worked with ltsp09:46
mattfletcherno worries, i'll wait till after the weekend09:46
mattfletcherbut just to say - it looks stunning! i've just turned compiz on and woo! i just need to remember to turn it off once i have 10 thin clients connecting to it09:48
cliebow_mattfletcher:is dhcp running?09:48
mattfletcherhi cliebow, not on this machine - we also have a smoothwall which is providing that. does dhcp tell the tc's where to boot from?09:49
mattfletchercan i make smoothwall's dhcp do it?09:50
cliebow_there is a smopothwall mod which will let smoothwall pass the right info09:50
mattfletcheru don't have a link do u?09:50
mattfletcheror a keyword to look for?09:50
cliebow_that mod also includes an arp table shown within dhcp09:50
cliebow_lemme look..it was some work to do but i should have a copy down in Surry09:51
mattfletchercheers, thanks09:51
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mattfletcherif i remove the smoothwall, put dhcp back on and run the edubuntu server straight into the adsl router should that work? i only have 1 nic09:52
cliebow_mattfletcher, just shut off dhcp on the sm,oothwall and let you linux box do it 8~)09:56
mattfletcheri can't, it loses net access when i do that. i don't know how to configure the dhcp with the correct gateway etc09:58
cliebow_what is address of the smoothwall10:02
mattfletcher192.168.0.10 (internal side)10:03
cliebow_that is your gateway address on the inside..you smoothwall is set to get info from dhcp for external interface?10:04
cliebow_ltsp direct to theinternet is not good10:04
mattfletcheri think the smoothwall is statically configured with the ip of the router and the remote dns servers. it's been that long tho that i'm not sure10:04
cliebow_here is the little piece to add a place for pxe info in smoothwall..10:06
cliebow_so network is adslrouter--->smoothwall-->ltspbox10:07
cliebow_i have to fly for home..ill look you up by and by10:07
mattfletcherok cheers10:08
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mattfletcherdoes anyone else know anything about this smoothwall mod? i have it installed and it is asking me for four pieces of info about network boot -10:22
mattfletcherboot server, root path, boot filename, network boot enabled (checkbox)10:23
mattfletcheri assume boot server is the edubuntu server ip, but other than that i have no idea10:23
mattfletcherboot server, root path, boot filename, network boot enabled (checkbox). i assume boot server is the edubuntu server ip, but other than that i have no idea10:28
mattfletchersorry pasted into wrong window10:28
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tiagoboldthas anyone tried to install edubuntu in a virtual box virtual machine?10:59
cmonkeyyea, I've set it up in VMware11:00
cmonkeyboth the server and a client11:00
tiagoboldtdamm, the installation simply stops :|11:00
cmonkeyusing VMware?11:00
tiagoboldtvirtual box11:01
cmonkeyoops, missed that11:01
cmonkeyyou could try VMware for OS X :p11:04
cmonkeyerr, wait, virtual box isnt just os x, nm11:04
cmonkeywhat os are you on11:04
tiagoboldtubuntu 38611:05
cmonkeyoh, have you tried Xen?11:05
tiagoboldtmaybe I should switch 2 vmware server..11:06
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cmonkeyyea, ive found vmware server to be pretty convenient11:13
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