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devianhallo guys12:00
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swubooWhat exactly are you trying to do?07:24
w00dr0wI need to transfer the contents of disk to disk1 (basically my c drive to my e drive), both are mounted (as you can prolly tell) but i need root access07:25
w00dr0wI dont want to logon as root, and i dont want to sudo it in term07:25
w00dr0wby that i mean, do it all using terminal using sudo07:26
swubooYou're trying to copy a drive that has system files on it?07:26
soundrayw00dr0w: is 'sudo -i' an option?07:26
w00dr0wit has windows system files on it, but it's not the ubuntu part07:27
w00dr0wim on the livecd07:27
swubooHave you considered using Alt-F2 to bring up a command line, and running 'gksudo nautilus'?07:27
w00dr0wyou know, ive been in linux for about 10hrs total so i dunno many term commands07:28
w00dr0w(used mandrake, knoppix, morphix, etc)07:28
swubooThat will bring up a copy of the window browser, with root access.07:28
swubooIn other words, you won't be logged on as root, but you'll give that particular window root power.07:28
w00dr0wgksudo nautilus?07:28
w00dr0wty, will try it now07:28
soundrayw00dr0w: in the medium term, you should look at basic command line operation:07:29
ubotuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal07:29
w00dr0wcan i have 2 windows open (so i can drag n drop)07:29
swubooYeah, just run gksudo nautilus twice.07:29
w00dr0wi know about the terminal07:29
w00dr0wi just hate it07:29
w00dr0wbrings me back to the old dos days07:29
swubooI rather enjoy it for exactly that reason.07:30
swubooChildhood nostalgia.07:30
swuboo"You attempt to ford the Mississippi.  The wagon floods.  Jesus has drowned."07:30
w00dr0wi miss that game07:30
w00dr0wnever got to oregon either07:30
swubooI rather liked the Win 95 sequel.  Where you could buy six hundred gallons of laudanum.07:31
w00dr0walways like a town before it before class ended07:31
swubooNautilus working for you?07:31
w00dr0wits sorta working07:32
w00dr0wi cant find the drives now07:33
w00dr0wi know they're mounted07:33
swubooWhat directory are you in?07:33
w00dr0wim @ root right now07:34
w00dr0wits "file system"07:34
w00dr0wstupid me, i was looking in mnt07:34
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w00dr0wdoes the little lock symbol over the drives mean anything?07:35
=== duese [n=Ident@p5484E8FB.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu-classroom
swubooIt means access is limited.07:35
=== duese22 [n=Ident@p5484E8FB.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu-classroom
swubooProbably that's because you're looking at a Windows drive, and Linux won't write to NTFS partitions.07:35
w00dr0wit cant write to NTFS?07:36
w00dr0woh shat07:36
w00dr0wim screwed07:36
swubooI think there are some ways of doing it, but they're unreliable.07:36
w00dr0wi thought they had write access for while now?07:36
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swubooMaybe I'm behind the times on that.07:37
swubooCould be.07:37
w00dr0wwell im gonna fsk with the permissions n see if i cant move a file over07:37
swubooGood luck.07:37
swubooAs an alternative possibility, if you need to get files TO an NTFS partition, you could create a temporary FAT32 partition somewhere.07:38
swubooNeither Linux nor Windows have any qualms or problems with FAT32.07:38
w00dr0wread only disk07:38
swubooIf you hit google, you'll probably find a few ways to write to an NTFS partition.07:38
swubooAnd if memory serves, most of them come with a warning that you might wreck the NTFS partition in the process.07:39
w00dr0wthe shitty thing is, all i want to do is copy my drive over so i can format it for a clean install of winblows07:39
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w00dr0wbut i can do it in windows because most the files i need copied are "in use"07:39
swubooDOS boot disk?07:40
swubooOr Hell, got a CD burner?07:40
swubooBurn the files from your NTFS partition you want to save onto CD.  When you reinstall windows, it'll have no problem reading the CD's, just because Linux burned them.07:40
w00dr0wi gota a burner, but i dont wanna use 10 dvds07:41
swubooIt may be your best bet.07:41
w00dr0wand they're lightscribe, i dont have any el-cheapos left07:41
w00dr0w$1.05 a pop07:42
swubooHrm.  You're trying to copy a hard drive onto another hard drive, so that you can reformat the first drive, yes?07:42
swubooNorton Ghost?07:42
w00dr0wjust a few files off the first HDD, not like the winbloz folder or sys files07:42
w00dr0wno $$$07:42
swubooJust a few files, but those few files would fill ten DVD's?07:43
w00dr0wyou wouldnt believe how big uncompressed 1080p avi's are07:43
swubooPhewf, yes I would.07:43
swubooSo the second drive, that you're moving them /to/.07:43
swubooIs there anything important on it?07:43
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w00dr0wabout 10yrs of work07:44
w00dr0wits my backup drive07:44
w00dr0wwell, one of my backup drives07:44
swubooAnd you can't move these files to your backup from within windows, because windows won't let you move them?07:44
w00dr0wthey're "in use"07:45
swubooI think you might have to use some of those lightscribes.07:45
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swubooI would /not/ recommend trying to use someone's jury-rigged NTFS writer to move files of that magnitude onto a partition of that importance.07:45
w00dr0wyea, im not gonna risk losing my backups again07:46
swubooI think you've got to suck it up and burn them.07:46
swubooOr postpone a Windows reinstall until you've got cheap discs handy.07:47
w00dr0wdamn you linux coders, wheres my NTFS write access07:48
w00dr0wyou've had long enough07:48
w00dr0w*shakes fist*07:48
w00dr0wbrb, gonna check other channel to see if someone else can come up with a better solution07:49
w00dr0wi mean, its worth the $11 to get them transfered, but the time itd take to burn them all07:49
swubooGood luck.07:51
swubooAnd yeah, that would be a long, dull process.07:51
soundrayEven Windows doesn't guarantee damage-free writing to NTFS07:51
w00dr0wisnt NTFS supposed to be more redundant then fat3207:52
swubooYeah, which is why Linux has such problems, as I understand it.07:52
swubooNTFS maintains various indexes and journals to help keep track of changes, but those are managed by Windows.07:52
swubooSo you'd basically be jamming huge wads of data into the drive without taking advantage of the redundancies, and possibly wrecking them.07:53
w00dr0walso, the other problem with the dvd writing07:53
w00dr0wi only have 1 optical drive07:53
w00dr0wof which ubuntu is currently running off of07:54
swubooThat's fine.07:55
swubooYou can take the ubuntu disk out, I believe.07:55
swubooEverything it needs should be in memory.07:55
soundrayswuboo: I'd be very surprised.07:55
swubooI thought you could?07:55
soundrayNo, it isn't07:55
w00dr0wdidnt think i could either07:55
soundrayswuboo: you can with knoppix or DSL if you boot with the 'toram' option07:56
w00dr0wesp since the disk spins every time i launch an app07:56
swubooYeah, I'm willing to accept that I'm wrong on that.07:56
w00dr0wwhats this ntfs-3g?07:56
w00dr0wubotu just suggested it07:56
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swubooPull up Synaptic and take a look.07:57
=== ke4nt [n=viny1@dialup-] has joined #ubuntu-classroom
w00dr0w(05:57:08 PM) ubotu: Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)07:57
w00dr0w(05:57:37 PM) w00dr0w: you need to have more self esteem, give yourself a little credit07:57
w00dr0w(05:57:38 PM) ubotu: Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)07:57
w00dr0whe just doesnt listen07:58
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swubooNo, he's not good at it.07:58
w00dr0wso about this ntfs-3g07:59
w00dr0wis it reliable?07:59
swubooI only heard of it about, oh, two minutes ago.07:59
w00dr0wUbuntu 7.04 can read and write files on the NTFS drives commonly used by Windows. It is necessary to install the NTFS 3G driver  Reference. Follow the steps below.07:59
swubooBut, uh, Wikipedia says it is.  If that helps you.07:59
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swubooOf course, Wikipedia was wrong about the /name/ of one of my favorite historical figures.08:00
swubooColonel Paul Emil von Lettow-Vorbeck.08:01
w00dr0wand dont say lenon08:01
w00dr0wheh, a german?08:01
w00dr0wwhat was he "famous" for?08:01
swubooOne of the most brilliant commanders of the Great War.08:01
swubooHe's not particularly famous, actually.08:02
swubooHe led the colonial defense force in German Southeast Africa.08:02
swubooTanzania now.08:02
w00dr0wand whatshisface got all the credit08:02
w00dr0wnuremburg or whatever08:02
swubooNo, no one else really got the credit for his work, but it kinda got sidelined by history.08:02
swubooHe was quite famous at the time, though.08:02
swubooGerman SE Africa was surrounded on all sides by enemy colonies.08:03
swubooBy the end of the war, he had more men than he'd started with, all his equipment was captured enemy gear, and when he was ordered to surrender, he was hundreds of miles into British territory.08:03
swubooThe British and the Portuguese wasted tens of thousands of troops chasing him around for four years.08:03
w00dr0wyou'll have to excuse my lack of intelligence ATM, im on some pretty strong meds right now so i cant recall a lot (im a big history buff)08:04
swubooBy contrast, the Germans only ever sent him one ship of supplies.08:05
w00dr0wohh what was it08:05
swubooQuinine, rubber, ammunition, the usual.08:05
swubooBut the thing is--- they only had to send him one ship.08:05
swubooAnd he started the war with about two thousand troops.08:05
swubooThe British committed over a hundred thousand troops to catching him.08:05
swubooAnd they never did.08:06
w00dr0wthere was a naval battle in the pacific that was awesome (sorry to change the subject, but maybe you heard of it)08:06
swubooIn the first World War?08:06
swubooAh, this was First.08:06
w00dr0ware you talking about the 1st?08:06
w00dr0wahh no wonder im confused08:06
swubooYeah, WWI.08:06
swubooReal interesting fellow.08:07
swubooHe sat WWII out.08:07
w00dr0wyou said the big war, so i assumed08:07
swubooWWI was called the Great War until well into WWII.08:07
swubooIt was only after people starting calling the Second World War the Second World War that they started calling the last one the First World War.08:07
swubooAs for big battles in the Pacific in the Second World War, there were quite a few of those.08:08
w00dr0wbut back to the naval battle, give me a sec to get my facts stright, but it was like 5 US navy ships (not even like big destroyers or anything, mostly scouts) going up against one of the japanese's strongest fleets08:08
swubooHrm.  No, I'm not sure I know which one you mean.08:08
w00dr0w*heads over to wiki*08:08
w00dr0wgive me a sec08:08
w00dr0will get the facts stright08:09
w00dr0wjust gotta remember the prize japanese juggernaught08:10
swuboo] Juggernaut?08:12
swubooYamato?  Musashi?08:12
w00dr0w2 more seconds, almost got it08:13
w00dr0wthink it was yamato08:14
w00dr0wit was the yamato08:15
swubooHeh, Yamato got nailed by several hundred planes when she went down.08:15
swubooBattleships on escort carriers, eh?08:16
w00dr0wscroll down to "the forces"08:17
w00dr0wlike the most lop-sided naval battle ever08:17
w00dr0wand we "won"08:17
swubooYeah, so it would appear.08:19
swubooWell, thinking those were fleet rather than escort carriers would be a good reason to bug out.08:19
w00dr0wi like the aftermath portion08:20
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w00dr0wwonder why i couldnt type before08:27
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