asaci think we should link that from our wiki12:41
asacand maybe feed the bot12:41
asacbetter point people to good solutions if they want upstream mozilla12:41
ubotufirefox is the default web-browser on Ubuntu. To install the latest version, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FirefoxNewVersion Installing plugins: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FirefoxPlugins12:44
gnomefreakbots been fed for a while :)12:44
gnomefreaki need the link to the thunderbird one12:45
gnomefreakok its started building12:45
gnomefreakif firefox builds ok it will be uploaded tomorrow more than likely.12:46
gnomefreakasac: maybe nss and nspr are stuck in NEW?12:47
ajmitchgnomefreak: they don't appear to be in gutsy's NEW queue12:59
asacajmitch: where can i take a look at new?01:05
=== gnomefreak not real sure if they would be pushed to NEW just a guess
asaci will try to figure out tomorrow01:07
asacfirst thing01:07
gnomefreakthey are upgraded and they build seperate01:07
asacso how is the procedure?01:07
gnomefreakasac: im gonna set up gutsy/main.... repo01:07
asaci was told everything NEW in debian gets automatically synched01:07
gnomefreakasac: NEW is only for new packages right?01:07
asacnss is NEW01:08
gnomefreakah ok01:08
=== gnomefreak wasnt sure because it was merged
asacactually i could push with ubuntu versino i guess01:08
asacbut there are no changes from debian needed01:08
asacso i want to sync01:08
ajmitchasac: NEW in debian doesn't get done automatically01:13
ajmitchkeybuk looks over each one01:13
gnomefreakok i guess that will do01:17
gnomefreaki cant do that can i :(01:18
gnomefreakasac: in the repo /mozilla-testing/dists/feisty   and i added gutsy in mozilla-testing/dists/gutsy   thats not gonna work is it?01:21
asacwhy shouldn't it?01:48
asacajmitch: thanks01:48
asacwill push this tomorrow then01:49
gnomefreakasac: the Release file in /dists/ says feisty can i just add gutsy to it? tomorrow i will post it so you can see it but tonight is getting long.02:17
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)02:18
gnomefreakasac: here is the top release file. can i add gutsy 7.10 to it and do it all together? http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/18729/02:19
gnomefreaki should check on trunk build again tonight so i might be back02:20
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asacffox preview bug: "Context menu is too long on some pages and on others not enough items" ... what does that mean?11:27
asacis that a regression at all? or some bug?11:56
asaciceape: "    *11:57
asaciceape: "      Tabs are missing the x to close the tabs.11:57
asac" ... looks like "not a preview bug"11:57
ubotuThe Mozilla-testing repos can be found at: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MozillaTeam/PreviewArchives. Please remember these are testing repos, the packages in these repos are not stable and may break things on your system. Use with caution. Please report bugs found from these packages to: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MozillaTeam/PreviewArchives/Bugs.11:57
asacwe should use: Please only report regression bugs (aka bugs that work fine in current official releases)11:58
asacotherwise post a normal bug in launchpad :)11:58
gnomefreakasac: when i right click on some pages i get a very long context menu (long == from top of screen to bottom of screen) and others (like to copy and paste from a wiki it gives 5 items) and none are copy01:34
gnomefreakleave it there dont worry about it yet yesterday it worked fine but that was first time.01:35
asacwhat items are in there?01:37
asacjust empty items?01:38
gnomefreaklong or short?01:38
gnomefreakno the long one has some empty01:38
gnomefreaklooks as if i would have some kind of extention but i dont have any :(01:38
gnomefreaki tried taking screenshot but was unable to capture the menu in it01:39
=== Ashtee [n=berevan@port766.ds1-ly.adsl.cybercity.dk] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
AshteeI have problem with ubuntu and firefox02:32
Ashteecan anyone help me02:33
AshteeI have AMD6402:33
asaci hope its nothing personal :) ... what is your problem?02:33
AshteeI do not find the right flash player02:34
Ashteewhen I download from adobe02:34
asacdon't download from adobe02:34
AshteeI get the message that error becuase of AMD6402:34
asacno flash player for amd6402:34
asacnot from adobe02:34
Ashteeso where?02:35
asacfirst: send them a message that you want it :) (yes really!)02:35
Ashteesend to adobe?02:35
asacwe cannot do anything about it ... they have to provide amd64 builds02:35
asacits not open source so we have no chance to fix it02:35
bluekujaasac: hello :)02:36
Ashteewhat it alternative to flash in ubuntu02:36
asacbluekuja: fine02:36
asacAshtee: some basic flash films work with gnash02:36
bluekujaasac: i talked with bddebian about the package, we are deciding about the dir GTorrentViewer or gtorrent-viewer02:36
bluekujaasac: which one is the best choice for the final package02:37
AshteeOk, thanks02:37
asacAshtee: if you come back in a week maybe i can give you something to test02:37
asace.g. so you can run x86 flash on amd6402:37
asacbut not today ... sorry02:37
AshteeThanks. I will come02:37
asactry to install gnash from ubuntu repositories02:37
asacfor the time02:37
asacand tell adobe that you want it for native amd6402:38
asacas only constant requests will make them move at some point02:38
AshteeThanks you all02:38
asacbluekuja: its gtorrent-viewer for me02:38
asacAshtee: you are welcome02:38
AshteeI have another problem with ubuntu02:38
asacbluekuja: and btw, its gtorrent-viewer when i build it ;)02:38
asacAshtee: if its not mozilla please ask on #ubuntu02:39
AshteeInfact I will want leave windows Xp pro and just use ubuntu02:39
Ashteebut I can use keyboard02:39
AshteeI have danish keyboard02:39
bluekujaasac: do you believe that i tried to build it for something like 10 times?02:39
Ashteeand can type danish keys02:39
bluekujaasac: running the all sequence and trying changing the order02:39
bluekujaasac: I think I have something wrong with automake or autoconf package02:40
Ashteebut can not type 3.level keys02:40
asacbluekuja: i have really no idea why its like that for you02:40
bluekujaasac: on which OS are you building it?02:40
asacAshtee: i can't tell ... ask on #ubuntu ... but i guess you have to install danish language support. Ask on #ubuntu on how to do that02:40
Ashteelike @02:40
asacbluekuja: feisty02:40
bluekujaasac: same for me02:40
AshteeOk thanks again02:41
bluekujaasac: I have aclocal-1.1002:41
Ashteehave anice day for you all02:41
asacbluekuja: what sources do you use? please provide links02:41
asacAshtee: you too02:41
Ashteebye and sorry for taking your time02:41
bluekujaasac: I tried doing dpkg-source -x with .orig.tar.gz and .diff from revu02:42
bluekujaand then building it02:42
asacexact links please02:42
asacmaybe we use differnt ones02:42
bluekujaasac: just a moment, let me check and post them02:42
bluekujaasac: diff : http://revu.tauware.de/revu1-incoming/gtorrent-viewer-0705011600/gtorrent-viewer_0.2b-0ubuntu1.diff02:42
bluekujasource: http://revu.tauware.de/revu1-incoming/gtorrent-viewer-0705011600/gtorrent-viewer_0.2b.orig.tar.gz02:43
bluekuja*diff.gz before02:43
bluekujadsc: http://revu.tauware.de/revu1-incoming/gtorrent-viewer-0705011600/gtorrent-viewer_0.2b-0ubuntu1.dsc02:43
asachonestly i don't know what you are doing ... how do you build?02:44
bluekujacommand for building you mean?02:44
bluekujadpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot02:44
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-mozillateam:Ashtee] : #ubuntu
=== Ashtee [n=berevan@port766.ds1-ly.adsl.cybercity.dk] has left #ubuntu-mozillateam []
bluekujachannel topic changed02:45
asacyou see old topic?02:45
asacgnomefreak: you see old topic?02:46
gnomefreakold topic?02:46
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-mozillateam:asac] : Home of Ubuntu Mozilla Team - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MozillaTeam | Bug Triagers please read: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MozillaTeam/Bugs/ | Firefox trunk package source : https://code.launchpad.net/~asac/firefox/trunk | Mailing List: ubuntu-mozillateam@lists.ubuntu.com
bluekujaasac: you rock02:46
asacgot it02:46
bluekujaasac: I'm missing something?02:46
bluekujaasac: dpkg-source -x02:47
bluekujaI run all commands in sequence02:47
bluekujaautomake -c etc02:47
bluekujaand build02:47
bluekujaasac: same for you?02:47
asacbe sure to use automake-1.10 -a -c -f02:48
asachave you started from fresh downloads?02:48
asace.g. remove everything that is remotely named gtorrent* from your disk02:49
bluekujaasac: mmm....no, because I use a copy I have here, the original one in revu02:49
asacbefore you do dpkg-source02:49
asacbluekuja: i guess you mixed them up02:49
bluekujaasac: yeah02:49
asace.g. once you updated diff.gz02:49
asacyou have to start from fresh02:49
bluekujaasac: so I can't have folders with something related to gtorrent in my pc'02:50
asacactually you can02:50
asacjust remove everything from the directory where you build02:50
asacand redownload fresh02:50
asacthis fixed things for me02:50
asaci guess that your diff.gz you think is original revu isn't original anymore02:51
asacthats the only think i can guess02:51
asacas i did it twice the way above02:51
asacand computer are luckily deterministic machines ;)02:51
bluekujaasac: it must be correct02:51
bluekujaasac: :D02:51
bluekujaasac: let me give a try02:52
bluekujaasac: gonna ping you soon!02:52
gnomefreakasac: should i add 7.10 and gutsy to top release file?02:57
asacgive it a try03:00
asacdid you ask to get debarchiver?03:01
gnomefreaki havent gotten that far. the config for that is hard BTW. i will look at that more deeply next week03:02
gnomefreaktrunk is uploaded ill be in and out trying to get ready for tomorrow03:04
bluekujaasac: which diff did you used for your build?03:08
asaccan't tell03:16
asacthe onw that was on the summary page03:17
asacif you don't bump version on reupload it might be hard to say03:17
asacif you change changelog date: -- Andrea Veri <bluekuja@ubuntu.com>  Sat, 21 Apr 2007 23:41:00 +020003:17
asaci think that one03:18
bluekujaorig.tar.gz from there too?03:19
asaclooks like you use a different one03:19
asacall from there03:19
asacbecause thats what you showed me03:19
asachow do people add comments to revu ?03:20
bluekujaasac: you have to be reviewer joining motu03:20
bluekujaasac: but I think you can ask for permission too03:20
bluekujaasac: you're a debian developer so it wouldnt be a problem03:20
asaci am in revu team?03:20
asaci mean .. i am already a team member03:21
asacwhat will password be then?03:21
bluekujaI use the one I got uploading and signing packages03:21
bluekujabut you can ask to siretart, ajmitch03:21
bluekujato make you one03:21
asacajmitch: how can i login to revu.tauware.de?03:22
bluekujaasac: I start with those .diff and .orig03:23
bluekujalets see03:23
bluekuja[ajmitch]  inactive 01:52:5403:23
bluekujaasac: he's away :)03:24
asacyeah ... he will be back ;)03:25
asacits not urgent03:25
bluekujaasac: your autoconf version is?03:27
bluekujaasac: 2.13?03:27
asacyou must not use that03:27
asacuse 2.5003:27
asaceverything latest :)03:27
asacat best use versioned command03:28
bluekujaasac: mmmmm..03:28
bluekujaasac: I havent 2.5003:28
bluekujaasac: in synaptic03:28
bluekujaasac: did you get it with apt-get?03:28
asacactualy version is 2.6103:28
asacbut command line is called 2.5003:28
asacjust install latest for all autotools03:29
asacremove everything old03:29
asace.g. automake-1.4 autoconf2.1303:29
asacjust to be sure03:29
bluekujaasac: ok, i removed automake1.903:30
bluekujaasac: so i need to run aclocal1.10 autoconf and automake-1.10 -a -c -f03:30
asacuse autoconf2.5003:31
asacthen its fine03:31
bluekuja~/package/gtorrent-viewer-0.2b$ autoconf2.5003:31
bluekujabash: autoconf2.50: command not found03:31
asacyeah right03:31
asacthen just autoconf03:31
asacactually i have 2.50 ... but i guess thats because i have 2.13 installed as well03:32
bluekujaasac: yeah, maybe I'll have to install it too03:32
asacno ... i doubt that03:33
bluekujaasac: http://pastebin.mozilla.org/3793403:33
asacgood, right?03:34
bluekujaasac: it works03:34
bluekujaasac: you are damn good man03:34
asacadd that info to changelog ... e.g. rerun autotools with latest version03:34
asacand push that info upstream03:34
asacso he releases with proper make files03:35
bluekujaasac: perfect03:35
bluekujaasac: thanks a lot for patience and for help03:35
asacsure ;)03:35
asachope you learned to be more accurate in your steps :)03:35
bluekujaasac: yeah, thanks a lot! If i have something not clear, I gonna pm you trying to understand what I'm doing wrong03:36
asacno pm03:36
bluekujaasac: main channel? :D03:36
asacbest please ask in motu03:36
asaci am there as well03:36
asacand others might have answers as well ;)03:36
bluekujaasac: yeah, perfect03:37
asacpublic is always better03:37
bluekujaasac: yea03:37
bluekujamore ideas03:37
asacreduces dependencies03:37
asacon single persons et al03:37
bluekujathat's right03:37
bluekujagonna build my final package03:37
bluekujawith new changelog etc03:37
bluekujathanks a lot again! good work and hear you soon alex03:38
asacbluekuja: have fun03:40
bluekujaasac: :)03:40
asaclet me know if your package got approved :)03:40
bluekujaasac: of course, I will!03:42
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=== asac_ [n=asac@debian/developer/asac] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
=== asac_ late lunch
asacback i guess04:49
hjmfgood afternoon04:50
asachey hjmf04:50
hjmfI guess we are having today another *doesn't work anything* day04:50
asacwe have?04:50
hjmfbug 111638 and bug 11161104:51
asacis launchpad down?04:51
ubotuLaunchpad bug 111638 in firefox "[FEISTY]  firefox crashed" [High,Needs info]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/11163804:51
ubotuLaunchpad bug 111611 in firefox "[FEISTY]  firefox crashed" [High,Needs info]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/11161104:51
hjmfcoredump corrupted04:51
hjmfI can't automatically upload anything04:51
asacsame reporter?04:51
asacwhy is that?04:51
asacforms changed?04:51
hjmfmaybe some fail at LP04:51
hjmfapport retracing service is not retracing :)04:52
asacso probably launchpad really changed04:52
asace.g. if launchpad integration code is broken -> apport service is broken04:53
hjmflet's wait for a fix from bughelper guys04:53
hjmfbut is curious that the two retraces I've tried end up with gunzip saying CoreDump.gz: unexpected end of file04:54
asacdo they know?04:56
hjmfI think is a mixture of HTMLOperations.py code changed04:57
hjmfile "bug_tag.py", line 24, in set_tags04:57
hjmf    bug.set_metadata()04:57
hjmf  File "/home/hjmf/bugsquad_dir/dev/launchpadBugs/HTMLOperations.py", line 542, in set_metadata04:57
hjmf    lp_opener.add_handler(MultipartPostHandler.MultipartPostHandler)04:57
hjmf  File "/usr/lib/python2.5/urllib2.py", line 339, in add_handler04:57
hjmf    handler.add_parent(self)04:57
hjmfTypeError: unbound method add_parent() must be called with MultipartPostHandler instance as first argument (got OpenerDirector instance instead)04:57
asacwhere did you get that from?04:57
hjmfI'm going to figure out what changed and if it is not my fault I will report they04:57
asaci mean what url did you branch?04:57
asacafaik there has been a move of repo04:58
hjmfyesterday worked, today I did a merge w/o changing anythin04:58
asaccode is now at bughelper-dev team: https://code.launchpad.net/~bughelper-dev/04:58
asacwhere did you get what from?04:58
hjmfI'm reviewing and from bzr.log I've found some errors I didn't realize before05:00
asacthats now in bughelper-dev as well05:00
hjmfbzr arguments: [u'commit'] 05:00
hjmflooking for plugins in /home/hjmf/.bazaar/plugins05:00
hjmflooking for plugins in /usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/bzrlib/plugins05:00
hjmfPlugin name __init__ already loaded05:00
hjmfPlugin name __init__ already loaded05:00
hjmfencoding stdout as sys.stdout encoding 'UTF-8'05:00
asace.g. not bugsquad05:00
hjmfgot branch format Bazaar-NG branch format 505:00
hjmfopening working tree '/home/hjmf/ubuntu_bzr/python-launchpad-bugs'05:01
asacyou should merge from there05:01
hjmfpreparing to commit05:01
hjmfcommit parent revision {thekorn@gmx.de-20070501172407-bciozbhw3zx5k1lh}05:01
hjmfSelecting files for commit with filter None05:01
hjmf[ 7126]  Wed 15:51:39.959 INFO: modified AUTHORS05:01
hjmf[ 7126]  Wed 15:51:39.971 INFO: modified debian/changelog05:01
hjmf[ 7126]  Wed 15:51:39.973 INFO: modified debian/control05:01
hjmf[ 7126]  Wed 15:51:39.976 INFO: added launchpadBugs/BughelperError.py05:01
hjmf[ 7126]  Wed 15:51:39.979 INFO: modified launchpadBugs/HTMLOperations.py05:01
hjmfcheck paths: None05:01
hjmfTraceback (most recent call last):05:01
hjmf  File "/usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/bzrlib/commands.py", line 650, in run_bzr_catch_errors05:01
hjmf    return run_bzr(argv)05:01
hjmf  File "/usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/bzrlib/commands.py", line 612, in run_bzr05:01
hjmf    ret = run(*run_argv)05:01
hjmf  File "/usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/bzrlib/commands.py", line 304, in run_argv_aliases05:01
hjmf    return self.run(**all_cmd_args)05:01
hjmf  File "/usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/bzrlib/builtins.py", line 2118, in run05:01
hjmf    reporter=reporter)05:01
hjmf  File "/usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/bzrlib/decorators.py", line 165, in write_locked05:01
hjmf    return unbound(self, *args, **kwargs)05:01
hjmf  File "/usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/bzrlib/workingtree_4.py", line 244, in commit05:01
hjmf    result = WorkingTree3.commit(self, message, revprops, *args, **kwargs)05:01
hjmf  File "/usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/bzrlib/decorators.py", line 165, in write_locked05:01
hjmf    return unbound(self, *args, **kwargs)05:01
hjmf  File "/usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/bzrlib/mutabletree.py", line 160, in commit05:01
hjmf    revprops=revprops, *args, **kwargs)05:01
hjmf  File "/usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/bzrlib/commit.py", line 332, in commit05:01
hjmf    message = message_callback(self)05:01
hjmf  File "/usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/bzrlib/buil05:02
hjmfthat bzr error could be due because the migration?05:02
hjmfnot disturbing anymore, I'm going to change the location and see if it works back05:02
hjmfthanks asac will tell you later05:02
asacjust try to pull/merge from new05:04
asacmaybe you are in luck :)05:04
hjmfasac: man you were right05:07
hjmfnow it's fixed05:07
hjmfthough the two coredumps files corrupted aren't my fault :-P05:07
asacyeah ;)05:08
hjmfthank you05:08
asachave you looked into code?05:08
asace.g. my idea would be to parse stacktraces when bughelper visits them anyway05:08
asac... then import them to some DB05:09
asacin that way we would easily get a basic stacktrace db05:09
hjmfI haven't got the time to look deep into the code, I just changed some bits for a minor function05:09
hjmfyou can see me now in authors :P05:10
asacis it committed?05:10
asace.g. merged to main branch?05:10
hjmflast sunday by error, yes05:10
asachey great!05:10
hjmfdholbach was kind enough to approve that change05:11
hjmfthough was a mistake from my part as I did a wrong push05:11
asacis it now fixed?05:11
hjmfwell that code worked and was left in to HTMLOperations.py05:12
hjmfrevno: 605:13
hjmfcommitter: H. Montoliu <hmontoliu@gmail.com>05:13
hjmfbranch nick: python-launchpad-bugs05:13
hjmftimestamp: Sat 2007-04-28 09:48:42 +020005:13
hjmf  include reporter's display name in the tuple that Bug.Reporter() returns (usable for automatic responses better than the LP name)05:13
hjmfwas too little for being a problem :)05:13
asacbut nice anyway ;)05:15
hjmfIt was something I needed locally05:16
hjmfI didn't notice that I pushed upstream until d holbach told me05:16
hjmfI think I was too sleepy at that moment.05:16
asacright :)05:17
hjmfSeriously. I will study the code and see how we can adapt it to our needs05:17
hjmfnow I have to go for a couple of hours or so.05:18
asachjmf: like what i said ... making the bughelper code parse the traces and import into a simple db would help a lot i guess05:18
asachjmf: sleep weel05:18
hjmfasac: Agree05:18
asachjmf: ah no have a nice day :)05:18
asacbut one should talk with pitti first05:19
hjmfasac: do you mean the signature of the traces05:19
asace.g. so we don't duplicate efford in case we start something05:19
hjmfmaybe the first 5 stacks05:19
asace.g. simple table: dedicated row for the first 5 stack05:19
asacthen a row with complete stack05:19
hjmfthat wont be a problem05:20
asaclater a field for comment (e.g. what did reporter say when it happened -> like initial summary)05:20
asacand bug reference(s)05:20
asacwith that we could start to do queries05:20
asace.g. for dupes et al.05:21
asacbut ... talk with pitti first ... just to be sure that it gets the acceptence and deployment it deserves :)05:22
hjmfok, any how I have to find time from where there isn't to read all that code05:23
hjmfit is something that I wanted to do from some weeks but I haven't found the time05:24
asacusually i just look into pieces i need to look at05:24
asace.g. when you want to touch code05:24
hjmf... I'm under pressure right now WE HAVE TO GO!!! says my wife05:25
hjmfyou know05:25
hjmfsee you05:25
asacno problem05:25
gnomefreakasac: ffox 2.0.0.x updated in bzr?05:34
asacfor official upload05:36
asacgnomefreak: please lets make a ~mozillateam branch05:36
gnomefreakwe have one i thought?05:36
asacwhere we maintain stuff which is new vs what is official05:36
asaccurrently you build from ~asac05:36
asacwhich will be what goes up to archive05:36
asacnow that things go up i want to add some dangerous patches to mt05:36
gnomefreakok that shouldnt be too bad05:37
asaci will push the current version with adapted changelog as soon as there is something we want in preview archive05:37
gnomefreakwe do have 1 mozillateam branch already05:37
gnomefreakits only iceape though05:38
asaci will push firefox as soon as i uploaded to gutsy05:39
asacplease don't respin for preview until then ... otherwise we get troubles with version et al05:39
gnomefreaki was just about to build ffox after changes05:39
gnomefreakthan i wont :)05:39
asacyou can ... but adjust the version to something lower05:39
asace.g. what we have not + mtX05:40
gnomefreakis what we have05:40
gnomefreakthe .ng should prevent problems with versioning no?05:40
asacthats fine05:42
asaci use as upstream version for release05:42
asacso yours is below05:42
asacwhat did we have before?05:42
=== gnomefreak still not seeing nss and nspr updates in gutsy. what do you want me to do with iceape once i spin on gutsy? i hoping when i get home sat. or sun nss will be in
asacjust add +1 to the mtX term05:42
gnomefreakthat is the latest version in our repos05:43
asacsure ... i am currently taking care of that05:43
asacwe can upload iceape then :)05:43
gnomefreaki hoping to atleast05:43
asacok thunderbird got final fix as well05:44
gnomefreakyou want me to add a +1 to the mt.6?05:44
gnomefreakgetting a bit long05:44
asacok there is one more fix i forgot for tbird05:47
gnomefreakoh with +1 you mean just bump .5 to .605:48
gnomefreaki will spin it now.05:48
asacthats what i always mean by +1 :)05:48
asacincrement last digit by one05:48
gnomefreakasac: you getting sources from bzr for gutsy build?05:51
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gnomefreakthe changelog has your version for gutsy on it from bzr so im just gonna grab the changelog from the repo and use it since im not commiting to bzr06:02
gnomefreakor i guess i could just change it leave your changes and bump version to repo version06:03
asacmake version lower than what is in bzr06:04
asaceverything else can stay as it is06:04
asacok tbird is pushed to release state now as well06:04
gnomefreakok its spinning i need to get out of here and get hair cut and stuff. ill be back later ;)06:06
asactbird is now fine as well07:00
=== asac still waiting for nss/nspr
asacmaybe it won't happen today ... but hopefully tomorrow07:00
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TuxRoxHey, I am having an issue with Firefox on Ubuntu 7.04. I have assigned Shoutcast playlists in Nautilus to be opened with Beep-Media-Player, but in Firefox if I click on a Shoutcast link, it still sends the pls to Totem. Any idea where I can change that?07:05
asactotem will consume that mimetype ... probably uninstall totem-mozilla ... but then nothing will be opened in totem anymore07:11
TuxRoxthat is what I was afraid of.07:13
asacwhy beep?07:15
asacdo you know streamtuner?07:15
asacyou can browser shoutcast streams there and open them from there07:16
TuxRoxYes, I use streamtuner as well. I use beep with it right now.07:16
TuxRoxI prefer beep to xmms07:16
asacok will be mostly out for the night07:25
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=== gnomefreak here but dont count on me being here for atleast 3 days
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asacajmitch: ping11:05
Admiral_Chicagoasac: i'm setting up a blog on the planet and I'll email bugqsuad about mentoring11:06
ajmitchasac: pong11:07
asacfine ... about bughelper?11:07
asacajmitch: hey ... how can i get an account on revu.tauware.de so i can comment?11:08
ajmitchthe usual way it to upload something, I can probably create one though11:08
asachow will upload set my password?11:08
asacasac@jwsdot.com or ubuntu.com (i prefer the former)11:09
ajmitchit creates a random password11:09
asacits not really urgent ... for the case someone asks for help again, i can comment there11:10
asacmain key?11:12
ajmitchyou can try & retrieve your password, use asac@jwsdot.com11:12
ajmitchif it works, it's alright11:12
asacis my main key11:13
asacajmitch: worked ... thanks11:14
ajmitchgreat, you're set as reviewer so you can comment on anything11:16
Admiral_Chicagoyes, about bug helper11:28
asacajmitch: first comment: http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?upid=4994 :)11:29
asacok ... out now. Admiral_Chicago go ahead ;) we look for people that maintain duplicat signatures for now, right?11:29
Admiral_Chicagoduplicate sig?11:30
asacsignatures of duplicate stack traces11:30
asacif not ... please tell me on what you want us to mentor on ;)11:31
asacmaybe i missed/forget the point ;)11:31
Admiral_Chicagoright now I'm looking to see what our clue files contain, what we can improve etc.11:31
Admiral_Chicagowe may need to start whipping up TB ones as weel11:32
Admiral_Chicagoi'll have to think about it a bit more, right now I have homework to complete11:32
asacif you want me to comment on your blog post before you publish, just ask :) ... otherwise go ahead.11:33
asacAdmiral_Chicago: ^^11:33
Admiral_Chicagookay will do11:33
asaci am curious ;)11:33
Admiral_Chicagoi haven't started, been trying to finish this homework set for tonight.11:34
Admiral_Chicagoi'll highlight you when I get to it11:34
bluekujaasac: I've just looked your comment :D11:41
bluekujaasac; will have to use the diff file you linked me to prevent a huge diff.gz11:42
bluekujaasac: I'm leaving now, gonna ping you tomorrow, cya alex! night11:43
asacbluekuja: he?11:47
asacdon't do that11:47
asacyou need the changes11:47
asacyou should just take care that upstream runs automake for next upload11:47
asacfor now just fix what i commented on11:47
gnomefreakbtw repo is down for a little while i have to gen release and the .gzs but i ran out of time so i will get to it before bed12:13
gnomefreakThe following packages will be REMOVED: libnss3-dev12:17
gnomefreakok updates are done12:19
gnomefreaksee you in morning12:20

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