gnrfanI must quit for a while12:10
gnrfansee you guys12:10
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BHSPitMonkeyIt's so crazy seeing all the Dell stuff come together01:17
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Burgworkbeuno: jerome didn't get restored02:34
beunoBurgwork: why not?  he was the most discrete02:35
Burgworkno idea02:35
Burgworklikely a mistake02:35
Burgworkand planet just got turned back on02:35
beunoyeah, I saw all the posts suddenly flood in02:35
beunodid you manage to talk to anyone at canonical?02:36
Burgworkjono knows who is was02:36
Burgwork<jono> I am still annoyed at those who did it02:36
beunoBurgwork: yeah, I spoke to him earlier, I'm glad most of us are annoyed  :D02:37
Burgworkhe was more than annoyoed02:37
beunogood  :D02:39
beunoit really felt like things suddenly weren't what they seemed to be02:40
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beunowhat a mess digg is...05:14
tonyyarussoat times05:14
beunothe drm thing really pissed A LOT of people off...05:14
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Burgundaviabeuno: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/ubuntu-planet-editorial-policy05:23
=== LordVorian is now known as TrogdorVorian
beunoBurgundavia: you're rock  :D05:25
beunoerr "you rock"05:25
Burgundaviaas usual ;)05:25
=== beuno reads the spec
beunoBurgundavia: great, good luck with that, you've already got a few things for UDS  :D05:29
MadpilotBurgundavia, time to pick another fight with Mark? ;)05:35
Burgundaviajono is pissed05:35
Burgundaviaand I don't think it was Mark that did it05:36
MadpilotOK, so you + Jono vs Mark + various corporate lackeys05:36
Madpilotor something similar05:36
Burgundaviait is a community resource05:37
Burgundaviait shoudl be treated as such05:37
beunothe thing that sucks is that I get the feeling this incident shadowed the dell thing a bit for the community  :(05:37
beunoinstead of all of us being "OMG! UBUNTU TAKES OVER THE WORLD"05:38
Vorianwow! system76 is selling machines with Ubuntu pre-loaded!05:38
beunoVorian: lol05:38
beunosystem 76 won't ship to my country, Dell will  :D05:38
VorianI'll send you one beuno 05:39
beunoVorian: don't play with my feelings05:39
beunoI've done that Darter config 10 times now05:39
VorianI'm not.  If you really want one, pay me and i'll send it to you.05:39
Vorianor pay them05:40
Voriansend to me05:40
VorianI send to you :)05:40
beunothat works for me  :D05:40
Vorianor buy a dell05:41
=== Vorian has 3 dells
VorianNow I won't have to spend half a day fixing it when they arrive :)05:41
beunoheh, well, lemme see what dell has, and when it's offering Ubuntu preinstalled05:41
beunoVorian: I might really take you up on that offer!05:43
Vorianok, I have no problem doing it for you.  :)05:44
beunoVorian: I'll play around dell's site and wait and see if Ubuntu will be available soon on them and decide05:47
Vorianbeuno, they are still sweet machines.05:48
BurgundaviaDell made one mistake with todays announcement05:48
Burgundaviathe computers are not available for sale yet05:48
Burgundaviathey should hav ebeen05:48
beunoI have sympathy for system76, they send out all those stickers for free, seem much more integrated with the community, so I'm inclined to buy from them05:49
BurgundaviaI would buy for system76, tbh05:49
beunoBurgundavia: absolutely, they missed all those frenetic buyers05:49
VorianThey are probably figuring out how to gain some margin first05:50
Burgundaviathey should have figured that out beforehand05:50
Vorianwell, they are texans.05:50
Vorianas in Texas :)05:51
Vorianshoot first and all that.05:51
beunodoes anyone here own a system76 laptop?05:52
=== tonyyarusso wishes
Burgundavianope, still have my canonical one05:54
beunowell, then there isn't much to think about, I'll just try and find out how sending that over here would be considered in "customs"05:56
Burgundaviayou are in Argentina, no?05:56
Voriancustoms problems even if its a "gift" ?05:56
BurgundaviaI would get somebody to carry it in05:56
beunoBurgundavia: that would be way better, I'm just not sure how many people I know are traveling from the states to argentina   :D05:57
beunoif only the debconf 2008 wasn't so far away  :p05:58
beunowell, I'm going to call and find out what I should do in the case that I went there and forgot my laptop and wanted it sent back to me  :D06:01
beunoin which state are you Vorian?06:01
VorianNear meatballhat06:01
beunoaah, that's right06:01
VorianOhio rocks!06:02
beunoit will if it gets me the system76 laptop shipped  :p06:02
Vorianwe are all ready for the dell support06:02
Voriancheck this out06:02
beunoheck, I might even join the LoCo!06:02
BurgundaviaVorian: have you heard of Liblime?06:02
VorianBurgundavia, nope, what/who is that?06:03
Burgundaviain Athens06:03
=== Vorian is very near Athens
VorianBurgundavia, thanks for the lead.06:04
VorianI'll be calling them tomorrow.06:04
Voriananyway, we set up a support center on our website (like a help desk)06:05
Burgundaviathe advantages of geography06:06
BurgundaviaI have 5000km of country06:06
VorianThats tough!06:06
VorianMy mother in law is from Alberta06:06
VorianA very people-less land if I do say so.06:07
beunoVorian: that's a great idea for the LoCos, is it free or do you charge for that?06:07
freelancer317beuno here's the fedex info for US to Argentina  http://www.fedex.com/us/international/irc/profiles/irc_ar_profile.html?gtmcc=us06:07
Vorianall volunteer06:07
beunothat's some pretty big Ubuntu spirit  :D06:07
Voriandude, we have so many members we don't know what do with them all :D06:08
beunofreelancer317: thanks, taking a peak now06:08
beunoVorian: lol06:08
freelancer317beuno from the experiences I've had with international shipping you could have a real problem getting around customs06:09
Burgundaviawithout a broker, customs sucks06:09
Burgundavialet me talk to my broker tomorrow and see what kinds of customs US --> Argentina looks at06:09
beunoBurgundavia: that would be awesome06:10
freelancer317Can System76 provide a certificate of origin for the US?  I mean is it really manufactured here, or do they import them?06:12
freelancer317If they import them, then you are looking at a whole different customs situation06:13
beunothe 100+ Feisty CDs Canonical sent me (I'm going to be distributing them here and in spain) went through just fine06:13
Madpilotfreelancer317, I'd be incredibly surprised if S76's computers were actually made in the US.06:14
freelancer317beuno They were probably shipped as samples with the value less than the sample exemption.  They could even have shipped them as documents.... hmmmm06:15
beunoand from Holland  :D06:16
beunobrb, dog is pressuring to go walk him06:17
freelancer317Madpilot they may assemble them here, and that may qualify for Made in USA for customs purposes... Or maybe not... Customs scares me06:19
freelancer317Anyway... I'm gone.  Have a good evening everyone!06:20
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beunoI'm off to bed06:40
=== beuno wavez
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kahrytanHow is the fix for bug #1?09:17
sidwork in progress09:19
sidDell is selling consumer machines with Ubuntu in a few weeks.09:19
sidSo I'd say things are improving.09:20
kahrytanI'll say Bug 1 is fixed when market share hits 20%09:20
kahrytanI hope Dell doesn't give up on Ubuntu partnership. 09:21
MadpilotMS market share @ 20% would be a good fix, yes :)09:21
kahrytanLinux @ 20%09:21
Madpilotnah. bug #1 will be fixed when MS's market share is @ 49% or less09:21
Madpilot'majority market share' is how the bug is worded, remember09:22
kahrytanWhat about OSX09:22
elkbuntukahrytan, around 5-7% currently09:23
kahrytanRight now. nope.09:23
elkbuntuMadpilot, if you want to take it literally, as per the wording, it is more like when Windows + Mac combined do not hold the largest slice of pie.09:23
kahrytanOn the dell/canonical annoucement, it's .4 points from Linux.09:24
elkbuntukahrytan, mac is marginally ahead of the combined linux front, yes.09:24
sidelkbuntu: Did you publish the polls?09:24
kahrytan.3 points, my bad.09:24
kahrytanOSX is 4.1%09:25
kahrytanLinux is 3.809:25
kahrytanIt is a good sign when Linux can rise to share that Apple has acquired. 09:25
kahrytanShouldn't Marketing team work on a tv commercial?09:26
=== BHSPitMonkey [n=stephen@adsl-65-67-115-68.dsl.rcsntx.swbell.net] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
Madpilotgiven how much money/expertise a tv spot would need, we should probably stay a bit more modest than that for now :)09:29
kahrytanMadPilot: It's quite cheap for the right spots.09:29
Madpilotyes, after midnight on community access cable channels :)09:30
kahrytanMadpilot: Of course spots on NBC during Heroes would be expensive.09:30
kahrytanMadpilot: Think about the lessor cable channels.09:31
elkbuntusid, there've been complications. As the results are not complete, the licencing has *not* been initiated yet. Do not even try to plead a case to me as you lost my trust long ago.09:31
Madpilotelkbuntu, wrong channel, or really, really delayed conversation?09:31
elkbuntuMadpilot, delayed. im in the middle of packing for spain09:31
elkbunturead up 8 or so minutes09:32
kahrytanelkbuntu: Whats in spain?09:32
elkbuntukahrytan, the Ubuntu Education Summit (i wont be at this one :(), an Ubucon which i helped organise, and the Ubuntu Developer Summit which i've been sponsored to09:33
kahrytanMadpilot: If you could describe the perfect commercial, then what would it be?09:33
elkbuntukahrytan, youtube is more the platform to aim at. much cheaper ;)09:34
Madpilotkahrytan, I'm the wrong person to ask about TV commercials - I never turn the awful thing on09:34
kahrytanLike what Novell  has done09:34
sidelkbuntu: How did I lose your trust?09:34
kahrytanMadpilot: But I did ask. I want to know.09:34
sidelkbuntu: And why is trust an issue in this situation, what would I do.. show the community their data?09:34
elkbuntusid, stalking me in -devel and -meeting since before the survey period ceased is the key point09:35
kahrytanMadpilot: How would you describe ubunti or Linux in 30 seconds?09:35
sidelkbuntu: I didn't stalk you, I asked onced every month or two if you'd finished the data.09:35
Madpilotkahrytan, hmm... "Windows without the crap" - but you have to be careful about other people's IP in commercials 09:36
sidI don't see what is so difficult, it should take a matter of minutes to gnu plot it. I just want to see the results.09:36
elkbuntusid, that is still persistant unsolicited contact09:36
elkbuntusid, it's not as easy as 'gnu plot it' the way the data was stored does not work with gnu plot09:36
elkbuntuthat is the complication09:37
kahrytanMadpilot:  I never saw a firefox commercial out of that contest mozilla had.09:37
elkbuntui told you this last time09:37
sidSo why not use the power of the community and just publish what you have, and see if anyone has the skills need to plot the data properly.09:38
Madpilotkahrytan, they were available on YouTube & FF's website. Some funny ones. Getting tv time in any sort of relevant market/timeslot does take large amounts of $, tho09:38
sidYou seem to be actively hiding the data from the poll the community took.09:38
kahrytanMadpilot: There is a company that caters to low budgets for tv commercials. They find you the cheap slots.09:38
kahrytanMadpilot: On cable09:39
sidAnd it's been awhile, over 6 months. Are you ever going to post it? just say no if you aren't.09:39
sidThis way I know not to ask anymore, and I know not to participate in anymore of your polls.09:39
elkbuntusid, it will be published when it is ready. i also told you this last time09:39
Madpilotkahrytan, interesting.09:39
sidelkbuntu: Does it seriously take your 9 months to publish a poll with less than 20 questions? Why not just put the data out there, I guarantee someone will figure out a way to plot it if you can't figure out how.09:40
kahrytanMadpilot: I saw it on tv awhile ago09:40
elkbuntusid, now you're repeating yourself. I asked you last time to leave me alone.09:41
sidfine, I won't ask anymore elkbuntu. I don't want you to feel "stalked" even though I only asked you a handful of times with months break in between.09:42
elkbuntusid, i can figure how to plot it, and it's still in the process of being done, but it's a hugely timely process09:42
sidI'll make sure to not take anymore of the Ubuntu polls since you seem insitant on hiding the data from the community. I'll also inform others about how the data is not published and encourage them to take other polls where the results will be published.09:43
elkbuntusid, now you're trolling09:43
kahrytanMadpilot:  check out http://spotrunner.reachlocal.net09:44
sidno, I wouldn't classify this as trolling. I'm simply stating what I believe.09:44
sidAnd it should take minute to fix up the polls, It's a simple awk/sed job I'm sure.09:44
sidanyway I'm gone. I'm sorry I took the poll.09:44
Madpilotsid, which part of "Not ready yet" are you not comprehending?09:44
sidMadpilot: It's been over 9 months, it's a ridiculously easy problem.09:45
elkbuntusid, it has not been 9 months. you're exaggerating now. another troll MO09:45
elkbuntuhttp://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=1032104&postcount=2 see The Agenda Troll and The Bustr. This is what you're starting to act like.09:48
kahrytanMadpilot: As for money goes, Talk to Dell. I'm sure they wouldn't mind doing a small part in exchange in marketing their preinstall ubuntus09:51
kahrytanMadpilot: Are you still there?10:00
Madpilothmm? Yes.10:00
kahrytanMadpilot:  did you check that site?10:00
MadpilotI'm very curious as to how much marketing Dell will do of their Ubuntu installs, actually. They did zip, squat and nada during their previous attempts at selling pre-installed *nix. 10:01
kahrytanAnother reason for Ubuntu or Linux to do the marketing10:01
kahrytanI wouldn't use Ubuntu logo though. But standard Linux Pengiun. And ask Linspire, Mandriva and others to help participate. 10:03
kahrytanPenguin next to Dell logo. 10:04
elkbuntuMadpilot, things change. we can hope for the best10:05
kahrytanMadpilot: And commercial could be geared towards making people realize they have a choice. And they are not forced to use Windows. 10:05
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n2diyOT?  How do I get Dapper disks now?11:53
elkbuntuuh. good question. try emailing info@shipit.ubuntu.com and seeing what they say11:57
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jengan2diy: hmm01:04
jengan2diy: try making a special request from Shipit.01:04
jengan2diy: if that fails, I have 5 I could send you.01:04
juliuxdoes anybody as feisty cd's allready??01:04
=== juliux needs 20cds for a worshop next week
jengajuliux: could do01:05
juliuxjenga, you have allready feisty cds?01:05
jengaJust pay me the shipping expense. Germany is larger anyway, so deserves more disks.01:07
jengaAlthough I'll have to run that by the LoCo, I guess.01:08
jengajuliux: when do you need them exactly?01:13
juliuxjenga, next tuesday01:13
jengawow, that's gonna be a close shot.01:14
jengaI'll send today.01:14
juliuxi will fly tuesday morning to austria01:14
jengaooh, what there?01:14
juliuxlinuxweeks austria01:14
jenga(and why fly? It's just next door ;))01:14
jengaah, cool.01:14
juliuxi will make a workshop and a talk there01:15
jengasay hello to the linuxgeeks austria for me ;)01:15
juliuxwhy fly? because the train nees 8h to salzburg01:15
jengaok 01:15
juliuxi will fly to munich and then by car to salzburg01:15
jengawho's paying?01:15
jengaOK, 20 pieces?01:16
juliuxthe advanced technical college of salzburg paies everything01:16
jengacool :)01:16
juliuxi also take 30 ;)01:16
juliuxi think 30 is better01:16
juliuxbut wait i will try to get some from canonical via express01:16
jengaok, I guess we can live with that. But if the LoCo team complains, I'll have to make you give us 30 back once you get yours :)01:17
jenga(I hope they won't complain)01:17
juliuxi will write shipit an e-mail again01:17
jengajuliux: hehe... umm... I only have like 5 minutes to decide, I'm going to teh post office right now.01:17
jenga(and have something afterwards)01:18
jengaso - yes or no?01:18
jengaand will you pay me the shipping?01:18
juliuxjenga, i asked marilize if she can send me some via expres01:19
jengaok then.01:19
juliuxjenga, i don't want to steal your cds;)01:20
jengahehe, coolio01:20
jengaGotta run, laters.01:20
jengan2diy: let me know if you want my dappers.01:21
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=== Linux_Galore waves
Tm_Thello :)01:54
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juliuxhey jono 03:18
=== meatballhat_ [n=dbuch@ubuntu/member/meatballhat] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
juliuxjono, any chance that i can get some feisty cds for austria next week?03:18
jonojuliux: you need to speak to shipit03:22
jonoI don't deal with CDs03:22
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juliuxjenda, ping06:40
jendajuliux: pong06:44
jendaonly a quick one though :)06:45
=== rexbron [n=rexbron@CPE001310b2d1d1-CM0012256e816a.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
juliuxjenda, 2more books from the custom07:00
jendajuliux: arrived at yours, or require custom clearance?07:01
juliuxjenda, i went today to the custom07:01
jendaah, you picked them up?07:01
juliuxjenda, so they are now here;907:01
jendathanks :)07:02
jendaDidn't know you had to do that.07:02
jendaI guess that's more beer for you ;)07:02
jendaAt least my bag won't feel so empty on my way there :D07:02
juliuxjenda, i will get some feisty cds from shipit via express;)07:03
juliuxjenda, can you mail me the pdffile from the high way to linux poster?07:05
jendajuliux: can you DL it from diy.devubuntu.com/repo/spreadubuntu ?07:06
=== rexbron_ [n=rexbron@CPE001310b2d1d1-CM0012256e816a.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
jendaI gotta run now.07:06
jendaThanks a zillion for them books.07:06
jendaIs that seven you have now?07:06
jendaThat's already worth a trip for, and I hope a few more could come before I get there.07:07
juliuxjenda, yes 7 is right07:07
jendajuliux: how's the break of May/June for the party? :)07:07
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juliuxjenda, hm did you have the poster also without the printer marks? so we can print it on a "home" printer in din a0 ?07:36
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profoX`Hi. Anyone here knows juliux email address?11:24
profoX`I need it to place an order for tshirts.. it's pretty important that I do it right away :)11:25
tonyyarussoa sec11:25
profoX`I already found it11:26
profoX`thanks anyway11:26
profoX`tonyyarusso: i found it11:26
tonyyarussowiki pages rock11:26
poningrutonyyarusso: quick question when is the community day?11:41
poningruis there a website for it?11:42
tonyyarussoponingru: Check elkbuntu's blog11:42
poningruonly talks about ubucon11:46
poningruis that it?11:46
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