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nothlitHey-- @ any of you guys who haven't seen the mailing list in the last few days https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/Incoming/CommunityTheme04:56
BHSPitMonkeyhey nothlit05:13
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troy_snothlit: So yes... perhaps abandoning the Gibbon inspiration is a key bit of progress?05:22
troy_snothlit: What would work as a nice embodiment for the release in terms of a simple singular term?05:23
nothlitmost single words are overdone and cliched though05:24
troy_sWell then let's avoid those too.05:24
nothlitBHSPitMonkey: hey05:24
troy_sI think avoiding the cliches is pretty important (despite the fact that Ubuntu's most cliched motifs have yet to be fully enunciated to the mainstream audience in a successful manner)05:24
nothlitIn terms of words that would go with the color scheme I'm imagining now? calm and productive05:27
nothlitif you go with release name, warm and playful (if you're really gutsy--'punchy')05:28
troy_snothlit: Try the reverse -- work on a communication goal relative to your audience05:30
troy_snothlit: And have a look for palettes that work towards achieving that.05:31
troy_snothlit: Trying to use a palette and reverse engineering communication is pretty tricky.05:31
troy_snothlit: For example, one of my favorite palettes of all time was Dirk Uhlenbrock's05:32
troy_snothlit: Sorry it was David Lincoln's palette..05:32
troy_snothlit: It is an awsome collection of 11 colors05:33
troy_snothlit: Completely taken from a study of photographs of accident victims and cadavers.05:33
troy_s"Deadly Color"05:34
troy_sTrauma Coral:  252.116.7205:34
troy_sPutre-Taupe:  130.107.6505:34
troy_sBlack:  0.0.005:34
troy_sLivor Lavender 178.124.17405:34
troy_sAdipic Gold 246.151.5005:35
troy_sLivor Verdigris:  65.91.5405:35
troy_sLivor Gray:  107.122.10905:35
troy_sTrauma Red:  225.32.705:35
troy_sCadaver Yellow:  238.207.11405:36
troy_sCavity Maroon:  82.16.1205:36
troy_sViscera Cyan:  77.170.17205:36
troy_sTC:  The color of skin surrounding a stab wound.05:36
troy_sPT:  Mushroomy color of skin an tissues in advanced putrefaction.05:36
troy_sBHSPitMonkey:  Color of total and utter putrefaction of human tissues.05:37
troy_sLL:  Color of very early putrefaction seen one to two days after death.05:37
nothlithow gruesome05:37
troy_sAG:  Color of human fat immediately under the skin.05:37
troy_sLV:  Gray Green of liveor mortis.05:37
BHSPitMonkeywas that an insult?05:37
troy_sLG:  Blue gray of earlies livor mortis, occuring before lior verdigris.05:38
troy_sTrae:  The color of fresh oxygenated blood.05:38
troy_sCY:  Human skin after the blood has left it.05:38
troy_sCM:  The color of unoxygenated blood and tissue deep within the body cavity.05:38
troy_sVC:  The amazing color of healthy human lungs and intestines.05:38
nothlitBHSPitMonkey: he meant Black, its just the autocompletion prolly05:39
BHSPitMonkey(I know)05:39
troy_ssorry BHSPitMonkey I hit tab05:39
troy_sAnyways, it shows you two things:05:39
BHSPitMonkeyI've never been described so vividly and yet so harshly before.05:39
troy_s1) That palette is a critical element of design.05:40
troy_s2) That a _real_ palette isn't a smattering of all hues across a given value set.05:40
troy_s3) That a palette should be SELECTIVE in colour, and work towards the ultimate communication goal (at the given audience)05:40
troy_sand perhaps most importantly, all elements that Ubuntu's clueless design pattern fails to grasp or even begin to understand.05:42
darkmatterclueless is a wee bit of an understatement06:06
troy_sdarkmatter: Amen06:14
troy_sThrow k in there too.06:14
troy_sdarkmatter:  I sincerely hope Diana's work kicks the crap out of the scene and garners much deserved attention.06:22
darkmattertroy_s, thats the fedora stuff, correct?06:23
troy_sdarkmatter: Yes.  Diana Fong MFA06:24
troy_sdarkmatter: A true process and a true result.06:24
darkmatteryes... her work is gorgeous06:24
troy_sShe has been pushing more and more06:24
troy_sand despite being bullied by several longstanding 'factions', her work is simply awsome.06:24
troy_sI am pretty certain that certain factions of the community don't want to be displaced by folks like her.06:25
darkmatterindeed it is. I dl'd the redhat artwork just so I could get mypaws on the flying high art06:26
troy_sdarkmatter: On a side note, you watching the digg drama?06:28
troy_sdarkmatter: It is awsome.06:28
darkmatteryeah.. on and off06:28
troy_sdarkmatter: It is _really_ amazing right now06:31
troy_sdarkmatter: Watching the burning of a billion dollar empire in about 60 minutes.06:31
troy_sdarkmatter: Here is some very well communicated design:07:16
troy_sCan you spot an audience?07:16
troy_sdarkmatter: If you are interested07:32
darkmatterhmm.. interesting07:33
darkmatterI may just enter in that07:40
BHSPitMonkeyI almost thought that was an ASCII Design Competition07:41
BHSPitMonkeyat first url glance07:41
BHSPitMonkeyhmm, I can't pull up digg.com07:43
BHSPitMonkeyis Digg finally experiencing the Digg effect?07:43
darkmatteryup... they're just getting slammed with hex code07:44
BHSPitMonkeyI got their maintenance page07:45
BHSPitMonkeylittle digg person with a shovel next to a Debian server XD07:45
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lapodo you know how to switch openoffice styles?11:48
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darkmatterlapo,  Tools, Options > View12:54
darkmatterits under user interface12:54
darkmatter"icon size and style"12:54
lapodarkmatter: thanks01:07
darkmatterhttp://images.derstandard.at/20070401/worldclock.gif <--- you guys see this yet01:07
lapocould be improved, but nice01:08
andreasncool, I totally need something like that01:12
darkmatterI'm just itching for the sp1 release.. I intend to hack every single goody to run on ubuntu :D01:22
andreasnah, it's a sled-thing..01:33
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troy_sYou don't get it... You are all dead.  It was the tuna casserole...04:52
darkmatterspeak for yourself.. I hate tuna04:55
nothlitbah... that site requires flash04:57
troy_sDEBBIE: Can I ask you a question?04:59
troy_sGRIM REAPER: What?04:59
troy_sDEBBIE: How can we all have died at the same time?04:59
troy_s[silence] 04:59
troy_sGRIM REAPER: The salmon mousse.04:59
troy_sGEOFFREY: Darling, you didn't use canned salmon, did you?04:59
troy_sANGELA: I'm most dreadfully embarrassed.05:00
troy_snothlit: Worth checking out though.05:00
nothlittroy_s: you're designing a shoe?05:01
troy_syharrow: Today might be a good day to test that Inkboard.05:37
nothlitdon't use google talk servers--they strip unknown data06:04
troy_snothlit: Thanks06:14
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lapotroy_s: inkboard, interesting, do you know how the heck it works? :-)06:55
troy_slapo played with it in a limited capacity, working on some experiments for collaborating in the near future06:56
troy_si had it working quite well at one point, but htat was early going06:57
lapotroy_s: have you got some link with intructions on how to use it?06:57
nothlityou get a jabber account and add each other06:58
nothlitthen login to it @ inkscape, and share a session06:58
lapono particular requirements?06:59
troy_snothlit: We really need to have some painless wiki page for this.06:59
lapoI can use mu normal account?06:59
troy_slapo: Just a jabber server that works with full data.06:59
troy_slapo: I'll try to set a session up with you07:01
troy_slapo as soon as i finish up with my ubuntustudio details.07:01
nothlittroy_s: did you design the logo/gtk theme?07:02
troy_slapo: Have you got a recent SVN compiled?07:02
troy_snothlit: For uS -- no.  I simply advised on various elements.  I was working on Fantastic Four 2 while all of that was going on.07:03
lapotroy_s: nope, atm I'm using the stock feisty one07:03
troy_slapo:  wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/Incoming/HowToCompileInkscape07:03
lapotroy_s: I know how to compile stuff quite well :-)07:04
troy_swhat i was trying to hint is compile a current07:04
troy_slapo: It is pretty useless if we try to experiment with versions that are different07:05
lapoyeah, got it, but I'll try with the current one first, just for the pleasure of filling some bugs :-)07:05
troy_sgive me a few.07:06
troy_swhat is your jabber accnt lapo ?07:06
lapowait I need to sort out a pair of things07:06
lapolemme check07:06
=== lapo 's memory is junk
lapomine is lapo@jabber.linux.it07:07
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yharrowhey troy_s08:48
yharrowping troy_s08:54
troy_syharrow: Hello08:54
yharrowtroy_s: hows it going08:55
troy_syharrow: Good you?08:55
troy_sunfortnately i set out to try and get a mock done in gimp gap, but haven't progressed very far.08:55
yharrow troy_s  going pretty good.08:55
yharrowwhats gimp gap?08:55
troy_sits a pretty powerful little animation plugin for the gimp08:56
troy_sdare i say _quite_ powerful08:56
troy_swith chroma keying etc...08:56
troy_sall sorts of goodies.08:56
yharrowtroy_s: I think I ought to check it out :D08:56
yharrowsound like good fun08:56
troy_syeah... if you have an interest in animation it is pretty versatile really.08:56
yharrowIlove animation08:56
yharrowI did my stint with blender too08:56
troy_si just started toying with it... it is far more versatile than i orginally thought.08:56
yharrowtroy_s: I heard that you wanted to test out inkboard earlier09:02
troy_syeah i was going to.09:02
troy_skind of got run under at this point09:02
yharrowok, we'll try it out some other time then09:03
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nothlittroy_s: gap for that gif animation banner?10:37
nothlityharrow: i can play, i have inkscape svn compiled a few hours ago :)10:54
troy_snothlit: GIMP Gap for the fluxbuntu usplash10:59
nothlitto do what? i thought the animation was handled by those bits of code11:00
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troy_snothlit: You need to have a viable animation before you can have any chance of implementing it in code.11:22
yharrownothlit: sweet11:26
yharrownothlit: can I use my google account for jabber?11:26
nothlityharrow: you can't use google servers11:26
troy_syharrow: Jabber is free -- just sign up11:28
yharrowOk ill do that11:28
troy_snothlit: We should all see if we can get -current running with Inkscape and provide them with a set of bug reports.11:28
yharrowone sec11:28
yharrownothlit: which jabber server do you use?11:30
troy_snothlit: -current meaning the head of SVN11:40
troy_syharrow: jabber.org11:40
nothliti'm using most recent revision 1490911:41
troy_swhat is the svn command to reveal version?11:41
troy_snothlit: 14927 is most recent11:42
nothlitof the whole folder--but not of the inkscape section itself http://inkscape.svn.sf.net/11:44
nothlitlook @ trunk http://inkscape.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/inkscape/inkscape/11:44
yharrownothlit: Im trying to register a name brb11:45
troy_snothlit: Weird it pulled files for me11:47
troy_sprobably unrelated11:47
nothliti use arch's versionpkg to handle # changes :)11:48
troy_show so?11:48
nothlitit does the checking and modifies my PKGBUILD11:49
nothlitand wraps makepkg too11:49
troy_sso nothlit11:50
troy_sis it 5222 for jabber?11:50
nothlityeah thats the standard port11:50
troy_sso we setup a chat session yes?11:52
nothliti think only some servers can handle group chats though11:53
troy_sconference.jabber.org works fine11:53
troy_sadd the chat group inkboard-test11:53
yharrownothlit:  ok Im done11:54
troy_sfeck... i can't remember how to link up11:55
troy_syharrow: inkboard-test is the conference11:56
yharrowtroy_s: ok so what do I do exactly?11:56
troy_sfirst you need to use gaim or wahtever to join the chat11:56
troy_stext based11:56
yharrowI need to connect to conference.jabber.org?11:57
troy_sjoin a chat11:59
yharrowok browsing chats11:59
troy_sthe chat is inkboard-test11:59
troy_sjust put it in manually11:59
yharrowi didnt need to do it manually12:00
yharrowI am using gajim12:00
yharrowshowed me list12:00
yharrowwho is aphorism?12:01

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