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Burgundaviamdke: &05:23
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nixternalBurgundavia: good deal on the planet spec. Why they made a deal out of something the entire blogosphere was blogging is beyond me, plus yesterday on CNBC they talked about an official release by Dell concerning the topic anyways07:08
Burgundavianixternal: corporate embargo was the issue07:08
nixternaltruthfully the issue was null, except in one case I feel where the actual employee blogged about it07:09
nixternalhe should have known better07:09
tonyyarussoI think he honestly thought it had been okayd already07:12
nixternalvery well could have been, but what happened today really irritated me as well as many others07:12
nixternalthat is why I have stayed off the planet all day today and yesterday, contemplating07:13
tonyyarussoI just re-planetified my post on the topic07:13
nixternalso I noticed07:14
nixternalI think you and Jerome were the first 2 I heard about being censored07:14
Burgundaviatonyyarusso self censored07:15
tonyyarussoI made it not show on planet, but did not remove my post as some did07:15
nixternaltrying to explain to people that this was in fact a big deal for Linux in the "CONSUMER" market has been a pain07:16
Burgundaviawell, Dell is really playing it down07:16
Burgundaviatheir blog talks about previous offerings07:16
Burgundaviadell.com hs nothing07:16
nixternalgranted you were always able to purchase Red Hate, SUSE, and at one time VA Linux on Dell equipment, none of them were consumer07:16
nixternalRed hate ey, hat that is07:17
nixternalI hope these new laptops they do will be cheaper than their current offerings, otherwise it won't go to far outside of our world07:18
nixternalHP/Compaq tried it a few years back and never lowered their prices07:18
nixternalso that little deal flopped07:18
Burgundaviaaccording to dell they will be07:18
nixternalgranted there has been a lot of changes since then as well07:18
=== tonyyarusso hadn't seen that yet
nixternalI sure hope so, however it might not be enough for me to purchase one just yet until Dell (Michael Dell) can get the company straightened back out07:19
nixternalwhich I sure hope he does07:19
nixternalbefore he left Dell was untouchable as they had great hardware, prices, and support07:19
nixternalhe took that break and all hell broke loose07:19
nixternalHP/Compaq still has the deal that allows you to deny the EULA and get some cash back, that is why I purchased this lappy07:20
nixternalI wanted either an IBM or a Dell, but neither would work with me07:21
nixternalDell offered the N series with subpar hardware at IBM prices, and IBM, well they have IBM prices :)07:21
ubotuNew bug: #111686 in xubuntu-docs (main) "no sound" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/11168607:40
crimsunuh, xubuntu-docs?07:47
crimsunhmm, where is that confounded git branch?08:15
Burgundaviamorening mdke08:36
Burgundaviaseems the world is right again08:36
mdkejolly good08:38
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shirishguys I made a stupid wiki pagename, now I want to change it or delete the page so can start afresh, can anybody tell me how to go about it?02:30
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mdkelast chance for reviewing https://help.ubuntu.com/7.04 - any problems please let me know12:12

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