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jmllifeless: it's just the one in the general queue that's offending, right?02:27
=== bryce_ [n=bryce@] has joined #launchpad
bryce_hey, I was just trying to get my bryce@canonical.com address registered in launchpad, but I'm having some trouble02:27
lifelessjml: all your branches are offensive ;)02:27
jmllifeless: I try.02:28
lifelessthey are like dwarf bread02:28
bryce_the confirmation emails don't seem to be showing up in my mailbox02:28
thumperbryce_: wait a bit02:28
lifelessbryce_: they come every 5 minutes02:28
bryce_hmm, ok, although it's been about half an hour02:29
jmllifeless: "Art is not made to decorate rooms. It is an offensive and defensive weapon against the enemy."02:30
lifelessjamesh: 02:31
lifeless+    >>> request = LaunchpadTestRequest(02:31
lifeless+    ...     environ={'REQUEST_METHOD': 'POST'},02:31
lifelessseems to be a lot of dead chickens02:31
lifelesscan't it be the default ?02:31
lifelessjamesh: or perhaps 'LaunchpadTestPost' ?02:31
FujitsuMmm... Chicken.02:31
jameshlifeless: it definitely shouldn't be the default02:33
lifelessjamesh: can you please run a pending-reviews run02:34
lifelessjamesh: I thought you'd added the new reviewers a ways back, but they weren't there so I added them. I've added mentor: headings to, in case you wanted to do something slick like count their lines towards the mentors line count02:35
jameshlifeless: it's finished runnning02:36
lifelesshmm the next thing I need to know is the total lines reviewed over the last 5 working days, or there abouts. that would let me be much fairer02:37
jameshlifeless: as for the LaunchpadTestRequest() bit, it looks like I could have used REQUEST_METHOD as a keyword argument02:37
lifelessjamesh: I was peeking at the diff to decide if it was appropriate for a new reviewer02:38
lifelessand that stood out like a sore thumb :)02:38
jameshlifeless: there are a fair number of LaunchpadTestRequest() callsites I didn't touch.02:39
lifelessI recognise that you have to alter them in some way02:43
lifeless... but02:43
lifelessI wonder if its actually more appropriate to be duplciating rather than altering02:43
lifelessthat is, that the existing 'this should work over get' tests should stay02:43
lifelessand new ones 'this should work via post' should be introduced.02:43
lifelessif the change is because 'this should NOT work over get but it used to'02:44
lifelessthen shouldn't we add tests at these locations that the form in question will error over GET ?02:44
jameshthere are tests that form submissions via GET fail unless the form action is marked as safe02:45
jameshso most of the rest of the test cases were to make them match what actually happens (i.e. a POST)02:45
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phixnayhow can I get people to read my bug report?03:49
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phixnayI'm not sure what this channel is for, but I think I might have a duplicate bug, but I don't know how to fix it04:00
ubotuLaunchpad bug 105369 in Ubuntu "CD drive stopped working after upgrade from Edgy to Feisty(herd 5)" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  04:01
lifelessooo pretty04:01
pooliegah that dysfunctional bug search field really annoys me04:06
phixnayyeah - by the way what's this channel actually used for04:07
lifelessdiscussion and support for launchpad as a whole.04:13
lifelesse.g. if you want some help using code.launchpad.net or bugs.launchpad.net04:13
phixnayok, what should I do if I have a bug that's probably a dup, but I can't find the fix anywhere04:13
lifelessyou can't find the bug that you think its a duplicate of?04:14
lifelessif its still affecting you and you can't find an open bug that matches, its probably not a duplicate:)04:15
phixnayI was on the forums, and seems like lots of people had this bug, and someone told me to search launchpad for it04:15
phixnaybut I didn't find any so I posted my own04:15
phixnaynobody read it though, and my cd drive still doesn't work04:15
lifelessthat all sounds fine. There is an IRC channel, #ubuntu-bugs, where they talk about Ubuntu bugs.04:15
phixnayok, good04:17
phixnaythat's where I want to be04:17
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mptGooooooooooooooooood afternoon Launchpadders!06:00
ajmitchhello mpt06:02
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ubotuNew bug: #111676 in launchpad-answers "Notification of linked bug status change doesn't say what the bug is" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/11167606:50
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pschulz01How do I ask a 'question' in 'Questions'?07:06
ubotuDon't ask to ask a question. Just ask your question :)07:06
pschulz01.. or should that be 'Answers'07:07
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about answers - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi07:07
EmxBAdon't ask to ask. just ask, pschulz01 :)07:12
pschulz01I've asked about asking.. dammit.. now I want answers.07:12
pschulz01I was hoping to start contributing to the 'Answers' section of launchpad.. but I can't see where I add a new question.07:14
pschulz01Found it!07:16
rappohttp://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi whoever made that failed to realize what the definition of factoid was07:24
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mdkemorning carlos 09:22
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jtvcarlos: looks like Danilo is online.  :(09:33
jtvcarlos: I was still hoping he might be off enjoying himself.09:33
carlosjtv: jabber?09:33
carlosjtv: he's always connected...09:33
jtvcarlos: so there is hope...09:34
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YokoZarHmm, I don't seem to be able to change the importance of bugs against my package...10:03
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YokoZarI'm the Wine maintainer (Scott Ritchie), yet I can't change the importance of this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/wine/+bug/11106110:03
ubotuLaunchpad bug 111061 in wine "Wine use Windows colors instead of Ubuntu colors" [Undecided,Confirmed]   - Assigned to Scott Ritchie (scottritchie)10:03
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siretartYokoZar: that's because the bugtask is against ubuntu, not against wine upstream10:09
siretartYokoZar: do you 'own' the 'wine' product in launchpad?10:10
YokoZarsiretart: I think so - I was able to change its branding and such10:10
siretartyes, according to https://launchpad.net/wine/m you are10:11
=== mrevell [n=matthew@canonical/launchpad/mrevell] has joined #launchpad
siretartYokoZar: so what you can do is to open a bugtask against wine upstream, then you can manage severity and priority10:11
siretartYokoZar: this means that you effectivly manage wine bugs in launchpad10:11
siretartYokoZar: alternatively, you can link that bug to some upstream bugzilla or something, if there is any10:12
YokoZarI don't quite understand what that first sentence means10:12
siretartYokoZar: you see the link 'Also affects Upstream' close below your name?10:12
siretartYokoZar: if you press on it, you can create a bugtask in the 'wine product'. currently, the bugtask is only for ubuntu10:13
=== mdz [n=mdz@yttrium.canonical.com] has joined #launchpad
YokoZarahh so I can only affect priority of bugs that are also upstream ones?10:13
siretartYokoZar: you as owner of the wine product can only manage bugtasks in wine. this particular bugtask is in ubuntu, only members of the ubuntu-qa team can edit10:13
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siretartYokoZar: you can also ask any ubuntu-dev (like me) to adjust bugtasks in ubuntu, if you think it should be done10:14
=== Spads [n=spacehob@unaffiliated/spads] has joined #launchpad
YokoZarThat's kind of weird...10:14
YokoZarmaybe I should just get around to getting my official MOTU status10:14
siretartthat would be a good idea in any case ;)10:14
YokoZarIt would let me mess around with bugs like this too :)10:15
siretartbut that wouldn't be the main motivation, I guess ;)10:15
siretartseriously, does this bug exist in the wine upstream bugtracker as well?10:15
siretartYokoZar: looks like this one: http://bugs.winehq.org/show_bug.cgi?id=240510:17
ubotuWine bug 2405 in wine-user "Default colors should be more like Windows" [Enhancement,New]   - Assigned to wine-bugs@winehq.org10:17
YokoZarsort of10:17
YokoZarstrangely, the request is to make the default colors less like windows (and more like Ubuntu)10:18
YokoZarThat Wine bug seems to be the exact opposite problem, lol10:18
siretartif it is, I'd suggest to mark it in launchpad. Press on the 'Also affects Upstream' button, and enter that link to the following form10:18
siretartthis will 'link' the two bugs, and launchpad will regularily poll the wine bugzilla for status updates10:18
YokoZarI think this is one of those things that we actually want to vary at the package level per distribution10:19
siretartthe two bugtasks are managed independently. they are just marked as 'linked'10:20
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Adziuralaunchpad is broken in Opera browser10:24
Adziuraleft menu covered text in Opera 9.20 on linux10:24
Adziurahttp://images20.fotosik.pl/292/a808c660dab962ba.png - screenshot10:25
siretartAdziura: there is already a bug filed about this10:25
siretartbug 11142910:25
ubotuLaunchpad bug 111429 in launchpad "Launchpad broken & unusable in Opera 9.20" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/11142910:25
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gmt_hi guys, I've updated my repo so that I can use tags bzr upgrade --dirstate-tags, but since then I cannot browse the tree anymore, is it a known issue? http://codebrowse.launchpad.net/~gianmt/pyswfdec/trunk/changes10:35
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SteveAgmt_: hi11:01
jameshgmt_: Hi.  I'm one of the developers managing codebrowse.  I'll check into it now.11:01
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mptWho uses the bug +text pages?11:03
jameshmpt: ubotu?11:03
SteveAhi ddaa11:03
mptbug 1234511:03
ubotuLaunchpad bug 12345 in isdnutils "isdn does not work, fritz avm (pnp?)" [Medium,Fix released]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/12345 - Assigned to Matthias Klose (doko)11:03
mptbug 4411:03
ubotuLaunchpad bug 44 in rosetta "Translations should be searchable" [High,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/44 - Assigned to   (danilo)11:03
ddaaSteveA: good morning11:03
ddaamwh: mwhudson: which one is you?11:04
mptI'm wondering whether it would be good or bad for +text to contain displaynames rather than "foo (upstream)"11:04
mptSeveas, what do you think?11:04
mwhudsonddaa: hi11:04
mwhudsonboth, but mwhudson for work11:04
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jameshgmt_: you should be able to browse the branch now.11:05
jameshgmt_: the codebrowse service was running against an older version of bzr that did not support the newer branch format11:06
gmt_jamesh: thanks, it works perfectly11:06
ddaaSo folks, mwhudson is a new guy that will work on some of the bzr stuff in launchpad11:07
gmt_jamesh: quick question, can I delete branches myself? I did created a svn like schema (my bad) and I would like to delete tags and branches11:08
jameshgmt_: we don't currently have a way for users to delete their branches11:11
jameshgmt_: at the moment, the best option is to rename them to something like "foo-deleted"11:11
gmt_jamesh: should I file a request to delete them?11:11
jameshand mark them as abandoned11:11
gmt_jamesh: oh, all right11:11
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ubotuNew bug: #111751 in launchpad-answers "Possibility of cleaning the "Need Attention" tag" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/11175101:50
shawarmaI just got an e-mail about https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+question/5982  which I've never subscribed to. It lists a *LOT* of "also notified" people. Why were they added?02:04
=== carlos -> lunch
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mdzI mailed launchpad@ about the same thing just now02:20
=== niemeyer [n=niemeyer@] has joined #launchpad
mdzbugsquad is being subscribed to answers tickets02:20
Hobbseeyes - why?02:20
=== Hobbsee was wondering about all these new emails...
=== Prognatus [n=bjorn@2.80-203-143.nextgentel.com] has joined #launchpad
mdzBjornT: who's responsible for answers and might be able to help?02:22
jameshmdz: flacoste or sinzui are the main developers02:23
oojahI've just got a load of emails about question 5982 as well.02:23
jameshwhat is the name of the team getting spammed?02:23
Hobbseejamesh: ubuntu-bugsquad02:24
MehdiHassanpourI'm receiving those unwanted emails too...02:24
oojahI'm only in Launchpad Beta Testers.02:24
=== Treenaks [n=martijn@thuis.foodfight.org] has joined #launchpad
TreenaksWhy am I getting loads of 'answers' mail I never asked for (and which seems irrelevant.. kdebase + ubuntu-directory-services team?), and is it possible to turn off those emails?02:25
HobbseeTreenaks: [22:20]  <mdz> bugsquad is being subscribed to answers tickets02:25
jsgotangcome too02:25
mdzTreenaks: you entered in the middle of a discussion about that02:25
jtvTreenaks: but you did run into an old friend!02:25
SteveAmdz: hello02:26
SteveAmdz: I just asked the admins to suspend launchpad sending email out02:27
=== matsubara [n=matsubar@canonical/launchpad/matsubara] has joined #launchpad
jameshmdz: weird.  It isn't listed in the answer contacts portlet on https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/, and isn't listed as being a subteam of anything else on https://launchpad.net/~bugsquad02:27
Treenaksjtv: hi :)02:28
=== ChrisW [n=cjw296@host86-151-41-25.range86-151.btcentralplus.com] has joined #launchpad
BjornTjamesh: looks like someone already removed it as an answer contact.02:28
SteveAhi ChrisW 02:28
BjornTjamesh: it's not listed as 'also notified' anymore02:28
SteveAthanks for the email ChrisW 02:29
ChrisWno worries02:29
ChrisWjust got another one, so thought I'd pop on here and have a whine ;-)02:29
SteveAthe sysadmins are shutting off email from launchpad as I type02:29
SteveAso we can see what's going on02:29
=== Hobbsee wonders if it's just pebkac error
ChrisWhopefully confidential issues aren't being spewed forth ;-)02:29
Hobbseeyou know - "subscribe the bugsquad, so i get an answer quicker" - it's been done before with -qa02:30
SteveABjornT, jamesh: Znarl has suspended email from launchpad on the mail server02:30
oojahHobbsee: Unlikely - I've been getting emails as well and I'm only in the lp beta testers group.02:31
=== salgado [n=salgado@canonical/launchpad/salgado] has joined #launchpad
TreenaksI got mails for the ubuntu directory services group02:32
ChrisWSteveA: if it helps, I'm on the beta too remember...02:34
oojahI've looked down some of the "Also notified" list of answer 5982 and there doesn't seem to be a common group.02:34
SteveAChrisW: you mean as an explanation of why you received mail?02:34
ChrisWwell, if that's the cause02:34
ChrisWI have no idea what software gets changed as a result of being on the beta ;-)02:35
jtvTreenaks: YHM02:39
ChrisWanywho, back to work for me...02:40
=== ChrisW [n=cjw296@host86-151-41-25.range86-151.btcentralplus.com] has left #launchpad []
Nafallohmm. why did I just got e-mailed about question 5982 ?02:40
=== flacoste [n=francis@modemcable040.144-201-24.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #launchpad
jsgotangcoheh scrollback02:41
Hobbseespam, scrollback's overrated02:43
=== dneary [n=dneary@251.9.39-62.rev.gaoland.net] has joined #launchpad
Nafalloseems I wasn't the first to mention it ;-)02:44
TreenaksNafallo: A few other people noticed, yes02:44
Nafallomight have been if I hadn't been away to buy breakfast ;-)02:44
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=== variant [n=guts@unaffiliated/variant] has joined #launchpad
variantAnyone know why i might not be able to log into launchpad? I need to file a bug :/ and when i enter my user/pass i go back to the bug screen but it still says "not logged in click to login/register"02:47
variantnote that if i use a different password (the wrong password) it tells me it's wrong. but if i use the correct one it just goes back to bug screen saying i'm not logged in at the top02:47
Treenaksvariant: cookies?02:47
variantTreenaks: ahh02:48
variantTreenaks: perhaps02:48
variantTreenaks: well that was simple :) the only problem with blocking everything (javascript etc) is that I often forget when something doesn't work  ehehe :)02:49
variantthanks all02:49
=== variant [n=guts@unaffiliated/variant] has left #launchpad []
TreenaksAh, how one word can make a difference ;)02:49
flacostepopey: ping02:54
=== ..[topic/#launchpad:mrevell] : Launchpad email delivery temporarily suspended | Launchpad 1.0, https://launchpad.net/ | Next user meeting: Wed 02 May, 1600UTC | Next developer meeting: Thu 03 May 2007, 1400UTC (wiki:MeetingAgenda) | launchpad-users@lists.canonical.com (wiki:MailingLists) | Channel logs: http://tinyurl.com/72w39
=== hypatia [n=mary@] has joined #launchpad
shawarmamrevell: Just to make sure we're on the same page. I think I was subscribed to the Answer tickets I got e-mails about. I just had not subscribed myself. The one I remember seeing had several teams subscribed that I'm a member of.03:01
popeyflacoste: pong03:03
flacostepopey: hi, some people registered a bunch of team as answer contact on ubuntu03:03
mrevellshawarma: Thanks yes. It appears that someone/some people registered a number of teams as support contacts for Ubuntu.03:03
flacostepopey: two of them are clearly mistakes: Ubuntu Directory Services and Ubuntu Marketing Team03:04
mrevellshawarma: We're working now to filter out the email that people didn't ask for and to re-enable Launchpad's outbound mail.03:04
flacostepopey: the other is Ubuntu Support Team, is that correct?03:04
popeythe ubuntu-helpteam?03:05
popeyi can see why they might be registered03:05
Nafallowe need a way to ask per them which of the teams e-mails I would like personally ;-)03:05
flacostepopey: yes, i thought members registered individually03:05
Nafallomuch like for bzr-branches :-)03:05
LarstiQso that explains why I got dvd burning questions03:05
Nafallothat rocks btw! who did that? :-)03:05
popeyhmm, so would it be the team contact that did it?03:06
hypatiaI got several, and the closest I come to a relevant team is Launchpad Beta Testers...03:06
LarstiQNafallo: did what?03:06
flacostepopey: any team members can do it03:06
popeythats possibly sub-optimal :)03:06
flacostepopey: i am going to fix this today03:06
popeygood man03:06
NafalloLarstiQ: the bzr-branches "send those mails but not those" etc... :-)03:06
LarstiQNafallo: ooh, this sounds like a feature I haven't seen yet :)03:06
=== samtb [n=samtb@ip38.net173.community.co.uk] has joined #launchpad
NafalloLarstiQ: maybe it's only beta then ;-)03:07
Nafallostill want to thank whoever did that :-)03:07
samtbhi guys, just started getting random e-mails about answers.launchpad.net questions i have nothing to do with03:07
Nafallosamtb: you're not the first :-)03:07
flacostepopey: bug 109652 03:08
ubotuLaunchpad bug 109652 in malone "Non-admin team member can make the team a bug/answer contact" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/10965203:08
flacostepopey: so should we unregsiter the ubuntu-helpteam as well?03:08
popeyi would yes 03:08
flacostepopey: ok, thx03:08
popeywe have a mailing list - could ping a message to that to let them know?03:08
flacostepopey: ok, i'll register on that list and send out the email03:09
flacostepopey: meant to do that for a while anyway (registering one that list)03:09
samtbokay consider it confirmed ;)03:10
samtbtake it that it is being worked on then?03:10
Nafallosamtb: indeed it is :-)03:11
samtbokay thanks03:11
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pochumrevell: hi, I've just read your message to the lp-users ml. I've also received 3 answers mails, though I wasn't subscribed to any of them, and I've seen that the BugSquad and the LP beta testers was subscribed to those answers03:48
mrevellhi pochu03:48
pochuI've already removed them as answer contacts, but maybe that was the issue you were talking about03:48
mrevellpochu: Yeah, it appears someone made some teams into support contacts for Ubuntu.03:49
mrevellpochu: We're fixing the problem now.03:49
pochudo you mean that bug report to not let team members subscribe their team as answer or bug contact? :)03:50
mrevellpochu: In that we're removing those teams as support contacts and we're also going to allow only team admins to set that team as a support contact.03:50
pochucool :)03:51
pochubtw, I've sent 4 mails to bugs.lp.net, have they also been hold? since those bugs haven't been updated03:52
pochumrevell: since you said in your message that the mail from lp was suspended, but not the mail from outside to lp03:55
mrevellBjornT: pochu asks if mail into Launchpad Bug Tracker is also suspended.03:56
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BjornTmrevell, pochu: yes, all mail from launchpad is suspended until the problem has been resolved.04:01
pochuBjornT: is that mail lost, or will it be updated later?04:01
mrevellBjornT: What about if pochu uses the Bug Tracker email interface? He should expect bugs to update as normal, yeah?04:01
pochuyeah, that's what I mean ^ :)04:02
BjornTmrevell, pochu: oh, right, *into* launchpad. hmm, not sure. i'd guess not, but i'm not sure exactly how the outgoing mail was suspended.04:03
BjornTpochu: in either case, no bug mail should be lost, though.04:03
=== Yannig [n=yannig@AToulouse-157-1-34-35.w86-201.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #launchpad
pochuok, I'll look again tonight, to see if those bugs have been updated04:04
pochuthank you folks!04:04
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statikBjornT: is there a reviewers meeting today?04:11
BjornTstatik: right, forgot about that. let's have one in 15 minutes.04:16
statikBjornT: I think I had the meeting time wrong? I see 1400 UTC, but had forgotten to update my local calendar04:17
BjornTbarry, bac, flacoste, salgado: reviewer meeting in 15 minutes04:18
=== statik stops trying to do basic math and forbids himself from scheduling anything today
barryBjornT: k04:18
flacosteflacoste: ok04:18
BjornTstatik: no, it was supposed to be at 1400 UTC. i just forgot due to being busy, and two holidays, so i forgot that it was wednesday today :)04:18
barryBjornT: where are the reviewer meetings described in the wiki?04:20
bacbarry: https://launchpad.canonical.com/ReviewerMeetingAgenda04:20
barrybac: thanks.  same time/place every week?04:21
BjornTbarry: yeah, it's usually the same time every week. this week it's a bit later than usual, since i forgot about it.04:25
barryBjornT: np.  actually it's good, so i didn't miss it :)04:29
BjornTok, welcome to this week's non-au reviewer meeting04:33
BjornT== Agenda ==04:33
BjornT * Roll call04:33
BjornT * Next meeting04:33
BjornT * Queue status.04:33
BjornT * Other Business04:33
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BjornTwho's here?04:33
BjornTsalgado: ping?04:34
BjornT== Next meeting ==04:34
BjornTi'll be at uds next week, and i'm not sure how the schedule will look like.04:35
BjornTcan anyone chair the meeting next week for me?04:35
flacostei can04:35
BjornTthanks flacoste 04:35
lifelesshi guys04:36
BjornTthe meeting should be at the usual time next week, 2007-05-09 at 1400 UTC04:36
BjornThi lifeless 04:36
BjornT== Queue status ==04:36
BjornTthere are 10 open reviews, 8 of them are over the 2 day service target.04:37
flacostehmm, i have an issue here04:37
BjornTthe oldest one belong to kiko, not sure whether he's reviewed it or not.04:37
BjornTflacoste: what issue?04:37
flacostewasn't the age of the branch supposed to remove week-ends?04:37
lifelessnot currently.04:38
=== bigjools [n=ed@canonical/launchpad/bigjools] has joined #launchpad
lifelessthe colouring removes weekends.04:38
lifelessif its coloured, its over target taking weekends into account.04:38
flacostelifeless: are you sure?04:38
flacostebecause i am pretty sure that it's not working then04:38
flacostei had no branch assigned friday, and when I came in on monday i had one which was coloured and marked 3 days old04:39
BjornTSteveA: you have two old branches in your review queue04:39
BjornTflacoste: the age is counted from when the branch was set to needs-review, not when it was added to your queue. might that be the cause of it?04:41
flacosteBjornT: probably then04:41
lifelessflacoste: interesting. We'll need to follow up with jamesh on this, but I am very confident that the colouring does account for weekends. As BjornT says its not how ong its allocated to *you*04:41
lifelessthe 3 days and coloured is interesting though04:41
lifelessweekend is 2 days, so it would have to be lying right on the boundary I think04:42
BjornTi wonder if it would make sense to have two ages, one for how long the branch has been pending review, and one for how long it's been pending review in the reviewer's queue.04:42
BjornTmight be too complicated, though.04:42
barrywhile we're making suggestions about pending-reviews... :)  how about sortable column headers?04:44
BjornTbarry: why do you need to sort the reviews?04:44
barryBjornT: might be nice to all the reviews sorted by age or state age or reviewer04:45
barrymaybe not though04:45
flacosteBjornT: it only makes sense to track the age separately if the SLA is 48 hours once it's been assigned04:45
=== barry might be too n00b to make suggestions
=== Tokyrn [n=Natash@bro69-1-82-232-9-27.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #launchpad
flacosteif the SLA is 48 hours once its on PendingReviews, we should only track age since needs-review04:46
flacosteit's just though luck for the reviewers who get assigned a review late04:46
lifelessthe SLA is time in needs-review04:48
BjornTlifeless: what is the current SLA, btw? i think it was since the branch was set to needs-review before, but in your introduction e-mail you wrote 48 hours after it has been allocated to a reviewer04:48
lifelessits the allocator (mainly me)'s job to allocate it promptly.04:48
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lifelessBjornT: did I? crap.04:48
=== tokj [n=tk@] has joined #launchpad
BjornTok, most of the new reviewers are here, so they now what the expected SLA is now.04:50
=== mthaddon [n=mthaddon@canonical/launchpad/mthaddon] has joined #launchpad
BjornTso, let's move on.04:52
BjornT== Other business ==04:52
BjornThow are the new reviewers doing? have you started doing any reviews yet?04:52
bacdid a couple with kiko.  haven't done the one assigned to me yet.04:53
barryBjornT: none have been assigned to me yet04:53
bachow do we work with mentors now?  send the review to them first or just to the list?04:53
lifelessto the mentor04:53
lifelessdiscuss with the mentor04:53
lifelessthen send to the list04:54
statikdid one with salgado, but haven't been assigned one yet04:54
lifelessthats what I *suggest* anyhow; you can do differently if you want. I wouldn't want the reviewee being confused though04:54
statikI think this process of discussing with the mentor first and then sending to the list will work well04:54
lifelesshaving two discussions about the review at once would be confusing IMO04:54
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baclifeless: sounds good.04:55
BjornTanything else?04:56
flacostenot from me04:56
BjornTcool, meeting ended. thanks for coming!04:58
lifelessthanks BjornT 05:00
statikthanks BjornT (and lifeless!)05:01
salgadothanks BjornT 05:01
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ubotuNew bug: #111793 in launchpad-answers "Supported languages will not be shown in some cases when asking questions from the Project facet" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/11179305:25
Tokyrna we quand meme sa sature moins les basse05:27
ubotuNew bug: #111766 in launchpad "Launchpad suddenly sending mail from answers.ubuntu.com to me" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/11176605:38
ubotuNew bug: #111783 in blueprint "In internet explorer 6 the sidebar doesn't display correctly" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/11178305:38
ubotuNew bug: #111765 in launchpad "launchpad not update immidiatly" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/11176505:39
ubotuNew bug: #111785 in malone "Actions navigation bar appear to be in the center of the page in Opera 9.2" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/11178505:39
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=== Dal90 [n=Matt@dsl092-071-166.bos1.dsl.speakeasy.net] has joined #launchpad
ubotuNew bug: #111798 in launchpad "In I.E 6.0.2800.1106CO bed help bar" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/11179805:48
Dal90Looking to be pointed in the right direction as to how to upload revised source for translation into an existing project -- https://launchpad.net/democracy05:49
Virhi, I have never succeeded in logging into launchpad when sent there from apport - no error message; it just shows the same page again "Log in or register with Launchpad"05:49
Dal90And the person who set that up for us is travelling overseas and in limited communication right now.05:49
VirIn another browser window I'm now successfully logged in and it still doesn't work05:49
SteveADal90: maybe carlos or jtv can help you05:49
=== stgraber [n=stgraber@client80-83-51-125.abo.net2000.ch] has joined #launchpad
carlosDal90: hi05:50
Dal90Hi Carlos!05:50
carlosDal90: what could I do for you?05:50
ubotuNew bug: #111799 in blueprint "Blueprint name validation broken" [Medium,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/11179905:51
Dal90I'm the fairly new sysadmin for Participatory Culture Foundation...we have new files that need to go to https://launchpad.net/democracy for translation.05:51
Dal90But I'm not sure how to do it, and I don't think I'm in the right group security wise.05:51
SteveAVir: are you saying that you can use launchpad normally, with a web browser, but you can't use it with apport?05:51
=== Spads_ [n=spacehob@106.Red-83-52-94.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #launchpad
VirSteveA: it might just be that cookies were disabled, gimme a second05:52
VirSteveA: still launchpad should give a useful error message then...05:52
SteveAVir: yeah, don't do that ;-)05:52
SteveAyes, it should05:52
carlosDal90: you must be either the project owner (or member of a team that owns it) or the one that uploaded the initial .pot file05:52
=== mholthaus [n=mholthau@185-218.0-85.cust.bluewin.ch] has joined #launchpad
carlosDal90: so you need to be a member of https://launchpad.net/~pcf/05:53
Dal90Who should I contact to be put on a team?  Greg Opperman who set it up for us is travelling and in very limited ocmmunication.05:53
carlosto be able to upload updates05:53
SteveAalthough, if a user of the web disables cookies, then I expect that user will be aware that some websites won't function correctly.05:53
VirSteveA: yeah, works now. Please put some error message there when cookies are disabled...05:53
SteveAVir: yeah, we should do that.  it's not going to be a high priority though.05:53
carlosDal90: any of the admin members listed on https://launchpad.net/~pcf/+members are able to add you to that team05:53
SteveAVir: out of interest, why were your cookies disabled?05:54
Dal90Ah -- OK.  I'll contact Chris.05:54
carlosDal90: you are welcome05:54
VirSteveA: because I always disable cookies until I know that I need them05:54
VirSteveA: So when the website tells me the reason why it needs cookies I consider to enable them05:54
SteveAVir: in that case, please point me at a website that tells you "you aren't using cookies, and you need them for this site" so that I can see how they do it05:55
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SteveAVir: as a quick fix: https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/11180405:57
ubotuLaunchpad bug 111804 in launchpad "say "you must have cookies enabled" on login page" [Medium,Confirmed]   - Assigned to Matthew Paul Thomas (mpt)05:57
=== ..[topic/#launchpad:mrevell] : Launchpad 1.0, https://launchpad.net/ | Next user meeting: Wed 02 May, 1600UTC | Next developer meeting: Thu 03 May 2007, 1400UTC (wiki:MeetingAgenda) | launchpad-users@lists.canonical.com (wiki:MailingLists) | Channel logs: http://tinyurl.com/72w39
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SteveAVir: a more complicated fix would involve checking to see if you have chosen to not accept cookies, then telling you that you specifically need to do so.05:57
VirSteveA: both would be ok for me05:58
=== bluekuja [n=andy@ubuntu/member/bluekuja] has joined #launchpad
Virbut no feedback at all and just show the same page again is bad :(05:58
SteveAthanks for reporting the problem, Vir 05:58
mrevellWelcome to the Launchpad Users' meeting for 2 May 2007!05:59
VirSteveA: hmm, just tried what amazon would say about disabled cookies - but that site just works without cookies as well...06:00
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mrevellHere's the agenda:06:00
mrevell* Update on Launchpad outbound mail suspension06:00
mrevell* Introduction to the Launchpad developers are who present06:00
mrevell* Invitation to beta team06:00
mrevell* Issue of the week06:00
mrevell* User questions06:00
mrevell* Next meeting06:00
mrevellOkay, onto our first item06:00
mrevellUpdate on Launchpad outbound mail suspension06:01
mrevellEarlier today, we suspended all outbound email from Launchpad.06:01
mrevellSomeone had added a number of teams as support contacts for Ubuntu.06:01
mrevellThis meant that many people received email notification of support requests that they had not asked for.06:01
mrevellWe have removed those teams from Ubuntu's support contacts list.06:01
mrevellWe have also temporarily removed the facility to add a team as a support contact for a project or distribution.06:01
mrevellWithin the next couple of days we'll re-enable the ability to add a team as a support contact. 06:02
mrevellHowever, only team admins will be able to add their team as a support contact.06:02
mrevellLaunchpad is now sending email again and much queued email should now have been delivered.06:02
=== JonathanK [n=kvirc@] has joined #launchpad
mrevellHowever, we decided to remove Answer Tracker email from the queue so as to avoid further annoying people who did not want to receieve the Ubuntu support contact mail.06:03
mrevellAll Answer Tracker email from now will be sent as normal.06:03
mrevellIf you are a support contact for Ubuntu or any other project/distro, please check the relevant "Needs attention" list.06:04
mrevellWe're sorry for the inconvenience this has caused.06:04
mrevellAny questions or comments?06:04
popeyabout that or something else?06:04
mrevellpopey: About that. General questions coming up later.06:04
mrevellCould any other members of the Launchpad team present please introduce yourselves, saying what you work on in LP?06:05
SteveAhi, I'm Steve Alexander06:05
ubotuNew bug: #111804 in launchpad "say "you must have cookies enabled" on login page" [Medium,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/11180406:06
mrevellThanks SteveA06:06
SteveAI share management duties on the Launchpad team with kiko (who isn't here at present)06:06
mrevellIf we need any other members of the team to answer questions, I'll ping them as we go.06:06
mrevellOnto the next item.06:07
mrevellThe Launchpad Beta Testers team is an opportunity for Launchpad users to try new features and to give feedback.06:07
mrevellWe're not presently testing any features on the Launchpad private beta.06:08
=== Vir [n=konversa@kde/mkretz] has left #launchpad ["Konversation]
mrevellHowever, if you'd like to join in time for when we next test a feature, please sign up at:06:08
popeyI note the site doesn't redirect to the beta site any more..06:08
popey(for me)06:09
mrevellpopey: That's right. We've removed the redirect as we're not currently testing any features.06:09
mrevellpopey: You can still use the beta site, if you prefer, by entering the URL directly.06:09
mrevellpopey: We'll reintroduce the redirect when we're testing the next set of features.06:09
mrevellOnto the issue of the week.06:10
mrevellIf you've encountered a problem whilst using Launchpad and would like me to raise it with the Launchpad developers, please tell me about it now.06:10
popeycan i mention a bug raised today06:11
mrevellpopey: sure, please do06:11
popeybug 11175106:11
ubotuLaunchpad bug 111751 in launchpad-answers "Possibility of cleaning the "Need Attention" tag" [Undecided,Needs info]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/11175106:11
popeysomeone today was going round rejecting tickets06:11
popeythe someone being the person who reported that bug06:12
popeyhis rationale was that the user had said that the problem was resolved06:12
popeybut had not explicitly closed the ticket06:12
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popeyso I suggected a bug should be reported to add a feature whereby nominated people can close other peoples tickets 06:12
popeyso they dont show up as needing information06:13
ddaais it possible to see the list of proposed specs for an event, or is there a bug about missing this feature? https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/580506:13
flacostepopey: what is the problem with leaving the question in the 'answered' state?06:13
flacostethat's why we have an Answered and Solved statuses06:13
popeymakes it hard to pick out the ones to work on06:13
mrevellddaa: Is that an issue for the Launchpad users' meeting?06:13
popeyif you list all that "need information"06:13
ddaamrevell: you tell me06:14
flacostepopey: Answered questions shouldn't show up in the Need attention report06:14
ddaaso far, it's just one open question for which I have no good answer06:14
popeybut if the person replys "thanks, thats great"06:14
popeyits no longer answered is it/06:14
popeyits "needs attention"06:14
mrevellddaa: Okay, thanks. 06:14
flacostepopey: right, if the person said 'Thanks' and click 'I'm still having this problem'06:15
flacostebut you could answer with 'My pleasure, but please confirm that this is solved.' to remove the 'need attention flag again'.06:15
popeythat leads to two things06:15
popeyback last year people were going round answering every open message with "please close this"06:15
popeyI would get like 20 at a time06:16
popeyand another thing I can't think of06:16
flacostepopey: but last year we didn't have Answered/open distinction06:16
popeywe can continue this conversation in the bug report if you like mrevell ?06:16
jordi_mrevell: I suppose this has been debated to death already but I haven't been following closely. What's with 1.0's huge emblem icons. ie, now there's loads of user profiles with emblems horribly stretched06:16
mrevellpopey: Thanks for raising the issue, it looks as though it's something you may be able to discuss directly with flacoste.06:17
mrevelljordi_: Hello!06:17
mrevellpopey: I'll raise it nonetheless.06:17
jordi_hey dude!06:17
flacostepopey: is the 'thanks'-and-click-i-still-have-the-problem behaviour as common as the thanks-and-click-i-solved-my-problem behaviour?06:17
popeyi dont have definitive stats to answer that06:18
popeyits common enough06:18
=== ChrisW [n=cjw296@host86-151-41-25.range86-151.btcentralplus.com] has left #launchpad []
popeycommon enough that we get launchpad mails reaping the old tickets pretty much every day06:18
popeysome of which are definately "answered" comprehensively06:18
mrevelljordi_: Thanks for raising that. I'll mention it in tomorrow's developer meeting. In the mean time, I've asked salgado if he can give us answer.06:19
flacostepopey: ok, i have a suggestion for this but will continue the discussion on the bug report06:19
popeyok, cool06:19
sinzu1reading flacoste's boolean statement about behaviour, I can see why users are choosing the wrong button. better labeling might fix the problem.06:19
mrevellThanks everyone. Do we have any other issues that you'd like me to raise with the LP dev team?06:19
salgadohey jordi_. launchpad now expects all images uploaded by users to have an exact dimension06:20
flacostemrevell: 06:20
mrevellflacoste: hi06:20
flacostemrevell: did you answer jordi's question?06:20
=== sinzu1 is now known as sinzui
flacosteah, salgado just did!06:20
mrevellflacoste: I pinged salgado to give him an answer.06:20
popeyyeah, the +branding page tells you what size to make the images/logos06:20
salgadojordi_, and the size is also hardcoded into the HTML, causing the image to be stretched06:21
mrevellthanks ddaa, popey and jordi_ for raising issues. Thanks salgado, flacoste and sinzui for your input.06:21
jordi_salgado: still I wonder about the older ones06:21
jordi_salgado: I see. hrm.06:21
popeyjordi_: mail them and tell them their pictures suck! :)06:21
salgadoif you try to upload an image now it'll only accept images with that exact dimension06:21
ddaamrevell: well, I did not mean to suggest that for the users meeting06:21
ddaaIt was just an independent question...06:21
mrevellddaa: Ah, well, you did, so thanks :)06:21
salgadobut when this was changed the existing images were not taken into account06:21
jordi_popey: right :)06:21
jordi_popey: MY picture sucks :P06:21
popeysalgado: could you do a job that imagemagick converts the old images that are not the "right" resolution?06:22
popeyto pad them with whitespace or something?06:22
popeyas a one-time effort06:22
jordi_yeah, I can see some workarounds to it for people with old pics06:22
sinzuijordi_: I understand what you are saying. I remade my mugshot. There are a number of ways to fix the problem.06:22
mrevellOkay, I'd like to move to our second from last item.06:22
mrevellAh, clipboard problem there06:23
mrevellUser questions06:23
mrevellWe have only one on the agenda page:06:23
mrevellIs it a plan to add XML-RPC support to launchpad or similar remote access other than parsing HTML ? (ploum)06:23
mrevellIt appears that ploum isn't present. However, I do have an answer for his/her questions.06:24
=== jordi_ is now known as jordi
mrevellWe do plan to offer an XML-RPC interface, with a concerted effort over the coming months.06:25
=== Spads [n=spacehob@106.Red-83-52-94.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #launchpad
mrevellSo, ploum, if you read the logs for this meeting and hunt for your nick, I hope that answers your question.06:26
mrevellDo we have any other user questions for the LP team?06:26
mrevellOkay, so we just have to set the time of the next meeting. I propose Wednesday 16th May at 08:00 UTC. Any objections? Note: the time is to make it more suitable for people in Australia and NZ.06:28
mrevellIf there are no objections, that's the end of the meeting.06:29
mrevellThanks to everyone who took part.06:29
statikthanks for running the meeting mrevell06:29
mrevellstatik: thanks :)06:29
=== zyga [n=zyga@ubuntu/member/zyga] has joined #launchpad
popeyblimey, you're dedicated06:30
SteveAthanks mrevell 06:31
mrevellpopey: That's 9am UK time, no too bad :)06:32
popey10AM CET - even better :)06:32
popeyoh, not next week, week after06:32
=== popey slaps head
mrevellpopey: :)06:32
mrevellpopey: I think every other week will work out better, particularly as I'm available the rest of the time if people have a particular issue.06:33
popeywasnt complaining.. just wanted to wave from UDS :)06:33
popeyany LP guys going to UDS?06:34
mrevellpopey: I'll be here, receiving your Spanish wave :)06:34
mrevellpopey: BjornT and kiko will be there, I think. possibly cprov too.06:34
=== flacoste is now known as flacoste_lunch
=== luisbg [n=d33p@] has joined #launchpad
luisbgHello all, I need a small favor from a Launchpad admin06:39
popeyluisbg: i recommend you ask your question. 06:41
luisbgI need a project passed to distro, and I need to delete an other project (to avoid future redundancies)06:42
luisbgthe project to pass to distro is ubuntustudio06:42
luisbgand the one to delete is ubuntustudio-project06:42
=== neversfelde [n=neversfe@nrbg-4db4416f.pool.einsundeins.de] has joined #launchpad
mrevellluisbg: Hi06:48
=== Spads [n=spacehob@106.Red-83-52-94.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #launchpad
luisbgmrevell, Hello =)06:49
mrevellluisbg: My colleague statik is a good person to speak to about that. I'm not sure if he's around at this moment, though.06:50
luisbgmrevell, let's see if he appears since you mentioned his nick06:51
luisbgif not I will wait for him to do, and talk with him06:51
luisbgmrevell, thanks06:51
luisbgright now we have two projects for ubuntu studio, which makes sense06:52
mrevellluisbg: I've got to go now. However, feel free to email me - matthew.revel@canonical.com - if statik doesn't come back in the next few mins.06:52
luisbgand since we want to use launchpad more properly for our soon to be released distro, we would like to be able to use the distro stuff ;)06:52
luisbgmrevell, OK see ya06:52
mrevellluisbg: Yeah, I think statik is a good person to speak to first.06:52
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bdmurrayI found something that might be a bug in Malone and was wondering if anyone had heard of it07:29
bdmurrayIt's possible to click the assigned to "somebody else" radio button without putting in a name and no warning is given.07:29
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statikhey there luisbg and mrevell07:45
luisbghello statik 07:46
luisbghave you read what we talked?07:46
statikluisbg: yes. we're happy to register you as a distro, I've been talking with Troy about this07:46
statikare you in touch with Troy?07:46
luisbghe has been a big help07:47
statikokay, great.07:47
luisbgI'm a launchpad newbie and he is helping me learn to manage the ubuntu studio lauchpad distro page07:47
luisbgand the team page too07:47
luisbgwe really need to start getting organized through it07:47
statikluisbg: we'll get this taken care of then. one cautionary note so that you aren't surprised: not all the functionality that ubuntu uses is hooked up to the web interface, so there will be some things you see in ubuntu that you won't be able to use in your distro (because they require manual processes behind the scenes)07:48
statikfor example, you won't be able to do much with packages07:48
statikhowever, you should be able to make good use of answers and bugs07:49
luisbgwill the package handling be added in future versions of launchpad or you guys don't see no need?07:49
troy_sstatik: What are the percentage chances of providing a full list of UbuntuStudio linked packages and having them manually entered so that they are regged for V1.0?07:49
statikin future07:49
statiktroy_s: not very high07:50
luisbgit's so we can help with bugs of the packages that are important for our distro07:50
luisbginstead of making it separate07:50
luisbgwe fix ubuntu's packages and both parties have the benefit07:50
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luisbghey tsmithe <- he is an ubuntu studio developer07:51
tsmithehi all :)07:51
=== tsmithe adds this to the autojoin list
tsmithe+1 for ubuntustudio-dev07:51
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ddaaubuntustudio folks are annoying: they keep asking stuff that we have been meaning to do from the very start but somehow didn't make it out yet.08:31
luisbgddaa, that makes us annoying?08:32
beunoluisbg: I think it was ironic08:33
ddaain the sense that you are doing very good requests08:33
ddaathat we cannot do yet, and that's annoying08:33
luisbgso please tell us when you will can08:33
beunoddaa has a special way of communicating08:33
luisbgand we will stop asking every now and then08:33
ddaaplease continue08:33
luisbgI will for sure08:34
luisbgwe are really interested in what we are asking for08:34
ddaawhy do people always thing that "annoying" is bad?08:34
ddaatake an example08:35
ddaaRMS is incredibly annoying08:35
ddaabut that's why he's important and good too08:35
luisbgI see08:35
ddaa(though some people argue that he got that balance a bit wrong)08:35
luisbgso how is it that you have been meaning to do but somehow haven't?08:35
ddaain general, the distro derivation support you're asking for08:36
ddaalauncphad is meant to make distro derivation a breeze08:36
ddaaon a lot of levels08:36
luisbga breeze = easy and quick?08:37
luisbgsorry if my english isn't the bestest (just kidding)08:37
luisbgso it is meant to be that way, but it hasn't been implemented yet?08:37
ddaa(in the outlines, I dunno about the very specifics)08:38
luisbgI've heard it is going to be discussed in UDS08:38
luisbgthat's a meeting I won't miss for sure08:38
ddaaI guess you're referring to NoMoreSourcePackage...08:39
ddaaalso, there's the PPA stuff which is step in the distro derivation support too08:39
luisbg distribution support topic08:40
luisbgoooh yes08:40
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Rinchenah the joys of being on ipv6 where you resets, timeouts, and collisions don't happen. :-)12:10
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