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vilhi doko, there seem to be some problem with OOO09:47
vilanything I open, it shuts down immediately09:47
man-divil: some debian people reported the same on unstable09:55
man-dibut s/shutdown/segfault/09:55
vilman-di, right, I did not investigate it at all09:56
man-diI dont followed that either09:56
man-diI just read it in some irc channel09:56
vilman-di, can I ask you for some eclipse woodoo?09:57
man-disure, you can ask09:57
vilI am playing with WTP with an web application09:57
vilI also use the deploy function provided by WTP09:58
vilthe web app is somehow specific that I need to run hand-made build.xml before eclipse creates a war to be deployed on the server09:58
vildo you have any idea how to do that?09:59
man-dino, I never really used WTP for more stuff then editing html and xml pages09:59
vilI created a new builder under the project properties, but it seems to be executed only when I explicitly say Clean... (which forces rebuild)09:59
viland what about the builders stuff, that's not wtp specific, that's general10:00
man-dibuilders have a flag if they are automatically build on save or not10:00
man-diI dont know if this tis accessible form the GUI or only in the XML in the .project file10:01
vilany tutorial on that?10:02
man-dino, I dont really know10:03
vilthanks for pointing this out10:04
man-didamn, 3.3. will rock10:06
vilwill it?10:07
vilI gave it a ride this week, but I was dissapointed by obvious bugs (but it was WTP not eclipse itself)10:08
man-diI only tested 3.3M6 SDK so far10:09
man-diand obvious bugs will be fleshed out10:09
man-di3.3 + JDK6 has some nice new features while debugging10:10
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amingusI am a newbie....12:00
amingusIs this programming or can I get help with runtime  update?12:01
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