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blackskadcjwatson: you're doing mentoring on the ubiquity-slideshow-spec, aren't you?05:47
cjwatsonblackskad: well, I only just pressed the button earlier today, but yes05:47
blackskadcjawatson: :D05:48
blackskadcan I adopt this spec?05:48
cjwatsontell me about the sort of experience you have05:49
blackskadcjwatson: I haven't got that much experience in python, but I'm learning quite fast05:49
blackskadI'm creating some kind of pane to show a slideshow on it05:49
cjwatsonthis spec is part making it work in ubiquity, and part coordinating with the art/marketing teams to get the right kinds of art created05:49
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blackskadsorry, too much java :)05:50
blackskadits an extension of HBox05:50
cjwatsondoesn't sound like the right widget to use05:51
cjwatsonit should just be VBox [ Image <progress bar stuff> ] 05:51
blackskadso it can be included rather easy using glade05:51
cjwatsona pane isn't appropriate because resizing isn't necessary05:51
cjwatsonhere, I forgot to ever push the slideshow branch I had with some initial work on this05:53
blackskadis it in bzr? i'll check it out :)05:53
cjwatsonit will be once this bzr push happens05:53
cjwatsonthe initial glade work I did is still in my working copy though05:53
cjwatson(as in, not committed - I assume I had some reason, but it was a while back)05:54
blackskadhehe, I would blame it on too less ram05:55
cjwatsonwell, if you mean the sort that lives in my brain, that may be true05:55
cjwatsonthe work dates from ubiquity 1.3.13, so it's a bit crusty05:56
cjwatsonIIRC I did it when stuck in an airport for a night and desperately bored05:57
blackskadyeah, it seems to be one of the less interesting things to do when you already know quite a lot about the installer/python :)05:58
blackskadbut it seems like a perfect task to step in for me05:59
cjwatsonthe fiddly bit about it is that it involves restructuring the install-progress step of the UI05:59
cjwatsonif you can tackle that, it's probably not too bad06:00
blackskadI'll try06:01
blackskadI love to tackle problems :)06:01
cjwatsonI trust you have enough bzr familiarity to unpick what I did07:12
blackskadcjwatson: ok, I'll figure out ;)07:55
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